The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 09, 1901, Image 1

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Their Waterloo
The Haskell Indians who defeated the
McCook club in two games Wednesday
and Thursday of last week met their
Waterloo at Minden on the following
Friday and Saturday Minden took
Fridays game by a score of 12 to it and
Saturdays contest by iS to 2 In Sat
urdays game besides having the Kear
ney battery they were reinforced by two
professional ball players from Omaha
and they didnt do a thing to the
The overwhelming riefeut of the Indi
ans on Saturday is still further explained
by the fact that the Indians pitcher
was kidnapped Friday evening and
taken to Kearney by two females and
returned from Kearney Saturday mdrn
ing at ten oclock in a somewhat intoxi
cated condition Minden made fourteen
of her eighteen scores in two innings
It is stated that the manager of the
Indians quit them at Minden and that
Captain Gravelleis managing them now
The Indians are reported to have become
demoralized after the second inning of
Saturdays game Dame Rumor also
has it that some traveling men went the
limit on the Indians in Saturdays game
and had to borrow postage stamps to
write for money to get them out of town
The Indians defeated Franklin Tues
day by a score of 9 to 1 Arapahoes
Tuesday defeated the Smilhfield club
by a score of ir to 2
Slivers Sadly Slaughtered
The annual five inning Fats vs Leans
gauie was pulled off Tuesday afternoon
before a goodly audience with the cus
lomarj and amusing particulars and the
usual result
When the game opened the gladiators
were arrayed as followeth for the fray
Fats Positions Leans
E P Huber c L E Cann
DA Lucas p C L Fahnestoek
A D Mangloss lb W S Guycr
H P Sutton b D W Colson
Kay Vahue Ub George Mick
H H Tartsch ss EarlVahuo
f FEverist cf WVGage
JBBallard rf Frank Vahuo
GI Hall If JASchobel
The Beef Eaters were captained by
Frank Everist and the Slivers by W V
Gage The score was 14 to S in favor of
the heavy weights who owe their vic
tory largely to Frank Everists unap
proachable windworks and to the sad
fact that Dr Gages mascots curves
were even more puzzling and unex
pected to Ed Cann than they were to
the fatmen
Doubled the Yield
H W Campbell the soil culture man
came up from his experimental farm at
Bird City Kansas Sunday via Omaha
Mr Campbell says that while Kansas is
pretty well seared that the crops on his
farm raised about double the amount of
wheat to the acre this year as compared
with the crops of farmers in his section
who farmed under the old method in
fact this season has given a most thorough
opportunity for testing bis theory and
methods of farming in the semi arid dis
tricts and has thoroughly convinced all
who have seen it of its practicabilitj and
merit There are no skeptics in his
locality now Holdrege Progress
Same as Domestic Orders
Under late order of the postoffice de
partment the McCook can
now issue orders direct payable in the
the Philippine Islands Cuba Porto
Rico or Canada at the same cost and
under the same rules and regulations as
regular domestic money orders This
will not only simplify the matter but
will considerably cheapen these orders
especially those sent to Canada where
the cost is greatly reduced
School Board Meeting
The board of education held a regular
monthly session Monday evening A
number of claims were allowed Mrs
Ida E White of Omaha Nebraska
was chosen for one of the teachers
which leaves but one more teacher to be
elected Resignation of W F Lawson
from the board was read and accepted
but the vacancy was not filled
September Ninth
As an erroneous impression prevails
The Tribune is requested to announce
that the fell term of the McCook public
schools will open on Monday September
9th not on the second as many suppose
Eleven Bushels Per Acre
Henry Hamilton has threshed out
S3 bushels of fall wheat from 70 acres
of fraction better than
or an average a 11
bushels to the acre
Machine Oils
S M Cochran Co have it in best
qualities and at very reasonable prices
They can fill your order promptly for
any oil you may want
Hammocks Reduced
McMillen is making specially low
prices in hammocks 2ts
