The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 30, 1901, Image 6

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Beports from Steel Plant3 IndicateB
Strength of Contending Porces
Amalpnnintcd OGlclnl Says FlnU Out
ooibo Will lie Hurried Conference to
Start Things It Hinges on the Unex
plained Project
PITTSBURG Pa Aug 24 A sum
mary of the steel strike situation last
night shows about wie following con
v tion
This city Star Mill Two mills run
ning strikers say five more men left
the plant and joined their ranks biK
management positively denies state
Painter Mill Four mills running
Fife lighted in the bar mill furnaces
but failed to start as expected
Pennsylvania Tube Works Mill
idle machinists say they will quit to
All Carnegie mills running full
McKeesport Delmar plant idle and
no attempt will be made to start it be
force next week Everything else
Irondale Mill running with same
force as yesterday making two turns
and assurance from the manager that
more men will be added to morrow
Wellsville Situation unchanged
twelve mills running
Lisbon Fires started in tin plate
plant Manager Evans says everything
ready to start with plenty of men
Strikers voted today to remain out
and the mill is strongly picketed
Wheeling Everything tied up and
no apparent indications of an attempt
to start any of the mills
Bellaire The National Steel com
panys idle plant will it is said be
started early next week by a full force
of men
No late advices have been received
by the Amalgamated officials from
either Bay View or Joliet and the sit
uation at those points is considered by
them to be unchanged
The conference of the labor leaders
at the offices of the Amalgamated as
sociation was the leading feature to
day The officials of the organization
all seemed pleased with the way things
were moving and one of them said
In another six days you will see a
decided change in the strike that will
tell with effect on the trust and aid
in hurrying the final outcome of the
strike Just what this change is to
be was not said but it was inferred
that the coming event hinged upon
the conference that was taking place
Two sessions were held by the con
ferees behind closed doors After
the adjournment of the first session
none of the participants would give
out any information of the proceedings
further than to say that the leaders
had been called together for the pur
pose of having the situation thorough
ly explained to them and to have some
action taken looking to the aid of
the strikers morally and financially
by all of the organizations represent
Reported to Htvo Decided to Grasp the
Bethlehem Steel
for 4000000 is said to have been
received by the Girard Trust company
to be paid stockholders of the Bethle
hem Steel company on account of the
controlling interest in the company
on which Charles M Schwab holds
an option The Girard Trust com
pany is acting as a depository for
the stock Officials of the company de
cline to furnish any information con
cerning the reported receipt of the 4
At a recent meeting of the stock
holders of the Bethlehem Steel com
pany it was agreed to sell to Mr
Schwab at the rate of 24 a share and
he was given an option until Aug
ust 2G
The total amount of money involved
in the sale is said to be 17000000
The regular monthly meeting of the
directors of the company will be held
Tuesday and it is reported that Vice
President Mcllvain will be elected
Kcspian Troop Mobilizing
BRUSSELS Aug 24 A dispatch to
the Fetit Bleu from Vienna says
According to advices from Galatz
twenty Russian torpedo boats and sev
eral dispatch boats have arrived at the
Dniester delta and Russian troops are
commencing to mobilize along the
Turkish frontier
Sovereicns Illno Together
King Edward arrived here at lunch
time and was met at the railroad sta
tion by Emperor William in the uni
form of a British admiral and the offi
cers of the headquarters staff The
king of England wore the uniform of
the Dragoon guards After cordial
greetings the sovereigns entered an
open carriage drawn by four hand
some horses and were driven to the
castle where they had luncheon
Fierce Wind Sturm Demolished Houses
and TciitH in Anndarko
EL RENO Old Aug 23 A wind
and rain storm amounting almost to a
tornado nearly demolished the new
town of Anadarko W P Levis of
Weatherford Tex and John Antone of
Paris Tex and Dr Mayse of Wich
