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    Silly Peter.
Mr. John Lea , who is a frequent
contributor to Cassell's Little Folks ,
has a very charming turn for verses
for children. A speclment , entitled
"Silly Peter , " appears in the June
number of that magazine :
Up to the garden pathway ,
Down the kitchen stair.
Over to the greenhouse
Through the summer air ,
Peter roaming idly ,
Lazy and content.
Nothing left to think of.
Warbled as he went :
"Where shall I go , go , go ?
Up to the hills of blue ?
Down where the streamlets flow ?
What shall I do do do ? "
All around the haystack ,
Through the stable door ,
Climbing on the manger ,
flipping to the floor.
Out'into the farmyard ;
On no purpose bent ,
Peter wandered idly ,
Singing as he went :
"Where shall I go , go , go ?
Up to the hills of blue ?
Down where the kingcups grow ?
What shall I do do do ? "
And all the sunny morning ,
Half the afternoon
Silly , silly Peter !
Lazy little tune.
But I'm pleased to mention.
When the shades grew long ,
All .the farmer's live stock
Answered Peter's song :
"What should we do , do , do ,
Had we the power- " they said ,
"Send little boys like you
Rapidly to bed. be.d , bed. "
How Mllllo Found the Calf.
One night , when Jamie brought the
cows home , he said there was a little
calf down in the pasture with "Old
Jersey. "
"The.n , " said Jamie's father , "I must
go right after supper and bring them
both to the barn. "
"Please let me go with you , papa , "
cried the 3-year-old Millie. "I want
to see the little calf ju&t as soon as 'I
can. "
So after supper Millie and her father
went off , hand in hand , down the lane ,
past the corn field and the potato
patch and the clover field , to the bluegrass -
grass pasture. There down in the hol
low next to the oat-stubble field was
Old Jersey quietly feeding.
"Where is the little calf ? " asked
"I don't know , " said her father , "we
must look around and find it. "
So they went about the pasture and
looking into the fence corners , and
into all the places where the grass
grew tall ; but no calf could they
find. *
"Old Jersey must have hidden it ,
perhaps down in the swamp , " said Mil
lie's father. "You and I will just
drive her back there , and perhaps she
will show us where it is. "
So they drove Old Jersey beyond the
pasture , into the swamp. But Old Jer
sey only browsed among the bushes ,
as if to say , "My little baby is safe , and
I am perfectly contented to feed down
nere , if you wish me to. "
It was now fast growing dark , and
Millie's father said Old Jersey must be
driven to the barn to be milked.
"We will bring her back to the pas
ture in the morning , " he said , "and by
9 that time I think she will be glad to
go and see her baby-calf , and we can
follow her. "
Millie was disappointed , and she felt
sorry , too , that the poor little calf must
be left alone all night She made up
her mind to get up very early next
morning , so as to be ready to go with
Old Jersey to the pasture. When she
[ went to bed , she thought about the lit-
tie calf and cried , "The little bossy
Is all alone , all alone down in the
swamp , " she sobbed.
Then her mother came and told her
the calf was probably fast asleep now ,
and they would find it all safe in the
The next morning Millie awoke very
early , and before she could open her
eyes , she said , "I want to go and find
the little calfie ! "
By the time she was dressed and had
had some breakfast her father was
ready to go. They went out through
the barnyard and Millie's father open
ed the gate to let Old Jersey go into
the lane. Then Old Jersey walked
away very fast , and they walked fast.
too , and followed her back to the pas
ture. But instead of leading them
straight to her calf she only mooed a
little and then began feeding on some
clover 4hat grew down in the hollow ,
next to the oat-stubble field.
"Well , daughter , " said Millie's father ,
"I will leave you and Old Jersey here ,
while I go and look though the swamp
for the little calf. She must be hid
den down there somewhere. I think
Old Jersey doesn't mean that we shall
see her. "
But Millie's father was hardly out of
sight when Old Jersey stopped feeding
and began to moo. The mooing sound
ed different from the moos she made
when she came into the pasture. At
the same moment Millie heard a sound
off at the further end of the stubble
field. She looked , and what should
she see but a little red-and-white calf
-gunning toward her !
