The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, May 02, 1902, Image 1

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Walter Rowland Murdered
A telegram from Herndon Kansas
Monday morning announced the mur
der of Dr J Walter Rowland of that
place that morning by an unknown
person The doctor was shot twico
once each through the head and stom
ach death being practically instanta
neous The tragedy occurred in a small
room attached to the rear of the general
merchandise store of GW Dull a room
used by Dull in which to store his stock
of flour The doctor and Dull who were
close friends had been talking together
in this small room just before the trag
edy took place
At the coroners inquest held on the
following day it was considered that the
evidence given warranted the arrest of
Dull Tuesday evening who was taken
to the county jail of Rawlins county
Kansas at Atwood pending a prelimin
ary hearing A young man bj tho name
of Mathers who is a clerk in Dulls
store testified that ho was in tho store
proper when Dull and Rowland were in
the rear room wherein tho murder was
perpetrated Hearing loud voices Ma
thers went to tho back part of tho store
to hear tho conversation but both Dull
and Rowland censed talking when ho
appeared Returning to the front part
of tho store Mathers shortly afterward
heard two shots fired and ran back to i
tho rear of tho store and found Rowland
dying in tho flour room Seeing no one
else in tho room which was filled with
smoke he rushed back into tho private
office and saw Dull seated at his desk
JIo asked Dull if he had not heard shots
fired and Dull said ho had but suppos
ed they were from tho outside Although
Dull and tho dead man had been long
regarded as close friends Dull expressed
no surprise and did not seem to be at all
excited when told that Rowland had
been murdered which is regarded as a
remarkable circumstance in view of their
long and intimate friendship
Dr Rowland was a Mason and carried
in insurance policy for 2000 in the
Workman order being a member of the
McCook lodge
John Rowland and J arvey Rowland
father and brother of the deceased live
just across the state line in Grant pre
cinct Red Willow county where the dead
man spent a number of years of his life
before entering the practice of medicine
in Kansas lie is well known to many
residents of this county His widow
his second wife was a Miss Canagawho
i also a doctor and a daughter of Elias
Canaga of the Redwillow neighborhood
The funeral was held on Wednesday
burial being made at Indianola under
Masonic and Workman auspices
It is a dark bloody and mysterious
tragedy which ma be unravelled at
the trial
A pathetic incident of the bloody trag
edy is the fact that Mrs Rowland be
camo a mother three days before the mur
der and naturally much solicitude for
her well being was felt by relatives and
Recommend C W Barnes for Receiver
Senators Dietrich and Millard joined
today in nominating C W Barnes
editor of the McCook Republican for
receiver of the land oflice at McCook
vice J A Piper term expiring May 6
While this of course is in Senator
Dietrichs territory Senator Millard
joined in the recommendation according
to an agreement when the senators en
tered upon their terms that they would
join in federal appointments Washing
ton cor of Omaha Bee April 26th
Senator Dietrich made an important
nomination today sending in the name
of C W Barnes to be receiver of the
McCook land oflice vice J A Piper
Barnes is editor of tho Republican and
is regarded as a strong party worker
who has earned his reward Lincoln
Journal April 2Gth
Senator Dietrich today nominated
Frank M Rathbun for reappointment
as register of the McCook land office
his term expiring May 6 Washington
cor of Lincoln Journal April 26th
We Need a Few Like Jake
The Tribune notes in the Lincoln
Journal that Ex Land Commissioner
Jake Wolfe is planting 500 acres of sugar
beets this season which reminds us
that the farmers of Redwillow county
are not going into this matter with the
enthusiasm and push they ought to and
that they might well follow the example
of Uncle Jako in the matter of planting
sugar beets anyhow Lay aside every
thing of a personal nature and look at
the proposition on its merits alone It
is a profitable crop and as sure as any
crop that can be produced in this coun
ty Isnt that enough to warrant your
planting a few acres at least The Re
publican valley ought by another year
at tho longest to bo able to raise enough
beets to warrant a factory to be built
hero Be wideawake to your interests
Republican City Has a Fire
Fire destroyed five frame store build
