The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, February 12, 1904, Image 8

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    I VI H
l Oyi Pirteihouse
iaboufc our market and raarvola how we
4nanage to keep everything so clean and
- cut our meats to everybodys
- tion including our own Its just as
easy to run
A Good
Meat Market
as a poor one We have learned the
secret and yours is the benefit orrather
tho gain is mutual
Give us your next meat order if you
iaro not already a patron
A light snow fell here Monday night
Annie Smith is quite sick with ton
Marion Powell was in our midst Wed
Mrs Ed Enfield and little Esther are
on the sick list
Dr Robinson of Danbury was on our
streets Tuesday
A great deal of sickness is reported
throughout the county
George Whittaker of McCook visited
with Xieon Russell Sunday
Mrs Teel is afflicted with the eczema
which is proving very unpleasant
Rose Akers visited with her friend
Ena Gamsby a few days last week
A Reedone of the Beavers successful
-farmers was a visitor here Tuesday
I M Smith of McCook visited with
Ihis brother W H and family last Sun
Edith Smith who has been visiting in
-Bison Oklahoma is expected homo next
W H Smith who has been seriously
till is now convalescing under Dr Hoyts
The funeral of Michael Adams occur
red on Thursday from the Catholic
Old Uncle Mike Adams died Sunday
flight after a very short duration of
John Ritchie and Ruby Wheeler of
Bartley attended M E church here
Sunday evening
Christine Nelson of Holbrook was the
guest of her sister Mrs Lawritson Sat
urday and Sunday
Frank Fritz and Harry Whitman
shipped a car load of hogs to St Joe
Wednesday morning
Geanette and Georgia Short are en
joying a visit from a couple of cousins
Residing in the east somewhere
Mrs Maggie Skinner of Trenton came
in on No 12 Sunday morning to visit
-awhile withW H Smith and family
Etta and Eugenia Crippen have moved
heir household goods from Orleans to
this place where they will make their
future home
Mrs P McDonald was called to Hart
well this state in answer to a summons
from her daughter Annie who is seri
ously ill
Nearly Forfeits His Life
A runaway almost ending fatallystart
ed a horrible ulcer on the leg of J B Or-
per Franklin Grove 111 For four years
St defied all doctors and all remedies
uut uucKiens Arnica salve- Had no
trouble to cure him Equally good for
burns bruises skin eruptions and piles
Socentsatli W McConnells drugstore
i naa a oaa coucn tor six
weeks and could find no relief
until I tried Ayers Cherry Pecto
ral Only one fourth of the bottle
cured me
L Hawn Newington Ont
Neglected colds always
lead to something serious
They run into chronic
bronchitis pneumonia
asthma or consumption
Dont wait but take
Ayers Cherry Pectoral
just as soon as your cough
begins A few doses will
cure youthen
Three sizes 25c 50c SI All druggists
Consult your doctor If he says take it
then do as he says If he tells yon not
to take It then dont take it pe knows
Leave It with him We are Trillin p
J C AYEK CO Lowell Mass
Meetings at the M E church tbta
Dora Walkington visited over Sunday
with Etta Hurton
Mrs Robert Leirly is very sick and
called a physician Tuesday
Charles Rawsons parents arrived here
Inst week from Colby Kansas
Letta Clements has been very sick for
a few days but hopes to bo able to return
to school next Monday
For several days Ira Ritchie was very
sick with the grip and his brother Guy
took charge of his dray
W B Downs was called to the eastern
part of the state last week to attend the
funeral of his mother-in-law
Cliff Cox is having a painful siege
with articular inflammatory rheumatism
He is some bettor at this writing
The attitude of Russia and Japan the
great conflagration in Baltimore andthe
death of Mark Hanna are the topics of
general conversation
Mr Probasco living northwest of here
who Is erecting a nice residence was in
town Saturday to purchase his bill of
paint oil and brushes
Max Eppler loaded a car with stock
and implements and Tuesday morning
left for Chickasha I T Mrs Eppler
and the children will follow in a few
The stone is all hauled the excavation
compleod a first class well put down
and si on as the weather will permit the
foundation for the new mill will be
pushed to completion