When the calf reached the fence , - iran
ran along to an open place where Old
Jersey stood. Old Jersey had gone to
that open place to wait as soon as she
saw the little calf coming.
It was a happy time for Millie as she
watched the little bossy get its break
fast of fresh milk and 'then lie down
by Old Jersey's side to rest.
When Millie's father came in sight
half an hour later , quite discouraged
his little daughter ran to meet him.
"I have seen the little calfie , papa ! '
she cried. "Old Jersey called her to
come just as soon as you had gone. She
wasn't afraid to let me see her little
calfie ! "
And they went'all four , up the lane to
the barn , the little red-and-white calf
trotting along by Old Jersey's side ,
and Old Jersey keeping a sharp eye on
Millie's father.
Betty's Birthday lings.
Betty Ellis had had a birthday partj
every year she had lived , until the
year of her seventh birthday. At tha
time her mamma was very sick , so al
thought of a party had to be given up
Betty was dreadfully disappointed , bu
bravely tried to make the best of it.
Now Betty had a dear , dear auntie
who lived at their house , and was al
ways thinking and doing the most de
lightful things. So when she saw how
bad Betty felt she put on her best
thinking-cap and soon had made up a
clever plan for a birthday surprise
without any party.
For several days before the birthday
Betty noticed that auntie looked very
funny and mysterious , and she just
knew something nice was going to
When she opened her eyes on the
morning of her birthday she- saw ,
leaning up against the side of her bed ,
a large bag. It looked like the bags
that ragmen use to gather rags in , and
seemed to be full of something very
odd in .shape.
Betty jumped out of bed to look at
it , and there , tied to the drawstring ,
was a card with her name on it. Of
course she knew it was a birthday
present. "But what a funny way to
give one ! " she thought , as she pulled
it open. Inside was just what she had
longed for a new doll-carriage for her
Christmas doll.
At breakfast time she found under
her plate a tiny bag made of pink silk.
Inside , wrapped in cotton , wa # a ring
with the tiniest speck of a diamond in
it. How she danced about and hugged
papa and auntie !
When she got ready to start for
school she found , in place of her old
book-satchel , a new school-bag , with
a story-hook in it It was hard to
have to leave that at home and put
her school books in its place. Jane ,
the cook , gave her a calico bag to
keep buttons in. She found this at
noon , up in her room ; also a pretty
laundry-bag from aun'ie , with six
new handkerchiefs in it. And when
papa came home at night he brought ,
instead of a box of candy , a big bag
full of candies and nuts.
But the nicest birthday bag of all ,
so Betty thought , was the one Tom
gave her. Tom was the gardener's
son , and a very good friend of hers.
He had two of the dearest little pup
pies that ever were seen , and Betty
had been teasing for one ever since
they were born.
How surprised she was when , on her
birthday , Tom came in with a horse's
feed-bag in his hand , carrying it very
carefully , and begged her to accept it.
It seemed a queer present , but she
thanked him and peeped in , and there
was- the prettiest puppy , the one with
the white nose.
When Betty went to bed that night ,
with the ring on her finger , the doll-
carriage at the foot of the bed and
the puppy in her arms , she told auntie ,
in their bedtime talk , that she thought
birthday bags were just exactly as nice
as Christmas stockings.
May W. Climer.
An Amusliijr Magical Experiment.
Soak a piece of thread in strong salt
water , dry it , and repeat two or three
times. When thoroughly dry tie one
2nd to a chandelier and on the other ,
ar lower end , tie a ring or some small
but not too heavy article.
It is now ready for the experiment
Set fire to the thread , and behold the
ring does not fall to the floor , nor does
the thread break.
The explanation is : The thread has
in reality been burned , but the salt
! \rith which the thread was saturated
forms a solid column , and that sup
ports the ring. Varied experiments
: an be made , using several threads for
me article , and in fact , many others
vhich may suggest themselves to the
eaders. C. H. Koeller.
Presentation at Hampton Roads.
A magnificent silver service was
iresented to the United States ship
Kentucky at Hampton roads , Virginia ,
Fune 6 , by 300 Kentucky citizens. The
iresentation took place on board the
Kentucky. The entire crew was
irawn up on deck as Harry Woissin-
; er , representing the Louisville board
> f trade , made the presentation
speech. Capt Chester , commanding
; he Kentucky , replied. The Kentucky
land furnished music.
