The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, December 22, 1905, Image 7

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Niece and Nephew
of Uncle Sam
should be deeply interested in what he has said about soda
crackers because they are the one food with which all of
them are familiar
Uncle Sam has given out figures showing that soda
crackers are richer in nutriment and body building elements
properly proportioned than any food made from flour
This is saying much for common soda crackers and
much more for Uneeda BiSCUlt because they are
soda crackers of the best quality They are baked better
more scientifically They are packed better more cleanly
The damp dust and odor proof package retains all tne good
ness and nutriment of the wheat all the freshness of the best
baking all the purity of the cleanest bakeries
Your Uncle Sam has shown what food he thinks best
for his people His people have shown that they think
Uneeda BlSCUit the best of that food nearly
400000000 packages having already been consumed
Hollisters Rocky Mountain Tea is
simply liquid electricity It goes to
every pnrt of your body bringing new
blood strength and new vigor It makes
you well and keeps you well 35 cents
L W McConneli
Good reading cheap may be secured
from The Tribune clubbing list
For the best
of all kinds of Build
ing Materials
Steam and Domestic
Coals see
Phone No i
Try Carney Egg
By virtue of au order issued from tho district
court of Red Willow county Nebrabku under a
decree in an action wherein Milton H Ham
mond Ada A Hammond and Mary E Ham
mond are plaintiffs and James O Hammond
Josephine M Hammond James O Hammond
as guardian of Josephine M Hammond a
minor and Arden H Purvis are defendants di
rected to tho undersigned as referee I shall
offer at public ale and sell to tho Inchest bid
der for cash at the east front door of tho court
houo in the city of McCook Red Willow coun
ty Nebraska on tho 2nd day of January 1906
at the hour of one oclock p in the following
described real estate to wit Tho northwest
quarter section thirty fivotownship twonorth
range thirty west Cth p m in Red Willow
county Nebraska
Dated this 29th day of November 1905
E M Bigelow Referee
Boylo Eldred attorneys
To Nels J Johns on C H Lano Affa C Seeley
and Henry Wykoff and to all whom it may con
cern The commissioners appointed to locate a
road commencing at tho northeast corner of
section seventeen 17 town one raugo
twonty nino 29 and Tunning thence two 2
miles west on section line Detween sections
eight 8 and seventeen 17 and seven 7 and
eighteen 18 tiwn one l range twonty nine
29 and terminating at the north west corner
of section eighteen 18 town one 1 range
twenty nine 29 said road to be sixty six 66
feet wide have reported in favor of tho estab
lishment thereof as follows Commencing at
the northeast corner of section eighteen 18
town one 1 range twenty -nine 29 west Cth
p m and running thence west on section line
between sections seven 17 and eighteen 18
town one 1 range twenty nine 29 to the
north west corner of section eighteen 18
said town and range and terminating thereat
said road to bo sixty six 66 feet wide and all
objections thereto or claims for damages must
be filed in tho county clerks office on or beforo
noon of the 2nd day of February A D 1906 or
said road will be established without reference
E JWiLCOXCounty Clerk
ei nnn Air w i ri - e
ma Skin lml till pilufld J
ing ykin tr iil hi tio in st
uierluds MoW Pii u i k tui tciil
blemishes remnv d by - i eit v blood
jH iji n in Jill Mtged All im t
lill rad i lit AAJIK
hjifcidiat bKin BUiifl iiid Wcnto l riniry
ljiiet 1215 O S reet lnr
Price 50c and ioo
stop your Lung Irritation relieve your Sore Throat
and drive out your Chronic Cold with the only cer
tain and strictly scientific Cure for Coughs and Colds
Almost in Despair
Our little daughter was given up by two physicians
with consumption of the throat and we were almost
in despair when our druggist recommended Dr Kings
New Discovery After taking four bottles she was
perfectly cured and has had no throat trouble since
GEO A EYLER Cumberland Md
XriJLgr gists
Notice is hereby given that tho county com
missioners of Red Willow count Nebraska
will receive sealed bids for tho furnis iiing of tho
following supplies to said county during the
j ear 1906 to wit
1 6 qr med Treasurers cash book
1 road district lodger
it redemption books
7000 triplicate tax receipts
24 assessors files
23 sets poll books per book
24 tets envelopes for poll books pr dozen
24 ballot bags for votes cast per dozen
1 gross election pencils per grns
All records to bo extra bound and made of
Bjron Weston best linen ledger paper
Legal blanks full sheet per hundred
Legal blanks one half sheet per hundred
Legal blanks one fourth sheetper hundred
Legal blanks one eighth sheotpor hundred
Glucinum pens por gross
Vanadium Lens Der gross
Perfection pencils or equal round rubber
tips per gross
1 grent gross rubber bands No 11
