The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 19, 1902, Image 8

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No Sending Away if
You can buy a complete violin Sff
outfit consisting of violin bow X
case combination tuning pipe
rosin instruction book and extra A
set of strings for 398 You see A
what you get no express charges V
to pay if not as we represent we A
are right here on the ground to g
make it right fa
We have out
fits for 8 and
finer still for
In guitars we are handling only
the better grades which we are able
to sell you at the same price asked
for inferior instruments For 500
we will sell you the new 1902 Melba
standard size guitar made of curly
birch beautifully inlaid front and
back position dots ebony finger
board and fully guaranteed
K inm f T
Bee Hive 3 FlcCook
iijjtjxpv jyi iagrjap jji gnxgjrigjt hjk jqc jjx jp xjgcjgrvgc itjpcy
V FRANKLIN President
A C EBERT Cashier
a m a a
Authorized Capital 100000
Capital and Surplus 60000
G0 HQCKNELL President B M FREES V Pros
A CAMPBELL Director C J PLATT Director
4 lS Paid Up Capital 50000 Surplus 5000 f
r u ifiLi t 1 u
F B Burgess
umoer ana
Steam Fi
Iron Lead and Sewer Pipe Brass
Goods Pumps an Boiler Trimmings
Agent for Halliday Waupun tclipse
Windmills Basement of the Meeker-
Phillips Building
Kodol Dyspepsia Ouro
Digests what you eat
c i
Boys Wild Ride tor Life
With family around expecting him to Ha antl
a son riding for life IS miles to get Dr Kings
New Discovery for Consumption W H Brown
of Leesville Indiana endured deaths agonies
from asthma but this wonderful medicine gave
instant relief andsoon cured him He writes
I now sleep soundly every night Like mar
velous cures of consumption pneumonia bron
chitis coughs colds and grip prove its match
less merit for all throat and lung troubles
Guaranteed bottles 50c antl 100 Trial bottles
free at McConnell fc Berrys drug store
Low Rates to California
Every day in September and October
via the Burlington Route
To San Francisco Los Angeles San
Diego and many other points in Califor
nia the Burlington Route has made the
extraordinarily low rate of 2500 from
McCook Nebraska
Tourist sleeper daily from Omaha
Lincoln Hastings and other main line
Stopovers allowed at many California
points Ask the Burlington agent or
write J Francis G P Agent
Omaha Nebraska
Joe Rare and family spent last Sunday
in Bartley
John Jones of Bartley was an Iudianola
pilgrim Sunday
Mr Bell returned homo last week
from her western trip
Mrs Walker Andrews and Nellie were
McCook visitors Saturday
Dr J M Brown of Bartley was in
town on business Wednesday
Walter Adams of Chicago is visiting
his grandfather Mike Adams
Mrs Baxter went up to the county
sent on business Monday evening
Miss Claude Hatcher left Tuesday
morning for Lincoln where she will
enter school
The Misses Nettie Ough and Ethel
Kennedy took in the big show at Hold
rege Friday
J Kearn went up to Culbertson on
business Thursday evening returning
on Saturday morning
Mrs A Thacker and Mona left Tues
day morning for a several weeks visit
to their old home in Ohio
Mrs II L Prevost and baby from
McCook accompanied the doctor on his
regular trip here Wednesday
George Cramers brother left for his
homo in Indiana Sunday morning after
a two weeks visit with George
John Tate and wife left Wednesday
morning Mrs Tate stopping over at
Bartley and John going on to Crete to
look up a location
John Puckett wife and baby came in
from Cripple Creek Saturday morning
John sold out his household goods and
expects to locate in Nebraska again
Miss Maud Sheeney who has been
visiting her sister Mrs D W Schoen
thal for the last several weeks left for
her home near Bennet Nebraska Sun
day morning
Mrs G W Short Georgia and the
baby went down to Sheldon Nebraska
Sunday morning to see Mrs Shorts
aged aunt who is dangerously ill They
expect to be gone about two weeks
Dress does not make the person Nor does a
clean exterior indicate a clean interior To bo
wjll all organs of the body must work in har
mony Rocky Mountain Tea does this work
McConnell fe Berry
PM Green spent Monday in McCook
Harry Lehman was a McCook visitor
R Nickerson of Palisade was in town
R Knowles was a Palisade visitor
Mrand Mrs S ESolomon were Tren
ton visitors Friday
Prof James OConnell visited the Cul
bertson schoolslater part of the week
Mr and Mrs J W Cole returned
home after a short visit in Denver Wed
David Knowles is fast rising He is
now at Otis Colorado receiving 50 per
Mrs S H Blum returned to her homo
in Superior after a two weeks visit with
Culbertson friends
Mrs Jacob Forbes died at her home
two miles east of Culbertson Sunday
mormnor one naa ueen an invaua ior
several years
