The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 08, 1901, Image 1

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In His Inside Pocket.
W. H. Chambers left Anderson , Iowa ,
a few days since , with $585 in his inside
pocket , and on Wednesday morning at
this place he discovered that he was
short just that sum of good hard cash.
The last time he knew he had the money
was at Indianola. He was with n car of
emigrant goods and arrived in McCook ,
Tuesday night about H o'clock. A
brother and three cousins were in the
party , and they were all bound for Cul-
bertson , near which place they had lo
cated. After arriving here , Chambers
went up town , ate a lunch and went to
bed in the National hotel in a room oc
cupied by others. He placed bis coat
under his pillow , but did not note
whether or not the money was in the
pocket. In the morning he noticed the
-absence of the large wallet and the coin.
He spent Wednesday in the city in a
hopeless search for the money and went
up to Culbertson on the night train.
The car was searched at Culbertson , but
without finding the money. There is a
moral , but it is perhaps unnecessary to
draw it. Chambers says that no one but
himself and the banker at the place
whence he started knew he had the
money. There was a hole in the bottom
of his inside coat pocket. The top of
the pocket was securely fastened with a
large safety pin but the pocket book
didn't fall out that way. It is an unfor
tunate and legretable affair being the
young man's earnings of jears. None
of the party are married men.
The Palmer House.
The thoroughly renovated , repaired
and improved St. Charles now the
Palmer House will be opened to the
y > public on next Monday , when they will
serve their first dinner to the public.
James Rooney , the new proprietor and
manager , has omitted no pains , care or
money to make the Palmer a first-class
hotel in every respect second to none
in the state. The entire thirty-four
rooms of the hotel have been repapered ,
painted and thoroughly repaired and
overhauled , and everything about the
hotel is new , neat , clean and attractive.
The furniture , carpets and bedding are
new , first-class , modern and up-to-date
throughout the entire hostelrie. There
is none better in the state.
The building is lighted by electiicity ,
is provided with call-bells , and Mr.
Rooney is prepared in every particular
to give the public fine meals , comfort
able rooms and beds and prompt , court
eous treatment.
There are roomy and convenient
sample-rooms in connection.
Met Death Suddenly.
The McCook yard was the sad scene
of a sudden death , about half past eight
o'clock , Wednesday evening , Switch
man Thomas Carty being the victim.
He was engaged in coupling cars , and
stepped in between the cars to arrange a
troublesome Jauney coupler when the
ends of the cars came together , crushing
out his life instantly. He was compara
tively a new man in the McCook yard ,
having come here a few months since
from Chicago. He was a brother of
Peter Carty , the general yard-master.
He leaves a wife and two small children.
The funeral services will likely be held
in the Catholic church , Sunday morning ,
although up to the time of this writing
the arrangements had not been com
pleted for the burial. The bereaved
ones have the tenderest sympathy in
this sad and sudden sorrow.
The funeral will be held tomorrow at
2:30 p. m.
The Important Thing :
In saying is how to make your sav
ings accumulate and multiply.
There is no savings institution so safe
or which multiplies savings so rapidly as
a good Building Association.
It is a model savings bank.
m . It is most economically managed.
It provides for the saving of money
usually squandered.
You get all that your money earns.
No commission paid to agents.
No preferred stock-holders to reap the
cream of the profits.
The poor man's dollar is just as good
as the rich man's thousands.
See the Sec'y of the McCook CoOperative
ative Building & Savings Ass'n about
the new stock.
Wanted !
Five hundred men who are working
on a salary , to invest five dollars a
month in the best paying Savings insti
tution in Nebraska The McCook Co
operative Building & Savings Associ
ation. For particulars call on the scre -
tary at the First National Bank.
We Are Ready !
Our shelves are full of NEW wall-paper.
We are preparing for the best wall-paper
season in the history of McCook. Our
line will be bigger , handsomer than we
have ever shown.
MRS. L. C. WOLPF is visiting in Lin
coln , this week.
W. E. CAMPBELL is with the Bullard
Lumber Co. now.
