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Horace Easterday Laid at Rest.
A telegram from Suniner , Washing
ton , last Saturday night , announced the
death of Horace H. Easterday , on that
date in that town a suburb of Tacoma.
However , the sad news did not become
current until Sunday morning. Though
not unexpected the depressing news came
to a large and devoted circle of friends
in the city and county as a personal loss
indeed , seldom , if ever , in the history
of McCook has the great and sympa
thetic heart of this entire community
gone out in tenderest expressions of
sorrow and regret like in this instance.
At the request of the deceased , the re
mains were brought heie for interment ,
arriving in the city , Wednesday night on
No. 3 , being accompanied by the sorrow
ing wife and a brother , Joe H. Easterday
of Tacoma , also L. C. Dole of our city ,
who attended him in his last days. An
other brother , Phil S. Easterday of Tecumseh -
cumseh , joined the party at Lincoln ,
where they were met by a delegation
from the Masonic bodies of our city , Mr.
and Mrs. C. W. Bronson , J.W. Hupp and
G. R. Johnson. The remains were at once
taken to the Congregational church ,
where the church parlor had been es
pecially arranged , with reference to a
home-like appearance , for their recep
tion. A lodge detail served as a guard
of honor during the night.
The funeral services occurred in the
church on Thursday afternoon at 2:30.
the services being conducted by the St.
John commandery of this city , assisted
by other Masonic bodies. The services
were most impressive and beautiful the
ritualistic product of the great Masonic
order. The sermon fell from the lips of
Rev. Turner in most eloquent and tender
terms paying a just and full tribute to
the memory of one of the most superior
souls and manliest men it has ever been
our pleasure to know. The church was
inadequate to the demand for seats , in
dicating in an unmistakably way the
wide popularity of him who has gone on
before. The remains were escorted to
Longview cemetery , where in the use of
the ritual of theorder they were tenderly
and with loving hands consigned to
Mother Earth. A large cortege of sorrowing
rowing friends followed the body to its
last resting place and paid a last fond
tribute to the memory of a dear friend
and brother.
The floral offering was superb , a cross ,
cross and crown and a star were among
the special designs ; besides there were
palms , lilies , carnations , roses , etc. , iu
profuse loveliness.
The sympathy of a large and loyal
friendship goes out without measure to
the bereaved and disconsolate wife and
to the parents and brothers.
[ HORACE H. EASTERDAY was born in
Nokomis , Illinois , December 27 , 1858.
Came to Tecumseh , Nebraska , in 1871 ,
and to McCook in i883entering a home
stead in Coleman precinct in October of
that year. In 1885 he went to Red Cloud
and spent three or four years there in
the service of the Burlington in that
depot. Returning to McCook in 1888 or
1889 , he associated himself with Bert
Potter in the feed business , retiring from
that in a few years to devote himself ex
clusively to buying and shipping grain ,
which business he carried on until his
death. He was a student in the State
university as a chum of Congressman
Dave Mercer of Omaha and Judge Allen
Field of Lincoln , but was not graduated.
Fighting disease and the inevitable cou
rageously for years , he met the grim de
stroyer unafraid at the end. Peace to
his ashes. ]
Whereas , It has pleased the Supreme
Ruler of the Universe to call Sir Knight
Horace H. Easterday from his earthly
labors to a better world , and
Whereas , Sir Knight Easterday by his
earnest endeavors , regular attendance
and kindly counsels.has had much to do
in building up this Commandery , as well
as the other bodies of Masonry , and
Whereas , His life was a practical ex
emplification of the principles of our be
loved order , of good citizenship and
earnest manhood ; therefore be it
Resolved by Saint John's Commandery
No. 16 , K. T. , that in the death of Sir
Knight Horace H. Easterday , we have
lost a valued friend and companion , one
who , though often tried , has never been
found wanting in any respect ; the com
munity has lost one of its very best citi
zens , and his bereaved family a loving
husband , son and brother.
