The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 08, 1902, Image 6

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    iVIcCook Tribune
F M KIMMELL Publisher
Forest fires have inflicted a good
deal of damage in Oregon
The White house attic is being pre
pared for servants quarters
Secretary of War Root will open the
republican campaign in Illinois
Grain men say that the Kansas corn
crop will reach 250000000 bushels
Union Pacific strikers to the num
her of about 400 paraded in Omaha
Seventeen thousand Americans
went to Canada in 1901 and 24000 in
Paul Vandervoort for many years
a resident of Omaha died recently in
There are 257006 names in the
new city directory of Boston an in
crease of 4722 over the number last
It has been definitely decided that
no plays will be given at Bayreuth in
1903 but tho plays will be resumed in
It is reported that the Chicago Mil
waukee St Paul road has been
bought in the interest of the Union
The London City Council has sanc
tioned largo extensions to the tram
way system of London costing nearly
Word has been received of the death
of Henry J Taylor a leading member
of tve Iowa bar at Auckland New
Zealand He was on a health seeking
The interior department has estab
lished a free telegraph school under
the insular telegraph service The
school will teach twenty five pupils
all girls
Reports from Portuguese West
Africa where there have been rumors
of troubles with the natives show
that the distorders are assuming a
grave character
President Schwab of the steel cor
poration has rented the ninth and
tenth floors in the Arthur building
New York for offices for which he
pays 50000 rent annually
Peter F Collier Son publishers
of Colliers Weekly are said to be at
the head of a 10000000 corporation
which is being organized to buy a
number of newspapers in New York
A special dispatch from Vienna
says that the Servian cabinet which
resigned on July 24 has ended the
crisis which resulted from the resig
nation by consenting to remain in
The corn beetle has dona immense
damage to the crops in many districts
in the government of Kherson Rus
sia and in a large area of Bessarlsia
Two hundred thousand acres have
been ravished
Professor J R McCall for twelve
j oars professor of mechanical engin
eering at the University of Ten
nessee has resigned to accept a
similar position with Purdue
sity of Lafayette I
A general order has been issued by
General Miles commanding the army
announcing the award of medals ofj
honor and certificates of merit to of
ficers and enlisted men for specially
meretorious services
The steamer Discovery has sailed
from Nome with nearly 100 American
miners engaged by the Northeastern
Siberian company to begin the ex
ploration of the Siberian coast for
gold and other metals
The bureau of insular affairs of the
war department has been notified by
Acting Governor Wright of the death
of Sanford G Baker a clerk in the
insular service at Manila who died
on the 27th instant of Asiatic cholera
The circulars for the iwc new bat
tleships the Connecticut and the
Louisiana were issued by the navy
department Plans will be ready
August 1 when the advertisement for
bids for the Louisiana will be pub
At a meeting of the trustees of the
Methodist Episcopal church South it
has been decided to endeavor to raise
a 50000000 endowment fund the in
terest of which is to go tb superan
nuated ministers widows and or
After traveling for six months
across the bleak steppes and frozen
mountains of Siberia Harry de
Windt of the London Daily Express
reports that a railroad connecting the
eastern and western hemispheres is
a feasible project
Commissioner General of Immigra
tion Sargeant has sent to immigration
officials throughout the country photo
graphs of anaichists who have been
expelled from Turkey and who are
believed to be on their way to this
All the planters of the larger West
Indian islands are talking of annexa
tion to the United States owing to
their dissatisfaction over the small
amount of money contributed by tha
imperial government to help the suga
Others Implicated In the Assault on
Sentries Not Yet Apprehended The
Situation In that District Becoming
entire Eighth regiment was called to
arms last night a sa result of an at
tack made by a band of men in am
bush who threw stones at the troops
now In camp on the plateau outside
tho town These attacks are becom
ing so frequent that Brigadier General
Gobin has decided to adopt stern
measures to end them Last night a
double guard with ball cartridges sur
rounded the camp and the sentries
have been instructed that if the stone
throwing is repeated they must shoot
to kill and investigate affairs after
wards One of the attacking party a
Lithuanian named William Stoponltz
is under arrest and is confined in the
guard tent and the provost marshal
is on the trail of others It is not
known how many were in the crowd
but the officers of the Eighth regi
