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Seeking Men of Standing and Educa
tion to Fill Important Positions
At Oyster Bay by Presidents Invit
OYSTER BAY N Y Secretary
Wilson will reorganize thoroughly the
crop statistics bureau of the depart
ment of agriculture according to in
formation here Already he is seek
ing men of standing and education to
conduct the work of the bureau men
in whom the farmers and growers of
the country will have explicit confid
ence and who will place the report of
the bureau on a standard of excel
lence never heretofore achieved One
man he has found although he does
not at this time wish to publish his
name The other three he hopes to
secure in a short time Two of them
will bo southern men and both will
be experts in cotton and tobacco sta
tistics This in brief is one of the
ideas which Secretary Wilson eluci
dated to President Roosevelt
In response to invitations twice ex
tended Secretary Wilson visited the
president at Sagamore Hill Prior to
his conference with the president
Secretary Wilson was not communica
It was known that he had come
to Oyster Bay to discuss with the
president the situation in the depart
ment of agriculture as developed by
the Investigations now in progress in
the bureaus of statistics and of plant
industry but he declined to go into
any details until he had talked with
the president In addition to the in
quiry which is being made into the
alleged irregularities which have de
veloped the secretary on his own ac
count is making a rigid investigation
of other bureaus of the department
his determination being absolutely to
purge it of any taint of corruption
In his work Secretary Wilson has the
approval of the president whose di
rection has been to eliminate every
form of graft in the department
At the conclusion of his confer
ence Secretary Wilson talked frankly
about some phases of the work in his
department He was asked whether
there was any likelinood of his early
relinquishment of his portfolio as sec
retary of agriculture He replied
with a cmile
Do you remember the story of An
drew Pairservice in Sir Walter Scotts
Rob Roy Andrews master was go
ing to discharge him In fact he toW
him to go Andrew said
I wont go
Why not asked the master
Because I wont replied Andrew
Well you are discharged de
clared the maser
I wont go retorted Andrew If
you dont know when you have a
good servant I know when I have a
good master
olas message to the Orenbourg cler
gy in which he expressed his deter
mination never to conclude a peace
dishonorable to Russia or unworthy
of her greatness is reprinted in every
paper in Russia It has struck a re
sponsive chord in many quarters even
among the friends of peace The em
perors words however by no means
bear out the construction placed upon
them by the jubilant war party nor
do they at all exclude the idea of
successful termination of the ap
proaching negotiations at Portsmouth
but they certainly strengthen the mil
itary spirit aroused by the cabled ver
sions of the Sato interviews and the
cold figures representing the cuppos
ed extent of the contributon to be de
manded by Japan
ALBANY N Y Governor Higgins
expressed himself in favor of the pro
posed co operation of state commis
sioners to secure uniformity of di
vorce legislation throughout the coun
try In a letter to Governor Penny
packer of Pennsylvania he said
I have no authority to appoint del
egates to a congress to meet in Wash
ington to consider the subject of di
vorce but I think the matter falls
properly within the jurisdiction of the
commissioners for the promotion of
uniformity of legislation in the United
States and I have referred your com
munication to Walter S Logan of 27
Williams street New York City who
is the senior commissioner in this
state and have requested him to com
municate with his colleagues and if
possible to attend such a congress
should it meet on behalf of the state
of New York
Over 400000 Acres of
to Be Farmed
WASHINGTON The secretary of
the interior has ordered the leasing of
over 400000 acres of the Kiowa and
Comanche lands in Oklahoma for agri
cultural purposes the leases to run
for five years from January 1 next At
the expiration of the term the lessees
will be granted the preference right
to renew at an appraised value to be
placed upon the lands by the secre
The Moquito Only Spreads the Yel
low Fever
NEW ORLEANS Thousands of
circulars are to be sent through the
south by the business men of New
Orleans containing an emphatic dec
laration by Dr J H White of the
United States Marine hospital serv
ice that freight cannot carry yellow
fever infection Dr White has writ
ten the letter to President Kohnke of
the Board of Trade Dr White says
There is no possible way in which
yellow fever may be transmitted other
also made plain by several of M
Wittes suite that he has not come to
the Washington conference to obtain
peace at any price Officially the
They Have Something to Say of Com
ing Meeting
what terms the Japanese propose
The Russ says
M Witte has definite instructions
as to what demands will bo
than by the mosquito and freight can- OYSTER BAY N Y History was
not under any circumstances be in- made Saturday in Oyster Bay Rus
