The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, November 04, 1904, Image 7

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The Wabash is the Only Line Landing
You at the Worlds Fair
Iiround trip rates tcom Omaha are
as follows 850 sold daily except
Friday and Saturday good 7 days
51380 sold daily good 15 days The
Wabash Is the only line that lands
passengers at the main entrance of the
Worlds Fair grounds Also the only
line that can check your baggage tp
the Worlds Fair station Think what
a saving of time annoyance and ex
tra car fare
All agent3 can sell you through
ticket and route you over the Wabash
Very low rates to many points South
Southeast For beautiful Worlds Fair
folder ana all information call at 1601
Farnam St or address Harrv E
loores Gen Agt Pass Dept Wab
R It Omaha Neb
Many a noble thought has been
flrowned in a shallow ink well
Write MURINE ETE REMEDY Co Chlcapo if
four eyes arc wire or lufliimcd nnd Ket oculists
advice nnd free sample MURINE It cures all eye Ills
Our acts our angels are for good or
111 our fatal shadows that walk by us
still- Fletcher
Mrs Wlnslowa Soothing- Syrap
For children teething softens the euros reduces hv
Qammutlon allays pain cures wind colli 25c a bottle
A woman would rather people
thought she was tailor made than
lelf made
f u
iipv i f
Mrs Pare
wife of C B
Pare c prom
inent resi
dent rl Glas
g o w Ky
says I was
su ff erlng
from f com
plication of
kidney trou
bles Besides
a bad back
I had a great
deal o trou
ble with the
s e c r e tiona
which were exceedingly variable
sometimes excessive and at other
times scanty The color was high
and passages were accompanied with
a scalding sensation Doans Kidney
Pills scon regulated the kidney secre
tions making their color normal and
banished the inflammation which
caused the scalding sensation 1 can
i est well my back is strong and
sound and I feel much better in every
For sale by all dealers price 50
cents per box FOSTER MILBURN
CO Buffalo N Y
Glass Bottle Market
Louisville is the largest glass bottle
market in the country
Young women may avoid much sick-
and pain says Miss Alma Pratt if
I they will only have faith in the use of
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound
Dear Mks Pinkhax I feel ifc my duty to tell all young -women
how much Lydia EPinkhams wonderful Vegetable Compound has
done for me I was completely run down unable to attend school and
did not care for any kind of society but now I feel like a new person
and have gained seven pounds of flesh in three months
I recommend it to all young women who suffer from female weak
ness Miss Pratt Holly Mich
- All young girls at this period of life are earnestly invited to
write airs Pinkham for advice slie lias guided in a motherly way
hundreds of young women her advice is freely and cheerfully
given and her address is Lynn Mass
Judging from the letters she is receiving from so many young girls Mrs
Pinkham believes that our girls are often pushed altogether too near the
limit of their endurance nowadays in our public schools and seminaries
Nothing is allowed to interferevrith studies the girl must be pushed to
the front and graduated vrith honor often physical collapse follows and it
takes years to recover the lost vitality often it is never recovered -
A Young Chicago Girl Saved from Despair
Dear Mrs Petkham I wish to thank you for the help -and ben
efit I have received through the use of Lydia E Pinkhams Vege
table Compound and Liver Pills When I was about seventeen
years old I suddenly seemed to lose my usual good
neaiui ana vitality rauier saiu x stuuieu too
hard but the doctor thought dinerent and
prescribed tonics which I took by the
quart without relief Reading one day in
the paper of Mrs Pinkhams great cures
and raiding the symptoms described an
swered mine I decided I would give Lydia
E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound a
trial I did not say a word to the doctor
I bought it myself and took it according
to directions regularly for two months
and I found that I gradually improved
and that all pains left me and I was my
t old sen once more jliilub sh dlnuuuk
17 E 22d St Chicago IlL
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound is the one sure rem
edy to be relied upon at this important period in a young girls
