The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, May 17, 1901, Image 1

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A Sudden Death.
M. Newell Forsythe of Wauneta fell
dead in his chicken yard , last Sunday
afternoon. He had attended church and
class in the morning , had eaten a hearty
dinner and in his usual health afterwards
gone out to feed the chickens. Not re
turning in due season , search was made
and he was discovered in the chicken
yard , cold in death.
Deceased was the husband of Miss
Janie Fisher , au early and highly-es
teemed citizen of McCook , to whom all
hearts go out in profoundest sympathy
in this hour of bereavement and loss.
The wife and a little daughter , about
two years old , are left to mourn the
sudden death of a most loving and in
dulgent husband and father.
Funeral services were held at the
home , Tuesday morning , after which the
remains were taken overlaud to Ogallalu
for burial.
The deceased was employed in the
Baruett lumber yard at Wauueta.
Colts Were Too Swift.
The Oberlin Second Team and Al
Berry's Colts had a trial of speed ou the
McCook Athletic club park , last Friday
afternoon , in which the Colts proved
themselves to be altogether too swift for
the visiting sprinters by the oue-sided
score of 15 to 4.
Coldreu , Moss and Drath were in the
box for the guests and Colfer and Le-
Hew for the hosts. Colfer pitched
an errorless game and was splendidly
supported by LeHew.
Last season , the Oberlin boys took
two out of three games from the home
The return game will be played at
Oberlin on Decoration day.
The Oberlin boys drove over on
Thursday and back on Friday night after
the race. They were courteously enter
tained by the home boys.
Have Returned Home.
The two Center Point girls who were
principals in the runrway escapade , last
week , were found by their fathers and
arrived in this city , late last Friday
night , on their way home to Frontier
county. The girls had secured places
to work over in Kansas. It is stated that
promises were made the girls that home
would in future be more pleasant for
In Justice Court.
The following cases have been tried in
Squire Berry's court this week :
M. E. Knipple vs E. J. Cain ; replevin.
Found for defendant. A show-case sold
William O'Meara by plaintiff upon which
O'Meara left an unpaid balance in his
transfer and departure , is the bone of
A Short Time Specialty.
"You can see a large photograph of
your residence , either the interior or
exterior , if you call or phone 38 and ask
us to make it for you. If the work is
not as good as can be made it will cost
you nothing to see a proof.
FEARN , The Photographer.
It Makes No Difference. ,
Church & Marsh are treating their
many new customers just the same as
though they were not "the only. " Same
fine quality of meat , prompt service ,
and regular , reasonable prices at the old
reliable shop , which is "here to stay"
do you mind ?
Cattle for Sale.
Sixty-five head of cows and heifers
and one high-bred bull , at ranch of G ,
H. Rowland , 12 miles south-west of Mc
McCook lodge 61 has been well repre
sented at the grand lodge session in Ne
braska City , this week , by the following
members : Dr. W. V. Gage , grand med
ical examiner , J. E. Kelley , C. A. Dixon ,
F. D. Burgess , C. B.Gray , J. H .Bennett ,
H. W. Cole , J. A. Wilcox and Dennis
Gauze Corset Waists of the "F. C. "
brand in all sizes $ r. Straight-fronts ,
short French models , high bust , low
bust from $ i down to 35 cents. Money
back after four weeks actual wear if
dissatisfied. For sale only at The
Thompson Dry Goods Co.
The next Kensington by the Dorcas
society will be held at the home of Mrs.
J. F. Forbes , Thursday afternoon , May
23rd , at 2:30. Members and friends are
cordially invited. Come with your
work and two nickels.
"Ideal" brand of Shirt Waists in
daintiest styles , finished and trimmed
most tastily , from $2 down to 35 cents.
Silk Waists from $4 to $6. Satin Waists
54.75. The Thompson Dry Goods Co.
The Deering , Piano , Walter A. Wood
and Harvester King binders and the
Piano , Randolph and Harvester King
headers for sale by S. M. Cochran & Co.
