The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, December 29, 1899, Image 7

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    Lately , a bronze statue or Bjornst-
Jcrno BJornson nntl one of Isben ,
which stand before the national the
ater in Christiania , have aroused a deal
of discussion. On EJornBon's return
to the theater , after an absence ol
thirty years , to direct the rehearsals
of his play , "Ucber die Kraft , " he
wrote demanding the removal of hio
statue , as he deems it a "permanent
slander. " Ibsen in answer to an in
quiry as to his view , said that ho had
never seen the statue of himself. It
is now proposed to remove both the
figures and recast them in some less
objectionable form.
Cured After Itcpcatrd I'ltllutfnVItliOthcrx
1 will Inform nudlrted t < Miirnlilnn. Laudanum ,
Opium , Cocaine , of nover-fnlllDK. harmless home-
t-urc. Mrs. M. It. Ualdwln. lirx 12 2 , Chicago , 111.
For starching fine linen use Magnetic
He who praises everybody praises
nobody. Johnson.
( Not the ordinary kind )
A handsome year-book filed
with beautiful illustrations , and a
complete calendar. It is sold on
all news-stands for 5 cents , and
it's -worth vc times that amount.
It is a reliable chronology of
the progress of the igth century
and a prophecy of "what may be
expected in the 2oth.
Here are a fotr of the great men who have
mitten for It :
Secretary Wilson , on Agriculture
Sen. Chauncey M. Depew , on Politics
Russell Sage , on Finance
Thomas Edison , " Electricity
Gen. Merritt , - " Land Warfare
Adml. Hiclibom , " Naval Warfare ]
"Al" Smith , " Sports
You will enjoy reading it now ,
and it will be a book of reference
for you through the years to
come. Sixty-four pages , printed
on ivory finish paper.
If news-dealer cannot
your - sup
ply you with it , cut cut this ad.
and send it with three one-cent
stamps and receive this elegant
book free. Address
J. C. Ayer Co. , Lowell , Mass.
Ic food for thought.
1 lie WONDER
of the ABE ,
No Boiling ;
No Cooking
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fit Whitens the Goods !
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It makes all garments fresh aad
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174 Winchester Avenue , How Ha\cn , Conn.j |
Highest Cash Price Paid for
Poultry , Game , Bolter , Eggs ,
Eecd for lacs aa Purvii.
Established JE Omaha. Xeb.
The 13. & O. R. R. will hpve C2 new
compound coiiBol'dated freight loco
motives hy the last of January. Fifty
were ordered In September from the
Baldwin Locomotive Worlcs and the
order has Just been augmented by 12
more. These locnmotires. when com
pleted , will represent the highest typo
of heavy freight power.
The czar has an income of $1,000 an
hour , the sultan $850 , the emperor ol
Austria $500 , the kaiser $150 , the king
of Italy ? 300 , Queen Victoria the same
the French president $ > z50 , the king ol
the Belgians ? 85 and the president ol
the United States ? 7.50.
I.a Porte , Texnu.
The progress of the construction
work at La Porte , Texas , the future
great deep-water shipping point at the
head of navigation on Galveston Bay
on the Gulf of Mexico , is progressing
favorably. The wharves and switch
ing tracks are nearlng completion and
the work on the streets and on the
sewerage and water systems Is now
under way. Mr. I. R. Holmes , the gen
eral manager of the La Porte Improve
ment Company and the La Porte
Wharf and Channel Company , Is per
sonally superintending the improve
ments. Mr. Holmes makes his head
quarters at the Sylvan Hotel and vis
itors to La Porte during the next six
weeks and before the time of the first
general La Porte sale , which will be
held in February , 1900 , should intro
duce themselves to Mr. Holmes and al
low him to extend to them facilities
for getting a thorough understanding
of the conditions surrounding the La
Porte enterprises.
In the years 1832 to 1891 England lost
14,000,000 of its population by emigra
tion , Germany lost 5,000,000 between
1832 and 1891.
Magnetic Starch is the very best
laundry starch in the world.
