The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 25, 1902, Image 4

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Largest Circulation in Red Willow Co
Subscription 1 a Year in Advance
George W Norris McCook
Governor Jolin II Mickey
Lieutenant Governor K G McUiltoii
Secretary of Stato Georgo Mnruli
Treasurer 1otor Mortenscn
Auditor Charles Weston
Attorney General Frank N Prout
Laud CommisHloiior George D fcollmnr
Supt Public Instruction Wm K Fowler
Representative J E Ilathorn
County Judge a L Green
County Attornuy C E Eld red
Coinniisbioner Firatdistrict D AWnterniau
Thk Democratic and Populist medicine-mixers
are kept strenuously busy
these hot July days organizing new
C M Bkown the well known Cam
bridge banker would not object if the
Republican nomination for state senator
in this district should be tendered him
It now seems probable- that the people
of Nebraska will have an opportunity at
the coming election of voting Upon
another amendment to the states ar
chaic constitution The purpose of the
amendment proposed is to change
majority necessary to carry a constjj
tional amendment from a majority of n
i votes cast at an election to a mere ma-
ioritv of all votes cast on the proposition -
WViiin Hia 1a n rf lffrinn on th intflli i
genco and patriotism of the people off
Nebraska the History or tno euorts made
hitherto to secure amendments snows
that the reflection in merited
racsr WhTlethTSknryoufor this
portant communication I am hap
to assure you that the holy see
tas learned with the liveliest
on the high consideration in which
ar Root and the government of the
jjnited States holds the fitness of the
neasures which the Vatican inde
pendently of the solution of any
ponomic question designed taking to
meliorate the religious situation in
he archipelago and to co onerate in
lie pacification of the neonle under
merican sovereignty The measures
re indicated in my memorandumjoL
Bkothekiiood is one of the dominant
strains in the worlds symphony Not
since the stars first sang together have
men realized the fact more generally or
more potentially than now Men are no
less social animals than religious beings
The twentieth century bids fair to be
known to fame as the lraternal century
of the ages Then there is the ten
dency which we hail with loudest ac
claim of a strenuous endeavor to real
ize here and now the full ripe fruits of
brotherhood of doing the kindly deed
and uttering the helpful gentle word
now when they can be appreciated in
the flesh and not waiting to place gar
lands upon the bier in memoriam and in
sympathy May this evident tendency
acquire an accumulating impetus and
more and more become the established
policy and habit of the craft For the
kindly charitable impulse there should
be no tomorrow Today is
Utilize it
Brotherhood is a fact in Natures plan
Then why be selfish fellow man
All were created by God above
Then let us live in brotherly love Bob
An ago of gigantic commercialism like
ours is naturally an age of selfishness
and next to the sweet teachings and
sweeter deeds of the mild and gentle
Nazarene nothing is so calculated to
soften the harsh and ofttimes cruel edge
of supreme endeavor and crushing com
petition as true fraternity raised to its
highest and best exponent of power and
utility We do not refer to fraternity or
brotherhood in the abstract but to its
concrete personal exhibition to a broth
erhood with hands and feet and heart
and soul for none other is of value or
worth while consisting of signs and
words emblems grips and cold barren
ritualism and lacking approach even to
the real thing the flesh and blood of
true humanity
Advertised Letters
The following letters were advertised
by the McCook postoffice July 23 1902
Don C Birchard Mr Bloomgert
Miss MarieJKinsel Rose Schaffer
Ben Shultz
When calling for these letters please
say they were advertised
P M Kimmell Postmaster
Come in and see us about your
macliine oil Our price is right
Cures Sciatica
Rev W L Riley LL D Cuba Xew York
writes After fifteen years of excruciating
pain from sciatic rheumatism under various
treatments 1 was induced to try Ballards Snow
Liniment the first application giving my first
relief and the second entire relief I can give
it unqualified recommendation Price 25c 50c
and 100 at A McMillens
Good oil is a good thing We
have it at THE BEE HIVE
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat
This preparation contains all of the
digestants and digests all kinds oi