Prices the lowest possible.
The A. O. U. W. delegates returned
home , this noon on i.
F. M. RICKEY was up from Platts-
moutb , this week.
MISS TiLLiE PllILLlPPl lias gone to
Seneca , Kansas , to spend the summer.
DR. W. B. ELY of Ainsworth was the
guest of his son , Saturday last.
W. A. MINNIEAR was over from Dan-
bur } ' , last Friday , business being the at
A. FRED COLE was in the city on
Monday introducing the Vivo cigar to
the local trade.
MRS. F. M. KIMMELL attended the
funeral of M. Newell Forsythe in Wau-
neta , Tuesday.
C. H. MEEKER has joined his wife in
Southern California , where her parents
and sister live , on a visit.
Miss EDNA DIXON was a Denver
visitor , close of last week , returning
home on 6 , Friday night.
J. W. HAHN , Nasby at Wauneta and
head-push on the Breeze , was in" the city
on Saturday evening last.
J.V. . HUPP drove over to Lebanon ,
Sunday , from Indianola , to take a look
at the small grain situation.
J. R. ROXBY came up from Arapahoe ,
last Friday night , on business , returning
home on Thursday morning.
REV. J. W. KiMMELL was up from
Lincoln , Sunday and Monday , driving
from here to Bartley , Monday afternoon.
SAMUEL HORNBACK wore the star
during Marshal Gray's absence in Ne
braska City at the A. O. U. W. conven
Miss CLARA PHELAN of Alliance ar
rived in the city , early in the week , and
is the guest of her sister , Mrs. W. V.
cusably proud and very happy over their
first-born , a vigorous , promising son ,
born last Saturday morning.
spending the week in the city , visiting
old-time friends. Her husband was a
former machinist in the shops here.
Miss SELMA NOREN has been at
tending the Delta Gamma sorority meet
ing in Lincoln , this week , going down to
the university on 2 , Sunday morning.
MR. AND MRS. H. B. LUSE have been
absent from the city , part of the week ,
visiting relatives in Hendley and Hast
ings. They went down on Saturday
evening and returned .home on "Tues
day night.
H. E. DOLE arrived home , last Thurs
day night , from Louisiana , via Iowa ,
and is spending a brief while at home
before going to Steel City in the eastern
part of the state to embark in the lum
ber business in partnership with another
party. May liberal success crown his
Miss NELL FISHER came down from
Denver , Monday morning on 2 , in re
sponse to a telegram announcing the
sudden death of her brother-in-law , M.
Newell Forsythe of Wauneta , whither
she went on No. 175 , the same morning.
She will remain with her sister , a few
LITTLE MONTIE , son of W. T. Coleman -
man , sustained a painful fall , Monday ,
in the hose house , City hall , where he
was climbing and playing , together with
other members of the City hall Primary
school. He fell on his head , and the re
sult was severely painful , if not serious.
He is about as usual.
WILL S. KiMMELL , formerly a mem
ber of THE TRIBUNE family , and at one
time associated with Barney Hofer in
the publication of the Hayes Center
Times , was graduated.from the Medico-
Chirurgical college of Philadelphia , this
week as a doctor of medicine. He will
likely practice his profession in Penna.
MRS. W. H. DAVIS and Alberta of
Buena Vista , Colo. , are spending a few
days in the city on their way east to be
gone until August. They will visit a
number of far eastern parts and in Can
ada. They arrived in the city on Tues
day night and are guests of Mrs. G. W.
Bunting. Their many old-time friends
are pleased to ses them after so long an
JAMES WALLING , deputy United
States marshal , was out from Omaha ,
Saturday and Sunday , on business con
nected with the receivership of the Ne
braska Loan and Trust Co. of Hastings-
The affairs of that company are now be
ing closed up by Receiver Clarke , and
the deputy was serving papers on owners
and lessees of property on which the
company has loans.
Splendid assortment of refrigerators
at S , M. Cochran & Co.'s. They can
please you in price and quality.