fectcd in this way but only in so far i slans and Japanese clasped hands and
as it might become the residence of greeted one another with all outward
an infected mosquito It is not likely evidence of cordiality and for the first
to become the residence of any kind timo since nations began to have re
of mosquito much less the infected lations one with another an executive
mosquito whose presence in business or a great power received the envoys
and manufacturing establishments
would In the nature of things to be
a very remote contingency
NEW YORK Sergius Witte the
Russian peace plenipotentiary who
has arrived in this country emphati
cally denied having said that Japans
peace terms were intolerable He also
denied positively that he had predict
ed that the conference would break up
in a week
M Witte brings with him instruc
tions prepared by his emperor which
outline the general policy which he is
authorized to pursue They are in
many respects elastic and will aid
rather than hamper M Witte
ed the terms submitted by Janan in
President Gives a Lunch to the Distin
guished Visitors The Handsome
Yacht Mayflower Elaborately Dec
orated with Flowers
of two belligerent countries on a
sion of peace
President Roosevelt on behalf of
the United States and its people ex
tended formal greetings to the repre
sentatives of Russia and Japan Intro
duced the plenipotentiaries to one an
other and entertained them at an
elaborate luncheon at which Russians
and Japanese fraternized with one an
other as comrades rather than as ene
During the luncheon President
Roosevelt proposed a notable toast
in which he expressed the earnest
hope and prayer in the interest not
only of these two great powers but
if all civilized mankind that a just
and lasting peace may speedily be
concluded between them
The occasion was impressive It
was attended not by pomp and cere
mony but by a simplicity and frank-
his opinion appear reasonable It was ness characteristic of the president
and the people of America
The handsome war yacht May
flower one of the most beautiful ves
sels of the United States navy on
which the formal reception of the
sian mission is of course unaware of
Japans terms and untl they have Russian and Japanese
heen handed to him by Baron Komura ries took place swung easily at an-
Russia will await results patiently chor just at the entrance of Oyster
and without anxiety
hay from Long Island sound A quar
ter of a mile away was the dispatch
boat Dolphin the favorite cruising
vessel of several presidents of the
United States Two miles out in the
sound the cruiser Galveston was an-
ST PETERSBURG The Russ the chored in waiting to convey the
Novoe Vremya and other represents sols bearing the envoys to the seat of
tives of the Russian press counsel the Washington peace conference at
patience for the brief interval of the Portsmouth N H
meeting of the peace envoys and j Before the arrival of the president
dwell on the futility of attacking men and the envoys the cabins of the
of straw before it is definitely known Mayflower were handsomely decor-
ated with flowers The luncheon table
In the main saloon was laden with
flowers No attempt was made to
decorate the cabins of the vessels
lutely unacceptable and will know with flags care being exercised in
what course to adopt if such demands every feature of the ceremony attend
are presented We are ignorant ol ant upon the reception not in the
the Japanese proposals but we will slightest way to offend the
know what they are in a few days I ties of the guests of the occasion
Meanwhile let us wait
Discussing the supposition that a
combination of the powers might be
formed to exert pressure for the mod
ification of extortionate Japanese de
mands M Neratoff the spokesman of
the Foreign office in an interview in ST LOUIS The quarantine order
the Gazetta declares that however issued by the Missouri board of health
much as a proposal might be against districts affected by yellow
tageous to other powers Russia would fever will be enforced along the east
never be the mover of such a pro- srn boarder of the state as far north
ject as it believes that all questions as St Louis along the entire south
connected with the settlement of the em border and along the western
war should be decided directly be- border as far north as Kansas City
tween the two countries interested The establishment of quarantine sta
China he said had advanced no claim tions or detention camps will be in
to compensation for losses sustained the hands of the different local boards
on account of Manchuria being the of health unless it is found necessary
theater of war but no such claims by the state board to intervene In
would be considered I case persons succeed in entering the
state from the danger zone of the
south they will be detaned in cities or
towns farther in the interior if unable
IS FOR MORE FIGHTING exhibit a bil1 of
NEW YORK Nasujiro Ishikawa REFUNDING
VICTORIA B C Advices from
Canton state that when a delegate of
the Chinese boycott movement againsl
America was explaining to students
in Canton schools the nature of the
agitation he pointed out that many
students wore tunics made of Ameri
can cloth These were at once torn
from the backs of the students Vari