Commissioner Premer is having some
much needed work done at the river
bridge filling in a large amount of rock
to prevent the bank washing out the
north end of the bridge
S R Smith of Indianola visited here
last Thursday and made an attempt to
negotiate a divorce in escrow between
Mr and Mrs T Short The skill and
J eloquence of Mr Smith were not suffi
cient to consummate the divorce
Sheriff Crabtree and an attorney from
Omaha were in the city last week trying
to make a settlement between the Acme
Harvester Co and Edward Curlee
Sheriff Crabtree was appointed tempor
ary receiver for what goods the Harvester
Co could find Some notes have not
been turned over and the end is not yet
In last weeks Inter Ocean the editor
made mention of the settlement trying
to be effected between the Acme Har
vester Co and Edward Curlee Tues
day morning Mr Curlee proceeded to
the printing office to chastise the editor
The result was that the fighting editor
was in and soon after Curlee repaired
to the drug store for a supply of court
Relief la One Minute
One Minute Cough Cure gives relief
in one minute because it kills the mi
crobe which tickles the mucous mem
brane causing the cough and at the
same time clears the phlegm draws out
the inflammation and heals and soothes
the affected parts OneMinute Cough
Cure strengthens the lungs wards of
pneumonia and is a harmless and never
failing cure in all curable cases of coughs
colds and croup One Minute Cough
Cure is pleasant to take harmless and
good alike for young and old Sold by
L W McConnell
Fred Lakin put up a fine lot of ice
W BWolf has finished putting up
R H Harrison is building his addi
Calves and stock hogs are in demand
in these parts
Frank Lakin purchased a fine bull
calf of Will Sexson last week
Will Sexson has been confined to the
house with lagripp for a week
The Henderson steam sheller has been
doing work in these parts the last few
Richard Lakin is going to sell off his
stock and farm implements and go back
east to live
E A Sexson and wife and J T Sex
son of Holbrook were the guests of their
son and nephew Will Sexson Monday
Some are holding their wheat for a
dollar per bushel but think they will
get left as wheat has reached the dollar
notch out here once in September 1897
when for one day it was worth 125 per
Mysterious Circumstance
One was pale and sallow and the other
fresh and rosy Whence the difference
She who is blushing with health uses Dr
Kings New Life Pills to maintain it
By gently arousing the lazy organs they
compel good digestion and head off con
stipation Try them Only 25 cents at
L W McConnells druggist
A nice snow fell here Tuesday morn
ing and another Tuesday night
J K Gordon commenced work Wed
nesday with his big horse power saw
Mrs Martha Johnson is helping take
care of the sick at her sons W Y John
son this week
Rev Berry of McCook preached an ex
cellent sermon at this place Sunday
morning Rev Crago will preach next
Sunday morning and after the sermon
he will administer the sacrament
On account of the protracted meetings
at this place quarterly meeting was held
here Tuesday instead of at Garden
Prairie Elder Hardaway was present
in the afternoon and preached in the
evening to a good sized audience
1 Modern
I - m k - T I Dentistry j J
I zWellI ifl Office over McConneir drug store J
Jt M jffB J Office Phone 160 S i J
HUrt lit Said the Tester M Jsfl r phok m i I
iFrijBiS TM Registered Graduate Dentist
1 - 1
WmM - B FormerIy in At- 1
K JliWe 1 tn thp Jlflg 4i X lanta AH Pera J 1
I rs - Jr H tions Pertainins to modern J
H - jS J dentistry performed accord-
JM - H 3 to the latest scientific I Ji
I JBmtt IJrtAAriA I Nethods used in the large I
I mflmf BlSCUIf ttivfil
I ml fiZmirk mmmmmm vWmSmm If d burgess z M
mi jHJu quoth the king- -Ml II j St88in Fitter i M
WNi Its jest to make mI 2
no h J i id nd sw piP b
el V T B Goods Pumps an Boiler Trimmings Z H
7 99 a i
H iil 1k a man hungry II WM 7 Windmills Basement of the Meeker- 2 v fl
WMmM S ifB Phillips Building L jM
I rK 4 V
Vm BllL NATIONAL 1 wan j m
TliliiriiTiiiiiiiM IIIIJimM
m v lllirMlllllUllll
Man ford Steele is very sick
J E Polph 1ms been to Beaver City
on important business
Dr Cfinpbill of Lebanon wns in town
today Como again Dr
Mrs Millie Hillings is quite poorly
