The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, May 02, 1902, Image 7

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of Assinibola Saskat
chewan and Alberta are
the most wonderfnl
grain producing coun
tries in the world In
stock raising they also
hold the highest posi
tion Thousands of Americans are annually mak
ing this their home and they succeed as they
never did before Move Westward with the tide
and secure a farm and home in Western Canada
Low rates and special privileges to homeseek
ers and settlers The handsome forty page
Atlas of Western Canada sent free to all appli
cants Apply for rates c to F Pedley Su
perintendent of Immigration Ottawa Canada
or to W V Bennett Canadian Government
Agent 801 New York Life Bldg Omaha Neb
iBooii eneiigii I
1 foraRjMyil
I All Havana Filler I
I of same value as tags from 1
I star morse shoe I
I and J V Tobacco I
yhen Answering Advertisements Kindly
Mention This Taper
W N U Omaha
No 181902
CllkfS WHfBF All FLSh f A Lb
Best Cough 8yrnp TottcsGcoa Vt
In time sola dt arotrgists
FylBff7g3Tl Jm IB Jt m v phf H 1 41 jKiM
Mrs Mamie Herbert 56 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo N Y Treasurer Empire State
Fortnightly Buffalo N Y After Eight
Years Suffering Cured by Lydia E Pink
hams Vegetable Compound
Dear Mrs Pinkham Inflammation and ulceration of the
uterus laid me low and robbed life of its joys for me For eight years
I was in frequent pain and misery and then Lydia E Pmkhams
Vegetable Compound came to me the greatest boon I have
known for it brought new life and health to me I used several
bottles of Compound and your Sanative Wash My improvement
was slow but from the first bottle I felt that I was better and so I
kept up courage and continued the treatment None of my friends
ever dreamed that I would be well again but I have now enjoyed life
to its fullest extent for three years Mrs Mamie Herbert
When -women are troubled with irregular suppressed or painful
menstruation weakness leucorrhcea displacement or ulceration of the
womb that bearing down feeling inflammation of the ovaries backache
bloating or flatulence general debility indigestion and nervous pros-
lon rr ave besefc th such symptom as dizziness faintness lassitude
excitability irritability nervousness sleeplessness melancholy all
gone and want-to-be-left-alone feelings blues and hopelessness
they should remember there is one tried and true remedy Lydia E
Pinkhams Vegetable Compound at once removes such troubles
Refuse to buy any other medicine for you need the best
Mrs Pinkliam Invites all sick women to write her for advice
She lias guided thousands to health Address Lynn Mass k
Half Rates
via the
Wabash R R
I Harrisburg Pa and return
on sale May 14 to 19 good re
turning until June 30th
Stopovozs Allowed at Niagara Falls
Ask your nearest ticket agent to
route you via Wabash railroad or call
at city office 1415 Farnam St Pax
ton Hotel Blk or write
Genl Agt Pass Dept Omaha Neb
Wonderful wheat crop for 1901 now the talk of
tne uommerciai worm is Dy no means
enai Tne rovince or
Manitoba and districts
At The Millard Annual Meeting Ne
braska Grain Dealers April 30 Ne
braska Medical Society Headquarters
May 6 7 8 State Encampment G A
R Headquarters May 22 23 Attest
Popularity of Omahas Leading Hotel
2 Per Day European 1 Per Day
The Lincoln Opp Depots Lincoln 2
Per Day Only 1st Class Hotel in City
A man who is fond of cabbage is
nearly always a cigar smoker
Use tho best Thats why they buy Red
Cross Ball Blue At leading grocers 5 cents
The only sure way of keeping ahead
of the races is not to follow them
8100 Keward 3100
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that there is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure in all its
stages and that is Catarrh Halls Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now known to the
medical fraternity Catarrh being a constitu
tional disease requires a constitutional treat
ment Halls Catarrh Cure is taken internally
acting directly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of tho system thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease and giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution and
assisting nature in doing its work The pro
prietors have so much faith in its curative
powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for
any case that it fails to cure Send for list of
Address F J CHENEY CO Toledo O
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Stops the Cough and
Works Ofi the Cold
Laxative Bronio Quinine Tablets Price 25c
The waitress should be a fetching
young woman
Hundreds of dealers say the extra
quantity and superior quality of Defi
ance Starch is fast taking place of
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cannot sell any other starch
Spring lamb and spring poets often
look sheepish
silk wool or cotton perfectly at one boil
ing Sold by druggists 10c per package
Genius is the ability to get other
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tity 16 ounces 10 cents Try it
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BnMto - i
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hogany Walnut Uk and Blrds Eyc Maple 9
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WHY 1 -
He mWii
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reliable dealers everywhere
Story of l
1 Clever Pony
Although there are few men of his
age more active than William Curtis
Gibson of East Houston street the
oldest survivor of the Volunteer Fire
Department he gives strong proof of
his Scotch ancestry occasionally by
his inability to appreciate a joke
Mr Gibson was born in New York
and he has always lived here His