food ltgives instant relief and neveY
fails to cure It allows you to eat all
the food you want The most sensitive
Stomachs can take it By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything else failed It
prevents formation of gas on the stom
ach relieving all distress after eating
Dieting unnecessary Pleasant to take
It cant help
but do you good
Prepared only by E 0 De Witt Co Chicago
Tbo jl bottle contains A times the 50c size
How Our Territories Pay
Since the Mexican war rounded out
our continental domains we have mater
ially increased our national area but
twice first when wo purchased Alaska
and again when wo took Guam Porto
Rico the Philippines and Hawaii
This latest annexation like that of
Louisiana Florida Texas California
and Alaska has boen criticised as un
profitable Contemporary critics of
their own country while they did not
object to the annexations of Florida and
Alaska on the political grounds on which
thoy opposed those of Louisana Texas
California and the islands still cen
sured all as imposing burdens rather
than conferring benefits
Waiving any question of political
morality such men were want to say
it is evident that these new possessions
will cost more than thoy come to We
should not have taken them because
they will be a source of expense rather
than of gain And that argument
while long since proved false with re
gard to our older territories is still
urged against the retention of our
Some figures lately made public by
the treasury bureau of statistics indi
cate that the argument is being rapidly
falsified by facts with regard to our latest
acquisitions The annexation of non
contiguous territory has been de
nounced as a crime and an unprofitable
crime by a great political party Yet in
the last fiscal year these noncontigu
ous territories afforded a market for
850000000 worth of mainland products
or five times what they took in the fiscal
year 1897
Our exports to Alaska have grown
from 83900000 in 1897 to 815000000 in
1902 To Porto Rico the increase has
been from 819S8000 to 810000000 To
Hawaii the increase has been from lr
090000 to 820000000 and to the Philip
pines the growth has been from 895000
to 85000000 These figures it should
Vn in Tr nncn inlnr1a rrrrra cnnf
jby the government for use of troops or
1V 111111 U111J1WJ CO UllV iUJUCOUUb
hary mercantile transactions
Nor is this benefit one sided Neither
directly or indirectly are wo levying
tribute on these possessions From
Alaska and Hawaii we collect practically
nothing for the national treasury for
the reason that nearly all their imports
come from the mainland From the
Philippines and Porto Rico the nation
receives no tax monev ac all All their
revenues go into their local treasuries
Furthermore our imports from these
possessions have grown from 825250000
in 1S97 to 853000000 in 1902 Our im
ports from Alaska were about S5000000
in 1897 and 815000000 in 1902 From
Porto Rico the increase has been from
82181000 to 8S000000 From Hawaii
it has been from 813687000 to 823000
000 From the Philippines it has been
from Sl3a3000 to 87000000 This total
trade of 8103000000 annually is in no
sense an exploitation of territorial
resources but benefits both parties as
all honest trade does And in addition
we are giving the islands real liberty
real advancement and real civilization
Chicago Inter Ocean
Catholic Order of services Mass
8 a m Mass and sermon 1030 a m
Sunday school 230 p m Every Sun
day J J Locghrax Pastor
Episcoeal Services at St Albans
Sunday as follows Sermon at 11 a m
Even song and sermon at 8 All are
welcome R M Hardmax Rector
Christian Elder Evans of Arapahoe
will preach both morning and evening at
the usual hoursr All are most cordially
invited to these services
Congregational Sunday school 10
Preaching 11 subject Gods Engrav
ing on the Heart Christian Endeavor
7 Pastor will give a report of the Den
ver meeting of the International Sun
day school association at 8 oclock p in
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening 8
using as topic the Sunday school lesson
for the following Sabbath All are wel
come to worship with us Rev Hart
L Preston will occupy the pulpit
F W Dean Pastor
The H S C of the Congregational
church held a very pleasant social last
night Thursday inviting their friends
to enjoy the hours with them at the
Alberta Kidder is up from Oxford
guest of Miss Newkirk
Misses May and Gertie Morrow
went to Bloomington Tuesday morning
on a visit
