The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 11, 1903, Image 6

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    WcCook Tribune
F M KIMMELL Publlchcr
The State bank of Silver Lake
Minn was robbed of 250 In cash and
all notes and securities
Emperor William banqueted 10000
civil officials and prominent inhabi
tants of the province of Hesse Nassau
at Cassel
Frau Cosima Wagner telegraphs to
Berlin that she will not produce Par
sifal in America as reported from
Now York
A general bureau of information is
to be established at Salt Lake by
the Womens Missionary union and
the Utah Ministerial union
Henry Caldwell established a new
worlds competitive record on a motor
at the Charles River track Boston
riding fifty miles In one hour
Twelve hundred stationary
neers met in national convention at
Evansville Ind representing the or
ganization of every state in the un
Fernando Valenzuela for -whose
capture dead or alive a Jarge reward
was offered has been shot and kill
ed by Mexican rurales at Santa Cruz
Two German students named Lud
wig Schmitt and Emil Mark of Hei
delberg have been sentenced to three
months detention in a fortress for
The Indianapolis Southern railway
let the contract for the preparatory
work on the road between Indianap
olis and Sullivan a distance of 110
miles to Kenefick Co of Pittsburg
Mathematicians from all over the
country as well as from various
parts of the continent of Europe were
In Boston to attend the tenth sum
mer meeting of the American Math
ematical society
The monthly statement of the coin
age executed at the mints of the Uni
ted States shows the total coinage for
August to have been 1114180 as fol
lows Gold 450000 silver 452000
minor coins 212185
Consular dispatches from Prishtina
near the Servian frontier confirm the
reports that nearly all the Christian
villages in the districts of Dibro fifty
four miles from Monastir and Ciceve
have been pillaged and burned
A report from Rear Admiral Cogh
lan on the accident to Olympia during
the Joint maneuvers received at the
navy department says that the Inju
ries are slight but that the ship is
leaking quite badl
The eruption of Vesuvius continues
in all its grandeur but without appar
ent danger to the neighboring popula
tion The lava emitted is of an un
usually liquid form and consequently
has covered a larger area than at pre
vious eruptions
General George B Wright one of
the best known men In Ohio died Tn
Columbus of pneumonia aged 87
years He was prominent in state
and national affairs and had held of
fice under both the state and United
States governments
The department of commerce and
labor announces the appointment of
Edwin W Sims as special attorney
In the bureau of corporations He
has been practicing law in Chicago
for the past ten years and has been
county attorney of Cook county since
The Liquor Dealers association of
New York passed resolutions denounc
ing Mayor Low for announcing that
the association has determined to en
ter the municipal campaign this year
as a non political body to oppose the
election of its enemies and espouse
the cause of its friends
In a panic at the first annual pic
nic of the butchers of Racine Wis
held at Sunside park four persons
were severely Injured by a mad steer
which broke loose and ran through
the crowd of 1000 people A hundred
or more persons were knocked down
and three wbmen fainted
Miss Sarah F Gardner the mission
ary who returned a month ago from
India where she represented the Wo
mans Union Missionary society for
twenty four years is dead in the Cat
skills where she had gone to recu
perate Miss Gardner took a leading
part in the missionary work and head
ed the great Hoyt -Memorial hospital
for the women of India
FederaT officials at Indianapolis
received word that two Scotland Yard
detectives left Liverpool England
for Indianapolis armed with warrants
and complete extradition papers for
James L Lynchehaun theIrish fugi
tive under arrest here
The Chicago Yacht club will retain
possession of the Sir Thomas Lipton
cup for another year La Rita winning
the deciding race La Rita won the
cup last year and another victory
will give her permanent possession oi
the trophy
Man Resides in the Neighborhood of
Oyster Bay and Belongs to a Good
Family Secret Service Men Have
to Take Him in Charge
OYSTER BAY A man giving his
name as Henry Weilbrenner was ar
rested at Sagamore Hill late Tuesday
night while making a persistent de
mand to see President Roosevelt The
man was armed with a revolver fully
loaded He was taken to the village
and placed in the town prison
v Shortly after 10 oclock Tuesday
night Weilbrenner drove to Sagamore
Hill in a phaeton buggy He was
stopped by the secret service opera
tive on duty Weilbrenner said he
had a personal engagement with the
president and desired to see him As
it was long after the hours when
visitors are received the officer de
clined to permit him to go to the
house The man Insisted but the offi
cer turned him away
Soon after Weilbrenner returned
and again insisted that he be allowed
to see the president if only for a min