friends say that only once in his life
has he traveled more than ten miles
away from this city That was last
summer when he went up to the Cats
It was on this trip that he met a
farmer who disgusted him witb every
thing rural Mr Gibson says he never
met a more stupid man and when he
tells his squirrel story to prove it all
his friends laugh The experiencee
speaks for itself
Mr Gibson was interested in the
farm at first because it was a novelty
At the end of the first week he said
to the farmer
Say this is great I am glad I
came I wish that I might take some
of your squirrels back to New York
with me as souvenirs of this trip
Secret of a Hunters
Great Success
Great numbers of wild geese were
killed along tbe Texas coast during
the past winter as happens every
year That region divides with the
Dakotas in the fall the honor of being
the greatest goose field on the Am
erican continent
The increasing shyness of the birds
was more marked than ever The
geese have been shot at so much in
the same territory that they have not
only grown wiser but many of them
have ceased visiting that region
It is no longer possible to kill quan
tities of geese in Texas by simple pasg
shooting or digging pits on the Gulf
There died not long ago in the Nue
ces region a Mexican poacher named
Gregorio who in the winter sold geese
by the dozen when other men could
not get a feather All of that country
Is in vast pastures fenced by barbed
wire and Gregorio being a market
hunter was ordered to stay out of
them all
In order to keep him out the gates
which are far apart were locked and
only the ranch bosses had keys Still
Gregorio would continue to go from
pasture to pasture covering thirty
miles in a day and to show up in
Corpus Christ or Rockport at night
with Canada geese hanging to his sad
dle and strung all over him
One day an overseer of cowboys
saw him a mile away on the prairie
and being curious dismounted and
watched him Gregorio was on foot
700 yards from a large flock of geese
His pony had been unsaddled and un
Keeping the horse between him and
the geese the Mexican began to circle
around them Now and then the pony
stopped to take a mouthful of grass
Any man let alono a goose would
have taken him for a loose animal
grazing on the prairie
In course of an hour he had been
worked within fifty yards of the
thickest part of the bunch Some of
the stragglers were not twenty yards
from him
Then Gregorio stepped from behind
him and fired one barrel at the geese
on the prairie and another as they
rose He gathered five or six then
rode to the division fence a quarter
of a mile away
Evidently it was his intention to
enter the next pasture The fence
was of three strands of wire the low
est one two feet from the ground
Gregorio got down from the saddle
and at a word from him the horse
sunk to his knees then turned upon
his side Gregorio took him by the
headstall and pulled his head under
the fence then took him by the tail
and pulled his hindquarters under
and so pulling first at head and then
at tail worked him through
Once clear of the bottom wire the
pony rose shook himself and stood to
be mounted as if nothing but of the
ordinary had happened The mystery
of Gregorios ability to go from pas
ture to pasture in search of geese and
ducks was explained and the ranch
boss was so tickled by it that he in
structed his men to let the Mexican
iliiilliiiiniii iliQ Ai AiiilAMAlAtAiHAMAM UHJill l kLklLAllllLllkLLLLAJLXALAllAX
Advice Given by a Farmer Puzzles New York Man on His
m a
Sure you can said the farmer
Just go out and help yourself to as
many as you want Ive got more of
them than I want
Thank you very much but how
will I get them
Catch em of course Its easy
when you know how
All right you tell me how and Ill
catch a few
Well said the farmer first off
you creep up as near as you can get
to them
Yes said Mr Gibson
And then you make the right kind
of a noise to attract them and they
will come to you
What kind of a niose ought I to
make asked Mr Gibson eagerly
Just make a noise like a nut re
plied the farmer and off he walked
When Mr Gibson tells this story
he says positively that a nut does not
make any noise and that a farmer whe
had lived in the country all his life
without discovering that fact is too
stupid to live anywhere else New
York Sun
ji iiiui ir m
Took the Slaa eli Out
of Station Aitocratt
That reminds me said the travel
ing man of an experience at Mc
Leansboro 111 years ago It was a
bitter cold Sunday morning when I
went to the depot to take a train west
It was the only one that day and due
in about an hour The waiting room
was cold Huddled in a corner was a
country woman a waiting passenger
with two small children both crying
from the cold An empty stove no
coal no matches no agent in sight
While debating what to do to re
lieve a trying situation I thought I
heard a noise from within the ticket
office which was hidden from view by
a window covered with paint I lis
tened closely and soon distinguished
the hum of voices from within
A little scratch in the paint cov
ering the ticket window revealed on
close examination four young men on
the inside by a warm stove playing
cards One was evidently the agent
Enraged I kicked on the door and
alternately rattled on the window till
with a slow hestitating shove it went
up a little and from within the agent
a youth with a surlv air demanded
What do you want Boiling with
rage yet imperturbable as a millpond
I asked for a telegraph blank which
was flung to me and this is what 1
Historic Titles and High Position Conld
Not Drown Sorrow
The earl of Perth and Melfort who
died at Kew a few days ago in his 95th
year was chief of the Clan Drummond
and therefore the head of one of the