ita Kan were killed by falling build
ings and a number of others were in
jured while about twenty buildings
were almost completely wrecked and
hundreds of tents and great quantities
of merchandise were strewn over the
prairie The town people are busy this
morning and soon the wreckage will be
cleared away and buildings replaced
The damage will amount to several
thousands of dollars but cannot be
estimated accurately at this time
Known injured
Sam P Nelson Kansas City may not
Dan Warren Story county internal
but not serious
Several others were reported injured
but it is believed none will die
The storm struck at aoout 8 oclock
and came up without warning John
Antone was killed in the lodging tent
and grocery store of his sons located
just west of the postoffice The post
office building a rudely constructed af
fair collapsed and fell over the tent
Antones three sons succeeded in get
ting out but their father was caught
by a large timber and crushed to death
W P Levis was killed in a tent by
the side of a saloon building being
erected on the corner of Tenth and
C streets He leaves a wife and three
children He was a painter Dr
Mayse of Wichita was killed in his tent
by an unfinished house blowing down
on him Dan Warren a young man
was injured while standing in a tent
near Levis place being knocked from
his cot by a timber
President of Ecuador Warns Nations to
Keep Hands Off
NEW YORK Aug 22 The follow
ing dispatch addressed to the Associ
ated Press has been received from
General Alery Alfaro president of
QUITO Ecuador Aug 21 War be
tween Colombia and Venezuela is im
probable The union of the conserv
atives in both republics with a view
of exercising absolute control has led
to conflicts of a transitory character
The president strongly condemns any
armed intervention in the internal af
fairs of the republics ALFARO
Protocol Still Unsigned
PEKIN Aug 2 The Chinese peace
commissioners have not signed the
settlement protocol Prince Ching
president of the foregn office tele
graphed to the emperor requesting
an edict empowering him to sign but
no reply was received He telegraph
ed again today in stronger terms
Hung Chang has had a serious at
tack of sickness the result of over
exertion in connection with the con
ferences He is better today
Toanc Train Wreckers End
JANESVILLE Wis Aug 23 Will
iam Kinney the 11-year-old son of a
railroad watchman was sentenced to
day to the Industrial School for Boys
at Waukesha for wrecking a train on
the Chicago Milwaukee St Paul
road Young Kinney who had previ
ously ditched a train by thowing a
switch loosened the brakes on some
freight cars which running down a
steep grade crashed into a freight
train causing a serious wreck
President Sees Another Expo
BUFFALO N Y Aug 23 It was
announced this evening that President
McKinley accompanied by Mrs Mc
Kinley Dr and Mrs Rixey and other
members of his household will arrive
in Buffalo on the evening of Septem
ber 4 They will be entertained at
the home John G MTlburn president of
the exposition company
Starts Frisco Steamers
It is stated positively by the Examiner
that by the end of the present year
the Santa Fe company will abandon
its trans Pacific steamship line from
San Diego and win establish an ori
ental service from this port with con
nections for Central and South Amer
Moves Vicunas Body
BUFFALO N Y Aug 22 The
body of Sencr Vicuna late Chilean
minister left for Washington tonight
in a special car over the Pennsylva
nia railroad
Shuts Out Women Lawyers
DENVER Aug 23 The general
council of the American Bar associa
tion has decided that women are not
eligible for membership in the asso
ciation under the present constitution
This decision was reached in the case
of Mrs Jane B Ott of Dyersville la
who had applied for membership The
council was almost evenly divided on
the question It was finally decided to
let the matter go over for a year and
then take the question up again
Association President Think3 Ho Oan End
Steel Strike
Hints of lo reins an Agreement by Tak
ing Some Drastic hut MysterlouB Mean
ntes Bayvlew Men Paid Off The Sit
uation In a General Way
PITTSBURG Aug 22 President
Shaffer said tonight that he has well
defined plans to bring tue great strike
to a close This is to be done by
bringing about such a crisis in the dif
ferences between the steel corporation
and the Amalgamated association as
