The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 18, 1902, Image 6

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    McCook Tribune
F M KIMMELL Publisher
The customs receipts for Cuba for
the month of June amounted to 1
By the explosion of a traction en
gine near Gainesville Tex John
Windom aged 18 and James Carter
aged 10 were scalded to death
Receivers have been appointed for
the Bay State Gas company and the
Atlantic Match company both of New
The steamer Cumberland was dam
aged 100000 in a collision In a fog
off Boston with the steamer Admiral
The British embassy will be trans
ferred within the next few days to
Bar Harbor to return to Washington
about October 1
Daniel H Solomon a prominent
lawyer of St Louis died at Owens
boro Ky of sunstroke His death
was instantaneous
Notice has been given of the ap
pointment of Fred Evans of Grand
Island Neb as assistant inspector
in the bureau of animal industry
It is now generally accepted that
the kings coronation will take place
in August The religious ceremony
however will be reduced one half
The National School of Agriculture
opened at the State university of
Ohio with the enrollment of fifty stu
dents from the principal colleges of
the country
The Mexican government begins its
new fiscal year with financial condi
tions never surpassed in soundness
during the whole history of Mexico
as an independent nation
Emil and Edgar Lindborg 13 and
11 years old respectively were drown
ed at Rock Island 111 The lads were
on a raft which capsized in a rapid
which had been filled by the recent
Mr Jacob Tanner and Mrs Mar
garet Fischer both of Jefferson City
Mo were married The groom is a
prominent merchant of that city and
is 77 years old while his bride is 72
years of age
The returns from the fourth class
postoffices of Oklahoma and the
Chickasaw nation to the Guthrie post
office the depository covering the
past quarter amounted to 10000
which beats all former records
Gotebo a small town in Kiowa
county O T on the Rock Island
railway was destroyed by fire Two
blocks comprising the business por
tion of the town were destroyed
The estimated loss is about 25000
with a very light insurance
The corner stone of the Omaha au
ditorium was laid in the presence of
1000 of the citys prominent citizens
United States Senator Millard deliv
ered the address of the day detail
ing the history of the structure
The Japanese government has vir
tually decided to articipate in the
Louisiana Purchase exposition and
has commenced to prepare estimates
for that proposition The appropria
tion will amount to about 2500000
yen and the Japanese delegates have
already been decided upon
Five persons were injured some of
them seriously in a crossing accident
at Monticello Minn The Great
Northern passenger train struck a
double seated buggy Harry Evers
aged 15 years William Evers aged
11 Roy Smith aged 10 Andrew Hall
aged 55 and a bey named Nygard
were injured
The comptroller of the treasury de
cided that the salaries and expenses
of the Louisjana Purchase exposition
commissionJshould not be paid until
the provision of the act appropriat
ing 5000000 for the exposition
which requires as a condition prece
dent that the directors shall contract
to close the gates to visitors on Sun
day during the whole duration of the
fair is executed
Fitzsimmons and Jeffries are pre
paring to move their training camps
to the vicinity of San Francisco Jef
fries will take up quarters at the Re
liance club Oakland Fitz has not
yet selected his quarters Jeffries
has abandoned road work
In a thirty eight foot launch Cap
tain W Newman and son aged 16
will leave from College Point for
Southampton The boat is 8 feet in
beam with a draught of 2S New
man expects to complete the voyage
in about twenty days
Henry Nikisch formerly conductor
of the Boston Symphony orchestra
has been elected principal of the
Leipsic Conservatory of Music which
is probably the German musical in
stitution best known to Americans
He succeeds Reinecke the composer
In pursuance of Emperor Williams
desire to adopt good American things
the Prussian railroad minister has
ordered the extension of the Ameri
can baggage check system which has
been experimented with on the Han
burz Berlin line
Joey Chamberlain Who Has Long
Been Regarded as the Most Prom
ising Man for the Place is Passed
By but May Retain His Place
LONDON July 14 The fact of the
resignation of the premiership of
Great Britain by Lord Salisbury as
foreshadowed in the dispatches of the
Associated Press was officially given
out last evening The prime minister
laid down the responsibility of his
office July 11 Within twenty four
hours his majesty elected A J Bal
four the governments chief repre
sentative in the house of commons to
the position of premier
While it was epxected in official and
political circles that Lord Salisburys
retirement would be coincident with
the coronation of King Edward it was
scarcely looked for prior to that event
Consequently about the only surprise
