The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, June 20, 1902, Image 2

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McCook Tribune
F M KIMMELL Publisher
The State Undertakers association
lias selected June 25 for its state con
vention at Topeka
Mrs Roosevelt and children left
Washington for Oyster Bay where
the family will spend the summer
At Creston la W P Hepburn was
renominated for congress by the re
publicans of the Eighth congression
al district
President Palma has signed the bill
fixing the salary of the members of
the Cuban senate and house of rep
resentatives at 3000 a year
Father PItouval now of the Colo
rado diocese of the Catholic church
has been appointed auxiliary bishop
to the archbishop of Santa Fe
The University of Cambridge con
ferred the honorary degree of doc
tor of laws on Whitelaw Reld spe
cial American representative to the
deaprtment from Minister Conger re
ports that a fatal case of cholera has
appeared in the Japanese barracks at
Pekin the victim having recently ar
rived from Tien Tsin
The May statistics of the gross
postal receipts at the fifty largest
postofllces in the United States show
a net increase of 11 per cent over the
receipts for May 1901
A 50000000 syndicate promoted
by ex Mayor Washburne ana others
has been formed to build an under
ground railway system in Chicago
after the New York model
A proclamation has been s3iied at
Pretoria substituting a lax of lJ per
cent on the profits of mining opera
tions for the 5 per cent tax that was
imposed by the late volksraad
Rev GJermind Hoyme president of
the United Norwegian church of
America died at Eau Claire Wis
Bishop Hoyme has been ailing a long
time and deatn was not unexpected
Dr J W Woods a retired medical
director of the United States navy
well known in army and navy cir
cles is dead in San Francisco He
was born in New Bedford Mass in
At Grand Rapids Mich Attorney
Thomas F McGarry was convicted by
a jury in the Allegan circuit court
at Allegan of the charge of bribery
in connection with the Lake Michigan
water supply scandal
Alice Lewis aged 23 the beautiful
daughter of George Lewis a promi
net business man of St Louis com
mitted suicide by hanging herself to
the transom of a bath room in the
Plaza hotel New York
The secretary of war has directed
the sale at public auction of the
Grant and Sedgwick they being need
ed no longer in the transport service
The Grant is at San Francisco and
the Sedgwick at New York
At a meeting of the trustees of
the Miami university Dr Guy P
Benton president of the Upper uni
versity of Iowa was unanimously
elected to succeed Dr Daird Tappan
as president of Miami university
A memorial service was held in the
Apostles church at Rome for the vic
tims of the volcanic outbreak in the
West Indies Cardinal Satolli repre
sented the papal court and fifteen old
cardinals and the French and Span
ish ambassadors to the Vatican were
The corporation of London the
Rothschilds the Morgans and Sir Er
nest Cassel the financier have each
donated 5000 to the mansion
house fund for a national coronation
gift to King Edward which is to
be applied to assist their majesties
hospital fund
At Princeton Mo Daniel Porter
a wealthy farmer was shot and fa
tally wounded by his 18-year-old son
At the local yards in Kansas City
a load of hogs sold for 760 a hun
dred the highest price reached on that
market since 1893
Referring to the report that the
control of the Cunard Steamship
company had been secured by the
shipping combination J P Morgan
stated that absolutely no negotiations
were on between the shipping com
bine and the Cunard company
The physicians who attended Queen
Wilhelmina during her recent illness
have been decorated
The British troop ship Bavarian
sailed from Capetown with 1400
troops who are ordered home to take
part in the coronation ceremonies
The bishop of London the Right
Rev Archur Ingraham D D has an
nounced that Queen Aleandra will
provide a tea for ten thousand fe
male domestic servants In celebra
tion of the coronation Each servant
will also be presented with a medal
The second chamber of the states
general of Holland unanimously adop
ted the convention between Holland
and Germany providing for an Asi
atic cable to the Dutch Indies It
is to be worked by a Dutch German
Believed However that the Attack is
Not of a Serious Nature Prevented
by Illness from Attending Chuch
Reports Cause Some Apprehension
LONDON June 16 King Edward
is suffering from a chill which has
prevented him from attending the