ings in Republican City last Saturday
night causing a loss of about 87000
Fire started at about 10 30 in the rear of
G W Underwoods store and in an
hour the entire row was destroyed with
but small salvage The sufferers are
Estate of Phebe Grove vacant building
So00uo insurance G W Underwood
merchandise 81400 insurance 8S00
X J Ludi Harlan County Democrat
loss on stock 82500 insurance S500
building S700 insurance 8400 A A
Malev merchandise 81000 two build
ings Sl300 insurance notknownCharles
Reiter meat market loss on building
and stock 8700 insurance 8100 Origin
of fire not discovered
Its up to you whether you see the
newest thingsin wall paper or not If
you buv before seeing our line youll re
gret it McConnell Berry
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what you buy at Marshs meat market
Hammocks large enough for two
McConnell Berrt
Very pretty childrens Parasols for 16c
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W D Darnall of Morgans spent
Sunday in Minden
R II Rankin of Cambridge -was up
on business Monday
G H Tillett and family have return
ed to Atwood Kansas
Dr Garten of Lincoln was the guest
of W S Morlan Sunday
Mrs C P Ball of Red Cloud is a
guest of Mrs L W Stayner
Mrs M A Ross departed last night
to join her husband in Denvor
M E Horner is in Fort Morgan
Colorado working at his trade
F D Buroess is improving after a
threatened attack of pneumonia
Frank Carruth came back Sunday
night from a visit to tho family in Den
Misses Olive and May Rittenhousk
entertained the Awl Os Tuesday even
Scott Doan arrived homo last Friday
night after a visit of a fow days in Lin
C II Meeker was a Beaver visitor
on sugar beet business Monday and
Dr J D Hare moved into the rooms
over Mrs JJeJnuntys millinery store
this week
Mrs Clyde Babbock of Omaha has
been tho guest of Mrs Ida E White
this week
Dr J D Hare returned home last
Friday night from a visit to his daugh
ter Hazel in Lincoln
Miss Clara Thorgrimson arrived
home close of last week from her long
visit in Adrian Michigan
David Diamond has moved over to
Cedar Bluils Kansas presumably to go
into business in that burg
George Bungers and wife are now lo
cated in Denver where he is clerking in
a grocery store on Curtis street
Robert Gunn arrived home close of
last week from attending dental college
in Omaha during tho winter season
Mr and Mrs J W Hupp were Lin
coln visitors close of last week to see
Glenn who is attending the state univer
A E Petty departed on Monday
night for Ainsworth after a short
visit in the city He expects to go
on east latter
W C Bullard was out from Omaha
Saturday looking after his interests here
and in Culbertson returning east on
Saturday night
Mrs Willtam McKean has gone to
Toledo Ohio taking Baby Norris with
her She goes on a visit to a sister and
for medical advice
Mr and Mrs A B Wood were Lin
coln visitors Saturday and Sunday go
ing down on Friday night and returning
home Sunday night
Mr and Mrs G W Marquardt of
Des Moines Iowa have been in the city
part of the week He is the owner of
the Bee Hive building
Judge Norris will deliver the Memo
rial day address at Minden this year
The judge has been in unusual demand
for that purpose this season
Mrs A Campbell went up to Denver
on 13 Thursday to see Norman who
was operated upon last Saturday Mrs
J W Hupp accompanied her
C O Blomquist local manager for
Barnett Lumber Co has resigned and
expects to leave for Spalding Nebraska
some time between the 15th and 1st
Dr R B Campbell R P High D
F Hupp and J B Cumming were over
from Lebanon Tifesday and Wednesday
on business with a little politics mixed
in it perhaps
E S Jones of Hendley who played
for McCook last season with success
came over to tho city Saturday night
last and will likely sign with the club
for this season
John Grannis had ground broken
Monday for a new residence to be built
on the lot just immediately south of
William Lewis home on Marshall street
It will be pushed right along
Colonel John S Mosby special
agent of the interior department who
has been in the city for the past week or
more on land office business left on
Tuesday night for Akron Colorado on
similar business
Judge Norris delivered the principal
address before the Odd Fellows of Rod
Cloud Saturday on the occasion of
their celebration of the eighty third an
niversary of Odd Fellowship The local
lodge also celebrated the burning of its
mortgage and note Neighboring lodges
assisted and the attendance was large
insomuch that the opera house had to be
used to accommodate the people A
banquet was spread in another hall It
was a great occasion
