The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, May 12, 1905, Image 2

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    IVIcCook Tribune
F M KIMMELL Publisher
News in Brief I
Wm Planklnton one of the wealth
iest men In Milwaukee died of heart
Chicago Are agencies show increas
ing tendency toward consolidation and
Des Moines has a population of
74178 accprding to the report of the
state census enumerator
The New York hank statement
shows an increase of more than 5
000000 in the surplus reserve
The Fitzhugh Lee Monument asso
ciation was organized at Richmond
Va Its object Is to erect a monument
to General Lee in Richmond
Frank Graham formerly managing
editor of the Kansas City Times and
who was twice elected city clerk of
that city died from paralysis at the
home of his sister in Kansas City
Acting Secretary Loomis received a
cablegram from Minister Earrett at
Panama stating that he expected to
be able to sail for Columbia on the
ICth inst
The newspapers of Paris continue to
comment most favorably on Ambassa
dor McCormicks speech on the occa
sion of his presentation to President
Loubet on May 2
After trials of Krupps new 35 inch
guns lasting several days at Meppen
they are reported to surpass in range
and penetrative power all weapons of
equal calibre
Miss Jane Germon cousin of Joseph
Jefferson who lives in Baltimore Is
the last of the old line of Jeffersons
and one of the old school of actors
and actresses
George A Wilbur associate justice
of the supreme court of Massachusetts
has resigned after serving as judge for
forty years and on the supreme bench
over twenty years
Hundreds of homeseekers and pros
pectors are flocking to the Kiowa
Comanche country to select leases of
the pasture lands soon to be opened
for agricultural purposes
A telegram was received at St
Louis by an employment organization
from the head of the employers or
ganization Chicago that no more
strike breakers are needed
T M Howell a former newspaper
man arrived in Denver with rich
samples of ore found near Yellow
Jacket Creek in Idaho One piece of
float assayed 72900 gold a ton
It is learned at the state depart
ment that negotiations with Germany
for the preparation of a reciprocity
policy will not be undertaken until
next fall when they will be conducted
in Washington
John Pearce who now employs
1500 persons in his eighty one Lon
don restaurants began life on a capi
tal of 62 cents and started his first
restaurant with a push cart a tin urn
and a little crockery
Wilhelm Deitz who killed Russell
M Lindsay a brother-in-law of Wil
liam Allen White the author editor
near Kansas City Kans on April 29
1897 has been given an absolute par
don by Governor Hoch
The seal fishery for the season in
St Johns waters has been completed
The total catch of the entire sealing
fleet of twenty two steamers aggre
gated but 170000 seals the poorest
catch for ten years past
John Gorden said to represent a
syndicate of Chicago bankers has
purchased 4000 acres of coal land
right at Dolleville Christian county
111 Another Chicago man is said to
have purchased 6000 acres of coal
land right at Henton near Dolleville
A miniature Coxeys army is form
ing among the striking army boot
workers of Northamptonshire Eng
land It is proposed to march on the
war office in London and lay the mens
grievances in regard to pay etc be
fore officials
The New York legislative commit
tee investigating gas and electric com
panies finds rates charged the public
too high and recommends the ap
pointment of a state commission to
regulate and maintain system of ade
quate inspection
Second Assistant Secretary Adee
left Washington for New York
whence he will sail on the Lorraine
for Harve He will make that the
point of departure on a bicycle trip of
about 1500 miles through central and
southern France
Through its ambassador in Wash
ington the German government has
notified Secretary Taft that at his re
quest it has designated Mr Tincanza
as the German member of the board
of consulting engineers of the Isth
mian Canal commission
Fred Vogel Jr was elected presi
dent of the First National Bank of
Milwaukee in place of Frank G Bige
low the defaulting official
Fire at Home City Kansas destroy
ed fifteen business buildings leaving
only the depot and two elevators
standing in the city Loss 100000
One of the chimneys in the execu
tive offices of the white house caught
fire but practically no damage re
The sovereign who reigns over the
smallest monarchy mtthecworhlis the
Irfnrr nf iha fVifno o nrnnn nf Islands