Resolved , That the sincere sympathy
of this Commandery is with the widow
and relatives in this dark hour of lone
liness and sorrow , and we commend
them to our blessed Savior as the Chief
Comforter in all tribulations.
Resolved , That a copy of these resolu
tions be spread upon the records , a copy
furnished the widow , and copies given
the press for publication.
Saint John Commandery No.i6 , K. T. ,
desires to express its sincere thanks to
Rev. J. W. Turner for the eloquent and
instructive sermon delivered at the fun
eral of our late Frater Horace H. Easter
day , and to the choir of the Congrega
tional church for fine music so excellent-
Iv rendered on that occasion.
G. S. BISHOP , Recorder.
McCook , February I , 1900.
ED. Fox is home from Omaha.
Miss BERTHA TOWNSEND is very ill.
E. L. DENNIS was a Danbury visitor
over Sunday.
MRS. A. BARNETT is recovering from
an attack of diphtheria.
MRS. AMELIA CONRAD has returned
home from her Illinois visit.
W. M. LEWIS went up to Benkelnian ,
Thursday noon , on business.
ALTA GOCKLEY of Holbrook is visit
ing her sister , Mrs. J. C. Predmore.
HARRY CAMPBELL went up to Denver ,
last Saturday night , on a visit to rela
L. A. FELLOWS of the McCook Milling
Co.'s force is home in Culbertson on the
MRS. E. H.DOAN entertained a score
or more of her lady friends , last evening ,
W. E. CULLEN is in the city working
this territory in the interest of the Inter
national nurseries.
the city , last Saturday , after an absence
of a number of weeks.
MRS. S. E. KNOWLES of Cambridge
visited her daughter , Mrs. C. W. Jack
son of our city , last week.
WILLIAM BYFIELD returned , yester
day morning , from marketing several
car-loads of stock in Denver.
W. S. MORLAN and O. B. Thorgrini-
son spent most of the week in Beaver
City , attending district court.
MR. AND MRS. C. J. O'BRIEN are exercising -
ercising parental concern over a new
son born Tuesday of this week.
MRS. MARYGUNDER of Stratton visit
ed Mrs. A. G. Dole , Saturday and Sun
day , and transacted business in the city.
JOHN HAFFNER arrived from Crab
Orchard , last Saturday night , and has
taken a position with Artz & Thompson.
turned , Saturday evening , from their
visit to her folks near Max , Dundy coun
REV. HART L. PRESTON has been very
seriously ill in Knoxville , Iowa , with an
attack of erysipelas , but is better at this
DOLPH SCARROW was over from Danbury -
bury , Monday , on business. He expects
to locate in Atwood , Kansas , about
March first.
FRANK CARRUTH returned to the city ,
Monday morning on 2 , from his Denver
visit , being called there by the illness of
his son Glen.
pleted the packing of the household
goods , Monday afternoon , and on Tues
day morning departed for their new
home in Shickley , Fillinore county , this
MRS. A.-C. EBERT is enjoying a visit
from her sister , Mrs. C. W. Stockton of
Monett , Mo. , who is accompanied by her
two children. Mrs. Stockton is well
known to many of our oldtuners as Miss
Nell Stockton.
is in the city , the guest of her brother ,
C. H. Boyle , for a short visit. From
here she will go to Strang and Daven
port , this state , Mrs. C. H. Bojle ac
companying her.
MRS. J. G. HOLSTON of Trenton , who
has been the guest of Mrs. V. H. Soili-
day , some time , for her health , returned
to Trenton , close of last week , with her
husband , expecting to return here , after
a short visit with the children.
J. G. SCHOBEL went down to Hildreth
and Minden , Sunday , visiting his folks
at both places a few days , and returning
home on Thursday. Little Marjorie ,
who has been staying with the grand
parents in Minden for a few weeks , re
turned with him.
C. A. HEDGES of Falls City , who was
visiting in this city , last week , in com
pany with R. A. Coupe , a former resi
dent , has rented the R. R. Woods dwell
ing and will move out from Falls City
and occupy the same , about the first of
March. Mr. Hedges has sold his farm
near Falls City and comes here on ac
count of the health of his wife. He con
templates buying a ranch and engaging
in the stock business , if the climate
proves favorable.