Mechanical Clerks Organize.
The clerks in the mechanical depart
ment of the Burlington service at Mc-
Cook have organized a base-ball team
from among their number , and announce
their eager willingness to meet any club
in the state composed of Burlington
The membership of the club and the
positions assigned are as follows : Carlton -
ton , catcher ; Mokko , pitcher ; McLean ,
first base ; O'Connell , second base ;
Hofferber , third base ; Poh , short ; Bar
ber , Wood , Stroud , field.
A meeting of the team has been called
for Sunday afternoon at two o'clock ,
sharp , for the purpose of electing a cap
tain and board of directors. The call
issued notes the fact that they "have a
strong team outside the fielders and
hope to get them in shape soon. "
One Dollar and Costs.
The damage suit for $1,000 for alleged
assault and battery of W. O. Russell
versus W. F. Everist came up in county
court , last Friday morning , before Judge
Bishop and a jury of six , Paul Auton.M.
J. Clark , George Bongers , C. D. Custer ,
C. J. Ryan and D. H. Polk , for adjudica
tion. There was a liberal and able
showing of legal talent on both sides
and the case was warmly contested , the
addresses to the jury being especially
warm , attracting not a few auditors at
the night session.
The verdict of the jury was against
the defendant , who was fined $ i and
costs of suit , which total $37.60. De
fendant talks of appealing the case to
the district court.
To Union Men.
Smoke the "Vivo Cigar" made and
run by union cigar makers. The finest
cigar in the United States. Yon can
buy them at the following places :
D. W. LOAR'S. Take
W. M. LEWIS' .
J. C. KNOX'S. other.
Paints ! Paints !
A good paint for $1.25 per gallon.
The Lincoln , guaranteed for three years ,
is better. The "Asbestine" water paint
kept in stock. Call in , we can save you
money on paints. A. McMlLLEN.
For Sale.
Will sell household furniture , Majestic
range , etc. Call at residence.
Still selling 10 yards that fine Cambric
Muslin , a yard wide , for 850. 10 yards
Bleached Muslin , yard wide , for 490.
Best Apron check Ginghams 50 yard.
Best Carpet Warp i8c and 2oc. Best
light Indigo Blue Prints 50. Good cot
ton Crash 30. Fine Fancy Ginghams
8c. etc. etc. , at The Thompson Dry
Goods Co.
McCook lodge , Knights of Pythias ,
was represented at the organization of
Delhi lodge No. 109 , Oasis of Hastings ,
last Friday , by a delegation of fourteen
members , all of whom joined the "Dra
matic Order of the Knights of Khor-
assan. " A great time and a superb
banquet are reported.
Nazareth Knit Waists for Children , 25
cents. Ladies' Silk Mitts 20 cents to 50
cents. Sun Bonnets , 20 and 25 cents
some new arrivals. Dressing Sacques ,
Wrappers , Shirt Waists , Underskirts ,
Gauze Underwear , all in large variety
at The Thompson Dry Goods Co.
Not a week passes but we turn out
more Bed Comforts , all of our own make ,
6 feet wide , 7 feet long , 6 big Cotton
Batts of our special brand , well tacked
and hemmed , $1.65 for Print ones , $2.25
for Silkalene , at The Tbomspon Dry
Goods Co.
The Colson Stock Co. pavilion arrived ,
Tuesday , and the canvas was promptly
raised , only to discover that the manu
facturers were in error as to dimensions ,
a fact which will delay the opening day
of the company until the 22nd.
Cotton Covert Dress Skirts , made to
your measure , with circular set-on flar
ing flounce with bias heading , for $1.35.
Choice of 14 colors of the covert cloth.
The Thompson Dry Goods Co. Also
good line of Crash Skirts.
There has been the usual post-pay-day
exodus , and the financial mourners go
about the streets saying swear words and
seeking impossible consolation.
Asbestine water-proof paint , one-sixth
the price of oil ,
The commissioner of public lands and
buildings is taking the preliminary steps
in leasing state school lands.
