The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, April 17, 1903, Image 1

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Their Annual Ball and Banquet
Tho annual ball and banquet by the
members of Harvey division No 9oOrder
of Railway Conductors Monday even
ing April Kith was one of tho notable
social events of the season being a con
spicuous success as to every dotau
There was a large and brilliant gath
ering of people present from home and
various points up and down the valley
and many handsome costumes were in
In the decorations all previous efforts
were oxcolled tho electrical display hav
ing never before been equalled in this
section of Nebraska T h e general
scheme was patriotic flags bunting
streamers etc In addition tho order
nnra rrt whito and ereen added
greatly to the brightness and beauty of
the scone Over 200 electric lights were
utilized in tho display of colored electric
lights which was tho special feature of
the decorations All tho electic wires
were artistically covered by ropes of red
Other particu
green and white paper
lars wore tho banner Tho O R O
Welcomes You and the O R C
done in red white and green electric
lights Altogether it was the most bril
liant illumination and decoration tho
town has ever seen on a similar occasion
At nine thirty the orchestra opened
tho program with the grand march and
tho large and gay company fell in for
tho graceful evolutions which were led
by the members of the local lodge
headed by Conductor and Mrs Frank
Kendlen Tho completion of tho pro
gram carried tho ball into the small
hours and it is tho general expression
that Harvey division has never given a
more delightful ball in its history al
though largor crowds have attended
Tho banquet was spread at tho Palmer
house and in this feature the manage
ment of that hostelrie highly main
tained its reputation as a caterer unox
celled in tho Republican valley
The Pythian orchestra was responsi
ble for tho excellent program of music
which is so essential to tho complete
success of such social affairs
Tho stage was well filled with non
dancing spectators who seemed to enjoy
the event in a measure only second to
the actual participants themselves
There was the usual largo attendance
of out-of-town dancers
H P Sutton was the efficient caller
of tho evening
The Tribune congratulates the boys
of 95 upon the success of their ball and
banquet in every particular
Blind Boone Concert
The musical prodisry Blind
gave an
pntertainment in the chapel o
rrii TTnivprsitv last niErnt rne
chapel was crowded and the efforts of
tho blind boy were highly appreciated
by all present as was shown by the
hearty applause and frequent calls for
repetitions Tho young lady who has
also been here with Boone before sang
several pleasing songs When Boone
invited any pianist in the audience to
come forward and play for him to imi
tate Mr Frank White a University
Place musician totally blind was led
forward and played a number of difficult
airs giving the stool to Blind Boone who
faithfully reproduced every note and
sound proving that he is certainly a
wonder His imitations of various mu
sical instruments were much enjoyed
Iowa State Register DesMoines Iowa
February 21st 1890
Menard opera house Wednesday ev
onincr ATnv 20 Admission 35c and
A Delightful Little Book
The Tribune is just in receipt of a
copy of Bertha Davis Woods
Book of Verses and confesses being
charmed with many of the little poems
therein contained It is a modest work
of excellent literary merit in which The
Tribune takes the more pride as the
author nee Miss Bertha Gerneau Davis
is one of the earlist graduates of the
McCook high school and then gave
evidence of attaining no inconsiderable
prominence in literary work
Pay Your Lawn Tax First
Pav vnnr lawn tax before using water
on lawns trees or gardens as water will
be turned off from all services without
notice where water is being used for
anv purpose not paid for
C H Meeker Supt
White and colored lawn waists white
and also black silk waists dressing
sacques wrappers kimonas shirt waist
suits all attractively displayed at The
Thompson Dry Goods Cos
An infant child of George W Beard
was buried in Riverview cemetery Sun
day afternoon Brief services were con
ducted at the home by Rev L H
Medallions pendants escunals appli
ques headings allovers buttons braid
and other trimmings at The Thompson
Dry Goods Cos
NrAwTCfamine suitincsin cream black
brown navy light blue and green at 75c
65c and 40c at The Thompson Dry Goods
