The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 15, 1902, Image 5

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Great Reduction jyqfe
f aff 3tiitiiiir Goods
We will need all the space now oc
cupied by summer goods for fall
stuffs therefore we have
to such an extent that you should
be interested even though you
might not need them at present
jt Wtlf ta tjou to Stay
for future wants
Let us have your Grocery Orders
Its Cool In Colorado
August 1 to 14 23 24 30 31 Septem
ber 1 to 10
On the above days the Burlington
Route will sell round trip tickets to Den
ver Colorado Springs Pueblo and many
other points in Colorado at extraordi
narily low rates
Its cool in Colorado all summer long
and there are hundreds of resorts in the
Rockies where one may escape from the
heat of the plains and spend an alto
gether delightful vacation
A card to J Francis General Pas
senger Agent Omaha Nobr will bring
a good supply of Colorado booklets that
will help you plan your trip 9 5
It Needs a Tonic
There are times when your liver needs a tonic
Dont give purgatives that gripe and weaken
DoWitts Little Early Risers expel all poison
from the system and act as tonic to the liver
W Scott 531 Highland ave Hilton Pa says
Ihavo carried DeWitts Little Early Risers
with me for several years and would not be
without them Small and easy to take Purely
vegetable They never griiMJ or distress Mc
Connell fc Berry
Trainmens Schedule Adjusted
T E Calvert general superintendent
of the B M returned from Chicago
yesterday where he has been conferring
with oflicials in relation to the train
mens schedule of pay An effort has
been undertaken to readjust the wage
scales of the trainmen and enginemen
and so far as the trainmen are concerned
this has been satisfactorily accom
plished Representatives of the engine
men are still meeting with officials and
their wage scale will be satisfactorily
readjusted bpfore long Saturdays
This is an Advertisement
If you are looking for a laxative Dr Cald
wells Syrup Pepein is IT The convenience and
merit of this valuable remedy will bo explained
to your satisfaction by A McMillen
Editorially Fearless
Consistently Republican
News from all of the world well
written original stories answers
to queries articles on health the
home new books and on work
about the farm and garden
The Weekly Inter Ocean
Is a member of the Associated
Press the only western newspa
per receiving the entire telegraph
ic news service of the New York
Sun and special cable of the New
York World daily reports from
over 2000 special correspondents
throughout the county
Subscribe for The Tribune and
The Weekly Inter Ocean one year
both papers for 140
i s S
Capital stock paid up
Reserve fund
i Undivided profits
Premiums unearned
Other liabilities
Balance on hand July
11001 1371 00
Duos 10296 00
Loans repaid
Fines and mem
Real estate
Tax certifi
305s 27
139S 22
N3 9S
354 29
347 03
Total 16912 39
State of Nebraska
Red Willow County
Stock redeem
Cash on hand
Matured stock
Tax certifi
Int on matur
ed stock
I I had a verv severe sickness
i that took off all my hair I
t xnasea a Dome or iiyer s nair
Vigor and it brought all my hair
I back again
W D Quinn Marseilles 111
One thing is certain
Ayers Hair Vigor makes
the hair grow This is
because it is a hair food
It feeds the hair and the
hair grows thats all there
is to it It stops falling
of the hair too and al
ways restores color to
gray hair
SIBO a bailie All druggists
If your druggist cannot supply you
send us one dollar and we will express
you a bottle Be sure and pive the name
of your nearest express oilice Address
J C AYEIt CO Lowell Mass
of McCook Nebraska on the 30th day of June
First mortgage loans 33200 00
Stockloans 200 00
Cash 472 90
Delinquent interest and dues -12 05
Expenses 107 35
Interest on matured stock CO 17
Total 36143 27
32401 03
1094 73
1067 b9
1200 53
370 00
36143 27
Receipts and Expenditures for the year ending
Juno 30th 1902
11642 50
330 91
2005 IS
472 SO
2023 00
103 73
130 17
Total 16912 39
I F A Penuell Secretary of the above named
i association do solemnly swear that tho forego
I ing statement of the condition of said associa
j tiou is true and correct to the best of my
Knowieage ana oeiiei
F A Pexxell Secretary
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2Sth
I day of July 1902
I seal J E Kellet Notary Public
