The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, November 07, 1902, Image 2

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Afterward the Same Firms Will
Amalgamate the Yards In Omaha
Kansas City Chicago St Joseph
St Louis and Other Places
CHICAGO The Record Herald on
Friday says Two big consolidations
arc planned by beef interests The
packers will combine first and then
affect a merger of all the stock yards
In the country
With the exception of the Chicago
stock yards which are controlled in
Boston all the properties involved
are owned and controlled by the own
ers of the principal beef packing in
The different yards that will prob
ably be included in the deal aside
from the Chicago yards are those at
South Omaha Kansas City East St
Louis St Joseph Fort Worth and
Sioux City
The Armour interest is probably
the largest in the Kansas City yards
The Armours Swift and Morris con
trol the East St Louis yards the
Swifts own the St Joseph yards the
Armours and Swifts own the Fort
Worth yards the Armours Swifts and
Cudahys control the Omaha yards and
the Swifts control at Sioux City
While the control of the Chicago
yards is held in Boston the Chicago
packers have large holdings of the
stock also and their recommendations
would undoubtedly have great weight
with the eastern capitalists
The plan for consolidating the vari
ous stock yards has not progressed
as yet to a point where the amount
of stock required has been more than
discussed It would Undoubtedly run
well to 100000000 exclusive of
the amount required for the packing
companies combination which is said
to be 500000000
resident Proclaims November 27 as
the Time
WASHINGTON President Roose
velt on Wednesday issued his procla
mation designating Thursday Novem
ber 27 as a day of thanksgiving The
proclamation is as follows
v According to the yearly custom of
pur people it falls upon the president
at this season to appoint a day of fes
tival and thanksgiving to God
Over a century and a quarter has
passed since this country took its
place among the nations of the earth
and during that time we have had
on the whole more to be thankful for
than has fallen to the lot of any other
N Generation after generation has
grown to manhood and passed
away Each has had to bear its
peculiar burdens each to face its
special crisis and each has known
years of grim trial when the
country was menaced by malice
domestic or foreign levy when the
hand of the Lord was heavy upon it in
drouth or flood pestilence when in
bodily distress and anguish of soul
it paid the penalty of folly andt a
forward heart
Nevertheless decade by decade we
have struggled onward and upward
we now abundantly enjoy material well
being and under the favor of the Most
High we are striving earnestly to
achieve moral and spiritual uplifting
The year that has just closed has
been one of peace and of overflowing
plenty Rarely has any people enjoyed
greater prosperity than we are now en
joying For this we render heartfelt
and solemn thanks to the Giver of
Good and we seek to praise Him not
by words only but by deeds by the
way in which we do our duty to our
selves and to our fellow men
Now therefore I Theodore Roose
velt president of the United States do
hereby designate as a day of general
thanksgiving Thursday the 27th of
the coming November and do recom
mend that throughout the land the
people cease from their ordinary occu
pations and in their several homes and
places of worship render thanks unto
Almighty God for the manifold bless
ings of the last year
Tnx witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the seal of
the United States to be affixed
Done at the city of Washington this
29th day of October in the year of our
Lord 1902 and of the independence
of the United States the 127th
By the President
Seal Secretary of State
Cholera Epidemic Decreasing
ST PETERSBURG Cholera is de
creasing in the Amur districts and in
all other infected districts There
has been only one fatal case of sus
pected plague at Odessa since October
Arbitration Commission Begins Tour
to Examine Anthracite Region
SCRANTON Pa The seven com
missioners appointod by President
Roosevelt to adjust the differences
existing between the anthracite mine
workers and their employes on Thurs
day made a tour of the extreme upper
coal field and saw every step taken
in the production of coal from the
time it is blasted to the point where