expressed as to the news spread
through London concerned the date
rather than the fact of the resignation
The interest was not so much in the
withdrawal of Lord Salisbury as it was
in the appointment of his successor
The liveliest speculation is rife as to
the personnel of the new cabinet The
most discussed feature of the pending
changes is the position of Mr Cham
berlain the colonial secretary who
In many quarters has been regarded
as the most promising candidate for
the premiership
A representative of the Associated
Press learns that prior to the accept
ance of his new office Mr Balfour first
had an interview with Mr Chamber
lain and then consulted with his
other cabinet assistants This is re
garded as assurance that the future
relative positions of Messrs Balfour
and Chamberlain will be satisfactory
to both Mr Chamberlains friends
say he always recognized the reversion
of the premiership to Mr Balfours
right as leader of the house of com
The main reason for Premier Salis
burys withdrawal is considered by all
the best informed persons to have been
simply a desire for a quiet life on the
part of men advanced in years whose
activities have been unusual and whose
scientific tastes predispose him to
study and seclusion
That the retiring premiers health
has failed to some extent is undenia
ble but this is not more than perhaps
is to be expected in a man of his
years and the close of the war in South
Africa and the return of the com
manding general is said to be an ap
propriate time for his withdrawal
His retirement was practically ar
ranged at an audience of Lord Salis
bury with the king a month ago to be
coincident with his majestys corona
tion but the kings illness interfered
with these plans and compelled Lord
Salisbury to wait until his majesty was
sufficiently recovered to attend to state
Though alert mentally the retiring
premiers physical condition especially
since the death of his wife has not
been satisfactory That loss seemed to
affect him greatly and since that time
he has done little entertaining be
yond purely official annual dinners and
receptions In a social aspect how
ever Mr Balfours accession is not
expected to make much difference
neither Mr Balfour nor his sister who
acts as his hostess being very fond of j
Although Lord Salisburys resigna
tion does not necessarilv involve the J
reconstruction of the cabinet it is be
lieved there will be some changes
Mont Pelee Still Active
PORT DE FRANCE Island of Mar
tinique July 14 Last night and today
Mont Pelee was in eruption the activ
ity being as great as that of Satur
day and Wednesday last Morne
oRuge Ajoupa Bouillon and Maconia
were covered with stones and cinders
and were rendered uninhabitable for
several hours
The volcano emitted a dense column
of flame and at the same time elec
trical phenomena were observed The
eruption was accompanied by a deep
rumbling resembling continuous thun
There were no fatalities reported
but the inhabitants of the northern
part of the island were panic stricken
all residents of Port de France re
maining calm
Discouraging Crop Reports
SIDNEY la July 14 The past
month has been one full of disappoint
ment for the farmers There have
been few clear days and the rains
have been very heavy about twelve
inches of water has fallen The crop
situation is very had The corn is
flooded in many places and roting in
others The spring wheat is down
and much of it cannot be harvested
and many tons of hay have been
State Department Presents Applica
tion for Their Extradition
WASHINGTON July 1 1 Steps
have been taken by the state depart
ment for the extradition to the
1 ted States of Colonel John F Gaynor
and Captain Benjamin D Greene now
under arrest at Quebec Canada A
formal application for their extradi
tion has been made by Secretary Hay
to Mr Raikes charge daffaires of the
British embassy who is now at New
port and who it is expected will ca
ble the request promptly to his gov
ernment The grounds on which ex
tradition is asked are comprehensive
in chrrcater
This action of the state department
is independent of the proceedings
now in progress to obtain the extra
dition of the men through ordinary
judicial process The secretary has
not yet acted on the suggestion of the
department of justice There were
obstructions placed in the way of the
Canadian proceedings by reason of
connections between counsel for
Messrs Greene and Gaynor and crown
Released Prisoner from Cuba
Greeted by Ohio Neighbors
CINCINNATI O July 14 Estes G
Rathbone late director general of
posts in Cuba arrived here today noon
and was met at the St Nicholas hotel
during the afternoon and evening by
many of his old neighbors He goes
to his former home at Hamilton Tues
After spending a week or more
here attending to his personal affairs
he will join his family in western New
York This is the first visit of Mr
Rathbone to his home since the trials
in Havana and he was received by
many friends whose calls presented
