The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, October 31, 1902, Image 1

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Coming to McCook
The Opera House Was Crowded to Hear
the Present and Next Congress
man on the Issues
Judge Norris the Republican notninco
for congressman and the present con
gressman A 0 Shallenberger held
their liiml joint debate of the campaign
in the Menard opera house of our city
last Saturday afternoon in the presence
of a crowded bousecomposed of farmers
laboring men business men profession
al men and a fair sprinkling of ladies
The followers of both men were out in
numbers and both debaters were strongly
supported and roundly cheered on occa
sions offering
It is not easy to compare the men
they are so unlike in style Judge Nor
ris has the judicial mind and manner
nnd more calmly presents and argues his
points without attempting to use the
arts of the orator With Congressman
Shallenberger the case is vastly different
He has the agility of the typical orator-
icaljj jnast and a torrenlial facility of j
speg js Indeed it in not easy to follow
hs C iara of words lie has the poli
ticilik skill of indirection and is not
easy to nul down to a hard-and-fast
proposition Ho plays to the gallery
Congressman Shallenberger opened
the ball by roasting the railroads for
being in politics the coal barons the
trusts and the tariff He would take the
railroads out of politics by government
ownership and kill the trusts with his
bill lie claimed and we give him credit
for voting for one Republican measure
reciprocity In his closing peroration
which smacked noticeably of the
studied set honeyed phrase he threw
bouquets to the people with the politi
cians prodigality
Judge Norris followed congratulating
the congressman upon doing a few wise
and useful things that is voting for
some Republican measures and directed
the attention of the audience to the fact
that it would be much more advantages
to the district to send him Norris to
congress for the reason that he would be
found all the time voting with the Re
publican party and President Roosevelt
Judge Norris promptly took all of the
wind out of the congressmans sails on
the Fowler currency oiilby placing him
self on record as against the measureand
offered to resign if elected congressman
and the Republicans carried the measure
through congress provided Shallenber
ger if elected would resign if the measure
failed to become a law Shallenberger
did not accept the challenge although
one of the hottest assaults made by Shal
lenberger was on this strawman the
Fowler bill which has no more show of
becoming a law in its present form than
ix snowball has for its existence in hades
The judge favored reciprocity the oleo
bill protection of the American laborer
and market and stood with President
Roosevelt on the trust question charg
ing the Democratic obstructionists with
being primarily responsible for the exist
once of the trusts
If one were to attempt to sum up the j
whole matter it wouid be something like
this Shallenberger had the theories
and Norris the facts Shallenberger had
the imagination and Norris the condi
tion It was developed in the debate
that Shallenberger and his party are
associated with real disaster and distress
in our national commercial affairs and
that notwithstanding the prophesies of
the Democrats to the contrary the party
that Norris represents is administering
affairs of the nation under Republican
policies in an era of absolutely unex
amplod and uuequalled prosperity
The Republican position in governmen
tal affairs was shown to be impregnable
and the points of fact were cleariy with
the judge And wo say all this without
derogation of Shallenbergers accom
plishments as a medicine mixer of the
iirst class in the Democratic ranks
Dr C M Headrick ear nose and
throat specialist and expert on all ca
tarrhal troubles will bo at the hotel
Palmer McCook Nebraska for one day
only November 15th The Doctor
makes this visit to accommodate his
patients in and around McCook who
cannot afford to go to Omaha for treat
ment All persons having nose throat
lung or stomach ailments should take
this opportunity to consult Dr Head
rick Consultation entirely free of
Its a pleasure to show our Dress
Goods the line is so complete has so
many of the good things in it prices are
so reasonable 300 pieces to select from
150 down to 15c yd The Thompson
D G Co
For Sale First class folding bed
Inquire at Morgans clothing store
Fine shower last night