vill force a settlement Just how all
this is to bo accomplished is a mys
tery but it will not be by arbitration
or litigation In answer to questions
about the numerous stories going the
rounds of mediation or arbitration Mr
Shaffer dismissed all by saying
We have not heard from the other
side We have not placed anything be
fore them and know of nobody acting
for either side or on any side We are
not hunting for arbitration Arbitra
tion representing both sides might be
worse than the strike itself Two will
ing champions one for either side
might have a worse fight in choosing
a third party and in settling the differ
ences than we in the continuation of
the strike
I have told the other side that per
sonally I would consent to disinter
ested arbitration in the hands of such
public men as Archbishop Ireland
Bishop Potter and Seth Low Although
I did not as an officer of the associa
tion suggest such a move I was will
ing to advise it
A squad of non union tin workers
are scheduled to arrive in Pittsburg at
150 in the morning their destination
being either Demmler or the Star tin
plate works
Seven strikers were arrested near
tho gates of the Pennsylvania tube
works in Soho When the whistle blew
at 530 a crowd of about 1500 gather
ed to give a warm reception to any
workers who might come from the
mill None came but the crowd be
came noisy and the large force of po
licemen on hand ran the leaders all
foreigners into the mill office and
called for the patrol
American Federation officials offered
bail for the prisoners who are charged
with disorderly conduct but the mag
istrate refused to accept it The men
will have a hearing in the morning
No Developments or Gains for Either of
the Contending lor es
PITTSBURG Aug 22 The strike
situation was not materially changed
today The feeling of irritation at
Wellsville has been increased by the
appointment of thirty strike breakers
as special officers to guard the plant
of the American Sheet Steel company
and the police here have had to dis
perse noisy crowds at the ecently tied
up plants but there has been no seri
ous trouble at any point It is assert
ed that an attempt was made last even
ing to fire the Monongahela works of
the American Tin Plate company Ac
cording to the story told by John
Schuster general labor boss of the
plant a pressure gauge was knocked
off of an eight inch gas main and
burning paper thrown into the place
with the idea of destroying it with ex
plosion and fire He says he plugged
tho break before the brand was thrown
and saved the works The strikers in
dignantly deny that they had anything
to do with any plot to wreck the plant
and are inclined to discredit Schusters
story entirely
The promised break in the Carnegie
properties has not yet come As far
as outward appearances go the Lower
Union mill in this city has not been
affected but the strikers insist that
they have seriously impaired it The
strike leaders are trying hard to gain
a foothold in the Clark mill which is
running with non union men but that
property too seems to be going at
practically full capacity It is quieter
at Duquesne but the fight for suprem
acy there is by no means over
Veyrl Preston of the United States
Steel corporation was in the city again
today and conferred with the officials
of the Carnegie company He and the
other officials are still silent as to their
plans The somewhat shop worn ru
mor of peace has again been revived
but the mildest suggestion of it at au
thoritative places produces long and
positive denials
Drowned in a Tunnel
CLEVELAND Aug 22 Five men
were drowned last night as the result
of an explosion of gas in the tunnel
leading from crib No 2 where the fa
tal accident of last Wednesday oc
curred The work of sinking the shaft
at crib No 3 which is five miles from
shore was completed yesterday Five
men were at once put to work digging
a tunnel toward crib No 2 when the
accident occurred The bodies were re
Commissioners Working on a Uniform
DENVER Aug 21 Many promi
nent lawyers from all parts of the
country have arrived in this city to
attend the twenty fourth annual con
vention of the American Bar associa
tion which begins tomorrow The as
sociation has a membership of over
1500 and an attendance of GOO at the
convention is expected
The eleventh annual conference of
the state commissioners for the pro
motion of uniform legislation which
began yesterday gave a hearing this