My Commission Lxpires rebruary ljth 1901
J J Gakrard
EHaxsox -Directors
F M Kimmell
Have You Seen It
We keep Dr Caldwells Syrup Pepsin in plain
view but if you dont happen to see it why ask
for it The manufacturers guarantee it to cure
dyspepsia and all forms of stomach troubles
Sold by A McMillen
ffa JTOa fm
Time Card
McCook Neb
No 6 Central Time ll10p M
2 003 am
12 920am
No 5 arrives from east at 8 p in
No 1 Mountain Timo 11J a m
3 1110 pm
13 823 a M
No 176 arrives Mountain Timo rJ0r M
No 175doparts 700a m
Sleeping dining and reclining chair cars
teats free on through trains Tickets hold
and baggage checked to any point in tho United
States or Canada
For information time tables maps mid tick
ets call on or write A P Thomson Agent
McCook Nebraska or J Francis General
assengor Agent Omaha Nebraska
Ethel Kennedy went up to McCook
Monday evening
Prof Welborn was a home visitor a
few days this week
Mrs A Clark and l aby visited her
parents near Lebanon last week
Ed Smith drove in Saturday evening
after an extended trip lo the far west
Mr and Mrs Henry Powell and little
Frances wereCambridge visitorsSunday
Charlie Lamborn of Wilcox was an
Indianola visitor a few days this week
Mrs Rollings Roxio and Calvin went
up to McCook Friday evening to visit a
few days
Mrs A II Bell left Sunday evening
for an extended visit with her son at
Salt Lake City
Miss Sadie McNeil went up to Wau
neta Friday evening to visit a week
with relatives
George Newland wife and baby of
Lebanon were Indianola visitors Sun
day and Monday
EdMcKellip wife and baby from near
Cambridge were tho guests of Martin
Anderson Sunday
Mrs Hess and Major departed Mon
day morning for Alma where they will
visit a week with relatives
Mrs T Haley and Arthur returned
home last week after an extended vieit
with relatives at Republican City
Mrs Harry Brown who has been vis
iting here for the last few months left
for her home in Idaho Friday evsning
Mrs AdolphMangless and little son
and Alice Purdum returned to their
homo in McCook Sunday evening after
a weeks visit with Iriends here
Marion Powell came in from Lincoln
on business Monday evening Ho was
accompanied by his little daughter EMie
who will visit a week before returning
Hot and dry
John Boyer is at work in McCook
Bert Miller is at work for J L Sargent
Mrs E E Hayes Pearl and Roy
went to McCook Wednesday
Ed Ilethcote and Lee Delong are plas
tering the Fairview school house
Thomas Harrison is playing second for
W II Harrison in the Dull elevator
Mrs Mamie Palmer of McCook is vis
iting her parents Mr and Mrs L Cann
J B Dolph went up to the Colorado
ranch last week returning Wednesday
Mrs A C Widup has been visiting
her parents Mr and Mrs J E Dolph
the past two weeks
Dane and Amel Fletcher of Bartley
were visitors at W II Harrisons Tues
day and Wednesday
James Nutt has charge of the Central
Granaries Elevator with Platte Cum
mings a close second
S G Bastian now occupies his re
cently purchased property James Nutt
moving into S Gs other house
Old Bill with his old cow gait is
missed from our streets and E E Hayes
drives another nag recently purchased
from E M Woods
Since our last writing the Danbury
News man has issued the fifth edition of
his paper and also has the fifth addi
tion to his family a boy
H B Wales was in McCook one day
last week with one hundred dozen roast
ing ears
Charlie Wales was out Monday re
pairing the fence the lightning shiv
ered up so on Thursday night of last
J W Corner and Roy Coleman were
over in Ilitchcook county two days last
week helping to thresh out their big
wheat crop
The editors of tho Republican with
their wives and children were in this
town recently and thought we had a
fine country up here Call again when
melons are ready to crib
We are informed that three hunters
were out two weeks last Sunday with
dog and guns and shot a number of
times thus disturbing the quiet and
peace of the Sabbath and setting at
defiance the game laws of the state
Last Saturday R J Traphagen had
his hand caught in the cylinder of his
thresher and two fingers badly shredded
but can be saved While in the act of
pushing some cleanings to the cylinder
his feet slipped which came near letting
him onto the cylinder
C G Broman is doing some good
road work
Blair Fletcher have more wheat than
any one else we know of in this precinct
RevMillers infant son Waldo has been
