The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, May 09, 1902, Image 4

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    1 fl
- iJ
I 3
Alliance 1
Rondville 5
Coleman 4
Driftwood 4
Fritsch 4
Grant 4
Lebanon 7
North Valley 4
Redwillow i
Valley Grange 5
1st Ward 1st Precinct 13
1st Ward 2nd Precinct 11
2nd Ward 1st Precinct 10
2nd Ward 2nd Precinct 9
Total IS
It is recommended that no proxies be allowed
in said convention but that the delegates pres
ent thereat bo authorized to cast tho full vote of
tho precinct represented by them
By order of committee
C E Eldred Chairman
B G Gossaud Secretary
Republican Precinct Primaries
The Republican electors of Willow Grove pre
cinct will hold their primary elections as follows
on Thursday evening May 22nd 1902 opening at
eight oclock to wit
Frstwaidlst precinct In thebasemontof the
Commercial hotel to elect thirteen delegates to
tho county convention
Albert Baknett Committeeman
First ward 2nd precinct In C F Babcocks
oflice to elect eleven delegates to the conven
tion C B Gray Committeeman
Second ward 1st precinct In tho city hall to
elect ten delegates to the county convention
W T Coleman Committeeman
Second ward 2nd precinct In H H Berrys
oilice to elect nino delegates to tho county con
vention C I Hall Committeman
The Republican voters of Grant precinct are
hereby requested to meet in the Bauksville
school house on the evening of May 22 1902 at
eight oclock for the purpose of selecting four
delegates to the Republican county convention
to be held in McCook Saturday May 24th
H I Peterson Committeeman
valley grange
The Republican voters of Valley Grange pre
cinct are hereby requested to meet in tho
Pickens school house at three oclock on tho
afternoon of Thursday May 22d 1902 for the
of selecting five delegates to the Repub
fiurpose convention to bo held in McCook
May 24th
R McDonald Committeeman
Tho Republican voters of Bondville precinct
are called to meet in tho Pleasant View school
house in district No 50 on Thursday afternoon
at two oclock May 22d 1902 for the purpose of
electing five delegates to the Republican county
convention to be held in McCook Saturday
May 24th Charles Skalla Committeeman
The Republican electors of Perry precinct will
hold their primary election Thursday evening
May 22nd 1902 atsevenoclockFlitcraftschool
house for tho purpose of selecting four delegates
to tho Republican county convention to be held
in McCook Saturday May 24th and for tho
transaction of such other business as may prop
erly come before the caucus
C H Harman Committeman
Republican electors of Driftwood precinct
will meet in tho Driftwood school house Thurs
day afternoon May 22d at two oclock to elect
four delegates to the county convention and
to transact any other proper business
C T Eller Committeeman
One Half Rates Omaha and Return
May 21 22 and 23 via Burlington
Route State Encampment G A R
Ask nearest agent Burlington Route
Why not leave your order for suits
with a practical tailor Suits for 15
and upwards at Kapkes
Hammocks large enough for two
McConnell Berry
Dr Caldwells Syrup Pepsin is a perfect laxa
tive Sold by A McMillen
AreYou Goingto Paint
lttf iw
H uun
v ESQMnrEnrtajBE
Desirable House For Sale
My house and two lots with barn
hedge fruit and shade trees corner of
Dakota and Manchester streets occu
pied by H F Pade Fine location Also
lots 10 11 and 12 block 12 First addi
tion to McCook fronting park Apply
to Mrs H G Dixon
Kennett Square Pa
We dont ask only 2c per package
for seeds at the Bee Hive
McCook Market Quotations
Corrected x nday morning
-A-V u
3 70
The Outlook is making a special fea
ture of printing single page portraits and
sketches of people of immediate note
The May Magazine number contains
such portraits and sketches of Donald
G Mitchell Ike Marvel who has
just passed his eightieth birthday James
R Garfield the new civil service com
missioner Frank P Sargent who is to
be new immigrant commissioner and
Henry Clay Evans who has lately re
signed the oflice of commissioner of
Readers of the Chicago Weekly Inter
Ocean are piling up information and en
lightenment as to the news of all the
world which those who do not read it
cannot hope to acquire Why not avail
yourself of the specially low rate of 8140
which we are able ty make for one years
subscription to both The Inter Ocean
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Did you hear any one say the Bee
Hive had quit handling seeds
The Chicago Weekly Inter Ocean
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weekly newspaper in the world We
have arranged specially to supply it and
this paper together for one vear at the
low price of 140 for both
fit Iftcfoek Fribmje
Largest Circulation in Red Willow Co