Election day Tuesday next
Miss Mary Muoan returned home
Thursday on No 1
Sutt Campuell and J E Kelley were
Lincoln visitors Monday
Mrs C E Cone arrived home today
from her visit in Kansas City
P A Pknnell went to Holdrege Sat
urday night on 6 on businessT
S Seaman has been up from Beatrice
for two or three days on business
MitsMr J Strouds aged mother is
seriouslillfftho result of old age
Mrs C E Pope Jessie and Robert
spent Sunday visiting Oxford relatives
Miss Eva Bukoess visited Mrs C B
Walls of Indianola between trains Tues
Pearl Williams of Cambridge is as
sisting in the Republican office this
Ethel Pope came up from Lincoln
last night on 3 to visit the family over
Mns Roy Zint visited her grand
mother Mrs Conover in Red Cloud
close of last week
Mrs A JMarkwad has been visiting
her parents Mr and Mrs Meissiner of
the Zimmor neighborhood
Mrs L W Stayner and children
arrived home Saturday on 3 from their
absence in Des Moines Iowa
Mr and Mrs A A Hackman de
parted Tuesday night for their new
home in South Oil City Penna
Louis Thorgrimson Stuart McLean
and Guy Tomlinson went up to Donver
Saturdayon 1 remaining over Sunday
Mrs Thomas Marsland returned to
her home in Lincoln close of the week
after a short visit to Mrs APThomson
Mrs L P Addis and daughter Cyn
thia of Denver Colorado are guests of
Walter Hickling and Mrs W Y John
Mrs W F Pate has been visiting
her brother Will in Sheridan Wyoming
this week going up there close of last
Frank Cullen left for Omaha Wed
nesday and from there goes to Norfolk
to resume the road on next Monday
Harlow W Keyes chairman Repub
lican county central committee was a
Lincoln visitor last Friday on business
of the campaign
Mrs Sam Patterson came up from
Arapahoe Wednesday on 5 returning
home this morning on 12 She was
Mrs Tartschs guest
James Lee is building him a comfort
able home near his ice house It will be
a six room affair with bath closets etc
withal very cosy and convenient
Mrs W S Fitch arrived home Sat
urday on 1 from attending the wedding
of her son Frank at Salem Nebraska
and from visiting them in Lincoln
Dora Oyster left on 3 Thursday
night for Sacramento California where
she will make her home for the future
with her married sister MrsSDBolles
Miss Millie Slaby came up from
Republican City Friday night on 3
visiting Mrs V H Solliday until Sun
day morning when she returned on No 2
Mr and Mrs Meserve came up from
Lincoln Saturday on 1 Mr Meserve
returning home on 2 Sunday morning
Mrs Meserve remaining uutil 12 Wed
nesday morning
Dr A P Welles arrived home Sun
day night from his trip east visiting at
his old York state home and attending
the national G A R reunion in Wash
ington city
Mr and Mrs H Thompson and Miss
Luella returned from Salt Lake City
this week They have been in Califor
nia all summer but will likely remain
here this winter
Mrs J W
t r j hish five in which Mrs FG Westland
nee Oklahoma Monday night and will
visit her parents Mr and Mrs William
Coleman She is just convalescing from
a serious illness
O P Yarger Mrs J M Sellars and
Ross Sellars visited J H Yarger close
of last and first of this week on their
way to Red Cloud Oscar and Ross are
just convalescing from an attack of
typhoid fever
Mesdames G D Leach and W P
Bross will entertain tho Dorcas ken
sington next Thursday afternoon at
Mrs Leachs house
Very pretty Kimona Dressing Sacques
of Flannelette at 65c and 75c at The
Thompson D G Co
W S Tomlinson has reentered
train sorvice
r I ii ft I tfil 10 Ix
of American Beauty roses
American Beauty roses cosmos car
nations ferns palms etc were the deco
rative effect
Last Friday evening at the Garrard
residence Misses Kate Garrard and Fran
ces McChesney entertained about 33
young friends in a happy manner Games
were played refreshments served and an
enjoyable social time enjoyed by the
entire company
Last Friday evening Dare Kenyon
gave a party to about twenty girls and
boys of his schoolmates and friends
Games were played and refreshments
served to the very evident enjoyment of
Thursday afternoon from wo to six
oclock Mrs C II Bailey and Mrs
J M Tramriell received their lady
friends of the city to he number of about
150 at the homo of the former
Viva Phelari welcomed the guests at
the outer door Mrs J F Kenyon met
the guests in the reception hall and
directed them to the receiving line in
the parlor
The hostesses and Mrs T AErb of
Akron Colorado were in the receiving
lino in tho parlor which was in yellow
largo yellow chrysanthemums being the
floral effect