J E Lovell came in from the west
last night and will be in the city a few
days on his way east
Miss Sophia Reischeck returned from
the asylum at Lincoln Monday on No
1 in good health and mentally restored
Mrs George L Van Camp and Oscar
Hughes of Red Cloud arrived in the city
Tuesday and are looking over the city
with an eye to engaging in business here
Mrs Marie Mundy has gone up to
the ranch near Hiawatha Dundy coun
ty to be absent a month and Mr and
Mrs W P Bross are occuping the resi
dence in the interim
Mrs F F Neubauer got as far as
Oxford Tuesday on her way to Beaver
City to visit the homefolks and met the
folks coming this way to visit her She
returned to McCook with them Tues
day night
Mother Always Keeps It Handy
My mother suffered a long time from dis
tressing pains and general ill health due pri
marily to indigestion says L W Spalding
Verona Missouri Two years ago I got her to
try Kodol She grew better at once and now at
the age of seventy sis eats anything sho wants
remarking that she fears no bad effects as she
has her bottle of Kodol handy Dont waste
time doctoring ssmptoms go after the cause
If jour stomach is sound your health will be
good Kodol rests the stomach and strengthens
the body by digesting your food It is natures
own tonic McConnell Berry
DrugglstTakes Customers Advice
Mound City Kansas October 22 1900
Dear sir I wish to add my endorsement and
recommendation as to the merit of Dr Cald
wells Syrup Pepsin I have sold it as a drug
gist and it always gives satisfaction and my
customers are loud In its praise I myself had
been troubled with my stomach and hearing so
many of my customers speaking of Syrup Pepsin
I tried it with the result that it cured my trou
ble I unhesitatingly recommend Dr Caldwells
Syrup Pepsin as a laxative and stomach remedy
Yours truly J M Hawkins
A new grindstone has been set upthis
Engine 383 is in the shop for an over
Auditor Sampson was af headquar
ters yesterday
Gus Budig and wife took a trip over
tho Loop Sunday
Gus Budig will be in charge of the
new electric light system
Agent F A Corbin of Heartwell has
been transferred to Atlanta
The Yankee twist drill grinder has
been placed in the tool room
Way car 07 from Denver is in the car
penter shop for an overhauling
Agent J W Bash of Republican City
has returned from his vacation
Sam Pickard has gone to work for the
company and is now on the rod work
Sam OConner helper at Blue Hill
has been installed as agent at Mascot
The new traveling crane and air lift
in tho machine shop is now in operation
Agent J L Magee of Mascot has been
moved to Heartwell in the same capa
Tho Denver switch engine it in the
shop and will be overhauled here or at
Master Mechanic Archibald was an
Omaha visitor Tuesday on business of
tho company
Jack Powers formerly in the boiler
makers gang but late of North Platte
is in tho city this week
John Seibert from Bakersfield Cali
fornia a son-in-law of M V Traver has
gone to work as a machinist for the com
Piecework Inspector Ackerman was
out from Lincoln Tuesday Master
Mechanic Cramer of Wymore was also
at Western headquarters samo day
Supt Campbells private car No 10
returned from Plattsniouth Sunday on
No 5 being newly painted and having
undergone some repairs and improve
R II Manson late cashier at Mc
Cook has been made agent at Grant
vice T P F Haine transferred to Hern
don to succeed Will Brown resigned and
who will shortly join the Happersetts in
Lee Arnold sustained three gashes in
one of his arms yesterday by having a
piece of boiler steel they were engaged
in cutting on tho air shears fly up and
struck him over the arm A few stitches
had to be taken in the cuts
Another Heaviest Engine in the World
The building of heaviest engines re
minds us of the average railroad mans
story the last man has the edge How
ever the engine just recently built for
the Atchison Topeka Santa Fe Co
will for a while hold the belt It comes
from the Baldwin Works and is a shape
ly massive affair Its total weight is
267S00 pounds of which 237S00 pounds
are carried on the five driving axles
The next heaviest engine is also owned
by the Santa Fe was built at Schnec
tady and is but 8000 pounds lighter
than the Baldwin engine Tho actual
drawbar pull of the Baldwin engine
when working up to its full power say
at a speed of ten miles an hour is over 31
tons The engine is of the tandem
compound type with piston valves
The high pressure cylinder which has a
diameter of 19 inches in placed forward
