The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 30, 1901, Image 5

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Weve Two This Season
both of thorn full of money
saving items of great value
to you
A postal card will bring one or both
LyidJmWl iWWWWWW9 9to
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COtTIC VK T Business Kntrli lt Shorthand Tvpewritiia Telejrraphy Pen
man I J n
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il5M t iitnHJXfvr 1000 sludpins la t rear 15tc1 loii for Mnee
limits hundreds of students in pd iuoiis c ioli eu and iruirmires
ATAMKliK address Write ItOHKIiOlCH KSJOS Oiimlia Neb
The McCook Tribune
To Save Her Child
From frightful disfigurement Mrs Nannie
Gallegar of LaGranpeGa applied Bucklens
Arnica Salve to great sores on her head and
faceand write sits quick work exceeded all her
hopes It works wonders in sores bruises
Skin eruptions cuts burns scalds and piles
25c Cure guaranteed by McConnell Berry
Have You Seen it
We keep Dr Cadwells Syrup Pepsin in
plain view but if you dont happen to see it
vohv fnr it The manufacturers puarantee
-- it to cure dyspepsia and all forms of stomach
sirouoies aom uy i ucunucii
Blotches and excresences which so often
bother people are simply efforts of nature to
throw off impediments to the proper perform
ance of her duties Herbine will aid and
assist nature in her work and ensure a SKin
clear and beautiful entirely free from all im
perfections Price 50 cts A McMillen
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What a Tale it Tells
If that mirror of yours shows a wretched
sallow complexion a jaundiced look moth
patches and blotches on the skin its liver
trouble but Dr Kings New Lite pills regu
late the liver purify the blood give clear skin
rosy cheeks rich complexion Only 25c at
McConnell xi Berrys drug store
No one knows the unbearable torture the
peculiar and agonizing pain caused by piles
unless they have suffered from them Many
believe them incurable This is a mistake
Proper treatment will cure them Tnblers
Buckeye Pie ointment is an infallible cure
Price 50 cts in bottles tubes 75 cts A Mc
The beauty thief has come to stay
Unless you drive the pimples and black
heads away
Do this dont look like a fright
Take Rocky Mountain Tea tonight
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anteeDrKays Renovator
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rures verv worst cases Get trial box at once
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cists or by mail
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Boston Traveler Young Wife The
new servant girl is a treasure She
is a good cook is so economical never
goes out and never answers back
Husband Why didnt I meet her be-
fore we were g
Corn Kottinjr In Field
Corn is so plentiful in the vicinity
of Chelsea I T that the farmers are
letting it rot in the fields Twenty
cents a bushel is all they can get for
it and they do not think that price
pays for harvesting
To Remove Scorched Spotu
Here is a valuable recipe which
every careful housewife should pre
serve if she would have beautiful lin
ens Take the juice of two peeled
onions and put into half an ounce of
finely cut white castile soap and two
ounces of earth from the druggist
mix together and stir in one cup of
vinegar stand over the fire and let it
boil thoroughly Let the mixture cool
before using When linens are badly
scorched spread the paste over the
brown spot and leave till dry then
wash out the linen after which opera
tion the scorched spot will be found
ta bave disappeared
iJvjc u iti uirci
vjis py u poimy at at James
IX Ivlaryiebon and tlr wheels
nil i keted and looked after during
1 - by an attendant Space lor
fit machines has been provided by
i ii v H R Hiwls the incumbnt
1 1 ys the arrangement has been
ivide rt the rtqucFt of numerous
the Rev Bernard J Snell has
a 100m for cvcIps at Brixton
1 church and the Rev W Carl lie
ci St Mary-at-Hill near the
also provides safe custody for
the cycling worshipers bike Eos
ton Traveler
Pockot riooe of Salt
Senator Baker of Kansas carries a
very curious pocket piece It is
little crystalline cube about an inch
square as transparent as glass It is
a piece of salt Underneath the fertile
soil of Kansas is the bed of prehistoric
ocean Ages ago the water of the
ocean evaporated and left a solid mass
of pure salt hundreds of feet under
what is now the surface of the earth
A Curious Plant
From the Washington Star A
curious plant said an eminent bot
anist to the writer a day or two ago
is the wild tamarind or junbai plant
of the riverside and waste places of
tropical America and very strange are
its effects upon the non ruminant ani
mals that feed upon its young shoots
leaves pods and seeds It causes
horses to lose the hair from their
manes and tails has a similar effect
upon mules and donkeys and reduces