life with it she can go through with courage and safety the work
she must accomplish and fortify her physical well ocing so that
her future life may be insured against sickness and suffering
xrn Mimnt forthwith produce- the original letters and ijroatnrei of
oalaU which will prove thslr absolute gonnlnoneas
XijtXM -0 - iuciuuue vuf juyan juuwa
Director of the Mint Gives Informa
tion as to Old and New Issues
The director of the mint is called
on to answer such a wide range ol
questions concerning the values of
old and new coins and medals that
he has found it necessary to issue
circulars covering matters of this
sort It tells some interesting facts
It appears that the mint does not buy
old coins or paper money except some
rare colonial coins in fine condition
which are desired for the mint cabi
Mutilated or uncurrent United
States gold and silver coin is pur
chased as bullion The mint has no
pattern pieces for sale The govern
ment pays no premium for the return
of any of its coins or paper money
New coins cannot be struck until au
thorized by an act of congress The
mint supplies United States coins on
ly and not of any past date The 50
gold piece and the half dollar and
quarter dollar pieces in gold were
struck by private parties on the Cali
fornia coast during the 1849 period
and not by the United States gov
The coinage of the following coins
ceased in the years named Half and
1 cent copper in 1857 1 cent nickel
1864 half dime and 3 cents silver
and 2 cents bronze in 1873 20 cents
silver 1878 trade dollars 1883 1
and 3 gold and 3 cents nickel 1889
The Columbian half dollar was coined
in 1893 The Lafayette dollar was
struck in 1899 the date on the coin
1900 being that of the unveiling of
the memorial
There are certain markings on ev
ery United States coin that enable
the place of its coinage to be located
Those struck at the Philadelphia mint
have no mint mark but those struck
at all other mints are distinguished by
a small letter on the reverse near the
bottom These letters are C for
Charlotte N C discontinued in 1861
CC for Carson City Nev discontinued
in 1893 D for Dahlonega Ga discon
tinued in 1861 O for New Orleans
and S for San Francisco
The coins of the United States now
authorized by law are In gold dou
ble eagle eagle half eagle and quar
ter eagle in silver half dollar quar
ter dollar and dime minor 5 cent
nickel and 1 cent bronze A person
may buy a proof set of gold coinr
from the mint for 3850 and a proof
set of silver and minor coins for
150 When the business of the
mints is slack medals may be struck
from dies furnished by individuals
public institutions and incorporated
societies at a charge sufficient to cov
er the cost of the operation and the
value of the metal
A Sure Thing
A crowd standing around one of the
bookmakers at Overland park Den
ver one day during the races was
given an opportunity to have a little
joke on that self important person
who was interrupted in his talk to
the men by a well dressed man who
forced his way to him and said some
thing excitedly
The bookmaker beat on the railing
before him and called for attention
Gentlemen he shouted I have
been asked to say that a pocketbook
containing 500 has been lost or
stolen from a gentleman here who
says he will give a reward of 50 for
Seventy five dollars yelled some
wag on the outskirts of the crowd
Ninety dollars came from some
one else instantly
One hundred dollars One hun
dred and twentyfive dollars One
hundred and fifty dollars
In a moment the enthusiastic bids
for the lost purse caused its owned to
retreat to the grand stand and the
bookmaker to say things which were
drowned in the laughter of his audi
Ladies Lace Overalls
Devotees of the masculine mode in
femininity may or may not be disap
pointed upon learning that the much
vaunted English vogue of ladies lace
nvprnlls as holidav RtipniaHips snunrlc
severer than it looks Reduced to final
analysis a drop skirt is the result
and such being the innocent case
the chances are that the garment in
due course will be popularly adopted
by miladys American cousins
At first consternation prevailed lest
something else might be intended
The initial intelligence relative to
this interesting subject was conveyed
to a Manhattan gentler sex fashion
periodical by our own correspon
dent the cablegram reading
A leading West End draper is de
