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. P. II. KlilStELL , Publisher.
Th& bau& * { , ' firm of "W. J. Brewster
& Co. of Hannibal , N. Y. , has failed
with liabilities of $125,000. The as-
Beta are not stated.
Jacob Gkrzino.lonff-a prominent
merchant Jn Neustadt-an-der-Hardt ,
Germany , -has fledto the United
States , after defaulting for 250,000
No other sovereign in the world has
BO many physicians as the czar. They
number twenty-seven and are all se
lected from among the medlcal..celeb-
ritiea of Russia.
Aguinaldo continues to express him
self as pleased with and impressed by
the courteous treatment accorded him
l > y General MacArthur. , "I am a pris
oner , " said he today , "but I am treat
ed like a guest. "
The msttter of bridge tolls on gov
ernment freight going to the coast ,
which has 'been in controversy for a
year between the Union Pacific and
iho government , has been adjusted in
favor of the latter.
President McKlnley's administra
tion -was denounced and Aguinaldo's
name loudly applauded by the large
audience that listened to the speakers
at the anti-imperialistic meeting in
Faneull hall , Boston.
As a result of the capture of Agui
naldo and the belief among officials
that a speedy and complete collapse of
the Insurrection. In the Philippines
will follow , the full strength of the
army authorized by the recent army i
reorganization act may not be en
District Attorney Philbin of New
York said that ex-Senator David B.
Hill had .been retained by him * to pre
sent the arguments for the prosecu
tion , when the Molineux case is laid
before tlin court of appeals , which
will meet in Buffalo iu June , and the
case will be argued there.
Chief Justice Burford has allowed
the writ to issue to compel Secretary
W. M. Jenkins , as secretary of Okla
homa territory , -publish and certify
as a law of the territory the measure
appropriating $42,000 for additional
buildings at the agricultural and me
chanical college at Stillwater.
The United States Marine 'band vis
ited Indianapolis last Wednesday and
while there went to Crown Hill ceme
tery to play over the grave of the
late ex-president , Benjamin Harrison.
The selections were "Nearer My God
to Thee. " and "Rock of Ages , Cleft for
Me , " the general's favorite hymns.
H. C. Frick "has come to an under
standing with the officers of St. Paul's
cathedral whereby lie is to become the
purchaser of the cathedral property at
the corner of Fifth avenue and Grant
street , Pittstmrgr , the consideration , be
ing $1,325,000. A meeting of the con
gregation will be held to ratify the
In reference to Funston's recent
capture of Aguinaldo , the Nebraska
legislature passed the following : "Re
solved , That we rejoice with the whole
nation over this achievement , which
we trust will soon lead to the cessa
tion of hostilities and the speedy res
toration of law and order in our is
land 'possessions. ' "
James Stephens , the well known Fe
nian leader of the 18C6 movement ,
died at his home at Suttoa , Ireland ,
in the pretty cottage which was pre
sented tohim by his countrymen in
May , 1892 , a few months after his re
turn to Ireland from his twenty-five
years of self-exile.
The city of Odessa experienced a
distant siesmic disturbance.
Nicholas Heeuey , the 19-year-old boy
who murdered Frank Johnson , a Penn
sylvania railroad towermunwas , sen
tenced at Cleveland , O. , to life im
prisonment in the state penitentiary.
Governor Allen is about to sail for
New York from San Juan.
Edward S. Tarr , a veteran actor and
stage manager ot T.he Belle of New
York company , dropped dead of a.po-
plexy in the office of Hotel Terrace at
Scranton , Pa ,
Senator Mitchell of Oregon is con
fined to his bed at Washington with
an acute attack of the grip.
Count Cassini , the Russian ambassa
dor at Washington , sjys there is no
truth in the reports that the czar
lives in a steel-lined room.
The Official Gazette of Mexico City
says that various newspapers an
nounce that President Diaz will ask
permission to go to Europe for the
benefit of his health. The Gazette de
nies that the president will make the of
Admiral Cuvcrville has been elected
to the French senate fcr the depart
ment of Finistere.
Ex-Senator Charles A. Towne , after
looking over New York as a field for
the practice of law , has returned to
Duluth. He prefers the west. ip.
The secretary of education of Cuba ,
Senor Varona , has recommended expending -
-pending $1,100,000 out of the school
appropriation for the construction of
school houses , of which amount $500-
000 is to be cxpsiulod during the pres-
tot year.
