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    Building ,
„ . . . .
Barn and Contents Burned.
Friday night about hnlf past ten
o'clock , the McBrayer livery barn was
discovered to be on fire , and about thirty
minutes thereafter the entire structure
and most of its contents had been con
sumed , despite the efforts of the depart
ment , which was promptly summoned
to the fire and gave its best endeavors to
Control the flames.
Ten head of horses , two single buggies ,
all harnesses , robes , whips etc. , twelve
tons of hay , two tons of straw , together
with two complete house-moving outfits ,
timbers and blocking , were consumed ;
five horses , several buggies and carnages
were gotten out of the burning building.
Mr. McBrayer places his loss at $3,000 ,
upon which he carried $2,000 insurance.
The building was the property of J. E.
Seeley of Poughkeepsie , N. Y. , and was
valued at about $2,000 ; being insured for
. $1,000.
A car of horses owned by a Mr. McKinney -
Kinney had been shipped earlier in the
-evening , or the loss might have been
much heavier in horse-flesh.
The building was a large one , and
burned in an almost incredibly short
time ; making the entire city lurid with
light and attracting the alarmed citizens
by hundreds to witness it.
The favorable direction of the wind
doubtless saved other property in the
neigborhood from a like destruction.
A Farewell Surprise.
About fifty of the neighbors and
friends of John Whittaker and family
over in Valley Grange precinct surprised
them at their home , Monday evening ,
in anticipation of their departure for
their new home in Lawrence , Michigan ,
whither they went on Thursday morn
ing. The neighbors came well equipped
as to their commissary and the even
ing passed all too quickly for all concern
ed , it being the unanimous opinion that
there was nothing to mar the pleasure of
the evening save the fact that it cele
brated the departure of one of the oldest
and most highly respected and esteemed
families in Valley Grange precinct , for
the Whittakers were among the van
guard of the precinct's settlers and have
always been active and interested in its
welfare. The neighbors will all heartily
join in wishing hem success and con
tentment in their new home.
It is now 27 years since the Whittakers
crossed the river into this precinct , and
it is putting it mildly to say that their
departure is keenly regretted for the
old settler feeling is close and lasting.
The Important Thing
In saving is how to make your sav
ings accumulate and multiply.
There is no savings institution so safe
or which multiplies savings so rapidly as
a good Building Association.
It is a model savings bank.
It is most economically managed.
It provides for the saving of money
usually squandered.
You get all that your money earns.
No commission paid to agents.
No preferred stock-holders to reap the
cream of the profits.
The poor man's dollar is just as good
as the rich man's thousands.
See the Sec'y of the McCook CoOperative
ative Building & Savings Ass'n about
the new stock.
A Clever "At Home. "
Mrs. W. R. Starr was the author and
finisher of a clever "at home" , Monday
evening , to the ladies of the Shakespeare
club to meet the ladies of the Ladies'
Research club , two of the literary clubs
of the city. The "worser halves" were
included in both instances. Rev. W. J.
Turner gave a very interesting and in
structive talk on "Hamlet" , his favorite
Shakespearian tragedy , and a number of
readings were given by members of the
two clubs. Refreshments were served ,
and altogether a very enjoyable evening
was bad.
A short but excellent musical program
was also a feature of the evening.
Bishop Was Delayed.
An informal reception at the chapel
was arranged for Bishop Graves by the
parishioners of St. Alban'slast Saturday
evening , but the bishop was detained
down the road and could not be present ,
to the keen disappointment of those who
had gathered at the chapel. The bishop
preached on Sunday morning , however ,
and will be in the city , this evening.
- - - -
A Renter Wanted.
A good practical farmer to rent farm
four miles south and one mile west of
McCook on shares. Call on or address ,
W. N. CRATTY , McCook , Neb.
Farmer's Friend.