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One evening of last week T F Row
ells horse and carriage were taken from
the hitching post in front of the Com
mercial hotel and used for a consider
able space of time Not content with
this unlawful act a big hole was made
in the top of the carriage before the
vehicle was returned The horse showed
signs of having been used pretty hard
Ladies of avoirdupois can get the nec
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The Thompson Dry Goods Co
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Origin of Passion Play
High up in the mountains of Bavaria
lies the little village of Obor Ammergau
A plague broke out in the mountains in
1633 and was introduced into the village
by a laborer who came bya secret and
Unguarded path to vigllfhii family the
inhabitants were threatened with extinc
tion and in their distress made a vow to
represent at intervals for thankful re
membrance and edifying contemplation
and by the help of the Almighty the
sufferings of Jesus the Savior of the
world Tradition says that not a single
nerson died from the nlatrue thereafter
The first performance was given in 1634
continued at intervals of either one or
ten years up to 1674 was repeated in
1680 and has been maintained every ten
years since except when war caused an
It is a most sacred thank service with
these peasants and thoy are trained all
their lives for the parts they represent
Sunday is the day for the regular per
formance a choice made on account of
the essentially religious character of the
At the ago of two or three years chil
dren go upon the stage in tho arms of
their mothers Ten years later they
may wave palm branches and cry Ho
sanna at the triumphal entry of Christ
into Jerusalem in ten years more they
may figure as Roman soldiers servants
of the temple judges or other minor
characters and happy indeed they are if
their daily life among their fellow villag
ers through all these thirty or forty
years has been such that they are
counted worthy to represent an apostle
for to few is it granted to go higher
A clergyman who saw the Passion Play
says I was prepared for a striking ex
hibition but also half prepared for some
rude shocks to ones natural sense of re
ligious propriety so impossible did it
seem to represent on a public stage and
in a worth manner the sublime story of
Gethsemane and Calvary But I have
never seen so affecting a spectacle or one
more calculated to draw out the best
and purest feelings of the heart It is
of course impossible to answer for the
feelings of others but I can say for my
self and the many other spectators whom
I have consulted that there was nothing
from the beginning to the end that need
shock the most sensitive religious in
stinct At the Methodist church Mon
day evening May 12th
Doings of the City Fathers
The members of the city council were
all present at the meeting on Monday
night except Councilman Perry
Application of A A Hackman for
permit to change location to the Palace
hotel building was granted
On motion it was decided that the
pay of John P Ekstedt per hour should
be 30 cents from May 1 to November 1
Report of street commissioner as to
work done on the streets and other re
pairs was read and referred to committee
Petitions of Patrick Walsh and Harry
Barbazett for saloon licenses granted
Petitions of McConnell Berry Al
bert McMillen and Cone Bro for
druggists permits were granted
Ordinances No 105 and 106 were passed
and appear in full elsewhere in this is
sue of The Tribune
Adjourned to meet on Wednesday
No meeting Wednesday evening for
lack of quorum
Notes From County Superintendent
Seventy one pupils took part or all of
the eighth grade examinations held on
the 25th and 26th of April
J L McBrien deputy state superin
tendent will address the eighth grade
pupils of the county who attend the
meeting to be held for them in Indianola
on Friday May 9th at two oclock in
the afternoon
Deputy State Supt McBrien will bo
at Redwillow County Teachers associa
tion meeting in Bartley Saturday May
10th to address the teachers on subjects
of especial interest to them
To the People of McCook and Vicinity
I have leased my gallery to A L
Webster and wish to recommend him as
a gentleman of ability His superior as
an artist has never done business in this
part of the state Call and become ac
quainted and see his work CIHall
McCook Neb May 1st 1902
The members of the famous Danbury
team of Woodmen were in McCook
last Thursday evening and initiated a
number of candidates into the local lodge
in the most approved fashion of the
order Among those present from Dan
