The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 10, 1900, Image 1

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The Danger Limit.
A great many letters have come to the
experiment station asking for advice as
to pasturing sorghum. The publicity
given to the injurious effects of sorghum
through the investigations carried on by
this station to ascertain the cause ha
moved people not heretofore acquainted
with this occasionally exhibited peculiar
ity of the plant to become suspicious o
it. While no further positive informa
tion has been obtained on the subject
there yet remains a word or two that
may be profitably spoken.
The records of this station do not
show any cases of sudden death from
sorghum occurring in the eastern portion
of Nebraska , with the exception of a few
which occurred on second growth sor-
ghum. There is also reason to believe
that plants producing this disastrous
effect have not made a healthy growth ,
and are yellow and wilted , a condition
easily detected by the farmer. It would
therefore seem reasonable to conclude
that no danger is to be encountered in
pasturing sorghum of healthy growth in
Eastern Nebraska.
Again it would appear that no danger
is incurred if the sorghum is fed after
cutting and allowing to lie for some
time. A sample of sorghum was recently
received by the station with a letter ac
companying it stating that the plants
were parts of a very few partially eaten
by a cow which was killed by them in
two minutes. The sample was fed to a
cow on the station farm without injur
ing her in the least. This together with
the fact that no poison has been detected
in samples sent to the station for anal
ysis would indicate that any toxic sub
stances which the plants might have
contained have become dissipated after
cutting. The length of time required
for this is not known , but it is certainly
accomplished in a few days.
As sorghum is undoubtedly the best
annual midsummer forage crop for this
region , it is important that its limita
tions should be well defined. The use
of healthy sorghum for pasturage with j
the ordinary precautions in Eastern Ne
braska , and of sorghum hay , may be
considered safe. T. L. LYON.
Nebraska Experiment StationLincoln ,
July 21 , 1900.
Advertised Letters.
The following letters were advertised
by the McCook post-office on August sth : .
Mr. T. Blant , Mr. F. O. Fritz ,
Dr. Davis , Jr. , Mr. H. W. Lewis ,
Mr. Joe Lower , MissH. F.Lewis , (2) (
Fred Gray , Mrs. Jane Long ,
Mr. O. E. Hunt , Mr. Charley Griffin ,
J. W. Sharitt , Miss Mary Singer ,
Mr. Jno. Moore , Mr. Nathan Bolens ,
Mrs. Youman , Mr. Fred Soltow ,
Chas. Wrently(2) ( ) Stella H. Brown ,
Rudolph Kneidug , Miss Ina Remedy ,
Miss Iva Irene Smith.
In calling for any of these letters , please
say that they are advertised.
F. M. KIMMEI.II , Postmaster.
Seven New Members.
The Ladies Circle of the G. A. R. met
in regular session on last Saturday after
noon. Five new members were initiated ,
making seven additions to the circle at
the last two meetings. After the regular
business session ice-cream and cake were
served. Mrs. M. E. Barger of Bartley
was among those present from out-of-
Why Think
Of sending away for a sewing machine ,
when S. M , Cochran & Co. do and will
meet any competition on earth , quality
considered. See their machines and
get their prices and terms first , and you
will buy of reliable home business men.
They are here , too , to make good their
At S5 Per Ton.
Corn fodder for sale , fine quality ,
bound in bundles , delivered in McCook
for $5 per ton. Write or see
J. W. BURTLESS , McCook , Neb.
Estrays Taken Up.
Four head of cattle , July 16 , 1900 , at
McCook. 7-ao-3ts. SAM HORNBACK.
Ball and Bat Free.
To the boy who buys a suit of clothes
at $2.50 or up at DeGroff & Co.'s.
The Great Majestic is alwajs just the
same the best range on earth. Hot or
cold , wet or dry , the people must have
them , when they want an absolutely re
liable range. diIi
Bed-bug , roach and ant exterminators ;
warranted effective.
Handsome Mixtures and Polka Dot tlpi
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MRS. IDA HOWLAND is in the city.