The hen , the farmer's friend , should be
well treated make money by using Mc-
Millen's Poultry Powder and Egg Pro
ducer. |
When in need of a steel range , cooker
or gasoline stove buy of H. P. Waite.
V The goods and prices are right.
MAK CREASMAN has gone to Syracuse
this state.
H. B. BAUGHMAN has gone to Broken
Box , Nebraska.
CHRIS BUHNER and family have
moved to Oxford.
MRS. L.C. WOLFF was Hastings visitor
early in the week.
WILLIAM THOMAS' new address is
Champion , Nebraska.
Miss EVA BURGESS has been quite
ill for the past two weeks.
T. S. STONK departed , early in the
week , for Ida Grove , Iowa.
Mrs J. F. UTTER visited relatives at
Bartley , first of this week.
L. H. BLACKLHDGB was up from Red
Cloud , Monday , on business.
MRS. J. R. PHELAN departed on No
2 , Monday morning , for home.
MRS. C. E. POPE went down to Ox
ford , Wednesday , on a short visit.
CALEB CLOTHIER was down fron
Marengo , Hayes county , Saturday.
MRS. H. C. BROWN of Holdrege was a
guest of Mrs. Frank Rank , Monday.
MRS. J. W. LINE accompanied Mrs. E.
E. Saddler to St. Joe , Sunday night.
MRS. W. V. GAGE was in Lincoln
close of last and first of present week.
MRS. O. D. KEITH and Miss Edyth
Shirey went down to Hastings , today.
L. L. WILLIAMS left on Sunday morn
ing for his home in Eau Claire , Wiscon
over from the Beaver , Monday , on busi
G. L. LAWS was up from Lincoln ,
Mor/day , between trains , on land busi
MR. RALPH HAGGARD was a brief
guest in the Noren home , close of last
MRS. M. S. PARKS went down to Red
Cloud , Sunday , on a short visit to rela
MRS. FRANK KENDLEN is slowly im
proving from a severe attack of pneu
MRS. H. A. BEALE went up to Den
ver , Monday on No. r , on a short visit to
her sister.
SHAFE KAUTZMAN of the A. T. F. Co. ,
Kansas City , was in the city , Tuesday ol
this week.
MRS. MARY THOMPSON is here from
Chester , this state , visiting her son ,
Harmon Thompson.
MERTON O. BUNNELL has gone to East
Las Vegas , New Mexico , where his sister ,
Mrs. Crawford , is living.
Miss SARA COOL took her departure
for Denver , Saturday on No. i. She
will make her home there.
A. SMITH and family departed , close
of this week , for Hayes Center , where
they will make their home.
LOUIS SUESS departed , Sunday morn
ing , for Chicago , to buy spring and sum
mer goods , to be gone about ten days.
came up from Bartley , Monday night on
No. 5 , to take No. 6 at this place for
Akron , last Friday. Mr. K. joined
her , Saturday , and they returned home
on Sunday.
C. F. BABCOCK went down to Omaha ,
Tuesday night on 6 , to consult an oculist.
He briefly looked in upon the legislature
in Lincoln on his way home.
MAYOR BARNETT was called toOlathe ,
Kansas , Saturday night , by the sudden
death of his aged mother , who was 85
years of age and has been married 70
years. He is not expected home until
early next week , expecting to go on east
before his return.
ROBERT E. FRENCH of Kearney visit
ed the members of King Cyrus chapter
No. 35 , last Saturday and Saturday eve
ning. He is grand custodian of the R.
A. M. and also of the A. , F. & A.M. , to
succeed the late Dr. J. A. Tulleys. He is
one of the best posted of Masons , and
his visit was a delight to the craft.
JOHN WHITTAKER and family of Val
ley Grange precinct departed , Thursday
morning , for Lawrence , Michigan , where
they expect to make their home in the
future. For 27 years the Whitakers have
been residents of Valley Grange precinct ,
being among the very earliest pioneers
south of the river , and have been active
elements in the development of the ma
terial , mental , moral and spirtual life of
that section of the county. That they
may be content and happy , and achieve
success in their new home , is the sincere
hope of many Red Willow couotians.
