The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 07, 1903, Image 3

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Dont forget when you
order starch to get the
best Get DEFIANCE No
more yellow looking clothes
no more cracking or breaking It
doesnt stick to the iron It gives satis
faction or you get your money back The
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starcrt iade Of other starches you get
but 12 ounces Now dont forget Its aX
your grocers
Experience takes dreadfully high
school wages but he teaches like no
other Carlyle
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St Edwards Hall for boys under 13 ears is
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The 60th Year will open September 8 1903
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whoWiome Your grocer should have firem
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Wo ld nandora bookie- How to AUke Good
thine o to Eat fte
Ubay McXclH S Ubay Chicago
Mary Proctor who writes of Five
Hundred Little Worlds in the Au
gust St Nicholas is a daughter ol
the great Proctor the astronomer and
is living at present in New York City
She is a small women exceedingly
quiet almost shy in manner but has
proved a successful lecturer and writ
er in the field where her father won
fou never hear any one complain
about Defiance Starch There is
none to equal it in quality and quan
tity 1G ounces 10 cents Try it now
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Write injuries on ice but kindness
in stone
If you wish beautiful clear whito clothes
use Rod Cross Ball Blue Large 2 oz
package 5 cents
It often happens that the richer a
man becomes the less he is worth
The Plaint of the British Fiddler
The annual complaint of English
musicians comes from London It is
that an English musician has no
chance to get work in competition
with foreigners There are 300 orches
tral bands in London druing the sea
son and practically all of them are
made up of aliens The one chance an
Englishment has of steady employ
ment is to disguise himself and pre
tend to be a German or a Belgian One
band of sixteen wears foreign uni
forms trims beards in foreign style
and speaks only in foreign monosyl
lables but every one is an English
man forced to the subterfuge by the
necessity of making a living
Why Russell Sage Moves
Russell Sage is going to move from
the modestlittle house in Fifth avenue
New York where he has lived for
forty two years He can no longer
stand for his neighbors First some
one put a candy store next door to
him Then another store was estab
lished on the other side At the rear
of the candy store is an immense fan
designed to cool the ice cream parlor
This fan is right next to three of the
windows of his dining room The
noise it makes is deafening On the
Forty second street side there is a
smoking parlor and as Mrs Sage de
tests the smell of tobacco she is com
pelled to keep her windows closed So
they are going to move to the now de
serted mansion of the late Charles
Broadway Rouss On one side lives
Henry Clews on the other D Ogden
Quit Coffee and Get Well
A womans coffee experience is in
teresting For two weeks at a time
I have taken no food but skim milk
for solid food would ferment and
cause such a pressure of gas snd such
distress that I could hardly breathe at
times also excruciating pain and
heart palpitation and all the time I
was so nervous and restless
From chilhcod up I had been a
coffee and tea drinker and for the
past 20 years I have been trying dif
ferent physicians but could get only
temporary relief Then I read an ar
ticle telling how some one had been
cured by leaving off coffee and drink
ing Postum and it seemed so pleasant
just to read about good health I de
cided to try Postum in place of coffee
I made the change from coffee to
Postum and such a change there is in
me that I dont feel like the same- per
son We all found Postum delicious
and like it better than coffee My
health now is wonderfully good
As scon as -I made the shift from
coffee to Postum I got better and now
all of my troubles are gone I am
fleshy my food assimilates the pres
sure in the chest and palpitation are
all gone my bowels are regular have
no more stomach trouble and my
headaches are gone Remember I did
not use medicines at all just left oS
coffee and drank Postum steadily
Name given by Postum Co Battle
Creek Mich
Send to the Co for particulars by
mail ef extension of time on the
7500 cocks contest for 735 money
Old man Butterby hated Bob
And Bob he equally hated him
And as each was onto his shooting
It seemed that some ones show was
For from Butterbys ranch to Eobs
home place
Was a mile or so and that was all
So the boys all said as they viewed
the case
I reckon the Coronerll git a call
Well Bob and Butterby met one day
Twas a thing of course they were
bound to do
And each of them put a tree in his
And then you bet the bullets flew
Bobs arm stuck out and he got a
Right where its passage was bound
to hurt
And eld man Butterby had a call
From a bullet that injured the side
of his shirt
But they stuck to their trees as if
they were glued
And they hurled seme names that
that are not in the books
Come out said Bob and his tone
was rude
You dassent said Eutterby dern
your looks
And the air was full of bullets and
And adjectives dire cf a red hct
And they knew that Death on his
misty wings
Was waiting about to take a hand
Come out cried Bob you cow
ardly cur
For his shoulder burned and his
thoughts were hot
A laugh rang out where the bushes
And Into tho open there strayed a
A wee little tot with curly hair
And eyes with dreams in their
blue depths hid
The fairest thing on the mountain
And her laughter was sweet it was
Butterbys kid
Her eyes met Bobs and she laughed
As she toddled straight to the tree
where he stood
Ive lost my dolly she said but
1 dess at ooll find It I pose at
oo could
Bob kissed the babe and he left the
Shoot if you please he cried
dern you
Theres a job right here that is callin