MRS. H. M. FlNlTY is out of the city
on a vacation.
Miss VIRGIE CASSELL has been quite
ill , this week.
W. F. LAWSON is absent in Wiscon
sin , this week.
MRS. AND Miss NOREN were Hast
ings visitors , Tuesday.
Miss MAUD CHAMPLIN is a guest in
C. W. Barnes' home.
KENNETH WELLES arrived home from
Colorado , first of the week.
the fond parents of a daughter.
Miss LILLIE BURNETT is visiting her
grandparents , Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Smith
of Red Cloud.
MRS. BELLE HEDLUND returned to
the city , yesterday noon , from a short
visit in Holdrege.
MRS. M. E. BARGER came up from
Bartley , Saturday , and has been visiting
here , part of the week.
MRS. FRANK CARRUTH and daughter
came down from Denver , yesterday
morning on 2 , on a visit.
MRS. L'Rov ALLEN departed on 5 ,
Wednesday evening , for Denver , on a
visit to Mrs. Frank Harris.
MRS. FORD of Green Bay , Wisconsin ,
is in the city on a visit , guest of her
brother , Master Mechanic Archibald.
CHAIRMAN JAMES of the congressional
committee was in the city , brief parts of
Monday and Tuesday , on matters politi
ALBERT HELM and Lon Miller , two
young men of Redwillow , will leave ,
Monday , for Oklahoma , to look up a
WILL WALTERS returned , Tuesday
evening , from spending three weeks
visiting relatives in Northern Dundy
: ounty.
Miss JULIA RYAN arrived home from
tier vacation , and resumed her position
is stenographer in W. R. Starr's office ,
; arly in the week.
Miss MOLLIE RYAN returned , first of
the week , from visiting relatives in Sut-
: on andGrafton , and will take a position
.u McAdarns' store.
EVAN SAGE arrived in the city , Satur-
iay evening last , from Beatrice , and is
he guest of his uncle and aunt , Mr. and
Mrs. W. S. Morlau.
MR. AND MRS. Louis LOWMAN , who
lave been spending a few weeks at
Madison Lake , Wisconsin , arrived home
> n No. 5 , Saturday evening. c
SUP'T G. H. THOMAS was up from ;
Harvard , close of last and fore part of
his week , looking after school matters ,
leparting for Harvard again on Wednes-
lay morning.
MRS. M. LAWRITSON and children
vere the guests of Agent and Mrs. H.
awritson of Cambridge , Monday. Mrs.
v. Lawritson joined them at Indianola ,
ind spent the day in Cambridge.
C. C. NORTHRUP departed , this morn-
ng , on a trip which will keep him away
intil the first proximo. He will first
isit in Neligh and Omaha , after which
te will go to Detroit , Michigan.
MR. HARBICAN aud daughter are in
he city , a few days , while en route to
ialt Lake City. Mr. Harbican is the
iwner of what is known as the Jacob |
iquires farm over in Driftwood precinct ,
nd was looking after matters while in
he city.
eparted , Tuesday night , for Colorado u
iprings , Colorado , whither they have
one on account of Miss Eva's health ,
rhich has been a source of some solici-
ude on the part of her parents and
riends of late. It is fondly hoped by
11 that they may find health.
School Library Open.
The High School library will be open
ach Saturday morning from 9 to 10
'clock , when pupils can secure and re-
irn books. Naomi Woolton will be in
barge. _
Organ for Sale.
A six-octave Estey organ , in good con- sc
ition , for sale cheap. A rare bargain.
iquire at TRIBUNE office.
Miss Folmer , a student of Knox con-
: rvatory of Galesburg , Illinois , is in
le city and wishes to form classes in W
iano and voice culture and theory. scat
bur patronage solicited.
Nice Plaids at ioc. , 150. and 350. for at
rls' school dresses at The Thompson
ry Goods Co. tb
All-Wool Dress Skirts to your measure
r $2.50 at The Thompson Dry Goods Co.
