The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 19, 1902, Image 6

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No Maud dear you cant fill a
poker hand with an ash tray
lie docs not havo Defiance Starch you
may be euro ho Is afraid to keep It until
his stock of 12 oz packages are sold De
fiance Starch la not only better than any
other Cold Water Starch but contains 16
oz to the package and tells foe same
monoy as 13 oz brands
Modesty Is bred of self reverence
Pine manners are the mantle of fair
minds Alcott
For forty years Dr Fowlers Extract of
Wild Strawberry has been curing summer
somplaintdyentory dlarrhaoa bloody flux
pain in the stomach and it has never yet
railed to do everything claimed for it
Widows are not always as mournful
as outward appearances would Indi
ReHc of a Century Ago
In Battery place between West and
Washington streets where a founda
tion was dug to a depth of forty five
feet below the curb line the diggers
encountered a wooden cellar floor of
remarakablo construction It was
Built of white pine timbers 18x10 inch
53 a size it would be impossible to get
now so a builder says if the country
were searched from sea to sea The
timbers were held with brass spikes
and the seams between them were
laulked after te manner of a ships
Side to exclude water from the cellar
when he tide arose This is a relic
f aristocratic New York of 100 years
New Orleans Home for Orphans
- New Orleans is to have a home for
brphan boys built out of funds be
queathed by the late George Xavier
Carstairs Mr Carstairs was himself
Drphaned while very young and had a
bard struggle with the world He ac
cumulated a large fortune however
all of which he has left for the pur
pose indicated
The hardest thing to find is an hon
fest partner for a swindle
In Bed Three Months
Oolitic Ind Sept 15 Mr W A
Terry of this place suffered for
months with a very severe caso of
Kidney Trouble
He was so very bad that he was
almost confined to his bed for three
He tried many medicines but he
could not get any relief till he com
menced to use a remedy introduced
here some time ago as a cure for
Kidney Trouble the name of which is
Dodds Kidney Pills
Mr Terry says that the second day
after commencing to use this remedy
2ie could notice a very marked im
provement in his condition and in a
fehort time he was able to go about
He is naturally filled with gratitude
to Dodds Kidney Pills for the im
mense amount of good they nave done
him and says
I would recommend Dodds Kid
iiey Pills to every sufferer rrom Kid
ney or bladder trouble for from my
experience I am sure they are the
best medicine to be had for all dis
poses of this nature
i When a married woman expects
company she always bakes a fancy
Low Rates to the Northwest
Commencing September 1 and con
tinuing until October 31 1902 second-class
one way colonist tickets
will be sold by the Chicago Milwau
kee St Paul Ry from Chicago to
all points in Montana Idaho Utah
California Washington Oregon Brit
ish Columbia and intermediate points
at greatly reduced rates Choice of
routes via St Paul or via Omaha
The Chicago Milwaukee St
Paul Ry is the route of the United
States Government fast mail trains
between Chicago St Paul and Minne
apolis and of the Pioneer Limited
the famous train of the world
All coupon ticket agents sell tickets
via Chicago Milwaukee St Paul
Ry or address F A Miller General
Passenger Agent Chicago
Life happens to some folks only in
Impossible to foresee an accident Not
Impossible to be prepared for it Dr
Thomas Eclectric Oil Monarch over pain
Speaking of ducks it takes green
backs to catch canvasbacks
W has no terrors for B
1KB the man who wears I
Suits and
Warranted waterproof
GetlhCKcnnlat Lookfortrads
nrk If jour dealer doesnt
have them write for catalogue to
East Cambridge Haas
can be secured by all residents of
the country or smaller cities If
our catalogue Is kept for reference
We sell every variety of merchandise of
reliable quality at lover prices than any
other house We have been right here In
the same business for thirty one years
and have two million customers If re
save them money why not you
Have you our latest up-to-date cata
logue 1000 pages full of attractive offer
ings If not send 15 cents to partially
pay postage or expressage the book
Itself is free
Montgomery Ward Co
TnG House ma wiia mq ntuwu
Strikers Even Go So Far as to Threat
en Destruction of Property by Dy
namite Police Protection Is Con
stantly Needed
OMAHA Sept 8 The following
statement has been given out by John
N Baldwin general attorney of the
Union Pacific railroad explaining the
present strike situation from the rail
roads standpoint
The Union Pacific company is en
titled to full protection of its prop
erty and to the security of its em
ployes from insults and assaults and
to secure such protection it will call
upon the city state or federal author
ities If necessary The frequent acts
of violence must stop or decisive ac
tion will be taken
If the public knew the full details
of the many lawless and brutal acts