bury were William Sandon H V
Lord E B Lister Ed Crabtree Otto
Puelz D C Boyer C W Rogers J A
Buyer L L Clay Phillip Gliem How
ard Ruby John H Ball C C Naden
A little stock food a spring tonic for
your horses cattle hogs and chickens
costs but a few cents will be worth
dollars to you Try it
McConnell Berry
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brick The Barnett Lumber Co sell
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Money back after 4 weeks wear if dis
satisfied For sale only by The Thomp
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The Tribune understands that Sun
day baseball playing is to be discouraged
in the future
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Taffeta Ribbons at The Thompson D
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Bring along your goldbricks
New time card Sunday
Engine 46 is in the back shop for an
Con Kildow has been on the sick list
part of the week
F A Birchell agent at Riverton has
returned to duty
Conductor William Shinsel and crow
are out with the pile driver
At JKapkes suits for 820 up Experi
enced tailor Fits guaranteed
E S Jones has gone to work for Mack
Hughes in the blacksmith shop
R A Byrnes Earl Vahue and G L
Burney are new brakemen this week
ConductorT E McCarl is out over
the division in charge of tho bridge
aConductor Eph Benjamin has been in
Lincoln part of the week on B of R T
Extra Agent A J Zint has taken a
short lay off and gone to Denver to visit
tne family
The clerks are up to their ears in busi
ness just now with the preparation of
tho pay rolls
Conductor L C Wolff has Conductor
Q E Popes run Conductor Frank
Rank has Wolffs
Edward Rich helper at Norton Kan
sas is at headquarters this week for a
telegraph examination
Conductor and Mrs J J Curran ar
rived home Sunday from their visit in
Eldon Iowa last week
Why not leave your order for suits
with a practical tailor Suits for 815
and upwards at Kapkes
Will Fane has been down from Sheri
dan Wyoming this week guest of his
sister Mrs Charles Bailey
Fireman George Monks returnedSun
day from East Las Vegas New Mexico
He may go on east from here
Agent Edwards of Arapahoe was in
Denver Sunday on mining business re
turning on 2 Monday morning
Brakeman S S Hall left today for
Livingston Montana where he will go
to work for the Northern Pacific
Engine 90 blew out a cylinder head
close of last week and No 27 did the
same trick tho first of this week
James Cumming went to work as an
apprentice April 30thand is now on the
bolt cutter He is from Danbury
General Manager Holdrege went
through to Denver on first section of No
3 Saturday night in his private car
Brakeman C M Kent who went out
on 148 Monday injured his eye pain
fully by getting a cinder in his optic
Round House Foreman R L Paver
of Akron was in Denver close of last and
first of this week on railroad business
Supt Cotter of the St Louis Denver
division of the D R G was a pas
senger on No 13 Saturday for Denver
Dick Irwin the hammer up lad
has been transferred to C A Wards
department and will become a car
Roadmaster Sam Rogers had mining
business in Denver and Central City
Saturday returning home on 2 Sunday
Machinist Ed Gresham arrived home
on 3 Wednesday night from Cincinnati
Ohio where he was called to the funeral
of his father
Passenger engine No 63 was out in
the local yard yesterday being limbered
up for service after a general overhaul
ing in the shops
Machinist J W Chase left for the
east last Friday morning to be gone a
week or two His wife has been visiting
east for some time
Fireman and Mrs Joe Eller are en
joying farm life near Niwot Boulder
county Colorado and luxuriating in
rarest mountain scenery
Will Purvis formerly in the Burling
ton service is now a gang boss in the
D R G shops at Denver having
seven pits in his charge
The month of April shows a marked
increase is business on the Western divi
sion The train mens roll shows an in
crease of almost one third
W H Williams day operator at Ox
ford has returned from Excelsior
Springs Mo and resumed work L E
Corbin who has been relieving him has
returned to Cambridge days
Agent and Mrs A P Thomson went
in to Omaha Friday night on No 6
returning home on 3 Sunday night
They witnessed Maud Adams perform
ance in Omaha Saturday afternoon
Roadmaster T A Wilburn of Red
Cloud and Roadmaster J A Rydell of
Orleans were at headquarters Thursday
evening with their pay rolls and at
tended the R A M session at night
A wreck on the Southern Pacific at
Forty Mile snow sheds caused the east
bound tourist cars to be laid out in Den
ver a number of hours coming east on