Mrs J B Mkserve returned to Lin
coln Wednesday night on 6
Mrs H F Tom bun of Arapahoe is
visiting her daughter MrssJ F Forbes
this week
Judge G W Norris returned home
Tuesday niiht from a brief outing in
Mr and MRS Abner Clark are
parents of a fiue 12 pound sou born on
Mrs W V GAGE and Master Jack
returned mid week from their trip to
Alliance and Custer
Mrs A S Moore came up from
Holdrege last week on an extended
visit to friends here
Mrs Leon Clark arrived from Min
burn Iowa Wednesday night on 3 on
a visit to relatives here
Mrs LRoy Allen departed on
Monday morning for Illinois on a visit
to her mother and sister
Mrs M E BURT resumed work in
the dress making department of Artz
Thompson first of the week
Miss Nellie Smith arrived close of
last week and is now at her desk in S
M Cochran Cos as usual
W C Reed a Stockville merchant
was in the city Tuesday night on his
way to Hastings on business
L H Cheney county attorney was
over from Stockville Monday night be
tween trains on his way west on a short
Mrs Grace E Givans of Monett
Missouri aunt of Miss Ethel has been a
guest in A Barnetls home for the past
two weeks
Mrs D W Colson and children re
turned home close of this week after
an absence of two months on a visit to
relatives and friends
George H Thomas supt of schools
- tt 1 f H
came up irom narvaru ciusc ui mc
week and has been in the city all this
week on school matters
Cass Shephard of Mt Ayr Iowa
brother-in-law of T F Rowell spent
Tuesday in the city on his return home
from a trip to the Northwest
Herman Roedels family departed
on Thursday to join him in their new
home in Coquille City Oregon whither
he went about two weeks ago
Miss Mary ONeil departed yester
day for her home in York Nebraska
after a delightful visit of a few weeks
here guest in C J Ryans home
Mr and Mrs William Weygint
Monday moved out onto the Willow
and will live with their daughter Mrs
Matt Stewart while Mr Stewart is
absent in Illinois at work
E D Einsel postmaster at Holdrege
and one of the cleverest all around fel
lows and politicians in Southwestern
Nebraska was in the city Wednes
day guest of his niece Mrs Newton
Louis Thorgrimson book keeper in
the First National Bank and Guy Tom
linson stenographer in Supt Campbells
office departed on Monday night for
Colorado Springs Colorado to be absent
a week on vacation
J T Holmes who taught sciences in
our High school last yearpassed through
from Denver Sunday remaining here
during the day on his way to Wahoo
where he has been elected to a similar
position in the Wahoo High school at
an increased salary
Earl LUDWICK came up from Ne
braska City last Thursday night on a
months vacation His health has not
been very good since his residence in
Nebraska City and he is undecided at
this time as to whether he will return
there after his vacation or not
W S Ashby of the Oxford Standard
was in the cityj Wednesday night after
some stock with which to get out this
weeks issue of the paper His lessee
Mr Davis skipped the town a few days
since after cleaning out the stock room
pretty thoroughly leaving the owner
temporarily in the soup so to speak
J H Bayston of the Stockville Faber
came over via Indianola Tuesday even
ing and took No 6 same evening for
Lincoln to attend a meeting of the Pop
ulist state central committee Wednes
day He expects to visit relatives in
Eastern Nebraska briefly also Mrs
Bayston John and Ruth accompanied
him Wednesday morning Dr Gage
removed a small cyst from Ruths left
cheek Mrs Bayston and the children
returned to Indianola on No 12 Wed
nesday morning driving home to Stock
ville in the afternoon Mr Bayston re
ports quite a little promise of corn along
the way from Stockville to Indianola
The Trehel family departed on 3 Wed
nesday night for Denver
Chief Clerk W HJohnston has joined
his wife in Grinnell Iowa
The Bridgeport eating house was re
cently robbed of about 65 in cash
Agent and Mrs A P Thomson leave
tonight for Maniton on a vacation
Ralph Stevens is down from Denver
guest of Machinist and Mrs H C Smith
The pay car is bulletined for McCook
on Friday morning August 16th at
seven oclock
R L Tinker is in charge of the carpenter-shop
during Foreman Wards ab
