The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, April 19, 1901, Image 2

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V. M. KlfllMKLL , Publisher.
Advices were received at Berlin an
nouncing the opening of the railroad
from Klao Chau to Tsin Tau , China ,
The Northwestern Iowa Odd Fel
lews have announced their convention
, for Dubuque , la. , April 29. It will be
( the eighty-second anniversary of the
founding of the order.
. The election of democrats as alder-
imen In the Third , Fourth and Fifth
wards of Denver is contested by the
republican candidates on the ground
of corruption and fraud.
Andrew Carnegie has offered to give
$100,000 to Portland , Ore. , for a free
public library , provided the city will
guarantee a site and sufficient annual
income for Its maintenance.
The Amalgamated Association of
Sheet Metal Workers will take the in
itiative in having designers and archi
tects sign contracts with builders to
employ only union men on their con
A great many carloads of young
slock are being received at Webster ,
S. D. , for the settlers who have lo
cated on the land formerly embraced
within the Sisseton and Wahpeton In
dian reservation.
Mathilda Henderson , colored , died
at Quincy , 111. , aged 105 years. She
was recognized as 'the oldest person
of her race in that vicinity , and her
a-elatives have records showing that
her age , 105 , was authentic.
The navy department has awarded
the contract for the building of the
twenty-three knot protected cruiser
Milwaukee to the Union Iron Works
of San Frnn isco. The contract price
is $2,825,000.
Secretary of the Treasury Gage re
ceived an offer for a million dollars
short term bonds from New York.
The price was higher than he was
'willing to pay and he , therefore , re
jected the offer.
About 400 union carpenters did not
"report for work at Indianapolis , Ind. ,
owing to the failure of the contrac
tors to sign the scale. Seme of the
members of the union are at work for
contractors who have signed. The
old scale of 30 cants expired Mon
The Minnesota house passed Sena
tor Chilton's bill prohibiting the mar
riage of imbeciles feeble-minded
, - epi
leptics or insane persons , with an
amendment striking out the require
ment for a physician's certificate be
fore any license to marry shall be is
Victor R. Schultz , the mail car
rier who shot and killed his wife and a
sent two bullets through the breast
of W. H. Eikenberry , at Marion , Ind. ,
and then cut his own throat , is liv
ing. His windpipe , which was sev
ered , was sewed together by the phy
sicians at the hospital.
The board of trustees of the West
ern Illinois Normal school at Macomb
awarded the contract for building the
school to the Tri-City contracting
company of Davenport , la. , Moline
and Rock Island. The building is to
be of Berea stone and will cost in the
neighborhood of $175,000.
A crowd of about fifty Ponca , Neb. ,
men seized Alva Smith while he was
on his way from the theater , and tar
red and feathered him. He was giv
en twenty-four hours to leave town. er
Smith is accused of ruining Minnie
Ellum , a girl of 18 , who died in an
Omaha hospital two weeks ago. sik
The Teheran correspondent of the
Cologne Gazette , under date of Mon
day , April 8 , telegraphs that the Per a
sian government has ordered the im
position of a duty of 5 per cent on all
Russian goods imported instead of 3
to 4 per cent , as hitherto enforced.
The Minnesota house reconsidered
the vote which killed the bill to per
mit the parole of the notorious Youn
ger brothers , now serving life sen rie
tences in the state prison , and sent
the bill to the governor for approval the
or rejection.
The famous Okefenokee swamps in
South Georgia have been sold to be
Charles Hebard & Sons of Michigan.
The consideration , it is understood , is
$175,000. The swamp contains 354-
000 acres and its circumference Is 137
miles. ed
Samuel N. Ferris shot and killed
himself at Baker City , Ore. He was
about 33 years of age , was secretary
of a prominent mining company , and
is said to have been worth more than
$100,000 in mining property. The
cause of the suicide is unknown.
The latest statement of exports pub
lished by the bureau of statistics
shows that during the eight months
ending with February the total
amounted to $95,000,000 more than
the exports for the corresponding period
riod ending in February , 1900.
D. B. Robinson , formerly first vies
president of the Santa Fe , is reported
to be dying in a Chicago hospital.
The strike of the journeymen paint
ers of East 'Liverpool , 0. , section , to
which has lasted for the past ten
days , has been settled.