JOHN ROXBY was up from Arapahoe ,
Monday , on business.
L. H. LAWTON of Palisade was in the
city , Monday evening.
to Farnaui and farming.
MRS. L. D. GOCKLEY is the guest of
her daughter , Mrs. J. C. Predmore.
MRS C. S. McELHERRON went down
to Cambridge , Monday , on a short visit.
MRS. E P. CHILDE of Palisade was in
the city , last Friday night , on her way
MRS. MARTHA HUGHES is having a
small dwelling built on North Monmoutln
C. II. BOYLE was in Denver on a visit
to the family , last of past week and
early part of the present.
W. E. BOSSERMAN of Grafton , Neb ,
was a guest of C. J. Ryan , close of last
and early part of this week.
MRS. E. E. STAYNER and Mrs. E. E
Saddler returned home , yesterday on I
from a visit to friends at Oberlin , Kan
Louis SUESS returned home , Wednes
day night on 5 , from his trip to Chicago
to buy goods for the spring and summer
MRS. M. M. DELHUNTY returned
home , last Friday evening on 3 , from
her visit to St. Joseph to buy spring
came up on No. I , Wednesday , to see
her sister-in-law , Mrs. Frank Kendlen ,
who is still quite ill.
Miss NELLIE MARTIN of Wy more was
a guest of Mrs. V. H. Solliday , part of
the week , arriving on I , Tuesday , and
departing on 12 , Thursday.
MRS. L. M. COPELAND , who has been
the guest of her daughter , Mrs. J. G.
Schobel , for a few weeks , will depart for
Minden , tomorrow morning.
MR. AND MRS. T. J. SMITH and Mrs.
Nettie McCarl arrived in the city , close
of last week , from Lincoln , and will
make this their future home.
Miss PEARL WOODARD came down
from Akron , yesterday morning , to help
her sister , Mrs. L. E. Gilcrest , during
her illness and that of her husband.
MRS. JOHN KUMMER and the members
of the family departed , yesterday morn
ing , for Grand Island , this state , whither
Mr. Kummer preceded them a few days
STASIA C. BRADY closed a six-months
term of school in district No. 41 , on
March i. A basket dinner was an en
joyable feature , participated in by all
the patrons of the school.
S. C. JOHN and family departed on No.
6 , Wednesday night , for Pauora , Iowa.
Our regret is tempered by the expecta
tion that they will in due time be back
in Red Willow county again.
MRS. S. L. MOENCH passed through
the city , a few days since , on her way
from Duraugo , Colorado , to Orleans , to
visit the family. She will also briefly
visit McCook friends before returning to
MAYOR BARNETT enjoyed a brief visit
from his sister , who arrived from Kan
sas , where she was called to the funeral
of her mother , on No. i , Wednesday ,
and continued her way to her home in
Colorado , the same night.
Miss LIZZIE STEVENS , deputy librar
ian , came up from Lincoln , Saturday
night on 3 , to see her sister , Mrs. Frank
Kendlen , returning to Lincoln on 2 ,
Wednesday morning. Mrs. Kendlen's
condition continues to demand careful
nursing and attention.
MRS. R. A. MATHEW of La Veta ,
Colorado , and Mrs. John W. Lewis of
Morrison , Illinois , are in the city , guests
af their sister , Mrs. S. A. Moore. Mrs.
Lewis will remain some time , but Mrs.
Mathew has since continued on her way
to Illinois on a visit.
two of Receiver Piper's charming daugh
ters , came up from Lincoln , Saturday on
STo. i , to attend the second anniversary
: elebration of the members of the Mc
Cook Athletic club. They departed for
aome on No. 2 , the following morning.
W. L. CULBERTSON , president of the
iVizzard Gold Mining Co. , and J. M.
CVhitelock , a member of the company ,
joth from Missouri , were in the city ,
Wednesday , on their way home from in
specting the mine. They think they
lave a fine thing. Some McCook people
lave interests in mines adjoining this
: ompBDj'a.
Athletlc's Second Anniversary.