Ferris waists for ladies misses and
children at The Thompson Dry Goos
Cos Also Nazareth and E Z waists
A Vision of Beauty
Wo would be pleased to have
every housewife in the county
come and examine our spring stock
of wall paper while the assortment
is complete We have striven to
find as many novelties as possible
The result is a stock that is well
worth seeing for seeings sake It
includes the new things Floral
Designs Tapestries Silks Bur
lap Effects etc The entire stock
is now on exhibition The earlier
you come the more you will see
XJ YY mwuiiiuii
day evening
State Bank
and Mrs J
y 3
I F Baroer is hero from Indiana for
a few weoks
Dr Riddle of Holdrege was a city
visitor Wednesday
Mrs A C Wiehe has gone to Glen
Nebraska on a visit
Mrs May Parker has been a guest of
L P Neilson and family
Mrs Emma Dixon and Roy visited in
Plattsmouth first of this week
J R Neel was up from Indianola
Tuesday afternoon on business
Rex Duncan returned early in tho
week from his short stay in Denver
Mrs Steve Dwyer has been down
from Denver this week guests of rela
MiRa Maiih Cordeal was hostess at
tho convocation of tho Awl Os Tuesday
Mrs C W Tyler of Akron Colo
was tho guest of Mrs A G Bump first
of week
Mr and Mrs Yale of Holdrege on-
joyed the O R C ball and banquet
Easter Monday evening
Miss May Morrow arrived home last
Friday morning after an absence of sev
eral months in Missouri
Mrs G S Bishop whose illness has
alarmed the family for a few days is
now reported some better
Miss Mattie Noice of Hastings was
the guest of Miss Ethel Pope at home
last week and part of this
E B Stilgebouer tho thoroughbred
hog breeder of Marion had business in
the metropolis Saturday last
Afna w R Morlan arrived home
Monday from Lincoln where she has
beer receiving treatment for her eyes
Mr and Mrs Eugene Schirk of
Hastings were out-of-town participants
in tho conductors ball Monday night
Mr and Mrs Fred Harris and
daughter Aimee of Alliance are guests of
her parents Mrs ana mrs uosopu Me
Mrs R W Haggard of Lincoln came
up Tuesday on No 1 on a short visit to
her parents Engineer and Mrs G A
Mrs T M Phillippi left on last bat-
urday morning for McUooi junction
York county on a visit to her daughter
Miss Ethel Pope and Miss Mattie
Noico of Hastings were objects of an
enjoyable surprise at the Pope home
Tuesday evening
Mrs C A Calhoun from Colorado
has been assisting during the illness of
her sister Mrs Emerson Hanson the
past few weeks
Mrs Ploussard of McCook was the
fortunate winner of the bicycle in the
prize drawing which took place at St
Annes Frontier county on Monday
April 13th
H E Dole late manager for F H
Gilcrest Lumber Co at Eaton Colo
now enjoys a better position with the
McAllister Lumber and Supply Co at
Boulder Colo
Mrs Augusta Anton was surprised
last evening at her home by a company
f on rr sn frinnrJc Refreshments were
served there was music games and a
very enjoyable time
parted on No 6 Monday night for Adel
Iowa where they go to care for his aged
mother who is in failing health Their
absence will be indefinite
Mrs Will Weber wife of the new
member of The Tribune force arrived
from Pawnee City this state last Sat
urday nieht They are occupying
rooms over Cone Brothers drug store
John Roxby was up from me iarm
near Arapahoe Sunday to attend Easter
services with the members of St John
commandery It wouldnt seem like
Easter without the faithful old tyler
W D Beyrer and family left on 2
Wednesday morning for Bertrand Ne
braska where he recently bought a
hardware stock and where they will
make their home in the future They
have the well wishes of many friends
Mr and Mrs F Kuenneth of Har
vard Nebraska were up to participate
n fh n Tt fj ball and banquet Mon-
- - - - -
He is cashier ot tne union
They were guest of Mr
G Schobel during their
brief stay
F N Merwin of the Beaver City
Tribune was over first of the week
helping establish Congressman Aorns
new quarters upstairs in the old Farmers
and Merchants bank building and do
ing other stunts connection with the
private secretaryship
Mr and Mrs F M Kijimell were
entertainers of the S K B P H C M
high five club last Friday evening
Military euchre beguiled the evening
Fort Hamilton defended by Mesdames
H P Sutton Vina Wood Albert Bar
nett and Mr H P Sutton was victori
ous in the drawing between three tie
You had better leave a standing
order for butter at
Bee JIive w
Beginning next Monday we begin
rmr annual camet and drapery sale
We wish to state that we carry the most
complete line of carpets m the city by