of the low pressure cylinder which is 32
inches in diameter the two pistons be
ing carried upon a common piston rod
The stroke is 32 inches The high and
low pressure valves are also carried on a
common rod In addition to the regu
lar Westinghouse the engine has a back
pressure brake The ten driving wheels
are 57 inches in diameter The driving
axle journals measure 11x12 inches
The boiler however is the colossal
feature of the engine It is of the
wagon top type and carries a working
steam pressure of 225 pounds The
diameter of the barrel is 6 feet 64
inches Firebox 9 feet in length by 6
feet 4 inches vide with a depth at the
front of SO inches and at the back of 78
inches There are 463 tubes of 2J4
inches outside diameter which measure
19 feet in length over sheets Tne total
heating surface in the tubes is 51588
square feet the firebrick tubes having a
heating surface of 239 square feet while
the heating surface in the firebox is
2103 square feet The grate area is 5S5
square feet The tender has a capacity
of 7000 gallons of water An unusual
feature is a pair of cranes one on each
side of the smoke box for the purpose
of facilitating the removal of the high
pressure cylinder when it becomes ne
cessary to inspect either the high-pressure
piston or the piston rod packing be
tween the two cylinders
Acts Immediately
Colds are sometimes more troublesome in
summer than in winter it is so hard to keep
from adding to them while cooling off after
exercise One Minute Cough Cure cures at
once Absolutely safe Acts immediately Sure
cure for coughs colds croup throat and lung
troubles McConnell Berry
First Step Taken
Sterling Col July 23 Special
Telegraphic orders were received by the
local United States land office this morn
ing from the interior department at
Washington withdrawing S90 townships
embracing 900000 acres of land located
in Weld VVashington Logan and Sedg
wick counties in Colorado and Cheyenne
county Nebraska from public entry
This land is located on the north side of
the South Platte river and extends from
Snider to Julesburg into Nebraska
The significance of this move cannot
be overestimated It means that Hydro
grapher Newell who last Saturday in
spected in this section for a reservoir
site has recommended to the depart-
partment at Washington that this land
be set aside for the first great national
reservoir under the new irrigation law
Now that this vast erea has been with
drawn from entry the prelimiuary sur
vey will begin at once If this survey is
finally approved at Washington the
building of the reservoir by the govern
ment will be started
Cnpid Ambtuhecl
Mr Slowgait about to propose
time 11 p m I am about to say
something Miss Chillington that I
should have said some time ago Look
into my eyes and tell me if you can
not guess what it is Miss Chilling
ton suppressing a yawn You look
as sleepy as I feel so I guess you must
be going to say good night Chica
go News
Long Heralded Engagement of Rlngllng
Brothers Big Show at Hand
The universal comment these days is
that nothing really happens till tho cir
cus comes to town As a matter of fact
the near approach of circus day to
morrow Saturday July 2G has aroused
extraordinary local interest and indica
tions point to a record breaking engage
ment lor Ringliug Bros popular big
show There are thousands of people
who attend the performances of this
great show who never go to any other
circus They may bo called tne King
ling constituency and thoy are loyal to
this great show because they are always
assured of a splendid exhibition and ab
solutely fair treatment This is readily
explained Great as tho show has been
in former years this seasons display is
grander and more comprehensive than
ever before There are more horse3
more clever people more massive and
gorgeous displays and more unique
features than have ever before been pre
sented while everything is now novel
and strictly up-to-date Circus clay will
be inaugurated with a magnificent free
street parade Nothing like this bril
liant display has ever been seen in this
city The parade is two miles in length
and is a revelation of professional wealth
and splendor This stupendous display
engages the services of over a thousand
men women and children and fully five
hundred thoroughbred horses There
are over a hundred magnificently carved
and gold illuminated cages dens and
tableau floats Each of the thirty great
sections in which the parade is divided
would be ti lavish display for any other