The members of the McCook Athletic
club commemorated the second anniver
sary of the club's organization , last Sat
urday evening , in the club-rooms , with
great eclat and particulars altogether en
trancing. About one hundred guests
responded to the invitations issued by
the club and their second anniversary
occasion was a memorable and notable
affair a joy to the .guests and distinctly
creditable to the club.
The decorative feature of the event
was a most attractive and elaborate one ,
in some respects excelling the charming
effect of last year. A receution room
effect was produced in the billiard-room ,
pictures , rugs , appropriate furniture ,
colored lights and other items of taste
and culture being in the sum total , to
gether with palms , potted plants and
cut flowers. The decorations of the
reading-room were special in design. A
cleverly constructed and beautiful foun
tain played continuously in one corner ;
stately palm trees were disposed over
the room ; and with red bunting and
other devices , added to floral elements
of color and foliage , the resultant scene
was one of taste and charm. The deco
rations of the athletics-room were
formed of patriotic and club colors.
Among the social diversions were a
drawing match and a floral love story
guessing contest. The drawings were
illustrations of book titles , and the prize
was awarded Miss Hannah Stangland.
There were not a few quite artistic pro
ductions among the unplaced illustra
tions. The floral love story received
close and enthusiastic attention. Miss
Ida McCarl and Miss Nellie Smith pro
duced the story without an error and di
vided first honors , a beautiful bouquet of
carnations. Miss Minnie Rowell , Mrs.
Walter Stokes and Miss Edna Garrard
were each correct , save one error.
The Athletics department provided
three exciting numbers for the entertain
ment of the guests. The first was a
strenuous wrestling match , catch-as-
catcb-can , between Gary Dole and Earl
Vahue , in which the former won two
out of three falls. This was followed by
a most artistic exhibition of illuminated
Indian club swinging by J. T. Holmes.
The concluding number was a warm and
lively boxing contest between E. O.
Scott and Charles Robinson , in which
the points were in favor of the former ,
notwithstanding Mr. Robinson gave a
good account of himself. The sports
were keenly enjoyed even the gentler
sex agreeing that it was all "perfectly
lovely ; " and the decree must , peradventure -
venture , stand unchallenged.
In a cosy corner of the reading-room ,
a nook tastefully prepared therefore ,
frappe was served during the evening ,
Miss Lucile Lawson and Miss Lettie
Knipple presiding gracefully at the
Refreshments were served by the
ladies of the Dorcas society of the Con
gregational church with all their tra
ditional cleverness and taste and dainty
The Pythian orchestra of eight pieces
added a wealth of tuneful harmony to
the function during the entire evening.
Among those present from out-of-
town were : Mrs. Agnes Barker of
Chicago , Misses Helen and Elsie Piper
of Lincoln , and W. E. Bosserman of
May the club survive to celebrate
many more anniversaries.
Soap ! Soap !
Kirk's "Juvenile" the 25-cent kind
we sell it for 15 cents.
Grade Herefords for Sale.
A number of grade Herefords for sale.
Overcoats at DeGroff & Co.'s ,
Every color in China Silks at The
Thompson Dry Goods Co.
A large assortment of Stock Foods and
Poultry Supplies at McMillen's.
The Straight Front is the newest in
corsets. You will find them at DeGroff
& Co.'s.
No substitutions allowed at our store.
Prescriptions filled as written.
If you want the best and most for your
good money in the meat line don't do a
thing but go to Church & Marsh's
market. They are it.
WANTED : Farm of rich soil within
five miles of McCook. Will buy. or
trade Indiana farm or business.
W. E. HARTER , Mexico , Indiana.
Three hundred pieces of Dress Goods
in stock , from which yea may purchase
i dress skirt to your measure , made by
is , or from which you can bay per yard
from 10 cents to $1.25. All-wool Dress
Skirts from $2.50 op. We solicit your
> rder. The Thompson Dry Goods Co.
H. P. Walte has everything in the
lerdware line at the right price.