ment believe the number to have been
more than a dozen
The first attack according to Col
onel Theodore F Hoffman was made
at 1045 oclock at night Private
Payne of Company I on sentry duty
saw a party on the Mahaony City road
which separates the camp of the
Eighth regiment from the Twelfth
He commanded the men to halt and
called the corporal of the guard but
before the latter could respond a
shower of stones and rocks were
thrown at the sentry One rock
struck him on the chest knocking him
down and causing his gun to fall from
his hands He immediately jumped
up and fired several shots in the air
As he did so the men ran down the
road and were pursued by several
strangers The ontpost which had
been stationed some distance from
the camp heard the shots and one of
the pickets captured Stoponitz as he
came running down the road The
others escaped
The shooting aroused the whole
camp and the Eighth regiment was
put under arms and Companies B E
and K were immediately out in skirm
ish lines They beat the underbrush
and laurel which is five or six fcV
high all around the camp but they
could find no one The regiment was
then called to quarters and fifteen
minutes later another shower of stones
was thrown at the stable guard which
is located south of the Eighth regi
ment The guard turned out and three
men were seen running along the road
in the opposite direction from where
the outpost was stationed The
strangers were not pursued
Shortly after 3 oclock yesterday
morning the third and last attack was
made and it was of such a nature
that the bugler under orders from
Colonel Hoffman sounded the whole
regiment to arms This time the
stable guard was again the object of
the mysterious attack Stones in vol
leys were thrown at the guard and at
the sentries near by
On account of the laurel underbrush
and the darkness the soldiers could
not see the offenders However the
sentries fired a dozen shots into the
underbrush but no one was hit Some
of the bullets went whistling over
the tents of the sleeping Twelfth regi
ment across the road
So Comes Word to Colombians
still being fought desperately These
were the words contained in a dispatch
received at the Colombian legation to
night from General Salazar the gov
ernor of the department of Panama
and were in answer to a message ask
ing that official for information regard
ing the contest which has been in
progress since Tuesday at Agua Dulce
when the Colombian revolutionists be
gan to attack that place
The officials here are anxiously
awaiting additional news of this bat
tle The understanding here is that
the governments force of about 7000
men is engaged with a large portion
of the revolutionsits who have in the
department of Panama about 4000
men in all
Scandal Among Explorer-
Christiana Norway Aug 4 A dis
patch to the Morgen Bladet from
Tromsoe says that Captain Johannes
sen of the steamship America which
arrived at Honningsvag Baldwin
August 1 with Evelyn B Baldwin
the arctic explorer on board has ask
ed to be examined before a marine
court concerning incidents which oc
curred on the America during the voy
age of the Baluwin Zeigler arctic ex
Cross Shaped Hole in the Ground
More Than 100 Feet Deep
TROY III Aug 2 During a severe
electrical storm here a cross shaped
fissure was formed In the ground near
the school building one arm of which
is forty feet long and about six inches
wide and the other twenty feet long
and six inches wide Elias Burke a
carriage manufacturer whose estab
lishment is in the vicinity discovered
the freak of nature soon after the
Where the arms of the cross con
verge there is a hole two feet in diam
eter and a line 150 feet long weighted
with lead did not touch bottom The
theory is advanced that a bolt of
lightning entered the ground yet
those in the vicinity assert that no
unusual bolt of lightning was noticed
during the storm
General Declines to Say Anything for
Jacob Smith arrived today from Ma
nila on the transport Thomas Gen
eral Smith declined to say anything
for publication and would not even al
low reporters to approach him
Through his aide Lieutenant M H
Shields General Smith said that he
would not be interviewed as he did
not care to subject himself to further
Major Davol of the transport serv
ice delivered General Smiths order
of retirement to him on board ship
General Smith on landing went to the
Occidental hotel and denied himself
to all visitors
Setting a Good Example
What the Union Pacific is doing in
engineering improvements is com
mended to other companies that opera
ate in parts of the country where no
such difficulties are encountered as in
the west Straight roads are economic
roads and they invite traffic The
wild yanks and alarming rolls to
which passengers are subject on some
of them cause train sickness which is
a form of sea sickness and headache
and they cause a rapid deterioration
of cars and engines Those railroads
make the best bid for patronage that
