The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, June 20, 1902, Image 7

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Says is a Splendid Ca
tarrhal Tonic
Congressman T T Fitzpatrick g
Hon T Y Fitzpatrick Congressman
from Kentucky writes from the Na
tional Hotel Washington D C as fol
At the solicitation of a friend I used
your Peruna and can cheerfully recom
mend your remedy to anyone suffering
with catarrh or who needs a good
A Good Tonic
is a natural and efficient
nerve tonic It strengthens and re
stores the activity of every nerve in the
Through the use of the
weakened or overworked nerves resume
their natural strength and the blood
vessels begin at once to regulate the
flow of blood according to natures laws
Congestions immediately disappear
Catarrh Cured
All phases of catarrh acute or chronic
are promptly and permanently cured
It ia through its operation upon the
nervous system that has at
tained such a world wide reputation as a
sure and reliable remedy for all phases
of catarrh wherever located
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna
write at once to Dr Hartman giring a
full statement of your case and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice free
Address Dr Hartman President of
The Hartman Sanitarium Columbus O
Gortieelli Bilk sows smoothly it is always even
in size and always full length and full strength
As Corticelli co3ts you ICO mOKE than poor silk
why dont you buy it Ask your dealer for
Made by ConxlCEixi Silk Hills Floiiejjck Mass
iiffiSfB 3S b7A
Price 25 Cents All Druggists
reiThQmpsons Eye Wafer
I L1BSY bssicheofis
We eoo tho prolactin kej openlmr cans Tarn
a ktfand 7cm find tho meat eiuctlj as It left
ti Wo pat them up in thi way
Potted Ham Beet ami Tongue
Ox Tonsue whole Veal Loaf
DcrlkdUam Brisket Beef
Sliced Smoked Beet
All Natural Flarar foods Palatable and
wholesome Your ffrocer should bars them
Llbby McNeill llbby Chlcaso
How to llxxx Good Tntsas to Eat wUl
Detent froo If 70a uk u
m pig fkvLia
The Worlds Letter Writers
People who speak English write
two thirds of the letters of the world
says Bradstreets There are substan
tially 500000000 persons speaking col
loquially one or the other of the ten
or twelve chief modern languages and
of these about 25 per cent or 125000
000 persons speak English About
90000000 speak Russian 75000000
German 55000000 French 45000000
Spanish 35000000 Italian and 12000
000 Portuguese and the balance Hun
garian Dutch Polish Flemish Bohe
mian Gaelic Roumanian Swedish
Finnish Danish and Norwegian Thus
while only one quarter of those who
employ the facilities of the postal de
partments of civilized governments
speak as their native tongue English
two thirds of those who correspond
do so in the English language There
are for instance more than 20000
postoflices in India the business of
which in letters and papers aggre
gates more than 300000000 a year and
the business of these offices is done
chiefly in English though of Indias
total population which is nearly 300
000000 fewer than 300000 either
speak or understand English
Parry is an Early Riser
David McLean Parry of Indianap
olis president of the National Asso
ciation of manufacturers was born on
a farm near Pittsburg He rises at
530 a m and is at his office desk
at 645 every morning
The Big Ice Cream Bill
Statistics are not available but we
as a nation are adicted to ice cream to
an extent almost beyond belief says
the New York Press One company in
New York the largest and most im
portant in the country sells something
like 100000 quarts a day Its capital
stock is only 40000 and all of its of
ficers and directors are millionaires
Eighteen or twenty other companies do
a large business besides which there
are numberless confectionery shops
which make their own and dish it out
in a small way over the counter Pos
sibly the daily consumption in Greater
New York is 200000 quarts and the
average price is 30 cents to the con
sumer This makes our ice cream cost
us 60000 a day or nearly 22000000
a year
This is an English Joke
A story heard in the house of com
mons is of some ones meeting Sid
Wilfrid Lawson the temperance leader
and radical and asking him Well
Lawson what do you feel about the
war Whereupon Sir Wilfrid re
plied I try to feel about it as our
Captain Christ would wish us to feel
Ah rejoined the other in a disgust
ed tone I might have guessed that
youd be a pro Boer
Couldnt Straighten Up
Breed Wis June 16th Charles F
Peterson of this pl ce Justice of the
Peace for Oconto County tells the fol
lowing story
For years I had an aching pain in
my back which troubled me very much
especially in the morning
I was almost unable to straighten
my back and the pain was unbearable
I did not know what it was but
seeing an advertisement of Dodds
Kidney Pills I concluded to try a box
I can only say that that one box
alone has done me more good than
anything ese ever did
I feel as well now as ever I was