Conductor L. E. Gilcrest is still very
Flagman Walter Sayers is very ill with
an attack of pneumonia.
Fireman Jacob Schlegel is seriously ill
with an attack of appendicitis.
Way-car 126 is in the shops and 42 i
just out , after an overhauling and re
They organized a Railroad Men's clul
at Alliance , last week , with M. E. Well
as president.
Flagman F. F.Nenbauer arrived home
on r , Wednesday , from his trip to St
Francis , Kansas.
Car Inspector Baird of Lincoln was a
Western headquarters , Tuesday , on biisi
ness of his office.
Roy Zint of McCook was in the citj
this week the guest of Miss Blanch Con-
over Red Cloud Chief.
Roadmaster T. A. Wilburn- was al
Western division headquarters , Satur
day , on business official.
Brakeman C. S. McElherron has gone
up to Denver for a short visit , anil Fldg-
maii F. F. Neubauer is relieving him.
Fireman Walter Godfrey has been lay
ing off H few days on account of the ac
cident to his young son , last Saturday
Conductor Frank Rank arrived home ,
last night , from relieving Conductor
Caffrey , who was out with the purchas
ing agent's special.
Brakeman G. L. Miller returned from
Hastings , Wednesda } ' night on 3 , where
he has been relieving Brakeman C. L.
Olinstead a few days.
Conductor Art Lyman moved his fam
ily and goods here from Oxford , Wednes
day. They are occupying the Wesley
Van Nortwick dwelling over on Lower
Melvin street.
Brakeman Robert Sayers has been
laying off , a few days , helping nurse his
brother Walter , who has been seriously
ill with pneumonia since Sunday , but is
now improving.
Conductor E. F. Caffrey had Purchas-
ingn Agent Josselyn's special over the
Western division , this week. Late Pur
chasing Agent Guild accompanied the
new purchasing agent. They were in
McCook , Sunday.
It is announced that six new engines
of the class KS type will be manufactured
at Havelock. Orders for the manufac
ture of these engines have been given ,
and the material for them has been sent
for. About one year ago orders were
placed for eight engines at these shops.
A little later this order was increased to
twelve. This increases the number to
eighteen new engines from the shops ,
eight of which have been manufactured
and are now in service. The engines
turned out of the Havelock shops are as
good as the best , and the company has
been successful in manufacturing them
at a less cost than it can buy them on
the market. Lincoln Journal.
A box car was blown out onto the
main hue from the side-track at Yuma ,
Colorado , Saturday night , during the
severe wind-storm which prevailed over
the Western division , and for an hour erse
so was the cause of no little uneasiness
at headquarters. The car came down
the line as far as Laird , Colorado , where
it was finally caught by Engineer Charles
Milligan and Fireman R. C. Cole with a
light engine , Fireman Cole making the
coupling with the runaway , while in
motion , a very difficult and dangerous
Dperation. The operating department
bad the car under its electric eye , and it
is said that the car made a speed of 45
miles an hour at places. It was with a
Jeep breath of relief that the runaway
svas finally secured and the danger re
moved. The car had the right of way.
Track laying on the Toluca line will
begin nest month. A great deal of ma
terial for this line is now on the ground
it Toluca. The company will put down
jld steel on this line. Rails from differ
ent parts of the system , where the track
has been replaced with heavier steel ,
have been shipped to Toluca. The ends
jf the old rails will be sawed off and
this leaves them very nearly as good as
aew. A big portable rail saw , owned by
: he company , was yesterday sent to
Foluca to begin this work. The ma-
: hine cuts the ends of the rails and drills
; he holds for the plates at the same
; ime. The rails wear out fast near the
plates , and by cutting off each end the
( porst part of the rail is removed. It is
; he intention to finish the line from
[ "oluca to Cody City this summer. The
'set that old rails are being used in the
Construction of this line would not indi-
: ate that the company intends to add a
jreat deal of mileage beyond Cody City.
For the Ladies.