promise not merely speed but con
fort and steadiness is the more com
fortable because it indicates security
We have been eager to extend the
mileage of this country Now we
might show some expedition in reduc
ing it by following the example of the
Union Pacific in straightening nepdless
turns and lowering or raising need
less grades Brooklyn Eagle
Board of Construction of Navy De
partment Holds Session
WASHINGTON Aug 2 The board
of construction of the navy depart
ment had a meeting today and decid
ed upon the general plans for the two
new gunboats authorized by the last
naval appropriation act They will
follow very closely the Marietta type
The displacement will be slightly in
excess of that of the Marietta being
1050 tons as against 1000 in the case
of the Marietta and this probably
will decrease the speed with the same
horse power 1000 in each case from
thirteen knots to approximately
twelve and a half The batteries will
be identical with those of the Mari
etta and the Wheeling six four inch
guns four six pounders and two one
Court Martial for Penrose
order was issued by the navy depart
ment today for the trial by court
martial of Passed Assistant Paymast
er Charles W Penrose attached to
the Michigan The officer is charged
wih rendering false and fraudulent
leturns of balances to his credit em
bezzlement absence from station and
Iuty and negligence in obeying ord
ers The shortage in balances is said
to amount to about 300 The court
will meet on the 7th inst at Erie Pa
Commander Perry Garst is its presi
Miners Ordered Released
Judge Nathan Goff of the United
States circuit court yesterday issued
a writ of habeas corpus for Thomas
Haggarty and other strike leaders
sentenced to jail at Parkersburg by
iiulge Jackson for violation of the in
junction issued by him Judge Goff
ordered the marshal to produce Thom
as Haggerty and other prisoners here
for appearance Tuesday of next week
at 10 oclock
Forty Four Sugar Vessels
four steamships one of the largest
fleets in the history of the sugar trade
are now either on their way to the
Delaware breakwater or are taking
on cargoes in Java and within the
next few weeks will land on the piers
of the Atlantic coast refineries not
less than 250000 tone of the raw pro
duct All the ships are large mod
ern carriers whose cargoes will avei
age at least 5500 tons each
State Engineer Dobson and Assistant
Looking Over the Ground
LINCOLN Aug 4 State Engineer
Dobson and Assistant Forbes returned
from a trip inspection through the
Platte valley of eastern Wyoming and
western Nebraska They made the
trip with a view to ascertaining the el
evation of the land in the various sec
tions along the river preparatory to
the formulation of plans for Irrigation
I am confident that if the govern
ment builds reservoirs for irrigation
in this section it would be better to
have them in Wyoming than in Ne
braska said Mr Dobson This of
course is on account of the elevation
of the land The conditions in the
Platte valley between Guernsey and
tho state line are more favorable to
the storage of water than is Nebras
Mr Dobson has been notified that
Mr Mead chief of irrigation Investi
gations of the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture will be in Lin
coln on August 7 to consider irriga
tion matters It Is understood here
that the investigation Mr Mead pro
poses to make will be preparatory to
the work of the government under the
new irrigation law Mr Mead wrote
as follows
I expect to reach Lincoln on the
7th of August and would like to have a
conference with you and such of your
irrigation board as can be got together
to talk over our work in connection
with interstate and reparian rights
I also wish on this trip to take up any
other matters connected with our in
vestigations which may be of general
interest You can say that I come to
Lincoln for a conference with you and
that I intend to go on to the western
part of the state to look after our In
vestigations after the conference is
No Right to Transact Business
LINCOLN Aug 4 Deputy Insur
ance Auditor Babcock has addressed
a letter to George H Work of Hast
ings informing him that the Interna
tional Agency company which has an
office in the Rialto building inChicago
is not authorized to do an insurance
business in this state and that insur
ers in the company can have no re
sources through the courts for losses
An Elevator Burns
BLOOMFIELD Neb Aug 4 The ele
vator owned and operated here by The
Farmers Grain and Live Stock associa
tion was burned with its contents The
fire is supposed to have been incendiary
and the feeling here is intense toward
the fiend who would commit such an
outrage There were two cars burned
one containing lumber and the other
corn There were 1500 insurance on
the elevator
Omaha Aeronaut Injured
SCOTIA Neb Aug 4 Prof Sam
uel Murphy an Omaha aeronaut was
badly burned here as he was ready
to ascend his balloon catching fire