circus The procession will leave the
show grounds at 10 oclock and tho
route will be the usual one over the
principal downtown streets Tho par
ado is a fitting introduction to the great
show that follows There will be two
complete performances The initial one
will take place at 2 oclock and the final
one at 8 p m The doors however will
be open one hour prior to the beginning
of the exhibition and tho menagerie
will be open for inspection both before
and after the show There are three
rings double stages great aerial spaces
and a quarter mile hippodrome track
and these are utilized by over 300 high
class performers in a series of absolute
ly unequaled arenic acts In addition
to the acrobatic gymnastic and startling
mid air numbers there is presented for
the first time OBriens marvelously
beautiful equine ballet millitant a great
company of 40 fun making clowns an
entire circus of trained wild animals in
cluding bears seals sea lions dogs
ponies and elephants a magnificent zoo
logical display including the last of the
girafTes and the most thrilling and ex
hilarating hippodrome races since the
days of ancient Rome Reserved num
bered seats and admissions show day at
McConnell Berrys drug store at ex
actly the same price as charged at the
regular ticket wagon on the show
Do you remember how we sold
machine oil We are at it again
Contributions to Public Library
Following is the list of books contributed to
the library by Judge LeHew
Seven volumes of IJuhvers novels-
Five volumes of Charles Ii cades novel-
Seven volumes of Alexander Dumas novel
Three volumes of Washington Irvings
Six thousand years of history in ten volumes
Life of Henry W Grady by J C Harri
History of our own times byJustiu McCarthy
in two volumes
McClellans Own Story by himelf
Twenty Years of Congress- by Jamu i G Blaine
Panorama of Nations by II T Cutler
Memorial Addresses by James X Hums
Byrons Poems
First Battle by W J Bryan
Stanley in Africa
Faines Theological Works
Howls Poems
Lady of the Lake Scott
Voices of the Night by Longfellow
Pilgrims Progress Buuyon
Great Humorists
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table by Holmes
Essays of Elia by Lamb
Ivanlioe by Scott
Swiss Family Kobiuson
Poetic Pearls
Popular Zoology
The Long Lane by Ethel Caxton
Paradise Lot by Milton
She by Rider Haggard
Longfellows Poem
The Corner Houses
Eliots Poems
Father Ryans Poems
John Halifax by Mis j Mulock
Rogets Thesaurus of English Words Sears
Picked Up Adrift by Demille
Bret Harts Poem
Katies Work by Emma Marshall
History of Nebraska
Barnes General History
Les Miserabies by Victor Hugo live volumes
Following list of books contributed to the
library by C T Watson
Bacons Essays
The Cavalier by Cable
Ideal Life by Drummond
Addresses by Drummond
Intellectual Life by Hamberton
Life of Christ by Abbott
Brooks Addresses
Half Hours with Foreign Authors four
Following books were contributed by F D
Hawaiian America by Whitney
American Revolution two volumes Fiske
Musketeers two volumes by Dumas
Masters of Men by Robertson
Dreamers of Ghetto by Zangwill
Excursions of an Evolutionist Fiske
Rubaivat of Omar Khayyan by Fitzgerald
LAiglon by Rostand
List of books presented to the public library
bv A C Harlan and wife
What All the Worlds a Seeking Ralph Walde
Xew Thought Essays Charles Brodie Patter
A History of the Warfare of Science with
Theology two volumes Andrew D White
Xatural Law in the Spiritual World Drum
Junius Letters
Studies in Psychic Science Tuttle
The Koran
Fragments of Science Tyndall
The Subjective of Woman John Stuart Mill
Scientific Demonstration of a Future Life by
Cyclopedia of Bibical Literature two vol
umes Kilo
Tristrim Shandy Sterne
Story of an African Farm Oliver Schreiner
Review of Reviews 1901
C B Gray has- contributed a complete set in
Charles Dickens works
Take the genuine original
Made only by Madison Medi
cine Co Madison Wis It
keeps you well Our trade
mark cut on each package
Price 35 cents Never sold
in bulk Accept no
iHcoiiPOHATiaisz tute ask your druggist
This signature is on every box of the genuine
Laxative BromoQuinine Tablets
the remedy that cures a cold In one day
Dont forget that we will save you
money on machine oil at
Extraordinary Bargains
Your Tongue
If its coated your stomach
is bad your liver is out of
order Ayers Pills will clean
your tongue cure your dys
pepsia make your liver right
Easy to take easy to operate
25c AH druggists
Want your moustache or lienrd a beautiful
