The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, June 03, 1904, Image 4

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    Official Paper of Redwillow County
Largest Circulation in Red Willow Co
Subscription 1 a Year in Advance
G VV Norris Rod Willow County
I havekeot I
toral in my house for a great many
years It is the best medicine in
the world for coughs and colds
J C Williams Attica N Y
All serious lung
troubles begin with a
tickling in the throat
You can stop this at first
in a single night with
Ayers Cherry Pectoral
Use it also for bronchitis
consumption hard colds
and for coughs of all kinds
Three iet 25c 50c 1 All inrfttt
Conmlt yoar doctor If ho ma Uke It
then do M ho iyi U ho telU yoa not
to take it then dont Uko It Ho knowi
Jto it -with blm Wo ro iHlHng
Philip Gliem Danbury
C E Eldrod McCook
Jnmo9 Hatfield McCook
Alliance goes McCook ono better
July 1st their postoffico will become a
second class ojlico Civic prido pays
knockers never
It is still n difficult matter to show
J IT Agor that the Burlington machine
got side tracked at the la8 Republican
convention oven since the headquarters
have been moved to Omaha
The death of Matthew Stanley Quay
United States senator from Pennsyl
vania removes a captain of politics of
the highest rank He will bo remember
ed and go down in history as ono of the
greatest political organizers of his day
He was not a great nor a good man He
was a successful political leader with
whom success was first and method a
secondary matter
Real Estate Filings
The following real estate filings have
been made in the county clerks oflice
since last Thursday ovoninjj
W A Dolan to I Spencer wd to n lif
nw qr 1000 00
Citizens Bank to J B Colling wd to
part of sections and 4 in 3 20 i00 00
V Franklin to J B Colliup wd to s hf
sy qr and no qr and lots 3 and
4 in section and w hf nw qr sv qr so
qrseqrnwqr 4-3-29 2400 00
C J Furer to W B Downs wd to nw
2000 00
M H Brennan to J J Hogan wd to s
hf nw qr 17-1-29 GOO 00
T P Shively to C J Furer qcd to nw
J B Colling to V Franklin wd to so qr
1500 00
United States to F AT Pennington pat
to so qr
United States to C Harrison pat to w
hf sw qr so qr sw qr and sw qr so qr
H C Rider to Ed Jeffries wd to
torylot 15 00
A C Crabtreo to E Korstian sd to sw
qr 3-2-30
A C Wieho to G H Thomas wd to lot
Am block 12 First McCook 1700 00
E E Smith to J E Jones wd to lots 15
and 1G in block G Esther Park Bart
J Saylor to G W Saylor wd to se qr
Lincoln Laud Co to B G Gossard wd
to part no qr 30-3-29
M Smith ot al to M E Corbin qcd to
lots 9 and 10 in block 51 Hartley
McCook L and L Co to J Harkey wd
30 00
300 oo
200 00
15 00
to ne qr so qr and so qr ne qr in section
9 and nw qr se qr and sw qr nw qr in
section 10-2-27 400 00
Zella Cutler to Mary E Waito wd to lot
8 in block 14 Second McCook 1500 00
Eufus Harp to W G Harmon wd to lot
4 in block 11 West McCook 700 00
Bachel R Berry to Clara Hileman wd
to lot 7 and s hf S in block IS First Mc
Cook 1900 00
W Washburn to Margaret Lord wd to
lot3in block3G Indianola 100
A Startling Test
To save a life Dr T GMerritt of No
Mehoopany Pa made a startling test
resulting in a wonderful cure He
writes A patient was attacked with
violent hemorrhages caused by ulcera
tion of the stomach I had often found
Jblectnc Bitters excellent for acute
stomach and liver troubles so I pre
scribed them The patient gained from
the first and has not had an attack in
fourteen months Electric Bitters are
positively guaranteed for dyspepsia in
digestion constipation and kidney trou
bles Try them Only 50 cents at LW
Advertised Letters
The following letters were advertised
by the McCook postoffice June 1 1904
Bauer Conrad Pettit Harriet
Brower Fred Smith Clara
Emerson Emo Wickman Henry
Lamb Lelia Ward B L 2
When calling for these letters please
say they were advertised
F M Kimmell Postmaster
Protection is Panic Proof
is the title of the recent speech of Sena
tor J H Gallincer of New Hamnshire
The speech has been issued in document
form by the American Protective Tariff
League One copy will be forwarded to
any address upon postal card request
addressed to W F Wakeman General
Secretary 339 Broadway New York
Ask for document No 78
Fifty Years the Standard
Improves the flavor and adds fo
Ihe healihfulness of the food
There are authors to whoso works wo
