The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, May 25, 1900, Image 8

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Will exhibit at McCook on
Twice larger , greater , better than ever before , carrying more Aerial Acts , Ground
Acts , trained Horses , Ponies and Dogs than ever before seen with a wagon show.
A Bevy of Funny Clowns. A Grand Free Street Parade at twelve o'clock. Two
Performances daily , afternoon and evening.
A Fast Bicycle Rider
f \ViIl often receive painful cuts , sprains or
bruises from accidents. Bucklen's Arnica
Salve will kill the pain and heal the injury.
It's the cyclist's friend. Cures clmling , sore
lips , chapped hands , burns , ulcers and piles.
Cure guaranteed. Only 250. Try it. Sold
by McConnell & Herry , druggists.
In an "altercation" with a mule , recently ,
Martin Stephens , Jr. , came out decidedly second
end best.
Mrs. D. A. McCarty's health is gradually
improving ; but B.Lehn was someu hat "under
the weather , ' ' last week.
Mrs. Mary Eifert had a misunderstanding
with a cow she was milking , recently , and her
injuries are three broken ribs , besides minor
Mrs George Cress returned to her home in
liffingham , Kansas , last week , after visiting
her parents , Mr. and Mrs. Amos Thomas , for
several weeks
The funeial of the late lilmer E. Bantlinin
was conducted in the Presbyterian church ,
May illh , by Rev. Edgar Miles. Deceased
was , in his 381(1 ( year.
Commander D. A. Waterman of Captain
Keyes post No. 207 , G. A. R. , has issued the
following notice concerning Memorial Sunday
and Decoration day services : Captain Keyes
Post No. 297 , G. A. R , has arranged for Me
morial services , SundayMay 27 , and Decora
tion services , May 30. It is expected that Rev.
Wilson of Wilsonville will preach the Memor
ial sermon. Some other good speakerwill _ be
procured for Decoration day. Memoiial ser
mon at 2:30 p. in. Decoration at Hamburg
cemetery at 10 a. m. , May 301)1 ) ; return and
have the rest of the programme in Lebanon ,
after which Lebanon cemetery is to be deco
rated. Let us turn out and honor the com
rades who have not been so fortunate as we ,
but have succumbed to the enemy , death ,
while we survive.
Piles are not only most pamlul , but also
very dangerous , as the inflamed nodules are
very apt to take on malignant action and can
cer of the rectum is produced. They should
be cured. Tabler's Buckeye Pile Ointment
will cure the most obstinate cases. Price , 50
cents in bottles. Tubes. 75c. A. McMillen.
Golden weddings are taking place all over
the country. The old couples evidently took
Rocky Mountain Tea in their young days.
35c. Ask your druggist.
II.V. . Keyes had business of the law in the
west-end town , Saturday.
S. R. Smith made his august presence felt
among the hoi polloi of the county metropolis ,
Miss Lillian Welborn , our county superin
tendent , was in the capital town , Saturday , on
official business.
"They do say" that Indianola has a poker
player who can show the McCook sports "all
sortb" of points in the great national game.
Egotism has been raised to its highest ex
ponent of power in our great insurgent editor ,
who is sadly addicted to the habit of giving
"in my opinions" for news.
The graduating exercises of the class of
1900 of the Indianola high school will be held
in the Heardslee opera house , Friday evening ,
June 8th , commencing at eight o'clock. The
graduating programme is as follows :
March Will Dolan
Invocation Rev. N. J. Chrysler
Solo Flora 15. Quick
Salutatory "Character" A. Alta llager
"Sowing and Reaping" Susie C. Wallace
Class History Lottie G. Short
Instrumental Duet
Lulu Beardslee and Will Dolan
"Castles in Spain" Adelia Toogood
"Liquid Air Its Possibilities"
Laura G. Miller
American Literature" Eva Phillips
I "Rich Without Money" Ida C. Donnelly
Solo Mis. Barkhurst
I "The Future of the United States"
listella A. McCool
Class Prophecy Edith A. Smith
Valedictory "Persistency Its Reward" . . .