church parade of the Aldershot gar
The chill came as a result of the
kings prolonged stay outdoors upon
the occasion of the torchlight tattoo
at Aldershot The chill is a slight
one accompanied by symptoms of
lumbago The weather was extreme
ly cold and it rained at intervals be
fore their majesties left the brigade
ground King Edward returned to
his apartments chilled from the un
wonted exposure
These reports of his majestys III
nqss have naturally caused appre
hension but there is apparently no
reason to anticipate serious results
An authentic statement from Aider
shot is to the effect that King Edward
is slightly indisposed but that his
indisposition is not of a serious na
Sir Francis Laking physician in or
dinary to his majesty was summoned
to Aldershot He prescrbed for the
king and recommended that the day
be Bpent in perfect quiet
Queen Alexandria and the other
members of the royal party attended
the service at the church but remain
ed in the royal apartments for the
rest of the day
It has been learned that the king
arose in the afternoon This is con
sidered a good reason for hoping that
his indisposition is only temporary
King Edwards indisposition was an
nounced too late to become generally
known in London Sunday but consid
ering the near approach of the cor
onation it is bound to cause extreme
The Court Circular publishes the
following official announcement
King Edward was unable to leave
his room owing to an attack of lum
bago caused by a chill
Sir Francis Laking was in attend
ance upon his majesty Sunday night
and found the king to be much bet
The latest expectation is that King
Edward will be able to attend the re
Week in the House
WASHINGTON June 16 Today is
suspension day in the house and the
speaker has agreeed to recognize a
number of members to move the pass
age of bills under suspension What
ever time remains today together
with Tuesday has been set aside for
the consideration of the bill to amend
the bankruptcy act Wednesday the
general deficiency appropriation bill
will be taken up and Thursday the
consideration of the Philippine bill
will begin Under the rule agreeed
on for consideration of the latter bill
there will be a day session beginning
at 8 oclock for general debate until
the following Tuesday when the bill
will be open to amendment under the
five minute rule The final vote will
be taken on Wednesday
Japan Will Fall in Line
PEKIN June 16 The Japanese
minister to China has received in
struction from his government to ac
cept the pro rata reduction of Japans
war claims
Thr ministers of the foreign powers
here held a meeting and are engaged
in completing their arrangements for
the allotment of the indemnity
It was announced from Pekin June
11 that Great Britain through her
minister was ready to participate in
a pro rata reduction of the war
It was then said that the Japanese
minister Komura Yatao was unable
to agree to the plan pending the re
ceipt of his instructions from his gov
Tornado Lifts Freight Cars
SIOUX CITY la June 16 A tor
nado near Blencoe la lifted several
freight cars from a Northwestern side
track demolished them and stopped
traffic for several hours The body of
Patrick Brenan of Chicago was found
buried in the debris The storm did
damage at other nearby places un
roofing outhouses and felling crops
Boers Surrender
LONDON June 16 A dispatch
from Lord Kitchener date Pretoria
June 14 says that 2504 Boers have
surrendered since Thursday June 12
and that everything is proceeding
most satisfactorily
Caravan Massacre
ORAN Algeria June 16 A local
newspaper today publishes a state
ment that a small caravan was mas
sacred by brigands Jast JTriday at
The Distinguished Nebraska Lawyer
Found Unconscious in Bed
CHICAGO HI June 16 Genio M
Lambertson one of the leading law
yers of Lincoln Neb died early yes
terday at the Palmer house of heart
disease Mr Lambertson came to
Chicago Saturday and in the after
noon witnessed the Chicago-Northwestern
base hall game at Marshall
field and in the evening attended a
banquet at the University of Chicago
and responded to a toast In com
pany with his wife he returned to the
hotel and retired shortly after mid
night Upon rising in the morning
rs Lambertson discovered here hus
band was unconscious Dr I H Rea
was summoned and after an examin
ation declared that Mr Lambertson
was dead
The body will be taken to Lincoln
for interment Wednesday next
Mr Lambertson was 52 years old
and for many years had been a prom
inent figure in state and national af