turn always with confidence with full
faith that we shall at least be enter
tained Kate Douglas Wiggin is one of
theso Whenever a new book of hers is
announced we buy it because wo know
that it is worth reading The author is
not given to disappointing her public
Her latter books fulfill the promise of
her earlier work Of all who aro now
producing she is the brightest and most
Her last book is Rebecca of Sunny
brook Farm It has been widely sought
in the few months since its issuance and
one who reads it is not surprised at its
popularity It is a story that will inter
est children and at the same time one
from which their elders will derive the
keenest enjoyment Without plot it is
the record of a series of incidents rather
than a novel Rebecca was a little pirl
of about thirteen years when the story
opeus one of seven children whom a
widowed mother struggled to feed and
clothe and educate The mothers two
maiden sisters who were in comfortable
circumstances offered to relievo the
widow of one of her charges and Re
beccabecauseshe could bo betterspared
than any of the others was sent to the
great brick house in the distant town in
which the maiden sisters lived
It is not difficult to imagine the dreary
life led by Rebecca in the big brick house
with the two austure nmidfin aunts
Rebecca was an unusually bright and
witty little little girl the fortunate pos
sessor of a sunny disposition and a de
sire to do what was right Otherwise
her life would have been far more diffi
cult than it was One cannot read the
pages of this remarkably clever book
without feeling the deepest sympathy
for the little heroine whose aunts with
out intending to be cruel made existence
all but unendurable The book though
brimming with humor has a strain of
pathos that adds to its charm There is
not a dull line in it Mrs Wiggin has
the rare and happy faculty of letting the
facts toll their own story She does not
find it necessary to preach and moralize
as so many authors do and yet she
teaches the profoundest truths in the
most impressive fashion
Rebecca is a book well worth the time
required to read it It is so much su
perior to the average novel of the day
that one considers himself fortunate in
finding a bit of literature about which
he can cheerfully say something good
L W McConnell
does not hesitate to recommend Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure to his friends and cus
tomers Indigestion causes more ill
health than anything else It deranges
the stomach and brings on all manner
of disease Kodol Dvsnetosia Corn di
gests what you eat cures indigestion
dyspepsia and all stomach disorders
Kodol is not only a perfect digestant but
a ujjub uuuuing tonic as well Kenew
ed health perfect strength and increas
ed vitality follow its use
Less Than Half Rates to St Louis
and Return
On Mondays June 6 13 20 and 27 the
Burlington offers tickets to St Louis and
return at 1475 good for seven days
considerably less than one fare for the
round trip Tickets are good in coaches
and chair cars seats free
The magnificent exposition is now
complete and yin harmonious operation
You will regret it all your life if you fail
to see this wonderful exposition
Illustrated folders free and full infor
mation on application to Burlington
Route agent or to L WWakely general
passenger agent Omaha Neb 6 3 3ts
Ladies and Children
who cannot stand the shocking strain of
laxative syrups and cathartic pills are
especially fond of Little Early Risers
All persons who find it necessary to take
a liver medicine should try these easy
pills and compare the asreeablv
ant and strengthening effect with the
nauseating and weakening conditions
following the use of other remedies
Little Early Eisers cure biliousnesscon
and liver troubles Sold by L W Mc-
Notice of Dissolution
The partnership existing between
Phelps Boatman has this day been dis
solved by mutual consent Mr Boatman
retiring Tne accounts of the firm will
be collected by Mr Boatman
Phelps Boatman
McCook Neb May 18 1904
Sick headache results from a disor
dered stomach and is quickly cured by
Chamberlains Stomach and Liver Tab
lets For sale by all druggists
- ii rniwiiwvii
Notice to Farmers
In going over the B M in the cen
tral and western parts of tho state I
note an unfavorable condition in a large
percent of the wheat and oat fields
caused by tho heavy rains in the early