voting his lace department to a dis
play of special numbers in ladies
lace overalls New York Press
The Brave Old Way
I say risk all for one warm kiss
I say twere better risk the fall
Like Romeo to venture all
And boldly climb to deadly bliss
I like that savage Sabine way
What mighty minstrels came of it
Their songs are ringing to this day
The bravest ever sung or writ
Their loves the love of Juliet
Of Portia Desdemona yea
The old true loves are living yet
And we we love we weep we sigh
In love with loves that will not die
Then take her lover sword in hand
Hot blooded and red handed clasp
Her sudden stormy tall and grand
And lift her in your iron grasp
And kiss her kiss her till she cries
From keen sweet happy killing pain
Aye kiss her till she seeming dies
Aye kiss her till she dies and then
Why kiss her back to life again
Joaquin Miller in Smart Set
The Tailors Waterloo
No sir said the tailor breathing
hard No new suit till you pay for
the one you have got on
Very well said we coldly We
shall sleep in this one pull up one
suspender higher than the other
wrinkle our shoulders and then beg
nil our friends to go to you and show
them what a fine fit you gave us
Wo had Mm thora
Admiral S
A good many years ago I bought a
FISH BRAND Slicker and it has proven
a valued friend for many a stormy day but
now it 13 getting old and I must have
another Please send me a price list
The name of this worthy doctor obliged
to be out in all sorts of weather will
be given on application
A J TOWER CO rfjarafcM
Boston USA V w
Toronto Canada
Wet Weather Clothing Suits and Hats for
all kinds of wet work or sport
French in Great Britain
There are 26600 French in Great
Britain and Ireland more than zhree
fourths of the number being in Lon
don The business most followed
among these is cookery
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of CASTOTttA
a safe and sure remedy for infants and children
and sec that it
Bears tho
Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Vertiable Treasure House
The value of the Vatican the popes
residence at Rome and its treasures
in money would exceed 150000000
Mother Crays Sweet Powders for Children
Successfully used by Mother Gray nurse
in the Childrens Home iu New York cure
Constipation Foverishness Bad Stomach
Teething Disorders move and regulate the
Bowels and Destroy Worms Over 30000 tes
timonials At all Drug ists 25c Sample
FREE Address A SOlmsted LeRoyN Y
The chief end of man according to
the chronic kicker is his feet
Why It Is the Best
lsbecause made by an entirely differ
ent process Defiance Starch is un
like any other better and one third
more for 10 cents
Desperate diseases are doctors do
Lewis Single Binder straight 5c
cigar made of extra quality tobacco You
pay 10c for cigars not so good Lewis
Factorr Peoria 111
Bargain hunters are generally sold
All Up-to-Date Housekeepers
use Defiance Cold Water Starch be
cause it Is better and 4 oz more of it
for same money
Beware of loose dogs and tight men
pJ Save 2 on Drags
b write for our lOO page catalogue
j rtiowinfi 10000 nrtlcles at cut prices
Cor 16th and Dodtfc Omaha Nob
chley Uses i rjt In His
Ub Peruna Drug Co Columbus Ohio IIwBiBfc
JJp Gentlemen can cheerfully state that SKKMBtKtM
Bl Mrs Schley has taken Peruna and I be- iHHHHBI
mmm lieve Wltn Sood effect plSEPIHiHB
Battle of Santiago Where Admiral Schley Made History p
of the greatest naval battles in the world was the
ONE Off Santiago Never since the dispersion of the
has there
more op-
been a
ocli mak
ing victory in the onward march of civilization than in the
notable event of July 23 1898 in wlncli tne great nero
Admiral Schley took a leading part
It was a great naval battle Without a moments warning
it began Quick decision undaunted courage excellent dis
cipline resolute self confidence these combined in Admiral
Schley to produce that dash and daring so characteristic of
the American soldier
A man must think quickly in these days There is no
time for slow action New enterprises arise in an hour
Old ones pass away in a moment
A multitude of great themes clamor for notice A man
man must take sides for or against by intuition rather than
logical deduction
One day this fighting admiral Schley happened to be in
company y J with
talking I 1 on various
topics of popular interest The subject of Peruna was