The Nile is the longest river in the
world , 4,300 miles. The Niger is 2,500
miles and the Zambesi 1,000 miles.
The Health mid Pleasure Kesorts
Of Texas , Mexico , Arizona and Cali
fornia are quickly and comfortably
reached via the Southern Pacific Com
pany's Sunset Route. Daily through
service from New Orleans to San
Francisco via Houston , San Antonio ,
El Paso and Los Angeles. Special
semi-weekly service , Sunset Limited
from New Orleans Mondays and
Thursdays , composed of Buffet Smok
ing Car , containing Bath Room and
Barber Shop , Drawing Room Compart
ment Car , regular Pullman Sleepers ,
and Dining Car ( meals a la carte ) , all
of the latest design and most luxuri
ously appointed. Direct connections
made at New Orleans from all points
North and East. Detailed informa
tion cheerfully furnished by W. G.
Neimyer , G. W. A. , So. Pac. Co. , 238
Clark St , Chicago ; W. H. Connor ,
Com'l Agt , Chamber Commerce Bldg. ,
Cincinnati , 0. , W. J. Berg , Trav. Pass.
Agt , 220 Ellicott Square , Buffalo ,
N. Y.
Icebergs in the Atlantic sometimes
last for 200 years.
Ability What is always with the
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by local applications , as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the car. There is only one
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tutional remedies. Deafness is caused _ by an
inflamed condition of the mucus lining of the
Eustachian Tube. "VVhen this tube is inflamed
vou have a rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ing , and \vhen it is entirely closed deafness is
the result , and unless the inflammation can be
taken out aud this tube restored to its normal
condition , hearing will be destroyed forever ;
nine cases out , ot ten are caused by catarrh ,
which is nothing but an inflamed condition of
the mucus surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case
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handle that fits the mall. Holmes.
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use Magnetic Starch.
The mind that is cheerful at present
will have no solicitude for the future ,
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life with a smile. Horac2.
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not shall at least not be given.
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f It takes the place of cof
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Ilk is nourishing and health-
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All Brujrsrlsts. 25 < :
edily's Grandmother Japan' * Quaint
Foxes They Lite With Lucky Families
and They 31 tint Never He Offended
The Land of Topsj-Turvey.
The Li.nd of Topgy-Turvoy.
n the land of Topsy-Turvey
How I wish that I was there !
7\7here everything is upside down ,
And common things are rare ;
Where hard work's always easy ;
Where the night is always day ;
Where trouble's recreation.
And the grown-up people play ;
tVhere rivers climb the hillside ;
Where the skies are clover green ;
Where all the hidden things of life
Are clearly to be seen ;
Where fairies are the people ,
Where the people ai'e the elves ;
Where milk conies from the wellsprings -
springs ,
And the horses drive themselves ;
Where things go by contraries ;
Where the homely hfive good looks ;
Where the uurglam are all honest.
And the readers write the books.
Ih , the land of Topsy-Turvey
'Tis an iridescent dream !
A. spot where things are what they're
not ,
And never what they seem !
t want to go and live there ,
For I rather like their way
3f having everybody '
Growing younger every day.
[ larper's Bazar.
Teddy's Grandmother.