pigs to complete madness Horses are
said to recover when fed exclusively on
corn and grass but the new hair is of
different color and texture from the
old so that the animal is never quite
the same as it was One animal of
which I personally knew after feeding
on the plant lost its hoofs and had to
be kept in slings until they grew and
hardened again Ruminant animals
are not thus affected and the growth
of the plant is thus encouraged in the
Bahamas as a fodder plant for cattle
sheep and goats The difference in its
action upon ruminants and non-ruminants
is probably due to changes ef
fected upon it in the chewing of the
Electric FIro Engines Economical
The chief fire engineer of the New
Orleans La department has figured
out that the relative running cost as
between a three horse hitch engine of
the first class and an electric power
engine is 60 a month for the former
and 27 for the same period for the
latter These figures show a clear gain
of 33 per month and 400 per annum
in round figures for the electric power
A WlfeH Itepartcc
A party of young men taking
dinner a few nights ago at a fashiona
ble cafe when one of them who is
somewhat of a jester called the waiter
and said
John go and call Main on the
phone If a woman answers it will
be my wife Tell her that I instructed
you to say that I am in the police sta
tion for a few hours and will not be at
home for dinner Say to her that the
possibilities are that I shall not be at
home tonight Understand me sir
John winked a couple of times in a
knowing way bowed deferentially and
Supposing nothing sir If she asks
who Is talking tell her it is the turn
key at the Central station and shell
neviu know who told her the lie
The waiter shambled away and was
presently seen to be having a good deal
of fm with himself The jester infer
red that it might have something to do
with his case and called him over
hats amusing you John
Wouldnt like to tell you sir at
least right here
I guess these fellows understand
Lett rgo
Missus says to tell her husband she
is glad he is so nicely located for the
night She knows where he Is for
once Cleveland Leader
Wonderful Conrngc
That was a magnificent feat per
formed by a French regiment when
they were fighting the Austrians 11
happened a long time ago but the inci
dent was marked by such superlative
valor that it will never be forgotten
The regiment under Colonel Walhu
bert was sent to take an Intrenchment
of the Austrians in the heights of the
Simplon pass Arriving at the point
they found the enemy solidly intrench
ed in what appeared to be an impreg
nable position In front of their re
doubts and quite separating them from
the French force was a deep chasm
through which ran a mountain torrent
How to get across was a problem
seemingly impossible to solve But the
colonel was equal to it He found a
long straight tree with a trunk almost
a foot in thickness This he ordered
to be cnt down and the trunk was ac
tually thrust across the chasm under a
galling fire The colonel gave the word
to pass over one man at a time
The first was shot and pitched down
to death in the chasm The second and
third shared his fate but presently a
ftw succeeded in the desperate at
tempt Then the colonel followed
formed the little party on the other
side and charged The enemy dutn
founded at such extraordinary brav
eiy left their position and fled Cas
Hit One Brave Deed
Bhe was a hero worshiper
Often she would read history just to
find some new hero to worship
Otherwise she would read such nov
els as Beautiful Betsy the Belle of
the Brassworks or The Baroneta
Of course this made her feel that she
had married beneath her for her hus
band had not glown round shouldered
from wearing heavy medals
Occasionally she would tell him that
she wished he was a hero
Once the foolhih man told her that he
would bo a hero if he had a chance
You would she said in tones of
Incredulity Did you ever do any
thing in your life that looked like brav
ery or that seemed valorous in after
He thought of the day when they
played Mendelssohns Wedding
Mjireh and he gave the minister 10
and she became his wife
But he didnt say anything about it
For a true hero never talks about his
glorious daring deeds
So she never knew that her husband
was a hero
Isnt it a sad sad story Baltimore
A Durham collier recently took unto
himself a wife whose friends had done
their upmost to dissuade her from mar
rying but without success
Meeting her one day some months
er marriage a friend remarked
xello Bess Yer look right bad
Has e been a thumping yer I knowed
what it would be but yer would have
im Everybody said Bob ud mak a
fitball of yer
Then everybody was wrong snap
ped the ill used wife Weve been
married this eight months and I aint
a going to say we had no little shin
dies but to give our Bob is due I will
say as e aint had to use is foot yet