Russia's Alleged Severance of Ties With
Chinese Government ,
Looks Like Broach of Diplomatic liela-
tlons Between the Natlon Washington -
ton Authorities Admit Sqnlera Cabled
a Conundrum , But Give No Details.
WASHINGTON , April 8. The ad-
ministration is perplexed over a cable
dispatch received yesterday from Mr.
Squires , now in Pekin , in charge of the
American legation in Pekin. This dis
patch , according to a publlcation today ,
said that the "Russian minister refuses
to receive official communications from
Chinese commissioners , " which carried
the Inference that the diplomatic relations -
lations between the two countries in
terested would be broken off.
The officials are very reticent about
the matter and decline to affirm or deny
whether it is correctly stated. They
will go only so far as to admit the re
ceipt of a dispatch , whose purport was
not clearly understood , for which rea
son it was not given to the press for
publication. Another cablegram which
reached here today from Mr. Rockhill ,
the special commissioner of the United'
States , engaged in conducting the peace i
negotiations , made no reference to the
alleged refusal of the Russians to re
ceive official communications from the
Chinese commissioners. As Mr. Rock- !
hill is in a position to know promptly j |
what develops between the ministers
and the peace commissioners it is be-
lieved he would be prompt to report a
step of such far-reaching importance
as'the published dispatch from Mr.
Squiers would indicate.
At the Russian embassy no informa
tion on the subject was obtainable to
night. It was said there that no com-
niunications had come from the foreign
office at St. ePtersburg since the Russian -
sian note of several days since , which
declared that government's intention
regarding Manchuria , a copy of which
was handed to Secretary Hay. The impression -
pression of the officials at the embassy
was that no special significance at-
tached to the Squiers dispatch. According -
cording to them , it simply meant that
the Russians had discontinued further
negotiations at this time on the Manchurian -
churian question alone , which , for the i
time , is held in abeyance. This was i
in accord with the spirit oC the official i
publications of the government on this
matter , which asserted that.rcmaining t
faithful to its original and oft-repeated
political program regarding Manchu
ria , "it Avill quietly await the further '
course of events. " Absolutely no con-
cern was felt at the embassy on the
subject , the officials apparently being
perfectly satisfied that the communica r
tions referred to relate entirely to the
Manchurian question.
In other diplomatic circles the report ll
failed to recehe credence , on the gen
eral theory that the interests cf the
Russian government in China were too !
great and far-reaching to permit the !
severance of diplomatic relations at
this time , when substantial unity on
many of the matters of negotiation
were so promising.
Saaiturj- Authorities Credit .lanriro With SC
79OOO. : P
WASHINGTON , April S. A wide ciei
discrepancy between the population ei
figures given by the statistical authorities - i
ities of Rio Janeiro and by the saui- j
tary authorities there is called to the I p
attention of the marine hospital ser- ! 01
vice in the annual report of Acting |
Assistant Surgeon Havel burg at that j ' 1
port. He says the sanitary authorities j cc
make the present population of Rio j Ol
Janeiro 793,000 , while the statistical \
authorities make it 431,716. I
The impression prevails that Rio has '
larger population than that shown h
by the census , but not so large as es of
timated by-the sanitary authorities. ec
The figures of the sanitary authorities sc
show a total mortality during 1900 of m
per cent , aganist over 20 per cent er
the previous year. The number of still vi
births is equivalent to 77 per 1,000 of
the total births , a remarkable show ra
ing. The number of deaths has ex S
ceeded the births. Tuberculosis furnished - j
nished almost one-fifth of the total j
Ten More Crises a ! Capetown. tli
CAPETOWN , April S. During the ni
last forty-eight hours ten fresh cases he
the bubonic plague have been offi iu
cially reported. Of these four are Eu sv
ropeans and the others colored persons. he
Kol.lirrs Have FI > ri-o
FRANKFORT , Ind. , April S. Burg
lars at Slicliigantown , cast of here , ol
early this morning wrecked the safe ar
. a brick building occupied by C. A. al
Marshall , a merchant , and after a des ar
perate running battle with citizens , in I ?
which Marshall was slightly wounded m
and one of the robbers probably fat F <
ally shot , escaped with a small amount has
booty. The safe contained several til
hundred dollars in cash and many valuable ri
uable papers. dc
Uoer TTho Have Surrendered Are No
Those Wanted.
LONDON , April 8. Lord Kitchene
has informed the War office that eigh
teen .volunteer companies , freed by re
liefs , are coming home and that ar
rangements are in progress for the
speedy reliefs of further companies
He thus appears to be endeaovring to
meet the demand that fresh troops be
sent to the front to replace the stale
The Pretoria correspondent of the
Morning Post , who warns his country
men against hoping for an early termination
ination of hostilities or believing the
stories that the Boers are tired of war ,
says :
"It becomes daily more evident that
the Boers intend to fight to a finish.