-Subscription 1 a Year in Advance
Republican Convention
Tho Republicans of thHliito of Nebraska nro
horoby called to incut in convention at tho
Auditorium in tlio city of Lincoln on Wodnos
day Juno 18 1902 at 2 oclock in tlio afternoon
for thtt purpose of placing in nomination can
didates for tlio following oflices to bo votosd for
Ht tlio next genorul election to bo hold in the
state of Nebraska November 4 1002 viz One
governor one lieutenant governor one secretary
of state one auditor of public accounts- one
treabiirer one miiwrintendent of public instruc
tion one attorney general one commissioner of
public lands and buildings and for tlio trans
action of such other business as may regularly
come before the meeting
The basis or representation of tho sovoral coun
ties in said convention shall bo the voto cast for
Hon Samuel II Sedgwick for judge of the su
preme court at tho regular eloction bold on
November Ji 1901 giving one delegate for each
100 votes or major fraction thereof so cast for
tlio biiiil Siiinuri II Sedgwick and ono
for each county Said apportionment
entitles the following counties to the following
representation in said convention
Furnas 12 Gosper 4
Rodwillow 11 Frontier 8
Hitchcock 5 Hayes 4
Dundy 4 Chase 4
It is recommended that no proxies be allowed
in snid convention but that tlio delegates pres
ent thoroat bo authorized to cast the full voto
of tlio countv represented bv thorn
Notice is hereby given that each of thoodd
numbered senatorial districts in the state is to
select a member of tho state committee to sorvo
for the term of two jears
By ordor of tho state committee
II C Lindsay Chnirman
John T MallAIieu Secretary
Republican County Convention
Tho Republicans of Redwillow county nro
hereby called to meet in convention in tho city
of McCook on Saturday tho 24tb day of May
1902 at the hour of eleven oclock a in for tho
purpose of placing in nomination candidates for
tlio following oflices to bo voted for at tho next
general election to be hold in the stato of Ne
braska on the 4th day of November 1902 viz
Ono county attorney one county judge ono
representative of the G5th legislative district
one commissioner first district eleven dele
gates to tho Republican state convention eleven
delegates to tho Republican congressional con
vention of tho 5th congressional district of the
state of Nebraska eleven delegates to the 29th
senatorial district convention of the state of
Nebraska and for tho transaction of such other
business as may regularly come before said
The ba is of representation of the several
precincts in said county shall bo tho vote cast
for O L Thompson for county treasurer in tho
year 1901 allowing ono delegate for each fifteen
votes or fraction thereof cast for said O L
Thompson and two delegates at large for each
voting precinct of said county Said apportion
ment entitles the several voting precincts in said
county to the following representation in said
Reaver 7
BoxElder 4
Danbury 5
East Valley 7
Gorver 4
Indinuola G
Missouri Ridge 4
Perry 4
Tyrone 3
Tmrrririi ii m rrerjz
Fraternal Insurance Order Cards
K O T M -Regular meetings on second
and fourth Tuesday evenings of each month in
McConnell hnll at 8 Visiting knights welcome
M R Gatiih commander J II Yaugeu record
keeper C A Leach finance keeper
lodge No 7 moots on second and fourth Mon
day evenings of each month at eight o clock in
McConnell hall J R McCakl Illustrious
Pro RonT V Dkvok Secretary
The death of Rear Admiral Sampson
Tuesday of this week will doubtless
close the unfortunate and deplorable
Sampson Schley incident The popular
and righteous verdict arrived at long
since by the American people is that the
great sea battle off Santiago was a cap
tains fight with Schley in the leading
role On the other hand Rear Admiral
Sampson will go down in our naval an
nals as one of tho most accomplished
and distinguished naval ollicers of his
day and generation
In the Fifth congressional district the
fight seems to be centering between
Judge Norris and Captain C E Adams
although a dozen other candidates claim
a following It is said that Judge Norris
stands a fair show of getting nearly
every county delegation in tho Four
teenth judicial district while Captain
Adams will show a great deal of strength
from thesoutheast corner of thodistrict
It is argued in his behalf that he has
been instrumental in breaking tho fusion
majorities in that part of the district
lie was a candidate once when there
was nothing ahead but certain defeat
and his friends urge that now when the
prospect for election is so bright ho
should bo rewarded In behalf of Judge
Norris it is argued that the nominations
have usually gone east of center of the
district until two years ago and that the