Our boys will play ball Friday and
Saturday at the Harvest Home at Tren
ton Friday with Palisade and Satur
day with Trenton
Henry Stine one of the oldest settlers
of Hitchcock county died at the McCook
hopital on the 11th He was buried in
the Culbertson cemetery on the follow
ing Saturday
Mrs Ella Elder rind son Lehman
came in on No 5 Tuesday night to visit
H Lehman and family and old time
friends Lehman came for his health
and it is sincerely hoped that he will be
benefitted His many young friends are
pleased to welcome him back
Quite a heavy frost on Thursday night
of last week
Ed Stilgebouer is stacking his third
cutting of alfalfa hay
Milford Pew has returned from Hebron
where he has been visiting his parents
He reports the corn crop good at that
A Reed and family of Marion Mr
and Mrs Robinson and daughter of
Daubury visited with H Nadens on
D Steele and family attended the ded
ication services at Cedar Bluffs Kansas
on Sunday and ate dinner with I A
Mrs I Pew of Hebron was a passen
ger on the west bound train on Wednes
day She arrived at Marion about nine
oclock in the evening
When onco liberated within yoursystom it
produces a most wonderous effect Its worth
ones last dollar to feel tho pleasure of life that
comes by taking Bocky Mountain Tea 33 cts
McConnell Berry
Lagrippe is quite prevelant on the
South Side at present
Miss Fay Jacobs returned from her
visit to Frontier county last Monday
Keith and Kenneth Jacobs ten years
old killed twenty skunks last Saturday
C II says the aroma was in evidence
for several days
The Tribune made a fifty dollar error
in mentioning the purchase price of the
Stone farm last week it was 1590
instead of 1510
Lingering Summer Colds
Dont let a cold run at this season Summer
colds are tho hardest kind to cure and if neg
lected may linger along for months A long
siege like this will pull down the strongest con
stitution One Minute Cough Cure will break
up the attack at once Safe sure acts at once
Cures coughs colds croup bronchitis all
throat and lung diseases The children like it
McConnell fc Berry
Low Rates East
The Burlington Route has authorized
the low rate of 3545 from McCook
Neb to Washington D C and return
for the National Encampment G A R
Tickets on sale October 2 to 5 inclu
sive Good returning until October 14
but extension until November 3 1902
may be secured
Through tourist sleepers Omaha to
Washington October 4 Double berth
300 Ask the Burlington agent or
write J Francis G P Agent
Omaha Nebraska
The Folks Who Paid For the Dis
course Got What They Wanted
Many Maine people who live In a
certain part of Cumberland county will
well remember one Abner so he was
always called In his town Abner was
tho wit of the village and he was
commonly selected to take ch rge of
funerals because he was about the
only man in town who had time hang
ing on his hands A citizen died a man
who never amounted to much who
tras never positively wicked because
that would have required more of an
effort than he was willing to make
He was however far enough from be
ing a good citizen and Abner knew it
as well as anybody else
Abner was requested to ask a certain
minister to conduct the service and he
hitched up his old horse and drove to
his house The minister said lie would
attend and then tried to get a little in
formation concerning the late lament
What sort of a man was he he
Well about the same as no sort of
a man at all replied Abner frankly
I suppose his loss will be deeply
felt in the community said the min
Theyre all bearing up well under
it said Abner slowly
Was he a Christian asked the
If hed been accused of it the ver
dict would have been not guilty and
the jury wouldnt have left their seats
replied Abner cheerfully
Did he attend church asked the
minister a bit anxiously
I never heard of his doing it said
How did he die continued the
Just the same as he lived sort of
naturally said Abner
I dont see how Im to preach much
of a sermon under such circumstances
said the minister
The neighbors all said they didnt
think they wanted much of a sermon
and so they sent me over to see you
said Abner
The minister pocketed his wrath and
a five dollar bill and after the funeral
the satisfied Abner said Well we got
just what we wanted bgosh Lewis
ton Journal
Game chickens have more meat in
proportion to their height than any
other breed of fowls
When the chickens are growing fast
it is a good plan to mix a little bone
meal in their soft feed
Smearing whole wheat with kerosene
or turpentine and feeding it to the
chickens is a good remedy for gapes
Adding some carbolic acid and put
ting on hot will secure much better re
sults from the whitewashing of the
poultry house