near Sumatra 1
Increases Coinage of Farthings
The British mint has been busily
engaged in coining farthings Until
very recently the farthing has been
almost an unknown coin in many
perhaps the majority of the British
possessions They are only coined to
encourage thrift In the colonies By
Introducing the smallest coin of the
realm a saving can be effected on
purchaser of small quantities of goods
Wanted Medicine for Right Side
A woman came Into my store the
other day remarked the druggist
and asked my assistant to give her
something for a pain she had in her
right side While the young man
was compounding the mixture the
woman approached me and said Are
you sure he will give me what I need
Tell him to be sure and make up the
medicine for the right side
Pioneers Use of Quinine
The soldiers in our civil war de
pended -greatly upon quinine The
pioneers in our country when it was
first settled and civilized had as hard
work fighting fever and ague in the
then swampy malarial districts as in
fighting Indians and quinine was even
more necessary than firearms
A Tale of Suffering
Oakley Mich May 8th Special
I could not sleep or rest in any
place says Florence Capen of this
place in a recent interview I had a
pain in my back and hips If I sat
down I could not get up out of my
chair I was in pain all the time I
got poor for I did not eat enough to
keep a small child I could not rest
Then I sent for a box of Dodds
Kidney Pills and went to taking
them and what do you think that very
night I went to bed and I slept till
morning I got up and thanked God
for the nights rest and Dodds Kid
ney Pills I know that Dodds Kid
ney Pills are all that is claimed for
This is only one of the numerous
experiences that show the way to
build up run down people is to cure
the kidneys Thousands of people in
every state bear witness to the fact
that Dodds Kidney Pills never fail to
cure the kidneys
Link Sausage Output
A trade journal has estimated af
ter much figuring that the annual
output of link sausage in this coun
try amounts to more than 400000000
yards or 227272 miles This is
enough to extend around the world
aine times at the equator but sau
sage will not keep at the equator
Landlords Absurd Prerogatives
The duke of Portland has the right
of taking up his abode in any of the
tenants houses on the Welbeck estate
and Lord Balfour of Burleigh can
make the tenants on his property as
semble once a year barehoaded and
barefooted and acknowledge him pub
licly to be their lord and master
Wickedness in Luverne
Every body in Luverne knows the
young ladies who lock arms with the
devil You can fool some of the peo
ple some of the time but you cant
fool all the people all of the time
Luverne Journal
Harvards Choicest Treasure
Harvard college is rich in treasures
of many kinds in its vast series of
museums but the choicest of all its
treasures is the Ware collection of
Blaschka glass models of plants in
the Botanical museum
When you go into mixed company
the air you should carry with you
there is that of fearing no one and
wishing to offend no one
Very Plain In Some People
A great many people go on suffer
ing from annoying ailments for a long
time before they can get their own
consent to give up the indulgence
from which their trouble arises
A gentleman in Brooklyn describes
his experience as follows
I became satisfied some months
ago that I owed the palpitation of the
heart from which I suffered almost
daily to the use of coffee I had been
a coffee drinker for 30 years but I
found it very hard to give up the bev
I realized that I must give up the
harmful indulgence in coffee but I
felt the necessity for a hot table
drink and as tea is not to my liking I
was at a loss for awhile what to do
One day I ran across a very sen
sible and straightforward presenta
tion of the claims of Postum Food
Coffee and was so impressed thereby
that I concluded to give it a trial My
experience with it was unsatisfactory
till I learned how it ought to be pre
pared by thorough boiling for not
less than 15 or 20 minutes After I
learned that lesson there was no
trouble Postum Food Coffee proved
to be a most palatable and satisfac
tory hot beverage and I have used it
ever since
The effect on my health has been
most salutary It has completely
cured the heart palpitation from which
I used to suffer so much particularly
after breakfast and I never have a re
turn of it except when I dine or lunch
away from home and am compelled
to drink the old kind of coffee because
Postum is not served I find that Pos