Teddy had many of the nice things
jf this world , but there was something
i ? did not have and which he knew he
could not ever have. AH of the other
little boys and girls had one , or two ,
and poor Teddy felt very bad when he
thought about it , for he thought that it
must be the nicest of all things ! You
could never guess , though perhaps you
have one yourself it was a Grand
mother ! Both of Teddy's grandmoth
ers had gone to heaven when he was a
baby it was one of his grandmothers
who first called him "Teddy. " Jamie
liad a good sweet grandmother and she
would have him and Marjorie to come
and stay with her ; and then Teddy
would be very lonesome and sad. He
would say , "I wish I had a grandmoth
er ! If I just had a grandmother to
go and see , and she would send me
tea cakes. " Jamie's grandmother of
ten sent Jamie and Marjorie tea-cakes
and maple sugar and apples and other
good things. One day Teddy sat very
still and looked thoughtful ; then he
leaned his face against his mother's
cheek and said : "Mother , I don't be
lieve I can stand it without a grand
mother ! " Teddy's mother patted his
head. "I can hardly stand it myself ,
Teddy , " she said ; "because she was
my mother , you know , dear. " Then
Teddy patted his mother. After a
while he said : "Mother , I asked Jamie
if I might have part of his grandmoth
er , and he said I would have to ask
her. So I want you to write to her for
me. " Teddy's mother said she would ,
and she wrote just what Teddy told
her to write : "Dear 'Grandmother'
Mallory :
"I know you are not my real grand
mother , but I haven't got any , and
I wish you would please let mejust
call you 'grandmother , ' if you can
stand it to have so many grandchil
dren. All the boys have grandmothers
except me. Both of my grandmothers
are in heaven and I can't stand it any
longer. I won't bother you a bit if
you will let me call you 'grandmoth
er. ' I haven't any one to send me teacakes -
cakes and maple sugar. Sometimes
Jamie gives me some of his.
"Good-bye , Grandmother ,
"Your little boy , Teddy. "
Teddy's letter was mailed at the
postoffice , and the next day there was
a package for "Master Teddy Warne. "
Inside of the box were tea-cakes and
maple sugar and a letter from dear old
Mrs. Mallory. This was the letter :
"My dear little boy :
"You cannot think how pleased I am
to have another nice boy to love me
and call me 'grandmother. ' One of
my little grandsons is in heaven , and
maybe God is going to let you take his
place , and I will be glad to be your
grandmother in the place of those
grandmothers in heaven who love you
still. I want you and Jamie to come
to-morrow to spend the day and night
with me. Ask your mamma if you may.
"Your loving grandmother ,
"Janet Mallory. "
The next day Jamie and Teddy rode
on the old horse to Grandmother Mai-
lory's. Jamie rode half of the \vay
in the red saddle with Teddy behind ,
and Teddy rode the last half with
Jamie behind , and they took their
night gowns to stay all night. Mrs.
Mallory kissed Teddy just as she kiss
ed Jamie , and she let Teddy sit on one
side of her at the table , and Jamie on
the other. They played in the attic
and waded in the "branch , " and they
climbed the trees , and nobody told
them not to go in the flower garden , or
to stop eating cherries , and they had
honey for supper , and they handed
jack for chicken at breakfast , and Ted-
ay said , "Yes , Grandmother , " every
time. He was so proud and happy be-
: ause he had a grandmother at last
( i.nd since then when Jamie goes , Ted-
Jy goes too , and when Jamie gets a
box of tea-cakes and maple sugar ,
Teddy gets one , too. Teddy tells
jverybody that he has a grandmother
low , and adds : "She's not my real
grandmother , you. know , but aho lets
me call her 'grandmother , " because I
couldn't stand it. " Ida F. Bane , in
Little Folks.
Japan's Quaint Foxes.
In Japan , with its quaint , gentle people
ple and its quainter , ewitler beliefs ,
even the foxes are not the same as
they are in other countries. Here a fox
is a plaything , a creature to be harried
and torn to pieces by dogs for sport.
In Japan it is well to address a fox
by the most honorable titles , to treat
him kindly , place food for him , and be
very glad when he goes. For in Japan
foxes have great power , and it is not
well to offend them. Many are the
tales the little people whisper whis
per for fear the foxes will hear and
take offense about the deeds of Inari
the fox. They are popularly supposed
to take up their abode with those
whom they fancy and , alas ! also
with those whom they do not fancy.
