The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, April 14, 1905, Image 4

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Official Paper of Redwillow County
Largest Circulation in Red pillow Co
Subscription 1 a Year in Advance
Thtflowa Homestead 100
Largo weekly agricultural papor
The Homemaker Magazine 50
Monthly family periodical full
of good things
The Farm Gazette 50
Monthly agricultural mRgnzino
most beautiful farm publication
in tlio world
The Lincoln Journal 100
Nebraskas loading weekly pub
lished at the states capital
The McCook Tribune 1 00
Tho nowsiost county weekly pa
por published in Southwestern
Total 400
The Entire Five Papers Only 125
Good to Neb Faumers Only
Catholic Order of services Mass
8 a m Mass and sermon 1000 a m
Evening service at 8 oclock Sunday
school 230 p m Every Sunday
J J Loughban Pastor
Episcopal Services in St Albans
church as follows Every Sunday in the
month Sunday school at 10 oclock am
Morning prayer at 11 and evening prayer
and sermon at 8 The third Sunday in
the month Holy Communion at 730 a
m All are welcome
E R Earle Rector
Christian Bible school at 10 a m
C E and communion services at 11 a
m No service in the evening The
State Evangelist R V Whiston and wife
expect to hold a meeting here beginning
about May 1st On Easter Sunday the
children will give a program All are
invited to the services
GT Burt Pastor
First Baptist Church Preaching at
11 a m Sunday school at 945 a m
B Y P U at 645 p m Prayer meet
ing Wednesday evening at 745 p m
Morning subject A King Without a
Throne No evening service on ac
count of union service with the W C T
U at the Methodist church
A B Carson Pastor
Congregational Sunday school at
10 Sermon at 11 Y P S C E at 7
No sermon at 8 Prayer and conference
meeting Wednesday evening at 8 p m
Morning subject The Cleansing Which
Comes from Godliness No evening ser
vice on account of union temperance ser
vice in Methodist church
George A Conrad Pastor
Methodist Sunday School at 10
-Preaching at 11 am class at 12 Ep
worth League- at 7 Junior League at
3 Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
at 800 W C T U address by state
president at 8 All Sunday school schol
ars and teachers of M E church are re
quested to meet at church Saturday
at 2 p m to practice for Easter By
request of committee
M B Carman Pastor
Notice is hereby given that the part
nership formerly existing between Don
L Thompson and Joshua Rowland un
der the firm name of Thompson Row
land has this day been dissolved by
mutual consent All claims against
said firm will be paid by Don L Thomp
son and all claims due said firm will be
collected by the same
Dated at McCook this 27th day of
March 1905 Joshua Rowland
Don L Thompson
Some choice yellow and white
corn for sale at W T Colemans
Best light groundcalicoes 4J cents at
Lawn season begins April 15th
IN some conditions the
gain from the use
of Scotts Emulsion is
very rapid For this
reason we put up a
fifty cent size which is
enough for an ordinary
cough or cold or useful
as a trial for babies
and children In other
conditions the gain is
slower health cannot
be built up in a day
In such cases Scotts
Emulsion must be taken
as nourishment a food
rather than a medicine
Its a food for tired and
weak digestions
Send for free sample
Scott Bowne 409 4I5 Pearl St
Chemists New York
50c and 100 AI druggists
makes home baking easy Nothing
can be substituted for it in making
quickly and perfectly delicate hot
biscuit hot breads muffins cake and
Price Baking Powder Co Chicago
Bulletin No 1
Sirs Please exhibit the following to
each and every party making schedules
Sec 28 Personal property shall be
listed in the manner following Eery
person of full age and sound mind shall
list all his moneys credits
Moneys loaned or invested includes
all moneys loaned on notes and secured
by chattel and real estate mortgages
Sec 53 If any person shall make a
false or fraudulent list schedule or state
ment required by this act when
called upon for thapurpose a list of the
taxable property which under this act is
required to be listed for the fraud
ulent purpose of the preventing such
property from being listed and of the
evading of payment of taxes thereon
he shall be deemed guilty of a mis
demeanor and subject to a fine of not
less than 5000 and not more than 2000
00 and if any person shall knowingly
swear falsely regarding any matter
contained in such schedule he shall be