tum Food Coffee cheers and invigor
ates while it produces no harmful
stimulation Name given by Postum
Co Battle Creek Mich
Theres a reason
Ten days trial proves an eye open
er to many
Read the little book The Road to
Weliville in every Dkg
abing a
Vanguard Said tq Be in Touch With
Ruslans at Several Points Torpedo
Boats Destroy Fishing and Sailing
TOKIO According to advices from
Manchuria Field Marshal Oyamas
extreme right and extreme left have
been materially advanced
A Fenghushieng dispatch of May
6th says Field Marshal Oyama seems
ready to assume the offensive on a
large scale and activity already ha3
begun against General Linevitchs
left This may be the prelude to a
general battle The Japanese have
concentrated heavy columns on the
Liao river and their advance divisions
have been in contact with Russians
who are holding the main road from
Fakoman to Bashienchen
On Thursday the Japanese cavalry
suddenly attacked the Cossacks in
overwhelming force forcing the latter
to retire Then supported by infantry
the Japanese advanced and drove the
Russian infantry out of the village of
A Russian reconnnitering party
twenty miles further west ran into an
ambush and all the party except five
were killed
Four Rusian torpedo boat destroyers
from Vladivostok appeared westward
of Hokkaido off Sub yesterday They
seized and burned a small sailing ves
sel and imprisoned the captain and
disappeared to the northwest They
were evidently returning to Vladivos
tok There is a possibility that they
have destroyed other small craft al
though no reports to that effect have
been received
The object of their visit is not clear
It is thought that probably they hoped
to torpedo the Japanese patrol at
night and it is also suggested that
the Vladivostok vessels plan a diver
sion to assist the fleet of Admiral
Noon Although none has been
sighted it is believed the larger ves
sels of the Vladivostok squadron ac
companied the torpedo boats which ap
peared west of Hokkaido yesterday It
is doubtd that the torpedo boats
would venture across unescorted in
the heavy pea which was running
when they luirned the sailing vessel
All of the crpw of this vessel ex
cept the rapiain who was captured
succeeded in landing but a steamer
dispatched to the rescue of the burn
ing derelict was forced to return on
account of the storm The Russians
poured kerosene on the deck of the
sailing vessel and withdrew after hav
ing burned the surface of the oil The
toipedo boats have not been reported
Say Two Russian Squadrons Will
Join May 9
TOKIO Assuming that Vice Ad
miral Rojestvensky meditates a
speedy junction of his squadron with
Vice Admiral Nebogatoffs it is be
lieved here that the meeting of the
ships may be expected by Tuesday
May 9 the speed of Nebogatoffs divi
sion being only about seven knots an
hour These ships are believed to be
In need of coal and stores and their
deficiencies in this respect probably
will be supplied by Vice Admiral
Rojestvensky at some friendly port
after the two admirals effect a
The future movements of the Rus
sian Pacific squadron is a matter of
speculation here although the delay
of Rojestvensky on the Indo China
coast has raised doubt as to his pur
pose to move northward and risk an
engagement at an early date
The Vladivostok torpedo boat de
stroyers have not been reported and
it is believed they have returned to
Would Have New Commercial Ar
rangement Effective This Year
BERLIN The foreign office offi
cials hope that plenipotentiaries rep
resenting the United States and Ger
many will meet early in the autumn to
negotiate a commercial treaty and
that the exchange of preliminary pro
posals will take place some time late
in the summer
Although Germanys communication
of March 14 was altogether a definite
statement that the tariff agreement
with the United States of July 10
1900 would terminate by March 1
190G yet it is not called a denuncia
tion which is not necessary before
December 1 1905 or after three
months notice
May Bet on Races at Track
HOUSTON Tex Governor Lan
ham has approved the bill which per
mits betting at race tracks on the day
that the races are run
Commanche Chief Quotes President
LAWSON O T In a speech to a
congregation of Comanche Indans
and white people Quanah Parker
Comanche chief stated that President
Roosevelt assured him that the
Kiowa Comanche Indian pasture
lands of Oklahoma would remain the
property of the Indians for all time
Chief Parker asked that the lands be
allotted and the president is said to