Dr DeMay is in attendance
Robert Pm lz brother of Otto came in
from Idaho Monday visiting parents
and other relative
It was not the Maccabees that occu
pied the hall two weHts ago but the
Fraternal Association
Mr Smith of Birtley removed his
cattle from Miuo Greons to his Hartley
ranch Tuesday morning
The farmers report the wheat Ilrsafe
except a very few pieces and the present
snow will insure a good ptart
Will Mussrove got a bad sprained
and got squeezed against the stall
Mr White of Bartley was here last
week in the interest of a tombstone
company and attending tho revival
Burnett Dolph and John Wicks re
moved a swarm of bees from P Gliems
store Monday and captured about 40
pounds of honey besides the business
end of a few bees
Sam Messner shipped four cars of cat
tle to Kansas City Monday night Ben
Smiley two cars of hogs to Kansas City
Jim Sims one load of hogs and Will
Henton two cars of cattle to Kansas
Mr Stone of Wilsonville has bought
the remnant stock of goods of Wmt
Sandon Dame rumor says Cliff Naden
is a partner the truth of which we do
1 n f I
A vegetable liquid for governing
Equalizing the flow of womens menses
which occur once in every lunar mouth
emale legtilator
is the essential quality of powerful herbs
It is a concentrated essence best adapted
for womens delicate organism and put in
such form that it is always properly
assimilated and taken into the system
Stoppages suppression painful or other
irregularity of the menses and sickly flows
are corrected and cured by the regular
use of this superior emmenagogue
Menstruation or periodic flows neces
sitate a breaking down of cells lining the
mucous membrane and a reconstruction
after every sickness which is accompa
nied with marked congestion and loss of
blood Such changes are very apt to pro
duce chronic catarrh Leucorrhea or
Whites is the result of these irritating dis
charges Regulator cures these troubles
and restores to perfect health the patient
who suffered the debilitating losses
Buy of druggists roo per bottle
Our illustrated book mailed free
Perfect Heath for Women
not vouch for but Cliff
beat for business honesty
George Shaekelton of Indianola and
W R Starr of McCook were here Satur
day the former for pleasure and tho
latter on professional business in case of
Sandon vs Rillings and wife Judg
ment against Billings but wife released
An Early Riser
A strong healthy constitution depends
largely on the condition of the liver
The famous little pills known as De
Witts Little Early Risers not only
cleanse the system but they strengthen
the action of the liver and rebuild the
tissues supporting that organ Little
Early Risers are easy to act they never
gripe and yet they are absolutely certain
to produce results that are satisfactory
in all cases Sold by L W McConnell
arm this morning He kicked a horse I a new 61
H I Peterson toted the mail to Mc
Cook and back through the snow storm
John Rowland is reported very sick
with lung fever He is living in Gerver
August Wesch shelled corn last week
and Joe Dodge pulled from there to
Andrew Andersons to shell for him
Snow storm Tuesday and about two
inches snow fell The snow fell without
wind and it covers the ground evenly
The thermometer registered zero Wed
nesday morning
Will buy hogs Tuesdays and Sat
urdays F S Wilcox
Escaped An Awful Fate
H Haggins of Melbourne Fla writes
My doctor told me I had consumption
and nothing could be done for me I
was given up to die The offer of a free
trial bottle of Dr Kings New Discovery
for Consumption induced me to try it
Results were startling I am now on
the road to recovery and owe all to Dr
Kings New Discovery It surely saved
my life This great cure is guaranteed
for all throat and lung diseases by LW
McConnell druggist Price 50 cents
and 81 Trial bottles free
Daniol A Bowen will take notice that on the
29th day of January 1904 J S Lellew a justice
of the peace of Red Willow county Nebraska
issued an order of attachment for tho sum of
2350 and summons against fjarnisheo on the
Citizens Bank of McCook and Phineas E Potter
in an action pending before said justice where
in Samuel D McClain and Joseph H Stephens
partners doing business under the firm name
and style of McClain Stephens are plaintiffs