it is sent to market
The arbitrators had an interesting
day and returned to their hotel at
night grimy from coal dust and tired
after eight busy hours They had
to endure many discomforts making
their way through wet places in the
mines almost crawling along some of
the gangways and passing through
clouds of coal dust in the breakers
Notwithstanding this their eagerness
for information was not diminished
and they expect to put in another
hard days work in the same manner
Every suit that has been brought
he said has been successful under
this section He said ho would curb
trusts not destroy them
The tariff will have to be revived
he said again and again and again
In conclusion Senator Hoar dis
cussed strikes saying that to him if
capital combined he could not see
why labor could not also combine
I believe the sympathy of all true
Americans he said is on the side
of labor and its attempt to better its
condition Capital and wealth will in
the end take care of themselves
Eight of Them Named by Hoar of
BOSTON Senator Hoar speaking
here Monday night said
The evils of the trust are
First Destruction of competition
Second The management of indus
tries by absent capital
Third Destruction of local public
Fourth Fraudulent capitalization
Fifth Secrecy
Sixth Management for the private
benefit of the officers
Seventh The power to corrupt elec
tions and in some cases to corrupt
Eighth Indifference to public sent
If the first fourth and fifth can bo
cured the cure of others in my opin
ion will follow
Now is it not the duty of wise
statesmanship to go slowly and care
fully in this matter so that we cure
or prevent the evil without sacrificing
what is good
Senator Hoar then reviewed the
Sherman anti trust laws and claimed
that he himself had inserted in the
bill the section declaring any combin
ation or trust which restricts trade
to be illegal
Governor Brodie Files His Showing
at National Capital
WASHINGTON Governor Brodie
of Arizona in his usual report renews
the plea for statehood and makes the
following explanation
Under the Leland Hansbrough act
the claims of Arizona for government
aid in irrigation to be fully carried
out and extended so as to inaugurate
in the territory the first of the great
irrigation systems under that action
action to rejuvenate the depleted for
est area increases in school facili
ties in the salary of the governor
of the appropriation for the Arizona
national guard appropriation to im
prove the Colorado river and construct
a levee from Yuma to the Mexican
line to prevent the overflow of cul
tivated land by the annual freshets
and appropriations for purchasing
sites and erectings in Arizona The
governor places the total taxable prop
erty of the territory at 39083178
Deals with Question of Sovereignty
of Isthmus
WASHINGTON It was learned
Tuesday that a prompt answer had
been made to the latest Colombian
note respecting the Panama canal
treaty which was transmitted on Mon
day Its nature was not divulged but
the presumption is that it deals al
most entirely with Colombias repre
sentations regarding the sovereignty
of the isthmus The Colombians feel
their rights have been Feriously in
vaded by the acts of Commander
McLean and Admiral Casey in pre
venting the prompt movement of
troops across the railroad The state
department is anxious that a speedy
settlement be reached in order to fa
cilitate the completion of the Panama
canal treaty
Kruger Wants to Go Home
BRUSSELS It is asserted here
that Mr Kruger has abandoned his
irreconcilable attitude and intends to
seek permission to return to South
Africa -
Victim Refuses to Tell How the Injury
Was Received
SILVER CREEK Monday after
noon a man was found at the coal
house west of town yelling for dear
life He was taken In charge and on
examination was found to have been
shot directly under the left shoulder
blade The man is about 30 years of
age gives his name as James J Fran
cis says he is from Baltimore but
refuses to talk further
Three hours after the shooting a
man boarded an eastbound freight
west of town and persons seeing him
Bay he answers the description of the
man who was with Francis The doc
tor gives little hopes of the woundefl
mans recovery
COLUMBUS Chief of Police Shack
received a description of a man wanted
at Silver Creek and within twenty
minutes had his man in jail He was
afterwards sweated by Sheriff Burnes
but absolutely refused to say a word
When searched he had a new Smith