Read the large "ad" of Dr. Coe's San
itarium in this issue.
GiveLoar of McCook your drug trade
for 1900.
Among ranges the Majestic is first.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
Telephone 59 for milk and cream.
Majesties lead the procession.
Send In Your Reports.
After hearing the paper of General
Passenger Agent Buchanan of the Elk-
honi railway on the subject of immigra
tion at the late state press association it
was determined by the association to try
one suggestion made by that gentleman ,
namely , that each newspaper in the state ,
every week during the year 1900 , shall
print a statement from some farmer in
that county , giving the date of his ar
rival in the county ; where he came from ;
what he had when he arrived , and what
he now has. Doubtless this idea , car
ried out , will result in great good to the
state of Nebraska , in inducing settlers to
come here from eastern states to occupy
and cultivate our hundreds of thousands
of vacant and untilled lands. Many
thousands of farmers came to this state
years ago with nothing but an honest ,
sturdy purpose and strong hands and
heart , who are now well-to-do , nay fair
ly rich. This can be done again in
thousands of cases , and THE TRIBUNE
proposes , if the farmers of Red Willow
county will do their part by sending us
in the reports , to do its utmost to induce
a large settlement among us in South
western Nebraska whose resources have
not yet been developed in any consider
able measure. Farmers , send us in-your
reports as indicated above. Your name
need not be printed , if you do not desire
it shall be.
January Report.
Following is the report made by the
superintendent to the board of education
for the month of January ending on the
a6th :
No. of boys enrolled 327
No. of girls enrolled 333
Total enrollment 660
Average daily attendance 595
Per cent of attendance on enrollment. 90
Neither absent nor tardy 368
Cases of tardiness 65
No. of visitors 62
No. of non-residents 26
We Wish to Say !
That we have received a large portion
of the largest and finest stock of wall
paper we have ever bought and we be
lieve that means the finest line ever
shown in McCook. Some of the pat
terns are exclusive. Only sold by us
and only enough for one room of a kind.
We are ready to show New Goods in
Tapestries , Denims , Burlaps , Ingrains ,
fine Gilts and White Blanks , also a large
line of the cheapest grades. If you ex
pect to use wall paper remember we are
"It , " this season.
The AwI-Os.
The members of the club were hand
somely entertained , Tuesday evening of
this week , by Miss Pearl Zint. The
game of progressive carrom was played
with zest , Miss Olive Rittenhouse being
victorious and securing the first prize ;
the booby going to Miss Maud Wood
without much effort. Refreshments were
daintily served and closed another happy
gathering of "McCook's finest. "
Tuesday morning of this week , at the
Catholic church , Henry Lepper and
Nellie Moore were made husband and
wife by Rev. J. W. Hicbey of St. Pat
rick's church , in the presence of a com
pany of relatives and friends of both par
ties. Both are residents of Coleman pre
cinct , and estimable young people. THE
TRIBUNE warmly congratulates.
For Sale.
Five-room house , barn , two lots , hedge
and fruit trees ; fine location corner of
Dakota and Manchester streets , McCook.
Write H. G. DIXON ,
Kennett Square , Peun.
The company commenced , this week ,
putting up its supply of ice for the com
ing summer. The ice houses at Denver
and Akron are being filled first , and the
new house at McCook will receive atten
tion later. The crop from the McCook
lake , so far , has not proven a success ,
and the ice is being secured at Cam
bridge , as in previous years.
S. M. Cochran & Co. have the best
guaranteed quality of goods at right
prices , as well as the cheaper grades of
goods at correspondingly low prices.
They can fit any pocket-book or suit any
We thought we ought to mention it
again for fear you may have forgotten ,
that Bullard's is the place to buy your
Genuine "Nigger Head" Maitland
coal. A trial order will please you.
You can't afford to miss the splendid
story now running in THE TRIBUNE. It
is one of the finest of the day.