best gains were made when a western
man was nominated It is said that
every county except Franklin and one
other has a candidate for congressman
Sundays Journal
Are you going to send away this
year and pay more for seeds than
the Bee Hive is selling them for
Send Me Their Names
Send me the addresses of your friends
who might be induced to move to Ne
braska and I will mail them our new 48
page book descriptive of Nebraskas ag
ricultural resources and its unbounded
opportunities The book is illustrated
with Nebraska farm scenes and is sup
plemented with a sectional map of the
state It will help bring homeseekers to
Nebraska u dO JFrancis
Gen Pass Agt Omaha Neb
Northern grown seeds 2 cts per
package at the Bee Hive
The Portland Special
Burlington Route trains to the north
west change time on May 4th On and
after that date the leaving time of the
Portland Special train No 41from prin
cipal points will be as follows Leave
St Joseph 830 p m Omaha 1110 p
m Lincoln 105 a m Grand Island
442 a m Broken Bow 604 a m Alli
ance 1035 a m arriving at Helena
Spokane Tacoma Seattle and Portland
about as at present 5 9
Its a fact Garden seed at 2c a
package at the Bee Hive
A Spring- Tonic
Every system however vigorous needs
a stimulant At this season of the year
the blood also needs purifying We be
lieve that there is nothing better for this
purpose than McConnells Sarsaparilla
a preparation combining the best known
blood remedies We make it ourselves
We know it is pure We guarantee sat
isfaction Try a bottle
McConnell Berry
Two cents- for a package of seeds
at the Bee Hive
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
The Power of the Press
During the progress of the trial of an
action brought on behalf of a woman for
the recovery of damages alleged to have
been sustained by her as a result of an
accident that occurred whilo she was
riding on ono of the cars of a street rail
way company in Chicago a certain news
paper printed on its first page under
conspicuous headlines and in the guise
of news an article charging tho com
pany with having made way with two
of the witnesses of the accident whose
testimony it was said if thoy could
have been produced would have been
favorable to tho plaintiff Other charges
of reprehensible conduct on the part of
tho defendant were made and whilo
these were so indefinitely framed that
nothing of a specific character could bo
deduced from them the reader who did
not have access to the facts was left in
no doubt as to their serious nature The
publication was well timed appearing
just after the evidenco was in and as the
case was about to go to tho jury The
paper is one that has a wide circulation
among laboring men mechanics and
artisans the class from which jurors are
principally drawn Tho case like many
another brought against the street rail
way companies of Chicago was without
merit The article contained not one
element of truth Its purpose which
was to prejudice the minds of the jurors
was accomplished The verdict was ad
verse to the company
It is all but inconceivable that a pub
lication the avowed object of whose ex
istence is to collect and disseminate
news but whose real purpose if one
may judge from observation is to villify
and to blackmail should in a land sup
posedly civilized be permitted to pursue
its criminal course without intervention
of the law Notorious for its sensation
alism indifferent to the rights of others
and outcast a monstrosity not in coun
tenance with self respecting newspapers
it yet unaccountably prospers an over
whelming power for evil whose influence
is not offset by the forces operating for
good Its motives are ulterior its ends
are selfish It espouses the cause of the
the disaffected not from sympathy for
them not because thoy have grievances
that it believes are genuine not because
it has the slightest desire to right wrongs
in whose existence it has faith but to
gain popularity to retain and to extend
its circulation It takes advantage of
the weakness of human nature to profit
Some men derive their greatest pleas
ure from recounting their own misfor
tunes They would not if they could
be anything but sufferers Their happi
ness is supreme when they can find one
who will listen patiently to the account
of their troubles He who avows him
self their friend who affects to forget
his own woes and to burden himself with
theirs who can persuade contented men
that they have wrongs of which they
knew nothing is heard eagerly and is
hailed as a preserver The seeds of dis
cord and strife are always sown upon
fertile ground Men are constitutionally
selfish are interested above all things
else in what concerns themselves
The publication of this item was not
made for the furtherance of justice
The publishers cared nothing for the