1 gross rubbor bands one quarter inch
12 packages senate legal pads per package
Parties receiving contract to furnish good
and sufficient bond for the faithful performance
of the same
Tho county commissioners reserve the right to
reject any and all bids All bids to be filed
with tho county clerk on or before twelve oclock
noon January 1 1906
Bids must be addressed to the county clerk
and marked Proposal for books blanks and
Dated at McCook Nebraska this 7th day of
December 1905 12 84ts
E J Wilcox County Clesk
Elba W Graves Mrs Elba W Graves first
name unknown wife of Elba W Graves Ports
Wilson E P Bowman first name unknown
Mrs E P Bowman first name unknown wife
of E P Bowman Charles B Brown and Mrs
Charles B Brown first name unknown wife
of Charles B Brown defendants will take
notice that Zara A Wilson has filed her
petition in the district court of Red Willow
county Nebraska against the above named de
fendants the object and prayer of which are to
foreclose a certain mortgage executed and de
livered by the defendant Elba W Graves to the
defendant Ports Wilson on the northwest
quarter of the northwest quarter and lots one
and two of section eight and lot seven of section
five all in township three north range twenty
six west of the sixth principal meridian in said
county and state to secure the pajment of one
per annum from the 20th day of July 1897 said
note and mortgage have been duly assigned to
this plaintiff and said plaintiff is now the own
er and holder of tho same There is now due
this plaintiff on said promissory note and mort
gage tho sum of 100000 with interest thereon
Department of tho Interior land oflice at Lin
coln Nebraska December 20 1905 Notice is
hereby given that the following named sottler
has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim and that said
proof will be made before register and receiver j
Thomas McQuay who filed D S No 314 for tho
northeast quarter of the southeast quarter and
lot 2 section 23 and tho northwest quarter of
the southwest quarter and southwebt quarter
of tho northwest quarter of section 24 towuship
3 north range 29 west of the 6th P M He
names tho following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence uron and cultivation of said
land viz Isaac J btarbuck of McCook Neb
Jacob Harshbergnr of McCook Nebraska Will
iam Hyatt of McCook Nebraska Richard John
ston of McCook Nebraska
W A Green Register
In tho county court of Red Willow coo
State of Nebraska In the matter of thee fat
of Anthony Droll deceased To all inter Bte
in tho estate of Antlionj Droll late of eat 1
connty deceased You are hereby notiflp th t
on the 28th day of November 1805 Ffwa d
Droll filed a petition in the county c tirfc jf
said county for his appointment as adn nig
of the estate of Anthony Droll late of jid
county deceased and that the same nil be
heard in the county court room in tl e oi y of
McCook in said county on the 6th day ci Janu
ary 190Pat tw o oclock p m It is further order
ed that notice of said hearing be given to all
parties interested in said estate by the publica
tion of this notice for three successive weeks in
the McCook Teibdnb a newspaper printed
published and circulating in said county
Dated this 16th day of December 1903
CbeaIi Feank Moore County Judge
To Cm a Gold in One Bay
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets j
Seven Million boxes sold In past 1 2 months TMs signature VP
Cures Grip
in Two Days
on every
un and Women
The Dispatches
N view of the crusade agaiust al
leged grafters lu public office es
pecial Interest attaches to the case
of United Slates Senator John
Ralph Burton of Kansas lie Is
charged with using his influence as a
senator in behalf of the Rlalto Grain
and Securities company of St Louis
It is alleged that he Intervened in an
Improper manner to prevent proceed
ings being brought agaiust the com
pany by the postofflce department He
was tried and convicted on the charge
then procured a new trial and was
again convicted
There is an unwritten rule of the
senate that a member indicted for mal
feasance in office
senator j
present territory
Ing for the word
must not vote with
his colleagues until
his Innocence is es
tablished When tho
question of admit
ting New Mexico to
statehood was up
for consideration
last winter Burton
was In the Repub
lican cloakroom
willing and anxious
to vote against the
admission of tho
He stood there wait
Sturdy Republican
leaders like the late Senator Piatt of
Connecticut and Senator Allison of
Iowa knew that with Burtons vote to
be had for the asking they could win
No power on earth could prevent Bur
ton from walking into the senate cham
ber and voting if he had the nerve to
brave the displeasure of the sen ite
They wanted the vote but here wax
a senator under Indictment who had
been told to stay away from the sen
ate chamber until his case was decid
ed It was agreed that the dignity of
the senate must be upheld that a sen
ator under Indictment could not vote
until he was cleared and the leaders
