The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 23, 1901, Image 5

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1o Save Her Child
From frightful disfigurement Mrs Nannie
Gallegarof LaGrangeGa applied Bucklens
Arnica Salve to great sores on her head and
faceand write sits quick work exceeded all her
hopes It works wonders in sores bruises
Skin eruptions cuts burns scalds and piles
25c Cure guaranteed by McConnell Berry
Have You Seen it
We keep Dr Cadwells Syrup Pepsin in
plain view but if you dont happen to see it
why ask for it The manufacturers guarantee
it to cure dyspepsia and all forms of stomach
troubles Sold by A McMillen
Blotches and excresences which so often
bother people are simply efforts of nature to
throw off impediments to the proper perform
ance of her duties Herbine will aid and
assist nature in her work and ensure a sicm
clear and beautiful entirely free from all im
perfections Price 50 cts A McMillen
Safe Always reliable Indies ask Druggist for
Cold metallic boxes sealed with blue ribbon
- Take no other Refuse danjjerous
Imitations Buy of your Druggist
or send 4c in stamps for Particulars Testi
monials and Relief for Indies n letter
by return Mail 10000 Testimonials Sold by
all Druggists
8100 Madison Square MIIIA HA
Mention this paper
What a Tale it Tells
If that mirror of yours shows a wretched
sallow complexion a jaundiced look moth
patches and blotches on the skin its liver
troube but Dr Kings New Lite pills regu
late the liver purify the blood give clear skin
rosy cheeks rich complexion Only 25c at
McConnell Berrys drug store
No one knows the unbearable torture the
peculiar and agonizing pain caused by piles
unless they have suffered from them- Many
believe them incurable This is a mistake
Proper treatment will cure them Tablets
Buckeye Pie ointment is an infallible cure
Price 50 cts in bottles tubes 75 cts A Mc
The beauty thief has come to stay
Unless you drive the pimples and black
heads away
Do this dont look like a fright
Take Rocky Mountain Tea tonight
Ask your druggist
A Refunded
1 anteeDrKays Renovator
nation liver and kidneys Best tonic laxative
Blood purifier known for all chronic diseases
renovates and invigorates the whole system and
worst cases Get trial box at once
cures very
If not satisfied with it notify us we will refund
money by return mail Write your symptoms
for Free MedicalAdvicesampleandproof2o
BOc at druggists Dr B J Kay Saratoga NY
K 1 nr KTe t Si
TjCTJRES all Kidney
ache etcAtdruR
irists or br mail
81 Free dook
vice etc ot Dr B J Kay Saratoga x
SoldbyLoar and McMillen
03 110 GHVQWIS Q epBM
pszin Buna n
uonrcott eti ptrtns
o lujiidajil CjiODd
no poipoq Xaci SJnS
jo npnjc Avau oi Btu
auioo socU v jorjita
JJ ST Il J t A VI l ft
uro rox i O on
n VTir nr niB
pjai ioo c vu
ai 3 n t 1- u
anil acC - uzz
its w 4L
Public Sale
On Tuesday September 3 1901 at 9
oclock a m at my farm 24 miles north
and yz mile east of Culbertson Neb I
will sell the following described farm
machinery and stock
I threshing machine 2 riding plows 2
walking plows 1 one horse drill 2 discs
1 spring wagon 4 sets double harness 1
set single harness 1 good saddle set of
blacksmith tools 1 binder 1 header 1
riding lister 1 walking lister 4 cultiva
tors 3 farm wagons 1 road wagon 1
mower and several other articles 23
head of cattle and S work horses weigh
from iooo to 1500 A quantity of feed
Free lunch at noon
TERMS Sums under to cash Sums
over 10 9 months time at 10 per cent
interest good bankable notes required
Five per cent discount for cash
John H Eisenach
H H BERRY Auctioneer
Low Rates to Lincoln
Nebraska State Fair September 2 to 6
the Burlington Route will sell round trip
tickets to Lincoln at half rates plus 50
cents for admission to state fair
This will be the big show 13000
has been spent this year in permanent
improvements on the fair grounds All
entries except speed free 30000 in
cash premiums
Ask nearest agent Burlington Route
for further information 2ts
At the meat market of D C Marsh
you will find a very desirable combina
tion for the careful judicious buyer
the best quality at the most reasonable
Machine and cylinder oils at S M
Cochran Cos
Trade with Loar
In both dress goods and suit departments
All our 3 skirts in golf and street wear
the latest stylesgo in this sale at 195
All other lines in skirts at same reduction
All our 750 and 600 Suits Eaton Jacket
Styles in Blue Gray and Brown go at 495
All our ten dollar suits Eaton Jackets with
military front in Blue only go at 695