deemed guilty of perjury and be pun
ished accordingly
This bulletin is issued for the express
purpose of having listed by all parties in
this county all chattels and real estate
mortages owned or held by them and if
after an examination of the county clerks
records I find that the law has not been
complied with prosecution will follow
as provided by law
Very truly yours
F P ENOCounty Assessor
Real Estate Filings
The following real estate filings have
been made in the county clerks office
since last Thursday evening
United States to S W Smyth pat to
lot 2 11-3-27
T Glynn to A H Redfern qcd to w hf
whf seqr 36-1-29 1 00
W H Ferguson to J S Morrell wd
to se qr 32-4-29 400 00
Martha Morris to W M Lewis wd to
nYt nwqr 20s hfswqr 17-4-30 425 00
A H Wells to F G Lytle qcd to sv
qr 11 nw qr 14-3-29 25 00
R F McKillip to C H Haywood wd
to e hf seqr 25-4-26 1600 00
H C Rider to B McMullin wd to lot
3 blk25 Riverview 15 00
Anna Singleton to J C Bailey wd to
lot 2 blk 14-3-27 350 00
G W Russell to J C and C H
sellqcd w hf nw qr 8 e hf ne qr 7-1-27 1 00
Dillah Troxell to CH Boyle wd to
und hf interest in sw qr 31-3-30 1 00
Wm McTaggart to W C McTaggart
wd to so qr 24-2-26
H W McCoy to C L Brown wd to
nwqr 31-1-30
2000 Oo
425 00
F C Kellogg to PAnton wd to lot 13
blk 22 McCook 1100 00
A M Webber to H W Keyes wd to
seqr 5-2-27 1000 00
J Menard to E J For wd to sw qr
23-2-30 850 00
F Boatman to Wm Hiller wd to lot
11 blk 14 McCook 1600 00
C F Lelra to B Lydon wd to lot 2
blk 1 lot 1 blk 8 1st South McCook
M I Bonekomper to W L Irvine wd
tosoqr 27 326 1000 00
Tho McCook Loan Trust Co to H
Berndtwd to seqr 32-1-29 650 00
The McCook Loan Trust Co to G
Berndt wd to se qr 38-1-29 1000 00
United States to J M Morrison pat
toswqr 31-1-30
United States to Wm Bagley pat to
nwqr 15-2-26 -
E J Mitchell to Dr O C Mastin wd
to lots 8 and 9 blk 9 McCook 1850 00
Our specialty ladies pen knives and
embroidery scissors W T Coleman
Water Tax 2nd quarter now due
Mr and Mrs T A Endsley expect
soon to move to town
Mr and Mrs AC Harris have moved
onto the Hatfield ranch
Miss Nettie Endsley is visiting her
sister Mrs W P Broomfield
The water was turned into the ditch
Wednesday for the first time this season
James I Lee arrived home on 2 Wed
nesday from his visit to Sterling Colo
T A Endsley and family moved back
to McCook yesterday and A L Over
man and family moved into the house
he vacated
The East McCook Sunday school will
have an enjoyable program in connection
with their basket supper this evening
two weeks
Miss Angie Gowing who has been a
guest of Mrs L J Burtless for some
time left for her home in Lincoln Tues
day night
The East McCook Sunday school is
preparing for a basket supper on two
weeks from this evening to raise funds
to pay for an organ
Postmaster and Mrs Elliott of Camp
bell Nebraska have been visiting Joe and
Frank Dudek They went up to
bertson Wednesday to visit other rela
The basket supper at the North Star
school house was a great big overflowing
success The house could not accommo
date all who came They cleared over
Mrs Robert Johnston was called down
to Red Cloud Tuesday night by a tele
gram announcing the death of her moth
er who has been making her home with
another daughter Mrs L H Blackledge
The German Lutheran church people
Wednesday and Thursdayploughed and
prepared for a lawn about the parsonage
They built a picket fence in front and a
netting fence on the sides of the parson
C W Roper concluded his work on
the old Pickens school house which he
tranoformed into a dwelling house for
Gerald Wilcox last Saturday and spent
Sunday at Joe Downs He is now at
A D Johnstons doing some carpenter
The fall grain is looking fine
Roy and Ernest Lytle hauled hay to
McCook Wednesday for R J Bran
Nick Mitchell shelled corn forN Boyce
and T M Campbell Tuesday and Wed
A T Crane sold his farm to Mr
Graves who has taken possession of
300 00 same A T Crane having moved on the
I B b Shultz farm and Mr Shultz has
moved to McCook
On last Monday evening while RevJ
A Kerr was quietly reading his door
suddenly opened and almost before ho
had time to look up from his book the
parsonage was well filled with his people
who had planned a surprise to show the
good will and feeling they have for their
pastor They carried well filled baskets
and the evening was spent in feasting
and a good social time which was en
joyed alike by the pastor and people
Miss Zetta Cowden is under the doc