oldest and most historic families in
Great Britain Lord Perth was Due de
Melfort in France and altogether he
had six Scotch and three French titles
and was also hereditary thane of Len
nox and hereditary steward of Men
teith and Strathearn but these were
barren honors as the vast territorial
possessions of the dukes of Perth had
passed into other hands
Lord Perth was engaged for many
years in litigation to recover the large
and vaiuaDie iamny estate in
shire including the magnificent do-
General Manager B O S W
R R Dear Sir Send competent
agent to care for McLeansboro sta
tion Present agent playing cards in
office waiting room no fire passen
gers freezing
As placid as if nothing was out of
the ordinary I handed him a 5 bill
with the request to take the pay out
of it and send the message at once
Before half the words were counted
by the autocrat of a moment ago he
was an humble servant of the present
Apologies and explanations by the
score were forthcoming intermingled
with pleading that to send it would
involve ruin for his career
It was my turn to assume the role
of dictator and if ever a fire was
kindled in a hurry then was the time
With all the dignity due to a prince
and his suite the freezing family and
I were treated
Passing through a year after I
asked the bus man how the agent was
getting along The story had evident
ly leaked out in McLeansboro for he
said He got a dressing down last
winter from an official of the road who
happened along in disguise and it
has made a man of him I was that
official a plain traveling man but
the bus man was none the wiser
Indianapolis News
main of Drummond castle which are
now possessed by Lord Ancaster who
inherited them through his grand
mother Miss Clementina Drummond
who married Lord Willoughby de
Eresby Lord Perth failed in his ef
forts to regain the Drummond prop
erty In addition to this disapoint
ment he had grave domestic sorrows
to encounter so that his long life was
neither prosperous nor happy Few
men have been so severely tried The
earldoms of Perth and Melfort will
now be separated the former passing
to Lord Strathallan while the latter
title and the French honors are in
herited by the late peers daughter
Lady Edith Drummond
One convincing proof of good citi
zenship is the prompt payment of
your bills
t n mars
Mr John Vance of Hartford City
Tnd says My kidney trouble is much
better I have improved so much that
everybody wants to know what medi
sine I am using I recommend Peruna
to everybody and some have commenced
to use it The folks all say that if Dr
Hartmans medicine cures me it must
be great John Vance
Mr J Brake of Petrolea Ontario
Canada writes Four years ago I
had a severs attack ofBrlghts disease
which brought me so low the doctor
said nothing more could be done for
me I began to take Peruna and
Manalln and in three months I was
b well man and have continued so
ever since J Brake
At the appearance of the first symptom
of kidney trouble Peruna should
If charity covers a multitude of sins
there must be more charity in the
world than we think
Faugh I Use your nasty decaying- kalso
mine No sir AABASTIXE is what I
oted for and what I want
I DP f I f iTifjiiT t ii r f flTi 817 P m H i
JLLi - tTu it iBBBWBlP
Creating a National Sensation in the Cure
ui uiromc Aiimenis or tne Kidneys
Major T II Mars of the First Wiscon
sin Cavalry regiment writes from 1 125
Dunning street Chicago 111 the fol
lowing letter
For years I suffered with catarrh of
tne moneys contracted In the army
Medicine did not help me any until a
comrade who had been helped by Pe
runa advised me to try It I bought
some at once and soon found blessed
relief I kept taking It four months
and am now well and strong and feel
better than I have done for the past
twenty years thanks to Peruna
be taken
This remedy
strikes at
once t h u
very root of
the disease
It at once re
lieves the ca
tarrhal kid
neys of the
blood pre
v e n ting
the escape of
serum from
the blood
mill m
Peruna stimulates the kidneys to
excrete from the blood the accumu
lating poison and thus prevents the
convulsions which are sure to follow if
the poisons are allowed to remain It
gives great vigor to the hearts action
and digestive system both of which are
apt to fail rapidly in this disease
Peruna cures catarrh of the lcidncyfi
simply because t cures catarrh wliere
ever located
If you do not derive prompt and sat
isfactory results from the use of Pe
runa write at once to Dr Hartman
giving a full statement of your case
and he will be pleased to give you his
valuable advice gratis
Address Dr Hartman President of
The Hartman Sanitarium Columbus X
There are drawbacks to everything
it costs something pretty to be a
0y6rfffffffcei ffcsfferfft
A Durable
Wall Coating
Forms a pure and permanent coat
ing and does not require to be taken
off to renew from time to time Is
a dry powder ready for use by h
mixing with cold water
We are experts in the treatment of
walls Write and see how helpful
we can be at no cost to you in get
ting beautiful and healthful homes
Grand Rapids Mich
Suddenly It injures the nervous system to do so Use BACO CURO
and it will tell you when to stop as it take3 away tho desire for tobacco
You have no right to ruin your health spoil your digestion and poison
your breath by using the filthy weed A guarantee in each box Price
Sl00 per box or three boxes for S250 with guarantee to cure or
money refunded At all good Druggists or direct from us Write for free booklet
La Crosse
fldfjy ZWbfc
I -S t istrte purest cleanest starch made I I
B I It is free of injurious chemicals I
II I can be used where ordinarily yououIdbeJarraidB
fflj to use starch of any Kind I B
El Thats Defiance Your grocer sells it II