In an upper hall Mrs O M Knipple
directed to the room in which MrsIIA
Beale served chocolate and wafers as
sisted by Mrs Albert Barnett This
room had a pretty corner effect of drap
eries in white and yellow chrysanthe
mums giving the color tone of yellow
Mrs WV Gage and Mrs FG West
land ushered to tho dining room which
was in red where a two course lunch was
served Mrs Alexander Campbell and
Mrs AdeloPhelan presiding at the table
assisted by Mrs James Hatfield and
Mrs George Snyder A canopy of smi
lax was suspended from the ceiling over
the table and four ropes of smilax ex
tended to the edge of the table which
with its handsome Battenberg delicate
china and chaste silver presented a very
attractive appearance There were large
bouquets of meteor roses on table and
The decorations of tho music room
were yellow and red chrysanthemums
and roses Mrs Mabel Stranahan and
Mr W J MiGillen Jr on piano and
violin respectfully played softly during
the entire reception
The residence was darkened and mel
low soft artificial light was provided by
candles in pretty candelabra the candles
carrying out the color schemes of the
several rooms
Mrs C II Boyle and Millie Elbert
also assisted
It was one of the most elaborate yet
easy and pleasant social affairs ever held
in the city
Mrs E H Doan and Mrs L E Cann
entertained about fifty lady friends
Tuesday afternoon at the Doan residence
on Melvin street at a ping pong party
of pleasurable particulars They were
assisted by Mrs AGBump Mrs Mabel
Stranahan Miss Mario Gibbons and
Miss Maud Cordeal
Three largo tables were utilized in
playing the game and the guests were
directed to the different tables by the
pink white and blue colors of the rib
bons attached to the score cards dis
tributed Mrs J E Kelley won the
A three course lunch was served with
dainty details after the conclusion of the
Cosmos were the principal floral deco
ration being arranged in profusion over
the house Carnations were also used
in the general effect
Mrs C II Boyle and Mrs M A
Northrup were bostessess of a kensing
ton last Thursday afternoon at the
residence of the former in which about
forty lady friends were guests Those
assisting were Mesdames C E Pope
J A Gunn C M Bailey H L Prevost
and James Hatfield
Refreshments consisted of a three
course lunch served in tasteful style
Mrs C L Fahnestock presided at the
piano during the serving
There was no special effort at decora
tion bouquets of cosmos being displayed
over the residence with pretty effect
Mr and Mrs F M Kimmell gave a
dinner party to a company of friends
last Saturday evening in celebration of
the fourteenth anniversary of their wed
After dining the guests indulged in
the playing of a few games of progressive
sr -
C A Nesbit goes to Lyons Colorado
Louis Matthis has been sent to Arapa
hoe as night operator
Way car 14 1 is out of the shop and has
gone into the service
Don Thomas went into tho train-service
as a brakeman this week
Master Mechanic Archibald was in
Lincoln on business last Friday
There were two number threes last
night and a special ahead of them
Brakeman Emil Engberg visited rela
tives at Cambridge part of tho week
Ernest Colo was at home in Oxford
all last week recovering from a sprained
Charles Ohms and wife wore guests of
K N Nelson Havelock close of last
E L Hanson who has been cashier
at the freight house is now located at
Engineer and Mrs A J Chambers
were pilgrims to the states metropolis
Now and heavier steel is being laid
on Mascot hill by Sam Rogers Coon
extra gang
Brakeman C A Nesbit has resigned
from tho train service and will enter the
station service
Brakeman George Brauscomb spent
early days of tho week in Holdrege
visiting relatives
Auditor W P Foreman checked the
old agent out at Imperial Monday and
installed the new
The office at Traer Kansas has been
provided with an agent during the ship
ping season at least
Louis Matthis of Atwood Kansas
was in town Saturday to take tho oper
ators examination
Brakeman J E OConnor is off duty
with a Jobs Comforter of large pro
portions on his neck
Brakeman and Mrs II W Conover
returned home Sunday on 13 from a
short visit to Red Cloud relatives
The annual election of tho advisory
board of C B Q R R Voluntary
Relief will be held on November 21th
Brakeman F A Henderson went up
to Culbertson last light and Mrs Hen
derson returned with him this morning
W S Tomlinson who is connected
with the purchasing agents office Oma
ha was out visiting the family over Sun
F D Griffeth succeeds O D Keith as
