The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, April 21, 1905, Image 8

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    For cut glass you can not do better in
4jmlity nor pruo thun to buy of Cole
You know the medicine that
makes pure rich blood
Ayers Sarsaparilla Your
mother grandmother all vour
folks used it They trusted
it Their doctors trusted it
Your doctor trusts it Then
trust it yourself There is
health and strength in it
I suffered terribly from Indigestion nml
tfiln blood I found no teller until t took
Ajrcri Sarapirillu four bottle perma
nently cured me
Silts 1 It IlAllT 51 1 KIro N V
Sl00 n bottle
1 f ifKl n
iefi Blood
rsrrrs z
Pilc rtra ocflu
They greatly aid the SarsapAi1 y
The Butcher
wants your
The best of
everything is
Phone 12
Poultry Co
Buyers and Shippers of
Poultry and Eggs
For the next 7 days
we vill pay cash
For Hens 7c lb
Springs 7c lb
Turkey Hens lie lb
ft should be borne in mnd that
every cold weakens the lungs low
ers the vitality and prepares the
system for the more serious dis
eases among which are the two
greatest destroyers of human life
pneumonia arid consumption
Cough Remedy
has -won its great popularity by its
prompt cures of this most common
ailment It aids expectoration re
lieves the lungs and opens the
secretions effecting a speedy and
permanent cure It counteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia
urn iiiiii ii iimii m
3 ftP
Sfu If
Safe Always reliable Ladle ask Drunrfst foi
Ctold metaUtc boxes sealed with blue ribbon
Take no oilier Refuse dangerous ubaU
tutlonnand imitations Buv of your Druggist
or send Jc In stamps for Particulars Testi
monials and Belief Tor Ladles In letter
by urn Mail 10000 Testimonials Sold by
all Druggists
2100 JSadlson Square PHIItA PA
3IeUeB tU SAjrest
Sewnrd Flannagan lias a sick child
Mrs Gregory was a Bartley visitor
Mr Stalcup wus it business caller in
our city Tuesday
Drs Hathorn and Brown were in In
diauoln Wednesday
Finuegan Flint put a new roof on
the meat market Tuesday
The now bell for the M E church ar
rived Wednesday morni g
Mr Guoige Teeler who was quite sick
recently is able to be up again
M D Hobbs and H L Brown were
in Bartley on buiuess this week
Otto Webber is putting up the stone
work for Mr Theobalds new house
Perry Ginthcr is moving to his new
home iioniieiibt uf Bartley this week
Mrs Bayston from Stock villo was in
town Wednesday visiting friends here
A J Lohr put up a wind mill for Mr
Ernest aiuth of Bartley last Saturday
The freeze last Friday night killed
some of the fruit and injured the barley
and oats that were up
G W Jones had a new wind mill put
up on his property last week Finnegan
Wheeler did the work
Lyman Jennings has a business build
ing to rent The only one in Bartley
and that wont be vacant long
The ladies visiting Mrs Cecil Math
ews exclaim Oh my what a pretty
baby it looks just like its papa
Elder Wilson visited with Mrs A
Utter and Mr and Mrs Leirloy Mon
day and with Mr and Mrs Thos Eob
ison and Mr and Mrs Charles Ginther
There will be a sunbonnet social in
the M E church Saturday evening
April 22 and dedicationof tho church
May 7th Governor Mickey is expected
to be here at that time Would have
Teddy R hero too at that time but he
cant come cause ho is too busy killing
bar and bobcats
Mrs Cora C Bodwell is quite sick
Eugene Miller was in Lebanon Tues
The Wm Mcadville sale came off last
George Warner and wife have a new
baby girl
Rev Murr wont to Orleans first of the
week to attend a ministerial association
Harden Smiths new house is going up
rapidly and Sam Jolly is also rushing
his new house
Mrs Clyde M Kerr and the children
arrived Tuesday from Denver for a
visit with friends and relatives
Miss Ida Fosick and Mr Taylor were
married April 19th at the residence of
the brides parents on the Sappa
A meeting of the cemetery association
was to be held Saturday last at two
oclock but only a few were there
Tho Christian Endeavor went to Dan
bury last Sunday evening and held a
meeting with the Danbury society
S W Slutts and wife returned Tues
day from their southern trip They
brought a young alligator with them
Rev Murr announced Sunday that
May 7th will be the third quarterly
meeting at Lebanon before conference
Mr and Mrs H C Rice were up from
Wilsonviile Saturday night and Sunday
guests of Mr and Mrs William R Pen
At a meeting of old soldiers and citi