ute This time he was ordered away
and warned not to return
Just before 11 oclock the man re
turned a third time and demanded of
the officer that he should be permit
ted to see the president at once The
officers response was to take the man
from his buggy and put him in the
stables where he was placed under
the guard of two stable men A re
volver was found in the buggy
x Later Weilbrenner was brought to
the jail and locked up He is five
feet six inches high has a medium
sized dark moustache black eyes and
evidently is of German descent He
resides at Syosset about five miles
inland from Oyster Bay He was well
dressed in a suit of dark material and
wore an old fashioned derby hat It
is thought by the officers that Weil
brenner was accompanied by two oth
er men as their footprints were found
in the mud alongside the buggy
tracks In view of this fact the offi
cer on duty telephoned to the village
for assistance and was soon joined
by two other secret service men
Weilbrenner appears to be dement
ed He said that he had received a
telephonic communication from the
president directing him to call at Sag
amore Hill His buggy was taken to
a local livery barn When asked
what had become of the rig Weil
brenner replied Oh the president
has taken care of it thats all right
Decrease is Shown of Over 6000000
tor August
ly statement of the public debt at the
close of business August 31 shows
the total debt less cash in treasury
amounted to 923924357 which is a
decrease for the month of 6098951
This decrease is accounted for prin
cipally by the corresponding increase
in the cash on hand The debt is re
capitulated as follows
Interest bearing debt 914541400
debt on which interest has ceased
since maturity 1204070 tlebt bear
ing no interest 390629527 totals
11307375065 This amount how
ever does not contain 896739869 in
certificates and treasury notes out
standing which are offset by an equal
amount of cash on hand held for their
Urges His Countrymen to Send Their
Children to School
MANILA Aguinaldo the
Because- of the Assault Upon Our
Vice Consul
has notified Minister Leishman that
five arrests have been made at Bey
root in connection with the shooting
which led to the report that William
C Magelssen the vice consul there
had been assassinated
The Turkish officials continue to in
sist that no attempt was made on the
vice consuls life and they re assert
that the whole story originated in a
fired on the occasion of a
marriage in accordance with customs
Mr Leishman however refuses to
accept an exnlanation without con
clusive proof that the judicial investi
gation continues
The attempt to burn the American
college at Harpoot occurred five weeks
ago and apparently was the work of
an Individual who considered he had
a grievance against the college au
thorities When Mr Leishman was
informed of the attempt he demanded
that the porte protect the American
institution and in coiisequence in
structions were sent to the authorities
at Harpoot to try in the regular courts
the charges against fifty Armenians
accused of trafficking in arms and en
gaging in other seditious acts
WASHINGTON Chekib Bey the
Turkish minister has received from
the minister of foreign affairs at Con
stantinople a dispatch giving the
Turkish version of the reported at
tempt on the life of United States
Vice Consul Magelssen at Beyroot It
was dated August 30 and originally
was sent to the ministers summer
home at Sayville L I
After declaring that the report of
the assassination of Mr Magelssen
was absolutely false the dispatch
gives a version of the affair practical
ly the same as has been told in the
dispatches from Turkey It says that
the pistol was fired by a man return
ing from a marriage fete that the shot
was fired in the air and that it hap
pended just as Mr Magelssen was
passing in his carriage This the dis
patch says led the vice consul to be
lieve that an attempt had been made
against his life The man who did
the shooting already has been deliv
ered to the judicial authorities Che
bik Beys dispatch also asserts that
order and tranquility prevail at Bey
The Information contained in the
cablegram has been furnished to
United States Minister Leishman at
Constantinople by the Turkish minis
ter of foreign affairs and to Secretary
Hay by the Turkish minister here
Belgrade Hears that City at Scene of
Trouble is in Flames
VIENNA The Belgrade papers are
again spreading sensational rumors
that a portion of the town of Adrian
ople has been blown up and that the
other part is burning No confirma
tion of these reports is obtainable
government advices Colonel Jankoff
the insurgent leader who with a
strong following is operating south
ward of Demotyka has been entrust
ed with the task of destroying the
larger bridges of the railroad running
from Dedeagatch on the south cost
to Kuleliburges over the Maritza rail
road so as to cut off communication
with Adrianople from the south and
delay the troops who are on their way t
to the threatened city
uourt ma ma i sentence
partment has decided to refer to the