The Goheen-Brlnton Wedding.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Erinton , just west of the city , was the
scene of a happy wedding , Tuesday even
ing , when their daughter Grace L. , was
united in marriage with Mr. Clarence
W. Goheen. The ceremony was per
formed by Rev. W. J. Turner of the Con
gregational church in the presence of the
members of the immediate families of
the contracting parties and near friends.
The ring service was used. The bride
was attractively gowned in white and
carried a bouquet of white carnations.
An elegant wedding supper followed
the ceremony , the table decorations be
ing in pink and white carnations.
The young people were the objects of
numerous handsome and useful gifts.
The happy young couple went to house
keeping in the McMillen farm on the
South Side.
Miss Ida Brinton of Des Moines , Iowa ,
and Wayne Brinton of Lincoln , sister and
brother of the bride , were present from
THE TRIBUNE in wishing this es
timable and sterling young couple much
joy and prosperity is voicing a general
sentiment among a wide circle of warm
Mr. Swarfs Claim.
THE TRIBUNE learns that A. F. Swart
of the National hotel has a claim for ex
penses and damages against the city on
account of the quarantine maintained
about the National hotel during the
smallpox episode. We also learn that
the total amount is quite large. This is
a question in which the tax-payers of
the city of McCook are deeply interested
and they should evince their concern by
their presence in numbers at the city
hall on the evening on which this claim
may be considered by the city council.
It may be taken as a fact that the tax
payers will oppose the payment of any
sum over and above what may be found
in equity to be a just and proper charge
against the city , remembering that every
individual citizen is expected to stand
for his due share of the misfortunes inci
dent to this life.
On the other hand there may be due
Mr. Swart some money which the city
should pay.
Wanted !
Five hundred men who are working
on a salary , to invest five dollars a
mouth in the best paying Savings insti
tution in Nebraska The McCook Co
operative Building & Savings Associ
ation. For particulars call on the secre
tary at the First National Bank.
Public Sale.
Mrs. Sarah J. Holbrook announces
a public sale on the Holbrook farm , 5 %
miles south-west of McCook , on Wednes
day , March I3th , commencing at one
o'clock prompt. Stock , implements and
household goods offered on reasonable
N. J. Johnston's Sale.
This sale of stock , machinery etc. will
be held at his farm , ten miles south of
McCook , on Thursday , March 7th , com
mencing at II o'clock. Free lunch at
noon. Terms usual and reasonable. See
large bills.
We Are Ready !
Our shelves are full of NEW wall-paper.
We are preparing for the best wall-paper
season in the history of McCook. Our
line will be bigger , handsomer than we
have ever shown.
Farmer's Friend.
The hen , the farmer's friend , should be
well treated make money by using Mc-
Millen's Poultry Powder and Egg Pro
Soap ! Soap !
Kirk's "Juvenile" the 25-cent kind
we sell it for 15 cents.
Grade Herefords for Sale.
A number of grade Herefords for sale.
Inquire of WlLCOX & FLiTCRAFT.
Overcoats atDeGroff & Co.'s.
A large assortment of Stock Foods and
Poultry Supplies at McMillen's.
The Straight Front is the newest in
corsets. You will find them at DeGroff ,
& Co.'s.
No substitutions allowed at our store.
Prescriptions filled as written.
If you want the best and most for your
good money in the meat line don't do a
thing but go to Church & Marsh's
market. They are it.
A number of Omaha sign-writers put
up some large and attractive "Henry f
George" and "Tom Moore" signs on the t
outer walls of the Workman temple and t
McNeely buildings , this week. c
WANTED : Farm of rich soil within p
five miles of McCook. Will buy , or
rade Indiana farm or business.
