The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, June 20, 1902, Image 4

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Largest Circulation in Red Willow Co
Subscription 1 a Year in Advance
Result of the Convention
For Governor John II Mickey
For Lieutenant Governor
EG McGilton
For Treasurer Peter Mortensen
For Secretary of State G A Marsh
For Auditor Charles Weston
For Superintendent of Instruction
William K Fowler
For A ttornoy General FN Prout
For Commissioner Public Lands
George D Follmcr
Last week the Beaver City Tribune
published at Judge Norris home before
his removal to McCook had it figured
out that in just exactly 144 day G W
Norris will be elected to congress from
the Fifth district Wait for it
Come in and see us about your
machine oil Our price is right
On the lGth instant David Goodrich
and Nellie Shunn both of Jennings
Kansas were married by the county
On the ISth instant Milo A Pate of
Filley Nebraska and Nina V Hamilton
of McCook were married by the county
Suit on account of Amanda Doty vs
Albert Guy will be heard in the county
court on the 25th
Good oil
have it at
is a good thing We
AreYouGomgto Paint
ira rfinu
4W n
I wm bjsb
Judge G W Noitms of McCook was
nominated by the republican convention
of the fifth congressional district in
IIastingsTuesday and there is no gainJ
saying the wisdom of the choice Jud9
Norris is a man of broad understandiug
and one whom the voters of the district
need not hesitate to endorse at the polls
next November Ked Cloud Argus
The republican congressional conven
tion held at Hastings Tuesday resulted
in the nomination of lion G YV Norris
of McCook for congressman from this
the Fifth district His nomination was
made unanimous upon the Fifth formal
ballot In the naming of Mr Norris as
the candidate for election from this dis
trict we believe that the delegates to
the convention only voiced the sentiment
of the people residing within the dis
trict Wilsonville Review
The irrigation law has passed the
house of representatives is favorably
esteemed by the senate and president
and will in due course of time become a
law of the land The law provides that
moneys derived from the sale of govern
ment lands be expended in irrigation en
terprises This is one of the few meas
ures which will be of direct benefit to
the western states that has run the
gauntlet of national legislation It will
bring at the outstart 2500000 for irri
gation enterprises under the direction of
the national government
Catholic Order of services Mass
8 a m Mass and sermon 1030 a m
Sunday school 230 p m Every Sun
day J J Loughran Pastor
Baptist Sundav school 943 a m
Preaching at 11 and 8 B Y P U 7
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening 8
George L White Pastor
Methodist Sunday school 10 a m
Preaching 11 Junior League 3 Ep
worth League 7 Preaching 8 Prayer
meeting Wednesday evening S
L M Grigsijv Pastor
EiiscoiAt Services at St Albans
Sunday as follows Sunday school at
10 Morning prayer and sermon at 11
Even song and sermon at 8 You are
cordially invited
R M II rdjiax Rector
Congregational Sunday school 10
Preaching 11 subject The Lost
Crown Y P S C E 7 Preaching
S subject Overboard Prayer meet
ing Wednesday evening 8 The public
is invited to all these meetings
Frank W Dean Pastor
Rev Gottlieb Essig who for the past
three years has been pastor of the Ger
man Congregational church has re
signed and will leave for Iowa next
week lie will not immediately enter
the church work but will enjoy for a
while a well earned vacation
Rev R M Hardmau of St Albans
Episcopal church has been absent all
week going on 12 Monday to a circuit
embracing Ehvood Farnam Minden
and Arapahoe arriving home today
Rev F W Dean goes to Denver
next week where he is a delegate from
the Nebraska State Sunday school as
sociation to the international conven
Improves the flavor
and adds to the health
fulness of the food
Superlative in
Strength and Ferity
Epworth League Convention
The Tenth Annual Convention of the
Epworth League of Holdrege District of
the West Nebraska Conference of the
Methodist Episcopal church met at
McCook Thursday June 12th at 2 p
m with a largo attendance Dr E S
Dunham of Delaware Ohio was present
and gave much mental food for thought
Ho is a clear thinker and a whole souled
man of God The cordial welcome re
ceived from the citizens of McCook by
act and deed was supplemented by kind
words from Mrs Dr Welles who spoke
for the League in her own inimitable
way She dwelt upon the need of or
ganization in all work and was so de
lighted to welcome an organized league
of strenuous workers for the promotion of
Gods kingdom Master Alvin Cochran
spoke for the Juniors and gave much of
promise for the future development of
the church His effort was well received
by the audience Rev II II Berry on
the part of the church pointed out the
great fact that the Epworth and Junior
Leagues are the children of the church
hence the church was greeting her chil
dren as they came home for a little more
admonition Mayor C E Eldred gave
the delegates the keys of the city of rail
road employes because said he such
an organization filled with zeal cannot
help but be an uplift to all with whom
they come in contact President C A
Norlin of Iudianola and Miss Etta
pen or franklin in responding tor tne