I have recommended Dodds Kid
ney Pills to several others who are
using them with good results
Mr Peterson is a highly respected
man and one who would not so posi
tively make a statement unless it was
absolutely true
A woman always keeps a large
warm spot in her heart for the first
man who discovered she was good
PIsos Cure cannot oe too highly spoken of no
a cough cure J W OBkiek 822 Third Ave
N Minneapolis Minn Jan 6 1000
The life founded on truth in prin
ciple and in practice can never be over
Mother Grays Sweet Powders for Children
Successfully used by Mother Gray nurse
in tho Childrens HoiaoinNew York Cures
Foverishness Bad Stomach Teething Dis
orders move and regulate the Bowels and
Destroy Worms Over 30000 testimonials
At nil drugpists 25c Sample FREE Ad
dress Allen S Olmsted LeKoy N Y
When a man is accused of leading a
dogs life it may be an insult to the
Clear white clothes are a sign that the
housekeeper uses Red Cross Ball Blue
Large oz package 5 cents
When a man contracts expensive
habits his income needs expanding
A Place to Spend the Summer
On the lines of the Milwaukee Rail
way in Wisconsin Minnesota and Iowa
are some of the most beautiful places
in the world to spend a summer vaca
tion camping out or at the elegant
summer hotels Boating fishing
beautiful lakes and streams and coo
Okoboji is the nearest of these re
sorts but all are easily reached from
Omaha and the round trip rates this
summer are lower than ever before
Full information on application
Genl Western Agent C M St P
Ry 1504 Farnam St Omaha
Suddenly It Injures the nervous system to do so Use BACO CURO
and it will tell you when to stop as it takes away the desire for tobacco
You have no right to ruin your health spoil your digestion and poison
your breath by using the filthy weed A guarantee in each box Price
f Df 4Uia ln ffn ttO Art lafll n a4 Aa
SiSESKMfliad Jluu Hcl uua ui mi cd uuAca iui t yj mm guui amce ID cure Ol
money refunded At all good Druggists or direct from us Write for free booklet
Vaen Answering Advertisements Kindly
Mention This Taper
W N U Omaha
nt Cacsh firruD Tate
No 251902
Tails ga
In time Bold by dropclste
mi iui mi I J 1 1 II MB II Hi llltfl
A perfectly well man may possess an
invalid better half
Henry A Salzer the Wisconsin
seedsman gives the last thousand dol
lars to wipe out the debt of the La
Crosse Y M C A
No man on earth can love his neigh
bor as himself if he has a garden and
the aforesaid neighbor keeps chickens
One of tho Olcieir Hollost and Most
Interesting Site Referred To In
Christian History Stono Which Hcrvod
na u lllow
It is strange that some of the relig
ious organizations which are fighting
among one another over the posses
sion of bogus or doubtful places asso
ciated with Scriptural events do not
take possession of Bethel one of the
oldest holiest and most interesting of
all the sites referred to in Christian
history It is now called Betin and is
an abandoned and desolate heap of
ruins with a few miserable hovels
occupied by wretched families of Bed
ouins who herd the sheep and goats
upon the neighboring hills writes Wil
liam E Curtis in the Chicago Record
The hill called Bethel is a conspicu
ous place rising several hundred feet
from the plain and visible for a con
siderable distance There are several
ancient tombs marble columns and
other pieces of dressed stone some of
them bearing inscriptions and others
showing evitlences of elaborate carv
ing scattered about the fields in the
vicinity and near the summit of the
hill is a remarkable circle of large
blocks of stone which the Moslems
say is the place where King Jeroboam
set up the golden calves for the Is
raelites to worship and brought down
upon himself the wrath of Jehovah
There is also the foundation of a
large square tower called Burj Betin
by the natives and like the reservoir
its origin is lost in the mist of the
ages It was probably built by the Cru
saders The Moslems say that it marks
the spot where Jacob slept that night
when he saw the angels on the ladder
and when God made with him the
greatest covenant ever made with man
and said I am the Lord God of Abra
ham thy father and the God of Isaac
the land whereon thou liest to thee
will I give it and to thy seed and thy
seed shall be as the dust of the earth
and shall spread abroad to the west
and to the east and to the north and
to the south and in thee and in thy
seed shall all the families of the earth
be blessed And Jacob rose up early
in the morning and took the stone
that he had used for his pillow and set
it up for a pillar and poured oil upon
the top of it and he called the name
of that place Bethel And yet the
place where this occurred is not only
neglected but absolutely abandoned
and no one has thought it worth while
to erect a monument here since the
days of the Crusaders
The stone which Jacob used for a
pillow is supposed to be the seat of
the coronation chair in Westminster
Abbey and Edward VII will sit upon