Many are surrendering , but they are
men of no standing. The real fighting
men are still on commando and , al
though recently successful British ac
tions tend to bring the close nearer ,
it must be admitted that the Boers
must be completely crushed before a
general surrender is probable. "
It is reported from Brussels that
Acting President Sshalkburger has re
moved the seat of goevmment to
Acording to a dispatch to the Daily
Mail from Hilversum , Mr. Kruger , who.
has Just arrived there , has expressed
an intention to-go-to-the United States
in June and visit Washington , Bos
ton and Chicago.
"It is definitely ascertained , " says a
dispatch to the Times from Kroon-
stadt , dated Saturday , "that General
Dewet and General Botha met at
Vrecle. "
Tells Ills Troops That Soriou * Trouble j
Undoubtedly Approaching- .
BERLIN , April S. Careful inevstiga-
tion at Potsdam today regarding the
circumstances in which Emporer Wil
liam delivered his latest military ad-
diess developed the information that
during a review last Tuesday a num
ber of military bodies belonging to the
Potsdam garison , including the First
regiment ' of foot guards , extraordinary
piccautious were taken to prevent any
repetition ( ot" the press or other civilian
obtaining knowledge 'of his majesty's
remarks ( , which were uttered in the
Lustgarten , adjoining the royal castle.
From persons who were present it
was learned that the kaiser spoke sub-
stautially ) as follows :
"A hand from out of the people was
recently < raised against me , to my in
tense sorrow. Evidently serious times
are : coming , which will try our met- .
tie. I know that the army is true to
its traditions and to the solemn oath ,
has taken. 1 know it will remain .
steadfast and faithful to me.
"My conviction is especially strong
this regiment , now present , which is
tied to the Hohcnzollerns by indisso
luble bonds , as the past has shown dur
ing the troublous times abroad and
even during revolutionary times at
"The authority of the crown must
be maintained at all hazards. Woe to
the soldier who listens to the voice of
the tempter. "
in the Carter Casr.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , April S. Atsi
torneys for Captain 0. M. Carter , now Jlj
sei-ving a sentence in the Leaven worth
penitentiary < for defrauding the government P
ernment , have given notice to the gov
ernment that they wijl make applica *
tion to the supreme court tomorrow Jyi
for die release of their client on bail yibi
pending < a hearing before that court
on his appeal from the judgment of
the lower court refusing him a writ of
habeas ! corpus. The application will ba
contested by Solicitor General Richards
the department of justice.
T < > Ivnoeive ( lie President.
DENVER , April S. A Denver firm
has : selected a non-partisan committee .
twenty-one citizens , including Unit l
States Senators Teller and Patter
son , ex-Senator Wolcott and Congress- ot
men Bell and SHafroth to receive and
entertain President McKinley upon his Tie
visit to Denver. The
president is expected - [ 0
pected to spend three days in Coloa
rado ; one at Denver , one at Colorado
Springs ] and one at Pike's Peak.
Thirteenth Reaches
CHICAGO , April 8. The Thirtieth M
volunteer infantry , just returned from of
the Philippines , arrived home at mid 11
night. In spite of the lateness of the 000
hour there was a considerable gather 00K
ing of parents , brothers , sisters and K
sweethearts at the .station to greet the >
I.i\e Stock nfulady iu Kurope.
WASHINGTON , D..C. , April S The
officials of the agricultural department R
closely watching all reports from W
abroad regarding the extent of the foot H
and mouth disease , a fatal malady that fii
raging among the live stock in almost SIte
most every country throughout Europe. to
For the last three years the outbreak h
been general on the European con uf
tinent and the reports constantly ar are
riving from various European points lit
not indicate any diminution. be
Eusaia Gives Sweeping Assurance of
Treating With China Unselfishly.
Secretary liny Receive * the Communlca-
tlon from Arabasaador Cnialnl It Reu-
den Lets Alarming Former Reports
Military Activity.
WASHINGTON , April 6. The Unit
ed States government has received a
communication from the government
of Russia of unusual conditions. It
bears on conditions in China and parc
tlcularly those relating to Manchuria.
Tho-document.has created , a profound-
ly favorable Impression , and at the
State department it is looked upon as
the most salutary event that has oc
curred for several months in the east
ern situation. Secretary Hay received
the communication from Count Gasg
sini last night and communicated it to
the president.