2 Monday instead of 2 Sunday morn
Passenger Brakeman W B Deford of
Hastings on No 1 last Thursday morn
ing got caught in the vestibule of tho
diner at Fairmont where the car was
being switched off and his collar bone
was badly broken
F T Blue and wife have been called
to Plattsmouth on account of the serious
illness of her sister Barney Buss has
been in charge of the flue department
meanwhile with E S Jones as first
lieutenant And Barney is a canary
The Burlington will add another train
to the Omaha Hastings service on May
4th Except Sunday the train will run
every day and make all local stops leav
ing Hastings at 7 in the morning arriv
ing at Lincoln 1010 and Omaha 1115
Leaving Omaha at 425 arriving at Lin
coln at 610 and Hastings at 940
Changes will also be made in the service
to the northwest
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Did you say Wo have1 moro than all
the other dealers put together and wo
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McConnell Berry
The Cow Threw Him Off
Chester tho six-year-old son of A J
Hatcher of Driftwood precinct is in the
doctors care just now as a result of a
ride on the back of a cow and an older
brothers little joke last Friday Tho
older brother put the little fellow on the
back of the cow and then got a move
on the cow by hissing thedog on tho
cow The cow ran and throw the lad
off fracturing one bono of his left arm
at tho wrist and dislocating the other
Wall Paper and Paints
A McMillen wishes you to call and
examine his large assortment of wall
paper latest colorings and combina
tions Prices from 3c per roll up
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to price
Wo have a large lino of mixed paints
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to our special enamel for inside decora
tions A McMillen
Catholic Order of services Mass
8 a m Mass and sermon 1030 a m
Sunday school 210 p m Every Sun
day J J Loughran Pastor
Episcopal Sunday school 10 a m
Holy communion and sermon at 11
Even song and sermon at 8 offertory
solo by Miss Scott Every body invited
R M IL rdman Rector
Christian On next Sunday evening
May 4th Elder Johnson of indianola
will conduct services at tho Christian
church Those desiring to take member
ship with the church are cordially in
vited to bo present Bible school at 10
a m Social meeting at 11 a m
The Board
Congregational Sunday school 10
Preaching 11 subject The Young
King and the Scriptures Y P S C
E 7 lead by the pastor Preaching 8
subject What Became of Judas
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening 8
All are invited to worship with us
Frank W Dean Pastor
Methodist Sunday school at 10 a m
Preaching 11 Junior League 330
Epworth League 7 Preaching 8 Sub
ject for morning sermon Christian
Baptism Its Subjects Parents who
have children to be baptized are re
quested to bring them to this service
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
L M Grigsby Pastor
The Dorcas society wil meet next
Thursday May 8th at the Congrega
tional church Every member should
be there
Rev R M Hardman rector of St
Albans Protestant Episcopal church
left on No 12 Monday for Juniata
where he will unite in marriage Mr
Clinton Foster of Stapler Minnesota
and Miss Katharine Dell Newshani of
Juniata Fourteen years ago Revf lard
man performed the ceremony at the
wedding of a sister of Miss Newsham
The Dean Fordyce Lecture
The lecture by Dean Fordyce in the
M E church on last Saturday evening
was a jewel in its line The topic
The Boy came under tho department
of our Mothers Meetings It was a
rare treat to those who have not boon
able to give the time and study to the
culture and training of children study
of temperament dispositions etc etc
As one woman said on being presented
to Dean Fordyce I want to thank you
for what you have said but I wish
I could have heard it years ago
It is a matter of regret that young mar
ried people whose lives and possibilities
are in a great measure before them do
not profit by these and many other edu
cational privileges Secretary
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It pains The Tribune to note the fact
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or the reform school if they persist in
their present course of petty unlawful
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The nozzle on the hose at the court
house was stolen Monday during the
absence of the janitor at dinner The
nozzle was the property of Commissioner
Bennett who has a pretty good idea who
stole the same and rises to remark that
trouble may be saved by just returning
that nozzle