The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, April 08, 1904, Image 7

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Isnt It good to foe an American
asked Jessie as her hand stole into
Johns Just then a full rigged ship
making from Boston Harbor spread
her sails and stood out past them
Jessie looked at her as Lohengrin
might have looked at the swan and
Wasnt it Longfellow who stood
vhero and felt with us
My oul Is full of loiigliip
For the secret of the sen
And the heurl of the great ocean
Sends a thrilling pulse through me
Yes Jessie not only Longfellow
hut Emerson Hawthorne Thoreau and
Channing dreamed here said John
But Jessie poetry makes poor feeding
Im hungry
So am I laughed Jessie Come
on Ill race you to the inn and
she sprang to her saddle before John
could assist her
Picking their way carefully down
the steep hill they reached the hard
roadbed Then Jessie spoke to her
hoi so and dashed ahead She was a
good rider and though it was a close
race John gallantly conceded defeat
In the dining room were many guests
from Boston and they united to make
a merry party It was three oclock
when they started again for Nantas
ket The five miles they covered at a
As John helped Jessie from her
horse at Nantaskct some one touched
him on the shoulder John turned
I Iaou de ye dew John exclaimed
a strange figure of a man standing
there all grins I swan Im glad ter
see ye up an round agin Haou de
yc dew John Haou air ye
All right Sam said John shaking
Sam was the country sport of Rocky
Woods with a fame extending to Co
hasset and not wholly unknown in
Hingham It was Saturday and Sam
was in gala attire He was tall and
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this no account Jones It takes a pow
erful long time ter clean a cistern out
proper Bill an Gus is down stairs
waitin fer yc Lets play cm one
game an then ye can go home an
pull the old woman up
As I said before its always dark
down in Jones basement an none on
em took any account on what was
goin on You know how it rained
yesterday momin It started in tew
pour long about nine oclock Sam
paused to laugh When old man
Shaw came out er Jones basement
the gutters was full of water an the
rain was comin downin sheets For
three hours it had been rainin cats
an dogs
Old man Shaw was plumb scared
ter death He ran all the way home
Every time he looked at a gutter spout
he nearly fainted away He come tew
his place an ran round the back way
He looked down the hole an saw noth
in but water
Sallie Sallie he hollered
The old woman was standin on
top the bottom of the pail up agin
the wall The water was up tew her
chin but she was mad all over an she
hadnt lost her voice
Yeve come at last Bill Shaw
have ye she said You haul me
outer here quickern scat an when I
gets up Ill scratch yer eyes out Ye
done this on purpose Ye haul me
out an Ill fix ye fer this days work
The old man lowered a rope an
after a hard tussle hauled her up
The neighbors say she mopped him all
over the yard an I say it sarved him
Sam related several other incidents
in the career of the Shaws and Jessie
laughed until the tears ran down her
cheeks They bid Sam good day and
watched him until he disappeared with
the famous trotter in a cloud of dust
After supper they waited for the ris
ing of the full moon They saw the
fzzoir jD pz jQ7 jovp i3Gymxz7
awkward His large good natured
mouth wide open displayed rows of
white teeth his small blue eyes twin
kled shrewdly and his ears stood clear
of a mass of red hair
John glanced at Jessie and the
laughter in her eyes was a sufficient
Miss Carden let me present Mr
Rounds a schoolmate and neighbor
Sam doffed his cap with a sweeping
Delighted ter meet ye Miss Car
den he exclaimed with a sincerity
which did not belie his words He ex
tended a huge hand Have often seen
ye rid in by and heerd all erbout that
air runerway I swan that was a
mighty ticklish shave fer ye Miss
Carden Tell ye what lets do Lets
have some sody water an ice cream
Its my treat to day Sold a boss this
mornin an made forty two dollars
clean profit on him Im great on
bosses Miss Carden John here runs
ter books an studyin an all that But
as I say my strong holt is hosses
They say we all has our little weak
nesses present company of course
expected Lets go an git that sody
an ice cream And Sam led the
way to a pavilion and impressively or
dered the suggested refreshments
Jessie engagetl Sam in conversation
laughing merrily at his odd remarks
and stories He pointed to an old
farmer who drove past in a rickety
There goes old man Shaw said
Sam He lives down the road from
our house an hes a great character
Yesterday mornin Mrs Shaw told the
old man the cistern orter be cleaned
out It hadnt rained fer so long that
the water was all gone and she lowed
it was a good chance tew clean it out
Old man Shaw lowed she was right
but said his rheumatics was so all
fired bad it wouldnt dew fer him tew
o down intew no damp place like a
cistern so he lowered the old woman
an sent her down a pail of water an
some soap an a scrubbin brush
Ill go down tew the postoffice
an see if thares a letter an then
come back and pull ye out he hollered
down the openin She said All right
an went tew work Old man Shaw
went tew the postoffice asked fer a
letter an of course thare warnt none
He started back an was just passin
the cobblers place when he met
Whare ye goin he asked old man
The old womans cleanin the cis
tern an Ive got tew go home an haul