Wesson 38 caliber revolver and a
bottle of some kind of acid Sheriff
Byrnes says he is confident that this
man and the one who was shot are
both wanted for postoffice robbery at
Belgrade The descriptions tally ex
actly The Merrick county officers
will be after the man He stands per
fectly dumb before all questioners and
if he has a voice the officers have had
no evidence of it
Propose to Build a Ditch One Hun
dred and Fifty Miles Long
LINCOLN One of the largest irri
gation projects conceived in Nebraska
is involved in a hearing begun be
fore State Engineer Adna Dobson be
ing the matter of a protest filed by
the Farmers Canal company and the
Farmers Irrigation District against
the application of William Frank Mr
Franks application for water from the
North Platte river in Scotts Bluff
county was filed last April and the
irrigation district filed one subsequent
to that date but the real contest dates
back five or ten years Bonds to the
amount of 400000 were once voted
by the Irrigation district but they
have never been disposed of The
Farmers Canal company built twenty
one miles of what was intended to
be an extensive line of ditches and
then stopped work Now two contend
ing companies desire to complete the
original plan Mr Frank proposes to
build a ditch 150 miles long at an
estimated cost of 5S0000 The dis
trict expected to build eighty miles
with the 400000 bonds voted Rob
ert Walker succeeded to the rights of
the Farmers Bond company He has
sold his rights to William Frank who
has associated with him H G Leav
Itt of the Ames Sugar company They
are admitted to have a prior claim
dating from 1SS7 but the other side
alleges that these rights have been
Anton Christenson Must Pay Heavy
Penalty for Killing His Wife
OMAHA The solemn hush that at
tended the sentencing on Monday aft
ernoon of Anton Christenson to spend
all the rest of his days behind prison
walls was broken by the quick ve
hement elapping of the sister of the
wife whom he had murdered Never
was applause less expected and never
has it been more startling to those
Who heard it The little group about
the condemned man had been breath
less as the judge pronounced his blast
ing words and shuddered to hear that
sound of exultation which is so rare in
court rooms even when the pro
nouncement is one of hope instead of
withering doom The prisoner ut
tered not a sound hut bowed beneath
the blow meekly and with all hope
gone Christenson shot and killed his
wife last August
Wolves Attack Hogs
TECUMSEH For many years
Johnson county farmers have been
tioubled but little with wolves but
this is not the experience of W P
McCoy who lives northeast of this
city His herd of hogs has been pest
ered with the animals considerably of
late One evening recently Mr McCoy
heard a disturbance at his hog pen
and upon going out found two big
wolves attacking an old porker Be
fore Mr McCoy succeeded in driving
them off they had wounded the hog
to the extent that be died soon after
Sneak Thief Robs York Store
YORK Some sneak thief entered
the store of W G Boyer some time in
the night and took 35 from a drawer
behind the prescription case It is
supposed he crawled in through a cel
lar window
dog but holdfast is a better one
could hardly be improved jn at thi3
The first automobile has made its ap
pearance in Fremont
A movement is on foot at Grand Isl
and for starting a canning factory
The soldiers monument on the court
house square at Beatrice has been com
Rev Hess of Beatrice last Sunday
preached his farewell sermon He will
locate at Tipton Iowa
Nebraska produced in 1902 the fol
lowing Wheat G021G670 bushels
oats 58503007 rye 11797123 barley
Fifteen houses have been built in
Yutan during the last few months One
5000 church has been erected and two
more churches were renovated
P W Birkhouser of Sarpy county
has been showing his friends a second
growth of strawberries that he picked
from his farm south of Papillipn
While threshing near Ellis Gage
county Chris Knoche a prominent
German farmer had the misfortune to
run the tine of a pitchfork in his right
Nebraskas corn crop for the past
five years shows the following 1902
224201950 bushels 1900 241935527
1899 244125093 1898 180611944 1897
Alfred J Anderson a farmer living
east of Oakland had a valuable riding
pony stolen The animal was taken
while its owner was attending an en
tertainment in town
From some unknown cause the High