W. E. HARTKR , Mczico , Indiana.
W. H. Armstrong went up to Imperial ,
C. F. Heber , was a Lincoln visitor ,
W. P. Harger is working at Akron ,
this week.
Guy J. Bruce has gone to Braiuard ,
Apprentice Burton of Oxford is in the
Machinist Charles Stillman is on the
relief with a mashed hand.
Switchman C. L. Smith had his leg
sprained at Oxford , Sunday.
Conductor H. C. Brown spent Sunday
with the family in Holdrege.
Will Chlanda went up to Denver ,
Wednesday night , on a visit.
Brakeman M. M. Fisk has gone up to
Haigler to spend a ten-day lay-off.
J. A. Harris and S. H. Brewington were
up from Oxford , last Saturday night.
Machinist A. M. Davis arrived home ,
Tuesday night , from his visit to Wymore.
F. G. R. Ford went up to Akron , early
in the week , to relieve Switchman Jami
son , sick.
James Barber of the store-house ar
rived home , Sunday , from his visit to
Ned Grimes visited in Blue Hill , latter
part of last week , returning home on
Monday night.
Machinist Nick Frieze and wife ar
rived in the city , yesterday noon on i ,
from their sad trip to Chicago.
Conductor George Beck and wife spent
Saturday and Sunday in Imperial , re
turning home on Monday evening.
Electric lights would be a great con
venience and improvement at the ma
chine-shop ; and they ought to have them ,
Trainmaster J. F. Kenyon arrived
home on 3 , Tuesday morning , from his
trip to Illinois and Iowa on railroad busi
William C. Browne has commenced the
erection of a dwelling-house on the corner
of Dodge and Monmouth streets , this
Conductor George Beck has been trans
ferred to the Oxford-St. Francis line ,
and Conductor Art Lyman comes to Mc
Chief Clark Lawritson and family
were guests of his brother , H. Lawrit
son , at Cambridge , Sunday , between
Conductor C. J. Snell had Supply
Agent Josselyn's special over the divi
sion , this week , commencing at Red
Cloudtoday. |
The ballast train has been put on again
at Woodruff , with ConductorSteve Dwyer
and Brakeman H. L. Holder and E. L.
Meyers in charge.
Auditor Sampson was with Supply
Agent Josselyn , today , in his trip over
the Western division , taking notes of
the supply department.
The enginemen are figuring on giving
a ball , about the middle of March , to
help along the auditorium project. It
will be a winner , if they do.
Arthur and RoxieCullen visited Frank
and Maggie Cullen in Omaha , going
down on last Thursday and returning
home on Tuesday of this week.
F. D. Griffeth went down to Oxford ,
Sunday , to see his father , who is severely -
ly ill from vaccination. The sick man's
arm swelled to immense proportions and
his condition was somewhat grave.
Charlie Chambers came up from Kan
sas City , Mo. , last Friday on a visit to
his . parents , Engineer and Mrs. A. J.
Chambers. Charlie is working for the
Union Pacific at Kansas City , and doing
well. He will return , the last of this
or first of next week.
S. M. Cole and family and Thomas
Bennett and wife will depart on next I
Tuesday for Winterset , Iowa , where Sid
ney has purchased a fine stock , grain and
fruit farm and will settle down to the
quiet life of a substantial farmer. Their
departure will be keenly regretted by all.
THE TRIBUNE hopes that they may find
continued prosperity.
The facilities for handling driving-
wheels at the shops are being continu
ally improved. Yesterday , a new turn
ing table for handling these immense
and heavy wheels was installed , and a C
force of section men is today , under Fore
man James Powell , putting in a side
track all along the north side of the ma
chine-shop to accommodate the driving-
wheel department. After the track is in
place the entire space between the ma
chine-shop and blacksmith-shop and an
additional space east of the shop will be i is :
planked. y
Attempted Sulclce.