Grace L. Andrews
Presentation of Diplomas. . . Rev. J. F. Barrett
. .Messrs. McCool , Hager. Akers , Beardslee
Benediction Rev. J. S. Calhoun
A Keen , Clear Brain.
Your best feelings , your social position or
business success depend large/ly on the perfect
action of your stomach and liver. Dr. King's
New Life Pills give increased strength , a
keen , clear brain , high ambition. A 25 cent
box will make you feel like a new being.
Sold by McConnell & Berry , druggists.
The easiest and most effective method of
purifying the blood , and invigorating the r >
system is to take DeWitt's Little Early Risers ,
the famous little pills for cleansing the liver
and bowels. D. W. Loar.
Almost everybody is through planting corn , c
Remember the preaching.-next Sunday ; all
are cordially invited.
The grasshoppers are beginning to appear ,
but not in large numbers.
The Union Sunday-school in South Side
was well attended , last Sunday.
Mrs. W. N. Cratty is getting along about as
well as could be expected , after so severe an
The wheat John Burtless has in on Morlan's
place is beginning to head out and is a sight
worth seeing.
Judging from the present indications , there
will be a large crop of wheat raised in this
part of the country.
We wish to correct a mistake about the
number of wolves that were caught by the
Wasson boys : there were six instead of five.
Capt. I. II. Wasson is putting in a large
pump on the Driftwood for irrigation pur
poses. The power is to be furnished by
means of a gasoline engine of fifteen horse
power. Both the pump and engine have
been received , and time will tell whether it
will be a success or not. The captain is an
up-to-date man and has the sand to try new
When the liver fails to secrete bile , the
blood becomes loaded with bilious properties ,
the digestion becomes impaired and the
bowels constipated , llerbine has a direct
action on the liver and excretory organs , and , .
a few doses will cure any case of biliousness , i' ,
Price , 50 cents. A. McMillen. ' ; '
- V <
"DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the finest ' v
pills I ever used. " D. J. Moore , Millbrook , "
Ala. They quickly cure all liver and bowel 11
troubles. D. W. Loar. 4
Eureka Harness Oil is the best
preservative of new leather
and tbo best renovator of old
leather. It oils , softens , black
ens and protects. Use
Harness Oil
on your best harness , your old har
ness , and your carriage top , and they
will not only look better but wear
longer. Sold every where In cans all
elzes from half pints to live gallons.
Uadt bj BT1.1D1UI ) OIL CO.
Tortured a Witness. I
Intense suffering was endured by witness
T. L. Martin of Dixie , Ky. , before he gave
this evidence : "I coughed every night until
my throat was nearly raw ; then tried Dr.
King's New Discovery , winch gave instant re
lief. I have used it in my family for four
years and recommend it as the greatest rem
edy for coughs , coldsnnd all , and
lung troublrs. It will stop the worst cough ,
and not only prevents but absolutely cures
consumption. Price , 5oc and Si.oo. Every
bottle guaranteed. Trial bottles free at Mc
Connell & IJeny's drug stoie.
Mabel Wales returned. Saturday , from her
visit to friends near Beverly.
J. Minarv had three loads of hogs in Mc
Cook , Tuesday of this week.
Henry Oellerich marketed a load of wheat
in McCook , last Saturday.
J. W. Smith has ploughed his sweet corn
over once. It is about ten inches high.
William Divine had close 'to 2,000 bushels
of wheat , last year , and has it all in his bin
yet , except what he has used for bread and
I. B. Stryker was on the McCook market ,
last Friday , with a load of fat hogs. J. Roden-
baugh and Thomas Real were each , there ,
Saturday , with a load of fat porkers.