Said Butterby then Im damned
if I do
There is peace to day on Butterbys
There is peace in the home and the
heart of Bob
And the sounds of strife are hushed
and still
And the Coroner yet is minus a job
I dont go much on cussing and such
But I hope the angel the record hid
Of Butterbys oath or with gentle
Wrote only Forgiven because of
the kid
Alfred J Waterhouse in New York
mttattmmm - - - -
Most of the mental devices for
wooing sleep have failed because they
have nearly always tried to resort to
local treatment in other words
they have made a homeopathic at
tempt to stop thinking by thinking
about something else a process
which might also be called elimina
tion by substituion But all think
ing spontaneous or forced draws
more or less blood to the brain pre
vents deep inhalations and bars the
gate to the kingdom of dreams Any
device on the other hand which will
make one take deep long breaths
spontaneously the invariable fore
runner of sleep may be counted upon
as a genuine remedy for insomnia
Even deep breathing which is forced
is better than any purely mental at
tempt to win sleep says Good House
keeping But if the deep breathing
can be produced involuntarily one is
sure of a passport to Nodland After
several nights of experiments to this
end the present writer decided to ap
ply the principal adopted by the mas
seurs who begin their manipulation
at the point farthest from the seat
of difficulty which in the case of
insomnia would be the feet Lying
on the right side with the knees to
gether and considerably flexed the
victim of insomnia should begin to
pedal both his feet slowly up and
down with the movement entirely in
the ankles The pedaling should keep
time with the natural rhythm of res
piration and be continued until it is
followed by deep and spontaneous
breathing Several people who have
tried this remedy report that invol
untary deep breathing invariably be
gins before they have pedaled up and
down a dozen times In obstinate
cases of insomnia the patient may
need to keep up the pedaling two or
three minutes or even more with in
termissions if necessary The treat
ment may also be varied by moving
the fest alternately instead of simul
taneously though the latter method
has proved the more speedily effica
cious in the cases known to the
writer The explanation of the result
obtained is probably simple The
blood is pumped from the head and
with the removal of brain tension a
general relaxation follows with a se
quent deep respiration and its result
ing sleep
T - r t t o
There have always been men like
Thoreau and St Francis who be
lieved says the London Spectator
that property brought with it a heavy
heart and who have refused as did
the American philosopher to be har
nessed to his possessions St Fran
cis cast aside every weight that he
might free himself from idle sor
row He and his first disciples
loved nothing earthly they were se
cure in all places troubled by no
fears distracted by no cares they
lived without trouble of mind wait
ing without solicitude for the com
ing day
St Francis in the fastnesses of the
Italian hills singing French hymns
among the highway robbers in his
whimsical lightness of heart makes a
strange picture He knew French
oadly but it seemed to him the lan
guage of gayety The founder of the
Franciscans though we are told that
he possessed what was quaintly
called the gift of tears when perform
ing his devotions in his call was
sr seen abroad without a smile j
er would he tolerate any appearance
of heaviness in his followers He
rebuked a brother to whom a deject
ed manner had become habitual say
ing My brother repeat thy sins in
private and do not appear before the
community thus downcast
We are inclined to think that those
who make their living provided it is
a fairly good one in the sweat of their
brow have lighter hearts than those
who make it in the sweat of their
brain The high spirits which seem
to be enjoyed by domestic servants
to judge by the sounds which come
upstairs are a case in point Dust
ing scrubbing and plate cleaning
seem to weigh on the heart far less
than doctoring journalism or the
study of law or theology Too often
spirits are broken by overwork or by
disappointment in the wild struggle
to succeed which goes on among pro
fessional people Certainly in the lit
erary world light hearts are general
ly lost early yet the light hearted
man of letters though he is rare is
the most attractive of all light-hearted
If the sea were drained says the
Family Herald what treasures we
ould find upon the old ocean floor
galleons loaden with gold beyond the
Ireams of avarice Lesser waters
han the sea however hold treasure
winch can be found Almost simul
raneously come reports of two scien
ific quests for wealth hidden under
Uie face of the waters The Tiber of
aid Rome is to be searched and a
ake in the Republic of Colombia is to
Jie drained for the gold and jewels
votive offerings that were thrown into
t by the natives long ago
For a century there have been
plans to turn the Tiber aside tem
porarily to search its dirty bottom
Now the authorities have grverr Prof
Nispilandi permission to make a sys
tematic hunt The ancients used to
throw treasures to Father Tiber as
offerings to the gods and the current
of the river has swept away the arms
and armor of thousands of warriors
who fought on the banks Much of
this wealth has no doubt been de
stroyed by ages of rust and rot but
there must be a great deal not yet
found by occasional seekers
The quest for gold and jewels at
the bottom of the Lake of Guatavita
in Colombia is at once more romantic
and surer to be profitable The lake
lies ten thousand feet above the sea
and was held sacred by the tribes of
natives that lived near it when the
Spaniards came Every year the sav
ages headed by their king visited
the lake The king covered with gold
dust plunged into the waters and his
subjects threw after him gold and
I silver and emeralds When Quesada
and his Spaniards made their way up
the Andes to the lake the natives