The Japanese Pormally Ask for Kwang
Su's Eeturn to Pekin ,
Are Instructed to Have Tbelr Kulcr
Promise Something Definite Had Bet
ter Urine AH Soldiers so as to Quell
Disorders in Bnsgla.
PEKIN , April 15. Komurs Yutaro ,
the Japanese minister , accompanied
by General Yamaguchi , the Japanese
commander , recently called upon
Prince Ching and notified him that
the return of Emperor Kwang Su to
Pekin was urgently des-ired. Prince
Ching was infDrmed that the emper
or's wishes would be respected by the
foreign troops and that every courtesy
would be shown him.
It was pointed out to the Chinese
plenipotentiary that the emperor's
return was of the highest possible im
portance , as affecting the maintenance
of the integrity of the Chinese empire ,
and that he should come , accompanied
by every available soldier by at
least 20,000 men if possible. These
troops , it was further contended by
the Japanese minister , must be sent
into Manchuria , as the Russians re
ported great disturbances there and it
was not right that the task of quelling
the trouble should be thrown upon the
shoulders of one nation.
Finally Prince Ching was assured
that if the 20,000 Chinese troops could
not suppress the disorders in Manchu
ria other powers would send an inter
national force to co-operate with
China , which the powers regarded as
a friendly power.
No reply having been received to
this communication Li Hung Chang
was today notified to the same effect
and told that Emperor Kwang must
give an immediate answer.
The preparations which the Jap
anese here are making for an early
start indicate that they expect war
between Russia and Japan. Vessels
arriving at Taku from Nagasaki report
the mobilization of the Japanese fleet
and the continuance of preparations
on board ship for the anticipated
Prince Ching says all his reports go
to show that the missionary state
ments regarding a rebellion , in Mon
golia are not supported by the facts.
Neither does he believe that the re
bellion of General Tung Fu Sian
amounts to much.
"It is. the object of certain ele
ments , " he asserts , "to make it seem
that China is in a condition of constant -
stant broil , rendering it unsafe for the
foreign troops to be withdrawn. Thosem'
who have this in view will magnify
village riot into a big rebellion. The in
Chinese ministers , naturally timid , °
take these reports in good faith. "
Corean Government Disposes of Kim
Chun. ea
TACOMA , Wash. , April 15. A sen fel
sational political crisis exists in Seoul , he
capital of Corea. The news is brought
tonight by the steamship Duke of Fife
that the government has beheaded
Kim Yang Chun for planning to make of
the son of the. emperor's favorite mis pe
tress , Lady Om , heir to the throne , dis SCI
placing the prince imperial , son of the by
murdered uqeen. va
The decapitated official was the lead
of the Kim faction , which has been
engaged for months in deadly rivalry mj
with the Min faction , led by Min Kong- Ph
, for the domination of Corean poli lia
tics. The Min faction learned of the Be
plot against the prince imperial and ni
street fight between the factions re
Kaw Town Crowd Gathers About the
KANSAS CITY , April 15. Mrs. Car
Nation was arrested in this city
tonight on the charge of obstructing
street and hauled to the police
station in a patrol wagon. She was re
leased on a cash bond of ? 6 , and will
tried in the police court tomorrow
Mrs. Nation lectured in Kansas City
Kan. , last night and came over to the
Missouri side this morning. She start- is
on a tour of investigation among
downtown saloons this evening. A lir
thousand men and boys followed her ,
at Twelfth and Walnut streets ,
where there are saloons on three cor
ners , she was arrested because the do
crowd following her blockaded the ler
street. She roundly lectured the sa Gc
loon men whom she visited. as
Memorial Day In Fekin.
PEKIN , April 15. Memorial serv
will be held by order of the court vi
honor of Ysu Chien Sing , Li Sien er
Hsu Sung Y5 , the members of the &
tsung li yamen who were executed because at
cause of their pro-foreign sentiment. The
staff of the United States legation lei
been invited to attend. Hsu Chien L.
Sing held the post of Chinese minister toi
Russia , director of the Russo-Chi- dent
nese bank and president of the Chinese ern
Eastern railway. H.
Dr. Victor Vauglm Reports on Case of
Charles 15. Uaro.