While it is at no time advisable to
keep food of any kind before the fowls
all the time it will bo an advantage to
keep milk where they can drink all
they want
Fowls do not run together in largo
numbers They will always divide into
flocks of small size and will select dif
ferent feeding grounds always pro
vided they have the opportunity
A growing chicken like a growing
animal requires plenty of good whole
some food supplied liberally and often
in order to enable them to grow and
mature rapidly and to develop proper
There Was a Limit
I am glad they moved away re
marked the good housewife speaking
of a family of borrowing neighbors
who had just left the neighborhood I
was willing to lend them a loaf of
bread occasionally or half a dozen eggs
or the washboard or the lemon
squeezer but when they got down to
sending the little girl over to borrow
pennies to give the organ grinder I
began to think it was nearly time to
draw the line and to cap the climax
one daj they actually asked me to
come over and take care of the baby
while they went out to do the shop-
Uncertain Aliont Her Age
A Boston servant like many of her
class does not know her age She has
lived with one family eleven years and
has always been twenty eight But
not long ago she read in the newspaper
of an old woman who had died at the
age of 10G Maybe Im as auld as that
mesilf said she Indade I cant re
mimber the time when I wasnt alive
Boston Christian Register
An Exchnnsre of Courtesies
No sub said Mr Erastus Pinkly
I nebber sold my vote to nobody
But that candidate gave you 2
Yassir I doesnt deny dat He jes
come along an gimme dat two an
when a gem man comes along an gives
you 2 fob nufiin it aint no mo dan
common reciprocity to vote fob im fob
nuffin Washington Star
What She Says
A man cant tell whether a girl
means what she says lie remarked
Of course not she replied If he
thinks she does why she just naturally
doesnt the moment she finds it out
and if be thinks she doesnt why she
does Chicago Post
Bill I hear a man in town was ar
rested today for cruelty to animals
Jill Is that so
Yes the fellow bad a tapeworm
and be refused to feed it Yonkers
Light mortals how ye walk your life
minuet over bottomless abysses di
vided from you by a film Carlyle
Why One Girl Had to Keep Secluded
For Over a Weclc
They were two pretty girls and when
they happened to meet on one of tho
quiet streets of the city the girl in
gray turned and walked in the direc
tion the other one had taken
Now let me know all about the par
ty said the one who had turned Ive
been just dying to see you and have
you tell me
Oh but I wasnt there at all said
her companion This is the first time
Ive been out of the house for more
than a week
Why have you been ill her friend
inquired surprised and solicitous
i No I really think it was worse than
that she replied
You know Im a little proud of my
hair for its my one redeeming point
modestly and because it is naturally
wavy it is always llufliest after It has
been shampooed
A day or two before the party I
washed my hair using what I thought
was borax in the water When I at
tempted to dry my erstwhile bonnle
brown curls they were stringy and
hard and looked as if they had been
frozen in wisps Then to my horror I
discovered that I had used powdered
alum in the water It took me a whole
week to get it out of my hair I miss
ed the party I had set my heart upon
attending and wouldnt let any of my
friends see mo for I was a perfect
fright Duluth News Tribune
Sin of the Tongue
The sins of the tongue all point to
the necessity and profit of self mastery
There is danger in tho tongue that
I often brings the deepest sorrow to in-
nocent ones as well as throws a re-
I flection on a pure character If this
i confession of failure and magnifying
I of the oliice of the tongue seem
gerated let any one sit down quietly
and tldnk of the sins and cruelties of
human speech The careless words
which no repentance can call back
again the rash promises which it has
cost us so much to fulfill the expres
sion of the lower nature which has
shamed the higher the confessions of
evil and yielding to falsehood the hot
and angry words which sober thought
condemn these are some of the perils
of the tongue On the other hand like
most of the uses of the world which
turn so easily to evil the tongue may
bo the instrument of great and lasting
A Rejected Novel
Before he had achieved fame the
French novelist Xavier de Montepin
on concluding a long and elaborate
tale of adventure took it full of hope
to a publisher who promptly declined
it on even the most advantageous
terms to the writers poignant morti
fication Twenty years afterward this
identical publisher besought at his