The "Domestic Science" meeting a
the home of Mrs. M.Thorgrimson provec
to be a most entertaining affair. Abou *
thirty ladies were present. Many more
would have attended but did not under
stand or know anything about it. The
superintendent in charge , Mrs. Welton
ably demonstrated her ability as a prac
tical house-keeper. Believing that in the
day of the new woman , when she is
called upon to assist in so much public
work , she must have some method and
system about her home duties in order
to keep her home as it should be and at
the same time give her leisure for some
of the lines of work in which many of
our women are intrusted , she thought
it all wrong that our home duties should
be a drag and a trial , but that rather , we
should make them a joy , go about them
with a zeal and energy , aiming for the
highest standards in results as to health
and comforts and pleasures to the in
mates of the home. The cake was made
according to order , the fruit salad was
delicious , as was also the peanut candy.
The frosting was just tight. All present
expressed themselves as well repaid for
their attendance. Quite a ripple of
laughter came over all when Mrs.
Welton asked for the can of Royal
baking powder in her hand bajj , and
Mrs. Walker very innocently handed
over the heads of the ladies a box of
powder for the complexion. We con
cluded by the rr-yarks , the ladies \ere
is much intere/ t in the one box as the
other. Should" the ladies desire to take
up this department of work here , it could
be made most interesting and helpful ,
especially to young house-keepers.
About twenty-five orders were taken for
the White Ribbon Cook Hook at 25 cents
Any one can order by sending name to
the writer. The stereopticon lectures
were very interesting and profitable ,
though not largely attended. The views
on Thursday evening , were especially
fine and something out of the ordinary
inc. Mrs. Walker having visited the
different points presented was able to
make it very plain to all. Some one
entered the Methodist church on Thurs
day and very unfortunately destroyed
about two and a half dollars worth of the
plates , a matter which the members of
the city union very much regret. We
rust when they come again a large au
dience will greet them.
House Burned In West McCook.
The residence of Mrs. Amelia Rider in
West McCook , occupied by I. M. Smith
and family , was practically completely
destroyed by fire , between one and two
o'clock , Monday morning. The fire is
bought to have started from the kitchen
stove , and the fire had burned into the
) ed-room occupied by Mr. Smith before
he fire was noticed. Many of the
lousehold goods were removed from the
front part of the house. The loss on the
louse will amount to $ See ; insured for J
i6oo. Mr. Smith's loss is between 300
and $400 , and the same is covered by in-
A Small Prairie Fire. !
A small prairie fire passed over the
river bottom , just west of the city , Sun-
Jay , burning from the river bank to the
railroad track on the north and as far
ivest as the river bridge road. William C
Bailey had eight tons of hay burned
uite a loss to him at this tiuie of the I
ear. There was no other damage
vorthy mention. The fire was started
y some boys who were engaged in boat-
tig on the river , that day.
Death Claims Another.
Death , Thursday mor ning at two
'clock , claimed another member of the
lurphy family , this time Miss Emily
eing the victim of the fell consumption
hat is doing its deadly work in that
ated family. The funeral services were
onducted by Rev. J. W. Hickey in St.
Patrick's church at ten o'clock , this
norning , interment following in Calvary
: emetery. _
Broke His Leg.
Fireman G. W. Godfrey's young son
Seorge fractured both bones of his left
eg , Saturday afternoon , in jumping.
tfot long since , the lad accidentally cut
iff the end of one of his fingers , and it .
, vas in attempting to favor this member
; hat the accident occurred.
Farmer's Friend.
The hen , the farmer's friend , should be
well treated make money by using Mc-
ilillen's Poultry Powder and Egg Pro-
Those beautiful Silk Zephyr Ginghams
ror wash waists and dresses at 30 cents a
f ard are worth seeing and securing while
may. The Thompson Dry Goods
When in need of a steel range , cook
) r gasoline stove buy of H. P. Waite.
the goods and prices are right.
At night ring the door bell at Loar's
.tore and the clerk will do the rest.
Go to Loar's for pure drugs.
Take your prescriptions to Loar.
It's sure McMillen's Cough Cure.
Loar's prices are right. Try him.