CHICAGO , April 15. A dispatch to
the Record-Herald from Ann Arbor
Mich. , says Dr. Victor Vaughn , dlrec
tor of the medical department , ' ap
peared before the state board o
health yesterday and practically ac
knowledged that the case of Student
Charles Benjamin Hare of Pawnee
City is one of bubonic plague. He assured -
sured the board there would be no
spread of the disease , as all precau
tions had been taken to , prevent it ,
and that the student would recover.
Dr. Novy , who attends Hare , wears
a germproof rubber garment that cov
ers him from head to foot , with two
little eyeholes for sight , whenever he
goes into the contagious -ward , and he
also Injects preventative doses of se
rum into himself.
Dr. Vaughn told the board that Hare
contracted the disease by an accident
almost identical with that which oc
curred in Vienna in 1898. Prof. Noth-
najle and his assistant , Barisch , wers
conducting bacteriological experiments
on bubonic plague bacilli. Barisch
caught the disease and died , as did
also Dr. Muller , who attended him.
Reported That Someone Tried to Stab
the Aged President.
. . PARIS , April 15. L'Estafette pub
lishes a report that an attempt was
made to stab Mr. Kruger.
LONDON , April 15. According to a
dispatch to the London Daily Express
'form Amsterdam , cabled to the Asso
ciated Press Saturday last , the Dutch
police recently got wind of contem
plated attempts upon the life of Mr.
Kruger. It is quite likely that the
report to which L'Estafette gives cur
rency is traceable to a similar source.
Not Dangerously Insane.
DENVER , April 15. Albert S.
Cowan who was arrested on February
2t. last on a charge of murder , which
was subsequently dismissed for lack of
sufficient eivdence to justify his in
dictment , has been released from cus
tody , a jury before which he was tried
on a charge of insanity having decided-
that he was not so distracted in his
mind as to endanger his own life and
property or the lives and property of
others. It was believed for a time
that Cowan was the thug who knocked
down many women on Capital hill dur
ing the fall and winter. Several of
the assailant's victims died.
Border Kuffiau Slain.
SILVER CITY , N. M. , April 15 c
Red Weaver , a well known border charm
acter and a reputed member of the faed
mous ' "Black Jack" gang of bandits ,
has been killed at Alma , a little min
ing camp seventy two miles northwest
of here.
Weaver had threatened to kill Ted
Holliman , who had previously called
him to account for certain remarks
against a young woman's character.
Later , they met again and fired at
each other simultaneously. Weaver
fell dead with a bullet through his .
heart. Holliman was exonerated.
Farmers Fight the Combine.
SALINA , Kan. , April 15. Farmers st
Saline county have completed the
perliminary organization of their as
sociation to fight the grain combine
building or leasing their own ele
vators , and a charter will be applied
for at once.
The board of directors chosen is
made up of J. A. Reser , W. A. Mur
phy , C. L. Stone , J. E. Runquist , Wil
liam Muir , A. C. Hillman and John S.
Bean , all of whom are prominent far of
Fourteen States Represented.
CINCINNATI , 0. , April 15. Four
teen states were represented here to
day at the meeting of the Keaher Shel
Barzel , a Jewish beneficiary organiza
tion. The annual message of the presi
dent and the reports of the other offi
cers : were submitted and discussed to
day. The society will be in session
several days.
St evil's Health Broken.
BLOEMFONTEIN. April 15. It is'
reported that the health of former
President Steyn has broken down. It
also said he has advised all the
Boers on commandoes to surrender
Emilia Kompln Dead.
BERLIN , April 15. Emilia Kempin , tee
doctor of laws , and one of the foremost
leaders of the woman's movement in
Germany , has just died in an insane gin
asylum , at Basle , Switzerland.
Chairman \ValUer' Funeral ,
NEW YORK , April 15 Funeral services - .
vices < over the body of Aldace F. Walk-
, president of the Atchison , Topeka
Sante Fe railroad , were held today
the West End Collegiate church. ing
pallbearers were John G. McCulso
lough of the Erie railroad ; General
Burnett , United States district attorney - °
torney ; General E. H. Ripley , presi- of
; Charles M. Hays of the South-
Pacific , Victor Morawotz , George
Haven , and R. Summer Hays.
Prof. ISrtxnner Issues a Bulletin Bcgnrd-
Inc tbo Matter.
LINCOLN , Neb. , April 15. Prof.
