The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, May 05, 1905, Image 4

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Official Paper of Redwillow County
Largest Circulation in Red Willow Co
Subscription 1 a Year in Advance
M M i
That Nebraska would be tho great
gainer for having larger men in her pub
lic service is admitted by all at all
familiar with tho situation familiar
with the men and who make them But
before the state can hope to draw into
her service men of larger accomplish
ment and higher character she will
have to arrange a few preliminaries of
importance It will be necessary to
make public life more attractive for such
men Adequate salaries will have to be
voted The bosses local interests
corporatedomination certain localities
etc will have to bo cut out of our politi
cal life in a large measure Nebraska
voters will have to take charge of the
elective machinery of the state and not
let out the contract as at present to the
trusts and corporations and politicians
to nominate and elect the lawmakers
and executives And the grafters will
have to be crucified
Catholic Order of services Mass
8 a m Mass and sermon 1000 a m
Evening service at 8 oclock Sunday
school 230 p m Every Sunday
J J Loughran Pastor
Congregational Sunday school at
10 Sermon at 11 Y P S C E at 7
Preaching at 8 Prayer and conference
meeting Wednesday evening at 8 p m
Morning subject Tho Power of Life
Evening subject Ho Calls Me
George A Conrad Pastor
Episcopal Services in St Albans
church as follows Every Sunday in the
month Sunday school at 10 oclock a m
Morning prayer at 11 a m and evening
prayer and sermon at 8 The third Sun
day in the month Iloly Communion at
730 a m All are welcome
E R Earle Rector
First Baptist Church Preaching at
11 a m Sunday school at 945 a m
B Y P U at 645 p m Prayer meet
ing Wednesday evening at 745 p m
Morning subject The Awakening of the
Soul Evening subject A Passing
Show All cordially invited
A B Carson Pastor
Methodist Sunday School at 10
Lesson John 151 12 The Vine and
the Branches Public worship at 11
Reception of members Junior League
at 3 Lovest Thou Me John 2115
Epworth League at 7 The Making of
a Christian His Exercise Jas 122
57 Evangelist Whiston will speak at
this service Sermon at 8 Morning sub
jectA Bible Charactei1 Evening sub
ject Sin Killer Special music You
are more than welcome we want you to
come Sunday school in South McCook
at oclock in the afternoon
M B Carman Pastor
Guy Doyle is working for Ben King
Miss Maude Wilson spent Sunday
with home folks
Miss Lilly Groves spent Sunday with
Miss Gertie Doyle
The Easter services were well attend
ed at the church last Sunday
Rev J A Kerr is spending this week
at his home near Brady Island
W B Sexson made a trip to Furnas
county the latter part of last week
Mrs Martha Johnson who spent the
winter with her daughter Mrs T M
Campbell moved back home last week
The farmers of this vicinity are busy
listing corn this week and find the
ground in fine condition for their work
Cleanse your system of all impurities
this month Now is the time to take
Hollisters Rocky Mountain Tea It
will keep you well all summer 35 cents
Tea or Tablets L W McCounell
When you go to a drug store
and ask for Scotts Emulsion
you know what you want the
man knows you ought to have
it Dont be surprised though
if you are offered something
else Wines cordials extracts
etc of cod fiver oil are plenti
ful but dont imagine you are
getting cod liver oil when you
take them Every year for thirty
years weve been increasing
the sales of Scotts Emulsion
Why Because it has always
been better than any substitute
for ft
Send for free sample
409 415 Pearl Street New York
5Cc and 3100 All druggists
Strictly Personal
The Tribune is prepared to
show you a euperb lino of samples
of 1906 calendars and we will
do the printing right here No
need to send away for them Our
line can suit the most fastidious
taste and tho fullest purse or the
simplest desire and most modest
The Tribune has in stock a full
line of Cash Register stationery
Cash Received on Account
Paid Out Charge slips etc
Buy your supplies at hpme and
save annoyance of ordering from
eastern cities
The Tribune keeps in stock
notes receipts single and in du
plicate one or three to the page
legal blanks of all kinds type
writer papers etc
Miss Helen M Jones is a guest of
Mr and Mrs W S Morlan
Mrs J JCurran and MrsA CWiehe
attended the Eastern Star at Lincoln
this week
Sam Ball expects to go to Denver on
business Sunday in connection with
his cattle
Mrs Gertrude Ingalls spent Wed
nesday night in the city on her way to
Doniphan from Imperial
Misses Millie Rose and Agnes El
bert Jennie Brady Marcella Ryan
Ruby Fitzgerald Hattie Schmidt Kate
West and Alice McKenna were the mem
bers of St Patricks choir who went to
Trenton last Sunday
J S McBrayer arrived home from
Sheboygan Wis Tuesday of this week