raised its popularity as a catarrh remedy its national im
portance its extensive use
One asked his opinion Without a moments hesitation
he said I can cheerfully say that Mrs Schley has taken
Ieruna and I believe with good effect
Like the Battle of Santiago the thought was sprung upon
him without any warning and he disposed of it with tho
same vim and decision as he did with the Spanish ileet led
by the ill fated Viscaja
His words concerning Peruna have gone out into the world
to be repeated by a thousand tongues because he has said
Like the news- of his victory over Cervera his words con
cerning I i I
hv thi
e r u n a
caught up
and passed from mouth to mouth across oceans aud con
Except for an in born manly independence in a country of
free speech these words never would have been uttered by an
officer in such a notable position as that of Admiral Schley
Except for a world wide notoriety and popularity such as
Peruna enjoys no remedy could ever have received such out
spoken public endorsement by such a man
m eirois
Magnificent Crops for 1904
Western Canaaae
Whsat Crop this
Year Will be 60
000000 Bushels
and Yheat at Pres
ent is Worth SI OD a
The Oat and Barley Crop Will Aso Yield Abundantly
Splendid prices for all kinds of grain cattle
and other farm produce for the growing of
which the climate is unsurpused
About 150000 Americans have settled in West
ern Canada during the past three years
Thousands of free homesteads of 1G0 acres
each still available in the best agricultural dis
It has been said that the United States will
he forced to import wheat within a very few
years Secure a farm in Canada and become
one of those who will produce it
Apply for information to Superintendent of
Immigration Ottawa Canada or to authorized
Canadian Government Agent W V Bennett
601 New York Life Building Omaha Neb
Strawberry asii
Vsgfabl dealers
The Passenger Department of the Illinois
Central Railroad Company have recently fssued
a publication known as Circular No 12 in which
is described the
best territory in ihis country
for the growing of early strawberries and early
vegetables Every dealer in such products
should address a postal card to the undersigned
at Dubuque Iowa requesting a copy of
Circular No 12
J P MERRY Asst GenIPassr Agent
Insist on Getting
grocers say they
Some dont keep
Defiance Starch This is because they
have a stock on hand of other brands
containing only 12 oz in a package
whichth ey wont be able to sell first
because Defiance contains 16 oz for
the same money
Do you want 16 oz instead of 12 oz
for same money Then buy Defiance
Starch Requires no cooking
It looks as if the czar were due to
get his crown nicely Japanned
Defiance Starch
should be in every household none so
good besides 4 oz more for 10 cents
than any other brand of cold water
Nothing convinces like conviction
A striking contrast
between Defiance Starch
and any other brand will
be found by comparison
Defiance Starch stiffens
whitens beautifies with
out rotting
It givesclothes back
their newness
It is absolutely pure
It will not injure the
most delicate fabrics
For fine things and all
things use the best there
is Defiance Starch
io cents for 16 ounces
Other brands io cents for
is ounces
A striking contrast
Omaha Neb
Keep the luxuriant healthy head of hair
which nature Rave you If your hair is falling
out you can stop it use Undoma It gives new
life to sickly hair Its guaranteed Ask your
barber Send us your name for free treatment
In sheets of PURE ANILINE BLUE No bottles Xo paddles No waste Gives the sama
unount of blueing -water each wash day Ask your grocer for it or send 10c for a book of 25 leaves
The Handy Blueing Book Co 87 E Lake St Chicago III
Mining Companies if vou will send us vour nam anrf Minirfr M r c
t Jacobs Oil
Known the world over as the
promptest surest cure for
Rheumatism and Neuralgia
Co or more oaods Mahler and faster colors than any other dye One 10c packace colors silk wool and cfjtton nuallv wn snri u
Aik Metier or we will send post paid at 10c a package
write lor free booklet How to Dye Bleach and Mix ColorsTJiofrffoAWJiiffra
tt afflicted with
core ojoi nta
Thompsons Ey Wafr
Best Conch Syrup Taste
in una Bold dt drurolstf
When Answering Advertisements
Kindly Mention This Paper
W N U Omaha
No 451904
SYRUP cures coughs and colds