delegates expressed their high apprecia
tion of the cordial welcome received
After perfecting the organization on
account of the absence of several of the
officials and the appointment of commit
tees on nominations finance press res
olutions and credentials the assemblage
received the benediction from Presiding
Elder Hardaway On Thursday even
ing Rev E S Dunham D D preached
a telling sermon from Romans 12 1 2
impressing the necessity of Christians
doing Gods blessed will which is accom
plished aright alone by the pure in heart
On Friday morning Miss Montgomery
conducted the executive class wherein
it was emphasized that the president
should be possessed with ability to lead
especially should ho have an abundance
of tact J W Waits of Bloomington
conducted a class on the topic Enrich
ment of the Spiritual Life advising
the avoidance of falling into a rut in
method of conducting devotional meet
ing All manner of helps should bo used
but merely as helps Mrs O C Miller
of Arapahoe presented so many helpful
thoughts on the subject of Mercy and
Help that it is difficult to epitomize
them but this is an example The
test of consecration is work of mercy
for the amelioration of the pains and
sorrows of the afflicted in the Masters
name Patience mercy love watchful
ness consecration service all are needed
to develop into the full stature of Christ
A message of love and sympathy was
sent to the family of Rev O R Beebee
who is critically ill from a paralytic
stroke after a life of usefulness for the
Master many years of which was spent
in Holdrege district Dr Dunham then
talked on the pledge of the league de
claring that the success of the league
depends on the living up to it since it
is based upon the discipline of the church
and the word of God As regards amuse
ments forbidden by the discipline he
declared tnat no one will go lar wrong
who will from a pure heart be guided by
the question What Would Jesus Do
The forenoon session closed with a prof
itable half hour on the secretarys duties
led bj Miss Kate Smith
Friday afternoon after tho regular
prayer and yiraise service O A Fulk of
Atlanta took up the social department
work dwelling upon the duty of Christ
ians to the social work declaring it to
be the kev to the heart and therefore of
the highest importance The query
box called forth much thought which
concentrated was to the effect that the
Christ like sociability expressed in a
hearty handshake and a pleasant word
extended on week days as well as on
Sunday is essential to the highest Christ
ian development
Rev R II Chrysler of Benkelman
spoke on the work of tho missionary de
partment which is so much neglected
The crying need of the church today is
a greater missionary spirit in opening
hearts and pocketbooks
C G Bosworth of Axtell led in a con
sideration of the treasury department
lie said that it is more difficult to arouse
interest and enthusiasm in this depart
ment than in any other The great
need of the church is for each member
to take God into partnership with him
that each must give as God has pros
pered him Friday evening DrDunham
preached a powerful sermon Ho said
that it was unnatural to doubt that
obedience is not only the basis of char
acter and success but it is also the
groundwork of faith God never uses a
man who does not crucify self He de
clared that we grow our hearts upon
our faces
On Saturday morning after prayer and
song service conducted by Rev T E
Ashby of Stratton Miss Myrtle Mont
gomery took up r study of tho executive
department It was decided that in tho
absence of tho president at a business
session of the cabinet the duties per
taining to that office pass to the chiefs
of the various departments from the
first vice president to the fourth vico
presidont Winning Bonis was pre
sented by J W Waits Ho said that
tho spiritual was tho end of all other de
partmental work The purpose of all
Christian efforts was the salvation of
souls The recitation by Miss Lottie
Jinkinsou of Franklin was an excellent
selection well delivered Miss Rachel
mitteo of this department associate
members should be given all the work
possible that young people should be
trained to give for the sake of advancing
Gods kingdom which may be neglected
when money is alone raised by means of
Dr Grose of Kansas City field agent
of the Methodist Book company pre
sented tho claims of the Reading Circle
in his own masterly way He declared
that the books were arranged to elevate
character emphasizing the fact that
nothing better can come into the life of
a young person just bursting into man
hood and womanhood than a book that
leads up and out into tho paths of right
ousness and nobility
Saturday afternoon the devotional ex
ercises were conducted by Rev Grose
O A Fulk followed discussing the
Social department setting forth the
necessity of electing a consecrated spir
itual person for chief of this department
and declared that such an one could be
depended upon to see that nothing would
be done unbecoming Christians at tho
time of holding socials The Junior
Workers class was conducted by Mrs
James John of Cambridge Tho inesti
mable value of the child soul was em
phasized The earl- conversion of chil
dren was urged The great certainty of
a child Christians faithfulness was sanc