have stated he would take the matter
up with the commissioner of Indian
affairs He also asked that the
Comanches be paid 100 annual
Great Grandfather Marries Woman He
Had Known as a Child
ASBURY PARK N J Still young
at the age of 95 years George Schmidt
a wealthy retired Newark butcher
who spends the greater part of the
year in Ocean Grove was married in
that city the other day The bride is
Mrs Ellen Day Schwartz who knew
him in her girlhood days making the
second matrimonial venture for the
groom and the third for the bride The
ceremony was performed by Rev S
H C Smith retired and was kept
secret for family reasons The bride
young in appearance and comely
I came to Ocean Grove in March
when the question was popped
Concerning her husband she said
You would take him for 65 He has
never smoked chewed or drank and
makes a perfect husband and is per
fect in mind and body
The groom has two great-grandchildren
and has never known a days
sickness He walks without a cane
and on meeting a friend will some
times dance a lively jig ending wtih
the remark Well hows that for a
95-year-old boy
Had Interferred With Many American
Treaty Rights
WASHINGTON Minister Allen at
Seoul Korea reports to the state de
partment that a magistrate at Penyang
who was charged with invading the
treaty rights of many Americans and
with extorting great sums of money
illegally from the people finally has
been removed from office His pecula
tions according to the report aggre
gated more than 100000
Under date of March 10 Minister
Allen writes
Americans in Penyang have com
plained of the conduct of the magis
trate Paing Han Chun because of his
oppression of the people and because
of his interference with American
treaty rights When war broke out it
was supposed that this man would be
turned down by the Japanese but he
was clever enough to make himself
useful in securing lands and other
military requirements for which he
received payment but failed to hand
over the money to the natives I was
obliged to complain of him because of
his conduct toward the Americans
and in September 1904 spoke to the
Japanese minister of my difficulties
and intentions
America and England Accept Each
Others Inspection
WASHINGTON Formal notice
from the British embassy has reached
the department of commence and labor
that both the government of Great
Britain and tne Dominion of Canada
have issued orders to accept Ameri
can certificates of inspection of the
hulls boilers machinery and life-saving
apparatus of steamships In ac
cordance with an agreement already
reached the American government
will issue a similar order to all officers
at American ports with respect to the
certificates of inspection carried by
the British and Canadian steam ves
sels This reciprocal arrangement will
facilitate materially the clearance of
vessels at all ports of the three coun
tries and will relieve from much em
barrassment and expense the owners
of American British and Canadian
steamships as the only survey re
quired will be one to determine sim
ply whether the vessel is equipped in j
accordance with the statement in her
Federal Grand Jury at New York
Looking Into Matters
NEW YORK It became known
Friday that the federal grand jury for
some time past has been conducting a
secret investigation into certain mat
ters concerning the American Tobac
co company and its subsidiary com
panies The investigation is being
made by Henry W Taft brother of
the secretary of war who has been
appointed a special assistant United
States attorney for that particular pur
pose Mr Taft is authority for the
statement that the investigation is be
ing made under the anti trust law
The proceedings in tho grand jury
room were secret but it became
known that E F Hale an officer of
one of the subsidiary companies re
fused to answer questions when he
was called taking the ground that to
do so would tend to incriminate and
degrade him and that the answers
would be too voluminous When the
grand jury filed a presentment in the
circuit court Hale was directed to re
ply to the questions It was through
Hales refusal to answer questions
that the investigation became public
Gets Five Years
SACRAMENTO Cal Former State
Senator Harry Bunkers of San -Francisco
convicted of accepting a bribe
was sentenced to five years in the
penitentiary at San Quentin
Taft CalI 3 Davis to Washington
WASHINGTON Secretary Taft
cabled Governor Dvis at Panama to
return at once to tho United States
placing Colonel Gorgas in charge of
the administration of the canal zone