part of May Tho surface is packed and
crusted and spots of greater or less mag
nitude in nearly all fields have a light
green color and the loaves are narrow
and point straight up While tho dry
ing out by evaporation has much to do
with this there is another trouble the
lack of air which is shut out by this
crust The pores of this crust are daily
being made smaller by tho upward move
ment of tho magnesia salts and alkalies
These aro being brought to the surface
by the moisture which is under this
condition fast escaping
when and how to harrow
Dont get into grain that is six or more
inches high when the dew is on Wait
just long enough in tho morning for the
blades to dry off and no longer Set
the teeth slightly slanting not too much
and as a rule harrow crosswise of tho
rows break the surface tnorougnly
Grain that is six inches high or over
thick with good width of blades and of
good color needs no harrowing
If this advice seems too radical then
just try a part of your field even a small
part and in two weeks bo kind enough
to report to me the results Yours for
better crops W H Campbell
Lincoln Mebraska
Catholic Order of services Mass
8 a m Mass and sermon 1030 a m
Evening service at S oclock Sunday
school 230 p m Every Sunday
J J Loughkan Pastor
Christian Bible school every Sun
day morning at 10 oclock Preaching
every alternate Sunday at 11 a m and
8 p m Social service every alternate
Sunday at 11 a m Good music An
invitation to all G T Burt Pastor
Congregational Sunday school 1 0
am Y P S CEat 7 p m Morning
subject Hours of Labor and of Rest
Evening Aim Prayer and confer
ence meeting on Wednesday evening A
welome to all to all services
George A Conrad Pastor
Episcopal Services in St Albans
church as follows Every Sunday in tho
month Sunday school at 10 oclock a m
Morning prayer at 11 andevenincr praver
and sermon at S The third Sunday in
the month Holy Communion at 730 a
m All are welcome
E R Earle Rector
First Baptist Church Sermons at
11 a m and 745 p m Bible school at
945 a m Junior society at 3 xi m B
Y P TJ at 745 p m Prayer meetincr
Wednesday evening 8 p m Morninq
Echoes From the Anniversaries In
the evening Ninth Commandment
Thou shalt not bear false witness A
cordial welcome to all
C R Betts Pastor
Methodist Sunday school at 10 am
Preaching at 11 and 8 Morning subject
Labor and the Christian Sabbath
Class meeting at 12 Epworth League
at 7 Prayer meeting every Thursday
evening at 815 Brother Got will preach
in South McCook Saturday night I
will preach there Sunday afternoon at 3
Baptismal services at the church and
river Sunday June 12
M B Carman Pastor
Simeon Billings death is expected
at any time now
J Will Johnson returned a few days
since from his tour west
Miss Irene Morgan is the guest of
her sister Mrs P M Dickey
Mrs C L Fahnestock went down
to Lincoln this morning on 12
H H Berry and the drum corps were
interested in the Decoration day exer
cises in Palisade
Mrs P M Appel departed on Nol
Monday for her home in Cheyenne vis
iting in Denver until today
Dr A P Welles while in Lincoln
Wednesday on business was taken quite
ill and telegraphed for Mrs Welles to
come down
Mrs Joseph Robidoux and daughter
of Benkelman were guests of Mrs Jos
Menard Sunday and attended Memorial
services in St Patricks
Mrs Adele Phelan entertained an
Alliance friend Mrs Hiller this week
Wednesday evening she had in a com
pany of lady friends in honor of her
Mr and Mrs Orson Lees three
months old babe died on Sunday morn
ing of pneumonia after a short illness
Rev Carman held brief services at the
residence in the afternoon after which
tne remains were buried in Riverview
The Man Who Toils
Is the man who ought to have the best
things to eat because his system re
quires it Workingmen and everybody
else who want the best meat come to
our shop We run the best butcher shop
luwu uur piace is ciean Tne meat
we sell is tender and fresh The prices
we ask are low enough to suit anybody
If you knew how particular we are to give
satisfaction youd never buy elsewhere
Anton Magnet
Prank of Students
A book by Captain Mnrkliam of the
British army tells of experiences in
Westminster school London some
thing over half a century -ago He de
scribes the handings of those days
The back of the hand was extended
while the master standing behind
smote it with a rod which curled over