quite sick Their proposed trip to the
mountains has been postponed
We expect free delivery of mail soon
from Cambridge out as far Tyrone
This will be daily except Sunday
We learn that Mr Brant who lives on
H P Waites farm has bought the old
T E Brown place containing 320 acres
for Sl550
Corn Hotting In Fields
Corn is so plentiful in the vicinity
of Chelsea I T that the farmers are
letting it rot in the fields Twenty
cents a bushel is all they can get for
it and they do not think that price
pays for harvesting
Whence Cornell Electricity
At a time when electricity Is rapidly
transforming the face of the globe
when it has already in great measure
annihilated distance and bids fair to
abolish darkness for us it is curious lo
notice how completely Ignorant the
plain man remains as to the later de
velopments of electrical theory Some
recent correspondence has led mo to
think that a vague notion that electric
ity is a lluid which in some mysterious
way flows through a telegraph wire
like water through a pipe is about as
far as he has got and if we add to this
some knowledge of what he calls elec
tric shocks we should probably ex
haust his ideas on the subject Yet
this is not to be wondered at Even
the most instructed physicists can do
nothing but guess as to what electric
ity is and the only point on which
they agree is as to what it is not
There is in fact a perfect consensus
of opinion among scientific writers
that it is not a lluid i o a continuous
stream of ponderable matter as is a
liquid or a gas and that it is not a
form of energy as is heat Outside
this limit the scientific imagination is
at liberty to roam where it listeth and
although It has used this liberty to a
considerabre extent no definite result
has followed up to tho present time
hlckiiijr Her Stamps
We find the following anecdotes In a
Naples paper At the postollice yes
terday amid the large crowd gathered
around the window was a young Eng
lish lady handsome well dressed and
accompanied by her maid The young
lady had just purchased soi stamps
and was about to aiiix t in to a num
ber of letters which she held in her
hand Delicately tearing off a stamp
she said to her maid Iull sic out
your tongue And the maid with Eng
lish impassivity thrust forth her
tongue while tho mistress passed over
it a postage stamp which she subse
quently stuck on a letter She went
through the entire package of letters
and for each one the obedient waiting
maid thrust out her tongue for the
mistress to moisten the stamp Curi
ous manners these English people
The Canon mill the lawyer
The point of tho following story lies
in tho important part which the three
penny bit plays in church collections
in England Canon Blank was having
a friendly game of pool at the squires
and one of his opponents was Wigsby
the barrister The canon lost a life
and took from his pocket a threepenny
piece to pay for it which lie placed on
the edge of the table
Oh said Yigsby I see canon
you have had your linger in the plate
The canon drew himself up to his full
height a good six feet and lookii g
the man of the law full in the face
said Im surprised that you Mr
Wigsby in the presence of this re
spectable company have the audacity
to recognize your own paltry contribu
Lamps That Tallc
Electric lamps not only can be made
to talk but also to sing An ordinary
arc light- can be made to produce
sounds in two ways One is by placing
the arc in the circuit of a telephone
instead of the ordinary receiver and
the other is by placing it in the circuit
instead of the ordinary transmitter
In either of these positions it will
pronounce words whieli can be heard
distinctly at a considerable distance
It naturally follows also that the elec
tric arc can be utilized as the receiver
and also as the transmitter of a tele
The French Horn
The French horn or cor de chasse is
regarded by some musicians as the
sweetest and mellowest of all the wind
instruments In Beethovens time it
was little else than the old hunting
horn which for the convenience of the
mounted hunter was arranged in spiral
convolutions to be slipped over the
head and carried resting on one shoul
der and under the opposite arm The
Germans still call it the waldhorn
that is forest horn
Actors Superstitions
To rehearse a play on Sunday is a
sure sign that that play will not be a
success for the manager ordering the
rehearsal and that salaries will be lost