until the arrival there of Governor
Magoom Governor Davis is suffering
from malaria and his physicians ad
vised him to leave the isthmus to re
cuperate He has resisted their ap
peals however fearing that his sud
den departure at a time when the
health conditions on the isthmus are
i adverse would be misunderstood
Report that Fourth Squadron Has Suc
ceeded in Evading the Enemy
Mikados Representative Insists Up
on the Observance of Neutrality
jestvensky according to a high naval
authority has sailed south to meet
the division of the Russian Second Pa
How n TTommi Was TVocl from Troubles
That Had IHiulo Ufo IVretchcd Tor
Many Ycnra
Tho immediate causes of hendachea
vary but most of thorn cotno from poor
or poisoned blood In nnamiin tho blood
is scanty or thin tho nerves nro imper
fectly nonrished niul pain is tho way iu
which thoy express their weakness In
colds tho blood absorbs poison from tho
mucous surfaces and tho poison irritates
tho nerves and produces pain In rheu
matism malaria and tho grip tho poison
cific squadron commanded by Admiral in tho blood produces liko discomfort Iu
The admiralty has information that
a Japanese division of fast cruisers
and torpedo boat destroyers was sent
south for the purpose if possible of
crippling or destroying Nebogatoffs
ships before they could effect a junc
tion with those of Rojestvensky and
there is reason to believe that the Jap
anese took up a position in the Straits
of Sundy through which Nebogatoff
originally intended to make the pas
sage into the northern sea There is
rso reason to believe that Nebogatoff
first approached the Straits of Sundy
but finding them too well guarded put
about and headed north for the Straits
of Malacca his division lacking tho
protection of fast cruisers and being
at a great disadvantage in meeting
torpedo boat attacks
The admiralty expresses much grati
fication at the fact that Admiral Ne
bogatoff has successfully reached the
China sea but appreciates that the
composition of his division renders it
particularly vulnerable to a swift ad
versary especially as the crews of his
ships have not had tho training in
maneuvering or the target practice
which Admiral Rojestvenskys crews
had while off the island of Madagas
car and the anxiety here will be com
pletely relieved when it is known that
a junction has been effected
The Russ today announces that Cap
tain Clado has been made a staff cap
tain Clado was Admiral Rojestven
skys chief tactician until the North
sea incident He recently was appoint
ed to special service in connection
with vessels navigating rivers in the
theater of war
The Russian armored cruiser Grom
oboi it is announced has left Vladi
G30 p m The foreign office is
closed and it is impossible at this
hour to ascertain whether Russia will
protest to the government of the Ne
therlands against the reported pres
ence of Japanese warships in neutral
waters of Dutch Borneo The Admir
alty had information to the effect that
Japanese cruisers were watching the
straits of Sunda lying in wait for Ad
miral Nebogatoff and it is possible
that they made use of the waters of
Dutch Borneo
A FUND OF 100000000
Harrimans Proposition Carries Unani
mously at Salt Lake City
special meeting of stockholders of the
Union Pacific Railroad company held
Friday in Salt Lake City the proposi
tion to issue 100000000 of preferred
stock was approved by the unanimous
vote of the holders of 657701 sahres
of preferred stock and 1118017 shares
of common stock The total outstand
ing is 1000000 shares preferred and
1961787 shares of common
Judge W D Cornish of New York
vice president of the Harriman sys
tem held proxies for all of the stock
represented at the meeting with the
exception of 841 shares Joseph F
Smith head of the Mormon church and
who is a director of the Union Paci
fic voted one share The remaining
840 shares were voted by two Salt
Lake City newspaper men who held
proxies for two stockholders
Not one word of protest against the
isuf o itv nrpforrcl stock was
heard at the meeting nor was any ex
planation offered of the purpose o
the proposed issue One of the repre
sentatives of the local stock asked
how the proceeds of the new issuant e
were to be expended His query was
entered on the minutes but no reply
was given With this one exception
there was no reference to the purpose
of the management in providing for
this fund of 100000000
Those Under Construction Nearing
SEBASTOPOL The torpedo boats
which are being built at the govern
ment yard here urder the general su