Royal Highlander's Field-Day.
Greatest gathering of the clans of the
history of Nebraska , Lincoln , August 15.
Bruw laddies and fair ladies from all
over the state will be there.
Three special Highlander trains to
Lincoln over the Burlington Route
one from Falls City , another from
Kearney.still another from Grand Island.
All three trains will reach Lincoln at
10:00 a. in. Returning leave Lincoln at
10:00 p. m. . giving visitors a whole day
to enjoy the program arranged for their
Only $6 90 for the round trip , McCook
to Lincoln.
Get tickets from the local ticket agent.
For information about train service , see
fly bills.
Died of Heart Disease.
A young lady by the name of Mabel
Snell of St. Louis died on No. 6 , last
night , between here and Denver , and
the remains were taken off of the train
at this point and prepared for shipment
to St , Louis. The body was forwarded
by express on No. 2 , this morning. The
deceased was a rather robust looking
young lady , an" probably died from
some affection of the heart.
Some Choice Offerings.
I wish to say to my friends and patrons
that I have for sale some choice O. I. C.
pigs of May farrow , 8 to 10 weeks old ,
for $10 each. They are simply good at
both ends out of Perfection blood and
stand right up on their feet. Also.B. P.
Rock chickens aud Bronze turkeys.
Come and see me or write your wants.
Box 238. McCook , Nebr.
Desirable House for Sale.
I will offer for sale at a low price my
residence property , corner Marshall and
Dearborn streets. Terms , time on part ,
or will name an attractive price for spot
cash. 5-4-tf. W. C. LA TOURETTE ,
Cedar Rapids , Iowa.
C. F. BABCOCK , Local Agent.
One Chance Yet
To realize something from your corn
crop. Buy a Deeriug corn harvester and
bind your corn fodder good , clean ,
bound fodder will make you from $3 to
5 per acre. S. M. Cochran & Co. , sell
Frank Schoonover hauled out the lutn-
aer , this week , for a new frame house on
ais farm over in Frontier county. Joseph
\llen , who also lives a short distance
> ver the Red Willow county line , is en-
arging his already commodious barn to
hree times its present dimensions.
R. T. Eller & Co. received an invoice
> f sixty-five boxes of California fresh
ruits on Wednesday of this week , and
old nearly all out the same day. They
vill have another invoice of one hundred :
> exes on Tuesday morning of next week.
The "Little Hoosier" five-hole drill is :
he machine with which to put your fall :
vheat in the stalks where it does the
lest. Cochran & Co. , of course.
Wall paper remnants enough for one
ooni very cheap.
License to wed has been granted to :
larry W. Strubbe of Lincoln and Anna >
J. Ritchie of Bartley. They were mar-
ied by Rev. E. B. Crippen of Bartley on
he 28th ult.
Albert J. Helm and Lizzie Brahler ,
ioth of Redwillow. Married by Judge
lishop , Thursday afternoon.
August gth , judgment was rendered
gainst Henry S. and Mary C. Ough and
ii favor of Richardson , Robertson , ,
lyrne Dry Goods Co. for $976 and costs.
Mabel G. Hall vs. James Hall , Sr. ;
ivorce and injunction.
T. J. Cress vs. William E. Marquis ;
Farm filings , $7,588.74 ; releases , $4-
02.50. City filings , $8,318.78 ; releases ,
1,245. Chattel filings , $ I2O47.85 ; ; re-
: ases , $50,698.36.
The board of education hopes to secure
) me additional room for school purposes
i the court-house , the coming term of cl
: hool.
Conductor and Mrs. S. E. Callen and
Irs. J. E. Beyrer went up to Benkelman ,
uesday , on a short visit to friends. P' '
F.-C. CORSETS Money back after four ei
eeks wear , if dissatisfied. The Thomp- ti ;
m Dry Goods Co. it
Braid Trimmed Percale Wrappers 550. cl
The Goods . el
: Thompson Dry Co.
i [
E. E. Saddler commenced braking , rt
is morning. rtPi
House to rent. Inquire of W. O. in i
orval. w
Monday will be pay-day.