by all who so participate on the Lords
day To twirl a chair at rehearsals is
just as good as betting on a sure thing
that a fight will disrupt the friendship
of at least two members and perhaps
cause loss to the management for that
Tongh Flour
Mrs Youngbride Ive come to com
plain of that flour you sent me
Grocer What was the matter with
Mrs Youngbride It was tough I
made a pie with it and it was as much
as my husband could do to cut it
Philadelphia Press
Her Coolcing
She You say she won three hus
bands by her cooking
He Thats what she did
But how did she get rid of the hus
bands after she won them
Oh I believe her cooking had some
thing to do with that too Yonkers
The Motto That Suited
It would be helpful to you said
the prison visitor if you could take
some motto and try to live up to it
Thats right replied the convict
Id like to select for instance We
are here today and gone tomorrow
Flattery is often a trade of mutual
meanness where although Loth par
ties intend deception neither is de
ceived Colton
Breakfast imm
the coffee master uses
to irlaze his coffee with
would vou eat that kind of
eggs Then why drink them
I7th and Douglas Sis
Will Visit This City
On the clay and dates given below
We are in no scuuc traveling
doctors We are established in
Omaha and have occupied the same
location since 1891 We have
patients in all parts of Nebraska
who can not visit our Omaha Office
To accommodate these we visit a
few central points thus saving our
patients a long expensive trip to
Omaha and at the same time giving
them the great benefit of a personal
examination and consultation
We will be prepared at this visit
to make examination by Electrical
We can refer you to a number of
cured patients in your own locality
f Practice is Limited to Chronic Diseases
We give Special Attention to
We suggest that you call as early in the day as possible enabling us
to give you more time for an examination and consultation which
Friday and Saturday August 2223 Two Days
Please Remember Date
tfjucPCTCTjwi w 1 LvmiMmm
m Opens Sept I
- msssssssBjigBM
Courses of Study Regular Business Combined Preparatory Normal Shorthand Typewriting
Tel crapliy Penmanship Pen Art hloctition Oratory and Physical Culture
Advantasos College Hand College Orchestra Hoard of Trade Printing Office Literary Society
i ect lie Course Law School Public Entertainments and Athletics
Vork for Board Any student can work for board Address
Catalog Our new illustrated free to any one ROHRBOVGH BROS OMAHA NED
Tribune Cluobing List
For convenience of readers of The Timhcni
wo have mado airaiiKements with the following
newspapers and periodicals whereby wo can sup
ply them in combination with Tin Tribunr at
the following very low prices with
tuiilicatiox warn thiisuxi
Detroit Free Press 1 00 1 7
Leslies Weekly 100 i 00
Prairie Farmer 1 00 1 21
Chicago Inter Ocean 1 00 1 35
Cincinnati Enquire 100 ISO
New York Tribune 1 00 1 25
Demorests Magazine 1 00 1 75
Toledo Blade 1 00 1 25
Nebraska Farmer 1 CO 1 65
Iowa Homestead 1 00 1 25
Lincoln Journal 100 175
Campbells Soil Culture 1 00 1 50
Now York World 1 00 1 65
Cosmopolitan Magazine 1 X 1 0
St Louis Republic 1 00 1 75
Kansas City Star 25 120
Farm and Home 100 120
Word and Works 1 00 1 70
Twentieth Centurj Farmer new 1 00 1 50
-renewals 1 fcO
Wo are prepared to fill orders for any other
papers published at reduced rates-
Tun Tiubuxe McCook Neb
If you -want a good
food for your child
ren try Wheatose
It is easily and
quickly prepared
and very healthful
Follow cooking
directions to get
the full benefit
All reliable grocere
have it
California Breakfast Food
If it wasnt popular if it wasnt loved bv the
people why do dealers say We ha v- some
thing jnt a- good as the Madison Medicine
Cos Rock Mountain Tea Think it over
35 cent- McConnell Berry
Look Pleasant Please
Photographer C C Harlan of Eaton Ohio
can do so now though for years he couldnt be
cause he suffered untold agony from the wor t
form of indigestion All physicians and medi
cines failed to help him till he tried Electric
Bitters which worked such wonders that he
declares they are a god end to sufferer- from
dyspepsia and stomach trouble- LnKva 0
fordi eaes of the stomach liver and kidiiejs
they build up and new life to the w i
system Try them Only 50c Mcf uinell B rr
Lion Goffee
has no coating of storage eggs