For clothing go to DeGroff & Co.'s.
Buy your garden and flower seeds from
H. P. Waite.
The wise man still sticketh to his
winter under-clothing.
The city council expects to meet on
Monday evening coming.
Peau deSoie Silks in black and colors
at The Thompson Dry Goods Co.
Sun Bonnets , enough for all , in all
styles. The Thompson Dry Goods Co.
When yon paint jour house , carriage
or barn , buy the best paint from II. P
Rich , heavy Taffeta Sill.2f >
nches wide , $ t per yard at The Thomp
son Dry Goods Co.
The McCook Circle Wo. 33 , Lniiics of
G. A. R. , meet the first Saturday of
every month in Odd Fellows hall.
Alex Bergeron , piano tuner from Den-
er. will make his regular trip here
about the first of April , and solicits jour
II. P. Waite has just received a large
nvoice of the best grades of rubber hose
vhich will be sold very cheap , consider
ng quality of the goods.
It don't pay you to buy an inferior
grade of rubber hose , when a good qual
ity will cost you but a trifle more. II
P. Waite has the best for the money.
Twenty-five stales of absolutely fast-
color Ginghams in pink checks , stripes ,
plaids and solid colors at 84 cents per
yard , just received at The Thompson
Dry Goods Co.
New Silk Waists are beauties. We
have them in black , white , national
blue , old rose , grey , cerise , crimson and
leanary. We invite your inspection.
The Thompson Dry Goods Co.
WANTED To trade for McCook real
estate , forty acres of fine second-bottom
land on Republican river. For full par
ticulars see Fearn , the Photographer ,
McCook , Nebraska. Phone No. 38.
Dr. P. S. Corkius. Eye Specialist ,
member of the Northern Illinois College
of Ophthalmology , Chicago , is at the
Commercial hotel , for a few days' and
can be consulted about eye defects , or
lieadaches. Examination free.
Any man why buys a pair of Trousers
without inspecting our offerings parts
soon with his money. We offer 200 pairs
Df high grade $4 , $5 , and $6 pants at
? 2 75 , $3-75 and $425Seeing is believ
ing. The Thompson Dry Goods Co.
Among those up-to-date implements
ust received by S. M. Cochran & Co. , is
13-wheel lister that has caused more
romment among the farmers than any
ister that has ever been placed on the
narket here. Every man who has seen
t wants to sell Ins old one and buy one
) f these new and unequalled listers.
We are showing Albatrosses , Xun--
. ' 'eilings , Poplins , Brilliantines , Broad-
iloths , Meridian cloths , Venetians , Ser
ies , Henriettas , Tailors Suitings , etc. in
> lain solid-color Dress Goods , besides a
arge line of Plaids , Checks , Vigoreoux
.nd other fancy and novelty Dress Goods
'rices from 10 cents to $1.15 per yard
? he Thompson Dry Goods Co.
G. A. R. Supper.
The Ladies' Circle of the G. A. R.
rill give a supper in the Coleman build-
ng , old McAdams store-room , Friday.
Harch 15 , at 6 o'clock.
Turkey Chicken Ham
Pickles and Jelly
'otato Salad Cabbage Salao
Baked Beans
Cake Doughnuts Rocks
Fruit Salad
Tea Coffee
supper , 25 cents.
Cafe Chautant.
The members of the Kappa Sigma
appa club will conduct a Cafe Chautant
n the Menard opera-house , Tuesday
: vening , March 26th , for the benefit of
he auditorium fund.
Full lines of all colors Taffeta Silk at
15 cents and 90 cents at The Thompson
) ry Goods Co.
MRS. J. E. SAJJBORN , who has been
'isiting in Virginia , Illinois , arrived ,
Engineer J. H. Murphy of the Imper.
al run is laying off for a few days , being
inder the weather somewhat.
MRS. ELLEN FARRELL , who has been
isiting her sister , Mrs. Mary Mullen
; nd son , Matthew Farrell , departed ,
Vednesday morning , for her home ia
'arsons , Kansas , with her yeucg ion.