ous verancular Chinese papers have
given notice that no American busi
ness notice or any news regarding
Americans was to be published aftei
July 18
Close Call for Paul Morton
NEW YORK Paul Morton presi
dent of the Equitable Life Assurance
society and Mrs Morton had a nar
row escape from serious injury on
Sunday night when their automobile
ran into an Eighth avenue car at
Forty fourth street Mr and Mrs
Morton were on their way across town
with two friends whom they had met
at the Pennsylvania railroad depot
when in attempting to avoid a south
bound car the wheels slipped and the
machine struck the car a glancing
blow and was disabled
editor of the Hachi Shimbun of To 1
kio one of the men officially
panying Komura the Japanese peace 53000000 Temporary Certificates to
envoy gave out an interview in I Be
which he outlined what he declared WASHINGTON Under the provi
to be the popular feeling in Japan re- sions of the Philippine currency act
garding peace terms the bureau of insular affairs of the
My people feel that this is no time war department is preparing to re
for peace that it is tco early he place 3000000 of Philippine tempor
said First we must get Harbin ary certificates of indebtedness falling
and Vladivostok for unless we get due September 1 next by a new issue
them we fear that by and by we shall of one half that amount These certi
have to fight again We must stop ficates are issued simply to maintain
Russian ambition now once for all parity between gold and silver in the
We do not wish to fight the Russians islands circulating medium The new
again once peace has been con bonds or certificates will bear date of
September 1 and are redeemable in
one year bearing 4 per cent interest
Alleged Gold Mine Costing 15000
Was Capitalized at 12000000
ST LOUIS Suit was filed in the
United States circuit court here by
Ralph Brucker of Chicago and Wil
lard F Synder of Salt Lake City seek
ing the appointment of a receiver for
the Great Western Gold company of
this city It is alleged that mining
property was bought for 15000 and
made the basis of a capitalization of
12000000 and also that several
times that amount of stock has been
Able to Leave His Bed But Still Has
TOKIO Admiral Rojestvenskys
condition has made satisfactory pro
gress since the operation was per
formed on his forehead
He was able to leave his bed and
sit in a chair yesterday
Pains in one foot however prevent
his walking freely but no cause for
uneasiness exists The admiral has ex
pressed his sincere satisfaction at the
treatment accorded him
Trial of R M Cobban Accused of
Subornation of Perjury
HELENA Mont In the federal
court before Judge W H Hunt in tho
trial of R M Cobban who is charged
with subornation of perjury in connec
tion with timber land entries in west
ern Montana in 1899 the stand was
occupied all day by Albert Jamison
for the government Jamison was or
iginally indicted for perjury in con
nection with entries but the case
against him was nolled He was one
of about eighty against whom Indict
ments were returned Jamison on his
direct examination testified that he
had an agreement with Cobban to lo
cate people on claims who would sell
to Cobban after they got title and the
witness was to be paid from 10 to 25
for locating entrymen and entrywo
men He testified that he had been
paid by Cobban from 800 to 1600
for his work
Permission Granted to a Canadian
WASHINGTON -The state depart
ment telegraphed the British ambas
sador and the American consul gener
al at Ottawa that the governors of
New Hampshire Vermont and Massa
chusetts have formally consented to
the passage through those states of
the Forty third Canadian regiment
the duke of Cornwalls own who are
now in Ottawa waiting to proceed to
visit Boston and Providence The only
restriction is In the case of Massa
chusetts where the state law of 1902
prohibits the assembly of visiting
troops for drill or parade The tele
gram to the ambassador was address
ed to him both at New York and the
summer home of the embassy at
OYSTER BAY N Y President
Roosevelt received Syngamon Rhee
and Rev P K Yoon two Koreans who
arrived here to present him a memor
ial asking him to look -after the in
terests of Korea in the proceedings of
the forthcoming peace conference
They presented to the president a let
ter of introduction from Secretary
Taft which secured for them a person
al hearing Mr Rhee is a student in
the George Washington university at
Still Plenty if He Should Escape on
the Murder Charge
CHICAGO 111 With the possibility
of Johann Hoch reprieved wife mur
derer securing a retrial and acquittal
here on the charge of murdering Mrs
Marie Welcker Hoch the authorities
of Cincinnati and St Louis have been
in communication with States
ney Healy relative to crimes of big
amy and murder that Hoch is said to
have committed in those cities
Even in event of the convicted man
escaping sentence already passed up
on him it is said that enough prosecu
tions in Cook county and elsewhere
confront him to consume several
years to come
John Barrett Believes Chinese
Soon Abandon It
the newly appointed minister to Col
ombia is here in connection with the
commercial relations existing between
the United States and China particu