sample and our price during this sale
will equal Lincoln or Omaha prices on
same class of goods If you are in need
of a carpet or rug during this sale is
the time to buy Fine rugs made to fit
any sized room
Call in and let us show you the line
We will also have a good display of
draperies rope portieres couch covers
etc Art squares in all sizes
J H Ludwick
Your money back after four weeks
of actual wear if dissatisfied is the fac
tory guaranty on every F C corset
Full line 35c to 100 in gauze batiste
and coutil at The Thompson Dry Goods
Cos sole agents
Ten yards fine half bleached muslin
for 47c at The Thompson Dry Goods
Two Council Meetings
The citv council met as a canvassing
board Monday
evening and declared
Mm fnllnwinrr result MaVOr U XU
dred clerk C I Hall treasurer A C
Ebert engineer C II Meeker council
manfirst ward W S Perry and J k
Kelley a tie vote It is understood that
MrKelloy will not contest tho matter
and that Councilman Perry will hold
over for one year Councilman second
ward R M Osborn school board W
S Perry and C W Barnes
Bills allowed as follows
Lincoln Lund Co water
C B Gray solury ft
Ed Fitzerall salary j
F S Wilcox overpaid taxes -
State Journal Co supplies j
Harnett Lumber Co
McCook Loan and Trust Co 7j UO
AJ Markwad A 1
Dr A C Harlan
MillioElbort J
JolmEkstedt v 4 J
H P Waite was elected president of
the city council
Finance H P Waite andW S Perry
Ordinance W S Perry and u J
Cemetery and Health R M Osborn
unil FT P Waite
Fire H P Waite and C J Ryan
Streets and Alleys W S Perry and
R M Osborn
Light C J Ryan and R M Osborn
Park W B Mills Dr A P Welles
and G A Noren All confirmed
C B Rowell elected to work in park
for one month at 2000 per month
Cemetery committee Mrs Augusta
Anton Mrs E M Easterday Mrs W
T Coleman
Chief of Police C B Gray
Adjourned till April 15th
rvin firmnmhorl sfixton of cemetery at
j VJ1V t W wr w - -
1000 per month
Adopted resolution ordering the re
placing and construction of sidewalks
See resolution elsewhere in this issue
Ask Any One of Them
William Baumbaugh O B Billings
August Nothnagel Daniel LehnWilham
Karp Peter Bayliss and others a few
of the famous
years ago signed one
Memorandums oi Agreement wuiuu
appears elsewhere in The Tribune
which tho range peddlers said they
needed to show that they had left the
range at their homes on 30 days trial
Each of the memorandums became a
promissory note in due time and was
collected Write or ask any of these
gentlemen and they will tell you this is
the fact The safe plan is to not let the
peddlers unload a range on your prem
ises and above all do not sign a memo
randum of agreement
Just Missed the Crossing1
Tuesday afternoon while engaged in
A M Gregorys household
goods Robert Highland met misfortune
in the form of a tip over at the alley
crossing rear of C L DeGroff Cos
store The goods were piled high on a
hay rack and in making the crossing
one tronc wneei iuissbu uuu
tho gutter spilling the entire load onto
East Dennison street including one of
the little Gregory girls who was not
hurt however The goods were consid
erably damaged
Do You Want to Know
WaII spa nr write William Baum
baugh Peter Bayliss Daniel Lehn
William Karp O B Billings or August
Nothnagel they will tell you how it is
tn sipn nnR of the neddlers memoran
dums of agreement and in due time bo
compelled to pay a promissory note
That innocent little receipt just to show
where they left the range you know
does the business Dont get left
A Butchering Difference
is the difference between our way and
other ways the difference between good
meat and poor meat and our customers
gain by the difference in methods We
are careful in selecting and killing our
I meats and in selling aim to please our
patrons Marsh meat makkei
We Are Ready to Show You
the latest in wall papers Will be
pleased to show you our papers whether
you buy or not Look elsewhere and
then come in and compare qualities and
prices lours iur uusiucsa
Paint Facts
The best paints on the market
today are prepared paints made
ready for use from white lead zinc
and oil The Sherwin Williams
Paint is made in the best propor
tions of lead zinc and oil by the
finest machinery with tho great
est skill and care It is the best
painting material because it is the
best prepared paint
Sunbonnets in all styles colors ana
prices at The Thompson Dry Goods Cos
One price plain figures cash only
Charles F Lehn has moved into the
room recently vacated by F A Hender
son in the Meeker building finding
more room essential in his business
The high school and shop boys crossed