right They cared only for the returns
that would accrue to them as a conse
quence of their act They were not in
spired by regard for the woman whom
they pretended to believe the victim of
corporate greed It were easier to sup
pose that they were animated by feelings
of hostility to corporations The natural
sentiment of man toward man is revul
sion enmity Instinctively we regard
all other created beings as our foes plot
ters against our peace of mind We are
suspicious of everyone We imagine that
all other men coveting what we possess
will have no scruples about employing
whatever methods are needful to secure
what we believe belongs to us Toward
artificial beings toward corporations
the almost universal sentiment is one of
intense and unreasoning hatred
Here was a double lie The accusa
tions were false as might readily have
been ascertained if the trouble to inquire
had been taken The inferential protes
tations of friendship for the plaintiff
were hypocritical The author if it had
been to his advantage to do so would as
quickly have turned upon her as in this
instance he attacked the defendant
Tho consequence were wholly bad
No one connected with the case escaped
unharmed The judge if he be right-
eous will set aside the verdict A new
trial will necessitate the expenditure of
money by the defendant that would have
been saved to it if the case had been
fairly tried on this occasion The plain
tiffs victory may be but temporary
Her disappointment if eventually the
suit goes against her will be the keener
because for a brief while the gold
seemed to be within her grasp
The jury were sworn to well and truly
try the issues and a true verdict ren
der They violated their oaths and
are as corrupt as they would have been
if they had accepted payment for their
ballots They allowed themselves to be
influenced by an appeal to their baser
passions to their prejudices The ver
dict was returned in the face of evidence
under which any right minded man
could but have known that the plaintiff
was not entitled to a recover They
decreed that the defendant should pay
not because it was guilty of the charge
involved in this particular case but be
case one whom they did not know one
who did not appear as a witness in the
case in the columns of a paper that is
notorious for its utter disregard for the
truth accused thecompany of evil doing
They threw aside the testimony of the
witnesses sworn in the case and in its
stead accepted an unsworn statement a
baseless rumor of corruption To the
perpetrator of the deed will be meted
punishment according to his deserts
His conscience will be strained a little
farther by this his latest malfeasance
The distance between himself and the
truth will be a little wider by reason of
his act His way back to the good will
be a little longer and a little more diffi
cult to travel than it would have been
but for his falsehood i
A Pathetic Incident of Ilia Itcmoval
to Louk Brunch
A pathetic incident Is related apropos
of the day of fasting and prayer -which
was appointed by all the governors of
the United States at the time President
Garfield was removed from Washing
ton to Long Branch in the hope that
the change might help him to recover
from the bullet wounds Inflicted by
Crete said the president to his
brave little wife about 11 on that
Thursday morning as the ringing
strokes from the belfry of the Episco
pal church almost across from the cot
tage reached his cars what are they
ringing that bell for
That said Mrs Garfield who had
been waiting for the surprise Thats
the church where we were when you
first came down Theyre all going to
pray for you to get well and falling
on her knees she said And Im going
to pray too James that it may be
soon for I know already that the other
prayer has been heard
From where he lay Garfield cculd see
the carriages draw up and group after
group go in He could even hear the
subdued refrnin of Jesus Lover of My
Soul as it was borne by on its heaven
ward way Thrilled with emotion a
tear trickled down the presidents face
Then he closed his eyes and turned his
face as a sweet womans voice arose
singing from one of Sir Michael Costas
oratorios Turn thou unto me and
have mercy upon me sang the voice
for I am desolate I am desolate and
afflicted the troubles of my heart are
enlarged Oh bring thou me out of my
distresses out of my distresses my
The people in the church sat almost
spellbound under the voice for the
singer was affected deeply and made it
seem to all what It must have been to
her n prayer in music
A few pieces of charcoal dropped hit
the -water assist in preserving cut flow
The hole for a tree should be made
wide and deep and the bottom be filled
with rich earth
The seeds of nearly all forest trees