brown or rich black Then use
50 cts or DRurriTS on R P Hail CO NASHUA N H
New Building at Lincoln
A matter of interest to all our readers
is the fact that Mr D E Thompson is
having a handsome new building erected
at the southeast corner of 11th and M
streets in Lincoln which is to be the
permanent home of Lincolns new even
ing paper the Daily Star The new
building is 48x90 two stories built of
light colored pressed brick with dark
red brick for trimmings and will have a
frontage on both streets It will be the
handsomest building at the state capital
and will be fitted up as a model publish
ing establishment Large glas3 win
dows will give a full view from the side
walk or street of the wonderful modern
machinery used in newspaper making
The Lincoln Daily Star will be a Ne
braska paper Republican in politics
but fair and courteous to its opponents
and first of all it will be a newspaper
full complete unabridged Associated
Press service reliable markets and a
special service covering local and
state events The Daily Star will be
sent by mail to any address one year for
S3 6 months for 8150 or 3 months for
75c Send in your name now and begin
with the first issue which it is hoped to
have ready early in September No
money need be sent until the paper has
been issued
A Postmaster Writes
I wish to add my testimony to the genuine
merit of Dr Caldwells Sjmp Pepsin I have
tried many remedies but have found Syrup Pep
sin superior to all other laxative and stomach
medicines My wife and I both use it and know
it does all you claim for it
Yours sincerely C O Kinne
Alma Kansas December 22 1002
Sold by A McMillen
McCook Market Quotations
Corrected Friday morning
Corn S
The Boss Worm Medicine
H P Kumpe drupfrist Leightou Alabama
writes One of my customers had a child
which was sick and threw up all food and could
retain nothing on its stomach He bought one J
bottle of Whites Cream Vermifuee and it i
brought up 119 worms from the child Its the 1
boss worm medicine in the world White3
Cream Vermifuge is also the childrens tonic
It improves their digestion and assimilation of
food strengthens their nervous system and re
store them to the health vigor and elasticity of I
spirit natural to childhood 25c A McMillen i
In Summer Dress Goods and Trimmings
Fancy Parasols and Ladies Belts Satur
day July 26 and continuing through the
following week We have a number of
summer dress goods remnants which you
will find at surprisingly low prices These
will doubtless all go during the day Sat
urday so come in early before the rush
and select the best bargains During this
sale we will sell a lot of 60c 65c and 75c
Mens Work Shirts 43c Mens Cotton Socks 5c
Ladies 10c gauze vests cc Ladies Black Hose 5c
Beautiful Scotch Lawns per yard 5c
and many more bargains too numerous to
mention Ingrain Carpet Sale still
continues at actual cost There are a few
of those remnants of carpets left Call
and look them over Remember
Honest John when ordering Groceries and
when buying Dry Goods
No 16
Ringling Brothers circus has a dozen
great menage riders this season
Dr Caldwells Sjrup Pepsin cures sick head
ache Sold by A McMillen
Ringling Bros aquarium which iy
one of many features in the zoological
display of the Worlds Greatest Shows
presents a wonderfully complete collec
tion of hippopotami sea lions seals
Polar bears and other
animals together wiih a superb display
of water fowl including scores of peli
cans storks flamingoes and wild game
Stops the Cough and
Works off the Cold
Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets cure a cold ia
ono day Xo cure no pay Price 25 cent
Through Yellowstone Park
The Burlington Route is organizing
personally conducted excursion to and
through Yellowstone Park to leave Ne
braska points Tuesday August 5
Uncommonly low rates have been madt
for this excursion The total expense of
the trip will be less than 8100
If youre interested write for illus
trated itinerary to J Francis General
Passenger Agent Omaha 7 25
Bargains in Hardware
A number of two burner
Gasoline Stoves at 325
A regular 300 Clothes
Wringer at 250
A few hundred feet of Rub
ber Hose at 10 cents per foot
A full line of Hay and Bun
dle Forks at a greatly reduced
All kinds of Tin Granite and
Galvanized Ware
The best and most complete
stock of Table and Pocket
Cutlery which we are selling
at the lowest possible figure
Also a full line of Steel
Ranges and Cook Stoves
Everything in the Hardware
Line at the lowest prices