zens April 15th they decided to observe
Decoration day and appointed com
mittees to look after arrangements They
expect to have a sermon
Mitchells Auction Saturday April 29
A wonderful spring tonic Drives out
all winter impurities gives you strength
health and happiness Thats what
Hollisters Rocky Mountain Tea will do
35 cents Tea or Tablets L W Mc
Connell Druggist
John McNiece has put down a well
Mr Jacob Wiggins dehorned and
branded cattle Wednesday
Mr and Mrs Phillips of the Drift
wood will move to town first of May
A J Clifton papered for Jacob Betz
Tuesday and Wednesday of this week
Quite a number of Culbertson people
are attending court in Trenton this week
Effie Spickelmier of Highland traded
with Culbertson merchants last Thurs
Mrs Jacob Betz of the Zion Hill
country visited Culbertson friends dur
ing the past week
W E Crowell will open up a confec
tionery and lunch room in the near fu
ture in Culbertson
Charles Miller left last Thursday for
Oxford to take charge of the extra
gang at that place
The Methodists will hold a fair in the
Eisenhart hall April 26th Dinner and
supper will be served
Mr and Mrs J H Brown departed
on last Sunday for Julesburg Colorado
We wish them success in their new home
A gentleman from Campbell Neb
bought a half section of land in this
county recently by the help of R
Remember the Majestic Range has no
The Juice of
an Orange
is its only value you
cant eat the rind Same
with wheat the hull is
not intended to be taken
into the human system
It is removed before
the wheat is crushed for
California Wheatose
Flaked wheat food tor breakfast
All good grocers
Miss Flora Quick went to McCook
Monday night
Mr and Mrs Cosgro drove to McCook
last Thursday
Mrs F Brown visited in McCook
close of last week
C S Quick shipped a carload of cattle
last Sunday night
Another glorious rain visited this sec
tion Wednesday night
Miss Gaitha Noe went to McCook
Monday evening on No 5
Esben Day of Lebanon is in town this
week visiting friends and relatives
Mrs Stalcup and little son of Hastings
are in tho city the guests of relatives
Miss Annie W Smith returned from
her visit to Trenton Sunday morning
Alight snow fell here Sunday night
and was welcomed in the way of moist
Mrs Maude Calhoun returned to her
home in McCook tho latter part of last
Mrs E G Cuine and children are visit
ing in Iowa They will make an extend
ed visit
Floyd Welborn was in town a few
days last week and visited with the
home folks
Misses Katie and Annie Vering visited
with Mrs Newton Smith south of town
last Tuesday
A Dr Mattison of Iowa wo under
standj will locate in ludianola soon and
practice dentistry
Frank Thompson and the Kincaid
brothers of Danbury made a business
trip to ludianola Saturday
Rev E B Crippen came down from
Benkelman Monday morningand visited
with relatives during the week
We are to have another doctor in town
to take the place of Dr Mastin late of
this place now a resident of McCook
Mrs A Reynolds expects to go to
Illinois soon to spend the summer with
her aged mother who is over ninety
years old
John Lowenstein and wife of KeokuK
Iowa who have been visiting the latters
parents at this place left for their home
Sunday night
RESmith has gone over to Dan
bury to paint James Nutts new house
He expects to be in Danbury for an in
definite period
Ike Nutt of Danbury wheeled through
Indianola last Saturday enroute for
Crete whither he goes to visit a sister
who lives near there
Christian Hartman has gone back to
his home in Illinois after a short stay in
Indianola and vicinity He has large
interests in this part of the country
News comes to us of the death of I S
Hadley at his home in Iowa He was at
one time a resident of Indianola He
was insured in the Workman order for
2000 and in the Degree of Honor for
Mrs Wheelock president of the W
C T TJ delivered a fine lecture at the
M E church Monday night to an ap
preciative audience She is a scholarly
woman and made a good impression on
all her hearers
A Factory Chapel
For more than half a century the
lace manufacturing firm of Messrs
Thomas Adams Co Nottingham
England have insisted on all their
work people who number some hun
dreds of both sexes attending a short
service each morning prior to commenc
ing their days -work The firm have a
large chapel underneath their -warehouse
with an excellent organ -while
the choir composed of their own em