forenoon to a delegation of Denver
clergymen headed by Dr J D Ran
kin who presented their views on the
Jivorce question They contended that
divorces are too easily obtained in
many states and advocated changes in
the laws to correct the alleged evils
under the present system
After listening to the arguments of
the ministers the conference resumed
consideration of the proposed uniform
divorce act discussing the question
whether section 1 should be eliminat
ed This section provides that no di
vorce shall be granted for any cause
arising prior to the residence of the
complainant or defendant in this state
which was not a ground for divorce
in the state where the cause arose
The point had been raised that this
section if enacted into law would
work hardship in many cases particu
larly where a bona fide residence has
been acquired by the petitioner
Tho Hated Monroo Doctrine May Receive
a Titrrin
BERLIN Aug 21 The Berlin Tage
blatt says It seems fairly clear that
Washington statesmen have taken
sides rather openly for Colombia as
they are provoking unbounded mis
trust toward Senor Castro president
of Venezuela who is indubitably one
of the most energetic and active
states in South America President
Castro may one day prove the rocher
de bronze against which the Monroe
doctrine will be powerless
The Post says It is not expected
that the sending of a German war
ship to an American harbor would be
considered as an attack on the Mon
ro doctrine Our object is not politi
cal intervention but merely protection
of German commercial interests
Therefore certainly nobody would ob
ject The possibility that the United
States could regard the sending of a
German war ship as an unfriendly
measure has not been seriously con
sidered the more so as the United
States itself does not consider the
whole conflict from a political stand
point but merely from a commercial
point of view
Runaway Proves Fatal
ALLIANCE Neb Aug 21 News
has reached here of the death of Sam
uel McCutcheon as the result of a
runaway which happened a week be
fore at a ranch near Moomaw thirty
miles northeast of here
Srlivrab to Resign His IMace
NEW YORK Aug 21 The resigna
tion of Charles M Schwab as president
of the United States Steel corpora
tion is confidently predicted in a spe
cial to the Tribune from Philadel
phia It is stated that Mr Schwab
wil devote his energies to the manage
ment of the Bethlehem Steel and Iron
company Schwab when seen at the
Hotel Lorraine in this city and ques
tioned with regard to the correctness
of the report declined to discuss it
Late Corn Ears Better Titan Expected
hut Will Need More Rain
LINCOLN Neb Aug 21 G A
Loveland Nebraska section director
of the climate and crop seivice of
the government weather bureau issues
this weekly crop bulletin
The last week has been warm and
dry The daily mean temperature av
eraged 3 degrees above the normal in
northern counties and 1 degree in
western The maximum temperatures
for the week have been slightly above
90 degrees
Rain has fallen only in scattered
showers generally so light as to be of
little benefit The rainfall has ex
ceeded an inch however in parts of
Cass Thayer Hamilton and Merrick
Late corn has improved in condition
in tho southeastern counties but more
rain is now needed in most of the
state Late corn is earing better than
was expected but will need moisture
and absence of frost until the last of
September to mature Haying has
progressed well in northern counties
where the crop is generally abundant
Considerable plowing has been done in
southern counties and all indications
are that a large acreage will be sown
to winter wheat this fall and that it
will be sown farther north and west
than has been customary Very little
plowing has been done in central and
northern counties as the ground is
still too dry to plow to advantage
Pastures have improved slightly but
are still dry Early peaches are small
in size late peaches have been im
proved some by the recent rains
Governor Says Ho Has Waited Three
Weeks for Their Fulfillment
reparations Golug Forward for tho
State Fair Soon to lie Held Tho Mat
ter of Mr Hartley Uondsmen Mis
cellaneous XehniKka Mutter
FREMONT Neb Aug 21 Govern
or Savage was in town on his way to
Norfolk to examine the water works
system at the Norfolk asylum for tho
insane In reply to the question what
he intended to do about continuing