So there Exchange
Her Base Ingratitude
When Duchenois the great French
actress died some one met an old man
who had been her intimate friend and
who was apparently crushed with sor
row Kindly meant professions of sym
pathy and consolation failed to cheer
him For said he it is not so much
her loss which troubles me as her base
Ingratitude Can you credit it She
left me nothing In her will and yet 1
dined with her at her own house three
times a week regularly for 30 years
Little Interruptions
My boy said the first proud papa
has a bad habit of interrupting me
when Im talking Your kid isnt old
enough for that yet
No replied tae other My boy
contents himself with interrupting me
when Im sleeping Philadelphia
Edward IV enacted that every Eng
lishman and every Irishman living
with an Englishman should have an
English bow of his own height
A girl should learn to bake bread be
fore she learns to paint It is better to
iickle the palate than to tickle the pal
nte Chicago Daily News
Kow CoiiflHh Cateli LoJisters
It Is probably news to the majority
DJ people to know that the red or rock
codfish Is a bitter enemy of the lob
ster that has just crawled out of Ya
shell and is soft and unable to protect
himself During shedding time these
lobsters crawl up under projecting
rocks where the seaweed ami kelp
are thick and where they find protect
ed places In which to go through the
process of slipping out of their old
shells and taking on a new con of
mail so to speak For some days after
shedding the lobsters are weak and
unable to cope with those fish that
wage war upon them This fact the
codfish Feeni intuitively to know and
they Avill swarm around these retreats
In great numbers and wait for the
shedders to crawl out
An old lobster fisherman said that
many times he had stopped his dory
over a large number of these red cod
fish and watched their operations lie
had even dropped his line down and
dangled tempting bait within a few
feet of them Unless it happened to
fall directly in front of their noses
however they would seldom take it
as they were after lobster meat When
the thin shelled lobsters would crawl
out from beneath the protecting sea
weed the codfish would dart at them
and strike them fierce blows with their
tails disabling them completely They
would then fall to and devour the help
less crustaceans This performance
the lobster ILIierman said he had wit
nessed many times Lewiston Journal
His Loolcn Were Deceptive
The late Mr Justice William
OBrien as is pretty generally known
was not a tailors model and when go
ing on a long railway journey his attire
was even more neglected than usual
says London M A P Waiting one
day for his train to leave Cork he
wandered into the first class refresh
ment room his threadbare and faded
coat looking the more remarkable
when in contrast with the dress of the
smart set frequenting the place Can
I have a glass of milk he inquired
of the being in frills and powder who
ruled beliiud the bar
The lady eyed him sharply and su
perciliously and then snapped out
Yes but its tuppence a glass here
Youll get it for a penny in the third
class room
Well returned the judge as amia
bly as possible I think Ill have a
glass at tuppence all the same I can
manage to survive the expense
He took his milk and walked out
with an unruffled countenance But
when that young lady heard from some
gentlemen who were standing at the
bar and knew the judge who her cus
tomer was she didnt feel very well
She tried to explain that she thought
he was one of those old farmer fel
lows whod stop arguing about the
price of the milk for half an hour
The Boatswains Judgment
It was somewhere in this wide wide
world just where has slipped my
mind and they were about to buy
beef on hoof for the ships So the offi
cer whose duty it is to make the pur
chase took ashore Avith him the
bosn as representing the crew to
look over the animals and either object
or not They approached the first ani
How will that do asked the offi
The bosn cautiously approached
the beast bent down and gingerly ran
his thumb and forefinger down first
one shank and then the other until the
whole four shanks had been examined
Straightening up he said
Hell do all right sir
The officer flabbergasted cried
But dash it all you cant tell the
good points of a bullock by the
Perhaps not sir but theyre the
only parts we ever gets sir was the
reply Pall Mall Gazette
His Accent
One day Lord Morris was sitting at
the Four Courts as lord chief justice of
Ireland when a young barrister from
the north rose nervously to make his
first motion The judge had declared
that no one listening to himself would
ever take him for anything but an
Irishman which was perfectly correct
But Galway could not understand An
trim The lord chief justice leaned
over to ask the associate where the
barrister hailed from