larly as regards the boycott inaugur
ated by the Chinese guilds against
American products He insists how
ever that his mission is not of an
official character but simply to ac
quaint himself with the feelng of the
people of the coast as to the boycott
and interview some of the merchants
who are engaged in the oriental trade
Minister Barrett while conceding
that the Chinese guilds are all-powerful
in their country is of the opinion
that the present alarm shown by the
people of this country over the action
of the Clrnese guilds will soon be dis
pelled when they are made to realize
that our government is disposed to
act fairly with them in the matter of
Commission Says No Navy Can Cut
Off Englands Food Supply
LONDON The royal commission
under the presidency of the Prince of
Wales appointed in April 1903 to
study the question of the importation
of food in time of war and other simi
lar subjects has presented its report
to parliament The contents of the
report have not yet been published
but on the whole it is understood they
are reassuring The main report
which is concurred in by all the com
missioners concludes that there is no
cause for apprehension or uneasiness
because it would be virtually impos
sible noting the adequacy of the fleet
for the whole of the British coasts to
be blockaded simultaneously
Seven Mills on the Dollar
CLEVELAND O Creditors of Mrs
Cassie L Chadwick will receive a to
tal dividend of about seven mills on
the dollar when the matter is finally
settled Net assets will amount to
aobut 25000 against 2000000 indebt
Stockholders Must Pay
TOPEKA Kan The stockholders
of the First National bank will be as
sessed the full amount of their hold
ings August 7 according to Receiver
Surgeon General Wyman Will Direct
War Against the Mosquitoes Ma
yor of New Orleans Appoints a Gen
eral Cleaning Up Day
tention of admitting the fever situa
tion to be beyond control but In the
hope of reviving confidence here and
elsewhere in the south official and
business interests decided to send a re
quest to President Roosevelt to have
the United States government assume
full charge of the struggle now in
progress to wipe out yellow fever from
New Orleans The public approves
the action taken Expectations is that
within the next two days Surgeon Gen
eral Wyman with all the resources ot
the government will be enlisted active
ly in the campaign
The action taken was the result of a
meeting held late today at the Cotton
exchange It was the consensus of
opinion that if government control was
resolved upon there would be an im
mediate restoration of confidence
throughout Louisiana and the other
states In the south where there has
been criticism of the local authorities
for not sooner making public the
existence of the fever It was the be
lief of those present that General Wy
man is able to send a force of physi
cians to New Orleans thoroughly
equipped for the handling of a yellow
fever situation because of their ex
perience in Cuba Mexico and at dif
ferent points in the United States and
that the government would have the
facilities for enforcing a scientific cam
paign not possessed by the local au
Immediately after the meeting a
telegram signed by the mayor and
other interests respresented was ad
dressed to Governor Blanchard telling
him of the action taken
The announcement of the action
taken at first created some alarm in
the city growing out of the fact that
it meant that the situation had grown
entirely beyond control but that
alarm was allayed when it became
known that the authorities had acted
simply in the belief that the prompt
action now in turning over the direc
tion of affairs to the marine hospital
service in whom there is supreme
confidence here would almost certain
ly avert an epidemic
At a conference at the city hall it
was decided that Mayor Behrman
should issue a proclamation requiring
every business house in the city to
close its doors on Wednesday next in
order that employes might take a hand
in the general cleaning movement that
has been inaugurated Merchants are
are to be asked to furnish their carts
and floats to assist in carrying away
refuse A thousand carts will be re
quired in the work A special appeal is
to be addressed to householders to co
operate in the sanitary campaign by
the thorough cleaning of their back
WASHINGTON President Roose
velt forwarded to Surgeon General
Wyman of the public health and ma
rine hospital service a telegram from
Governor Blanchard of Louisiana re
questing that the United States gov
ernment take control of the yellow
fever situation in New Orleans The
president directed the surgeon general
to take every step to meet the situa
tion in New Orleans and to notify
him what further action is advisable
and possible for the federal author
ities to take
No Panama on His Plate
LAWTON O T Stenographer C
S Kreider of the government land
office here received word from Wash
ington offering him a position in
Panama at a salary of 1750 per year
The offer was declined
PORTLAND Ore The Telegram
says E H Harriman will spend 10
000000 in railroad building in the
states of Oregon Washington and
Idaho within the next year With the
official announcement of the fact that
the Southern Pacific is preparing to