Lawrence Bruner , entomologist at the
University of Nebraska , has issued a
bulletin in which he discusses vari
ous plans for destroying grasshoppers.
It begins with a general description
of the insects , this outline includes
a statement of their life history , habitsft'
and relations to other insect forms ,
as well as the effects of climate , latitude -
tude , altitude and diseases in keeping
them within certain limits. Much
stress is laid on the past carelessness
in the efforts of farmers of the state
for permitting native locusts to become -
come sufficiently numerous to cause
Among the artificial remedies which
are suggested and described in this
bulletin the most important is that
of "discing" in early spring alfalfa
fields and oth'er grounds containing
the eggs of these insects. This disc-
ing . can be done at any time after
the frost is out of the ground , but
the best time seems to be early in
April. Instead of injuring the alfalfa
numerous experiments in Kansas and
Nebraska have shown that by running
the disc over the fields the yield is
greatly increased. This stirring of
the soil breaks up the egg masses and
exposes them to the drying influences
of the air and the keen eyes of the
No Effort to Enforce It Until After the
First of July.
LINCOLN , Neb. , April 15. It is of
ficially announced at the state house
that no attempt will be made by state
officers to enforce the new fish and
game law before July 1 , that being the
time when all laws passed without
an emergency clause by the last legis
lature will become effective. An
emergency clause was attached to the
enrolled copy of the bill through er
ror and without authority , but , al
though it was signed by the presiding
officers of the legislature and by the
governor , it canot be enforced , for the
reason that it was defeated in the
house of representatives. The official
journal of the house shows that the
bill was ordered for third reading on
March 13 and that on roll call it fail
ed to receive the constitutional two-
thirds vote necessarjr for an emer
gency clause thus leaving it subject
to a motion to strike out the clause.
Such a motion was made by Coppoc
of Holt county and adopted , as the
record shows. The roll was then call
ed ] on the bill without the emergency
clause ] . and as" it received the requisite
number of votes it was declared pass a
Scnntor Millurd's Private Secretary. „
OMAHA , Neb. , April 15. Senator
Millard has selected James B. Haynes
3.S his private secretary and has sent
the name to Washington. Mr. Haynes ,
the new secretary , has been a resident
of Omaha for many years. In 1881
he did his first newspaper work in
, gp
this city , reporting the session of the
legislature ' for the Bee. From 1882 to
10' an
1885 he was stenographer in the office i
Of the general passenger agent of the
Union Pacific railroad and in 1887 was
stenographer in Judge Hopewell's
Will aiove For Acquittal.
FRANKFORT , Ky. , April 13. The
prosecution in the Ripley conspiracy
case will conclude its testimony to
morrow. The defense will move for
instructions for a verdict of acquittal.
Lawyers for the prosecution do not
Relieve this will be sustained in view
the ruling of the court permitting
the introduction of evidence as to the
conspiracy. They assert that the evi
dence of ex-Governor Bradley and
Judge Yost connects Ripley with the
Kuril * Herself to Death.
PLATTSMOUTH , Neb. , April lo. the
Mrs. Kinkead , 82 years of age , who
had been living with her son. went
into the cow house of Mrs. Seiden-
striker , a neighbor , and after partially son
disrobing , set fire to her underclothing mi
and started for the house. A phy his
sician was called , but she died. She was
said she was tired of living and beg ing
ged the doctor to give her chloro bis
form. She had been in poor health. rec
Fixes Date of Reunion. his
PLAINVIEW , Neb. , April 15. The fas
Grand Army of the Republic commit a
of northeast Nebraska met to lo set
cate the next reunion. Neligh was cut
chosen as the place , the reunion to be se\
the second week in July. A j"
campfire was held at the opera house. be
Llontcnant Mapes * Friend * Active.
NEBRASKA CITY , Neb. , April 15.
Lieutenant William Mapes of the
Twenty-third ] United States infantry , \\'i
who J has won such honors by captur set
insurgent officers at Manila and coi
some $40,000 of their funds , was born cai
raised in this county. He was ca ,
formerly major of the Second regiment to
the Nebraska National Guards. His off
friends here will ask for his advance pai
ment as a reward for his services in with
Philippines. she
Jndge Grlmlson fasten Sentence Upon
Herman Znhn'a Murderer.