ployees is one that -would do credit to
many of our leading places of -worship
A local clergyman attends each morn
ing for the service -which usually lasts
about half an hour and a sermon is
preached three times a -week
Dos Announces Crossings
A blind man and a spaniel dog lead
ing him with the aid of chain furnished
a curious sight on Chestnut street the
other day Pedestrians looked on in
amazement and many followed the
blind man and his friend to see if any
thing curious would happen when they
reached a street crossing Strange
enough the dog barked when the curb
stone was reached and in that way in
formed the blind man that he should
be careful and step down Philadelphia
Chance For a Bargain
Wife Henry dear Husband Well
Wife I want to make a bargain with
you If you will let me have 2 this
afternoon I will let you do 3 worth
of grumbling about my extravagance
London Tit Bits
linrr nrnnir imnurTfl m s
Kansas City April 19 1905
Receipts of cattle so far this week are
20600 against 24800 last week and 23
600 the corresponding week last year
Surrounding markets have also been
heavily supplied Prices Monday were
mostly 10c lower and yesterday 10 to 15c
lower Trade today for beef steers was
slow in opening and bulk of sales were
10 to 15c lower This makes values now
ruling 20 to 40c lower than a week ago
Cows and heifers today dropped fully
10 cents nnd medium grades of these
classes aro now around 50c lower than
the high time Bulls remain unchang
ed veals steady The drop in beeves
affected stockers and feeders and while
very best kinds aro but a trifle lowor than
a week ago others have declined espec
ially common light weights which are
now 15 to 25c lower than the first of the
week The following table givos quota
tions now ruling
Extra prime cornfed stoors o 00 to 6 CO
Good 5 50 to fi 00
Ordinary 4 75 to 5 50
Ulioice conned heifers 5 00 to 5 75
Good 4 50 to 5 00
Milium 4 00 to 4 50
Choice corufed cows 4 50 to 5 00
Good 75 to 4 50
Medium 3 25 to 3 75
Canners 2 00 to 3 00
Choice stags 4 50 to 5 25
Choicofed bulls 4 00 to 4 50
Good 3 50 to 4 00
Bologna bulls 2 25 to 3 00
Veal calves 5 25 to G 25
Good to choice native or western
stockers 4 25 to 4 SO
Fair 3 75 to 4 25
Common 3 25 to 3 75
Good to choice heavy native feeders 4 50 to 5 00
Fair 3 75 to 4 50
Good to choice heavy branded
horned feeders 4 00 to 4 75
Fair 3 50 to 4 00
Common 3 25 to 3 50
Good to choice stock heifers 3 00 to 3 25
Fair 2 50 to 3 00
Good to choice stock calvessteers 4 50 to 5 00
rair 3 75 to 4 50
Good to choice stock culveshoifers 3 25 to 3 75
Fair 2 75 to 3 25
Receipts of hogs so far this week are
25500 against 25100 last week and 28
100 last year Mondajs market was 5
to 10c lower Tuesdays trade active
and 5c higher and todays market steady
to 5c lower with bulk of sales from 8525
to 8540 top 8545
Receipts of sheep so far this week are
16000 compared with 18700 last week
and 12500 last year Strength has pre
dominated Mondays market being
strong to 10c higher Tuesday strong
and today active and steady We quote
Choice lambs 8725 to 8740 choice year
lings 8650 to 8660 choice wethers
S575 to 8600 choice ewes 8550 to 8560
Clipped stock 75c under above figures
Ask For It
We have it if it should be handled in
an up-to-date hardware store
W T Coleman
Feel tired no appetite cannot sleep
work or eat Thats spring tiredness
and will disappear at once if you take
Hollisters Rocky Mountain Tea this
month 35 cents Tea or Tablets L
W McConnell Druggist
S T Williams was hauling hay Wed
Winifred Weeks has hit out for him
self aiming to carve a future
Frank Bell son of Elder Bell was at
Banksville with J H Relph Sunday
Mrs Roshong and her daughter Mrs
Mitchell are visiting today Wednesday
at A M Benjamins
Thayer Rowland went to Herndon
Kans last week where his father found
him boarding at the hotel in Herndon
Correction of last week stating that
W H Benjamin was putting in barley
should be credited to E W Benjamin as
W H Benjamin has quit farming not
being able to follow tho plow
Monday morning the 17th the snow
was about 250 inches deep and about all
melted the next day and Wednesday
evening the rain fall wasabout25 inches
making the soil very moist which will
start the grass and grain in fine shape
A Guaranteed Cure For Piles
Itching Blind Bleeding or Protrud
ing Piles Druggists refund money if
Pazo Ointment fails to cure any case