do best if not allowed to become dry
before planting
For the finest flowers sow pansy seed
in the fall Protect the young plants
through the winter and you will be
well rewarded
The sweet William Is a biennial but
will sow their own seeds and come up
year after year as do hollyhocks thus
making them practically perennials
One of the handsome perennials that
flower In July is the digitalis which
has long spikes of blue thimble shaped
flowers It makes a striking clump
The principal advantage in fall sow
ing of flower seeds is that the plants
grow stronger root deeper and flower
earlier and longer than those from
spring sown seed
The grape is one of the most desira
ble fruits to plant It is inexpensive to
get a start with it bears early it is
productive and easily managed and
the fruit is delicious and wholesome
Couldnt Stnnd Sntlre
A burglar while attempting to rob a
bloated bondholder of Maryville by
mistake got into the humble residence
of an editor next door After unsuc
cessfully fumbling about for suitable
assets for some time he was distrusted
to observe the tenant of the house sit
ting up in bed and laughing at him
Aint jou old Skindersen the capi
talist inquired the housebreaker
Nary time chuckled the journalist
Im the editor of The Screaming
Jerusalem said the burglar look
ing at his stemwinder And here Ive
been wasting four precious hours on
this branch almshouse I say old quill
driver you never poke fun at your sub
scribers do you
Not the cash ones
Exactly said the burglar taking
out his wallet Heres six months
subscription to call this thing square
If theres one thing on earth I cant
stand its satire Tit Bits
Personal Elements of SnccesH
Personality as it Is called is a
thing apart a light that cannot be hid
den It is difficult to describe being in
its nature variable Often it is com
posed of one part talent and two parts
character and he who has it may in
spite of other deficiencies command
Large successes are attainable by the
union of aptitude and concentration of
purpose coincident with opportunity
the meeting of the man and the occa
sion the suiting of the word to the
action the action to the word self
confidence unflagging courage abso
lute probity Henry Watterson In Suc
Inherited Prowess
To what sked the young woman
with the notebook do you attribute
your remarkable power in training
these animals and keeping them in
Well replied Mile Castella the
lady wonder of the arena I think I
Inherited it from my mother She was
a strong minded woman My father
was a regular bear and she had to
subdue him about once a day as long as
she lived Chicago Tribune
They Hold More
Do you ever wish you were a girl
asked the visitor who was waiting in
the reception room
Only at Christmas time answered
the boy who was lingering In the door
Why do you wish it then
Because of the stockings they wear
was the prompt reply Chicago Post
BMBWW waiii J
aw a wm
I Plant Two
i a J Dollar x
y Harvest X
I Dollar Crop
4 x
f 8
I HeadqUartCrSfr SHOES I
9 9
4 McCook Nebraska 4
The M E iiars onafje is being t mated to a coat
of paint
Mr Uea Oman of McCook i vNitiiiB here
this week
S Hillinc was a McCook siirlit seer tho last
of last week
An eight pound boy is making his home with
Mr and Mrs C Yie
A soaking rain fell here on Sunday morning
and again on Monday V inch of rain all told
Ed Claik of Lebanon was in town Tuesday and
Wedneday showing the merits of a new gaso
line lamp
J L Sargent ha put in place a -10-foot wind
mill tower for Phillip Gliem to replao the old
one recently taken down
O B Woods went to Indianola Tue dav to
meet his wife on her return from Trenton where
she lias been a few dajs with her sister Mrs
Walter Pate
We understand that W A Minniear
filates planting 2 acres to sugar beets We hope
10 will He is able to give the Beaver valley a
practical experiment Beet sugar raisingought
to be ono of the leading crops of the valley
This is not a gentle word but when jou think
how liable you are not to purchase for 75c the
only remedy universally known and a remedy
that has had the largest salo of any
medicino in tho world since 18CC for the
cure and treatment of consumption and throat
lung troubles without losing its great popular
ity all these years you will be thankful we
called jour attention to Boschees German
Sj rup There are so many ordinary cough rem
edies made by druggists and others that are
cheap and good for light colds perhaps but for
severe coughs bronchitis croup and especially
for consumption where there is difficult expec
toration and coughing during the nights and
mornings there is nothing like German Syrup
Sold by all druggists in the civilized work
G G Greek Woodbury N J
Li ting corn i one of the industries closely
followed in this vicinity