E. K. Morse , painter and paper-hanger.
Inquire at Loar's and McMillen's drug
At night ring the door bell at Loar's
store and the clerk will do the rest.
Ice cream freezers all sizes at S. M.
Cochran & Co.'s.
No. 59 is being fitted with a new set of
Brakeman P. E. Potter is on the sick-
list , this week.
Machinist Floyd Berry returned to his
lathe , Monday.
Fireman Alex McLean was down from
Akron , Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike O'Leary have gone
to Nebraska City.
John Hegenberger was in Oxford ,
Wednesday , on business.
F. A. Henderson was a Culbertson
visitor , Wednesday afternoon.
Machinist Thomas Mclnery expects to
leave for Chicago , last of the week.
C. E. Anderson entered the service ,
Wednesday , as a machinist's helper.
Despatcher R. B. Simmons lost a
valuable cow , Tuesday night , by sick
Way-car 93 went out of the carpenter-
shop , Tuesday , and 67 went in ; she is
from the west end.
Lumber is on the ground for the new
flue-house , work on which will probably
be begun , next week.
Blacksmith Mike O'Leary left the
service , Tuesday evening. Also Black
smith's Helper Gaskill.
C. L. Winn has changed from the me
chanical to the train service and is on
the road as flagman again.
Switchman G. A. Carter has a two-
weeks' lay-off and went up to Denver on
I , Wednesday , on a visit.
Switchman and Mrs. I. B. West de
parted on 6 , Wednesday night , to visit
relatives for a week or two.
Conductor L. S. Watson returned ,
Wednesday , from a trip over the West
ern division with the bridge special.
Conductor William Shinsel of the
gravel-train out of Oxford , was with the
family at headquarters , over Sunday.
The Blacksmiths and Rip-Trackers are
up for a game , Sunday a week. It will
be the gsme of the season I don't
Mike Curran's two little boys came up
from Mascot , today , and will be guests
in Conductor J. J. Curran's family for a
week or two.
The Gould railroad interests are cred
ited with the purchase of 110,000 tons of
new steel rails for improvement on their
lines everywhere.
Switchman H. L. Thompson , who has
been in the McCook yard for a year or
more , resigned on Wednesday , and took
No. i for Denver.
Lodging facilities at the eating-house
are being considerably increased by the
erection of a new lodging house , which
is now well under way.
Machinist Dennis Cullen has been
attending the A. O. U. W. convention in
Nebraska City , this week , and Machinist
W. E. Schmidt has had his lathe.
They are pushing the work on No. 59 ,
this week , with all speed , and expect to
have her on her wheels by tomorrow.
Some night work is being done to that
Switchman J. J. Larkey of Oxford has
been promoted to conductor and will
run on the Oxford-St. Francis , Oxford-
Red Cloud runs , relieving Brakeman
W. W. Webster who will return to Mc
Cook and the main line.
An order has been placed for the haul
ing of 600 cars of west bound stock , the
first of which is expected to start about
the first of next week. The stock is
from Texas for Montana points and will
come over the Denver-Alliance cut off.
A second consignment of four en
gines to be used out of Sheridan were
sent from Alliance to that point this
week making nine out of the twenty
that are now in service on the west end.
Alliance Grip.
A military college that is to graduate
real rough riders is the novel institution
planned by Buffalo Bill and a number of
retired officers of the regular army. It
will be located at Cody , Wyo. , in the
heart of the Big Horn Basin , which will
soon be made accessible through an ex
tension of the Burlington railroad. Bar
racks of unhewn logs are to be built , and
instruction in everything from rough
riding tp hunting big game is to be pro
vided. It is believed that a number of
eastern families will send their sons to
Buffalo Bill to be transformed into thor
ough westerners.
Children's ready-made wash dresses ,
size 3 to 12 years at 40 cents to Jr. The
Thompson Dry Goods Co.
McMillen has a nice display of wall
paper in his drug-store.
Commencement Programmes.