n little and left a cut and the culprit
facing the school observed the eti
quette of the occasion by wearing an
expression of scornful amusement
Captain Markham also descriAes tan
ning which was administered with
the butt end of a rod upon the backs of
the boys legs He recalls the code of
honor which was merciless to the boy
who broke his word or allowed another
to suffer for his offense but permitted
any amount of humbugging of a
itr Yiien disinclined lor scliool you
said I dont feel very well sir and
before the master inspected your
tongue you gave the upper surface a
hard pressure with your upper teeth
and out came a tongue white enough to
satisfy any doctor
Umlercronml Watern
The earth contains an abundance of
water even in places like some of our
great western plateaus where the sur
face is comparatively arid The great
est depth at which underground water
can exist is estimated to be about six
miles Below that It is believed tho
cavities and pores of the rock are com
pletely closed The amount of water
in the earths crust is reckoned at
nearly a third of that contained in the
oceans so that it would cover the
whole surface of the globe to a depth
of from 3000 to 3500 feet The waters
underground flow horizontally after
sinking below the unsaturated zone of
the rocks but in the sands of the Da
kota formation which supply remark
able artesian wells the motion does
not exceed one or two miles a year
The underflow toward the sea beneath
the great plains may sometimes take
the form of broad streams or moving
sheets of water but the movement is
excessively slow Youths Companion
Indians Have Iliircl Teeth
I dont care for Indians as patients
said a dentist the other day No it
Isnt that they are objectionable per
sonally it is just because there is no
money to be made out of them at regu
lar rates The hardness of an Indians
tooth is something to marvel at and
if I had many of them to treat I should
be forced to have instruments of un
usual strength made to order Tho
ordinary kind wont stand the pressure
I filled one cavity in a red mans tooth
the other day and before I got through
I had turned the edges of no less than
twenty drills There isnt much money
in that sort of work is there And
talk about the Indians vaunted stoi
cism and imperviousness to pain Why
that fellow yelled every time I touched
him Ive had six-year-old children be
have better in the chair Philadel
phia Record
Sentiment Versus Fact
That the advance preparation of
speeches will not always conform to
circumstances Avas made evident dur
ing a flag raising at a public school
The young orator had been speaking
for several minutes when he advanced
to the front of the platform raised his
hand with a dramatic gesture to tho
flag on the staff above him and shouted
See yon flag throwing its protecting
folds to the breeze of freedom
It was a pretty sentiment but the
breeze didnt bear out the picture
The flag to which all eyes were imme
diately turned hung as limp as if it
had been dipped in water
Every day in the year the average
man has a grievance On the last day
in the year he has probably forgotten
the other 304
Three hundred and sixty five days in
the year he has poured his particular
grievance into the ears of some poor
devil who has troubles of his own
Whats the use of it
Dont kick Let the other fellow do
the kicking and give him cause
Dont bluff Some day fate is goinj
to deal you a good hand Pittsburg
Pistol Worse Than Sword
Damocles was viewing the suspended
It doesnt seem to trouble you ob
served Dionysius
No returned his guest Now if
it was only a pistol you didnt know
was loaded
Weakened by the mere thought he
hastily turned to the butter for
strength New York Tribune
Over His Patients Head
When the doctor who forgot what
kind of medicine his patient was tak
ing asked Was It a fluid medicament
I prescribed for you the last time the
puzzled German patient answered
I dont know vot id vos You said
I shud take fife drobs dree dimes a day
In vater New York Press
Just n Hint
How appropriately the words are
arranged here she remarked as she
Idly turned the pages of the dictionary
How do you mean inquired Mr
Slowe Polk
Why for instance love comes just
a little before matrimony
Iacky Numbers
Speaking of lucky numbers they
are the ones with the dollar sign before
them arent they