Although the terms of the Russian
communictaion are withheld , it is
known that Russia takes occasion to
give strong assurances of her disin
terested ipurposes throughout her dealIngs -
Ings with China. As to Manchuria , it
is .stated * , that -Russia's course never
has varied in the determination to
leave that province as an integral part
of China and to retire the Russian
troops as rapidly as safety will per
mit. But , as a more signal evidence
of Russia's -purposes and as an evi
dence of the emperor's devotion to the
principle of peace , assurances of a defi
nite and satisfactory character are
now given as to the execution of these
purposes. The -belief is hslsl in official
quarters that the assurances of Russia
are so sweeping as completely to avert
the threatened crisis in Manchuria.
The Russian communication is the
more significant , coming at a moment
when the press advices from Europe ?
asserted that Russia was collecting an
army of 000,000 men for the purpose
o holding Manchuria without refer *
ence to the desire of the other powers.
There is no doubt that Russia has a
large military force in Manchuria , FO
that ' had the czar determined to hold
the province lie has the military es
tablishment already on the ground pre
pared to maintain occupancy.
To the officials in AVashington one
oE the mocc ! gratifying features of Rus
sia's action is Hint it irf responsive to
Secretary Hay's note o [ March 1 last.
This note had been previously com-
municnted to the Chinese minister at "
Washington and advised him that the
. .
United States viewed as inexpedient
and dangerous to the interests of China
. . to
the conclusion o any private territor
ial or financial agreement. A copy of
this communication was sent to the
United States ambassador at St. Petersburg
ersburg , Mr. Charlemagne Tower , and
the Russian amb ! > ' : fader llt Washing
ton alpo \\as made aware of its con- yc
tents. While the note never was ad-
dressed directly to Russia yet by the
foregoing means it came fully to the
attention of the Russian authorities.
TTar Department Jreo\e 3'lnn * of H : t- m
hur Improvements. Fi
WASHINGTON , April 6. The divi sc
sion of insular affairs , War department ,
has received copies of the specifica
tions and blue prints showing the pro
posed < improvement of the port of Ma he
nila , authorized by the Philippine com te
mission. The work includes about 1GO- \v
000 cubic yards rip-rap , 21,000 cubic tear
yards concrete and rubble masonry in
breakwaters , about n.000,000 cubic ar
yards of dredging and .1 pile of bulk
head -1,700 feet long. The dredging sa
will be in mud. sand and shells to a to
depth of thirty feet , the dredged ma pi-
terial Lo be used Cor reclaiming land. re
St. .Joseph Cashier
ST. JOSEPH , April G.E. . V. Hard
ing , cashier of the German-American s"
bank , left the city some time yester
day and cannel be found. He wrote
two letters , one to his wife and the
other to the officials of the bank , stating - .
ing that he had left the city for gool.
said his accounts would be found
be straight aud a careful examination
ation , tlie officials say , prove this to
- ter
.ll.vriad Kii8Riuift There.
LONDON , Am-il G. "By the en.l oC m'
May , " says the Moscow correspondent
the Daily Graphic the Russian bl
army in Manchuria will number 300- blbli
men. It is understood that the
Russian minister of war , Cencral
Kourapatki , reckons upon Iho pnssi- on
Ility of having to dispatch an army th
corps southward into Korea. Va
T.ookt for Site.
WASHINGTON , Pa. , April G. S. J.
Robinson < , managing director ; J. R. CO
Wagner , represcntive , and Colonel in ;
Hughes , the English attorney for the CO
firm of W. .Tessops & Sons , limited , of will
Sheflleld , England , wore in Washington ex
today looking for a site for the cstab- ret
ishment of a mammoth cutlery manufactory wr
ufactory here. The local business men en
anxious that the plant be eatab- of
islied here and good inducements will un
offered the firm. < al
Latest Ouotntloun from South Oneaha
and Kuiisuc Citr. v
Union Stock Yards-Cattle There was
a fair run of cattle here , but the demand
on the part of packers wrus in Kood shape ,
and as a result the market did not show
uny radical change. There were about
forty cars of. beef- steers included in the
receipts , nncl packers took hold and
bought them up at generally steady
prices. The market , however , seemed to
bo a trifle uneven , us some sales were un
doubtedly higher than yesterday , while
others were no more thnn steady. The
supply of cows wus rather light , not over
twenty cars beingottered. . Packers had
liberal orders , and the market ruled ac
tive and fully steady , the same as was
the case with the beef steers. The mar
ket , however , seemed to be a little un
even , but still very satisfactory prices ,
ns a rule , were paid , and the pens were
cleared at an early hour. Bulls- calves
and etaga sold in just about the same
notches they did yesterday. The feeder
trade : , did -have-much life to it today.