fairs Under President Harrison he
was assistant secretary of the treas
The journey to Chicago which end
ed in his death was made to enable
him to argue a case before Judge
Kohlsaat in the federal court
Two of Mr Lambertsons daughters
are now traveling in Europe A
younger daughter is at home in Lin
Asserts There Was No Scheme to
Have General Gomez Withdraw
HAVANA June 16 President Pal
ma and General Gomez were ques
tioned today with regard to the story
published in the United States that
General Gomez had received 25000
from the administration of the United
States to withdraw from the presi
dential campaign in Cuba and to per
mit the election of Senor Palma
President Palma indignantly denied
that he had been party to any scheme
to have General Gomez withdraw
from the campaign in his favor He
also spoke for General Gomez who
as present when Senor Palma vii
questioned on this matter The pres
ident of Cuba said to insinuate Senor
Gomez had been bought off by a bribe
of 25000 was to question the honesty
and integrity of Gomez and himself
and that such attacks would pass
Anxiety on St Vincent
KINGSTON Island of St Vincent
Wednesday June 12 Fleet Surgeon
Isaac H Anderson of the British navy
and the scientific commission appoint
ed by the Royal society to investigate
the volcanic disturbances here arriv
ed at Kingston yesterday and left to
day for Chateau Bela intending to as
cend the Soufriere volcano when pos
sible The general feeling of anxiety
has not abated There has been no
big eruptions since May 30 but the
appearance of the volcano is not re
assuring There are frequent emis
sions of black steam
Killed by Her Suitor
Mrs Rachel Sahlor a widow was to
day shot and instantly killed at
Coatesville Pa forty miles west of
here by Harry N Ricer of Newcastle
Pa who was also killed by a bullet
from Ms revolver while struggling
with another woman for possession
of the weapon The tragedy it is
said was the result of a quarrel
Ricer was regarded as Mrs Sahlor
accepted suitor
Choctaw Railway Election
CHICAGO June 16 At a meet
ing of the directors of the Choctaw
Railroad company held at the Rock
Island offices William B Leeds was
elected president George H Crosby
secretary and C F Jilson treasurer
Charles H Warren of Chicago was
elected a director in the place of
Francis I Gowan resigned
Colonel Grimm Sentenced
WARSAW Poland June 16 The
trial of General Grimm of the Russian
army charged with having revealed
military secrets to a foreign power
was concluded Saturday Colonel
Grimm was sentenced to be deprived
of all rights and to imprisonment at
hard labor for twelve years
Fifteeen Horses Burned
LINCOLN June 16 The livery
barn of P J Smith at 918 P street was
destroyed by fire The loss will be
about 15000 which is only partially
covered by insurance Fifteen horses
May Build a New Line
GUTHRIE Okla June 16 The
Rock Island has secured from the gov
ernment the right to construct a line
west from Enid Okla through the
military reservation of Fort Supply
in western Oklahoma This extension
will connect in Beaver county 200
miles distant with the Liberal line
of the Rock Island to El Paso Tex
One hundred men began laying steel
on the Rock Island extension south
west from Lawton
Town of Plymouth Torn Up Over Poi
soning Case
FAIRBURY Neb June 16 The
town of Plymouth in the northeast
part of the county has considerable
excitement over a poisoning which
seems to have no plausible explana
tion A small circus which travels in
one car stopped there and while the
company numbering twenty two peo
ple in all were at supper they were
poisoned The manager Charles Kin
nebrew and wife escaped but a Miss
Myrtle Boyles of Topeka and a Mrs
E W Dilger a contortionist were so
severely poisoned that it was feared
they would not recover while the bal
ance of the company were more or
less affected The two ladiese who
were so badly affected were taken to
the hotel and their food was prepared
respectively under the supervision of
Mrs Dilgers husband and Miss Boyles
brother After eating a small portion
of toast prepared in this manner the
two women became violently ill again
and doctors from this city were sum
moned who pronounced it strychnine
The county attorney was in Ply
mouth investigating the case but he
can find no evidence upon which to
make an arrest There were some
circumstances surrounding the first
poisoning that directed some suspicion
towards Henry Beno a freak who re
cently joined the show and who eats
glass swallows all kinds of poisons