and Darnel A Bowen is defendant that under
said orders issued by said justice the garnishee
Phineas E Potter and Garnishee Citizens Bank
of McCook by V Franklin president on tho
2nd day of February 1904 the day named in
said notice appeared and answered and dis
closed to the court that they had in their pos
session and under their control the following
property That the said Phineas E Potter is in
debted to said defendant Daniel A Bowen in
of 100 each and tho saidCitizensBankof McCook
has in its possession for collection four promis
sory notes of 100 each due and unpaid Riven by
P E Potter and Maine Potter to the defendant
Daniel A Bowen and the sum of 2063 depos
ited in said hank by said Daniel A Bowen and
the said Phineas E Potter and Citizens Bank
of McCook have been ordered by said justice to
retain said notes money and property belooc
iup to said Daniel A Bowen until the further
order of the court Said cause was continued
to tho 26th day of March 1904 at 10 oclock a in
Dated February 11th 1901 W R Stakr
Attorney for Plaintiff
Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals
will be received by the county commissioners of
Red Willow county Nebraska at the office of
the county clerk on or before noon March 8
1904 for such medicines and medicial services
of physicians as may bo required by the poor of
Red Willow county Proposals to embrace the
following districts of said county viz
The first district comprises the six eastern
precincts of the first commissioner district
Tho second district comprises all of the pre
cincts of tho second commissioner district
Tho tliird district comprises the eight western
precincts of Red Willow county
The county commissioners reserve the right to
reject any and all bids
E J Wilcox County Clerk
Dated this 3d day of February 1904
When You Have A Cold
The first action when you have a cold
should be to relievo the luns Thisis
best accomplished by the In e use of
Chamberlains Cough Remedy This
Remedy liquefies the tough mucus and
causes its expulsion from the air cells of
the lungs produces a free ipi ctoration
and opens the secretions A complete
cure soon follows Thi remedy will
cure a severe c ld in less time than any
other treatment ami it leaves the system
in a natural and healthy condition It
counteracts any tendency toward pneu
monia For sale by all druggists
A Cure For Eczema
My baby had eczema so bad that its
head was a solid mass of scabs and its
hair all came out I tried many reme
dies but none seemed to do any perman
ent good until I used De Witts Witch
Hazel Salve The eczema is cured the
scabs are gone and tho little ones scalp
is perfectly clean and health v and its
hair is irrowinir beautifulb aain I
BANKSVILLE cannot give too much praise to De Witts
C R Lee and wife are the parents of Witch Hazel Salve Frank Farmer
XJJUU Uity ivy in uuyingWUcli Hazel
Salve look out for counterfeits DeWitts
is the original and the only one contain
ing pure Witch Hazel The name E C
DeWitt Co is on everv box Sold bv
L W McConnell
I5y virtue f an order of sale issued from tho
district court of Redwillow county Nebraska
under a decree in an action wherein J F Cor
deal is plaintiff and Olaf Landgren ot al are
defendants to mo directed and delivered I
shall offer at public sale and sell to the highest
bidder for cash at the front door of the court
house in McCook Redwillow couut Nebraska
on the 29th daj of February 100J at tho hour of
one oclock p m the following described real
ostate towit Beginning at a point forty -six feet
south of the northeast corner of block five in
the town of South McCook running thence
south ninety four feet thence west one hundred
fifty feet thence north ninety four feet thence
east one hundred fifty feet to the place of be
ginning and also lot twelve in block three in
Hiram C Riders first addition to tho town of
South McCook in Redwillow county Nebras ka
1-29-ate A C Ceabtkee Sheriff
J F Cordeai1 Attorney
In the District Court of Red Willow county
state of Nebraska
In the matter of tho application of Florence H
Parkinson and F B Pratt executors of tho
last will and testament of W J Parkinson
deceased for license to sell real estate
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of an