her out says Shaw
She aint got it done yet says
stately orb of night break above the
oceans rim and blend its white light
with the pink afterglow of sunset
Eathed in her flood they turned their
horses homeward riding through a
shadowed and shimmering fairyland
The gnarled and wind wrenched ap
ple trees were etched in lines of weird
beauty against the sky The rugged
stone walls were softened and faded
away into dreamy perspectives
In the years which followed how the
scenes and incidents of that summer
came back to John Burt Under many
skies he recalled the happy hours
spent with Jessie Carden Again he
drilted with her in a boat floating at
will of breeze and tide her hand trail
ing in the water and the murmur of
her voice in his ears Again they
walked down the wooded path while
the black of the night stood like a wall
in front of them and Jessie clutched
at his arm when an owl sounded his
solemn cry
Jessie was going to Yassar and
John had passed the examination
which admitted him to Harvard He
found that he could study much better
under the shade of the Bishop trees
than in any other spot and Jessie
held the text books while he recited
The weeks gilded by like a dream
One day in autumn he stood by her
side on the station platform in Hing
ham As the train rumbled in some
thing rose to his throat and a film
stole over his eyes
Good by John
Good by Jessie
The train glided out from the sta
tion a little hand fluttered a lace
handkerchief from a window a sun
burned pair waved in reply Jessie
had gone back to Boston
Arthur Morris
When Randolph Morris had amassed
a couple of millions in New York bank
ing and stock manipulation he decided
to establish a New England country
place in keeping with his wealth and
station He selected a site near Hing
ham overlooking Massachusetts bay
with a distant view of the ocean For
3ears workmen were busy with the
great stone mansion Terraces ver
dant in turf gave beauty to the sur
rounding rocks now softened with
vines Stables conservatories and
lodges lent new distinction to the land
The eldest of the Morris children
was Arthur the heir to the bulk of the
Morris fortunes His age was twenty-four
and his experience in certain
matters that of a man of forty He
1111111 hnn onimmlMalaaWm n itjmatiycipif
was of medium height and stocky build
with features of aristocratic mold but
weakened and puffed as from habitual
excesses He had recently attained
the notoriety of an unconditional ex
pulsion from Yale His name hac1
figured In New York prints in an esca
pade with a foreign actress but the
story was denied and suppressed be
fore it reached the usual climax
Commencement days were past One
June morning Jessie Carden arrived
in Hingham and was met by Mr and
Mrs Bishop In the old family car
riage Arthur Morris also chanced to
be at the station As Jessie Carden
ran forward and affectionately greeted
her relatives Arthur Morris gazed at
her with a scrutiny too close to be
condoned as a well bred stare She
wore a gray traveling dress and look
ed so charming that one might be
pardoned for an almost rude admira
Gad but shes a beauty he ex
claimed as Jessie stopped into the car
riage Thank God theres at least
one good looking girl in the neighbor
hood Who the devil is she Stranger
I suppose James he said in a low
voice addressing his tiger get in and
be ready to take the horses if I tell
Yes sir replied the boy solemnly
raising a gloved hand to his hat Un
der a strong curb the horses followed
the Bishop vehicle
Delighted to return to the country
Jessie Carden little suspected that her
arrival had so aroused the blase blood
of the banker millionaires son It
was a long drive but at last Arthur
Morris saw the carriage turn into the
Bishop yard He drove leisurely past
the place till he regained the main
On the old bridge spanning the
creek he met a young man in a light
road wagon Morris halted his team
and signaled the driver with a wave
of his hand
I say who lives in the big house to
the south on this side of the road
Mr Bishop lives there Mr Thom
as Bishop replied John Burt
Thanks said Arthur Morris with
a short bow Any daughters Im
a new comer in this locality he ex
plained with a smile meant to be con
Mr Bishop has no daughter said
John proud to give information on a
subject so dear to him The young
lady in their carriage was probably
Miss Carden She spends the sum
mer seasons with them Shes ex
pected to day from Boston
Carden Carden repeated Mor
ris as if the matter were merely of
passing moment I fancy Ive heard
of her people
Her father is a Boston banker
Ah yes I know Lovely old place
that of the Bishops isnt it Fine
old gables and an air of age Pilgrim
Fathers and all that sort of thing
dont you know Think Ill try to in
duce the governor to buy it Lovely
day Delighted to have met you Mr
Mr Brown Git up you brute and
the tandem was lashed past John
That evening after dinner Arthur
Morris found his father in the li
brary For some time both smoked
in silence
I say governor said Arthur as if
the thought had suddenly occurred to
him do you know any Cardens in
I know Marshall Carden the bank
er growled the millionaire What
about him
Oh nothing much rejoined the
son carelessly Whats he worth
Hes worth more than hell be
again said Randolph Morris grimly
Hes in L O stock up to his neck
If you knew as much about stocks as
you do about trousers that would
mean something to you but it doesnt
Carden is supposed to be worth half a
million When he gets through with