The following item is taken from the
Lincoln Journal. Mr. Rider but recent
ly visited McCook , and while here his
mental condition , ( caused by worry over
the use of his farm-house as a pest-house
by the city authorities and hia settle
ment with the city , ) become such as to
cause some uneasiness , and he was ac
companied to his home , where , in an un
expected time , he made the attempt
which cauie so near ending his life :
Fairbury , Neb. , Neb. 21. Special. )
M. C. Rider , living nine miles north of
here , made a desperate effort to end his
life , yesterday , by haggling his throat
with a pocket knife. Several times the
weapon went in very close proximity to
the jugular vein but did not inflict fatal
Rider is a man about sixty years old ,
and has a wife and several grown child
ren. He was in the best of spirits prior
to the attempt , and he refuses to give
any reason for his rash act. The phy
sician stated at noon today that he was
in a critical condition , but believed he
would recover.
It is known that Rider's family for
several generations have had a suicidal
mania , and one of his sons committed
suicide by cutting his throat at McCook ,
a few years ago. A natural tendency in
this direction added to an alleged do
mestic trouble , is supposed to have
occasioned the act.
The Auditorium.
The auditorium project is being quiet
ly , but successfully , carried on. To the
$1,600 subscribed , last week , about $1,000
has been added , this week. The total
pledges now aggregate in the neighbor
hood of $3,000. Those in charge feel
sanguine that the entire $7,000 can be
secured. Various projects for raising
funds are being matured , of which more
in the future.
The coming visits of Drs. Seymour
and Williams will offer a splendid oppor
tunity to those in this city wishing to
consult * an eye , ear , nose and throat
specialist. Dr. Seymour has recently
enlarged his business in Lincoln and
now has an institution on O street in
company with Dr. Thad Woodward , the
noted surgeon , where they can treat
many more patients than he has been
able to do in the past. Consultation free
at the Commercial hotel , Friday , March
Drs. Seymour and Williams , who will
be here Friday , March 8 , wish to extend
a special invitation to their niany friends
and patients in this city who called on
them during their recent visit here , to
come and see them ; they also request all
who wish to call on them , to drop them a
card to Lincoln stating their desire as
they have many appointments and will [
wish to arrange their time accordingly.
There was an unsuccessful attempt at
a council meeting , Monday evening ; but
the session was deferred on account of the
absence of Mayor Barnett , as there is
important business in connection with
the late smallpox scare up for consider
ation. And THE TRIBUNE would sug
gest in this consideration that the mat
ter is of large moment to the tax-payers
of the city. '
They had a little fire scare in the rear .
of Artz & Thompson's store , Wednesday
afternoon. A tinner was working on thereof
roof and a spark from his stove started a
little blaze in some paper in the rear of
the building. The fire was quickly ex
tinguished , however , without damage. *
It don't pay you to buy an inferior
grade of rubber hose , when a good qual
ity wili cost you but a trifle more. H.
P. Waite has the best for the money.
From and after the iSth , phone 36 ,
the Blue Front livery barn , for all calls
for the city bus. Meets all trains and
goes to any part of the city.
FOR SALE. A few household goods d
for light housekeeping. Enquire at a
George Enoch's , oyer Mrs. M. M. Delt
hunty's millinery store.
Ploussard's boarding-house is being
pushed along quite rapidly , this fine
building weather , and it is about en
closed and roofed.
C. E. Pope and C. B. Gray have a new
dwelling-under way , just north of Engi
neer Barney Lewis' residence on North
Monmouth street.
Jasper N. Purvis and William J. Purvis
have bought the old Paine property , cor
ner of Douglass and McDowell ; consider
ation , $1,150.00.
The McCook Circle No. 33 , Ladies of
G. A. R. , meet the first Saturday of
every month in Odd Fellows hall.
John Burtless is building a barn and
otherwise preparing to open a dairy on
the Whittaker farm.
Frank Dobson's
new dwelling-house
enclosed and roofed and the inside
work progressing.