willows again on Tuesday afternoon after
school with a result favorable to the
scholastics 8 to 7
Handsomest muslin net and lace cur H
tains and afull line of sash and otU6r
curtain stuffs just received at xne
Thompson Dry Goods Cos
nrpsq skirts to vour measure from
250 up walking skirts 150 up 75 to
select from or to your measure at same
same price The Thompson Dry Goods
Following letters were advertised by
McCook postoffice April 13th J W
Berr M J Demndy Mrs B J Frost
Sam Harrison J J Hulbert Evert
Resignations are popular
Engine 264 is out of the shop
W J Ingham is a new wiper
Henry C Smith is on the sick list
H Vogel is a new member of the night
S J Foster of Walkers gang resigned
A R Denni3 was a Lincoln visitor
Jl C Marshall was a Hastings visitor
B J Coffey of the roundhouse quit
L D Spickelmior is a now member of
the night gang
Engine 3312 is in the shop to have hor
staybolts drilled
O O Iluffstutter is a new enlargement
of the paint gang
C Huffman of the night force re
signed Wednesday
Clinton Wall is a new boilermaker
apprentice this week
F C Kennedy is a new wiper in tho
roundhouse this week
O D Warfield is another new
nf Wnlknrs enner
A nlw and larger sewer is being built
from the shops to the rivor
Engineer H E Culbertson was a
Hastings visitor last Friday
L E Hamsher and wifo visited rela
tives near Yuma this week
Conductor L A Hurlburt has the 103
vice Conductor T E McCarl
Another big new D4 No 3316 was
received here first of the week
- Agent John Davis of Arapahoe enjoyed
the O R C dance Monday night
Wilber Pearson and F A Damaster
are new helpers in the paint gang
Harry Raekermeyor a Q pattern man
was here from Aurora Thursday
Operator and MrsFrank Wallace spent
Sunday with her parents in Geneva
Mr and Mrs J B W Irwin leave
tonight for Omaha on a short visit
John Archibald is nursing a sore
finger and Frank Arnold a stiff neck
A Brunswick of the roundhouse force
had his foot badly sprained Tuesday
C F Allen and R A Prigga are new
recruits in the train service this weeK
G W Franklin and F M Ilageman
resigned from the paint gang this week
Elmer Engberg of tho highlino was up
from Holdrege to take in the O R C
Foreman Burton was up from Oxford
last night to attend the monthly meet
Car Inspector Barstow and Chief
Draughtsman Fittwere at headquarters
Dispatcher and Mrs L R Kleven
were Culbertson visitors to relatives
Dan Lucas chief boilermaker Have-
lock was at headquarters yesterday on
Mr and Mrs Abner Clark aro the
fond parents of a son born Wednesday
C T Watson car distributer went
down to Lincoln Tuesday on company
Brakeman and Mrs Frank A Hender
son are now living in one of Mrs Vina
Woods cottages
Fireman II H Jackson had his foot
wrenched Tuesday by having it caught
in the turntable
Trainmaster Kenvon was over the
division Tuesday and Wednesday with
the pay cav special m
Dispatcher T B Campbell arrived
home Monday from his sad mission to
Memphis Tennessee
Dennis Cullen returned on Tuesday
night from visiting the family in Omaha
over Easter Sunday
Ray Jones of the boiler gang resigned
Monday and is going home to farm
this summer near Hendley
Brakeman Robert E Lee who has
hoon laid nn for two or three weeks re
ported for duty first of the week
PaulPerrenoud of the storehouse force
left Wednesday night for Iowa to be
absent three weeks visiting relatives
Supt of Bridges W S Perry is out
over the division this week with the
bridge special on a trip of inspection
Conductor T F Enright is out with
the bridge special this week and Con
ductor William Washburn has his car
No 101
I E Converse of Mangless gang re
signed Monday and will visit his par
ents near Hendley but will return and
nlnv hall here this season
Conductor E M Cox is off duty on
account of sickness in the family and
his way car 127 is in charge of Conduc
tor W W Webster meanwhile
Storekeeper and Mrs U w uncc
spent Easter Sunday with Omaha rela
tives he returning home Sunday night
Mrs Britt remaining for a longer visit
Mr and Mrs Frank Dobson left on
2 Tuesday morning for Havelock
where he enters the Burlington employ
under Dan Lucas of the boilermaking
Chief Clerk Lawritson and family and
Tnimfiafrnr TTarrhfirrr and wife were
Omaha visitors last Friday going down
on 6 Thursday night and returning on
3 Friday night
Conductor Eph Benjamin was home
close of last week on a flying visit to
the family returning to unicago ana
his labors on the grievance committee
Monday morning
Hickerson a member of the boiler
makers gang received a severe injury