Joe Bartleys parole in view of the
criticisms that had been made by the
public press and citizens generally he
All I have to say is what I have
said before the settlement of this mat
ter lies wholly with Bartley When
I paroled him he made certain defin
ite specific promises as to what he
would do and whenever he carries out
those promises I shall feel under ob
ligtaions to do something for him He
knows perfectly well what those re
quirements are and he knows I have
been waiting for him for three weeks
to do a he agreed
Unlesj Bartley does as he prom
ised me Ie need not expect any fur
ther leniency As soon as he complies
with the coiditions which I imposed
on him when he was paroled I shall
take his case under further considera
tion If he does rot carry out those
pledges which have been made by him
self he will have to go back to the
penitentiary and stay there added
the governor When asked what the
conditions were he said I do not
wish to make a statement at the pres
ent time
Kuildings and Grounds Ilelng Put In First
Class Condition
LINCOLN Aug 21 Eighteen thou
sand dolars is being expended in new
buildings and improvements at the
state fair grounds It will make an
appreciable difference in both the ap
pearance of the grounds and the com
fort of the state fair visitors Since
the purchase of the grounds by the
state plans have been made which in
present and future betterments will
work out as handsome and convenient
exposition grounds as could be de
There will be a consolidation of
buildings on the most available sec
tions of the grounds that will make
the distance from place to place much
less than formerly Heretofore there
has been much traveling required and
especially has this been against the
stock exhibitors for the people have
been obliged to walk half a mile in
the sun while viewing this important
feature of the fair
One of the first steps taken by tho
beard when the appropriation became
available was to provide permanent
buildings for the stock The result is
that hereafter all stock will be seen
In a comfortable way and the stock
itself shown to the greatest advan
tage On the south side of tho grounds
rear the entrance three horse barns
have been erected each 34x114 feet in
size with a central aisle 16 feet in
width These barns will accommo
date 130 head of exhibit horses
Tho Case- Against Hartleys Uondsmen
LINCOLN Neb Aug 21 An ap
peal to the supreme court has been
taken by the state in its case against
the official bondsmen of ex State Treas
urer Bartley A decision was render
ed on June 24 in the district court
of Douglas county and judgment was
entered against only a part of the
bondsmen The three bondsmen who
went upon the bond as additional se
curity were released They are W A
Paxton Thomas Swobe and Cadet
Taylor The other defendants in the
lower court were E E Brown C C
McNish and John H Ames Judg
ment for 545947 was rendered against
them The evidence introduced at
this trial was that used in a former
Decide to Hold no Fair
WAHOO Neb Aug 21 The Saun
ders County Agricultural society at
a meeting decided to have no fair this
fall owing to the drouth having dam
aged fruit and vegetables to such a
great extent While there is much
fine stock and grain in the county it
was decided that the people would be
placed at a great disadavntage in
holding a fair this season
Aerolite Strikes Farm Hon ie
HASTINGS Neb Aug 21 As Sat
urday nights storm was at its high
est a meteoric stone weighing four
teen pounds struck the house of
George Brookman who lives four miles
west of Juniata and went through the
siding the sheeting the plastering and
did considerable damage when it fell
into the room But fortunately no
body was injured The stone was
part of an aerolite and was hurled
from the heavens with a terrible force
Cuttle Receipts were rather modem
nnd as a rule the quality was nothing
extra only a limited number Of beef cut
tle either native or western being on
sale There was n slightly better demand
to rbeef stock this morning and buyer
were out early with fair orders to till
The market was active from the start
and decent grades sold freely at stronger
prices Short fed stock and thin westerns
sold at steady prices The market for
cows and heifers was also stronger with
tho number on sale scarcely up to tho
demund Canning Krades hulls veals
stags and rough stock were picked up at