it when he receives the crown and
scepter of the British empire next
June This stone is said to have been
taken to Ireland by one of the early
Christian missionaries and the kings
of Ireland were crowned upon it it
was then carried to Scotland and was
the throne of the Scottish kings for
centuries and finally in the reign of
Edward the Confessor it was brought
to London and has since been in
Westminster Abbey
Gen Winfield Scotts Variety
Besides being a royal gourmand and
a person of unusual size Gen Win
field Scott was probably as vain a man
as may be discovered outside of the
realm of literature Gen Keyes au
thor of Fifty Years Observation
was reading to him an article on
Henry Clay in which the size of
Clays mouth was referred to and the
writer had added that Burke Mira
beau and Patrick Henry all had
mouths of extraordinary size conclud
ing with the remark All great men
have large mouths exclaimed the
general why my mouth is not above
three fourths the size it should be for
my bulk
The Khedive and the Itascal
Even to the adventurers and down
right swindlers who hung about his
court at Cairo and afterward pursued
his wanderings Ismail extended a
good natured half contemptuous pa
tronage He liked a rogue far better
than a fool Once when he had for
mally forbidden his door to a flagrant
offender the man who knew his char
acter got a ladder and climbed into
the viceroys room remarking I have
obeyed your highness commands and
I have crossed your threshold by the
window and not by the door The
humor of the thing at once appealed to
Ismail and the offender was reinstat
ed in his favor
A Forgetful Diplomat
Viscount De Alte the new Portu
gese minister to this country comes
from a distinguished family which
has for generations been in the diplo
matic service of Portugal He re
signed as charge daffaires in St Pe
tersburg to accept his new post It
will be remembered that his predeces
sor Viscount Thyrso was suddenly
recalled last autumn because through
an unfortunate set of circumstances
he announced to his government the
death of President McKinley two days
before the event occurred
Veterans In Tennesiee
Tennessee now has 1445 names on
its state pension roll of old soldiers
and the total amount paid to them in
the last year was 149220 No more
names can be added unless the legis
lature increases the appropriation
The pensioners are divided into three
classes the first receive 300 a year
each the second 200 and the third
Cupid believes in homeopathy at
least he heals with another arrow the
wound made by one of his darts
Lndlos Can Wear Shoes
One size smaller after using Allens Foot
Ease a powder It makes tight or new
shoes easy Cures swollen hot sweating
aching feet ingrowing nails corns and
bunions All druggists and shoe stores
21c Trial package FREE by mail Ad
dress Allen S Olmsted LeRoy N Y
Measure a man by his every day con
duct rather than by his extraordinary
To Cure Womans Ills Lydia E
Piuklianis Vegetable Com-
Succeeds Mrs Paulino
udson Writes
u Dear Mrs Pkjkiiam Soon after
my marriage two years ago I found
myself in constant pain The doctor
said my womb was turned and this
caused the pain with considerable in
flammation He prescribed for me for
1 WmS w
I h
k Vx f V id
Secretary of Schormerhorn Golf Clab
Brooklyn New York
four months when my husband became
impatient because I grew worse instead
of better and in speaking to the drug
gist he advised him to get Iydia E
Pinkhams Vegetable Compound
and Sanative Wash How 1 wish I
had taken that at first it would have
Bayed me weeks of suffering It took
three long months to restore me but
it is a happy relief and we are both
most grateful to you Your Compound
has brought joy to our home and
health to me Mrs Pauuxe Judson
47 Iloyt Street Brooklyn N Y
95000 fcrfslt If above testimonial le not genuine
It would seem by this state
ment that women would save
time and much sickness if they
would get Lydia E Pinkhams
Vegetable Compound at once
and also write to Mrs Pinkham
at Jjynn Mass for special ad
Vice It is free and always helps
jmdwtimmit trTP
mqu mi
M W iniiwriuwui
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To Preserve5 Purifs and Beautify
he SkBn5 Hands asid Hair
ofhiaig Equals
by Coticura Ointment the great skin cure for preserving
purifying and beautifying the skin for cleansing the scalp
of crusts scales and dandruff and the stopping- of falling- hair
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for annoying irritations and inflammations or too free or offen
sive perspiration in the form of washes for ulcerative weaknesses
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HlftettilM XL JTS iESSfjfej
Health will come with all its blessings to those who know Uic way and it is mainly a ques
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jectionable quality or substance To get its beneficial effects it is always necessary to buy the
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