school building at Arrapahoe was
burned and is an entire loss not even
the brick walls remaining intact The
aggregate loss is 20000 with 8000 in
One of the largest stones ever quar
ried in the state was cut at the Blue
Springs quarry recently The stone
is forty five feet long four feet wide
and eighteen inches thick and made a
good carload
A horse driven by E B Cowles for
mer county superintendent of Jefferson
county ran away and while crossing
the railroad tracks overturned the
buggy throwing Mr Cowles to the
ground severely injuring him
Capt A H Hollingsworth who pi
loted company C while the First Ne
braska regiment was on duty during
the Philippine war and Miss Myrtle
Ross a leading society girl of Wilber
were married at the brides home last
At a special meeting of the Board of
Directors of the Luther Academy at
Wahoo it was decided to erect a new
school building at a cost of 18000 P
L Plym an architect from Lincoln
was appointed to draw up the plana
and specifications
At a dance given at the home of Da
vid Kluck a farmer living two miles
north of Richland a man named
Young about 25 years old was serious
ly stabbed during an altercation with
a fellow from Schuyler Youngs con
dition is said to be serious
Charles Ogoms committed suicide at
his home eight miles northwest of Gib
bon He was a farmer in good circum
stances owning a farm of 160 acres
with stock and a good crop He leaves
a wife and five children His home re
lations were oleasant and comfortable
Land in Boone county is changing
hands rapidly Within the past two
weeks 8000 acres of the ranch and
farm lands recently purchased by a
New York syndicate has been sold by
McKillip Swallow their agents This
land has all gone to individual land
A peculiar freak of nature occurred
on Martin Klims farm near Adams a
few days ago About twenty two days
ago one of his cows gave birth to a
calf which was dead when it was born
Sixteen days later the same cow gave
birth to another calf which is alive and
doing well
The verdict of the jury in the Lillie
murder case at David City before Dr
Sample the coroner was rendered af
ter being locked in a room three days
and three nights and is as follows
That Harvey Llllie came to his death
by a gunshot wound feloniously in
flicted by a party unknown
The senior class of the State uni
versity has received a report from the
committee to select a list from which
the class orator shall be picked The
names submitted embrace Henry Wat
terson Senator Beceridge of Indiana
Mark Twain Thomas B Reed and
Hamilton Mabie editor of Outlook
The list was presented to Chancellor
Coroner McCabe of Lincoln county
was called on to examine into the cause
of the death of two men Word was
received from Wallace that a man
name not given was found dead under
a wagon box All evidence indicated
an accident R A Brown mail driver
between North Platte and Gandy was
found dead in his wagon The team
pulled up to the Myrtle postoffice with
the dead body The mail was undis
turbed and all indications were that
he had simply dropped dead
Latest Quotations from South Omaha
and Kansas City
CATTLE Thoro was only a light run
of cattle Saturday nnd for the week ro
elpts show a decrenso as compared with
last week but an Increase over the samo
week of last year There wero a fow
ornfcd steers on sale and there did not
leem to be much of any chango In the
prices paid The cow market did not
have the life to It today that was noticed
yesterday As compared with a week ago
the market may be quoted lCftllc higher
the greatest advance having taken placo
in the better grades Bulla veal calves
and stags did not show much change but
for the week bulls are a little lower If
they pre not good There were only n
few stockcrs and feeders on snle and not
much change In the market took place
There were only a few western steers In
slcht and the market showed hut little
change There has been a good active
demand all the week and prices have
advanced 10ftloc Range cows were a lit
tle slow but 15tf25c higher for the week
HOGS The market opened fairly active
and 2jloc higher Along toward the
close however the feeling grew weaker
and the last sales were not much more
than steady with yesterdays average
The bulk of the sales went from C60 to
SC63 with prime loads selling mostly
from JGG3 to C7i Heavy packing grades
went largely from G33 to JGGO
SHEEP Quotations Good to choice
yearlings 3755 100 fair to good 32yfi