A letter from Tennessee says : "It frosted
twice here , last week. " Word from North
.Dakota is : "Wheat first sown is coming up ,
but that planted later will never come up un
less it rains. " A letter from Jasper county ,
Iowa , says : "About half the corn is planted. "
I reckon not the seasons ,
Nor the years that come and go ,
Life's an all-around pleasure to me ,
Since taking Rocky Mountain Tea. Ask
your druggist.
"I think DeWitt's Little Early Risers are
the best pills in the world , " says W. E. Lake ,
Happy Creek , Va. They remove all ob
structions of the liver and bowels , act quickly
and never gripe. D. W. Loar.
Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Stilgebouer took in
the commencement _ exercises at McCook ,
Thursday evening.
Rev. John Wintjen united in marriage ,
last Wednesday , Arthur Allen and Bessie
Springer , both of this place.
Rev. G. B. Mayfield spoke the words , last
Thursday , which united in marriage George
W. Wheeler and Rosa E. Andrews , both of
Hartley. May Swart of McCook was one of
the witnesses , riding over from that city on
her bicycle.
Eli frockfonl will take notice that on the 21st
day of April , liXX ) , II. II. Berry , a justice of the
peace in and for Willow Grove precinct , Ked
Willow county , Nebraska , for the HIIIII of40.1)0 ) ,
iu an action j > eiidiifr before him , wherein John
A. Gnnn is plaintiff and Eli Crockford is de
fendant , that money due and unpaid the de
fendant and in the possession of Jacob Rundcl.
has been attached under an order of attach
ment. Said cause was continued to the lath
day of Juno , 1'JOO , at 9 o'clock a. in.
First publication , May 2T > , 1900. : its.
By virtue of an order ofale. . i'-sued from the
district court of _ Red Willow county , Nebraska ,
under a decree in an action \\herein James Par-
dee is plaintiff , and Katie E. Phillip * et nl. de
fendants , to me directed and delivered , I t-hall
offer at public sale , and sell to the highest bid
der for cu h. at the east door of the court-house
in McCook , Red Willow county , Nebraska , on
the 25th day of June , 1900 , at the hour of one
o'clock , p. in. , the following des-cribcd real es
tate , to-wit : The south half of the southeast
quarter of section 20 , and the north half of the
northeast quarter of section 29 in township ; { ,
north , range 27 , west of the Cth-P. M. , in Red
Willow county. Nebraska.
Dated this 2id day of May , A. D. 1900.
-2.V : > ts. G. F. KIXGIIORX. Sheriff.
By A. C. CKAIVTREE , Deputy.
In county court , within and for Red Willow
county. Nebraska , May 12 , 1900 , in the matter of
the ( -state of Xoah Sawyer , deceased. To the
creditom of said estate : You arc lioreby noti
fied , that I will sit at the county court room in
McCook in said county , on the 12th day of No
vember , 1000 , at 10 o'clock a. m. , to receive and
examine all claims against said estate , with a
view to _ their adjustment and allowance. The
time limited for the _ presentation of claims
against said estate is six months from the 12th
day of May , A. D. 1900. and the time limited for
payment of debts is one year from said 12th day
of May , 1900. Witness my hand and the f-ral of
said county court this 12th day of May , 1900.
[ SEAL ] 5-lS-'Jt G. S. BISHOP , County Judge.
To William Karp. Maggie Brooks and Ada
Vierschilling , administratrixes of estates of Mar
garet Vierchilling , deceased , Hugh W. Cole , and
to all whom it may concern : _ The board of county
commissioners has established and ordered
opened a road _ commencing at _ the southeast
corner of section 16. in Bondville precinct , Ked
Willow county , Nebraska , running thence north
one mile between sections 15 and 16 , said town
ship and range , to the northeast corner of said
section 1C , and terminating thereat , and all ob
jections thereto or claims for damages must be
tiled in the county clerk's oflice on or before
noon of the 20th day of July , A. D. 1900. or eaid
road will be established without reference
thereto. R. A. GREEN . County Clerk.
5-11-lts O. R. RITTEXHOUSE , Deputy.