GLKNN C. IIui-i-
Following are in detail the programmes
and other items of interest and informa
tion of Commencement week :
Class Day exercises will be held in the
Congregational church , Friday evening ,
May 24th , commencing at S o'clock , and
following is the
Charles Belles "Electricity"
Florence Nettleton Johnston
"Past , Present and Future"
George Stroud "The Future of China"
Norva Winona " "
Jones "Music"
Galetta Mildred Miller
"What Can a Girl Do to Earn
Her Own Living ? "
Walter Thorgrimson "Class History"
Archibald Tyler.
"The Civilizing Power of Education. "
Mary Agnes Williams. . . . "Our Aim in Life"
Glenn C. Hupp/'Development of Machinery"
Naomi C. Wootton "Shall Women Vote ? "
Audrey Leila Jones
"One Today Worth Two Tomorrows. "
Nellie Pearl Smith"SeIf-Made if Ever Made. "
The class motto is : "Only a Com
mencement. "
Class colors : Blue and gold.
Admission to the Class Day exercises
WILL BE BY CARD. Free tickets of ad
mission to the exercises are at the dis
posal of the members of the graduating
class , and those who desire tickets and
admission to the exercises should apply
to the members of the class. Only
enough tickets to fill the church will be
The Class Sermon will be delivered in
the Methodist Episcopal church on Sun
day evening , May 26th , at eight o'clock ,
by Rev. L. M. Grigsby.
The exercises of Commencement night
will be held in the Menard opera-house
on Monday night , May 27th , with Wil
liam Hawley Smith to deliver the ad
dress. Mr. Smith is not a stranger to
the people of McCook , having on two
previous occasions most delightfully en
tertained McCook audiences. His fame
is national : As an author in the "Evo
lution of Dodd ; " while as an educator
and lecturer he ranks among America's
talented. McCook should annually hear
two or three lectures by men of promi
nence and ability , and this will be one
of the opportunities of a year.
In order to provide funds for the pay
ment of expenses incidental to the exer
cises it has been wisely decided by the
board of education to charge a nominal
admission fee to the exercises of Monday
night. The tickets have been placed at
25 cents , and the same will be on sale at
McConnell & Berry's drug-store , com
mencing with Tuesday noon , May 2ist.
This wise and proper action of the board
will doubtless meet with the popular
approval it deserves. Sufficient tickets
will be sold to comfortably and safely
fill the opera-house and no more.
The complete programme for Com
mencement night is as follows :
Piano Duet
Mesdames W. B. Mills and Mabel Stranahan
Invocation Rev. Howard Story
Essay "Electricity"
Charles Belles
Essay "Past , Present and Future"
Florence Nettleton Johnston
Essay "The Future of China"
George Stroud
Vocal solo , "Life's Lullaby" Lane
Mr. Stuart B. McLean
Essay "Music"
Norva Winona Jones
Essay "The Negro in the South"
John LeIIew
Essay ,
"What Can a Girl do to Earn Her Own Living"
Galetta Mildred Miller
Vocal solo
"Italian Boatman's Song , " Tito Matter
Mr. Knud Stangland
Essay "Class History"
Walter Thorgrimson
Essay "Self-Made if Ever Made'
Nellie Pearl Smith
Essay. . "The Civilizing Power of Education"
Archibald Tyler
Essay "Our Aim in Life"
Mary Agnes Williams
Quartette , "Springtime , " C. Pinsuti
Mr. Stuart B. McLean , Mrs. A. P. Benne ,
Miss Ida McCarl , Mr. J. R. McCarl
Essay "Development of Machinery"
Glenn C. Hupp
Essay "Shall Women Vote ? "
Naomi C. Wootton
Essay , "One Today , Worth Two Tomorrows"
Audrey Leila Jones
Instrumental solo
"Rhapsodic Hongroise. No. 6 , " Liszt
Miss Edna Dixon
Benediction Rev. J. W. Walker
On Tuesday evening , May 28th , the
members of the Alumni association of
the McCook High school have arranged
a reception and banquet for the mem
bers of the class of 1901 and a few guests ,
which will befittingly conclude the ex
ercises and functions of Commencement
Wall paper at McMillen's.