165 good to choice wethers 3D03G3
fair to good wethers J3lCi7335 choice
ewes 300i5325 fair to good ewes 2638
290 good to choice lambs 4C3fl75 fair
to good lambs iWa 150 choice native
Iambs 3O0rr5O feeder ethers 273300
feeder yetirlings J2H325 feeder lambs
5300fi400 cull lambs 150ft250 feeder
ewes 125j200 cull ewes 75cg125 stock
ewes 250J323
CATTLE Native and western beeves
steady quarantine stuff active lirm
stockers and feeders dull weaker stock
calves broke 23ffi5c during the week
choice export and dressed beef steers G50
743 fair to good 3505G45 stockers and
feeders 300400 western fed steers 313
g375 Texas and Indian steers 300W
423 Texas cows 2105300 native cows
150400 native heifers 3100373 can
ncrs 100tft223 bulls 223f3t5 calves
HOGS Opened 510c higher closed
weak top CG3 bulk of sales SGCofifiGO
heavy Gf5SGG3 mixed packers G5KV
000 light G40G57A yorkers G33
G57 pigs 3S50C35
SHEEP AND LAMBS Market steady
native lambs 3G0520 western lambs
3005515 fed ewes 310fi390 native
ethers 303400 western wethers 293tt
400 stockers and feeders 193323
Takes Up His Abode at Palace While
in the City
MANILA General Miles reached
here on the United States transport
Thomas from San Francisco Friday
morning A salute in his honor was
fired from Fort Santiago
General Davis and a squadron of
cavalry met General Miles at the land
ing place in Manila and escorted him
to the palace where Governor Taft
and the other members of the civil
commission awaited the visitor Gen
eral Miles has accepted Governor
Tafts invitation to live at the palace
while here The garrison in Manila
will be reviewed by General Miles on
Saturday The general will then pro
seed to Dagupan where he will visit
Colonel Charles L Davis of the Fifth
Infantry General Miles old regiment
The generals plan for a tour of the
archipelago has not yet been complet
Rid of a Horse Thief
GUTHRIE O T Residents of Cad--do
county in the vicinity of Swan
lake discovered the body of an un
known man swinging to the limb of a
tree and it has developed that he
was a member of a gang of horse
thieves that terrorized that portion of
Oklahoma for several months past It
Is supposed he was captured by en
raged farmers who hal lost stock and
Indian Would Cheat the Gallows
bins and ex Sheriff Joseph M Dickson
who were death watch over Walking
Shield the Indian hanged here last
week have been appointed to a sim
ilar capacity in connection with
George Bear the Sioux Indian con
victed a few days ago of the murder
of his stepson and a white employe
on the Rosebud reservation and sen
tenced to be hanged December 5 next
Thanks the Workmen
WASHINGTON After breakfasting
at the White House Friday President
Roosevelt informally received 191 of
the mechanics and laborers who have
been engaged upon the repairs of the
mansion The president thanked
them as a body for having facilitated
by their work the completion of the
repairs to the mansion thereby en
abling him to once more occupy it
No Prize Fighting There
WATERBURY Conn In response
to complaints from clergymen and
other citizens regarding the proposed
match between Young Corbett and
Austin Rice on November 6 John P
Kellogg assistant state attorney on
Friday sent a letter to the manager
of the match warning him that any
violation of the law against prize
fighting will be immediately met with
the arrest and punishment of any one
Gratltudo promotes publicity and
its no wonder peoplo testify when llfo
in saved
Every reader with a bad back Is In
danger for bnd backs aro but kldnoy
Ills and neglect may provo fatal
Ncglocted backacho is quickly fol
lowed by too frequent urinary dis
charges rotontion of tho urlno pain
ful urination DIabotes Brlghts dis
Road how all such troubles con bo
Case No 34520 Mr Walter Mc
Laughlin of 3022 Jacob street Wheel
ing W Va a machine hand working
at J A Holiday Sons planing mill
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Doans Kidney Pills when I did I
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one Doans Kidney Pills procured
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blessing to me half a box relieved
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housekeeper u os Red Cross Ball Blue
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Porto Rico and Manila representing
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the best hotels
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