recently committed by the strikers
there would be less sympathy ex
pressed for them and less encourage
ment held out to them to continue
the strike Looking over the list of
assaults during the last week it is
remarkable that such a state of affairB
should be tolerated in this city and
much more remarkable that it should
bo encouraged by apparently well-
meaning citizens
Crowds of strikers and their sym
pathizers frequent the gates of the
companys yards doing what they call
picket duty Their real duty seems
to be to assault or abuse and intimi
date every workman who goes through
the gates It is their purpose as
openly expressed to create such a
reign of terror that no man will dare
work for the company No person
pretends that these pickets are acting
on their Individual responsibility It
is well known that they are placed
there by their head officers or walking
delegates and that their every act of
lawlessness is heartily approved by
the strike officials who places them
on duty around the premises of the
One of the cases is that of Michael
Cronin He has lived in Omaha for
twenty years and has worked for the
Union Pacific since 1884 From his
wages he has been able to support his
family and has saved up fully 5000
which he has invested in Omaha prop
erty He declined to quit when the
other men struck and they seized
every opportunity to abuse and intim
idate him One morning a well known
striker said to him If you keep up
this work you will be killed and if
nobobdy else will do it I will kill you
myself He was afraid to go home
that day and remained in the shops
all night In the meantime his wife
was notified that he would be killed
She was terribly frightened and in
duced him to quit work He re
mained at home then for several
weeks but finally tried to get back
to work At the Cass street gate
Strikers Millett ODonnell Boles and
several others stopped him and told
him if he went in he would be sorry
for it When he went back to town
a man with a revolver in his hand
followed him two blocks Last Mon
day he went back to work and on
Tuesday evening while leaving the
yards for home in company with
George Roach another workman they
were assaulted within 150 feet of the
gate Mr Croinin was knocked down
twice and was badly bruised The
policemen stationed near got around
too late to see who committed the
Last Monday night Henry Guin
otte one of the workmen was assault
ed by strikers up near Jefferson park
One ran up to him and asked him if
he was working in the shops He re
plied that he was and the man
knocked him down without another
word Another striker kicked him
in the back He was almost senseless
for awhile and when he tried to get
up they came back and knocked him
down again
Several days before this attack
Mr Guinottes wife went down to the
yards to see him She was stopped
at the gate and the pickets swore at
her and frightened her so that she
was afraid to go in Other ladies who
have tried to see their husbands or
tried to send word to and from the
gates have been treated in the same
manner Tney tell pitiful stories of
The World Has Progressed
Cast iron plows were introduced
about 120 years ago and much ob
jected to upon the ground that they
poisoned the land
Carried Off by an Eagle
An infant left asleep in Its cradle
In a field near Trieste in charge of an
older child while the mother went
on with her work elsewhere was car
ried off by an eagle A search party
discovered the eagles nest with tha
childs body already half devoured
the brutal oaths and threats dealt out
to them by the pickets
Last Friday E H Iteld one of the
workmen was stopped and assaulted
by striker Lee Harrier or Haraway
and was threatened by others On
Sunday E J Winters one of the shop
guards was caught outside the yards
and was badly beaten There are sev
eral other cases of minor assaults and
the threats recently made nbt only
promise bodily harm to Foreman Tur
tle and others but they say the new
smokestack is to be blown up with
The most recent case Is that which
occurred Wednesday night Two of
the guards named Fauver and Ish
stopped work at six oclock and left
the yards to go to their homes They
were followed by a gang of ten or
fifteen strikers and were attacked Ish
was badly beaten and was seriously
injured by having one of his eye
glasses broken and driven into his
eye Fauver escaped serious Injury
by making an active fight proving
too shifty for his cowardly assail
ants This affray occurred in open
daylight and the crowd of strikers
hung after Fauver throwing missiles
and using foul epithets until the po
lice finally appeared As is frequent
ly the case the police arrested the
first man they came to This was
Fauver and most of the assailants
hurried away to stir up more trouble
or bend their energies elsewhere
It is a curious condition of affairs
when any association of individuals
can officially blacklist a business
house or factory in this city and sta
tion men before the entrance to warn
people not to go in or to insult and
assault those who disregard their