John Henry Wesch is chafing about his watch
he expects to get soon and the word dont come
Mrs Bell Nelson wa hero last week from
Guthrie Center Iowa She is a sister to Dr J
W Rowland of Herndon She returned to her
home Monday
Banksville had a fine rain Sunday morning
and again on Monday morning and Monaj after
ternoon amounting to nearly two inches of
rain that makes lots of green
Herbine Cures
Fever and ague A dose will usually stop a
chill a continuance alwaj s cures Mrs William
M Stroud Midlothian Texas May 31 lsO
writes Wo havo used Herbine in our family
for eight years and found it tho best medicine
we have ever ued for lagrippe bilious fever
and malaria 50c at A McMillens
I live and let my brethren live
With all thats good with me
Unto the poor some cash I give
The balance I give Itocky Mountain Tea
McConnell fc Berry
By virtue of an order of ale i ued from the
district court of Redwillow county Nebraska
under a decree in an action wherein the Western
Land company is plaintiff and John G Gould
Gould his wife et al are defendants to
me directed and delivered I shall offer at public
sale and sell to the highest bidder for cash at the
east door of the court house in McCook Red
willow county Nebraska on the Oth day of
June 1MJ2 at the hour of one oclock p m tho
following described real estate to wit The
east half of the northea t quarter of section 27
in townhip 1 range 26 in Redwillow county
Dated this 9th day of May 1902
A C Ceabtree Sheriff
Black and J E Kelley Attorneys
Wields A Sharp Ax
Millions marvel at the multitude of maladies
cut off by Dr Kings New Life pills the most
distressing too Stomach liver and bowel trou
bles dysiepsia lo s ofappetito jaundice bil
iousness fever malaria all fall before these
wonder workers 2oc at McConnell Sc Berry
Big Horn Basin
Are you interested in the 15ig
Uasin of U yomingr
Its a rich but undeveloped portion of
Northwestern Wyoming It contains
marvellous openings for small ranches
along good streams in the valleys with
one million acres of government land
open to settlement under the United
States land laws
Tho Burlington Route has just pub
lished a folder descriptive of the Big
Horn Basin It is Illustrated and con
tains an accurate map It tolls abqut
the lay of the land character of the soil
products yield irrigation and opportu
nities If youre interested better writo
for a copy Its free 5 30
J FnANCis Genl Pass Agt
Omaha Nebraska
Doctors Bad PliRht
Two years ago as a result of a severe cold 1
lost my voico writes Dr M L Scarbrough of
Hebron Ohio then began an obstinato cough
Every remedy known to me as a practicing phy
sician for 33 years failed and I daily grew
worse Being urged to try Dr Kings New Dis
covery for Consumption Coughs and Colds I
found quick relief and for the last ten dajc
Lave felt better than for two years Positively
guaranteed for throat and lung troubles by
McConnell Berry 50c and 1 Trial free
From the Lakes to Denver
St Pacx Minn May 6 It becamd
known today that the Burlington has
placed a corps of engineers in the field at
Erickson Neb with instructions to run
a line north to ONeill the western ter
minus of the Great Northerns west Ne
braska line The distance is about fifty
The construction of this line will give
the Burlington Great Northern a direct
route irom tlie head of the lakes
eitner Wilmar or St Paul to Denver
Save the Loved Ones
Mrs Mary A Vliet Newcastle Colo writes
I believe Ballards Horehound Syrup is superior
to any other cough medicine and will do all
that is claimed for it and it is so pleasant to
take My little girl wants to take it when sho
has no need of it Ballards Horehound Syrup
is the great cure for all pulmonary ailments
2 c 30c and gl00 at A McMillens
California and Return 45
Tickets on sale April 21 to 27 Mav T
to June 8 August 2 to 8 Liberal stop
over arrangements and return limits
For additional information ask the
nearest agent LSurlington Route
write for a California folder to
J Fraxcis Genl Pass Agt
30 Omaha Nebraska
A Nearly Fatal Runaway
Started a horrible nicer on the leg of J B
Orner Franklin Grove 111 i i i
I ictrs an1 remedies for four vears Tlon
JJucfcleii s Arnica Salve cured him Just as good
for boils burns
bruises cuts comcaMs skin
eruptions and piles 23c at McConnell JL Berrys
Half Rates East via Burlington Route
One fare for the round trip to Harris
burg pa May Llth to 19th Return
limit June 30 Tickets good via Chicago
orbt Louis A
great opportunity to
visit the east Half rates from Harris
burg to points in Pennsylvania Marv
land District of Columbia May 21 to
Ask the Burlington agent 5 15
To cure a Cold In One Day
lake Laxative Broino
Quinine Tablets AH
druggists refund the money if it fails to cure
t W Grove s signature is on each bos 23c