Well that depends on whether they
represent what is coming to you or
what you owe Chicago Post
Discretion Comes WItli Years
So you quarreled with your wife
No sun she quarreled wid me
Dont you ever answer back
Jedge replied the witness Im
forty year old Atlanta Constitution
Blue Front JJ L MnHul
gfj3 lnryllill
Tou cannot havo good health unless
your kidneys are sound for the kidneys
filter tho blood of impurities which oth
erwise act as irritating poisons and
break down tho delicato organs of the
body and causo serious trouble If you
havo kidney or bladder trouble and do
not use Foleys Kidney Cure ou will
havo only yourself to blame for results
as it positively cures all forms of kidney
and bladder trouble Sold by A Mc
A spring tonic that cleans and purifies
and absorbs all poison from the system
Ilollisters Rocky Mountain Tea will
make you well and keep you well all
summer 35 cents Tea or tablets
LW McConnell
Ono of the greatest blessings n modest
man can wish for is a good reliable set
of bowols If you aro not the happy
possessor of such an outfit you can
greatly improve tho efficiency of those
you havo by the judicious use of Cham
berlains Stomach and Liver Tablets
Thoy are pleasant to take and agreeable
in effect- For sale by all druggists
Wfv -
m WAWp
w fiy h R
solutely free
rom iiusk or horn
2 lb packages
All high class groccre
Fine Turnouts
Either Single or Double
Phono 36 Rear Palmer House
McConk Nebraska
II WIIIMmmmfi ifr m
I rWliflll3illlil
iiasw AcAzeaz v k3
of moving day of ripping up carpets
and stair rods of breaking in a new
house and fitting stove pipe of eatin
your meals on the kitchen stairs and
waiting for the plumbeis and the gas
man Theres a joy thats unconfined
about all this and
You Can Have It
Once a Year
but do you want it Wouldnt you
give a pretty penny to escape it There
is only one wa viz to own instead of
forever moving If you are thinking of
the better way see the Secretary of the
McCook Co Operative
Building Savings Assn
IMike Walshl
and EGGS
Old Rubber Copper and Brass
Highest Market Price Paid in Cash
Block West of Citizens Bank
ficCook Nebraska I
Indigestion Causes
CatarrH of tlie
For many years it has been supposed that
Catarrh of the Stomach caused indigestion
and dyspepsia but the truth is exactly tho
opposite Indigestion causes catarrh Re
peated attacks of Indigestion inflames the
mucous membranes lining the stomach and
exposes the nerves of the stomach thus caus
ing the glands to secrete mucin Instead of
the juices of natural digestion Thl3 is
called Catarrh of tho Stomach
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
relieves all Inflammation of tho mucous
membranes lining the stomach protects tho
nerves and cures bad breath sour risings a
Not possible no more than fine tender
beef from an aged country bull It takes
tho finest fattest corn fed and grass fed
stock to produco tender and juicy meat
meat is enough to make anyone cross
and ugly Como here and get the right
kind cut right and priced right Wo
know youll come again
B j fc 0Si2M8SS7h iQEaKfcSttKiik
The Brownie Kodak Boy
Kodaks are sold by
CONE BROS Druggists
Martin Prrni Pn
lis i I i I II liSIIII Siil
The only reliable wholesale house
between Denver and Hastings
We Buy in Car Lots
All goods direct from grower that
is why we can sell cheap Merch
ants headquarters
We Pay Cash for Eggs
Local and Long Distance
Phone 104
One door south of the Tribune Office
Dr S Shwartz
The Noted Eye Specialist
June 17 and 18th
Dr S Shwartz has
done more work
here than any other
eye specialist comes
oftener than any other specialist and is
too well known to
need any intrnrW
His references
are his patients your
neighbors and friends Difficult cases
and school children
solicited A large
stock of
eyes and glasses on
hand A large portion of headaches
and hysteria St Vitus dance nervous
prostration epilepsy and other nervous
conditions are omico u
sense of fullness after eatine Indigestion r 3 Vi strain
dyspepsia and all stomach troubles J dscouraged because you
Kodol Digests What You Eat Tlvelt relief
Make the Stomach Sweet ee vendersE I guarantee
BottiMcnly RenlvitMiooholdinr2K timet satisfaction in all cases
tha trial sx which ealli for 50 cents
PropardbyEoDowiTTcoohiMota Will begat the Commercial Wnt i
For Sale by L W HcConnell RMay and Saturday
June ir l8