the appearance of a reception
To all inquiries of newspaper men
Mr Rathbone replied that he had
nothing further to say regarding Cu
ban affairs that he had sent his pe
tition to congress for a full investiga
tion and pending action on that peti
tion he would not discuss any phase
of the Cuban situation
Bulletin Issued by Census Department
Shows Valuation
WASHINGTON July 14 A bulle
tin issued by the census bureau today
places the number of farms in Wyom
ing at 6095 They cover an area of
8124536 acres or 13 per cent of the
total area of the state and are worth
26265590 The live stock on the
farms is worth 39145877
The farms are of an average size of
1633 acres but on the land included
in them only 10 per cent is improved
A portion of the bulletin is devoted
to the question of irrigation of which
it says
The progress of agriculture in the
decade of 1900 is attributable to the
successful raising of hay and forage
cereals and other crops The total
inrcease in irrigated land in ten years
was 376292 acres Most of this land
was public domain in 1890 At a low
estimate its present value is 16 per
acre or 6056852 Irrigation has
added this large amount to the farm
wealth of the state
Holds Hector for Murder
Carl Hector the young man who as
saulted and killed Fred Johnson in
Avoca was held to the grand jury on
a charge of murder by Justice Ha
zen His bail was fixed at 10000
which he was unable to furnish and
he was committed to the county jail
at Avoca
Revolutionists Keeep Still
SAN JUAN P R July 14 The
Norwegian steamer Jotun from Port
of Spain island of Trinidad July 7
has arrived here and reports that the
Venezuelan revolutionists had not
moved from Barrancas and Bolivar
when the steamer left Trinidad
To Close the Fair on Sunday
WASHINGTON July 14 The con
tract made by the Liousiana Purchase
exposition commission to keep the
fair closed on Sunday in compliance
with the act creating the commission
was received at the Treasury depart
Honor Wood with Dinner
Whippoorwiil club an organization
composed of veterans of the civil war
gave a dinner to General Leonard
Wood tonight as a tribute to his serv
ices in Cuba
Believes Peace Short Lived
C De Rooy an adjutant in the Boer
war under Delarey is in the city on a
visit He says in his opinion peace
will not last two years The arms
turned into the British he says are
worthless and the good ones have
been buried in secret places He says
England is trying to make Englishmen
of the Boers and when they put on
the screws too hard the latter will
The Court May Take Time in Fran
chise Case
LINCOLN July 14 No decision
may be expected in the railroad
franchise case according to the in
timation of Chief Justice Sullivan un
til September The argument has
been finished and the case is now be
fore the court The chief justice ask
ed if any interests would be jeopardiz
ed if a decision was not given
until the September term of court
Mr Simeral attorney for the relator
mildly intimated that he would like
a decision as soon as possible nit he
said he was not prepared to say that
any harm would result if the case
was not decided until September
Attorney General PTOiit also inti
mated that there might be need of an
early decision because taxes become
due October 1 and if the writ should
issue time would be required for the
state board to certify to county
clerks so that the levy might be ex
tended Mr Harrington said this had
already been done and the county
clerks all over the state were probably
at work on the tax books He sug
gested that if the writ be allowed the
tax could be added to the taxes al
ready certified Attorney General
Prout asked when this could be added
if the writ were allowed in September
No one volunteered to say whether it
could be done immediately or would
have to be added to the tax of the
following year It is the opinion of
those who have had experience in tax
matters that if the writ is issued the
tax can be added this fall without a
great deal of trouble to the county of
ficers Some believe that delay means
that a writ will not be issued Tho
state board is required by law to
meet the third Monday in July to
make the state levy
Accused of Assaulting Girl
COLUMBUS Neb July 14 Sheriff
Byrnes returned from Creston in
charge of D Corcoran for whom a
warrant had been issued charging him
with assault on the person of Martha
Handke the 14-year-old daughter of
Herman Handke living near Creston
The prisoner is an agent for a Chi
cago portrait house and in canvassing
Creston Tuesday he came to the
home of Doc Palmateer where he
found no one at home but Martha
who as a domestic was engaged in car
ing for a baby Finding her alone it
is alleged that the young man locked
the doors pulled down the blinds and
accomplished his designs
Prohibition State Convention
The prohibition state convention
has been called to meet at the Audi
torium Lincoln Neb at 10 oclock a
m August 7 1092 for the purpose of
placing in nomination candidates for
the following offices Governor lieu