Pension for a Dramatist.
Herman Merivale , the dramatist and
essayist , has been granted a pension
on the English civil list. He is about
Gl years old , and has lost money late
ly , as majiy others have , by the fail
ures of London solicitors , so numer
ous of late.
Considers Conxuuiptlon Curable.
Dr. W. P. Roberts , professor of
climatology in a Chicago medical col
lege , is of the opinion that , under
proper and fitting climatic conditions ,
" 90 per cent of all cases" of consump
tion can be cured.
Notre Dame , I ml.
aWe call the attention of our readers
to the advertisement of Notre Dame
University , one of the great educa
tional institutions of the West , which
appears in another column of this
paper. Those of our readers who may
have" * occasion to look up a college for
their sons during the coming year
would do well to correspond with the
president , who will send them a cata
logue free of charge , as well as all
particulars regarding terms , courses
of studies ? etc.
There is a thorough preparatorj
school in connection with the univer
sity , in which students of all grades
will have every opportunity of prepar
ing themselves for higher studies. The
Commercial Course , intended for
3'oung men preparing for business
may be finished in one or two years
according to Hie ability of the student.
St. Edward's Hall , for boys under
thirteen , is an unique department of
the institution. The higher courses
are thorough In every respect , and stu
dents will find every opportunity of
perfecting themselves in any line of
work they may choose to select. Thor
oughness in class work , exactness in
the care of students , and devotion to
the best Interests of all , are the distin
guishing characteristics of Notre
Dame University.
Fifty-six years of active work in the
cause of education have made this in
stitution famous all over the country.
Many a women has secured a life
long job by marrying a man to reform
Dili You Ever Run Across
an old letter ink all faded out Couldn't have
bccu Carter's Ink for it doesn't fade.
To quiet a. crying infant put it in a
baby carriage and keep the bawl roll
PITS Permanently Curort. NoCt ? ornervniiEnosiafter
firbt diy' > ii'-e of l > r. Kline's ( irent Nerve Ituxtoier.
Send for FKHE S2.OO tiial bottle nnrt treatise.
iJli. R. H. Ki-isc , Ltd. , 931 Arch St. , I'cllaiielphia , Pa.
Good humor and generosity carry
the day with the popular heart all the
world over. Alexander Smitn.
Best for the Bowels.
No matter what ails you , headache
to a cancer , you will never get well
until your bowels are put right.
CASCARETS help nature , cure you
without a gripe or pain , produce easy
natural movements , cost you just 10
cents to start getting your health back.
CASCARETS Candy Cathartic , the
genuine , put up in metal boxes , every
tablet has C. C. C. stamped on it. Be
ware of imitations.
There is no friendship , no love , like
that of parent for child. H. W. Beech-
er. e
Pinltlmm's Vegetable Compound
Cures Them -Two Letters from Women.
"BEAK MRS. PIXKIIAM : 1 write to
tell yon of the g-ood Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound has done
me. I was sick in bed about five weeks.
The right side of my abdomen pained
me and was so swollen and sore that I
could not walk. The
doctor told my hus
band I would have to
undergo an operation.
This I refused to do
until I had given your
medicine a trial. Be
fore I had taken
one bottle the
swelling be
gan to disap
pear. I con
tinued to use
y.our medicine
until the swelling
was entirely gone.
When the doctor
came he was very
much surprised to
see me so much
better. " MKS. MABY SMITH , Arlington ,
" DEAR M RS. PUTKHAM : I was sick for
two years with falling of the wo mb. and
inflammation of the ovaries and bladder.
I was bloated very badly. My left limb
would swell so I could not step on my
toot. I had such bearing down pains I
could not straighten up or walk across
the room and such shootingpains would
go through me that I thought I could
not stand it. My mother got me a bottle
of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound and told me to try it. I took sis
bottles and now , thanks to your won
derful medicine , I am a well woman. "
MBS. ELSIE BrAx , Otisville , Mich.
Municipal Telephone System.