tioned by all The discussion of ways
and means brought out tho question of
tithing a practice rapidly gaining ground
and on which much of the future spread
of the gospel depends
Tho report of the different leagues of
the district showed a marked increaso in
numbers in members and in attend
ance All leagues reporting hold devo
tional meeting on Sunday Minden was
chosen as the next place of meeting It
was also decided to hold the next session
so as not to continue over the Sabbath
day The following officers were elected
for the ensuing year President Rev
Otis Hinson first vice president Ross
Druliner second vice president Miss
Loretta S Springer third vice president
C G Bosworth fourth vice president
iurs r ranic isrown missionary secre
tary Miss Etta Crippen secretary Mrs
Rev B Howe treasurer Miss Lena
Mershon Junior supt Mrs James John
directors Rev W E Hardaway Rev
L M Grigsby and Rev J C Street
The sermon Saturday night by Dr
Dunham was grand clear cut convinc
ing while the one Sunday morning was
precious sweet soul stirring Ho de
clared that Christ has power to save the
vilest the most pharisaicaland the worst
storm tossed sinners on earth The
Holy Spirit wants more Peters and Pauls
and Marys in tho world and He has a
pentecost for each of them
The Juniors meeting Sunday after
noon was addressed by Mrs Lillian
Rutledgo in her most helpful uplifting
way ller methods and thoughts were
sweet manna for the little ones Mrs
Rev A P Beal is said to have made
one of the finest addresses of tho whole
convention to the ladies full of deep
thought and very helpful She said
that a woman should be in society not
for dress parade but rather should live
a life holy elevating Christ like Mrs
Blake traveling evangelist of the Ne
braska W C T U was present and
emphasized the thoughts presented by
Mrs Beal adding that administering
tonics containing alcohol should be dis
Kev A P Beals address to men was
a profound plea for the recognition of
God in man that God in tho cieation
had linked man to himself and though
fallen He would relink man with Him
into a better union than even that given
by creation Dr Grose was at his best
and in his most tactful way dwelt upon
tho sublimity of man One half of the
nou profes3ing men present arose for
prayers It was a glorious meeting
The devotional meeting Sunday ev
ening was led by Rev M B Carman
and was full of the spirit The sermon
by Dr Dunham was profound and full
of deep thought
The following is the report of the com
mittee on resolutions which were unani
mously adopted
The convention with its large attend
ance enthusiastic discussions and deep
religious fervor has been an inspiration
to us to do more efficient work for the
Master this coming year
Therefore we would extend our heart
felt thanks to all who have made our
stay in your beautiful city so pleasant
and prohtable
e would most heartily thank the
citizens of McCook for their cordial
welcome and gracious entertainment
We would thank the pastor Rev
Grigsby and his faithful allies the re
ception committee and all members of
the local chapter who have so bounti
fully provided for our comfort especially
would we thank Revs Dunham and
Grose the president secretaries insti
tute teachers and all retiring officers
for their earnest and efficient labors as
suring them that they shall ever be held
in our most grateful remembrance
We would acknowledge with deep
gratitude the deep courtesy and kind
ness of the railroad officials and
Whereas it has pleased our Father in
Heaven to call to her home above the
beloved mother of our brother and co
worker Earl Ludwick
Resolved that the heartfelt sympathy
of this convention be extended to the
family in this hour of their bereavement
and we most earnestly commend them
to our Father for consolation and support
in their affliction Signed Rev W E
Hardaway Rev R E Pogue Etta A
Prizes For Pictures
To advertise Nebraska the Burlington
Route wants photographs of Nebraska
farm and stock scenes and lots of them
Prizes ranging from S500 to S2500 in
cash and including trips to Chicago St
Louis Denver and through the Black
Hills have been announced by J Francis
general passenger agent Omaha who
will send additional information to any
one interested
500 ricks of stove wood
McCook Market Quotations
Corrected Friday morning
S 70
Watkins in considering the work of the Butter 15
department of Mercy and Help said that
a man should be placed upon the com
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J W Corner va on tho McCook market
Monday with a load of fat hogs
A goodly number of the joung people up In re
attended the Epworth convention in McCouk
some of the evening- last week
Mi Maud Colemanwho graduated in McCook
at the last term of school is at tho old home
stead looking after tho cows and chickens
Mi s Sadie Cole who attended school several
years in St Louis ha- completed her studies
thereand is now with the home folks here
Miss Mabel Wales and Miss Emma Corner
were the delegate- from the Epworth League
here to the convention in McCook last week
While Miss Elzia Traphagan wa taking a
buggy ride with tho little folks the hose
a wheel broke down and the occupants wi re j
thrown in a heap In tho meleo Eliza
had her left arm broken near the wri t
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