hands a sensational story one of those
serials which were the delight of gri
settes offering any price within rea
son Well said De Montepin I
will oblige you but my terms must be
somewhat heavy I want 4000 Aft
er many protests it was paid
In telling the storj De Montepin
used to add The best of the business
was that it was the very same story
which he had previously rejected and
which I had in various directions en
deavored in vain to dispose of
A Curious Tree
There is a peculiar tree in the forests
of central India which lias most curi
ous characteristics The leaves of the
tree are of a highly sensitive nature
and so full of electricity that -whoever
touches one of them receives an elec
tric shock It lias a very singular ef
fect upon a magnetic needle and will
inlluence it at a distance of even seven
ty feet The electrical strength of the
trees varies according to the time of
day it being strongest at midday and
weakest at midnight In ivet weather
its powers disappear altogether Birds
never approach the tree nor have in
sectsever been seen upon it
Wanted All God People Nice
Tllo se TlbC vii- oompliiivioI tUa vie
tue is uninteresting nave usually been
branded as cynics or worse as people
trying to be clever To all such this
true story of a little girl may come as
consolation for out of the mouths
Little Alice had been put to bed and
told to say her prayers O God she
prayed make all the bad people good
and make all tho good people all the
good people all the good people
nice New York Tribune
Crnel Blovr
Are you aware of the fact re
marked Miss Cutting that I am a
mind reader
Nevah suspected it weally an
swered young Softleigh Would you
aw object to weading my mind don
cher know
Certainly not she replied Bring
it with you the next time you call
Chicago News
He Xecdccl the Money
Will you please raise my salary
Why I gave you a raise only last
week because you told me that you
had your mother to support
I know but my mother got mar
ried and now I have two to support
Ohio State Journal
His Straddle
He I see Oldboy is pretty gay yet
if he is aging
She Oh yes hes got one foot in the
grave and the other in society Yon
kers Statesman
Composite Succes
Sidney Rodney you live by your
wits dont you
Rodney Well partly and partly by
other peoples lack of wits Detroit
Free Press
Fraternal Insurance Order Cards
McCook Nebraska
Office in Court House Phone 181
McCook Nebraska
ES Agent of Lincoln Land Co Office
First door north of Commercial hotel
McCook - - - Nebraska
Office Fir3t National bank building next
to City hall IIouks S30 to 12 1 to 6 7 to 9
Night calls answered from rosidonco over bank
McCook Nebraska
Telephone 44 p o Building
Phones Oillco 17 residence 93
Write or Phone for Terms and Date
A Reliable
Graduate Dentist
iStf5ii k
Bates Old
McCook Neb
JJS OOOHnVtlilnr il
an artibUc manner Give
moa call and trial
Graduate of Kansas
City Dental College
Telephone 43
McCook Nebraska
All Calls For The
I witii Bus I
Answered by the
Will make all
trains and an
swer all calls to any
part of the city
W H Ackerman
McCook Nebraska
R C I P ALodn No 012 moots first nndr
third Thursdays of each month McConnpIl s
hull 830 p m E H JIudeh Freslclout w a
Outer Secretary
K O T M - Regular mootlnRS on second
and fourth Tuesday ovoninsrs of oncli month in
McConnell hall nt 8 Visiting kniRUis woicomo
M R Gates commnndor J II Yarqeb record
keeper C A Leach flnnnco koopor
lodgo No 807 moots on second nnd fourtli Mon
day evcninRS of each month at eight oclock In
McConnell hall J R McCabl Illustrious
Pro Robt W Devqe Secretary
Good Advice
Tho most misorablo beings In tho world are
thoso Bufforlns from dyspepsia nnd livor com
plaint More than soveuty flvo por cent of the
pooplo in the United States aro otiiictod with
tlieso two diseases and their effects such as
sour stomach sick headache habitual costivo
noss palpitation of tho hoart heartburn water
brash Bnawinfj nnd burning paius at tho pit of
the stomach yellow skin coated tonguo and
disagreeablo taste in tho mouth coming up of
food after eating low spirits etc Goto your
druggist and get a bottle of August Flower for
75couts Two doses will relievo you Try it
Got Greens Special Almunac
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Tuko Lax2fivo Bromo Quinine Tablets All
dnicgists refund the monoy if it fails to cure
E W Groves signature is on each box JMc
A Iliiu8lble Theory
Hixon I wonder how Methuselah
managed to live to such a ripe old
Dixon Probably because there
were no bacteria and disease germs In
ils day
Physician and
Surgeon J
Oflico over McMillnns drug store Residence
702 Main Avouuo Residence phone Hi Oflico
phono 28 Calls answered night or day -