glue etc it s conee pure
unadulterated fresh strone
sOr5iVcr PC
and ot dehehtlul flavor
and aroma
Uniform quality and
i1ErcsiiSv ire aneosare inFurea
iVSspiSJv by tho sealed package
- - jyp fs ggyegw
The Following Proposed Amendment to
the Constitution of the State of Ne
braska as Hereinafter Set Forth in
Full is Sunmitted to the Electors of
the State of Nebraska to be Voted
Upon at the General Election to be
Held Tuesday November 4 1902
A Joint Ri oliituin priixsiiig to amend Sec
tion one or Article liftet n of the ori IHutii i
of the Slate of Nebra ka relative to the mantle
of submitting anil adopting amendment loth
constitution of the suil state of Nebraska
Riit resolved and enact d b the Legislature
or tho State of Nebraska
Suction- I ThatSection onuof Article fftoi i
of the Constitution of the State of Nebraska l
amended to read as follows
Suction Kither branch of the legislature
may propose amendments to constitution
and if the sniie bi- agreed to by three fifths ot
the member eh cted to each iicm c such
amendments shall be entered on the
Journals with the and ami published
at least once eachek in at 1 ast one
in each eounty when- a newspaper i
published for thirty days imuidiately preced
ing the next election of senators and representa
tives at which election the same shall he sub
mitted to the electors for approval or rejection
and if a majority of the elector- voting at Mich
election on proposed amendment shall
vote to adopt such amendment the
be come a part of constitution When more
than one amendment is submitted at the am
election they shall be so submitted u t to enable
the elector to vote on each amendment sepa
All ballots used at uch election on sue
amendment or amendments shall havewritt
or printed then on the following For propw l
amendment to thecon titution relating to her
insert the Mibjfct of tho amendment and
ngain t propo ed amendment to the Constitu
tion r Iating to iere in ert the ofth
amendment and the voteof each elector voting
on such amendment or amendments shall
deiguited by the elector bj making a cro s
with a pen or j eneil in a circle r square to be
placed at the right of the lines tle words Fo
or Against the projoted ainendments as ho
shall desire to vote thereon or bj indicating hs
preference tin a votiig machine when snch
machine is in u e
I jeo AY Mir h secretary of the state of
Nebra ka do h r by certify that the foregoing
d amendment to the Con titution of th
State of Nebraska is a true and correct copy ot
the original enrolled and engroed bill as pa1
sed by the Twenty eventh se ion of the legisla
ture or the State of Nebraska as appears from
said original billon file in oSice and that
-aid propo ed amendment to th
qualitied voter- f the state of Nebraska for
their adoption or wjertinn at the general elec
tion to h helil on Tuesday the jth day of No
vember A D W1
In testimony w hereof I have ler0nt st ir
hand and aflizd e great sea of the t
Done at Lincoln thN 2d day of Julv id th
year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Unndn l
and Two of the Independence of the United
States the One Hundred and Twenty seventh
and of thi state the
eal Geo W Mabbh
Secretary of State
In the district court of Red Willow count
state of Nebraska
In the matter of the estate of William T
Stone deceased
Notice is hereb given that in pursuance of ar
order of G W judge of the dirrir
court of Red Willow county Nebraska mad
on the Uth day of August VAfi for the sale of
the real t tate hereinafter describe there wiU
be -old at the front door of the county court
house of Red Willow county on the 6th day of
i ej tember Vftt at two oclock p m at peblic
vepue to the highest bidder for one third cash
one third payable one year from date of sale ot
premi es and one third payable in two year
froin the date of -ale -aid sail to be eviderref J
by a bond of the purchaser and by a
mortgage on the real estate deferred payment -to
hear interest at the rate of -even per cent
per annum pajable the follow
ing de crilwd real e tate to wit The -oath-east
quarter of the quarter of section
thirty six in township three north in range
thirty we t of the 6th P M in Red Willow
count Nebraska Said -ale will remain open
one hour
Charles IT Jacoiis
Admini trator of the Estate
William T Stone Deceased
Dated this 9th dav Augu t A D 1002
Coal Inspector Rhue was here on busi
ness Monday