feeling still very weakxbut getting
along nicely He left the hospital last
Saturday and Mrs McBrayer mat him
in Omaha Sunday They made a short
visit there before coming on home
Henry L Kiner of the Geneseo
Illinois News and A S Martin of the
same place were in the city Thursday
looking over this section of Nebraska
and investing in land in this part of the
state Mr Kiner is a magazine writer
and took notes of the country expect
ing to do it into print some time in the
Master Pay Kenady was painfully
burned Thursday by the hot water and
steam which escaped from a break in
the steam pipe of the electric light com
pany on Main street in front of Cone
Bros store The break had made a
hole in the street He approached too
near the opening and one foot slipped
into the hole when the ground caved off
under him He was severly burned be
tween the ankle and knee
ttfe vesH J
but the next
time be -
L sure the name I
yj tjgjlfjflsf is stamped on jjj
5lf the shoes I
HJTv yU bUy ad I
Ryitm you wJ have I
WmlnfcL no I
iff - J1 j -
in lace fancy or plain to match any
shade in shoes My stock of HOSE
is always complete and you need never
look further for anytning you want in
this line
Hovr Under Some Conditions It Ma
Not Kill the Victim
It may seem absurd to clnlm that
there are cases where he bite of a rat
tlesnake Is not fatal yet such have
happened and to understand these it Is
necessary only to understand the man
ner in which this reptile strikes
The spectacle of a rattlesnake at bay
Is one a beholder never forgets The
great long body lies coiled in a tense
spiral the very embodiment of wick
edness Poised In air the white bellied
fore body Is bent Into a horizontal S
rigid as an iron bar Raised from the
middle of the spiral is the tail quiver
ing like a twanged banjo string and
emitting a rattle like steam escaping
from the pet cock of a radiator or lUce
the sound of a mowing machine in a
distant hayfield Awe inspiring the
dread flat triangular head eyes gleam
ing black and cold as icy steel is ready
to strike As the grewsome mouth
opens wide and pink the long thin poi
son fangs arise from a horizontal posi
tion anil stand upright like a pair of
slender curved needle pointed shad
bones ready for business Like a flash
far too quick for the eye to follow the
snake strikes sending home its fangs
an Inch or two and in that same frac
tion of an instant he has squirted a ta
blespoonful of canary yellow viscous
fluid into the wound and lies colled
ready for a second attack
In this incomprehensibly swift attack
lies the answer why sometimes the bite
of a rattler is not fatal for so won
derfully swift is the attack that a bite
may be imperfect leaving only a pair
of tiny needle punctures with just
enough venom to make a victim seri
ously 111
Another reason why a rattlesnakes
bite Is not always fatal is that tempo
rarily the reptile may be without ven
om The snake may have exhausted its
poison on a previous enemy in which
case it would have to wait several days
before the deadly fluid has reaccumu
Iated or again the vipers fangs may
have suffered accident They may have
been broken off and require time for
new growth In any case certain it is
that a rattlesnakes poison applied in
the proper way will do its work and
then only the most expert and prompt
assistance will save a victim A W
Rolker in Pearsons Magazine
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take laxative bromo quinine tablets
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure E W Groves signature is on
each box 25c
Ask For It
We have it if it should be handled in
an up-to-date hardware store
W T Coleman
I can furnish you
these superior shoes in
for men ladies or chil
dren in
Call and see my stock
before buing
tJhr5 J
BLACK cat brand
Kenosha Wis
DONT FAIL to look over
my complete stock of
Phone No 16 for BEST GROCERIES
iA sa Lk SS rSZA liii
Phone 16
wnsnzsizzzszaamjrts issx
The War a Fond Mother Jolce on
Her Son Went AMtrny
Bishop Maxwell Is it not Inquir
ed Mrs Spauldiug cordially as her
guest came down to breakfast suit
case in hand I feel that I know you
through my son and I was so glad
when he arranged to have you stay
with us on your -way through the city
But what does this luggage mean
Xbure going to stay a day or so
No thank you Mrs Spauldiug re
turned the bishop I must go right
on today
Oh that makes it doubly unfor
tunate that I had to be away last even
ing I hope you found my message of
explanation The friend I was called
to was very 111 and I felt sure you
would understand but the fact tliit
Mr Spauldiug was out of town too
made me regret going especially I
do hope my maid took care of you
comfortably and that you rested well
I thought you must have been wesry
when I came in at 10 and found you
had retired
The bishop replied politely but there
was an odd constraint In his manner