supreme court of the Philippines is
lands the case of the native Philipino
Dunony who was convicted of mur
der by the military government and
sentenced to death He escaped and
General Nebraska INews
Articles of incorporation of the Lin
coln Dairy company were filed with
the secretary of state The capital
stock of the company will be 25000
The special election at Sheldon to
vote on the proposition to issue 12
500 in bonds for water works resulted
in the bonds carrying by a vote of
130 to 40
There is a movement among farm
ers in the vicinity of Minden to ship
their own grain and live stock
The southwestern district Grand
Army of the Republic reunion held at
Cambridge was well attended
Mrs Anna D Schellenberg of Dodge
county is of unsound mental temper
ament according to the statement of
her husband Casper Schellenberg
who has filed a petition in county
court for the appointment of a guard
ian for her
Charles Folden aged 40 was killed
seven miles west of Beatrice by a six
ton traction engine falling upon him
George Vertrees and Newton Vertrees
were injured biit are not in a serious
condition The accident occurred by
the collapsing of a bridge
The board of directors of the Beat
rice Chautauqua association held the
annual meeting and elected new mem
bers to serve during the coming year
The Burlington road has signified its
intention of making no efforts to run
low rate Sunday excursions in the fu
The death of Thomas Stolp an old
resident of Antelope county occurred
at his home last week Mr Stolp was
89 years of age He came to the coun
ty in 1871 settling on a homestead
four miles east of Neligh and has re
sided there continuously since that
For seevral months the friends of
Weeping Water academy have been
striving to raise funds to erect a girls
cottage for that institution realizing
that much of the life of an institution
centers around such a building The
date set to raise this amount expired
at night at 12 oclock but at 855 the
Unount was subscribed and at a meet
ing called at the Congregational
church general rejoicing followed
The authorities of Wesleyan univer
sity at Lincoln have made a canvas of
the local situation at University Place
this year with respect to the accom
modations that may be expected in
that place during the coming school
year They find that because of the
large number of houses constructed
there and because of the generosity of
the people in opening their homes
rooms for 150 more students than
were there last year will be placed at
the disposal of newcomers
John Rush of Omaha was at Lincoln
seeking information that would lead
to the whereabouts of his father-in-law
James Ferry aged 84 years Mr
Ferry while temporarily deranged
had wandered away from his home
August 16 and was last heard of in
Otoe county It was stated then that
he was headed for Idaho to visit rel
atives Mr Rush said Mr Ferry had
no relatives in Idaho but for some
time he had labored under that belief
Milk is holding the boards in Lin
coln these days and as a clincher the
town is to have a milk trust Articles
of incorporation of the Lincoln Dairy
company have been prepared The
capital stock is fixed at 25000
The condition of the corn crop
1 fords no tale of woe to unfold from
Can Philippine Government Enforce
ms Iocality sys a stanton dispatch
immense is the word that fittingly
describes it True there are occa
sional fields or patches belated to such
a degree that a matured crop is im
probable but these are not common
In the main the crop was never more
promising on September 1 Thou
sands of acres have passed the roast-
tionary leader but now a pronounced
was apprehended after the Philippines j and much of it is dinted
supporter of the policy maintavaed by 1 j i i i tt r i
the United States in the island has
just addressed a letter of advice to
his countrymen
In this he urges that they forsake
gambling to improve their methods
of agriculture and to attend the pub
lic schools so generously provided to
furnish them educational facilities
Condition of the i reasury
statement of the treasury balances in
the general fund exclusive of the
150000000 gold reserve in the divi
sion of redemption shows Available
cash balance 233450711 gold 103
Bulgarian Loss is Heavy
SALONICA According to the lat
est Turkish estimate about 1500
Bulgarians were killed in the recent
fighting at Smilero Ve Nevska and
Klissura The Turkish loss is not
stated This loss does not include
loss in the Smilero district where
fighting was resumed August 30 and
continued until the following day
It is reported that Sarafoff the rev
olutionary leaders left Salonica on
passed to civil control His attorneys
make the claim that the civil govern
ment cannot carry out the sentence of
the military government
ft ic ovnoprorl that tVio rase
treasury and the banks in which the
mately will be taken to the United
States supreme court
No News from Turkey
WASHINGTON For two days the
state department has been without ad
vice from Turkey The position of
the Washington government contin
ues unchanged in regard to the Turk
ish question It is expected that the