sence in the mountains
Mrs D F Shaw went down to Wy
more Monday being called there by
the serious illness of her father
Way cars No 101 and 71 are in the
carpenter shop for repairs No 77 is
just out after a general overhauling
J E LeBlanc of Cheyenne succeeds
Stewart B McLean in the clerkship to
Foreman Fuller in the machine shop
Work on the rip track is uncom
monly active just now about 50 men
being employed in that service at this
Fireman Lambert Rodstrom returned
first of the week from spending last
week visiting her parents in Holdrege
She remained
Joseph Mokko has been notched up
10 a uionth as one of the clerks in
MasteV Mechanic Archibalds office
Heres to you Joe
Walter Thorgrimson has retired from
W S Morlans law office and has taken
a clerical position iu Master Mechanic
Archibalds office
Herbert Frey has been filling the swift
duties of messenger boy while Claude
Ward has been rehearsing fish stories in
the Wyoming mountains
Blacksmith Frank Green was laid up a
few days early in the week by an in
jured nose caused by coming in contact
with a sledge hammer accidentally
The tin shop has been lemoved from
the blacksmith shop and now occupies
the old bath house which has been
moved into position south and a little
west of the machine shop
Mrs Mack Hurhes and the children
departed this morning for Aurora Illi
nois to be gone about thirty days on a
visit They will also visit in Chicago
briefly before returning home
Stenographer Guy Tomlinson has been
promoted to the clerkship in the road
masters office made by the new system
of accounting James Stangland suc
ceeds Guy in the superintendents office
Engine No 191 pulling freight train
No So east bound blew out one of its
flues at Atlanta Wednesday night and
the engine barely reached Holdrege after
leaving the train in Atlanta An engine
was taken out of the round house here
to pull the train from Atlanta Hold
rege Progress
On account of the increased clerical
work of the trainmasters office under
the new accounting scheme now in
force Clerk Stayner of Trainmaster
Kenyons office has been relieved of the
duties of receiver and Stewart B Mc
Lean clerk to Foreman Fuller of the
machine shop has been appointed re
ceiver and the work of the receivership
is now being performed in the office of
and under the control of the superinten
dent instead of in the trainmasters office
The removal of the tin shop from the
blacksmith shop this week gives them
more room in the blacksmith shop and
another fire will be installed as soon
as they get straightened out This
change is very satisfactory to both Mack
and Jim as both will now have more
room and there will be an increase of
convenience It will take a clerk and a
small office yet to fill Macks cup of joy
to the brim The increase of clerical
work in the blacksmith shop will prob
ably make it necessary in due time as
the new accounting system effects the
blacksmith shop and its materials
The Godards of the Center PointFront
ier county are arranging to move to
Arcadia Nebraska where members of
the family now live
Genuine Leather Valises in imitation
of Alligator 15 inches long fine nickled
or brass frame lock and clasps for 150
at The Thompson Dry Goods Co One
price plain figures cash only
Izzer Cotton Batts are made to our
order for our own Comfort Making
They are labor saving durable and the
most for the money 10c The Thomp
son D G Co One price plain figures
cash only
Mrs Anna Sayers is visiting in Grand
Island this week
Mrs R L Hill was a Denver visitor
fore part of the week
Clerk Stayner is now trainmasters
clerk aud time keeper
Mrs E E Stayner and Mrs E E
Saddler were Franklin visitors Sunday
Braiceman J F Utter has been in
Lincoln part of the week on business
Thomas Orton has resigned from the
engine service and is arranging to go
Conductor George Willetts has been
visiting the family in Denver part of
the week
A flowing vein of pure water has been
struck at Sterling Colorado at a depth
of 303 feet
Brakeman F D Barney has been sum
moned to St Paul Minn by the sick
ness of his mother
Brakeman W W Prall has been off
duty some of the week on account of
illness in his family
Mrs Max Anton and Mrs M G