and does other seemingly impossible
feats but as he could not possibly
have had anything to do with the sec
ond dose the mystery only deepens
Dodge County Farmer Struck by a
Train and Killed
SNYDER Neb June 16 Charles
Foegler a farmer living four railes
southeast of Dodge met a horrible
death a mile and a half west of this
place His body was found on the Elk
horn railroad tracks by a crew on
board a westbound train It was man
gled in fearful fashion every limb be
ing severed and broken the head
crushed to pulp the trunk cut to pieces
and internal organs torn from their
fastenings Foegler was in town the
day before doing some trading and
while here drank a good deal He was
intoxicated when he started to walk
home in the evening and it is sup
posed that he lay down to sleep on
the track where an eastbound train
struck him
Has Relic of the Maine
HUMBOLDT Neb June 16 Cap
tain J P Grinstead who recently
spent two years in the service of the
government in the Philippines is the
possessor of a neat little relic in the
shape of a brass star cut from a one
pound shell taken from the ill fated
battleship Maine The star is suita
bly engraved and the captain has been
wearing it ever since his appointment
as city marshal
Arrested on Burglary Charge
WILBER Neb June 16 A deputy
sheriff and jailer from Lancaster coun
ty were here after Walter Dillon and
Charles Bennett who were wanted to
answer a charge of burglary at Ben
net They have been in jail here since
last December having been arrested
on a minor charge at the time Stein
Bros store was burglarized at Friend
and afterwards held for aiding a fel
low prisoner to escape
Overdose Causes Death
HASTINGS Neb June 16 Mrs
Leora Falkenstein of Riverton Neb
was found dead in bed at the home
of Mrs Emma D Shiled whom she
had been visiting during the past few
days A coroners inquest was held
and it was found that she came to her
death by an overdose of poisonous
medicine which she had taken acci
Kearney to Celebrate Fourth
KEARNEY Neb June 16 It has
been determined that Kearney will
have a rousing old fashioned celebra
tion on the Fourth of July Several
hundred dollars have already been
raised and more is ready if needed to
make that date compare with the
crops in this part of the state
Two Vacancies to Fill
The board of trustees of the institute
for the blind have elected all of the
old teachers but Misses Flora Bullock
and Allie Truesdale As yet no one
has been elected to fill the vacancies
The Natal Day
OSCEOLA Neb June 16 Osceola
will celebrate the Fourth The mon
ey has all been subscribed the fire
works have been ordered and the
eagle will scream louder than ever be
OGALLALA Neb June 16 Ogal
lala will celebrate the Fourth of July
this year in genuine western style it
being so planned by a mass meeting
of the citizens
Favorable Outlook Much Improved by
Rains and Waram Weather
The past week says the Nebraska
crop bulletin has been warm and wet
The daily mean temperature has aver
aged 1 above normal in the eastern
counties and 4 above in the western
The rainfall has been very heavy in
the central and eastern counties and
light in the western The rainfall ex
ceeded an inch in most of the east
ern part of the state and ranged from
3 to 8 inches over a large area in the
southeastern part of the state
The heavy rains of the past week
have injured crops somewhat on low
and on rolling land but on the whole
have been exceedingly favorable for
the general crop outlook in the state
Corn has been washed out some in
a few instances wheat and oats have
been lodged some by the wind hail
and rain Winter wheat is filling
well and continues to improve in con
dition Oats have materially improv
ed during the past week and in some
localities are making a rank growth
and promise a full crop Corn culti
vation has been delayed cultivation
however had made such good progress
just preceding the rains that few
fields are weedy very little replant
ing of corn has been necessary Grass
has grown well Potatoes continue in
fine condition and the early planted
are large enough to eat The first
crop of alfalfa is being cut and was
somewhat damaged by the rains of the
Yhe Large Shipment that Has Been
Made from Kearney
OMAHA Neb June 14 The
nitude of the dairy industry in
brsska and the extent of the business
done by the Beatrice Creamery com
pany at its central plan in Lincoln
is indicated by the shipment of cream
from the town of Kearney State
Food Commissioner S C Bassett re-
ports that within twenty two days