pervision of Lewis Nixon of New York
are nearing completion and their trials
in the Black sea will begin in a fnv
davs In order to overcome the difl
culty always encountered in work in
a foreign country Mr Nixon provide-
his own organization with which h
has pushed the construction of thes
boats to a successful completion
Much is expected of those torpedo
boats The Russian admiraltj already
has had practical evidence of the sea
worthiness of the Nixon boats in the
performance of the Grpgory which
crossed the Atlantic in the face of
heavy weather But the future pres
tige of the designer of the American
battleship Oregon will depend in Rus
sia upon the result of the coming tri
als which will be much more severe
than usual to test certain advantages
claimed for them by their American
indigestion tho gases from tho impuro
matter kept in tho system affoct tho
blood in tho samo way
Tho ordinary headacho enres at besb
givo only temporary relief Thoy deaden
tho pain but do not drivo tho poison out
of tho blood Dr Williams Pink Pills
on tho contrary thoroughly renew tho
blood and tho pain disappears perma
nently Women in particular have found
theso pills nu unfailing relief in head
aches caused by niueiniii
Miss Stella Blocker recently said Dr
Williams Pink Pills did mo n great deal
of good I had hcadacho nearly all tho
timo After I had taken threo boxes of
theso pills I became entirely well
How long had you suffered she
was asked
For sevoml years I cant toll th
exact dato when my illness began for ifc
came on by slow degrees I had been
going down hill for many years
Did you have any other ailments
I was very weak and sometimes I had
fever JLy liver and kidneys wero af
fected as well as my head
How did yon como to tako tho rem
edy that cured yon
I saw iu a southern newspaper a
statement of some person who was cured
of a like trouble by Dr Williams Pink
Pills My physician hadnt done me any
good so I bought a box of these pills
After I had taken one box I felt so much
better that I kept on until I became en
tirely well
Miss Blockers homo is at Leauder
Louisiana Dr Williams Pink Pills are
sold by all druggists Besides headacho
they cure neuralgia sciatica nervous
prostration partial paralysis and rheu
If they are opened to tranquillity
and peace there is no quarter for dis
Hows This
TVe offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any
Cnae of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Halla
Catarrh Cure
F J CHENEY ft CO Toledo O
We the undersigned hare known F J Choney
fortlielutit 15 year nnI brllcve him rrfpctly hon
orable In nil buHinefs tran ictlom mid tlcauclally
able to carry out any oblljtloriH made by hlnflrin
Walihvo Kinsan it Mahtim
Whole 1p iJrujrelstt Toledo O
Halls Catarrh Cnre li UUen Internally actios
directly upon the blwd and inucoui surfaces of the
ytem Testimonials sent free 1rlce 5 cenu par
bottle Sold bv nil Druggists
Take Halls Family 11111 for constipation
Petrified people like petrified trees
take the finish polish
Insist on Getting It
Some grocers say they dont keep
Defiance Starch This is because they
have a stock on hand of other brands
containing only 12 ounces in a pack
age which they wont be able to sell
first because Defiance contains 1C
ounces for the same money
Do you want 16 ounces instead of 12
Dunces for same money Then buy De
fiance Starch Requires no cooking
every sorrow
theres a sin back of
More Flexible and Lasting
wont shake out or blow out by using
Defiance Starch you obtain better re
sults than possible with any other
brand and one third more for same
Nowhere are hearts so hungry as in
the land of gingerbread
O i
wmmi TRIES
ify doctor evj it yts cerit7 on tho omch MitT
ftnd kidnys am is a t aiart laxative TMs drink M
mvie t nm aid is pretwil fr usa as eamly aa
tea H is called Limes Tea or
All drnesif o hymril 2 cts ardlcts Bnyitto
diy Family Woilii rr lanrrs the
IimvpN fjiri fltiy In njr r n h thus is
necessary Addrws O P Wxxivrard jn IJiy NY
Typhoid Fever Diphtheria
Small Pox the germs of
these deadly diseases multi
ply in the decaying glue pres
ent in all kalsomines and the
decaying paste inder vall
Alabastine is a disinfectant it
destroys disease germs and vermin
is manufactured from a stone cement
base hardens on the v ails and is as
enduring as the wail itself Alabas
tine is mied with cold water and
any one can apply it
Ask for sample card of
beautiful tints and informa
tion about decorating Take
no cheap substitute
Buy only in 5 pound packages
properly labeled
Grant Ave Grand Rapids Mich