Hogs There was about un average run
of hogs here this morning and the de-
maud being in fairly good shape the mar
ket opened about steady with yesterday ,
The hogs began moving toward the scales
and It soon became ovIUent that packers
hail oulte liberal order ? . Sellers as a result -
sult , held their strings at good , firm
prices and the market soon became strong
to a shade higher than vesterday and
quite active. The bulk of all the hops sold
from $ .j.97V-j to $6.02 - . The choicer hogs
sold from f6.0:2& : to $5.07 % . The light
weights brought from 3.97& down.
Sheep There was a light run of sheep
here today and packers took hold and
bought up the ewes and wethers at
steady to strong prices. Some wooled
wethers soldfor-$4.UQ , which was a-gootl ,
strong price , and the Standard Cattle
company's clipped yearling that sold the
llrst of the week for $4.00 sold today for
SI.7S , or ] "c higher. The lamb m.-uket ,
however , was slow and lower again to
day. For the week prices can safely be
quoted J."ir25c lower , with the inaiket dull
and weak at the decline.
Cattle Heavy steers , steady ; light and
Texans , steady to 3c higher ; stookers and
feeder.1 * , steady to JSc higher ; native beef
stoers4.6.1 _ ; stackers and feeders. $3.85 ©
5.00 ; western-fed steers. 5l.Mft5.10 ; Texans
and Indians , $ l.25Tt.i.OO ; cows ,
heifers , $3.oO-ff-3.Co ; camiers. $2.5 < Kr3.15 ; buls ,
Ji.2.Vi-UO ; calves , $3.CC < 5 6.25.
Hogs Market opened 5c higher , closed
steady ; top. $0.17' ; bulk of sales. StJ.GOft
ti.12',2 : heavy. ? .03'gC.171 : : ; mixed packers ,
5S.OOTi6.10 ; light , $ - > .SOf ( .021 : pigs , ? 4.MS >
Sheep and l ainbs Sheep , steady ; lambs ,
oc higher ; western lambs , Sl.10fi3.2o ; wust-
rrn wethers , $1.50.00 western yearlings ,
1 7r.a3.00 ; rwes. M. : ! f.Vi3 : culls , ? - . .7i1.00 ;
kunb.- , .v.5r' ; " 7..jO
Corbiii Spe.iUs l"riiilly of the
1'i htcr.
WICHITA. Kan. , April 6. The Eagle
tomorrow will publish an extended in
terview with Congressman Chester I.
Long of Kansas relative to the appoint
ment of Frederick Funston to a briga
dier generalship in the regular army.
Mr. Long has verified the interview
for the Associated Press :
"When I road of Funston's heroic
deed , " says Mr. Long , "I went straight
General Corbin's office and said :
" 'Well , general , you see what Fun
ston has done ? '
' Yes , I have seen it , ' replied Cor-
bin , not pleasantly.
" 'Well , ' I said , 'don't you think that
you ought to make Funston a brigadier m
general in the regular army ? ' Piw
" 'No , ' said Corbin , 'he has done
nothing to warrant that. ' fli
" 'But , * 1 insisted , 'it seems to me fliS1
has done a very daring thing ; that S1
< ha = almost concluded the war. '
" 'Mr. Long , ' said Corbin , 'I am mak- tart
ing lieutenants out of .better stuff than
Funston every day. Funston is a boss
scout that's all. ' rt
'We want him made a brigadier
general , ' I insisted. S'
" 'Mr. Long , ' said Corbin , 'the army 1C
has become a great school. We want
teachers : for brigadier generals ; we teTI
want : men who can tearh and not those TI
be taught. '
" 'But the president may want to
appoint him , ' I said.
" 'The president can do so , of course , "
said General Corbin , 'but it was plain
be seen. ' adds Mr. Long , 'that the
president would never do it on the
recommendation of General Corbin. ' "
Snniinnr Uniform Will Include Gray
HlouBc With TnriidoTru Collar.
WASHINGTON , April 6. An inno
vation looking to the comfort of letter
carriers throughout the country dur
the heat of summer probably will
introduced this year by official per
mission to them to divest their coats
their rounds when felt to be neces-
saiy. It is expected that the postmas
, general soon will issue an order
formally granting authority to post
masters ; for this 'purpose and modify
the requirements so as to allow
carriers to wear a suitable graj-
blouse with turndown collar and a 1
black tie.