which lasted until he had bowed him
self out of the house after breakfast
What can bo the matter puzzed
Mrs Spauldlng as she watched the
distinguished gentleman stalking down
the street Dick was so anxious he
should like us
Then a sickening thought struck her
and she darted up the stairs
It had been Mrs Spauldiugs custom
during the bojhood of her only son to
correct his failings by posting about
the house little placards which gently
pleaded with him on the error of his
ways A week or two earlier when
Dick was coming horae for a college
vacation she had unearthed some of
these old sns and just for a joke had
pinned them up in his room like old
times They had been taken down
later but she remembered now that
after being summoned to the sick
friend the morning before she had ed
her new and not brilliant maid to
Dicks door and had said I want
this room swept and arranged for Bish
op Maxwell exactly as we did it for
Mr Dick last week Do you under
With wings on her feet Mrs Spauld
lng flew to the room the bishop had oc
cupied but at the threshold she paused
and gasped
On one of the pillows was a staring
notice to this effect Please put your
bed airing in the morning Over the
mirror Please dont spatter the glass
On the window curtain Please dont
throw your shoes on the floor noisily
Everywhere on pictures and wall
Please dont leave your coat on a
chair Hang it up Please dont
leave you toothbrush in the bath
room Please turn off the hot water
There were at least fifteen of these
placards the Please underlined three
or four times in each but ihorror of
horrors the largest of all was this on
the inside of the door If you take a
bath please wash out the tub Its dis
graceful not to Youths Companion
The American Accent
There is no such thing as the Amer
ica accent except in a few words such
as advertisement wherein America Is
superior as to pronunciation and prac
Nor does the American born man
talk through his nose The real dif
ference that we all notice is a differ
ence in the general pitch of voice The
American voice is pitched in a slightly
higher key than the English and here
you may find the reason why the
American assimilates French so easily
Put roughly the case is this The
Frenchman talks from his palate the
American from the top of his throat
the Englishman from his chest and -the
German from his diaphragm London
First of the Lazy Men
During the civil war a captain of a
company which had sixty men in its
ranks none of whom was as crgetic
as the officer thought he should be
hit upon a plan which he believed
would cure the mens habits of lazi
ness One morning after roll call the
captain addressing his command said
I have a nice easy job for the lazi
est man In the company Will the
laziest man step to the front
Instantly fifty nine men each took a
step forward
Why didnt you step to the front
Inquired the commander of the one
man who did not come
I was too lazy replied the soldier
Philadelphia Ledger
Shopping Tronliles
Tomorrow is my wifes birthday
and I want to buy a present that will
tickle her
We have a nice line of feather
No no I mean something that
would make a hit with her
Anything in hammers
You misunderstand I want some
thing striking that
Ah you wish a clock
Thats all Cleveland Tlain Deal
Wlien to Find Them
Blimkins No sir I tell you most
friends are uncertain 1 want friends
who will be friends in need Hodges
Take a fools advice old man and look
Cor them before you need them
Brooklyn Life
Dcsijrns Upon Him
Gladys no tells me you have de
signs upon him Ethel Did the wretch
say that Gladys Yes no said your
image was engraved upon his heart
It often happens that the man who
pays the piper has nothing left for his
treditors Puck
fhe Difference Between the Paealoa
In a Man and n Woman
The mans jealousy is a stormy sea
flooding everything tearing down and
devouring everything In him that is
strong tilling his innermost heart ab
sorbing all rivers of feeling and de
stroying his mind The womans Jeal
ousy Is a narrow turbulent treacherous
torrent which hides its depth and high
above which rise hard and silent banks
It heightens her sensibility and
strengthens her mind
The jealous man is a wrathful lion
he Is noble and hunger only forces him
to tear his prey to pieces The jealous
woman is nn infuriated snake she is
vain and passion only tempts her to
sting The anger of the jealous man Is
directed against the object of his love
and interrupts his love and that of the
jealous woman Is directed against her
rivals and her love is intensified by It
Jealousy makes a fool of a man it
makes him ridiculous and lowers him in
the love nnd esteem of the woman but
n woman gains In wit and charm by her
jealousy and it makes her more attrac
tive to the man Jealousy is a terrible
sharp weapon which n woman uses
lightly in order to cut a few sweets on
which to feed her vanity often she even