Stephenson went up to Denver Thurs
day on a short visit
Auditor W P Foreman went out from
Omaha Wednesday checking up the
headquarters offices
The Burlingtons heavy passenger busi
iness is in part compensating for the de
creased freight business
Brakeman J J Barry has been enjoy
ing a short lay off in Denver this week
going up on last Saturday
Engineer C K Coleman has been off
duty part of the week ou account of
rheumatism in one of his ankles
U P passenger No 2 made the dis
tance from Sidney to North Platte
Tuesday 123 miles in 122 minutes
Dispatcher and Mrs R B Simmons
are devoting themselves to the well-being
of another daughter born Monday
Conductor and Mrs J E Beyrer left
on last Saturday night for their home in
Denver after a short social business
visit here
Miss Eva Stayner sister of L W and
E E has been here from Edgar this
week on a visit to the brothers and
their families
Max Anton is overseeing the kalsom
iuing of the superintendents suit of
offices in the east end of the headquar
ters building this week
Miss Dora Lamb a niece of Mrs L W
Stayner arrived from Des Moines Iowa
Wednesday night and will make her
home here for the present in the Stay
ner home
B S Marvin of Deadwood succeeds
Trainmaster Birdsell as trainmaster at
Alliance George Burke who has been
in the trainmasters office remains under
Mr Marvin
Conductor J J Curran and brother
Tom the Sheridan roadmaster and the
latters daughter are in Glenwood
Springs Colorado for a two weeks out
ing They left for the west on 1 Thurs
Master Mechanic R B Archibald and
son John C A Ward foreman of the
carpenter shop and son Claude departed
Monday afternoon on No 77 for Sheri
dan Wyoming near which point they
will spend a week fishing in the moun
James Campbell a former Burlington
employe now of Memphis Tennessee
arrived in the city Monday night with
his wife and is the guest of his brother
Dispatcher T B Campbell Jim has
been with the Fort Scott Gulf road
Frisco line at Memphis for the past 12
years and looks well and hearty for the
years of his residence in the south land
He will also visit his brother Joe at
Yuma during his stay in the north He
was employed in the depot here in the
early eighties and many friends will be
pleased to meet him and his wife
The new accounting system instituted
on the Burlington by President J J Hill
of the Great Northern will increase the
clerical force at this place materially
Under the simple and economical system
of the old Burlington regime charges were
made against engines bridges build
ings time and all the general expense
account under the general heading of
the entire division but now the Western
division is separated into several ac
counting divisions and all charges
whatsoever must be charged up against
these accounting divisions which greatly
increases the demand for clerical help
Now each engine bridge building all
time and every expense whatsoever has
a separate expense account
Seven to Six
tn h Ill 4 1- i
In point of enthusiastic interest and
large attendance the Havelock McCook
game last Saturday afternoon on the
local grounds easily divided honors with
the Indians games The generous rail
road rivalry apparent gave the contest
added spice and interest Havelock
was represented by a strong team of ball
players full of confidence of victory and
up until the closing innings it looked as
though they might win out as they
finished their firfet half of the eighth in
ning one score to the good 6 to 5
Failing to score thereafter the visitors
were defeated in one of the closest and
prettiest games ever witnessed in Mc
Cook by a score of 7 to 6 the winning
two scores being made by McCook in
the last half of the ninth The line up
was as follows
Havelock Positions McCook
Morrison p Jones Hcnrd
Johnson c Reed
Randall 33 Cono
Moasersmitli lb Dennis
Scheiflio 2b Cooley
Pickhard lib Burney
Mattosh If Garvey
Shuman cf Magee
Euan rf Lyman
It was a very evenly matched contest
from start to finish each team failed to
score in six innings
BIrdsells Promotion
Special to the World Herald
Alliance Neb Aug 4 The people
of Alliance received with regret the re
port that J C Birdsell and family will
very soon leave Alliance Mr Biidsell