In rescuing an assistant the profes
sors hands were seriously burned
His assistant was slightly burned
The fine balloon was entirely con
sumed More than a thousand people
witnessed the accident
Farmer Injured in Runaway
While Thomas Reardon a pioneer
farmer of York county was cutting a
field of alfalfa his team of mules ran
away and he narrowly escaped being
killed He was taken from the field
and carried to town where he receiv
ed medical attendance and is reported
to be much better
Mysterious Disappearance
STUART Neb Aug 4 James
Stewart for twenty years a resident
of Holt county mysteriously dissap
peared some days ago and has not
been found He has recently suffered
financial reverses that seemed to have
affected his mind The horse he rode
when going away has been found It
is thought he has either suicided or
wandered away
Beatrice Canning Plant Sold
BEATRICE Neb Aug 4 The
Dempster Mill Manufacturing com
pany has purchased the Lang Canning
companys property adjoining the
Dempster plant on South Sixth street
the consideration being 4500
Beatrice Holdups Fined
BEATRICE Neb Aug 4 Elmer
Cain and Charles Pennington were
fined 100 each for attempting to hold
up Mrs John Marlow a prominent
resident of this city
Claims Damages for Husbands Death
BEAVER CITY Neb Aug 4 Susan
R Groathouse filed a petition in dis
trict court suing Furnas county for
5000 damages as a result of the death
of her husband who was drowned in
a canyon south of Oxford July 1 The
petition alleges that the county was
negligent in the matter of the repair
of a small bridge and that as a result
the deceased came to his death The
defense will he that Groathouse was in
Nebraska Horticultural Society Con
venes In Tecumseh
summer meeting of the Nebraska
State Horticultural society convened
here with a large attendance The
Chautauqua management turned the
grounds over to the horticulturists
from 10 to 4 oclock and at noon a
basket dinner was spread
The leading features of the program
in the morning were the address ol
welcome by Mayor Washington Robt
and the response by President L M
Russell of Lincoln for tho visitors
Prof R A Emerson of Lincoln gave
an address on Renovation of the Or
chard H E Snodgrass of Johnson
on Pruning the Orchard and H J
Snyder of Auburn on The Growing of
Small Fruit en the Farm
After dinner ex Governor R W
Furnas delivered an elaborate ad
dress on the Life and Character ol
J Sterling Morton in which he very
fervently eulogized the memory of
the father of Arbor day
Mrs E G Jury of Tecumseh made
some pertinent remarks on The
Adornment of the Farm Home Dr
Hungate of Weeping Water gave his
experience with 1000 strawberry
plants and C S Harrison of York gave
his on The Growing of Evergreens
from Seed
Mrs O A Corbin of Tecumseh told
of Small Fruits for Profit and the
Home Table and Prof Lawrence
Bruner of the State university lectur
ed on Bugs
Wealthy Bohemian Hangs Himself at
His Home
BEATRICE Neb August 2 Frank
Pribble a young farmer who lived
three miles south of Odell was found
dead on his place He had hanged
himself He was one of tne wealthi
est Bohemians in the county owning
pearly 500 acres of land in the vicin
ity of his home No cause for the
act is known unless a brief illness
can be said to have caused a tempo
rary fit of insanity
Mr Pribble left home at daybreak
telling his wife that he would return
in two hours but if he did not she
need not worry about him He said
fie was going to see a neighbor He
did not return and a search at 10
oclock revealed his body hanging to
a tree with a bullet hole in the head
As no revolver was at first found it
was believed to be a case of murder
Later the revolver was discovered in
a field nearby It is believed he shot
nimself and the bullet failing to kill
tie walked some distance to a fence
and hanged himself to a tree
Bountiful Harvest at Lexington
LEXINGTON Neb Aug 2 Oats
are very heavy and will yield from
sixty to eighty bushels per acre The
prospects for the best corn crop ever
grown here are assuring Fall wheat
is yielding from thirty to fifty five
bushels per acre No spring wheat
threshing has been done yet Two
ieavy crops of alfalfa have been cut
with the prospects for two more
There is a large number of land sales
being made land ranging in price
from 20 to 50
Railroads Buy Lands
FREMONT Neb August 2 The
Union Pacific and Elkhorn railroad
companies have made arrangements
for acquiring title to all the land they
need for the new union station without
naving to resort to condemnation pro
ceedings and as soon as a few defects
in titles can be fixed up will commence
to clear the ground The buildings
Df the Fremont fence factory will be
moved to make room for the station
Goes Through a Bridge
EAGLE Neb August 2 Theodore
Wachter had a narrow escape Sun
day afternoon While crossing a
bridge that was in bad condition a
plank broke letting the horse fall
nearly twelve feet bruising it up