Waite will save you money on hard
ware , stoves , harness , curry combs and
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
For good milk try the new dairy.
Fireman C. E. Ryan was married in
Akron , last week.
Operator R. B. Simmons was a Tecum
seh visitor , last Saturday.
W. F. Pate , "Weary Willie , " returned
from exile , Holyoke , Wednesday night
Brakeman William French has gone
to Red Cloud to relieve Switchman
Conductor C. E. Pope departed , Sun
day night on 6 , for Joplin , Missouri , on
Brakeman W. W. Prall , D. M. Taylor
and C. B. Cady are on the board as sick ,
this week.
It is announced that Oxford is to have
two more side-tracks. The material is
on the ground.
Fireman J. B. Irwin is in Colorado ,
having resigned from the service on the
Western division.
Engineer F. G. Westland , we are sorry
to learn , is reported quite sick at his
home in Wymore.
Conductor V. H Solliday has Pope's
run during the absence of the latter in
Missouri , this week.
"Bill" Coy , a foimer Western division
conductor , is now running a boarding
house in Joplin , Mo.
Yardmaster F. E. Kidder of the Ox
ford' ' yard is reported to be taking a lay
off with matrimonial intent.
Howard Finity is arranging to improve
his residence property in the northeast
ern part of the city , in the early spring
Herb Conover left , Monday morning ,
for McCook where he will enter the em
ploy of the B. & M. railroad. Red Cloud
Grant Smith is a new brakernan , this
iveek , and is temporarily at Oxford re
lieving Switchman George Ankers ,
whose wife is ill.
Brakemeti and switchmen ! No more
: racked or chapped hands. Use our
new preparation , "Berry's Handhealer , "
warranted to cure.
T. M. Phillippi arrived home , Sunday
light on 5 , and is again in the harness
it the depot and is carryiug the mails to
ind from the postoffice and depot.
The breakage of the Woodruff crusher
, vas repaired , last week , and work re-
; umed. The ballast train worked on the
3xford-Holdrege section meanwhile.
Agent William Hanson of Bartley and
Miss Grace Clute of Arapahoe were united
11 marriage in Arapahoe , last Wednes-
lay , the 24th. They enjoyed their hon-
: ytnoon in Omaha.
Conductor B. L. McCarl has takeu a
i week's lay-off , and is enjoying the
; ame in the east , leaving for Chicago ,
ast Sunday evening on 6. His car and
: rew are in charge of Conductor T. E.
Conductor and Mrs. A. P. Bonnet ar-
ived home , Tuesday night , from their
uonth's vacation and visit in Eau
Claire , Wisconsiu , and other points in
he Wolverine state. A cousin , Miss
essie Sprague of Elkhorn , Wisconsin ,
.ccoiiipanied them and will visit them a
nonth or so.
Conductor John Morris has commenced
he erection of a dwelling house for
ental purposes over on lower Monroe
treet , just north of his two other dwell-
ngs. It is 22x12 with an addition of
4x12. He will also move the dwelling
ust south of the proposed new one far-
her north , in order to provide more
oem for its tenants.
The first section of freight train No. 80
> roke in two on Yuma hill , Tuesday
light , and came together at Yuma with
; reat force shortly after. Eight or ten
: ars empties were demolished. No
me was hurt , and traffic was not mater-
ally delayed. The blocking car went up
rom here , Wednesday , and cleared the
rack. The empties were in the middle
> f the train , and when the sections came
ogether , they were simply smashed.
New maps issued by the Burlington
how the route of the Bridgeport-Brush
inc. The distance of the line will be
31 miles. Brush is eighty-eight miles
rom Denver , and Bridgeport is thirty-six
ailes from Alliance. The distance from
Uliance to Deadwood is 217 miles , mak-
Dg a total distance from Denver to
) eadwood of 472 miles. Denver is thus
ilaced more than 100 miles nearer Dead-
rood than Lincoln. Stations on the
lew line are Bridgeport , Alden , Simla ,
) alton , Marlow. Sidney , Lorenzo , Mer
er , Winston , Minto , Sterling , Brush.