to one of his eyes this week while driv
ing a crown bolt out of an engine He
left last night for Omaha for treatment
Brakeman E L Oldham was struck
on the arm Wednesday by a crank
rcnilo hfilninf coal an engine and sus
tained a painful injury narrowly escap
ing a broken arm Brakeman G C
Walters went down to Oxford Wednes
day night to relieve him
The Rocky Mountain JKailway ciuo
will hold its regular monthly meeting
Saturday evening April ISth 1903 in
tho nimbly room second floor union
Annnt Dfinver Colorado at a oclock
sharp Paper on Tonnage Rating
published in March number of proceed
ings by C C Higgins of the Burling
ton will be presented for discussion at
this meeting
JNeoraaKa stale Aliaio
ical Society
Easter Services In McCook
Despite the cold and lowering weathor
the Easter services i n tho several
churches of tho city last Sunday woro
largely attended and participated in
with deep interest by tho worshipers
All tho churches had special services
eithor morning or evening with appro
priate decorations special music etc
and withal the greatest of all the
Christian festivals was celebrated with
due pomp and fervor as witnessoth tho
following in detail
There was the regular morning sorvico
at eleven oclock when Rev L II
Shumato preached a strong and earnest
sermon to the subject Tho Empty
Sepulchre Tho choir sang a flno
program of special music for tho day
The church decorations of palms
ferns potted plants etc were protty and
tasteful being arranged about the pul
pit platform in profusion and beauty
In the evening tho children of the
Sunday school had tho program a
charming and appropriate cantata en
titled In Josephs Garden which
they gave before a crowded house in a
most enjoyable manner
The presence of the members of Saint
John commandery No 16 Knights
Templar in a body and in full uniform
gave to this service added interest and
filled tho church
The decorations were vory pretty and
effective being exclusively floral The
large rostrum and other portions of tho
church contained a wealth of palms
ferns and greenery Easter lilies and a
profusion of flowering potted plants
giving withal a bright and cheerful
vision to the beholder
Rev Frank W Dean spoke feelingly
and eloquently on tho risen Christ as
the Way the Truth and the Life
The musical nrotrram was elaborate
and was the production of an augmented
choir of nine voices
Tho regular services of tho day woro
had at St Albans Early celebration of
Holy Eucharist at 8 a m Exercises by
the Sunday school at 10 a m Morning
prayer and sermon by lay reader at 11
Evening prayer and sermon by rector
Rev E R Earle at 8 oclock Tho floral
decorations palms Easter lilies and pot
ted plants were handsome and appro
There were special Easter services
both morning and evening with splend
id musical programs at each and appro
priate sermons by Rev C R Betts Services-were
both largely attended Tho
pulpit and platform were handsomely
decorated with a wealth of palms ferns
lilies potted flowering plants etc
The day was celebrated in the usual
manner in the temporary quarters in the
court room There were three masses
special music and customary large at
tendance of worshipers at the celebra
tion of the great festival
Will Celebrate Arbor Day
The children of the public school will
observe Arbor day next Wednesday
the 22nd by the usual planting of trees
In addition contributions of ono cent up
will be received from the children for
the Morton Memorial monument This
will be the first monument erected to a
Nebraskan by Nebraskans and it is
especially fitting that the schoolchildren
shall have a part in tho Arbor Day
Residence For Sale
A n room dwelling new frontage of
G2 feet Price 1300
Frank Dorson
If Not Why Not
If you are not shipping cream to the
Hygeia Creamery Co of Omaha why
Infants and childrens dainty lawn
muslin and silk caps and bonnets also
crocheted silk ones tucked hemstitched
corded embroidered shirred etc 20c to
75c just received at The Thompson Dry
Goods Cos
This section of the state was visited
by a severe freeze Monday night which
no doubt damaged fruit and gardens not
a little Quite a thick ice was lormea
during the night
Expect more American A J busnel
seamless grain bags on Saturday Same
old price 16J4c at The Thompson Dry
Goods Cos One price plain figures
cash only
The Dorcas society of the Congrega
tional church has for sale down pillows
at the parsonagp and Boss carpet beaters
at tho home of Mrs AP Thomson
and two lots
for Sale 7 room house
Price 1200
Mrs W M Irwin