Land Oilice at McCook , Nebraska. April 20.
1900. Notice is hereby given that the following-
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim , and
that said proof will be made before Register
rind Receiver at McCook , Nebraska , on Satur-
ilay. June 2 , 1900 , viz : Allen E. IJoyer , H. E.
10700 for the nw H section :15 : , township 1. north ,
range 2S , we.-t Cth P. M. He names the following
witnesses ro prove his continuous residence up
on and cultivation of. said land , viz : Jessie E.
Vshton. BarnetE. Ashton , George Hess. Charles
HP * < - . all of Danbnrj.
l-27-Ots. F. M. R.VTHCX , Register.
r5g /
An7 family by eating cream
worn out freezer , that has the tin worn
and the rust is mixing with the cream
" in all
We have the "WHITE MOUNTAIN" make
the sizes
2-Quart , - - $ I 45
3-Quart , - -
4-Quart , - - $2.25
6-Quart , - $2.75
8-Quart , - - $3-45
At the lowest price possible to make on this su
perior line of freezers.
"I had stomacli trouble twenty years and
gave up hope of tiding cured till 1 began to
use Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It has done me
so much good 1 call it the savioi of my life , "
writes \V. R. Wilkinson , Albany , Tenn. It
digests what you eat. D.V. . Loar.
. . . . of Chicago.
"Office over McConnell & Kerry's.
All dental work done at our office is guar
anteed to be first-class. We do all kinds of
Crown , Bridge and Plate Work. Dr. I. B.
Taylor , assistant.
McCook , Nebraska.
Telephone 44. P. O. Building :
Plumber and
Steam Fitter
Iron. Lead and Sewer Pipe , Brass
Goods , Pumps , an Boiler Trimmings ,
Agent for Halliday , Waupun , Eclipse
_ Windmills. Basement of the Meeker-
Phillips Building.
D. W. V. GAGE.
McCook , - - - Nebraska.
Office and Hospital over First National Bank.
J3 ? Agent of Lincoln Land Co. Office- -
Rear of First National bank.
/ VI/V
The Kimmel Institute of Magnetic Healing.
Learn. Hie Science of us Ijy mail , or ai our office. We guarantee a
good business to all our graduates.
- yOur > *
Our office is now at 318 South Twelfth street , where we have fitted up rooms on the
first floor , with separate operating rooms for ladies and gentlemen. Mrs. Kimmel , who
has been in charge of the ladies' department at Leavenworth , Kansas , and noted for her
brilliant success in the treatment ot all female diseases , is now in charge of the female
patients at Lincoln.
versal success. Guarantee if desired. Diseases of eyes , ears , brain , throat , bronchial
tubes , lungs , liver , stomacli , kidneys , bowels , generative organs , bladder , uretha , womb'
ovaries , rheumatism , neuralgia , paralysis and all nervous troubles are permanently
cured without the use of drugs or knives.
MAGNETISM AND MIND are nature's own remedies and all that we use. Tes
timonials at our office. There is help for all. "Come and see" or address
REV. J. W. KIMMEL , 318 South Twelfth Street , Lincoln , Nebraska.
gSfr J rffcraffir-rfV agfir : rfVifux T-fSiraJV aSr JVr - &rJVillafhMrf1 --Jtr JV iJV VfU Jt , .ft > j =
gnq ngnip = 3" S I SP Cr = VC3 ' ri7HJ B
| Paid Up Capital , S5oooo. Surplus , $5000
a m
mtflt * .
Is one who fails to profit by experience , even though he has use of both eyes without the aid of
glasses. Time and again people buy clothing that is half made and containing mostly "Shoddy
and Flock. " Remember that three years among you has taught you that we carry no satinet
goods in the house ; what you buy of us is reliable and made by the best equipped factories in the
in the country. Our prices are the lowest named for good goods ; we carry no other.
FRANK J. MORGAN , McCook , Nebraska.'I
'I '