has resided here since 1892 and has been
employed as trainmaster for the Burling
ton railroad He leaves here to go to
Deadwood as assistant superintendent of
the same road This is a deserved pro
motion for a faithful and efficient man
He has worked for the Burlington com
pany since i88r He first worked out of
Lincoln as a brakeman Later he ran a
passenger train out of McCook for sever
al years aud in 1S92 came to Alliance as
trainmaster He has a wide circle of
friends in Alliance and Northwest Ne
braska who will be pleased to learn of
his advancement but will regret that he
and his estimable wife must leave this
place but who will wish him success in
his new field of labor
A Burglars Work
A burglar visited the residence of
Mitchell Clyde last Friday night and
secured about 14 in cash from Mr
Clyde s pocket book which was left
rifled on the lawn The indications are
that the burglar went through the house
pretty thoroughly but took nothing but
the cash found in the pocket book The
burglar evidently wore creepers leav
ing evidence of that fact on the new
painted table on which he stepped in
gaining entrance into the house
Mr Clyde has pretty good evidence as
to the identity of the thief and his being
brought to an accounting for his crime
will not be a surprise
Cylinder Oil
If you are looking for a good and re
liable cylinder oil no use to go any far
ther than S M Cochran Co Thej
have it
It Will Pay You
To see McMillens hammocks
think of buying 2ts
Evan T Sage of Beatrice is a guest
of his uncle and aunt Mr and Mrs W
S Morlan
Prof Bruner of the state university
is in the city and vicinity today on
grasshopper business
R C ORR a Hayes Center attorney
and county judge of Hayes county was
in McCook last evening
Miss Eva Dell Norris of Oberlin
Kansas who has been a brief visitor
here departed on 3 Wednesday night
for Longmont Colo
Patrick Gibbons and Miss Alma
Gibbons arrrived from Salt Lake City
Utah last week and are visiting rela
tives and friends here and hereabouts
Nellie Hodge and little Florence
who have been guests of Agent Thom
son and family lor a few weeks departed
for their home in Omaha Thursday
night Matt Thomson accompanying
Cut in two but not injured All our
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Burge McCook Neb
Tne rain last evening was heavier than
on the preceeding evening The pre
cipitation was 80 of an inch
D C Marsh invites your patronage
guaranteeing the best meats obtainable
of all kinds At the old stand
In the list of assignments of teachers
in the Lincoln schools is Elliott
school Miss Elizabeth Thomson
The McCook Circle No 33 Ladies of
G A R meet the first Saturday of
every month in Odd Fellows hall
Thomas Loring son of A Loring of
McCook was successful in drawing a
claim in El Reno district Oklahoma
If you dont see what you are after
inquire at Marshs meat market They
have it and will take pleasure in show
ing you
A delightful shower fell over this city
and vicinity Tuesday evening early
The local gauge gave the fall as 50 of
an inch
The nest may not be very worthful
but the world has wisely withheld its
admiration and praise of the bird that
befouls its own nest
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August W Bertram a former resident
of this county and vicinity drew No
5680 in the El Reno Oklahoma district
in the recent drawing of land in the ter
ritory The total number of claims in
the district was 6500
An unsuccessful effort was made last
night to enter the store of J A Wilcox
Son by the side door and transom
Thieves took a barrel on the outside and
departed leaving evidences of the at
tempt in the mud and on the door
Rudolph Podolski reports 24 inches
of rainfall Tuesday afternoon in the
Ash Creek neighborhood He thinks it
was the heaviest downpour in the dozen
years of his residence there But it un
fortunately came with a great rush
W S Morlans wheat yield this year
averaged 30 bushels per acre Last year
the average was 50 bushels per acre He
considers failure to cultivate at the
proper time responsible in a large degree
for the reduction in the yield from that
of last year
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