Rev. John Jasper , the famous col-
ared advocate of the "Sun do move"
theory , died at his home at Richmond , J
. , aged 90 years.
Judges F.iil to Asrrt-f.
LINCOLN , April 6. The supreme
ourt adjourned late without announc
the appointments for the supreme
2ourt commission. Another meeting
be held early next week and it is
expected that an agreement may be
reached at that time. The three judgs
in consultation all the afternoon ,
sndeavoring to complete the selection
the commissioners , but as they were
unable to do this an adjournment was
FJowers In New Tfork *
in Broau-
Five years ago ono florist
4r sold Tor the Eaater display a one r
of flower
over ? 100,000
florist did near
six years ago a
ly'the j entire cut flower business in the
city , and his sales on New Years day
footed up a total o ? 200. Sales at re-
tall two years ago on the first day ot
January amounted to 1200,000. Sales
for the year 1899 amounted to over
This for New York atv
? 6,000,000.
Won Ills < Jneer
An Englishman made a wager that
he could cook a plum pudding , ten
feet beneath the surface of the
Thames , and won the bet byplacing
the pudding In a tin case and putting
the whole In a sack of lime. The heat
of the lime , slaking when it came in
contact with the water was sufficient
to cook the pudding in two hours.
Baedeker Barred.
It is reported - -
mid II. , was so annoyed at certain
strictures on the political and social
conditions of the country that appear
in Baedaker's "Guide to Palestine"
that he has prohibited its use in Tur
key. Travelers are warned that their
copies of the handbook are liable to
be confiscated at the port of entry.
Mr . gauiuel G. Dyer Tell * Hawmlnr
Tale of Suffering.
M'Carron , Mich. , April 8. ( Special. )
Mrs. Samuel G. Dyer of this place " 4l
has given the following interesting let
ter for publication :
"For years I suffered intense pain in
the region of the heart. I doctorert
with the best physicians. Some of them
would relieve me for a short time , but
the pain always returned. My heart
was so bad that I would have to sit uj >
In bed for hours , to get relief. I would
lie awake almost all night. I am C
years of age , and no one can under
stand how much I suffered with this.
Heart Trouble.
"About a year ago I heard of Dodd'
Kidney Pills , and commenced to use
them. From the first my condition.
improved. The pain in my heart grad
ually grew less , and my general health
much better , and now I can say posi
tively that I am entirely cured. I can.
sleep all night , and enjoy almost per
fect health. I thank God for the cure
that has come to me through the use
of Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"I have thought long over the matter
of giving this letter for publication.
and : am doing so now without any so
licitation ! whatever , and simply be
cause ; I feel it to be my duty to express
the profound gratitude I feel for my
recovery , and to lot others who may be
suffering as I was know how they may
find : a cure. 1 know that nothing else
but , Dodd's Kidney Pills cured me , be
cause I have taken no other medicine-
for over a yearl I feel better now
than I have for many years , and it is
all ] due to the use of Dodd's Kidney
Pills. "
Mrs. Dyer's case and its cure has at
tracted a great deal of attention , and
her letter is a splendid tribute to tlu-
curative properties of Dodd's Kidney
JAvf Dummy's .lob a Hard One.
A patron of a more or less popular
method of advertising says that people
ple who are able to sit in a show
window all d y , and work in full view
ot the gazing throng without beini ?
flustered are exceedingly rare.
Ask your grocer for DEFIANCE
STARCH , the only 1G oz. package for
K cents. All other 10-cont starch con f
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded.
The far-seeing man is not apt to v
rush into things blindly.
Ask your grocer for DEFIANCE
STARCH , the only 16 oz. package for
cents. All other 10-cent starch con
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money > efunded.
There are a large number of people
that think they are among the elect.
Beware of Them |
There are two afflictions which * *
perhaps give the most pain &
ana trouble , Tie : §
Sciatica s
Lumbago I
Both t'.isablc and cripple , 33
bat S3
St Jacobs Oil 1
is their best cure.
* * " " * :
For Woman
Co moaS > * tad Self ntlfle Knowlrfs * Combla ,
Dr.ImanfstodiesfcatoratiYeTaKets |
A rotHUe Krart/ for t he furr of Woo.a' . HI .
A Blood , a.lrr , I'urlSrr tad Tonic.
No Mora Pain
l''sTr't"nts JO lj05KDOLUB.
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