'here will be probably two or three new
tatioHS between Sterling and Brush.
See H. P. Waite for stoves and ranges.
Telephone 59 for milk and cream.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
Burn Bullard's S.-B. coal.
Notice of Sale of Real Estate.
Public notice is hereby given that 01
the I2th. day of February , 1900. at the
hour of i o'clock p. m , the following
described real estate will be offered fo
sale to the highest bidder for cash , to
wit : The northeast quarter of sectioi
nineteen (19) ( ) , and the northwest quarter
of section twenty (20) ( ) . township four (4
north , range twenty-nine (29) ( ) west of the
6th p. m. . containing three hundred and
twenty acres.
This land is about five miles north o
McCook , Neb. , and has a frame house
18x32 feet , four rooms. Frame stable
room for four horses , and good well anc
windmill. One hundred and thirty
acres in cultivation , 140 acres pasture
This sale is to close up an estate anr
the land will be sold without reserve
and will take place at the east front door
of the court house in McCook , Neb.
Attorney in fact for heirs of
Thomas Dunne , deceased.
J. E. Kelley , Attorney , McCook , Neb.
Ladles' Circle Meeting.
The regular meeting of the Ladies'
Circle of the G. A. R will be held on
February 3d at two p. Odd Fellows
hall. All members are requested to be
present. By order of the President , Mrs.
Adeline Dole.
BLANCHE STARR , Secretary.
Farmers and Feeders , Attention !
We are now prepared to grind your
corn and other feed , by the wagon load ,
at six cents per hundred pounds. No
labor to you in loading and unloading ,
and no sacks needed. Come and see us
For Sale.
Twenty-four Barred Plymouth Rock
hens and pullets ; also cockerels scored
by Theo. Hewes , America's best author
ity on Rocks. RAY V. CLUTE ,
2t. 806 Monroe street , McCook.
For Sale for Cash.
One road cart , nearly new ; one set
silver-mounted , double , buggy harness ;
my single driver , weight 1,050 pounds.
McConnell's new cleaning preparation ,
removes greese from any fabric ; will not
soil or spot the goods.
J. H. Bayston , his many friends iu
Red Willow county will be pleased to
learn , has been appointed a teacher and
family manager in the Boy's Industrial
school at Kearney. He will assume his
position oil March ist. The salary is
$1,000 per annum , with living. L. P.
Cushman is mentioned as the probable
manager of the Faber , of which Mr.
Bayston will continue to be editor and
The very latest thing is the Wireless
Check-Row Corn Planter and the Double-
Row Lister. You don't need to go to
Omaha to see the latest improved imple
ments ; S. M. Cochran & Co. have them
on exhibition at their store.
State Treasurer Meserve , this week ,
sold his ranch south of the city to Win.
Johnson , a prominent Swedish farmer
and stockman of Holdrege. Mr. John
son will move onto the ranch in the
early spring.
This week , W. F. Everist disposed of
his fine residence property over on Melvin -
vin street to Mr. VanNortwick of Danbury -
bury , who will shortly move into the
same and become a resident of McCook.
The Pabst Brewing Co. is erecting a
large beer-house on the freight-house
track , this week , for the storage use of
their local agent , P. Walsh.
When a Kentuckian wants to see
something red he goes for blood ; he
ought to see the ashes from Bullard's S.-
B. coal they are red.
Auction sale on February 3d by Berry
& Mitchell. List your articles with
them ; no charge unless sale is made.
School district No. 41 is building a
new school house 18x26 feet in size.
Barnett Lumber Co. sell the materials.
If you are afflicted you want the best.
Call and see the Doctor from Dr. Coe's
Sanitarium. See large "ad" in this issue.
A number of cases of scarlet fever and
diphtheria are reported in the city. Xo
serious cases , however.
William T. Clark and Lottie Barker
were united in marriage by Squire H. H ,
Berry , Monday.
Buy your potatoes of J. A. Wilcox &
Son , who are unloading another car-load
of fine ones.