tenant governor secretary of state
treasurer auditor attorney general
jand commissioner superintendent of
public instruction and the election of
state central committee and to trans
act such other business as may prop
erly come before it
Thieves Steal Valuable Supplies
Thieves visited the home of George
Ramold and broke open his smoke
house and took therefrom all of the
supplies that he had among which
was something over 300 pounds of
cured hams and bacon Other farm
ers in this section report the loss of
grain and supplies that they had stor
ed in their larders for their families
and the harvest hands
Neither Ticket Nor Money
Jo Kearns a 12-year-old boy arrived
at the Burlington station and after
wandering about for a while he at
tracted the attention of Officer Horst
man who questioned him and found
that he was an emigrant from Ireland
on his way to Faiufield where he has
an uncle He was put on the wrong
train at Kansas City and reached
Nebraska City without a ticket or
Appropriates Mortgaged Building
Sheriff IcBride returned from Hoop
er with Richard J Williams who
while working on a farm near Weep
ing Water got intro trouble with a
young woman and found it necessary
to depart In doing so he took a
horse and buggy upon which a man
named Pulls held an unsatisfied mort
The Fire at Beatrice
BEATRICE Neb July 14 The re
cent fire was the most disastrous in
the history of the city The Kleins
Mercantile companys building and
the Green block are total losses The
loss will exceed 175000 The fire
originated in the stairway of the
Green block and was of incendiarv
origin A couple of men were ob
served by a telephone girl running
away from the building about the
time the fire was discovered
Farmers from Eastern States
Settling in Nebraska
OMAHA Neb July 12 Real estate
men are jubilant over tho great de
mand for lands throughout the state
and every firm Is busy quoting prices
to eastern and some local investors
Not only has the demand materially
increased but the price of land out in
the state has almost doubled during
the last year One firm that offered
a small farm for 500 last year refus
ed 900 for it Tuesday morning
This increased activity in farm
lands is in the central and southern
parts of the state there being about
the same demand in the east portion
as last year Many settlers are com
ing in from the east attracted by the
glowing accounts sent them by rela
tives and former neighbors who came
here years ago They are a thrifty
and industrious lot of people and are
coming here to remain
An agent for a large real estate
firm who has just returned from a
trip throughout the state said the In
creased demand for farm lands is eas
ily explained when one sees the splen
did crops The rain has damaged
the crops very little generally though
some individuals have been damaged
I have never seen a better stand of
corn than we have this year wheat
and oats are looking fine and farmers
are busy in the harvest fields Ne
braska can stand more rain than most
any country on earth and the har
vest has been very little retarded on
account of wet weather
At this time we have more sales
for farm lands pending than ever be
fore in the history of the firm We
are being offered good prices for land
that one year ago we thought we
would never be able to sell In Cus
ter county and the southwest portion
of the state a year ago there was no
demand at all for land but today we
are flooded with applications by east
ern people who desire to settle here
Nebraska is rapidly coming to the
front as an agricultural state and its
farm lands are fast being bought up
by a good class of people
Loses His Life While Trying to Cross
a Slough
COLUMBUS Neb July 12 Henry
Wilcke employed as a farm hand by
August Loseke thirteen miles north
of Columbus was drowned while try
ing to cross a slough into which a
flood had backed up from Loseke
creek forming an island from which
it was his purpose to drive some cat
tle The horse he was riding went
into the water unwillingly and lost
his footing as he finally plunged into
it going down three times below the
surface before getting out Wilcke
In some way lost his balance per
haps getting caught in the brush
His employer at a distance saw only
Iris hands above the water at the fa
tal moment The body had not been
recovered when the last messenger
reached town Wilcke came from
Germany twelve years ago and has
no relatives in this country He
served two years in the Philippines
as a private in company E Thirty
third regiment provisional volunteers
Regulars at Elk City
OMAHA Neb July 12 Elaborate
preparations are being made for the
annual encampment and reunion of
the Douglas County Veterans associa
tion to be held at Elk City for four
days commencing August 39 Here
tofore the reunions have been held
only three days The executive com
mittee consisting of O A Walcott
chairman Frank Gelston secretary
D R Baylor Eugene Whitney and
Henry Grau has perfected arrange
ments D R Baylor of Elk City