Watch Loar's window each week.
For clothing go to DeGroff & Co.'s.
A war is on against rag-time music.
Sugar beet hoes at S. M. Cochran &
Screen doors and window screens at S.
M. Cochran & Co.'s.
Don't fail to see Loar's line of wall
paper before you buy.
McMillen has a nice display of wall
paper in his drug-store.
Hammocks , prices from seventy-five
cents up at McConnell & Berry's.
Loar's line of wull paper was fine last
year , but it is simply grand this.
Fly'o'Curo protects stock from flies
and gnats. MCCONNELL & BERRY.
FOR RENT Two front rooms over
meat-market. CHUKCII & MARSH.
Hammocks , prices from four dollars
You will be sorry if you fail to see
Loar's line of wall paper before you buy.
Colsou Stock Co. opening has been
postponed until Wednesday , May 22nd.
The largest assortment in Hie city of
hose and hose-fittings at S. M. Cochran
& Co.'s.
FOR SALE Two houses and lots in
McCook. Inquire of or write to Thomas
Burge , McCook , Neb.
Get prices on lawn mowers and hose
at S. M. Cochran & Co.'s before buying.
They can save you money.
POSTPONED The Colson Stock Co.
opening , until Wednesday , May 22iid.
Observe the change of date.
Remember the Sunday hours at
Church & Marsh's '
ineai-liiarket , 6:30 to'
9 o'clock a. m. No delivery.
Men's Fine Black Satin Striped
Worsted Pantaloons$5 value for $4.75at
The Thompson Dry Goods Co.
The Dorcas society announces a lawn
social for May 31. Strawberries , ice
cream and cake , all for 25 cents.
The McCook Circle No. 33 , Ladies of
G. A. R. , meet the first Saturday of
every month in Odd Fellows hall.
One dollar and twenty-five cents buys
a gallon of good paint at
My horse , Clispo , and jack Dandelier ,
will stand at the Commercial barn dur
ing the season. J. S. McBRAYER.
WANTED A girl for general house
work. Inquire of Mrs. R. B. Archibald ,
corner McFarland and Dakota. Wages ,
$2.50 week.
per 5-17-415.
Every demand for a first-class , modern
meat-market is fully met by Church &
Marsh. Everything in season. And
the prices are all reasonable.
FOR SALE Four Hereford bulls , one
Polled Angus , and one red poll , on niy
farm two and one-half miles west of
McCook. 5-i7-tf. j. s. MCBRAYER.
The paint on the Wickwire Bros , wire-
cloth does not come off and let the wire
rust. S. M. Cochran & Co. have this
wire in all widths , and it costs no more
than poor cloth.
A corn-fed kind that's the kind ot
beef Church & Marsh place on their
blocks. Its the juiciest and best , every
time. If you are not a regular customer ,
try their market.
Good , tender , wholesome meats are a
household necessity. Church & Marsh
fill the bill in all kinds of meats. They
are courteous in treatment and prompt
in delivery. At the same old stand.
No use to look elsewhere for wall
paper after seeing our stock. We have
all the new styles and our prices are low.
We never fail to please.
ESTRAYED A branded " "
cow "M" on
left hip from farm of Andrew Ander
son , eight miles south and two miles
west of McCook. Suitable reward will
be paid for information leading to its
Errors by tent-makers which necessi
tated changes in seating etc. make it
impossible for the Colson Stock Co. to
open on Monday , the 2Oth , so the open
ing date has been postponed until Wed
nesday , the 22nd.
In connection with the resolve of the
New York school authorities to abolish
the vertical system of handwriting , an
odd charge against the teaching of a
systematic instead of individual style of
writing comes from business circles.
Business men say that the reducing of
all hands to a uniform appearance
greatly increases the difficulty of identi
fying handwriting and facilitates the
chances of fraudulent imitations.