Glasgow , which is famous already
for its experiments In municipal own
ership of public utilities , is to inaug
urate a municipal telephone exchange
for 5,000 subscribers. The plant is to
be of the most modern kind. It is
expected to pay for itself and its run
ning expenses at an annual charge to
each subscriber of about $27.25. , The
charge by the private corporation now
doing the business is $50. But , as a
cynical writer suggests , in Glasgow
they do not mix politics and munici
pal business.
Mary J. Kennedy , manager of Ar
mour & Co.'s Exhibit at the Trans-
Mississippi Exposition at Omaha , Neb. ,
writes the following of 1'eruna , asa
cure for that
( joinmon phase
of summer ca
tarrh , known
as indigestion.
Miss Kennedy
bays :
"I found the
c o n t i n n a '
chrmg-e of diet
incidental to
eight years
traveling1 com
pletely upset
in y digestive
system. In con
sulting several
physicians they
decided I suf
fered with ca
tarrh of the
"Their pre
scriptions did
not seem to
help me any ,
so , reading-
the remarkable
cures effected
by the use of
Peruna I decid
ed totry it and
soon found my
self well repaid.
"I have now used Peruna for about
three months and feel completely re
juvenated. I believe I am permanent
ly cured , and do not hesitate to give
unstinted praise to your great remedy ,
Peruna. "
The caus'es of summer catarrh are
first , chronic catarrh ; second , derange
ments of the stomach and liver ; third ,
impure blood.
Such being the case anyone who
knows anything whatever about the
operations of Peruna can understand
why this remedy is a permanent cure
for summer catarrh. it eradicates
chronic catarrh from the system , invig
orates the stomach and liver , cleanses
the blood of all impurities , and there
fore permanently cures by removing-
cause a host of maladies peculiar to
hot weather. The cause being removed
the symptoms disappear of themselves.
"Summer Catarrh" sent frue to any
address by The Peruna Medicine Co. ,
Columhus , Ohio.
Magnetic Starch is the very best
laundry starch in the world.
Some women live on excitement and
some live on getting up excitement for
I do not believe Piso's Cure for Consumption
has an equal for coughs and colds. JOHN IT
BOYEB. Trinitv Snrincs. Ind. . Feb. 15.190a
Half the misery in the world comes
irom our having too little courage or
too much.
Typhoid fever is due largely to
choked drains within and without the
Use Magnetic Starch it nas nc equal.
A cup of very hot milk taken at
) edtime will effectually prevent sleep-
A Victim of "Thirteen. "
Gus Munch , who was one of the
Philadelphia enumerators , is in the
toils of the "thirteen" supeVstition.
He was sworn in as a census enumer
ator on May 13 , and finished his work
on June 13. His list included just
1313 names , and there were 13 iead-
persons in as many houses when he
called. This combination of circum
stances has preyed upon his mind un
til he admits having lost 13 pounds
since the day he began work as an
enumerator. Some one asked him the
other day if he wasn't afraid he would
die inside of a year. "No , I'm not
afraid of that , " replied he. "What
worries me is that I may only get
! 13 for my work. "
With the day the light , with the
* oad the strength to tread. Samuel
Marquctte , on take Superior ,
s one of the most charming summer
resorts reached via Chicago , Milwau
kee & StePaul Railway.
Its healthful location , beautiful
scenery , good hotels and complete im
munity from hay fever , , make a sum
mer outing at Marquette , Mich. , very
attractive from the standpoint of
health , rest and comfort.
For a copy of "The Lake Superior j
Country , " containing a description of j
Marquette and the copper country , address - J
dress , with four (4) ( ) cents in stamps to
pay postage , Geo. H. Heafford , General
Passenger Agent , Chicago , 111.
send you this Violin Outfit by Exprets. ( J. O. I ) . , subject
to examination. Examine it at your express office and if
'not exactly as represented , and the most wonderful bargain
you ever saw or heard of , pay the express agent our S P E-
CIAL OFFER PRICE , S2.57-less47c. or 32. | o-and
express charges. This is a regular S8.0O Stradirarius
model Violin richly colored , highly polished , powerful and
sweet in tone , complete with line bow. one extra pet string ,
violin case , rosin and one ot the best instruction books ever
Kew & published. Write for musical instrument and orsan and pi
anos ano and jewelry catalosme 9KX121 * . free , containing 210 pates
Organs best erode at half price. T.M. ROBERTS'SUPPLY HOUSE , MINNEAPOLIS , MINN.