quite badly He escaped by jumping
Found Dead in His Shop
WEST POINT Neb August 2 Au
gust Hichultz of Aloys was found dead
in his blacksmith shop having taken
strychnine the evening before with
suicidal intent
Dies in New Mexico
I B Manson received a telegram
announcing the death of his wife at
Las Vegas X M where she has been
for the past year for her health
Increase Elevators Capacity
THAYER Neb Aug 2 P Van
Wickle owner of several elevators in
York county is building large addi
tions to each elevator Mr Van
Wickle says that the crop in York
county will be the largest in the his
tory of the county and that he as
well as other elevator owners are
obliged to increase their elevator ca
pacity so as to be able to handle the
large crop now about harvested
The Only Qualification
Tho Bald Eagles says the Kansas
City Journal Is the latest secret awl
fraternal organization at Carthage
The only qualification to membership
is a closely cropped or shaven bald
head The society will enjoy a brlof
popularity Cold weather will drive
its members to cover
An Anecdote of Dumas
Anecdotes of the older Dumas
abound at tho present moment tho
celebration of the centenary of his
birth having led to a general search
lamong reminiscences The following
js very characteristic of the great
jwriter Dumas it is well known
Hvas often in financial difficulties and
was well acquainted with the ways
and methods of bailiffs One day a
person called upon him and asked him
to subscribe 20 francs toward the ex
pense of hurrying a bailiff Twenty
francs to bury a bailiff quoth Du
mas Well Im not in funds just
now but heres 40 francs Go and
bury a couple Paris Daily Messen
Not Dependent on a Single Train
The New York Central Lines have
whole flying batteries of trains con
necting the centers of population and
the gateways of commerce
Few of us are really as much used
up as we deserve to be
Some grocers Bny they dont keep De
fiance Starch becautc they have a stock1
in hand of 12 oz brands which thev knowV
cannot be sold to a customer who has
once used the 10 oz pkg Deliance Starch
for same money
A School Teacher Seventy Six Years
Mrs Marcia L Fletcher of Clare
mont N H has been a teacher seventy-four
years Since 1828 when but
1G she taught a district school in hen
town Cornish
No man whose work is good has too
much on hand at once
Stops tho Cough unil
AVorkH OfT the Cohl
Laxative Bronio Quinino Tnblbte PrieoSSc
Knight3 Pythias Biennial Meeting
For this gathering in San Francisco
In August next excursion tickets will
be sold via the Chicago Milwaukee
St Paul Ry from Chicago to San
Francisco or Los Angeles for 50 for
the round trip with final return limit
September 30
The Chicago Milwaukee StPaul1
railway is the Short Line between
Chicago and Omaha Two through
trains daily in each direction with th3
best Slecpinc Car and Dining Car
Service and all regular travelers know-
and appreciate the merits of tho Chi
cago Milwaukee St Paul Railways
Short Line between the East and tho
Time tables maps and information
furnished on application to F A Mil
ler General Passenger Agent Chicago
Onions are a preventive and often-
times a cure for malarial fever
nhg5gfr r a
SUES COOmalia Nobr
No Ifeo Uiilosrt Sut coHHfal
1u ten Is Bold Advice free
Relieve All Distress of
tne Stomach and Periodi
cal fioruers
Sold Everywhere
Omaha Nob
r HL ilVf t v lHr KS
1 5 lPJSoirififjfeS 1 ttt jB
baa no terrors tor
the man w ho w iiirs
Suits and
Warranted waterproof
Gt tb p urn Lock for tradr
curt If tout rjeait r dwint
i tlicni iv rite for to
noir jiin
Eat Curabrlilcc ilnfltu
FULL COURSES IN Classics Letters Eco
nomics and History Journalism Art Science
Pharmacy Law Civil mechanical and BteC
trlcal Enzlneerlngr Architecture
Thorough Preparatory and Commercial
Rooms Free to all students who have com
pleted the 6tudles required for admission laic
the Junior or Senior Year of any of the Collei
ate Courses
Roams to Rent moderate charge to students
over seventeen preparing for Colleg late Courses
A limited number of Candidates for the Eccle
siastical state will be received at special rates
St Edwards Hall for bovs under 13 vears Is
unique in the completeness of Its rjulpmeit
The 59th Year will open September 9 1902
Catalogues free Address
One mile west of the University of Notre Dame
Thorough KnKllsh and Clascal Education
including Greek Latin French and German On
completing the full cour e of studies students
receive the Kenralar CoIIetIat Decreet
The Conservatory of Music Is conducted on
the plan of tho best Classical Conservatories or
The Art Department Ls modelled aftr the
best Art Schools of Europe
Preparatory and Minim Departments Pu
pils are here carerully prepared for the Aca
demic ana Advanced Courses Gvmnasiam un
der direction of Graduate of Boston Normal
School of Gymnastics Bookkeeping Phohoz
rnphy and Typewriting extra Every varietyof
ancy Needlework taught For catalogue ad