There were two sections of No. 3 ,
Wednesday night.
There were three sections of No. i ,
Wednesday , due to low rates.
Brakeman J. F. Utter visited in Bart
ley , Tuesday , between trains.
T. A. Erb was down from Akron , yes
terday , on business at headquarters.
Brakeniau Lew Lyons has been visit
ing the Franklin reunion , this week.
Ex-Switchman Frank Wiggins and
family have gone to Houston , Texas.
-Conductor L. E. Gilcrest visited his
parents in Akron , Saturday aud Sunday.
Tuesday was a lively day for stock
shipments from and through this station.
Engineer and Mrs. E. C. McKay are
ooking after the welfare of a prospect-
ve engineer.
Operator W. F. Pate is visiting in Fre
mont , part'of the week , leaving for there
on Tuesday night
Conductor J. E. Beyrer has Conductor
F. A. Starks' run during the latter's
slight indisposition.
An entire train of extra passenger
equipment passed through from Denver ,
Thursday morning.
Operator C. S. McElherron has been
transferred to the train service , and is
now braking on freight.
Brakeman G. E. Murdock is spending
the week in Wymore , visiting his folks
and taking in the reunion.
Conductor Lyman has gone east on
a is-days vacation , and Conductor W.
O. Simons has his run until he returns.
An Englishman has patented a device
whereby the sides of railway cars may
be thoroughly washed and cleansed
without the use of hand labor
The rain of Sunday night caused a
slight wash-out on the Imperial line ,
which delayed the arrival of 176 at this
point about two hours , Monday evening.
Engineer Fred Bosworth brought Fire
man Ed Ford down from Denver ,
Wednesday morning on 2 , and Mr. Ford
is now at the home of Master Mechanic
Archibald , quite sick with an attack of
Brakeman M. B. Harbaugh had the
side of his face cut in an ugly manner ,
Friday , while playing ball on the Ath
letic grounds. The ball glanced from
the bat and made an ugly gash over his
right eye.
The B. & M. will get along without a
belper at this station , after this , and
Rob't Hinze , who has been acting in
that capacity , will leave for his home at
Holyoke , the first of next week. Ber-
rand Herald.
Agent and John Thomson will go up
o Boulder , Colorado , tonight , to visit
he family at the Chautauqua over Sun-
iay. They will return here , Monday ,
ind John will leave on Tuesday for Port-
and , Oregon , to be absent a year or two.
The game of base-ball , Sunday after-
loon , between the Boilermakers and
31acksmiths was a most exciting one
ind filled the grand-stand with enthusi-
istic and demonstrative rooters for both
lubs. The Boilermakers won , the score
eing 8 to 7. Rufus Carlton , the official
impire , escaped with his life , we are
lappy to relate in this connection.
W. A. Bartholomew and wife arrived
n the city , last Friday , from Denver ,
vhere he has been an engineman on the
iio Grande for the past eight years.
'Shorty" formerly fired on the Western
iivision. They were on their journey to
llinois on account of Mrs. Bartholo-
new's ill health. They went up to
layes county , first of the week , on a
hort visit to her old home.
It is remarked officially that while
ravel to the Black Hills has been some-
hing tremendous , this season , the nuni-
ler of visitors to the grandeur of Yellow-
tone park has been disappointingly
mall , and most of them came from afar
nd were elderly people. Doubtless the
rouble with Yellowstone park is the
act that the poor accommodations are
ot at all in harmony with the heavy
barges imposed everywhere.
Next Thursday evening a Railroad
Ten's club will be organized at this
oint' The purpose of the club will be |
j bring together the men in the differ- v
ut branches of the service in an educa-
onal way , to give and receive ideas and
iforinatiou along railroad lines. These
lubs have proven to be of great value
Isewhere , and it is expected that the
cCook club will be no exception to the
lie. Already quite a few of the em-
loyes have shown and expressed interest
the contemplated organization , of
hich more later.