Another Anglicized New Yorker.
, Marshall Owen Roberts , who he
( nine a naturalized British subject r
few days ago , is a son of the late Mar
shall Owen Roberts , of New York , v
mining king who died in J.8SO , Icaviiu
an estate valued at $8,000,000. Twelve
years later the widow married Colonc
Ralph Vivian , of the British army
since which time young Roberts liar
made his home in England. At lib
mother's death the estate will be d1
vided between him and Miss Evelyi
Van Wart , a granddaughter of th.
mining king , who has also lived in
England for years.
The most important change made
at the recent provincial chapter of the
Congregation of the Holy Cross at the
University of Notre Dame , Indiana ,
was the transfer of Rev. James A.
Burns from the head of the commun
ity house to the presidency of Holy
Cross college , which is situated in
Washington in affiliation with the
Catholic University of America.
Father Burns , who has been professor
of chemistry at Notre Dame after bril
liant work at Harvard and Johns Hop
kins , is one of the ablest as well as
one of the youngest of the Catholic
edifcators of America , and as head of
the post graduate institution in Wash
ington he has a great field for further
To persevere is one's duty and be
silent is the best answer to calumny.
George Washington.
NO TICK Two traveKnK sulcincn wanted ir
each btatc. Sulnrv : md rxi > "nfsexi > ericnce riot
' 'lobaeco Works ,
ncc-sniry. Address I'ocahoatus
UedfordCity , Vhiina.
Be a philosopher ; but , amidst all
your philosophy , be still a man.
To Cur Dandruff Oulokty
nseCoko Daudrnir Cure. Mouay refunded
if it fails , s.0 why not try it'
It is a source of consolation to the
married man to know that there are
lots of bald-headed bachelors.
"Wanted lnly canvas-Her to Intro 'uci1 nrw. catchv
article. Cau juukc 3 a day. Write at ouce , don't
M K. I ttli t. . New Vork City ,
No , Maude , dear , people who are
regarded as the salt of the earth are
not to be found in the cellars.
Your clothes will not crack if you
use Magnetic Starch.
The somnambulist who tumbles
from a roof is an illustration of one
way to fall asleep.
Plenso Try I'milllons Starch
once nud you vrill never use any other. All
grocers sell it large package lOe.
In the eyes of the bibulous the fel
low who carries a corkscrew is never
a bore.
The stomach has to work hnrd , grinding the
food we crowd into it. MuUe its vrork easy by
chewing Becman's Pepsin Gum. *
Food for reflection is frequently
hard to digest , but if used properly
will not produce mental nightmare.
Many causes Induce sray hair , bnt PARCEL'S Ilxin
BALSAM brings bark the youthful color.
itXb , the best cure for corns. 13cts.
Not until the development of the
postal frauds did we know the Cuban
was such a sarcastic cuss.
Hall's Catarrh Qnre
Is taken internally. Price. 75c.
As a man grows older ne gets just
is contradictory and obstinate as he
was when he was young.
Mrs. "Winslow's Soothing Syrup.
'or children teethlnp , Boftens the Kiims , reduces In
flammation , allays pain , cures wind colic. 25c a bottle.
The pessimist likes torrid weather
because he knows * that optimist are
jetting their share.
Supreme Court Sustains the Foot-Ease
Justice Laughlin , in Supreme Court ,
Buffalo , has ordered a permanent injunc
tion , with costs , and a full accounting of
sales , to issue against Paul B. Hudson ,
the manufacturer of the foot powder
called "Dr. Clark's Foot Powder , " and
also against a retail dealer of Brooklyn ,
restraining them from making or selling
the Dr. Clark's Foot Powder , which is
declared , in the decision of the Court , an
mitation and infringement of "Foot-
Ease , " the powder to shake into your
shoes for tired , aching feet , now so large-
y advertised and sold all over the coun
try. Allen S. Olmsted , of Le Roy , N. Y. ,
s the owner of the trade-mark "Foot-
Kase , " and he is the first individual who
ever advertised a foot powder extensively
over the countrv. He will send a sam-
) le Free to any 'one who writes him for
t. The decision in this case upholds
ils trade-mark and renders all parties
iable who fraudulently attempt to prof-
t by the extensive "Foot-Ease" adver
tising , in placing upon the ; market a
spurious andKimllar appearing prepara
tion , labeled and put up in envelopes
and boxes like Foot-Ease. Similar suits
will be brought against others who are
now infringing on the Foot-Ease trade
mark and common law rights.