An all wool blue mixed Homespun Jacket
satin lined and black velvet collar Skirt
full flare with best of lining Regular
15 all sizes go at 1095
Our suits of aIIwool Venetian cloths elab
orately trimmed with satin stitched
straps with Eaton jacket grey only
regular price 15 go at 1095
r31ack pebble cheviot suits jackets lined
with Taffeta silk made in Eaton and
coat styles and skirt made in the latest
style regular price 15 now they go at 1123
Su its made of alIwool cheviot serge new
dip in front and back full flaring skirt
and trimmed with stitched straps of taf
fetta jacket heavy taffeta lined regular
price 24 now 17 95
we had in our Special Red Letter and Mid Summer Clearance Sale this week
we will continue to give you the
At 20c wool serge 36 inches wide worth 40
At 30c 36
At 45c 44
Soothes Tired Muscles Removes
Soreness and StiffnesSi
Dont take the weak watery Witch
Hazel preparations represented to be
the same as PONDS EXTRACT
which easily sour and generally con-
tarn wood aiconoi a aeuuiy yuisuu
At 87C 38
At82jc 44
At 65c wool mohair 44 inches
At 98c 44
A free and easy expectoration is produced
by a few doses of Ballards Horehound Syrup
in all cases of hoarseness sore throat or dif
ficulty of breathing Price 25 and 50 cts A
In cases of cough or croup give the little
one One Minute Cough Cure Then rest easy
and have no fear The child will be all right
in a little while It never fails Pleasant to
take always safe and sure and almost instan
taneous in effect McConnell Berry
- -
11 ifciM I mi II IHn 11 1 1
At 45c alwooI Henrietta 40 in wide worth
1 00
1 00
1 00
At 68c wool figured mohair 38 in wide worth 90
At 68c camels hair 38 in wide 90
At72cwool momie cloth 46 100
At 98c alIwool heavy cheviot 54 123
At 123 extra 54 148
We also have a large line of fancy dress and
skirt patterns as well as our entire line of plain
and fancy dress goods which we will give the
same remarkably deep cut in prices as the above
We do this to make room for our mammoth
fall and winter lines that we will have in stock
for the early fall trade
Remember the Ladies Tailoring department
which we have recently added Everything is
up-to-date in this department and you are sure
There is so Much News
that even if it comes by telegraph we over
look some of it Isnt it a fact that you have
seen Dr Caldwells Syrup Pepsin advertised
several times and have neglected to try it
An ounce of Dr Caldwells Syrup Pepsin is as
good as a three weeks vacation Ask any
druggist or any one who has taken it Sold
by A McMillen
If the action of your bowels is not easy and
regular serious complications must be the
final result DeWitts Little Early Risers will
remove this danger Safe pleasant and ef
fective McConnell Berry
to be pleased as well as suited5
Plans for Greater Consolidation
Not only will all the important traffic
agencies of the Burlington Northern
Pacific and Great Northern railroads
be consolidated and the traffic affairs of
the three roads placed in charge of a
traffic director but the Hill syndicate
has engaged experts to make an ex
haustive examination of the Burlingtons
affairs says a Chicago paper The ob
ject is to learn any opportunity for
further retrenchment in operating ex
penses and fixed charges The prelimi
nary statement of the earnings of the
Burlington for the fiscal year ending
June 30 showed that the road failed to
earn the 8 per cent necessary to meet
the new bond issues It is the desire of
the Hill syndicate that the deficit be
made up by the institution of economy
of a far reaching nature in both operat
ing expenses and carges While no of
ficial announcement has yet been made
as regards the traffic director for the
three roads it is generally understood
that Darius Miller vice president of the
Great Northern has been selected for
the place It is also understood that Mr
Miller will be elected second vice presi
dent of the Burlington and will move to
Chicago Lincoln Journal
This Is Your Chance
In order to introduce it into your home
the Semi Weekly State Journal will be
mailed from now until January 1 1902
for only twenty five cents This will
give you a paper every Tuesday and Fri
day and will be almost as good as a daily
It will give you all the markets which
just now is a valuable feature worth to
every farmer many times the cost of the
paper The Journal is printed at the
state capital and is more of a state paper
than any of its competitors It prints
the news of the world fresh from special
wires in its own office and prints it twice
a week while it is fresh and doesnt