FREMONT , April IS. William
Rhea , who was convicted of the murder -
der of Herman Zahn , was sentenced
by Judge Grimison to be hanged with
in the walls of the penitentiary at Lin
coln August 2. The defendant was
brought into the court room hand
cuffed , in charge of Sheriff Kreader.
He wore the same dark suit as during
the trial , starched white shirt , white
high collar and small , black band neck
tie. His face was white with the palh
lor of close confinement , but looked a
little fuller than during the trial. The
bold reckless look in his eyes has soft
ened little. During the half hour
which he spent in the room he showed
no emotion whatever , but appeared a
little restless. He fingered the band
of his black slouch hat , changed his
position frequently and looked around
the room in a careless unconcerned
Mr. Gray filed a motion for a new
trial and stated to the court that the
grounds were statutory and the same
points were raised as were passed up
on ] during the progress of the trial.
"I haven't seen any reason to change
the opinions formed during the trial
of the case , " said the judge , "and the
motion will be overruled. "
In a slow , solemn voice the judge
then read the sentence which , in the
words of the statute , substantially
was that the defendant be taken to
the penitentiary at Lincoln , delivered
into the custody of the warden , kept
in solitary confinement and on the 2d
day of Auugst , 1901 , between the hours
of 9 and 11 a. m. , be taken to some
place designated within the walls of
the penitentiary and there hanged by
the neck until dead. As the judge read
the latter part of the sentence the
tones of his voice grew lower and more
impressive , and the word "dead" was
spoken scarcely above a whisper.
The defendant was wholly unmoved.
He took hfs seat and looked around as
unconcerned as before. Not a muscle
of his face changed , and he scarcely
moved an eye while the sentence was
being read.
Father of C. B. Hnro Intends to Visit the
Patient at Ann Arbor.
PAWNEE CITY , Neb. , April 13. It
has been definitely ascertained that
the Ann Arbor bubonic plague patient
is Charles Benjamin Hare , whose home
is in this city. His parents and a
number of other relatives reside here.
The parents were informed of the son's
sickness by a reporter for The Bee and
telegram was immediately sent to
Al Arbor for information in regard
to the young man's condition. Dr.
Novy ( answered that Mr. Hare was
resting easily and would probably re
Hare is * 2G years old and a student
hi the medical department of the Ann
Arbor unversity. He is taking a spe
cial course in bacteriology and is as
sistant to Dr. Novy , the celebrated
specialist , who has for several years
been interested in an effort to develop
effective serum for bubonic inocu- ,
it Less than the Estimate of the Senate
LINCOLN , April 13. A report com
piled in the auditor's office shows that
the total of legislative appropriations
was $292.000 less than the estimate of
the senate committee on finance , ways
and means. Exclusive of the endowsh
ment and trust money for the univer
sity and the appropriation for the dis-
trict court , the amount is $2,045,433 ,
which , including all the extraordinary
appropriations , is only $54,059.92 more
than the total of two years ago. These
figures are taken from an official com S'J
pilation , but are substantially the 30
same as those printed at the close of 'a'
legislative session.
Ouit * Life III a Fearful Way.
YORK , Neb. , April 13. Guy Ander
, a young man 26 years old , com fla
mitted suicide in a horrible manner at
home south of Waco. The body
found lying beside a pile of burn
? rubbish in a field near the barn ,
blackened and burned almost beyond S7
recognition. In order to make his desperate
perate work more certain he first tied tee
: legs toegther with wire and then
fastened the wire to a fence post near
pile of rubbish. He then must have
fire to this rubbish and thereafter
his throat with his pocket knife , O.
severing both the windpipe and the
jugular { vein. He was perhaps dead
before ! the fire had any effect upon his
_ leai
T Man AVrltes Home.
PLATTSMOUTH. ] Neb. , April 13. Cur
AValter Grim , a young man who de
serted his wife at Nehawka , in this men
county , recently , without giving any f c
f ° u
cause therefor , has turned up at Avo-
la. He sent money to his wife ass
pay her expenses to go to him , but pov
offered no explanation. Since his departure Tes any
parture his wife has been prostrated A
grief , but it is not thought that
.will leave Nebraska to
join him. 1
They were married three months ago. las [
Practical OI lc In School * ,
Howell , of the
qiirmrintendent T i
aSSff L heels , has proposed
the pupils as
a plan for instructing
to the manner In vrhich a president
the United States is elected. The dam
onstratlon is to be a Practical one
Each school is to constitute f convention
Is to wite an ea
tion and each pupil
say giving the history of a Presidential
campaign from the beginning t. the
inauguration. After these are completed
committee win os
pleted a platform
appointed in each school to prepare
resolutions or declarations of party
principles after which the election will
pupil voting for his
be held , each
candidate for president. The election
is expected to take place in farcn.