tors care
N S West was up from Beaver City
T L Jones was
up from Hendley
Mrs Albert Abbott has been sick
since last week
E P Day was over from Bartley Wed
nesday on business
Mr and Mrs Ernest Fiechter made a
flying trip to Wilsonville Tuesday
Joe Dolan from Indianola has been
husking corn north of Lebanon last two
I B Emmons who has been visiting
W H Booths returned to his homo
Tuesday night
James Roberts and family from sunny
Kansas Sundayod with Mr and Mrs
Ernest Fiechter
Bonnio Thomas has sold his interest
in the store to his brother Leslie and
will farm this year
Rev W H Scofield went to Wilson
ville first of the week and married Ray
A Gibson and Miss Avis Lamb
T J White Dick Wells father-in-law
was here a few days visiting He re
turned to his homo in Blandinsville 111
Mrs Pollock mother of the United
Presbyterian minister of Wilsonville
was up Tuesday and returned on Wed
nesday She was tho guest of Rov W
H Scofields
The poles are being hauled out for the
telephone line out to Emmett Hortons
this week The poles are all set from
Lebanon to the county line where they
meet the Wilsonville line
K C Clark sued the Burlington route
Wednesday before F M PenningtoD a
justice of the peace for 3937 shortage
caused by a leaky car Chas E Eldred
was attorney for the Burlington Judg
ment was rendered in favor of E C
Pearl West has gone to South Africa
as a missionary She writes that she is
teaching the seventh eighth and ninth
grades is president of a missionary so
ciety has to nurse her scholars when
they become sick etc She also states
that she is pleased with the work She
goes in the interest of the Seventh day
Too lute for lafat issue J
John Jolly is here from Missouri on a
James Lingo and wife have a new
baby girl
J A Porter traded a stallion to Joseph
Hover of Bartley Thursday
The telephone wires are being put up
the post at central has eighty insulators
Wm Meadville has bought the F S
Sovern residence property in Wilson
Benuie Thomas was kicked by a colt
last week The kick while not fatal
was very painful
Rev Pollock is up from Wilsonville
helping in the revival meetings at the
M E church this week
Quite a number of improvements are
going on in Lebanon lots are being
fenced gardens plowed houses painted
Pete Carty has resigned as yardmaster
at McCook and he and Jack Ferrell have
bought the billiard hall Pete has mov
ed into the Kincaid house
Mr and Mrs J W Slutts are with
the lumbermens excursion They will
be gone about two weeks We under
stand Mr Slutts is on a business deal
O L Trosper from south of Cam
bridge is shelling this week in the vi
cinity north of Lebanon He has a six
hole sholler and a ten horse power He
has shelled 80000 bushels since last
Samuel Jolly was on the Superior
Wymore branch looking up a location
last week He found plenty of property
that could be bought worth the money
but none that he could get possession
of right away We understand he was
taken sick while away and sent for his
son John to come home with him Sam
will build in Lebanon across from J S
Hooblers and will work around more
this summer
Samuel the little son of Mr and Mrs
Robt Lear was taken sick March 23d
with a severe cold and did not seem to
be very sick but it developed in pneu
monia and resulted fatally The little
sufferer died the 30th and was buried
the next day Revi Murr preaching the
funeral sermon The body was laid to
rest in the Lobanon cemetery Mr and
Mrs Lears mothers were both here
from Central CityNeband also a brother-in-law
of Mr Lear attended the fun
eral They all returned home the first
of the month
An Overdose
Is it true asked Mr Quizo that
your husband ordered Dr Smoother
out of the house
Yes Poor Jack had been carrying
the baby all night and every night for
n week and was run down to a thread
I called the doctor and he told Jack
that he must take exercise
The Fathers Idea
Johnny Paw whats the rest of that
quotation beginning Truth Is mighty
Father Scarce I reckon Pittsburg
Finley is working north of
J II Brown is going to havo a sale
Mr and Mrs Devon expect to locato
in Culbertson
The Ames company is prepairing its
ground for beets
C T Korellhas just finished a success
ful term of school
J II Brown our county sheriff is
very sick at present
Mr Hubart and family havo moved
out on the Driftwood
Rev Clifton preached Sunday even
ing in the M E church
William Crowell has purchased S E
Solomons store building
Robert Art and Clark Ilaining are