charge you any more for it than does the
old fashioned weekly Send your quar
ter to The State Journal Lincoln Neb
Move Into New Quarters
The general supply department of the
Burlington has been installed in com
modious quarters on the third floor of
the headquarters building This de
partment has been located at Platts
mouth ever since the Burlington came
into existence but a policy of concen
tration brought it here W Josselyn
general supply agent C Barber the
chief clerk and seven other clerks com
prise the working force Omaha Bee
Cylinder Oil
If you are looking for a good and re
liable cylinder oil no use to go any far
ther than S M Cochran Co Thej
have it
At Panama Colomblu by Chnmbor
lulns Colic Cholorn nnd Dlur
rhoen Remedy
Dr Chas II Utter a prominent physician
of Panama Colombia in a recent letter states
Last March 1 had as a patient a young lady
sixteen years of age who had a very bad
attack of dysentery Everytliinj prescribed
for her proved ineffectual and she was crow
inn worse every hour Her parents were sure
she would die She had become so weak
that she could not turn over in bed hat to
dd at this critical moment was a study for me
but I thought of Chamberlains Colic Cholera
and Diarrhoea Kemedy and as a last resort
prescribed it Theniost wonderful result was
effected Within eight hours she was feeling
much better inside of three days fhe was
upon her feet and at the end oi one week was
entirely well For sale bv McConnell
Berry Druggists
A Good Thing
German Syrup is the special prescription of
Dr A lioschee a celebrated German physi
cian and is acknowledged to be one of the
most fortunate discoveries in medicine It
quickly cures coughs colds and ail lung trou
bles of the severest nature removing as it
does the cause of the affection and leaving
the parts in a strong and healthy condition
It is not an experimental medicine but has
stood the test of years giving satisfaction in
every case which its rapidly increasing sale
every season confirms Two million bottles
sold annually Uoschees German Syrup was
introduced in the United States in 1868 and
is now sold in every town and village in the
civilized world Three doses will relieve any
ordinary cough Price 7 cts Get Greens
Prize Almanac A McMillen
Dont be satisfied with temporary relief
from indigestion Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
permanently and completely removes this
complaint It relieves permanently because
it allows the tired stomach perfect rest Diet
ing wont rest the stomach Mature receives
supplies from the food we eat The sensible
way to help the stomach is to use Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure which digests what you eat and
cant help but do you good McConnell cfe
Berry -
Where the digestion is good and the gen
eral powers of the system in a healthy state
worms can find no habitation in the hjman
body Whites Cream Vermifuge not only
destroyes every worm but corrects all derange
ments of the digestive organs Price 75 cts
yspepsia irure
Digests what you eat
This preparation emit mm all of the
dlgcstants and digests nil kinds ot
food It gives fnstutit relief and never
fails to cure It allows vmi to eat alL
the food you want Tho most sensitive
stomachs can take It By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything else failed It
prevents formation of gason the stom
ach relieving all distress after eating
Dieting unnecessary Pleasant to take
If cant heBp
but do you good
Prepared only by E O DeWitt Co Chicago
Thul bottle contains 24 times the 50c size
McConnell Berry Druggists
McCook Transfer Line
J H DWYER Proprietor
jggPSpeeinl attention paid to
hauling furniture Leave orderH
at either lumber yard
wtssws Vtwtw Vferyv
Our Ladies Shirt Waists and Summer Skirts will be
sold regardless of cost They will not last long
Come early
25c will buy a serviceable and stylish
waist the same as usually sold at 50c
to 75c Better ones at 37J4 to 1874
Wash dress goods cut again Goods
which sold earlier in the season for
12 to 18c now 9c B
Goods which sold at 20c to 30c early
now only 15c
97 1 B-
afev wfcl s ssi
Before the Eyes of the World
we paint the merits of the Sole of Honor
Selz Royal Blue S550 Shoe
In the shoe is the best of work and leather
and back of it is the name of Selz
Selz means perfection and stands for satis
In all such kinds and styles P
and leathers as are right
at one price
x- m
Selz Schwab Co Chlcafco the largest nannfactsrsrs of good
shoes in the world make this good shoe far msn
For sale by C L DeGroff Co