Brooklyn and San Francisco will ar
rive off Beyroot Friday and Machias
off Port Said
The Thomas a Treasure Ship
transport Thomas sailed for Manila
by way of Guam She carried 307
marines for the Philippines and
Guam twenty five members of the
Fourteenth cavalry and a few casu
als In addition to a large quantity
of freight the Thomas takes to the
islands 7000000 in treasure of which
2000000 is in the new silver pesos
and the remainder in Philippines
ver certificates
and silks and tassels are dry
In his monthly report filed with the
state auditor State Treasurer
rsen shows the present condition of the
money of the state is on deposit The
report shows that nearly all of the
trust funds have been invested The
permanent school fund was cut down
from 7694614 to 6290 notwith
standing the fact that during the
month 7001383 was paid into the
fund During the month the gross in
vestments from this fund amounted to
14689707 There was a decrease in
the general fund from 5338310 to
The Auburn Chautauqua association
has filed articles of incorporation with
the secretary of state The association
Is incorporated by A L Allen A R
Peery Roy Langford E M Tyler and
William Reisenberg The capital
stock is 5000
An exhibit of specimens of tho wcti
done by the patients at the institute
at Beatrice for feeble minded youth
was sent to the state fair The ex
hibit consists of fancy work by the
girls and hand made brushes manu
factured by the boys of the institution
Rivals of Kearney Talk of Restrain
ing Board
LINCOLN As a result of the State
Normal board locating the new nor
mal school at Kearney there are some
tender spots left on the citizens ol
some of tho other towns that were In
the contest Even Treasurer Morten
sen feels keenly disappointed Tho
treasurer had all the confidence in the
world that Ord would be the place
and he nursed the thought until he
saw the school building looming up
in his town If Ord couldnt get it
then the treasurer it is said wanted
it to go to Broken Bow He waited
just a little too long and Mr Rogers
flopped from Broken Bow to Kearney
On several occasions Mr Rogers had
changed his vote to locate the school
until finally he was successful
It was reported here that an in
junction would be asked for by one or
more of the competing towns to pre
vent Kearney from getting tho school
without a fight through the courts
The request is to be based on the fact
that Kearney offered twenty acres of
land which is not in one tract
when the law requires that the land
be one tract of not less than twenty
acres that Kearney was allowed to
modify its bids after all were opened
and if these are not sufficient to get
the injunction then the constitution
ality of the law giving the board the
power to locate the school will be at
Plans for Changes on the State House
LINCOLN Neb The board of pub
lic lands and buildings held an ad
journed meeting for the purpose of
allowing claims Plans for food holes
in the new cells which will be in
stalled at the penitentiary were pre
sented by Supervising Architect
Grant The board adopted the plans
presented and will have the Van
Dorn Iron Works company notified to
make the addition This will cost 78
or 50 cents each for the 126 new cells
Half of these cells will have to be
finished before the close of the month
according to the contract entered into
by the company
The plans which have been pre
pared by State Architect Tyler for re
modeling the walks and drives of the
capital grounds were approved and
the commissioner of public lands and
buildings instructed to advertise for
bids for doing the work One of the
principal changes contemplated in the
state house campus is the tearing out
of the steps which lead up to the
grounds at the corners and replace
them with circular stone steps The
drives will be laid out in a manner
more becoming to the artistic eye of
the architect
Assault Proves Expensive
NEBRASKA CITY The case of the
state against John Volkman of Pal
myra was tried here in county court
and the defendant found guilty of as
sault on the person of Rev Van Berun
of Palmyra The defendant was fined
5 and costs amounting to 10627
This case has aroused a great deal ot
interest in this part of the state as it
grew out of the war against liquor
traffic in Palmyra
Kills Eagle With Broom
CALLAWAY While sitting in the
parlor of her home Mrs Eb Nichel
son who resides west of the city
heard her pet cat give a yowl as if in
agony Going to the door she discov
ered the cat and a large eagle in dead
ly combat Mrs Nichelson grabbed
a broom and killed the bird
There were nearly 1200 people on
the carnival grounds at Fremont the
first night which was the opening ol
the weeks gauges All the shows
were not in running order but the
free exhibitions made a good impres
sions The number of grafters follow
ing the carnival company is large
Petersons Leg Broken
LOUP CITY Frank Peterson a
farmer living about five miles south
east of this city fell from a load ol
hay and one of his legs was broken
Charged with Unnatural Crime
ALBION Elmer Russell of St