L O some one else will have the
money and hell have experience What
do you want to know about Carden
Has he a daughter The old man
looked sharply at Arthur Morris
To be continued
One on Senator Overman
Senator Overman was recently in
North Carolina to act as attorney for
defendants in a murder trial He
climbed into a bootblacks chair in
Salisbury one day The negro boy
was rather bright and the senator en
gaged him in conversation
Who is the governor of this state
asked the senator
I loan no boss was the reply
for which the senator chided the boot
black Gov Charlie Aycock is very
popular in the old North state and
Democrats think everybody ought to
know his name
The polishing of the senators shoes
proceeded and the negro lad seemed
to be in a mental abstraction But he
soon broke the silence
Boss he inquired who am the
gubehnor of Mississippi
The senator had to admit that he
could not remember Washington
Advisers of the Czars
The great czars of Russia somebody
said when they want a man go out
into the street and find one It is
another way of saying that the czars
ministers spring from nowhere It is
almost true Russia has had an em
press who began life as a peasant and
married a Swedish dragoon and it was
an Armenian who all but destroyed
the autocracy of the czars and set
Russia among the progressive nations
Sergius De Witte descendant of a
Dutchman started at a wayside rail
way station on a career which has
brought him almost at the head of the
state So too with the man who to
day holds the key of all the mysteries
of the great Russian war machine
Alexei Nicholaievitch Kuropatkin be
gan life as a sublieutenant London
Would Have His Farty Commit Itself
to Many Strange Reforms Consti
tutional Amendments and Some
Platitudes to Fill In
The Hon Charles Arnette Towne
whose Democracy is by Silver Repub
licanism out of Republicanism has
written a platform for the St Louis
convention Any sketch of this sort
should be received kindly but Mr
Towncs proposal that the Democratic
party guarantee ultimate statehood or
independence to colonies or depen
dencies of the United States seems
decidedly premature He speaks of
the anomalous relation of such de
pendencies to the government The
relation of Alaska is anomalous
but nobody is excited about it The
Democrats have tried reasserting the
verity of the Declaration of Independ
ence as Mr Towne says The less
Miey have to say about that smashed
scarecrow of imperialism the better
for them Independence for the
Philippines is out of the question for
the present at any rate As for
ultimate statehood that is too far
off Americans are able to wait for
the ultimate The immediate is their
What principles marked imme
diate has Mr Towne Revision of
the tariff on a revenue basis All
right if the Democratic protectionists
are not too numerous Economy in
public expenditures honesty in ad
ministration Ancient and fishlike
every party is for economy and hon
esty on paper
Mr Towne would declare against
every form of special privilege and
monopoly existing either by virtue or
moved only by an unselfish desire t
restore its prestige which It has los
partly through u combination of cir
cumstances over which it had no con
trol but principally through the In
ability of tios responsible for its wel
fare to agteo upon a line of pollcj
which would recommend it to tha
kindly consideration of the people
There is not to be sure much of a
chance for the Democratic party at
present The immediato outlook for
Jeffersonian and Jacksonian democra
cy is dark But the work of upbuild
ing might be commenced Nobody
can tell what may happen four years
hence and if not then eight years
hence or twelve years hence
But what do we find Discord every
where Democrats in New England
saying mean things about Arthur Pue
Gorman Democrats in the West utter
ing inexcusable things about G rover
Cleveland Democrats in Indiana form
ing factions on the sides of William
Randolph Hearst and Thomas Taggart
Democrats in Chicago calling the Hon
Carter H Harrison a little speckled
breeches ingrate traitor and outcast
Democrats everywhere denouncing
other Democrats as no Republicans
would denounce them even in the heat
of a campaign
It seems next to impossible for any
of the many really great men in the
Democratic party to escape the fury
of the factionists It matters not
whether he comes from the North the
South the East or the West the mo
ment the name of a natural leader is
mentioned for the highest office within
the gift of the American people his
party associates who ought to be
throwing bouquets begin to hurl abuse
at him Chicago Inter Ocean
Men Who Predict All Sorts of Calami
ties as the Result of the Tariff
Nobody will talce seriously the hys
terical calamity croak of Congressman
- f - r yff
by permission of the laws The
patent laws for example
Having reasserted the verity of the
Declaration Mr Towne proceeds to
reassert and repair the Constitution
We should pledge ourselves to re
spect the limitations ot the Constitu
tion and to restore the co ordinate dig
nity of the Congress in our system
We should declare in favor of con
stitutional amendments authorizing
the direct election of United States
senators and the enactment of an in
come tax
Respect the limitations of the Con
stitution by changing it Restore the
co ordinate dignity of the Congress
whatever that means by making the
senate a six year house Mr Towne
wants to restore the action of the