warning In such cases it is difficult
to discriminate between the terms
blacklist and blackmail
While the insults threats and acts
of intimidation on the part of the
lawless element have been of daily
and almost hourly occurrence since
the beginning of the strike the cases
of actual violence are on the increase
during the past week indicating that
the recent declaration of the head of
ficers of the union that every energy
would now be directed to the Union
Pacific strike was no idle threat The
news that several of the most lawless
men from Rawlins and Cheyenne have
been transferred here to do picket
duty for the strikers is followed im
mediately by a number of brutal acts
on the streets and in open daylight
The police force of the city has been
too scattered to prevent these acts
and gangs of piratical fpickets swarm
up the streets and assault men whose
only offense is that they desire to
work for a living and spend their
wages in the city for the benefit of
their families
A Shrewd Swindler
M de Blowitz in the Paris Matin
tells an amusing story of how a sub
scriber to the Encyclopedia Bri
tannlca used that work He was a
professional writer of begging letters
and in them he represented himself to
be now one sort of a person and then
another getting up from the pages
of his encyclopedia the necessary his
torical knowledge to give his letters
plausibility Ttius he explained that
having written a letter in which ha
was a potter who had been chemically
poisoned and unfitted for work he
used the encyclopedia for details of
his pottery trade of which he himself
was entirely ignorant The one word
kaolin which he used in his letters
and the explanation of the use of the
material made every one believe in
the genuineness of his appeal and
brought him a perfect harvest of bank
notes and postal money orders
Bee Exhibit at Worlds Fair
Mayor Swink of Rocky Ford Colo
who has perhaps the largest bee plant
in America is going to take his bee3
to the Worlds Fair and they will
work there from the time the expo
sition opens until it closes Mr
Swink ia willing to construct a bee
hives a miniature of the Colorado
State House at Denver This will re
quire about 640 hives and in it about
5500000 bees will work
In Less Than Twenty Years
It has been less than twenty years
since we had not a single steel ves
sel in the navy and no means of con
structing them At the present time
not only are our private yards pre
pared to undertake the construction
of the greatest battleships but one
of the navy yards is being put in
readiness to commence work on a
16000 ton ship What greater prog
ress than this could be hoped for
New Orleans Picayune
Fullness is always quiet agitation
will answer for empty vessels only
It doesnt take conscience to make
cowards of some people
One of the most recent discoveries
of Prof Hensen the German state
marine biologist is of bacteria which
keep the sea fresh by attacking the
surplus organic matter in it Other
researches in Plankton show that in
some places the sea is a mass of
liquid food which fish and birds in
hale as it were Even around the
arctic and antarctic poles this minute
life exists in such a quantity as to
permeate and color the sea Nine
teenth Century and After
Observations of His Trip In the West
Thinks the Price of Beef Will Go
Down Abundance of Grass in the
WASHINGTON Sept 13 Secretary
Wilson who has returned from a trip
through the west summarized the
agricultural condition in the states- he
visited These states included Ne
braska Illinois Indiana and Ohio He
said there was a great abundance of
crops generally in that region
There will be a good corn crop
he said Corn now is substantially
out of the way of the frost
The corn crops in parts of Kansas
Nebraska and Indiana are probably
the finest on record There has been
more hundreds of millions of dollars
depending on the ripening of this crop
this year than the ordinary person
has ever realized
While the crop is a little late any
danger of its failure can now be con
sidered over The crop is a good one
While it may not be a record breaker
the quality of the corn is splendid
and with the exception of the southern
states the yield per acre is very
heavy In the south the drouth has
somewhat affected the corn crop
Tlhe wheat crop of the west this
year is also very fine and what may
be considered as really the most im
portant crop of all the grass crop
is exceedingly good
The census tells us there has been
a great increase during the last ten
years in the number of cattle in the
United States This information
taken together with the fine crop of
grass insures lower prices of meat I
dont believe the price of meat how
ever will ever be as low as it has
been in the past for the simple reason
that the American people are more
prosperous than ever before and are
eating more meat than ever before
However the exceedingly high
prices of meat will be a thing of the
past as soon as the present feeders
get fattened up to a beef condition
Another thing that will tend to keep
the price of meat a little above the