25000 worth of cream was shipped
from that town Fully 80 per cent
of this was sent to the Beatrice Cream-
ery company at Lincoln The rest
was sent to Omaha The cream was
gathered along the Black Hills road
and other lines in that part of the
state but most of it came from Buf
falo county in which Kearney is sit
uated Mr Bassett believes the dairy
products shipped out of Kearney in
one year will amount to a quarter of ai
million dollars The record for
days shows that over 1000 is
distributed in that part of Nebraska
from cream alone With cash for
cream and good prices for cows and
with alfalfa to feed and sell the farm
ers of Nebraska are considered fortu
F R Lewis Hides Away and Swallows
YORK Neb June 14 This commu
nity was startled when the announce
ment was made that F R Lewis had
committed suicide Mr Lewis was in
the employ of the South Platte Cream
ery company at this place and was
superintendent of routes He had
been in the employ of the company
nine years He left the creamery at
3 oclock in the afternoon and not
returning home for supper a search
was made for him He had taken cor
osive sublimate a poison that is used
in the Babcock cream test and hid
himself After a search of several
hours he was found but too late as
he died in a short time The only
cause that can be given for his taking
his life is that he had overworked
himself and had worried a great deal
over the loss of one of his brothers
and also over another brother now ill
at Seward He leaves a wife and two
War Veterans to Meet at Beatrice
BEATRICE Neb June 14 At a
meeting of the district officers of the
souhteastern Nebraska Grand Army
reunion here it was decided to hold the
Grand Army of the Republic reunion
in this city August 13 to 20 inclusive
It is the intention to have a number
of prominent Grand Army of the Re
public men of the country attend the
Horse Kick is Serious
HASTINGS Neb June 14 Henry
Altman a farmer living two miles
southwest of town was kicked by a
herse and had his hip bone badly
shattered A piece of the bone was
driven into the abdomen
A report from Cape Wolf P E I
says sulphur fell there to the depth
of half an inch
Overdose Causes Death
HASTINGS Neb June 14 Mrs
Leora Falkenstein of Riverton Neb
was found dead in bed It was found
that she came to her death by an over
dose of poisonous medicine which she
had taken accidentally
Flood Damage Fifty Thousand
BEATRICE Neb June 14 The
damage by the recent flood in Gage
county is estimated to be nearly 50
Omaha Meeting Opens Nebraska Rac
ing Circuit June 25 28 4000 In Pre- v
miums The Millard Omahas Lead- I
ing Hotel is Headquarters All the
Horsemen will bo there A A
Swearlngen Bookmaker Best In the
West Millard Rates are as Low as -Per
Day American Plan 1 European
Plan Centrally Located Convenient to
fell Car Lines Fremont Meeting
July 1 5 Tekamah 8 11 David City
15 18 Hastings 22 25 Friend July 29
Aug 1 Seward 5 8 York 12 15
Hebron 19 22 Beatrice 26 29 Lin
coln Sept 2 5 Stop at The Lincoln
Only First Class Hotel in Lincoln Op
posite Denots 2 Per Day Auburn
Sept 9 12 Hubbell 16 19
A wiso man is as slow about giving
advice as a fool is about taking it
Dont you know that Defiance
Starch besides being absolutely su
perior to any other is put up 16
ounces in package and sells at same
price as 12 ounce packages of other
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thousands of lawyers wealthy
Defiance Starch is put up 16 ounces
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more starch for same money
Some people even get excited when
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If bo use Red Cross Ball Bluo ItwiUmako
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will out
to men with ric to Introduce our Poultry Koods
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Tate Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets All
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Mrs YVlnsIow tt Soothing Syrup
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Only Woman Andes Crosser
It is declared that Miss Marie An
dissner an Austrian woman of fortune
and social position is the only female
tourist who ever crossed the Andes
Miss Andissner has just left New York
for her home after an extended tour
of the new world Last March she was
in Rio and though fifty years old de
termined to make the overland trip to
Peru For a good part of the journey
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which she rode
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