A Good Fruit Year.
Indications are multiplying that this
has been so far an exceptionally good
year for fruit. Lyman Miller exhibited
at THE TRIBUNE office , this week , a
number of samples of apples , plums ,
grapes etc. , grown on his farm on the
divide north of the city , this season ,
which are indeed very fair articles and
altogether encouraging. One specimen ,
a smallish apple of good flavor , Mr.
Miller thinks can be raised here success
fully witlfout much trouble. As to cher
ries and plums , they do nicely almost
any year. Mr. Miller's orchard is small
but fairly thrifty , and has never been
irrigated. The general difficulty has
been to have apples grow to maturity ;
this year , this draw-back has not been
: o apparent , and the hope is revived that
apples may grow to maturity without
undergoing the spraying operation.
Low Rates to Chicago.
One fare for the round trip via the
Burlington route.
The Burlington has offered one fare
"or the round trip ( $21.10) ) from McCook
: o Chicago , August 24 and
27 , on ac
count of the annual encampment of the
Grand Army of the Republic.
The return limit on these tickets is
September i , subject to extension to
September 30.
The nearest ageut of the Burlington
Route will be pleased to give you ad
ditional information about rates , dates ,
baggage and train service.
Financial Trouble.
F. J. Shervellan itinerant piano-tuner ,
and his financial agent.Dr.G.A.Knowles
of Mussquawkie Indian medicine fame ,
had a fight in the city , last evening , over
financial matters , in which Shervell was
distinctly worsted. Shervell afterwards
sought to have the doctor arrested for
assault and battery , but as the doctor
left the city per buggy after the fight he
was not found. Shervell left the city on
one of the night trains and failed to ap
pear in county court this morning. Both
were the worse for whisky.
Hawkins Gets Life Sentence.
Clerk Lee Herdman of the supreme
court has sent out a mandate command
ing the lower courts to carry out the
judgment of a life sentence against
Hawkins , the Frontier county murderer.
It will be remembered that Hawkins
was found guilty of murdering old man
Jensen and throwing his body into an
abandoned well. Hawkins has been in
the penitentiary for some time for safe
Declined the Offer.
Last Saturday , Director Suttou of the
Nebraska Brigade band of our city re
ceived a telegram from Colonel Killian
of the First Nebraska regiment making
a tender of the position of regimental
band to the famous Nebraska Brigade.
The offer was declined with thanks. a
Stewart Hall Destroyed.
Stewart hall , the boys' hall at Frank
lin academy , was destroyed by fire on
Saturday night last. The building was
insured for about half its value , A large
juantity of furniture was also burned.
You'll Be Sorry :
If you paint or paper your house with-
jut seeing what we have to offer in end"
jf-the-season bargains.
Cotton Batts the right length , right
ividth ; unfold and open without pulling
jr picking. The only real Cotton Batts
sold in McCook. The Thompson Dry
3oods Co.
Exclusive selling agent for Jamestown
Worsted Mills ; 50 styles in stock. The
rhompson Dry Goods Co.
UNE office. Best in the market.
j c
McMillen serves pure fruit flavors | e
, vith ice-cream soda.
Brakeman George Martin is off duty
vith slight injuries.
Operator Albert Thorgrimsou , late of
ickley , has resigned and is now in V
Denver. si
The sick-list , this week , is composed 01
iall game , Monday , and did not creditable to
if Conductor , A. P. Benne , and F. A. reU
U !
itarks and Brakemen O. D. Keith and
) . M. Taylor.
Conductor C. W. Bronson was called
o Chicago , Tuesday on 6 , on Burlington diP
oluntary relief business. Conductor A. P <
/ . Knowland has his run meanwhile and w
iteve Dwyer has Knowland's car. 41 :
Vanie Modrell received an ugly face otT ]
round , Wednesday , in the machine- at
hop. He was holding a punch , which atN
ionrad Brenning was striking with a
ledge hammer ; the heavy hammer
lipped off of the punch , striking Mod- sa
zll in the face , breaking his nose and
lashing his face in a painful manner. Di
Lear sells drugs.