conductor on the Holdreie Chevenno
line Keith will run out of McCook as
Brakeman and Mrs Mose Colfer re
turned home Tuesday from their visit
in Nebraska City Nebraska and Kan
sas points
Mike Hogan and Dan OBrien who
have been visiting down in Arkansas for
several weeks returned home on 13
Conductor John Morris has been called
to Chicago by the serious illness of his
mother Conductor W H Brown has
his run meanwhile
Traveling Engineer and Mrs C A
Dixon Machinist and Mrs K M Stang
land arrived home Monday night from
their Plattsmouth visit
Fred L Palmer of Supt Campbells
office returned home Saturday night on
3 from a months vacation east The
family stopped over in Lincoln this
Brakeman L I Culbertson who re
in order this week to welcome the ar
rival of his wife
A personal letter from J G Dole
states that he and Will Meyer are work
ing in the Elkhorn shops at Missouri
DATiis arnvea rrom onaw
1 I it n x
carried of the victors laurels a bouquet vaiie xowa
chased property and
that their home
night on No 6
expect to make
Auditor Randall and young son came
up from Omaha Saturday night and
was Agent Thomsons guest over Sun
day Mrs Randall who has been Mrs
Agent and Mrs T G Rees arrived in
the city on 1 Saturday from Farnam
whence he has been transferred to Im
perial as agent They were guests of
Monaay morning
American A 2 bushel Seamless Grain
Bags 16c at The Thompson D G Co
Corbln Webber Wedding
Miss Daisy Webbor and Mr Earl Cor
bin wero united in marriage at the home
of the brides mother in Cambridge
Wednesday afternoon October 22nd
1902 Rev J S Medlin of tho M E
church ofliciated It was a very quiet
affair only tho brides family being
Mr and Mrs Corbin boarded the
evening train for McCook where Mr
Corbin has a position with tho Burling
ton as night operator May happiness
and success attend them thro many
years of married life is tho wish of tho
Clarion and tho hope of their many
friends in Cambridge and throughout
the county Cambridge Clarion Oct21
Wedding of Two Estimable People
Frank Dudek of Redwillow precinct
and Idona V Bower of Valloy Grange
precinct this county were quietly united
in marriage Wednesday of this week
October 29th at the Methodist parson
age Rev L II Shumate officiating
Tho happy couple at once repaired to
their farm homo a few miles southeast
of tho city The groom is a son of Joseph
Dudek he is an energetic young fanner
of sterling character Tho bride is a
daughter of W E Bower and is beloved
and admired by many friends The
estimable young couple has tho good
wishes and hearty congratulations of
many warm friends for their future hap
piness and prosperity
Worked a Small Graft
The Tribune learns that a photograph
graftermade hay in tho city last week
His scheme was to canvass the city aud
secure a fifty cent payment on a dozen
photos and two photo buttons giving
those who paid tho fifty cents a receipt
which when presented at an appointed
place with the further payment of one
dollar entitled the victim to the photos
and buttons Those going to the ap
pointed place failed to find any trace of
tho grafter Their experience cost
them the fifty cents
You Should If You Havent
Already You should make it a special
order of business to call and inspect
Mrs Delhuntys display of millinery
Its large stylish and thoroughly up-to-date
And then your special attention
is directed to her announcement of a 23
per cent reduction on all goods trimmed
and untrimmed hats plumes velvets
ribbons silks gloves everything in fact
The goods are all of tho best and latest
and the reduced price should be quite
FitzGibbons Kolbet
Rev Lutz married Steve L Fitz
Gibbons and Mary Kolbet in the
Catholic church Zimmer Tuesday
October 11th The church was crowded
to witness the happy event Over 100
guests enjoyed tho following wedding
remembered with many and handsome
gifts It was a memorable occasion for
that neighborhood
Arapahoes Heavy Loss
Arapahoes public school building was
entirely destroyed by fireMonday night
with a loss of 20000 on building and
contents upon which thero was but
8000 insurance Cause is unknown
but is thought to have originated in the
laboratory possibly from an explosion
or ignition of chemicals
Another Picture Sale
We expect to open on Saturday five
hundred more of those mounted pictures
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time ago at 12 cts each Come early
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It McConnell Berry
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