now staying with their mother
Tom Beach went to McCook last Sat
urday and returned on Sunday
Blanche Benedict came home rom
Hayes county Thursday evening
Frank Newlon who has been away to
college returved homo Tuesday
Mrs Ilougan while walking in the
yard fell and hurt herself quite badly
Mr and Mrs Dixon have gono to
housekeeping in H B Hunters house
The ladies of the M E church gave
Mrs Brown a surprise Tuesday even
Miss Herman from Hayes Center was
visiting her sister Marion Herman last
We are pleased to hear that Mr Hill
is getting along nicely and expects to be
home soon
The ball game between Palisado and
Culbertson was well attended Culbert
son won the game
S E Solomon was driving some men
over tho country Wednesday with a
view to locate them
The Culbertson high school boys are
very proud of their new base ball suits
they received Tuesday
Tho Degree of Honor challenged the
eighth and ninth grades for a spelling
match which was unanimously accepted
Mr and Mrs Latta who havo been
visiting in California visited their old
home place east of Culbertson Sunday
The ladies working band will give a
social Friday evening consisting of hot
chicken and every thing else that is
Mr Crowell returned home from Den
ver He did not find a location as he
expected We hope ho will locate in
Culbertson again
Mr and Mrs Kent and son from Min
den who have been visiting in California
all winter are now visiting Rev A J
Clifton and family
Mr Wilson of Trenton was here for
several days circulating a petition to call
a special election for the purpose of
building a new court house in Trenton
Mr and Mrs H B Cooley and daugh
ter have returned to Nebraska where
they intend to make their future home
They have been in Idaho for the past
two years
The spelling match between the De
gree of Honor and the Culbertson high
school was a success The high school
of course carried off the honors express
ing their triumph by a class yell After
the contest dainty refreshments were
For Sale or Trade
A complete photographers outfit
Will sell or trade at a bargain Address
lock box 522 McCook Nebraska
Hose sprinklershoso nozzles and hose
repairs at W T Colemans
Lawn season begins April 15th
ChasAStevens kBros Ready made
Garments and Furnishing Goods
Three doors east of DeGrofFs store
1 C Bnllarfl
Coal Wood
Building Material
of all Kinds
Screen Doors and
Phone Number One
and Finishing
n en u
n i
N If fcs t
Alabastine Work
All Work Guaranteed
A Sound Argument
The ono that blows without any
thing to blow about wastes time and
energy The excellence of our goods
andjdelivery service warrant us for
blowing Always the best always
the greatest variety always the
highest quality
Phone 14 Fresh and Salt Meats
Mike Walsh
and EGGS
Old Rubber Copper and Brass
Highest Market Price Paid in Cash
Block West of Citizens Bank
I McCook Nebraska
Mountain Tea Nuggets
A Busy Medicine for Busy People
Bring3 Golden Health and Eenewed Vigor
A specific for Constipation Indigestion Live
and Kidney Troubles Pimples Eczema Impure
Blood Bad Breath Slutrcish Bowels Headache
and Backache Its Rocky Mountain Tea in tab -let
form a cents a box Genuine made by
Hollister Drug Compat Madison Wis
will hold my first monthly combination auction
List articles desired sold at once
flimitlirfi until Rnlf rlntr track
charges for sellintr
I will store
Lot No 1 Sells for cash and consists of the following articles Three bed
steads 1 iron bedstead 1 folding bed 2 dressers with large mirrors 3 com
modes 8 foot extension dining room table 4 rocking chairs kitchen table re
frigerator 2 small tables lamps all kinds and sizes childs desk and revolv
ing chair 2 toilet sets ball bearing lawn mower wheel barrow garden tools
new ice cream freezer kitchen utensils wringer wash tubs and boiler new
G foot extension step ladder dishes and numerous other articles
Lot No 2 Terms cash Sewing machine 8 day clock book case
Lot No 3 Terms cash Six dining room chairs good as new 2 stands one
marble top bureau refrigerator a good one gasoline stove 3 burners oven a
good stove new washing machine bed springs 2 oil cans
Sale will be held at usual place on Dennison street near Wilcoxs store
Commences at 1 oclock sharp Other lots are promised If you have any-
Luiuy tuseii ibl ua kiiuw
A W Berry Clerk
E J MITCHELL Auctioneer
We also have ourown houses at
Read our market Fetter In this paper Write us for any special Information flMrrf
- i
r t