no matter of how long standing in 6 tol4
days First application gives ease and
rest 50c If your druggist hasnt it
send 50c in stamps and it will be for
warded postpaid by Paris Medicine Co
St Louis Mo
Mr and Mrs Harve Rhodes are tak
ing care of a son
Since the close of the Box Elder school
Miss Daisy Doyle is attending school in
Miss Ella Johnston spent Sunday
with her parents Mr and Mrs W Y
Rev Kerr left Monday evening to at
tend the Ministerial association meeting
at Orleans
Mr and Mrs W A Stone and Mr and
Mrs W F Satchell spent Tuesday even
ing with Mr and Mrs G A Shields
To Cur
Laxative Bi
How Under Some Condition It 3Tfnj
Not Kill the Victim
It may seem absurd to claim tiiat
there are cases where he bite of a rat
tlesnake Is not fatal yet such have
happened nnd to understand these it is
necessnry only to understand the man
ner In which this reptile strikes
The spectacle of a rattlesunke at bay
Is one a beholder never forgets The
great long body lies coiled in a tense
spiral the very embodiment of wick
edness Poised In air the white bellied
fore body is bent into a horizontal S
rigid as an iron bar Raised from the
middle of the spiral Is the tail quiver
ing like a twanged banjo string and
emitting a rattle like steam escaping
from the pet cock of a radiator or like
the sound of a mowing machine In a
distant bayfield Awe inspiring tho
dread flat triangular head eyes gleam
ing black and cold as ley steel is ready
to strike As the grewsome mouth
opens wide and pink the long thin poi
son fangs arise from a horizontal posi
tion and stand upright like a pair of
slender curved needle pointed shad
bones ready for business Like a flash
far too quick for the eye to follow the
snake strikes sending home its fangs
an inch or two and in that same frac
tion of an instant he has squirted a ta
blespoonful of canary yellow viscous
fluid into the wound and lies coiled
ready for n second attack
In this incomprehensibly swift attack i
lies the answer why sometimes the bite
of a rattler is not fatal for so won
derfully swift Is the attack that a bite
may be Imperfect leaving only a pair
of tiny needle t punctures with just
enough venom to make a victim seri
ously 111
Another reason why a rattlesnakes
bite is not always fatal is that tempo
rarily the reptile may be without ven
om The snake may have exhausted its
poison on a previous enemy in which
case it would have to wait several days
before the deadly fluid has reaccumu
lated or again the vipers fangs may
have suffered accident They may have
been broken off and require time for
new growth In any case certain it is
that a rattlesnakes poison applied in
the proper way will do its work and
then only the most expert and prompt
assistance will save a victim A W
Rolkcr In Pearsons Magazine
Indianola Neb April If 1905
Notice is hereby Kiven that A Li Haley has
filed in tho city clerks ollico his petition nnd
application fur a liceuso to tell malt spirituous
and viuous liquors in the building on lot 21
block 159 in tlio second ward original city of
Indiuuola from May 1 1003 to April IV 1906
A L Halky Applicant-
In tho county court of Red Willow county Ne
In tho matter of tho estate of Richard M Wade
Notice is hereby given to all persons having
claims and demands against Richard AL w ude
deceased that ihey are required to present their
claims with vouchors to tho county judge of
said county at his ollico in McCook on or before
the ISOth day of October 1905 or the same will be
forever barred All claims so filed will bo heard
before said county judge on the 50th day of Oc
tober 1905 at 10 oclock a m Witness my hand
and the seal of said county court this 14th day
of April 1901 Feank Mooke
Seal County Judge
McCook Nebraska April 7 IOOj
Notice is hereby given that Patrick Walsh
has filed in the city clerks office his bond and
petition for a license to sell malt spirituous
and vinous liquors in the building at No 220
Main avenue in the Second ward of tho city of
McCook from May 1 1905 to April X 1906
Patbick Walsh Applicant
McCook Nebraska April 7th 1903
Notice is hereby given that L W McConnell
has filed in the city clerks oilice his bond and
petition for druggist permit to sell malt
spirituous nnd vinous liquors in tho building on
lot 7 block 21 in the Second ward of the city of
McCook from May 1 1005 to April 30 1906
L W McConnell Applicant
McCook Nebraska March HI 1905