building from Drain to Marshfield on
Coos bay connecting the main line
with the Coos Bay Roseburg East
ern road which extends from Marsh
field twenty eight miles to Myrtle
Point via Coquille and with a branch
to Beaver Hill it is stated Harriman
will spend 10000000 in construction
included in which will be the cost of
the dual road between Ripara and
Grangeville the cost of which is
shouldered jointly by Messrs Hill and
Pleased With Wittes Reception
pers generally express satisfaction
with the cordial reception received by
M Witte in the United States in
which public opinon all along has
been painted as being favorable to
Japan and a more optimistic tone re
garding the chances of a successful
outcome of the peace negotiations is
manifested With a few exceptions
they find themselves in thorough sym
pathy with the position of M Witte
as expressed in interviews with him
on his arrival in New York
Former Chief Statistician Will Return
to the United States
WASHINGTON In answer to a
cablegram to John Hyde former chief
statistician of the Department of
Agriculture urging him to return to
this country Secretary Wilson todaj
recelved the following dispatch from
Mr Hyde
Southport England Aug 2 1905
Returning as soon as possible Let
Mr Hyde left Washington at tha
time a grand jury began to invest
gate charges of a leakage in the bu
reau of statistics by which it is al
leged that Edwin S Holmes tho
former associate statistician furnish
ed advance information of the do
partments figures on the cotton crop
to New York brokers When Mr
Hyde resigned as chief of the bureau
he agreed to hold himself ready to
aid the Department of Justice In the
investigation it Is making He took
passage for Europe a few days later
and his departure was not learned
until he was beyond tho jurisdiction
of federal authorities who wanted him
as a witness before the grand jury
CLEVELAND O The Plaindealer
today says
The National Carbon company
known as the carbon trust soon will
have a competitor with immense
financial backing It developed here
that Rockefeller Interests are behind
the United States Carbon company
which will be financed with a capital
ization close to 1000000
For more than a year the local con
cern has been closed down About
one month ago however the prop
erty was bought up by Martin Brady
general manager of the East Ohio Gas
company a well known Rockefeller
corporation The plant is now being
overhauled at an outlay of 100000
It will be turning out carbon products
by September 15 it was announced
officially yesterday
WASHINGTON Secretary Shaw
has notified Governor Blanchard of
Louisiana that if any unauthorized
acts and abuses of discretion have
been committed by the revenue cutter
Winona now assisting the public
health and marine hospital service In
the campaign against yellow fever
they will be corrected as far as pos
This declaration of the secretary
followed the receipt of several dis
patches from Governor Blanchard
complaining of the action of the cut
ter in interfering with fishinj vessels
belonging to the people of Louisiana
and specifically referring to a case
where it is asserted a boat was cai
tured and towed away
Secretary of War Given an Elaborate
Welcome by Civil and Military
MANILA Secretary of War Taft
and party arrived here on the steam
ship Manchuria Friday Their arrival
was made the occasion of a gorgeous
water pageant Governor General
Wright Major General Corbin and
Rear Admiral Train with their staffs
and the official reception committee
met the party when the Manchuria
The battleship Ohio the forts and
craft in the harbor fired the regula
tion salute for the secretary of war
After the party left the steamship
they proceeded to Governor General
Wrights residence where the official
welcome was made and where the
golden keys of the city were presented
to Secretary Taft
Thousands lined the streets which
were elaborately decorated
Attendance at Exposition
PORTLAND Ore The Lewis and
Clark officials announce that with the
attendance Wednesday of 27420 the
million mark has been passed the
total attendance from June 1 to date
including passes being 1013531
Will Take Hart in Installation of Presi
dent of University
CHAMPAIGN 111 The speaker of
the national house of representatives
Hon Joseph G Cannon has accepted
the invitation of the University of
Illinois to preside at the federal day
meeting October 17 in connection
with the installation of Edmund J
James as president of the university
At this meeting a prominent mem
ber of the federal commission will
speak for the national government in
its relation to education as expressed
in the land grant act of 1SC2 Speaker
Cannon is a son of the University of
Illnois by adoption having received
an honorary degree from the univer
sity of a year ago
Conger Home From Mexico
MEXICO CITY American Ambassa
dor Conger and family left Thursday
for the United States the ambassa
dor having two months leave of ab
sence He will go directly to Wash
ington and it is surmised be con
sulted on the Chinese question espec
ially on the boycott
Deficit for July 13680000
WASHINGTON The monthly
statement of the government receipts
and expeditures shows a deficit for
the month of 136SO000
51 -