fully steady figures About a dozen
loads of stockers and feeders were rec
eived The market continues to Im
prove and prices today were strong to 7ii
10c higher on bandy feeders and good
stockers Active trading soon cleared the
yards of all on sale
Hogs The sharp decline in prices thu
fore part of the week tended to cut oft
supplies and receipts were considerably
below the normal Resides the regular
local demand several shipping orders
showed up and as a result of Increased
competition a lively market followed
Karly bids from most of the buyers were
not so much higher but they quickly
raised prices and llrst trading was gen
erally SfilOc higher Under active com
petition prices strengthened rapidly and
closing ligures were fully a dime higher
than yesterday the bulk selling at
3C against r73rirS2X yesterday
Sheep Sheep receipts white fair were
not excessive and there was nothing very
choice on sale Prices on fair to good
mutton sheep were- fptotably steady to
strong and a fair uluurauei was effected
The more common mutton sheep sold
from steady to weak Supplies of Iambs
were not excessive and mutton grades
were picked up in good the mar
ket showing more lirmmss than yester
day Stock sheep have Inen scarce thL
Cattle Native beef stecrs toady to 1V
higher other cattle steady choice x
prirt and dressed beef steers r40i
fair to good IC7fe i sto kers and feed
ers SO0fIIJT western fed steers 12
i2T western range steers 2ofi
T xans and Indians 27100
cows 2 IOr 2M native cows SMS 100
heifers 2W7i 17 canners I1C37j235
hulls SirKffc I71 oalvrs WOOfiMT
Hogs Market closed 10c higher top
WTtVy bulk of sales n877iG20 hoavv
AYnCSl y mixed packers 5870 G2ij
light VaCV pigs 100tfj510
Sheep and Lambs Market steady
Iambs lWi0O native wethers W0
7 western wethers U0fi10 mixed
sheep 300fc K ewes 250fj15 stock
sheep 2uM2G0
Imports and Exports Show Large Increase
Over Irevlom Y ir
WASHINGTON Aug 21 A contin
ued increase in both the import and
export trade of the Philippines is
shown in a comparative statement
compiled at the War department giv
ing the commerce of the islands for
the seven months ending January 81
1901 and 1900 The tofl vlue of
merchandise imported during the sev
en months ended January 31 1901
was 179991 07 as against 12074705
for the same neriod is 1900 and the
merchandise exported was 12037359
as against 8305530 for the 1900 pe
riod This shows n increase of 42
per cent in the vine of the imports
and 52 por cent in exnort values
The value of imports of merchan
dise from the severol countries re
spectively during tho seven months
ended January 31 1901 and 19lw ex
clusive of quartermasters supplies
follows United States 1901 1493
4S8 1900 890010 or OS per cent in
crease European countries 1901 8
974183 1900 5270700 or 70 per cent
increase Asia 1901 7327582 1900
0000222 or 22 per cent increase
Oceanica 1901 197083 1900 507702
or 01 per cent decrease
Exports of merchandise to various
countries respectively during these
seven months periods follow United
tSates 1901 1477011 1900 2087
030 European countries 1901 7
983751 1900 3201050 Asia 1901
2543410 1500 2774404 Oceanica
1901 280805 1900 242450 Other
countries 1901 345782 1900 49523
The value of hemp exported during
the seven months ended January 31
1901 was 7233155 an increase of 2
001110 sugar 1010590 decrease
020080 tobacco and cigars 1509
023 increase 244290 copra 1900
215 increase 1071850 miscellaneous
707021 an increase of 247371
Too Much Smallpox
SANTEE Neb Aug 24 The an
nual mission conference of the Con
gregational and Presbyterian church
es working among the Sioux Indians
has been declared off this year be
cause of some lingering cases cf small
pox among the Sisseton tribe at Lake
Not AH of India is Dry
LONDON Aug 24 According to a
dispatch to the Daily Mail from Simla
India thirteen inches of rain have
fallen there during the last three
Fire Starts Fatal Panic
EVANSVILLE Ind Aug 21 A tent
belonging to a New York vaudeville
company which is showing at a fair
being held in Sullivan near here was
destroyed by fire It was crowded
when the cry of fire was raised and
a panic ensued in which a number of
women and children were seriously
injured by being trampled upon Miss
Lillie May a performer was so seri
osuly burned she will die Other
ployes were seriously burned
Latest Quotation From Sou Je world arc r
and Kan City VilS