Lear bells wall-paper.
A great leader Lonr.
Lear sells machine oil.
Lear sells prescriptions.
The freshest and best drugs are found-
at Loar's.
Summer drinks at Taffy Charlie's
candy kitchen.
Flower-pots cheap at Mrs. Douglass' ,
opera-house block.
Summer Corsets 230. at The Thomp
son Dry Goods Co.
Delicious ice-cream soda with fruit
flavors at McMillen's.
Full Ruffled Sun-Bonnets 190. at The
Thompson Dry Goods Co.
The great eclipse continues the way
Loar's soda eclipses all others.
Best Shirting Prints3 0. , Dress Prints
4C. , at The Thompson Dry Goods Co.
Bread get it at Taffy Charlie's candy
kitchen , opposite Pioneer hardware
Gentlemen wanting rooms and board
should inquire opposite East school-
Buy your confectionery at Taffy Char
lie's candy kitchen , opposite Pioneer
hardware store.
It is always in order to call at th'e
captain's office and make right your de
linquent subscription.
The McCook Circle No. 33 , Ladies of
G. A. R. , meet the first Saturday of
; very month in Odd Fellows hall.
Quite a party of young people of the
: ity held a picnic on * the more or less
: lassic Driftwood , Sunday afternoon.
Soaps , perfumes and toilet articles ;
iverything that's new.
A show-case in Morgan'sclothing-store
was broken , Saturday , by a section of
plastering falling onto it from the ceiling.
A whirlwind , Wednesday afternoon ,
: ompletely destroyed a windmill for
3enry Oellerich of Coleman precinct ,
oss , $75.
You know ill Everist , Marsh & Co.
tre at the head of the procession when
; oed meats are on parade. Try their
Russian thistles have come to be quite
. pest , north and east of Culbertson ; and
hey are moving into North-western Red
Villow county.
Remember we are originators of low
irices in McCook. If you appreciate
his come and see us ; we will do you
; ood. R. T. ELLER & Co.
A cooling shower , Sunday night , and
nether on Monday night. The rainfall
'ii Monday night was a half inch as
aeasured by the Burlington people at
his station.
Thursday night , W. N. Rogers of
ihadeland Park stock farm expressed a
ine male calf to Marshall , Wiscousin.
'he fame of Shadeland Park stock is
apidly extending beyond the state of
It is not a debatable question but one
f privilege to patronize Everist , Marsh
it Co. , when in quest of the best the
narket affords in the meat line. They
re prompt and accommodating in the
largain. Phone 12.
C. C. Rethemeyer of Washington , Kan-
as , has opened a candy kitchen in the
lenard building , opposite the Pioneer
lardware store. He will keep candies ,
ummer drinks , bread etc. Give him a
hare of your patronage.
J. P. Notley reports having so far dis-
overed no trace of his buggy , harness
tc. , recently stolen. If the thief will
ome back , he can perhaps negotiate
rith Mr. Notley for the horse , on a very
sasonable basis. He wants to bring his
ghting clothes along with him , too.
Prices are no object on queensware.
7e are going to sell out our present
tock at prices that will startle the
atives not on pretense of closing it
at to quit the business , but to make
> om for our fall stock. Come and see
3 before purchasing.
R. T. ELLER & Co.
A. J. Cole was up to McCook , a couple
lys last week , and brings back the re-
jrt that W. S. Morlan's wheat crop ,
hich had just been threshed , went from
to 49 bushels to the acre and weighed
it from 62 to 64 pounds to the bushel.
bis is a sample of what good farming
id irrigation will do in South-western
ebraska. Oxford Standard.
A clearing sale that IS a CLEARING
le at The Thompson Dry Goods Co.
Shirt Waists 250. at The Thompson
ry Goods Co.