Federal government to the principles
of Washington and Jefferson which
were not precisely the same we be
lieve At any rate Washington and
Jefferson were for representative gov
ernment according to the Ccnstitution
a form not direct and popular enough
for Mr Towne
It would seem a little more Demo
cratic to propose that the several
States should levy an income tax if
they choose but Mr Townes Democ
racy is liberal and composite
Surely there must be plenty of
Democrats who are willing to stick
to the constitution instead of trj ing
to plaster it with amendments
Internal Dissensions Wreck What
Little Hope They Have
It is really too bad that the natural
leaders of the national Democratic
party cannot come together save in
the way of head end or rear end col
For more than forty years the
yearnings of all true friends of the
country for an intelligent and ener
getic Opposition have been disappoint
ed if we except the two brief periods
in which Grover Cleveland was appar
ently the leader of the Democracy
Even in these periods however the
natural leaders of the party of Jeffer
son and Jackson were divided and
when Mr Cleveland retired from the
Presidency for the last time at least
one half of those who should have ex
pressed regret made no effort to con
ceal their satisfaction
The country would be glad to see
the natural leaders of one of our great
partes come together like brothers
Lovering of Massachusetts to the
effect that our boasted prosperity is
fast coming to an end Intense devo
tion to a single idea has a tendency to
warp the judgment and upset the equi
librium as to other matters Mr Lov
erings single idea is the passage of
his bill to facilitate the payment of
tariff rebates There was once a man
who insisted that unless his theory
concerning the procession of the equi
noxes were instantly and universally
adopted there was great danger that
the world would wake up some morn
ing and find itself without any equi
noxes at all Congressman Lovering
is equally in earnest about his draw
back bill If that fails look out for
the burst of our great bubble of pros
Not long ago Bourke Cochran Tam
manys appointee to a seat in Con
gress made a speech in which he
went even further than Mr Lovering
and declared that net only was the
claim of protection prosperity a
wicked lie but the country was at
that moment on the brink of bank
ruptcy solely because of the perni
cious operation of the Dingley tariff
Two great minds running in practi
cally the same channel One foresha
dows fearful disaster because identifi
cation is required of imported mate
rials used in goods manufactured for
export before a rebate is allowed the
other sees ruin already upon us be
cause the country has been doing too
much of its own work and permitting
foreigners to do too little of it
What Should Have Been Done
It is regrettable that the House did
not order an investigation of the en
tire Postoffice Department and let the
country know just what the facts
would show There has been suffi
cient revealed to cause suspicion that
there may be more that thus far has
remained hidden The Republican
party cannot be hurt by exposing mis
conduct regardless of where it may
have occurred Denver Republican
Jim Hills Preference
The Supreme Court decision against
the trusts it seems is regarded by
the merger people as very satisfactory
under the circumstances nevertheless
jur Jim Hill is more than ever con
vinced that the safest man in the
country for President is Mr Grover
Cleveland during whose administra
tion the anti trust laws were stored in
the White House cellar
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Women of the world never use harsh
expressions when condemning their
rivals Like the savage they hurl ele
gant arrows ornamented with feathers
of purple and azure but with poisoned
points Chamfort
Its funnv how much more extrava
gant it seems to take your own sister
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chum to a champagne dinner New
York Press
A year of matrimony often gives
poor little Cupid a bade case of paint
ers colic But even poor Matrimony
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Women who wish they could swear
wonder whv men laugh at them
Tho frontispiece of the April SL
Nicholas is a half tone reproduction
from a Copley print of Dorothy as
winsome a little lass as ever sat for
her picture The original portrait
was by Lydia Field Emmett Temple
Baileys stories always please young
readers and The Generals Easter
Box is seasonable and cheery well
worth the second reading it is sure to
have Anne McQueens A Work of
Art is a quaint story of a quaint
little maiden of long ago a tale good
enough to be true Every girl and
boy of whatever age will be intensely
interested in the two Robinson Cru
soe articles The Author of Robinson
Crusoe by W B Northrop and
Robinson Crusoes Inland Two Hun-
dred Years Later by Francis Arnold
Some people seems always sure they
are right and then do the other thing
Am I in favor of expansion Every
thing that grows expands See hov
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The brilliant manner in which Hie
publishers of Everybodys Magazine
have handled the subject of the St
Louis exposition affords a clew to the
success of the publication The April
number opens with an article on The
Greatest Worlds Fair and the two
men most able to do the subject jus
tice have treated it David R Francis
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