Notice is hereby given that Lovel R Cljdehas
filed in the city clerks office his bond and peti
tion for a license to sell malt spirituous and
viuous liquors in tho building on lot 9 block 21
in the Second ward of tho city of McCook for
one year from May 1 1903 to April 30 1906
Lovel R Clyde Applicant
McCook Nebraska March 31 1905
Notice is hereby given that M U Cljde has
filed in the city clerks office his bond and peti
tion for a license to pell malt spirituous and
vinous liquors in the building on lot 9 block 21
in the Second ward original city of McCook
from May 1 1905 to April 30 1006
M TJ Clyde Applicant
Notice is hereby given that the county com
missioners of Red Willow county Nebraska
will receive sealed bids for furnishing all neces
saay materials and the construction of a wood
en bridge across the Republican river on section
line between sections twenty eight 23 and
twentj nino 29 township three3 range thirty
30 west Cth P M according to plans and
specifications on file in county clerks office
said bids to bo endorsed Bids for material and
construction of Perry bridge Said bids to bo
filed with the county clerk on or before twelve
oclock noon May 2 A D 1903 Commissioners
reserve the right to reject any and all bids
Dated this 6th day of April A D 1903
E J Wilcox County Clerk
The following described lands in Red Willow
county will be offered for lease atpublic auction
at county treasurers office in McCook Nebras
ka on Wednesday May 3rd 1903 at 3 oclock
p m Terms of leasing and appraised value
may be had on application to commissioner of
public lands and buildiugp at Lincoln Nebras
ka or to county treasurerTit McCook
This land cannot bo redeemed after second
issue of advertisement NE
II M Eaton Com Pub Lands BIdgs
Danbury Neb April 14 1903
Notice is hereby given that Dan Cashen has
filed in tho village clerks office of the village of
Danbury Nebraska his petition for a license to
soil malt spirituous and vinous liquors in a
building located on the main street of said vil
lage of Danbury Nebraska for the municipal
year ending May 1 1906
Dan Cashen Applicant
McCook Nebraska April 21 1905
Notice is hereby given that L Cone Bro
have filed in tho city clerks office their bond
and petition for a druggists permit to sell malt
spirituous and vinous liquors on lot 11 block 16
original town in the second ward of the city of
McCook from May 1 1905 to April 30 1906
L Cone Beo Applicants
ia Tablets
Seven MDEon boxes sold in past 12 months Thlo Gfg2aST3
Dr Herbert J Pratt
Reoistebed Graduate
Ofllco over McConnells Drug Store
MnnnriK NEB
ToIephonoB OlHco ICO residence 131
former locution atiuniu uoorwiu
Real Estate Insurance
Phono 50
Office over McCOOK
McMillens drug storo NEBKASKA
O C riastinMD
Physician 8 Surgeon
Office nnd residence ouo hnlf hlock north of
postoflice Phone No 05
Osteopathic Physician
Kelley Office Bldg Phone No 13
Consultation free
J F Hart M D
Ofllco hours 0 to 12 a in 2 to 5 nnd 7 to 9 p in
Phonos Ollico Ijj residuueo 45
and Surgeon
Office Residence V2I Main Avouuo Office and
Residence phono 5X Calls answered night or
McCook Nebraska
C3kAgont of Lincoln Land Co and of McCook
Waterworks Office in Postollico building
C H Boyle
C E Eldeed Co Atty
Attokneys at Law
Long Distance Phono 44
Rooms 1 and 7 second floor TUfrnnir wk
Postoffice Building fllCLOOK fieo
DENTIST phone n2
Office over Grannis store McCook Nob
Plumber and
Steam Filter
Iron Lead and Sewer Pipe Brass
Goods Pumps an Boiler Trimmings
Agent for Halliday Waupun Lclipse
Windmills Basement of the Meeker
Phillips Building
To Prevent Hog Cholera
From appearing on your farm
Be prudent this year and pre
vent a repetition of the losses
of previous years
Call and See Us and Get Written Guarantee
rJiif M
Cures Grin
Ivl j
t w T jfor te cllolera and it was all
1a U CUied mr hos J had the sick ones
r all Kot T11 and don e I also
nc MiOTrchlenricerad mitea and it is all
f lt U a tLe oalj Medicine for hog
cholera I think Gotlieb Jehke
T - Harrington Neb Dec 1 J 1902
I am using Liquid Koal and am well pleased
rio am su re J saved m hS3 with it last
year and am going- to keep it in stock all the
time as it is the best thingPI ever had on the
ffore v1rythiit is tended for It is
good for
cholera lice on stock insecta
of all kinds it will destroy all kinds
F W Wohax
n2ainr8d by tho National Medical Com
Sheldon om
pany Iowa
in Two Days
Jrmr box 25c