who were against New Mexico saw
the bill to admit that territory passed
although the vote that would have beat
en the project was within call How
ever disagreement between senate and
house resulted after all in defeating
the plan to make a new state
Senator Thomas C Piatt who testi
fied regarding campaign contributions
from insurance companies before the
Armstrong committee and is engaged
in an effort to reorganize his party in
New York appeared very infirm when
he took the stand in the Insurance in
vestigation When he had concluded
his testimony he was assisted from the
room by four men and on leaving it
sank wearily Into a
small chair This
was then lifted by
the men who in this
way conveyed him
to his carriage
Senator Piatt has
a sense of humor
that has often help
ed him out of per
plexing situations
In the course of his
career he has been
appealed to by all
kinds of persons for
ail kinds of favors
On one occasion he received a letter
regarding a young army officer who
had been denied promotion because of
some defect in his eyesight His moth
er wrote to Senator Piatt asking for
his assistance closing her letter with
the words I leave it all to you and
the Lord The senator forwarded this
appeal to the secretary of war saying
in his own note I have noticed that
Wiien a matter is left to me and the
certain promissory note for the sum of Sl00000
T f1 T it rpnnrieihlp in nf
m nnci
L01U L am UeUi lesponsiDie in case or
due October 1st 1S97 dated July 20th 1697 and
drawing interest at the rate of seven per cent failure Therefore I beg that you Will
assist me
Representative William Peters Hep
burn of Iowa Is a veteran of the civil
iVri0 of rsvfn PcenceBt orlinnu4m from i war and a veteran in politics He will
the 20th day of July 1S9 Said plaintiff prays
for a decree that said defendants be required to
pay the same or that the said land he soldto
satisfy the amount due said plaintiff with inter
est andcosts of suit You are requued to an
swer said petition on or before Monday tha9th
day of January 1906
Dated this 19th day of December A D 1905
Zaua A Wilson Plaintiff
W S Morlan her attorney 12 24ts
shortly begin his tenth term In con
gress Avas born In Wellsville O in
1833 and was first elected to public of
fice in 1S3G He participated in the
convention which nominated Abraham
Lincoln In 1SG0 and he made a gallant
record on the Union side In the war
which began soon after Lincolns inau
guration In the last congress Mr Hep
burn who was chair
man of the commit
tee on interstate and
foreign commerce
Introduced a bill In
regard to regulation
of railroad rates
which was much
criticised on the
ground that It was
inadequate to effect
the objects desired
He was a member
of the congressional
party that recently
visited the Philippines At a banquet
In Tokyo Japan he responded to the
toast VJews of the American Congress
on the Philippine Question in the
course of which he remarked that the
congress was made up of 380 human
beings and 00 senators consequently
no one could foretell what their views
would be
Colonel Pete as the congressman is
sometimes called was once criticising
the logic of a colleague which remind
ed him he declared of a certain sur
geon This surgeon said he one
Saturday afternoon performed before
a large class In a fine amphitheater
some thirty swift operations At the
end as he was washing his hands a
young assistant tiptoed over to him
and whispered in his ear
In the HIgglns case sir there ap
pears to have been some mistake
A mistake lu the Higgins case 1
think not said the surgeon
Yes the other Insisted You cut
off HIgglns wrong leg sir
Oh well that Is of no consequence
said the surgeon We can cure tho
other one so It comes to the same thing
In thecal
Rear Admiral Francis M Ramsay re
tired the presiding officer in the court
martial of Midshipman Meriwether of
the Annapolis Naval academy served
on the famous Sampson Schley court
of inquiry He knows something about
such affairs as that In which Midship
man Branch lost his life as he was
once superintendent of the Annapolis
academy The admiral was born near
Washington In 183o and entered the
navy in 1850 He
won distinction in
the civil war and
commanded the
Choctaw at Haines
bluff In the engage
ment in which that
Ironclad was struck
over fifty times
Rear Admiral Ram
say succeeded Rear
Admiral Sampson
as superintendent
of the Naval acad
emy and it was
during his adminis
Poultnoy Blgelow who has recently
published the fourth volume of his his
tory of Tht German Struggle For Lib
erty has recently been in Munich In
vestigating the famous Munich week
ly Simplicissimus Tills paper edited
by Thoma the popular author drama
tist poet and satir
VirffiTPtf r
coPYRtCHTitoagy J cwiav
tration that an Investigation was or
dered by congress in respect to a re
port that a cadet named Strang had
been killed by hazing It was said
that his tormentors rolled him down
hill In a barrel which had spikes driv
en through its sides It was proved