And sometimes it is hard to decide
which is the happier. For the foxes
must be fed. And as there are always
many in a family , and they do not vis
it singly , much rice must be consumed
for them. Good luck comes from their
arrival , however , but it Is liable to be
changed into direst ill-fortune at any
moment. For the foxes are exceed
ingly sensitive , and a word carelessly
spoken , nay , even a thought some
times , will serve to send them off in a
huff , and then all sorts of misfortunes
will follow. When a man is seized
with a lit in Japan they say "He is
afflicted with foxes , " or "He has made
an enemy of the foxes. " A story is told
of a woman who kept a little shop
where rice was sold. Every night a
tall woman entered the shop , bought
some rice , laid two coins down upon
the counter and left without saying a
word. The woman would place the
coins in a drawer , and think no more
of them. One day the woman entered
the shop , bought her rice , but as she
turned her back the shopkeeper saw a
long white tail hanging beiow her
dress. She cried out , and the woman
disappeared. Rushing to 'the drawer
where she had placed her money , she
found some coins and some dried
leaves. Half of the money she had re
ceived was good ; the other half had
been bewitched , and had turned back
to dry leaves. Families not having
foxes are not allowed to marry into
those having them , as when the foxes
attach themselves to a family it in
cludes in its affections all its members ,
even to those most remote. One of the
most famous families in Japan claims
its supremacy to be due to the good in
fluences of the foxes who have taken
up their abode in that family. New
York Herald.
This Is a Great Jumper.
From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch :
Not many horses trained in steeple-
chasing and ridden by skilled jockeys
could make a clean jump of tweiity-
one feet. When George King , the cow
boy , started out to "round up" a herd
of cattle that was pasturing in the
valleys of the Santa Ana river he in
vited an Indian , Juan Machado , to ac
company him and help him in the cat
tle driving. Machado was on the point
of agreeing , when King said joking
ly : "We will take our -jims along and
we might get a fat tear. " Immediate
ly the Indian appeared to be in a state
of abject terror and refused to take
the trip , assuring King that the grizzly
bear always overheard such threats
and that hunters who announced their
object were sure to be eaten up. Laugh
ing at the Indian's superstition , King
started on without him. A day or two
afterward he was following a lonely
trail alone. The trail led through a
dense thicket and was near ths border
of a dangerous gulch. Suddenly the
pathway made a sharp curve and dis
closed to the cowboy's sight a monster
grizzly gnawing at the quivering flesh
of a newly killed yearling. Now , of
all circumstances calculated to excite
a grizzly the interruption of his meal
is the surest. Therefore when the
mounted cowboy rode almost upon
him he rushed forward with a terrify
ing growl. The little horse needed no
spurs , but darted onward through the
brush with incredible swiftness , the
angry bear following close behind. In
a moment the horse and rider were on
the edge of the gulch , and there was
no room for turning. King and his
horse both knew that. There was but
one thing to do. King raised the
bridle reins , the little horse gathered
her legs beneath her , sailed straight
through the air and landed safely oa
the edge of the opposite bank. The
chasm was twenty-one feet across.
And the Indian said : "I told you so.
I told you the bear would hear
The Jester's Tric'r.
Peter the Great was once very neatly
caught in a trap by a jester attached
to the court. The jester was noted for
his cleverness in getting himself and
his friends out of difficulties. It hap
pened one day that a cousin of his had
incurred the czar's displeasure and was
about to be executed. The jester there
fore presented himself before his im
perial master to beg for a reprieve. On
seeing him approach , the czar , divin
ing his errand , cried : "It is no good
to come here ; I swear I will not grant
what you are going to ask. " Immedi
ately the jester went dov.-n on his
knees , saying : "I beseech your im
perial highness to put that scamp
cousin of mine to death. " The czar ,
thus caught in his own trap , could
only laugh and pardon the condemned
From Town Topics : Tailor Is your
master in ? Servant Sure I do' know.
He said if you caught him in he'd be
out , and now I'm puzzled to tell which
he is.
Since his Inauguration as president ,
Mr. McKinlcy has never seen a play.
Each of the Washington theaters has
placed a box at his disposal. The
mistress of the White House , how
ever , io rather fond of the play , and
frequently visits the theater with
In Switzerland they elect a new
president every year unanimously , The
new one just chosen is Walker Haus-
er , and the rule which has been fol
lowed in the tranquil republic for
years is that the vice president of one
year becomes the president the next.
Talto Laxative Hrrmo Quinine TablclK. All
druggists refund the money if It falis to cure.
25c. E.V. . ( J rove's signature oa each box.
Silence When impelled by recog
nized ignorance , is wisdom.