Dont miss putting on a room or two
of the red or blue ingrain wall paper with
the bird border Cone Bros keep it
Best carpet warp on spools for 18c
and 20c pound at the Thompson Dry
Goods Cos
Buy your wall paper of Cone Bros and
get two blue stamps with each 10 cents
Girl Wanted For general house
work Ellis Ford 611 N Madison
Ten yards fine cambric muslin for 63c
at The Thompson Dry Goods Cos
Indian club
and dumb bells at W T
The Tribune has
some seeds for
Fine stationery is found at Cone Bros
House Cleaning
Let us sell you your ammonia
borax furniture polish moth
balls camphor and other drugs
L W McConnell
Millet seed W T Coleman
Hygeia Creamory Co See Coleman
You can buy at Cono Bros
Get your garden hose of F D Burgess
Ludwick s
Three 5c
Some new
us show you
i ryvvvSvvSYSvaIlW
annual enrpot sale next
packages seeds for
things in
See tho largo lino of now hammocks at
Cono Bros
Rubber hoso sprinklers nozzles ro
pairs at Colemans
A full lino of ingrain
Ludwicks next week
art squares at
When you want wall paper or a papor
hangor see Cono Bros
Best grade of garden hoso at very low
prices at F D Burgess
Only ono best paint tho Heath Sc
Milligau Sold by Cono Bros
Job lot of ladies shoes worth 225 and
250 Special price 8129 DeGroff
Residence For Sale In South Mc
Cook on easy terms Nick Snvdkic
stationery Let
The authoritifs aro opening up a lively
summers campaign for sidewalk build
The best lino of fancy toilet prepara
tions and perfumes in tho city at Cono
Millet seed of the hog Siberian and
Gorman varieties at W T Colemans
of course
Goodrich Rubber Co make tho
garden hoso All guaranteed by F
Try McMillens sarsaparilla for
blood Money refunded if not
Best table oilcloth in white fancy or
marbled for 15c yard at Tho Thompson
Dry Goods Cos
Beet land for rent near McCook Can
be had for cash or share in beets Call
at McMillens drug store
If you wish a good mixed paint get
tho Lincoln Guaranteed for threo
years Sold only by A McMillen
Tho Clark livery barn has been pur
chased by Robert Highland and Norman
BSilvers who aro now in possession
Rugs all sizes Get our prices and
see how we scoop tho peddlers on prices
J II Ludwick
Don McCarty painter and papor
hanger Shop under Kennedys cigar
store Patronage solicited and work
Draperies consisting of tapestry and
chenille and rope portieres couch covers
etc at Ludwicks Carpet and drapery
sale next week
Boys knee pant suits 50c 85c 125
165 to 325 mens suits 350 450
500 8G50 750 to 1250 at The
Thompson Dry Goods Cos
Your meat bill should bo one you aro
glad to pay Marsh aims to treat his
customers so well that they like to
spend their money in his market
2500 invested will start you in a good
navinfr business 15 to 25 a week
easily made Particulars on request
D C Miller Hastings Nebraska
W T Coleman is giving threo for one
that is all kinds of seeds in original 5c
packages are now going at three pack
ages for 5c
The time to figure on a carpet is next
week during Ludwicks carpet sale
Fine Brussels and velvet rugs made to
fit any sized room
arm weather will soon be hero and
you will need a hammock Wo have tho
ffnest line we ever had Some entirelj
new things L W McConnell
Those who have bought the Ocean
I Wave washing machine are greatly pleas
ed with them If you want tne oest
and none but the best are good enough
why buy the Ocean Wave
Theres only one thing to do if your
blood is out of order Buy a bottle of
McConnells Sarsaparilla it does tho
rest Large bottles SI
L W McConnell
The Empire cream separator is caus
ing a peaceful revolution in the separa
tor business They arf easy running
have few parts to wash and people who
have used them say they aro the best
For Sale Cooking stove book case
china closet bed room suites and man
other articles of household furniture
Call at residence
Mrs B J Sharkey
Whatever the market offers in season
you will find it at Marshs meat market
and the price is always right You will
receive prompt service and courteous
treatment in the bargain which is
always due you
There is cane seed aplenty and no lack
of Kafir seed but alfalfa seed is both
scarce and high priced yet W T Cole
man has succeeded in securing a supply
of some of the choicest alfalfa in the
market There promises to be a great
scarcity about seeding time Dont get
Paul Anton at the B M meat mar
ket is putting on the block his own
corn fed beeves You know that means
the very best meat obtainable Its Pauls
idea that there is no meat on earth too
good for his trade and he feeds his own
cattle to secure the best corn fed pro