wounds with it the man she loves In
order to enjoy his sufferings The man
disdains this cruel thing though did lie
use It It would rarely miss its object
of awakening the dormant love of a
woman of bringing hidden love to the
surface and of creating love where
there was none From The German
of Borne
Tvre Aninmlw of Africa That Are
Practically Unkiioirn
There are two animals practically un
known to the outside Avorld These are
the pygmy or Liberian hippopotamus
and the Derbian eland The first named
is Just what Its name Implies a pygmy
hippopotamus differing from the larger
and common variety in three respects
only In the first place it is much
smaller than the common Hippopota
mus amphiblus being no larger than
an ordinary fair sized hog In the sec
ond place it differs somewhat from the
common hippo in the character of Its
teeth and in the third place instead
of spending its time In the rivers and
lakes in large herds it wanders about
through the jungles singly or in pairs
much after the manner of swine in
search of mast Owing to the fact that
it does not go in herds and is hard to
distinguish against the dark back
ground of jungle thickets it is an ex
ceedingly difficult animal to hunt or
find If anything the legs of the dwarf
Liberian hippopotamus are a trifle lon
ger in proportion than are those of the
common river hippopotamus
Next to the Liberian hippopotamus
the Derbian eland of west Africa
which the Mandingoes call jinke jan
ko is today the least known of all
rare and strange animals Outing
The Printers Devil
Aldus Manutius a printer in Venice
to the holy church and the doge em
ployed a negro boy to help him in his
office The boy was believed to be an
imp of satan and went by the name of
the printers devil In order to pro
tect him from persecution and confute
a foolish superstition Manutius made a
public exhibition of the boy and an
nounced that any one who doubted him
to be flesh and blood might come for
ward and pinch him to make sure The
mistaken impression was removed but
before this time the name printers
devil had been attached to the boy and
was thenceforth applied generally to
the boyish assistants in a printing of
Ruler of Russia Title
The general allusion to the ruler of
Russia as the czar is strictly speaking
incorrect His official title is em
peror and autocrat Czar Is the old
Russian word for lord or prince and
was abandoned by Peter the Great on
his triumphal return from Poltava his
crowning victory over Charles XIL
of Sweden Since then the Russian
monarch has been officially entitled
emperor and at the congress of Vien
na in 1S15 his right to the imperial
term was admitted by the powers
with the proviso that though he was
emperor he had no precedence- over
the kings of western Europe St
James Gazette
The Lawyers Hahit
The legal formality of addressing a
court sticks to many a lawyer of con
gressional preferment It is nothing un
usual to hear an impassioned orator in
the house pausing in his argument or
breaking in upon the argument of an
other exclaim Now if your honor
please Of course the house always
marks the slip with a burst of loud
laughter In the senate where there
are also many lawyers it is rarer to
hear the familiar words because de
bate there is more sedate
Stronp LUHK S
Popleys looking bad Whats the
matter with him
You dont say Weak eh
No strong Theres a new baby
at his house that keeps him awake
nights Philadelphia Press
Well rroviilea
Whew Barnstormer must have
found food for thought in the dramatic
editors article this morning
Food I should say a fall meal
He got a roast and also his desserts
Catholic Standard and Times
roor Tint Canilirt
Aro you looking for work
No answered the poor but candid
man Im looking for money but Im
willing to work because I cant get It
otherwise Exchange
C Mail
Coal Wood
Building Material
of all Kinds
Screen Doors and
Phone Number One
A Sound Argument
The one that blows without any
thing to blow about wastes time and
energy The excellence of our goods
andjdelivery service warrant us for
blowing Always tho best always
tho greatest variety always the
highest quality
Phone 14 Fresh and Salt Meats
Fan Iisrac
Now is the time to insure
your stock and buildings
against lightning torna
does and fire
Write or phone me and I
will call and fix vou out
Phone J135 McCook Neb
to Beginning with May ist I to rnj
Ya A
irt -- r s r rf
m in i uuun anu ucu
4- rf v nil An I In i a Jl L 1
- hi fi n s ii i i r finwpr pnn
p ing Leave orders at The
to Tribune office or drop a tie
to card in the postoffice Terms
20 cents an hour
V to
to i
Water Proof Varnishing
ssgsg sesseee6
Mike Walsh
and EGGS
Old Rubber Copper and Brass
Highest Market Price Paid in Cash
Block est of Citizens Bank
McCook Nebraska
tutio ittnj luiitaiiT nru ulM
h return MaJI looir J He in lettcr
tUI UruWitiC lOOOO 1 estiinoui jUs bold by
2 00 aajo CHEMICAL CO
Square MlStl PA