former lower price is the demand of
England for our meats
Presidents Son Says Populist Farm
ers Treated Him Politely
OYSTER BAY Sept 13 Young
Theodore Roosevelt returned home
from his hunting trip in the west last
night He said that he had a very
pleasant trip that he had shot a great
many prairie chickens and caught
some fish
He denied that the populist farmers
were disagreeable to him On the
contrary he said they treated him
with the greatest kindness and hos
pitality He added also that there had
been no accident nor anything ap
proaching an accidental discharge of
his gun
Matos Declared a Traitor
CARACAS Sept 13 The govern
ment has published a decree declar
ing General Matos leader of the pres
ent revolutionary movement in Vene
zuela to be a traitor and ordering
him to be tried on the charge of pi
racy and for having offered control
of the finances of the government of
Venezuela in case of the success of
his movements to outside capitalists
on the same basis as prevails in
Egypt The facts of this alleged of
fer were reported by the Venezuelan
consul at Liverpool
Court of Inquiry Ordered
WASHINGTON Sept 13 On the
request of Rear Admiral Higginson
commander-in-chief of the North At
lantic station the navy department
has appointed a court of inquiry con
sisting of Rear Admiral Watson pres
ident Rear Admiral Clarke and Cap
tain Chester with Lieutenant Com
mander Roy Smith as recorder to in
vestigate the circumstances attend
ing the accident to the big cruiser
Brooklyn in Buzzards bay during the
To Receive Sir Robert Bond
Saikes British charge of embassy
who has just arrived in Washington
has made an appointment with Mr
Adee the acting secretary of state
to receive Sir Robert Bond
King is Much Improved
LONDON Sept 13 There has been
a marked improvement in the kings
health since the coronation His diet
is strictly regulated in quantity and
character Those who have seen and
talked with him in Scotland assert
that he is in better health than for
many years and that his vivacity and
cheerfulness are noticeable His June
illness is now regarded by many as a
blessing in disguise which may help
to prolong life many years
Mir crwinttiii ffir fijrtirwryl
- - l111
r i nBMiilMlllniliiii l i
President Arranges to Welcome Peo
ple of His Home County
rangement have about been complet
ed for the reception which President
Roosevelt will tender to tho citizens
of Nassau county on the 15th Inst
Decorators are at work and before
the day of the reception arrives many
of the buildings here will be resplon
dnet with bunting Two presidential
salute 3 will be fired by the Hicksville
battery one when the reception be
gins and another at its close
It is probable that between 10000
and 12000 people will attend and
Sheriff Johnson of Nassau county will
swear In 300 deputy sheriffs whose
auty it will be to keep the crowd at
Sagamore Hill moving during the
hours of the reception
The president will receive his neigh
bors on the porch of his house A
number of committees have been ap
pointed of which Frank Travers will
be chairman ex ofilcio He will have
general supervision of all arrange
The president will have as his
guests Tuesday Senators Hanna1
Lodge Spooner Allison and Aldrich
They will take luncheon with the
president and probably dinner
Chicago Professor Says They Are Su
perior in Intelligence
CHICAGO Sept 12 That a people
superior in intelligence to those of
the earth inhabit the planet of Mars
is a conclusion that will be set forth
by Prof G W Hough head of the de-
partment of astronomy of the North
western university in a report which
he Is compiling of his summers obser
vations from the Dearborn observa
tory He asserts this is a probability
based on recent discoveries and adds
that of course it can never bes
tablished positively
The conclusion includes the accep
tance of the theory of evolution and
the statements of leading astronomers
that climatic conditions of Mars are
the same as of the earth The possi
bility of Mercury and Venus being in
habited is admitted because theyi
have solidified and the intense heat1
resulting from their proximity to the
sun may have been overcome by a
deeper covering of atmosphere None
of the other planets the professor
said could contain animal life
Fails to Come in and Debts of the Gov
ernment Are Unpaid
Only one half of the amount of money
required for the payment of salaries
etc upon the occasion of the sultans
anniversary September 8 was obtain-
ed from the provinces and these col
lections were made by threats that
the provincial collectors would lose
their positions unless the money was
The balance of the sum required was
made up from the fund for military
purchases customs receipts etc Thei
money thus taken from the last nam t
ed source will interfere with the1
portes payment to the Cramps of
Philadelphia and to Herr Krupp of
Germany for war material
Pronounced Legally Dead
BOSTON Sept 12 Captain W An
drews who twice crossed the Atlantic
in a fifteen foot cockle shell has been
pronounced legally dead by the