that the cadet did not die from such
a cause and that he had never been
hazed It was also during his admin
istration that a rebellion among the
cadets occurred The Insubordinate
students were members of the first or
highest class and their action rendered
them liable to dismissal They were
confined on the prison ship Sautee and
deprived of all privileges until the re
bellion was quelled A curious fea
ture of It was their allegation that
they had rebelled because Rear Ad
miral Ramsay had ordered all their
heads shorn In order to get hair for
the mortar used In building a new resi
dence for the superintendent but this
was not the real reason for their action
ist makes It Its spe
cial business to
point out to the em
peror how he is re
garded by his peo
ple It hates war
ridicules the armys
code of honor and
the dueling fads of
the students and ad
vocates popular lib
ertyall this with
much brilliancy and
freshness Natural
ly it Is forbidden by
the police at Prussian railway station
bookstalls but the moment the train
crosses the border into the next state
all the passengers clamor for copies
Every page is submitted to expert legal
talent in order to see how far It Is
safe to go and avoid arrest but occa
sionally Thoma goes to jail for the
crime of leze majesty Mr Blgelow Is
especially interested in Simplicissi
mus as he believes the kaiser to be
one of the most maligned men in Eu
rope His Intimate knowledge of the
kaisers real self dates back to the
days of the Franco Prussian war when
he was living with his tutor at Pots
dam and by reason of his fathers per
sonal relations with the late Emperor
Frederick was often invited to spend
his holidays with the present emperor
He has ever since been on terms of
intimacy with the kaiser At one time
thoughtless people chaffed him con
cerning this comradeship until he be
came tired and irritable at remarks of
the kind It culminated at a dinner
in a New York club where one of the
guests told a story of personality In
the pause which followed Mr Bigelow
You remind me of
Not the Emperor William inter
rupted the facetious story teller
Oh no replied Mr Blgelow quiet
ly The kaiser is a gentleman
Octave Thanet was once described
as the only female writer in America
who Is a humorist In private life she
is Miss Alice French and she lives at
Davenport la President Roosevelt Is
quite an admirer of her work A Dav
enport citizen Colo
nel Nutting re
cently journeyed to
Washington to at
tend a convention of
business men Just
before he went with
other delegates to
the White House to
meet the president
he told several of
his fellows that he
was going to test
the much vaunted
ability of Mr Roose
Ofilco Rooms 3 and 5 Walsh lilk McCoofc
C H Boyle C E Eldred Co XMfa
Attorneys at Law
Long Distance Phone 41
Rooms 1 and 7 second Hoor NaI
Postollico Building mCLOOh NOL
and Surgeon
Olllco Itexidrnn YH Main Aveuuit Ollleoan
Residenco phono 53 Culls answered night ar
Real Estate Insurance
Phono 56
Office over
McMillans drug ntoro
McCook Nehkaska
CsjAgontof Lincoln Laud Co ami of McCocA
Waterworks OHice in Postollico building
Osteopathic Physician
Kelley Oflice Bldg Phone No 13
Consultation free
Rear of First Xafl Bank
Earl Murray
lASJ mim4iILjnslASr V3rSJb rV 1 FXV jn
r MBlll jA s
ySemSM A rera
General Repair Shops
Two doors east of DeG rolls Store
McCook Nebraska
xwrwimmsssxMx -
velt to remember every one whom he
had ever met He had had two meet
ings with the president the last being
two years ago
At the reception he reached the pres
ident who as he grasped the colonels
hand exclaimed
Hello colonel Glad to see you
How are all my old friends out In
Davenport and especially how Is 3Ilss
French You tell her I read all she
writes Do you know that woman
knows as much about factories and the
machine business as a man
Cough Remedy
The Childrens Favorite
Coughs Colds Croup and
Whooping Cough
Thia remedyis famous for Its cures over
a large part oi the civiUzed world It cca
always bo depended upon It contains no
opium or other harmful drug and may b
given as confidently to a baby as to an aduli
Price 25 cts Large Sizo 50 cts
fK a
iILn i
To Prevent Hog Cholem
From appearing on your farm
Be prudent this year and pre
vent a repetition of the losses
of previous years
Call and See Us and Get aWritten Guarnte
Delmont S D- Dec 17 1S02
I used L K for hog cholera and it was sL
right It cured my hogs I had three sick oaoa
and they all got well and done fine I tia
ased it for chicken lice and mites and it is eJS
you claim for it It is the only Medicine forhc
cholera I think Gotlieb Jeeke
Harrington Neb Dec U 1902
I am using Liquid Koal and am well pleawd
with it I am sure I saved my hog3 with it hud
year and am going to keep it in stock all ta
time as it is the best thing I ever had on ti
place for everything it is intended for It is
good for chicken cholera lice on stock inseeta
of all kinds it will destroy all kinds
F W Woman
Manufactured by the National Medical Caa
pany Sheldon Iowa