Many advantages are to be had irom f
practice of this kind and there is no
reason why It should be confined to
presidential elections.
Vegan as a Backstop.
Congressman Wadsworth's hands
are battered out of shape nearly as
much as were those of the late Sil
ver" Flint and from the same cause.
The New York man was in his day a
crack baseball player and at one time
held down first base in the Yale nine.
He has a.son who filled the same posi
tion for Yale and was as good a player
as his father.
The TVlfo and Mothor-ln-ljiw of Mr.
Charles Kays. 'W
CLARISSA , Minn. , April 15 , ( Spe \ < 1
cial. ) No family in this vicinity is i
better known or more universally re
spected , than Mr. Charles Keys , the
local School Teacher , and his estima
ble wife mother-in-law. For
, and - - a
long time , Mrs. Keys has been in ill
health. Recently , however , she has
found a cure for har ailments in Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
"I cannot speak too highly of
Dodd's Kidney Pills , or of what they
have done for me , " said Mrs. Keys.
"My life was miserable , my back
always ached , also my head. I was
troubled with Neuralgia In the head
and face and suffered extreme pain ,
but thanks to Dodd's Kidney Pills , all
those aches and pains have vanished
like the morning dew , and it now
seems < that life is worth living. I con
si sider Dodd's ' Kidney Pills a God-send -
t ( suffering humanity. They may
rightly be named the Elixir of Youth.
"While speaking of my own case
and : the wonderful benefit I have re
ceived , I might also add , that my
mother , who is now an old lady of
7'bi years and who lives with me , has
been troubled more or less , with aches
and pains , as is natural with one of
her advanced age. When she saw
him Dodd's Kidney Pills had done for
me , she commenced to use them her
self , and she says that they have done
her more good than any other medi
cine she has ever tried.
"This testimony is given in the
hope that others who may be af
flicted as we were , may see and read
it. and be benefited by it. "
What Mrs. Keys states in her letter
can be verified by reference to any of
her many friends in this neighbor
hood. Dodd's Kidney Pills have al
ready a wonderful reputation in Todd
County. (
Nothing has ever cured Bright's
Disease , Diabetes or Dropsy but Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
15ret Harte Comln Home.
Bret Harte will probable return to
America next year , but only for a
visit , as he merely intends to make a
tour of the West to brush up his mem
ories of that section of the country
and see its development.
What To the Children DrinkT
Don't ( jive them tea or coffee. Have yon
tried tnp now food drink called GKAIN-O ?
is delicious and nourishing , and takes the
place of coffee. The more Grain-O you give-
the children the more health you distribute
through their systems. Grain-O is made of
pure grains , and when properly prepared
tastes like the choice grades of coffee , but
costs about } cs uiach. All grocers teli it.
15c and 2oc.
The world is like a piano full of
sharps and flats.
stain the hands or spot the kettle.
The prosperity of fools shall destroy
them. Solomon.
Ask your grocer for DEFIANCE
STARCH , the only 16 oz. package for
cents. All other 10-cent starch con
tains ' only 12 02. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money ' -efunded.
Platonic love is a dinner atwhich
nothing but soup is served.
WInslow's Soothing Syrnp.
children teething , noftens the
sums , reduces In
flammation : ,
allays paln.cures wind colic. 25cabottle-
A perfect woman , nobly planned , to
warn , to comfort and command.
Ask your grocer for DEFIANCE li
STARCH , the only 16 oz. nackage for
cents. All other
10-cont starch contains -
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded.
All I am or can be I owe to my an
mother. Abraham Linc6ln.
Ftao's Cure is the best
ever used
all affections of the throat and lungs.-Wii
E.NDSLEr , Vanburen , Ind. . Feb. 10 , 19oq
drunk they
S1OO Reward Gtioo.
< , thereby
Pills are the best. if
Youth may stray afarTylt return at