„ t ij It \V' li.
Major Genera ! n.ulcn-l'owoll's lioolc
written in 18 % and entitled "Tito
Downfall of 1'rumpt'h" Iniw ln'on re
printed in England and i having H
great sale lei uhvloui ! nmsoiiH. Ono
sentence from It admirably nxpn-HK-ia
the whole philosophy of tlin lnro ot
Mnfoking. Jtiiri it oxpruHtics it in very
* ' ' ' ' M-uni't' : "A smllo
r .i „ .uv will I'arry you ttiKjtigti
any difficulty in Urn world , morn cs-
l * * . . . , > . * von ( irf , ujioii the old V/tst
coitbi iniif'o , 'Hoftly , softly ,
i monkey. ' '
Little Liver Pills.
Kuet Boar Signature of
See Pac-SImlls Wrapper Delow.
VcT7 email and as easy
to lalto as ottgar.
Classics , Letters , Economic * and Hl.story ,
Jnurncllsm. Art , Science , Hiarmncy. Law ,
Civil , HechasicaJ and Electrical Engineer li : ,
Architecture. . .
Thorough Preparatory ami Commercial
Courses. Ecclesiastical students at special rsilf-s.
Rooms Free. Junior or Senior Year , ( TolloKlato
Courses- . Rooms to Rnt. . moderate charn-
St. Edward's Hal' , for fcov's under 13.
The 57th Year v/lll open September-lilt , I < ; 00
Cntnfotri'e.s Free. Address
REV. A. A10RRISSEY. C. S C. President.
The Wonder
of the Aye
No Boiling No Cooking
It Stiffens the Goods
It Whitens the Goods
it Polishes the Goods
It make.s all garments fresh and crisp
is when first bought new.
Try a Sample Package.
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You'll buy it if you try it.
You'll use it if you try it.
Try it.
Sold by all OJnKrs. .
Heir ? of Union Soldiers -who made homesteads or
ICEF than IN ) ucrex before June 22,1874 ( no matter
If abandoned ) , If the additional homestead right ,
was not fold or used , should addrecn , with lull
) aitlcuare. ] HENRY N. COPP. WMhisjto. , D. C.
. A./V.A.A.A , > . A. > . . A . A . A . A . A . A. A . A
" " "
, ,
Insist upon having them , take no others and you will get the best shells that money can buy
DOU3LZ B2RREL BREECH LQfiDSKG $ i5 SHOT GlTrl for $7.77.
Wlnehff t < T and U. H. U. Lnailed Shells. Zll7 P r i' '
Kitro Ponder Loaded SbelL * , S I .77 ; * riW.
GEIffVT GUNS AND AMMUNITION at wtole-ale pri ts to everytotfv.
533a < ? 9 B OurlarzeGnnCatalo ce containingWlpaires , --izuS-.il2i inchwl'.l
bo sent postage paid on receipt of three cents to any or.e returning tlili ad and mentioning tii
ngTuckiu. all In our'JfcJclZM ,
T. M. ROBERTS SUPPLY HOUSE , 717-721 Nicollet Avenue , MiHKEAPOLSS , 1V.IMN.
Try Magnetic Starch It will last
longer than any other.
Ine man v/ho never forgets that he
s a gentleman also remembers that' '
here are others.
For starching fine linen use Magnetic
The lawyer who attenas to his own
justness is a. sort of a legal tender.
If you have not triPd Masriiftir Stn"oh
try it new You will then use no
NV. N. L. O/HAHA.v / No. 30lyoo
j ; -m - a
MRES I WHbifc A..t ' ELStTAllS-
Best CoJiph Syrup. Tastes Good ,
Sold by drogm t .