Edward this county was bound ovei
to the district court by County Judge
Riley on the charge of incest
Changes at Industrial School
KEARNEY Messrs Cave and Con
nor of the industrial school force
managing families B and D left the
institution Monday night James A
Dallas and wife of Minden have taken
charge of family B and George F
Day of St Paul will take charge o
family D Mr Connor will remair
in Kearney for the present Mr Cave
has gone to Kimball and will take
charge of the schools there Mr
Leavenworth left for Omaha
Completely Reotored o Health
Mrs P Brunzel wifo of x BrunzoV
stock dealer residence 3111 Grandi
Ave Everett Wash says For fif
teen years I suffered
with terrible pain ia
my baek I experi
mented with doc
tors and medicines
but got little If any
relief I actually be
lieve the aching la
in my back and
through the grolrt
became worse I did
not know what It
was to enjoy a
nights rest nnd
aroso in tho morn
ing leeling tired and
unrefreshed My
suffering sometimes was simply Indes
cribable Finally I saw Doans Kid
ney Pills advertised and got a box
After a few doses I told my husband
that I was feeling much better and
that the pills were doing mo good
When I finished that box I felt like a
different woman I didnt stop at that
though I continued tho treatment
until I had taken five boxes There
was no recurrence until a week ago
when I began to feel miserable again
I bought another box and three days
treatment restored me to health
Doans Kidney Pills act very effective
ly very promptly relievo the aching
pains and all other annoying difficul
ties I have recommended them to
many people and will do so when op
portunities present themselves
A FREE TRIAL of this great kid
ney medicine which cured Mrs Brun
zel will be mailed to any part of the
United States on application Address
Foster MIlburn Co Buffalo N Y For
sale by all druggists price 50 cents
per box
The Nerve Racking Piano
The general belief that the piano
was not only an instrument of per
cussion but of torture finds confirma
tion In the researches made recently
by a Berlin nerve specialist He as
serts that out of 1000 girls who be
gan to play the piano before they
were 14 no less than 600 were affected
by some kind of nervous disease
while out of 1000 girls who had not
been put at playing scales only 100
were so affected His recommenda
tion is that girls should not begin to
work on the piano until they are 16
Waldon Fawcett describes in thfr
beptember St Nicnolas the success of
a savings bank experiment tried by a
Washington D C public school a
success which is likely to set other
schools experimenting along the same
lines This school savings bank is
conducted In every way just like a
real bank The principal makes him
self responsible for the safe keeping
of the funds and at the close of each
days business deposits the daily re
ceipts in one of the citys ordinary
commercial banking institutions Pu
pils are tellers and bookkeepers do
ing all the work Involved and tho
childrens pennies foot up already to
the respectable fund of two hundred
Belonged to Electoral Commission
It has been noted that only three
of the fifteen members of the famous
electoral commission of 1877 survive
ex Ssenator Edmunds Senator Hoar
and General Eppa Hunton of Virginia
the two last having been chosen on
the part of the house of representa
tives n11 of the five justices of the
supreme court who sat on the com
mission long since passed away
Silk Wool and Cotton at one boiling
Some men are proud of their mis
deeds and ashamed of their virtues
Ans 70th Birthday
The 70th birthday of the empress
of China which occurs next year is
to be celebrated in Peking with un
precedented splendor If the present
plans are carried out the cost will
amount to nearly 5000000 One
half of this sum has already been put
aside by the director of the treasury
Tshuan lin the remainder the pro
vincial mandarins who owe their po
sitions to the empress will be expect
ed to provide
Edwin L Sabins The Match
Game announced for the oeptember
century will be the third in the Cen
turys series of stories of village boy
life stories which bring nine out of
every ten gray haired men very close
to their days of bare feet careless
grammar and care free fun Frederic
Dorr Steele will illustrate the story of
the match between our nine and
their nine with pictures of You
and Fat Day Billy Lunt and
Spunk Carey Hen Schmidt and
Chub Thornbury Doc Kennedy
and Red Conroy Hod OShea and
the other nine lads who played that
eventful names The very names
stir jolly memories
You can save from 3 to 5 yearly by
wearing W L Douglas 350 or 3 hoes
They equal those
that have been cost
ing you from S400
to SoOO The im
mense salo of V L
Dougla3 shoes proves
their superiority over
all other makes
Soid by retail shoo
dealers everywhere
Look for name and
prioe on bottom
That Dougla me Cor
OQaCIt prore the re Is
Talne In DonIn shoes
Corona i the hljhext
grade PatLeather nade
Fast Color Elirlrtl ittni
OsrU Gilt Edgt Unecarnot kcequailei at anTpice
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