Go to Loar's for pure drugs.
Take your prescriptions to Lonr.
It's sure McMilleu's Cough Cure.
Loar's prices are right. Try him.
Alfalfa seed for sale. C.G.GOUEKN.
For clothing go to DeGroff & Co.'a.
Dr. Seymour , eye specialist , here Fri
day , March 8.
Buy your garden ieeds and flower pots
of II. P. Waite.
The police spoiled a little poker plant ,
a few days since.
Coal hod and shovel for 15 cents at S.
M. Cochrau & . Co.'s.
A few sets of second-hand harness for
sale by S. M. Cochran & Co.
You can phone your orders to S. M.
Cochran & Co. for alfalfa hay.
At night ring the door bell at Loar's
store and the clerk will do the rest.
We anticipate a healthy , vigorous
building boom , this year of grace 1901.
When you paint jour house , carriage
or barn , buy the best paint from II. P.
The county commissioners have again
made THE TRIBUNE the official county
Dr. Seymour , the Lincoln eye , ear ,
nose and throat specialist , here Friday ,
March 8 , at Commercial hotel.
Commencing with February i8th , the
Blue Front livery barn , phone 36 , will
respond to all calls for the city bus.
Call and get prices. Cane seed , seed
oats and corn at lowest prices.
Isn't it about time for THE TRIBUNE'S
correspondents to come out of winter
quarters and resume their usual work ?
It is to be regretted that more "self-
made men" do not "try themselves on"
before appearing as finished products ;
there would be less misfits.
H. P. Waite has just received a large
tinvoice of the best grades of rubber hose
which will be sold very cheap , consider
ing quality of the goods.
Commencing with next Monday , Feb-
'ruary i8th , the city bus will be in charge
of W. H. Ackerman of the Blue Front
livery. Call up phone 36. Calls an
swered for all trains to any part of the
Remember the date of Drs. Seymour
and William's visit here , if you wish to
see them , as they will remain only one
day , coming by special request , but will
give free consultation to all who call at
that time.
In these days when you are introduced
to a doctor you don't know whether he
is a dentist , a horse doctor , a presiding
elder , a spectacle doctor or just a com
mon every-day doctor who saws bones
and kills people. Titles are cheap.
Among those up-to-date implements
just received by S. M. Cochran & Co. , is
a 3-wheel lister that has caused more
comment among the farmers than any
lister that has ever been placed on the
market here. Every man who has seen
it wants to sell his old one and buy one
of these new and unequalled listers.
Dr. Seymour , the noted Lincoln eye
specialist , who paid McCook a visit
about a year ago , will make a one day
visit here , Friday , March 8. He will be
accompanied by Dr. Williams , the ear ,
nose and throat specialist , who was with
him at the time of bis last visit. They
will have rooms at the Commercial hotel.
John A. Davis , one of the earliest set
tlers on Driftwood , passed out of this
life on February I7th , at his home in
Wellfleet , whither he moved from Red
Willow county , some years ago. The
deceased had many friends hereabouts
as well as at Wellfleet , who regarded
him highly for his character and conduct
as a man and neighbor.
The Great Majestic range that S. M.
Cochran & Co. just placed in the Palmer
house , West Dennison street , is the larg
est range ever unloaded in McCook ; it
looked like a box-car with lids on it. The
shipping weight with steam table was
over 2,600. It is larger than the Majes
ties placed in the Commercial or Nation
al hotels , the B. & M. eating-house or
OdelPs boarding-car by this firm.
Dr. Seymour advises us that it will
not be possible for him to use his car on
this trip for office purposes as there has
been a recent ruling in the passengerde-
partment of the various roads which
prohibits his doing so , as there is always
danger of damaging his valuable instru
ments in the switching necessary in
towns of this size.for which the road will
not be responsible. Consequently the
doctors will use their car for traveling
purposes and will have their office at the
Commercial hotel.