The Culbertson canal firm of Holdrege ,
Hubbard and Ferrier has dissolved part
McConnell's Fragrant Lotion makes
smooth , soft hands or face.
For good milk try the new dairy.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
Burn Bullard's S.-B. coal.
The Majestic range.
Auction sale , February 3 < 1.
Burn Bullard's S.-B. coal.
McMillen's Cough Cure is sure.
It's the best the Majestic range.
Telephone 59 for milk and cream.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
The Mnjesticis the peer of them all.
New plaids for skirts at DeGrofT &
February 28th will be the beginning
of lent.
Stove wood to burn nt the Barnett/
lumber yard.
It is folly to cough ; McMillen's Co fell
Cure is promptly effective.
Call up 19 if you have any newspaper
or job printing business to do. /
Telephone No. 31 , when j ou want
anything in the hardware line.
To make your hands smooth and soft
use McMillen's Cream Lotion.
UNE office. Bt-st inthe market.
The next meeting of the Fortnightly
daiicing'club will be a masquerade.
HOUSE FOR SAI.K Seven rooms and
three lots. J. H. BBKOE.
Try a load of our Lafayette coal 56.50
Increase your supply of eggs by using
McMillen's Egg Producer. Guaranteed.
When you buy tinware , ask to see
Ried's Anti-rust. For sale by II. P.
FOR SALE A good fresh cow. Write
or inquire of James Cuin , McCook , Ne
Bring your poultry to J. A. Wilcox
Son and receive the highest market
price in trade or cash.
H. B. Wales of Coleman 'precinct
hauled out his lumber from Barnett's ,
last week , for an addition to his house.
S. M. Cochran & Co. nre fully prepared
to meet the demands of any and nil of
their customers in quality and prices of
all goods.
Take your prescriptions to Lonr , for
his goods are pure and fresh and his
prices right. Opposite the Commercial
hotel , McCook.
It is possible that a congregation of
English Baptists may be organized here
with Rev. D. L. McBride in charge.
Culbertson Era.
Self-Hypnotic-IIealing , Clairvoyance
and Hypnotism. Lessons free ; loc. for
postage. Prof. S. A. Grannell , P. II. D. ,
McCook , Neb. Box 1 3. 2-1-19
Just one trial of S. M. Cochran & Co.'s
new silver polish and stove enamel and
polish will convince you that it is the
best article of the kind on the market ,
fry it.
A. S. Campbell , late register at this
place , is now managing a store for Kil-
patrick Bros. & Collins at Green River ,
Wyoming , where that company has a
arge contract with the Union Pacific.
D. C. Marsh is contemplating building
limself a new and larger dwelling house ,
lis plan at present is to move his pres
ent residence one block directly east ,
ind to replace it with a much larger and
better home , with the modern improve
Mrs. M. E. Barger may now be found
located in the store-room back of the
Citizens bank lately vacated by Selby &
Washburn. She carries a nice line of
notions and ladies' furnishing goods and
: lesires a continuance of patronage from
ber many friends.
A pathetic specimen indeed is the
February bar docket as it emerges , this
week , from the Indianola Reporter
"hashery , " in all its excess and insuffi
ciency of ink and wealth of incongruous
typography , all in keeping with the best
traditions of the shop.
It is a great satisfaction to be able to
jet just what you want in any line , and
this is especially true of meats. Just call
jp Everist , Marsh & Co. , phone 12 , and
Lhe rest is easy. They carry the choic
est of every article belonging to a first-
: lass , up-to-date meat market , and a
, vord brings your order to the door.
S. M. Cochran & Co. have just placed
> n their sales floors a car-load of all kinds
) f implements , and invite inspection.
\nother car will follow soon , consisting
) f a fine and complete line of buggies ,
: arriages , surreys , road carts , wagons
ind implements. They cordially ask
? ou to call and see their unequalled
itock and assortment.
Seed and Hay for Sale.
Alfalfa seed and hay for sale. 2ts.
S. G. GOHEEN , McCook , Neb.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.