chusetts courts Letters of
tration upon his estate have been
granted to his son Captain Andrews
sailed October G last from Atlantic
City with his bride to whom he had
been married in the presence of 3000
people The boat was sighted only
once about a week after it sailed
General Miles Starts West
WASHINGTON Sept 12 Lieuten
ant General Miles left here today for
the west and will sail from San Fran
cisco on the transport Thomas for
the Philippines where he will make
a tour of inspection of the army in
the islands
Condition of the Treasury
WASHINGTON Sept 12 Todays
statement of the treasury balances
in the general fund exclusive of the
150000000 gold reserve in the divi
sion of redemption shows Available
cash balance 212623655 gold 126
And Then it Snowed
CHEYENNE Wyo Sept 12 A
cold wave swept over Wyoming last
night the mercury dropping to 30 de
grees and today it snowed
Prominent Man is Accused
St Paul Minn Sept 12 An Aber
deen S D special to the Dispatch
says Web Lewis one of the best
known citizens of Edmunds county
has been arrested on a charge of rob
bing the vault of the county treasurer
of about 2800 in gold on August 16
The sheriff is Lewis father-in-law
and has him in personal charge Lewis
was county auditor and resigned the
office several months ago He knew
the combination of the vault
An I O U In the Collection
A singular incident is roported trom
Marlow says tho London Globe Tha
vicar was accostod at the flower show
by a visitor who Inquired if ho had
found an I O U for a shilling in the
collecting bag at the church service
last Sunday The vicar replying in
the affirmative the visitor remarked
that he would discharge the debt ana
tendering a shilling he explained that
when he arrived at worship on Sunday
ho discovered that he had left his
purse behind and thereupon made oul
the I O U which he placed in tho of
fertory bag
Health is better than wealth j
The best guarantee of tho future ia
tho record of tho past and over fifty
thousand people have publicly testi
fied that Doans Kidney Pills havo
cured them of numerous kidney ills
from common backache to dangerous
diabetes and all the attendant annoy
ances and sufferings from urinary dis
orders They have been cured to
stay cured Here is one case
Samuel J Taylor retired carpenter
residing at 312 South Third St
Goshen Ind says On the25th day
of August 1897 I made an affidavit
before Jacob C Mann notary public
stating my experience with Doans
Kidney Pills I had suffered for
thirty years and was compelled at
times to walk by the aid of crutches
frequently passed gravel and suffered
excruciatinclv I took every medi
cine on the market that I heard about
and some gave me temporary relief
I began taking Doans Kidney Pills
and the results I gave to the public
In the statement above referred to At
this time on the 19th day of July
1902 I make this further statement
that during the five years which have
elapsed I have had no occasion to use
either Doans Kidney Pills or any
other medicine for my kidneys Tho
cure effected was a permanent one
s A FREE TRIAL of this great kid
ney medicine which cured Mr Tay
lor will be mailed on application to
any part of the United States Ad
dress Foster Milburn Co Buffalo N
Y For sale by all druggists Price
50 cents per box
t After acquiring a wife it often keeps
a man busy trying to satisfy his rela
tions that he didnt make a mistake
FITQ PrnttnentUr cured No fltaomcrvoasnesa after
HO flrat dayM use of Dr Klines Great Norro Restor
er Send Tor FItKK S300 trial bottlo and treatise
Da R H Kline Ltd 831 Arch Street Philadelphia Vp
A philosopher can explain almost
anything except his philosophy
Use the best Thats why thoy bay Red
Cross Ball Blue At loading grocers 5 cents
circumstances alter
Units CatarrU Care
Is taken internally Price 75c
According to history Jonah was tha
first man who wanted the earth
A Place to Spend the Summer
On the lines of the Milwaukee Rail
way in Wisconsin Minnesota and Iowa
ara some of tne most beautiful places
m the world to spend a summer vaca
tion camping out or at tho elegant
summer hotels Boating fishing
beautiful lakes and streams and cool
Okoboji Is the nearest of these re
ports but all are easily reached from
Omaha and the round trip rates thin
summer are lower than ever before
Full information on application
Genl Western Agent C M St P
Ry 1504 Farnam St Omaha
Few people know what they dont
vant until after they get it
Belleres All Dtstreai o
the Stomach and Parlodt
cal Dlaordera
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Omaha Neb
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night or whenever used Defiance
Starch will be found always the
same always the best
Insist on having it theThost for
your money
Satisfactionormoney back
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underline latest improved
ons1 It is up-to-date It b the
best We give no prenuumsJ
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starch nude for JO cents Other
w yiucents
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