threw their treasures to the god of
the lake for safe keeping Enough
riches have been found in the lake to
warrant several attempts to cut a
depression In the side of it All such
attempts have lowered the water only
a few feet Now an English company
is to drain the lake by means of a
tunnel and rake he bottom
i fc
Health and beauty are the glories of perfect womanhood Women
who suffer constantly with weakness peculiar to their sex cannot re
tain their beauty Preservation of pretty features and rounded form is
a duty women owe to themselves
When women are troubled with irregular suppressed or painful
menstruation weakness leucorrhoaa displacement or ulceration of tho
womb that bearing down feeling inflammation of the ovaries back
ache bloating or flatulence general debility indigestion and nervous
prostration or arc beset with such symptoms as dizziness faintness
lassitude excitability irritability nervousness sleeplessness melan
choly all gone and t alonc feelings blues and hope
lessness they should remember there is one tried and true remedy
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound removes such troubles
Case of this Prominent Chicago Woman Should Give Everyone
Confidence in Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound
Dear Mrs Pikkuam It affords me great pleasure indeed to add my
testimonial to the great number who arc today praising Ijyrtia IS Pinlt
hams Vegetable Compound Three years ago I broke down from ex
fife I
cessive physical and mental strain I was unable to
secure proper rest also lost my appetite and I became so
nervous and irritable too thatiny friends tremblcdand
I was unable to attend to my work Our physician pre
scribed for me but as I did not seem to improve I was
advised to go away I could neither spare the time nor
money and was very much worried when fortunately
one of my club friends called She told me how she had
been cured of ovarian troubles andhow like my symp
toms were to hers seven bottles of your medicine cured
her and she insisted that I take some
ff w
I did so and am glad that I followed her
advice Within six weeks I was a different
woman strong and robust in health and havo
been so ever since
A number of my friends who have been
troubled with ailments peculiar to our sex
have talen your compound and have also been
Greatly benefited Miss ilizaiietii Datet
270 Loomis St Chicago 111 President of the St Ruths Court Order of For
resters Catholic j
What is left for the women of America after reading such letters
as we publish but to believe Dont some of you who arc sick and miser
able feel how wicked you are to remain so making life a burden for
yourself and your friends when a cure is easily and inexpensively
obtained Dont you think it would pay to drop some of your old
prejudices and Try Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound
which is better than all the doctors for cures Surely the experience
of hundreds of thousands of women whom the Compound has cured
should convince all women
Follow the record of this medicine and remember that these cures
of thousands of women whose letters are constantly printed in this
paper were not brought about by something else lvt by Iyclia E
Pinkhams Vegetable Compound the great Womans Kemedy for
Womans Ills
Those women who refuse to accept anything else are rewarded a
hundred thousand times for they get what they want a cure 3Ioral
stick to the medicine that you know is the Best Write to 3Ira
Pinkham for advice
FORFEIT If vrecinnot forthwith prolno tho orislnil letter ar signature of
above testimonial which will prove its absolute gennme
IViIia U IMiikhaui Jletliciiie Co Zyuuf 3IaS
August St Nicholas
Among the prize offers in the Au
gust St Nicholas departments are
two especially intended to train young
readers powe of observation and
discrimination The editor of Nature
and Science asks the girls and boys to
send him letters and photographs or
drawings of what they find on the
beach in August The Books and
Reading Department invites brief ar
ticles from its readers on Some Re
cent Books for Young People The
object of this contest aside from the
training of the contestants is to learn
what books published in the last two
or three years have been enjoyed by
young readers The girls and boys
are requested not to name books that
every one knows but those that should
be better known
Some folks are so trifling that when
they put on a garment wrong side out
ward they leave it that way and try
to strike a bargainwith Fortune
Stops trie Cough and
Works Off the Cold
Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets Price 2oC
The eye of the master will do more
work than both of his hands Frank
A Plea for Good Manners
In delivering the founders day ad
dress at the commencement exercises
in a school at Lawienceville N J
Bishop Potter of New York had this
to say among other things We are
getting to be in such a hurry in Amer
ica that the ordinary civilities are dis
appearing out of our education and
our life When you have dismissed
good manners out of society you have
dismissed that beneficent and kindly
instinct toward ycur fellow man of
which good manners ought always to
be the expression
There are two things that modest
men should never undertake to bor
row money or study law
3Irs AVinslows sootnins Syrup y
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Camraation allays aaln cures wind coile 2Jc a bottle
What a man lacks in the back head
he makes up in jaw power
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more starch for the same money
Love is the best lens with which
to view another
Kindness is the only charm per
mitted to the aged it is the coquetry
of white hairs Feuillet
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gest and best or money refunded- V
ounces 10 cents Try it now
BfeW8 V51
am if w
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where to bu7 cood land cheap write for oar
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