has control of concessions on the
Among the speakers at the reunion
will be General J C Cowin Judge
C R Scott and Judge W W Sla
baugh General Bates has granted
leave for the attendance of a company
of regulars from Fort Crook and they
will give a daily drill
The Plattsmouth Bridge
A large force of experienced bridge
builders arrived from Galesburg III
to begin work on the Burlingtons
new bridge as soon as the weather
will permit
It is believed that if Governor Taft
is successful in his mission to Rome
Archbishop Ireland will be raised to
the purple at the November consist
ory His enemies are working to
prevent this
Harlan Countys Bumper Crop
ORLEANS Neb July 12 The
largest harvest ever gathered in the
county is about completed The acre
age of wheat is very large and will
average throughout the county not
less than twenty five bushels per acre
Many pieces it is claimed will make
forty to forty five bushels per acre
The only danger now is in caring for
it properly Never before has the
western part of Nebraska been in as
Sne shape at this season of the year
Looking or d Popular Song
This year aaid a Philadelphia
young man who- haunts the theaters
there doesnt seem to be any ono
popular song that ban caught on to
the exclusion of the others This con
dition of affairs is really remarkable
when you come to think of it Of
course the summer is young yot and
it may still come but the conditions
are against it In previous years
wherever you would go you would
be sure to hear the popular aong of
tho day played by bands in the vari
ous parks whistled on the streets
sung by the colored boy quartets that
make night hideous and ground out on
street pianos We had lots of good
musical comedies during the last sea
son with lots of good songs but no
one seems to have just caught on to
such an extent as to be it
A Highbinder His Servant
Governor Gnge of California has
roused a storm of disapproval by se
curing the parole from San Quentin
prison of Mah Noon one of the most
desperate and blood thirsty
ers ever caught red handed Mah is a
fine cook and the governor has in J
stalled him as chef in his own home
The Chinaman was sentenced not lonjr
ago to fourteen years for attempting
to murder another Celestial He also
shot and dangerously wounded an of-
fleer who went to arrest him The
governors fellow republicans are much
We will furnish you with
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and Windmill
A Fortunate Postmaster
Kirk Ark July 14th Mr William
S Drennan Postmaster at this office
counts himself a very fortunate man
Mr Drennan in addition to being
postmaster is a Justice of the Peacej
a member of the Christian church
and a highly respected and useful cit-
He has suffered for some time with
what some people would call
etts or rigors of the kidneys kid-
ney disease in a very painful form
He could not sleep he had a dullj
pain over his left kidney was con v
tinually restless could not lie still
and had to get up through the night
several times and was also troubled
in this way during the day
He used a few boxes of Dodds
Kidney Pills a remedy recently in
troduced in this state and advertised
as a cure for Kidney Disease
matlsm Malaria etc and in a shortt
time was completely restored to vig
orous good health He is very grate
ful to DodJs Kidney Pills
Nothing pleases a man so much as
the inability of others to get on to
his curves
Wanted Good KiUTRetlc M n
to sell our line of High Grade Lubricating
Oils Paints etc direct to the Threshing
and Farming Trade on a salary or coin
mission Reply with reference and state
territory wanted and experience
The Industrial Oil Supply Co
Cleveland Ohio
Success is often a matter of spec
tacular effect
Halls Catarrh Cure
Is taken internally Price 75c
It is an easy matter to be good on
a good income
To Cure a Cohl in One Iay
Take Laxative Bromo Quiuino Tablets All
druggists refund money if it f uils to cure 25c
A trifling argument may
record smashing quarrel
end in a
Merely a Graft
A Paris newspaper relates that a
party of men sitting in front of a
boulevard cafe were recently ap
proached by a man who had a clarinet
in his hand and who said Gentle
men excuse me I have to make my
living but I suppose you would rath
er give me sou not to hear me
They took the hint He repeated thisi
performance till one day one of the
men said he felt like hearing a tune
and asked him to play I am sorry
said the man with the clarinet but
I cannot play a note
Same Kind of a Critter
This is from a Connecticut womans
diary dated 1790 We had roast
pork for dinner and Dr S who carv
ed held up a rib on his fork and
said Here ladies is what Mother
Eve was made of Yes said Sister
Patty and its from very much the
same kind of critter
In a dainty little booklet 25 out of some 3000
bright bos tell in their own vrayjust how they
nave maae a success ol selling
Pictures of the bos
letters telling how they
built up a pajing busi
ness outside of school
hours Interesting
storie3 of real business