order of the Hon R C Orr judge of tho district
court of Red Willow county Nebraska made on
tho 17th day of August 1903 for the sale of the
real estate hereinafter described there will be
sold it tho front door of the court house in tho
city of McCook in said county on tho 20th day
February 1904 at the hour of one oclock p m
at public vendue to the highest bidder for cash
the following described real estate to wit The
northwest quarter of section number 23 in
township number 1 north range 29 west of the
bixtti 1 M in Red Willow county Nebraska
Said sale will remain open one hour
Dated this 29th day of January 1904
Florence II Parkinson and F B Pratt
Executors of the last will and testament of V
J Parkinson deceased
By C E Eldred their attorney
Notice is hereby given that the county com
missioners of Red Willow county will receive
sealed bids for the completion of the jail room
and corridor according to plans and specifica
tions on file in the county clerks officesaid bids
to ho endorsed Bids for completing jail room
and corridor said bids to be filed with the
county clerk on or before 12 oclock noon
March fc 1904
Commissioners reserve the right to reject any
and all bids
Dated this 3d day of February 1904
E J Wilcox County Clerk
Daniel A Bowen will take notice that on the
29th day of January 1904 J S Lellew a justice
of the peace of Red Willow county Nebraska
issued an order of attachment for the sum of
9940 and summons against garni hee on the
Citizens Bank of McCook and Phineas E Potter
in an action pending before said justice wherein
Charles F Peck is plaintiff and Daniel A Bowen
is defendant that under said orders issued by
said justice tho garnishee Phineas E Potter
and garnishee Citizens Bank of McCook by V
Franklin president on the 2nd day of Febru
ary 1901 the day named in said notice appear
ed and answered and disclosed to the court that
they had in their possession and under their
control the following property That the said
Phineas E Potter is indebted to said defendant
Daniel A Bowen tho sum of 40000 evidenced by
four promissory notes of 100 each and the said
Citizens Bank of McCook has in its possession
for collection four promissory notes of 10000
each due and unpaid given by P E Potter and
Maine Potter to the defendantDaniel A Bowen
and the sum of 2065 deposited in said bank by
said Daniel A Bowen and the said Phineas E
Potter and Citizens Bank of McCook have been
ordered bysaid justice to retain said notesmoney
and property belonging to said Daniel A Bowen
until the further order of the court Said cause
was continued to the 26th day of March 1904 at
10 oclock a m
Dated February 11th 1904 T R Staer
Attorney for Plaintiff
Osteopathic Physician
Kelley Office Bldg Phone No 13
Consultation free
Graduate of Kansas
City Lental College
Over Jas McAdams
Telephone 43
McCook Nebraska
DENTIST phone us
Office over Granm9 store SIcCook Nob
and Surgeon
Offico over McMillens drug store Residence
702 Main Aveune Rosidonce phone 53 Office
phono 28 Calls answered night or day
McCook Nebraska
Goes anywhere Specialty of Thorough Bred
Stock sales One per cent on sales 1XX and
upward Correspondence solicited
McCook Nebraska
23Agent of Lincoln Land Co and of McCook
Water Works Ollico in Postoflico building
McCook Nebraska
Office in Court House Phone 181
McCook Nebraska
Telephone 44 p o Building
The Toledo Blade
New and Larger Building New Presses
New Steretype Plant New and
Mdern Appliances n Every
The Toledo Blado is now installed in its new
building wfth modern plant and equipment
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Blade publishes short and serial stories and
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Write for free specimen copy Address The
Blade Toledo Ohio
To Maud H Bronson non resident defendant
You are hereby notified that Charles W Bran
son plaintiff has filed his petition in the di
trust court of Red Willow county Nebraska tna
object and prayer of which is to obtain ad
vorce i from yon on tho ground that you have d
serted the plaintiff for more than two years InV
past without just cause or provocation
You are required to answer said petUloa
or before Monday February 29 1904 n
Dated January 19 1904
SHAII ES W Bwwsosr Plaintiff
By J E Kelley his attorney -