County Antrim was the response
Then asked his lordship of the offi
cial Did ye iver come across sich a
frightful accint in the course of yer
Gaslight on Gemn
The appearance of all fine gems Is
improved by gaslight A perfect emer
ald despite its color which in any
thing else would turn to a dull gluish
hue is only intensified in brilliancy of
color by artificial light The blue sap
phire though darkened remains true
to its color as by daylight The alex
andrite is the only gem that changes
turning from a dark olivine to a bril
liant blood red by caudle or gas light
Sa Difference
English Customer to manager of
restaurant I see Signor Maraschino
that the American gentleman and his
wife who have just left drank noth
ing but water with their dinner Does
that make much difference in their
Signor Maraschino Xotting sir They
pay same as yourself and lady who
ave champagne oderwise ow should
we live Loudon Punch
An Oild Slip
Dr Johnson once met the village
postman trudging along the dusty road
on a hot summer afternoon The post
man observed that he had still a mile
to walk just to deliver one newspaper
My goodness exclaimed the sym
pathetic doctor Id never go all that
distance for such a trifle Why dont
you send it by post
At Pnnnmn Colombin by
iuina Colic Cholera unci
rhoon Remedy
Dr Chas II Utter a prominent physician
of Panama Colombia in a recent letter states
Last March I had as a patient a young lady
sixteen years of age who had a very bad
attack of dysentery Everything prescribed
for her proved inefftdual and she was grow
ing worse every hour Her parents were sure
she would die She had become so weak
that she could not turn over in bed What to
do at this critical moment was a study for me
but I thought of Chamberlains Colic Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy and as n last resort
prescribed it The most wonderful result was
effected Within eight hours she was feeling
much better inside of three days Mic was
upon her feet and at the end ot one week was
entirely well Tor sale bv McConnell
Uerry Druggists
A Good Thlnrj
German Syrup is the special prescription of
Dr A lioschee a celebrated German physi
cian and is acknowledged to be one of the
most fortunate discoveries in medicine It
quickly cures coughs colds and all lung trou
bles of the severest nature removing as it
does the cause of the affection and leaving
the parts in a strong and healthy condition
It is not an experimental medicine but has
stood the test of years giving satisfaction m
every case which its rapidly increasing sale
every season confirms Two million bottles
sold annually Hoschees German Syrup was
introduced in the United States in 1S6S and
is now sold in every town and village in the
civilized world Three doses will relieve any
ordinary cough Price 75 cts Get Greens
Prize Almanac A McMillen
Dont be satisfied with temporary relief
from indigestion Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
permanently and completely removes this
complaint It relieves permanently because
it allows the tired stomach perfect rest Diet
ing wont rest the stomach Nature receives
supplies from the food we eat The sensible
way to help the stomach is to use Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure which digests what you eat and
cant help but do you good McConnell iV
Where the digestion is good and the gen
eral powers of the system in a healthy state
worms can find no habitation in the lutnan
body Whites Cream Vermifuge not only
destroyes every worm but corrects all derange
ments of the digestive organs Price 75 cts
A McMillen
By r eg
yspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat-
This preparation contains all of the
digcslunts and digests all kinds
food J t gives instant relief and never
fails to cure It allows you to cat all
the food you want The most sensitive
stomachs can take it By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything else failed I
prevents formation of gas on tliestom
ach relieving all distressaftcrcatfa
Dieting unnecessary Pleasant totaSii
St cant help
but do you good
Prepared only by E O DkWitt Co Chicago
Tho l bottfo contalusajj times tho50eslzti
MoConneU Berry Druggists
McCook Transter Lm
J H DWYEE Proprietor
JSpcial attention paid to
hauling furniture Leave orders
at either lumber yard
ewjirjwwF Ih lamas
8 8 1 xi JD JLr
JL ft a
Our Ladies Shin Waists and Summer Skirts will he
sold regardless Gf cost They will not last long-
Come early
25c will buy a serviceable and stylish
waist the same as usually sold at 50c
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I Selz Royal Blue
j 550 Shoe f8fB
lj The JSKW
Sole of Honor ZmlBBmSSBSBSr m
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H ABSmMRSF Look for the Kg
bxue mark on
K B yV
the sole It is a guar
antee of ucality and is
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