Try Magnetic Starch it will last
longer than any other.
"Pigley Is very contrary , I under
stand. " "Contrary ? Why , that fellow
has to fast to get fat. " Judge.
apiain Gridley's estored by
Bother Peruna.
tWAi READY eiflbiEr-nre :
* " _ . _ . _ CfC *
u x > - - -C ' ! * ? rJ /
JLfrv. Gridlcif , mother of Captain Gridley , who was in command of
Dcivey'sjlay ship , at the destruction of tin ; tipanish jlcet at. ? ifnnila , say
of our remedy , 1'erunn :
"Al the solicitation of a friend I used Fenni't , and can truthfully
say it is a arand tonic and is a woman's friend , and should be used in
every household. After usiny it for a short period / feel like a nciv
person. " Ann E. Gridlcy.
Nearly all our ills .ire due to catarrh. We are liable to have catarrh of the
head , catarrh of the throat , catarrh of the lungs , stomach , kidneys , bladder
and pelvic organs. Peruna cures catarrh wherever located. Address Dr.
Ilartuian , Columbus , Ohio , for free book.
* *
"Star" tin tags ( allowing small stars printed on under tide
of tag ) , "Horse Shoe , " "J. T. , " "Good Luck , " "Gross Bow , "
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4 Child' * Kot , Kuifo , Fork and Kjioon 2 > 23 Iluvolver. niitoiiiti" , duiible action ,
H Fnlt fiiio" Pepper Sot , on each , rjua-1- 32 i.r 38 caliSjy.- . ejO
rnplH plute on white metal . to 28 Toed Set , n < it playtluii ; . but real
f French Briar Wood Hipe. . 25 tools . „ . 6SO
T Razor , hollow ground , fine EriKllsii 27 Toilet Sut decorated porcelain.
se- ! . SO very Iiandsonm . . . 803
6 Butter Knife , triple plcte , best 28 Itfiiilngton Hi.'lo No. 4 , 2Jor SJrsI . 803
S3 V.'ctoli , H' "lin "liver. full j jwl "l HKM
9 SsiRur Shod tripla pla'tf , test quul. . (50 ( 30 Dre-cj Him Case , feather , IsiuilvMiia *
10 Sf : np Hox. x'prlintf Kilver . 70 and diir bli > . 1000
11 Knife , "Kppn Kuttor , " two bla.l s. . 75 31 8ewin Machine , firs : clas-i , with
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blstJe . 75 22 Kevo'.ver , Ci.UX 38-cii'il r , blued
13 Sliparx , "Keen Kntter " 8-liu-ti . 76 steel . 1300
It Knt Set , Cicuker ami 6 Piois , silver 31 Kiflo , Colt' * , Ii5-fcli' > , ilralibe.130)
pitted . SO 34 Guitar ( Wa-dib'irn ) , rosewood , in
15 Bno Hail , "Awocia'iou , " best qnal.lW ) laid . 2WM
18 Altrin Clorfc , niflccl . 130 35 Mandolin , very haids- - : . 'ifJJ
* 17 Six Oi-inin - KngPi's'TcaspoonM.besf
1 1 i'e-1 K-xiilH . 130 35Vlnrh Hter Hep-vi'in' ; Sh.t Gun ,
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* 19 C. rver . } J'JO-J ftc'jl , bui-3cliorn 37 IJpi.irisj-GTi , d ub'o-ljirrsl. ham-
ha-idlei . 2UO me. si t ti-n. 1'to
20 Six Geircinb Koiers' Tabla S ; > ocits , 33 Bicycle , Htnnilanl liuko , lajiea or
1'PSt pla'cd cooili . 230 ( 'eiitH 23 * )
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FARCHCAGO893 ! ! !
Gfr r//f& 5rva s vf
will be mtCe bv rvery b\erof Porte
property. Fir-t i ? " er"JAle in Fcbni-
ary , 110. ) . La Porle , Texas , is d-j > inrJ
to b < 5 the futuie tr ni < stc per ; tf the
Gulf of Mexico Kvrry farmr r. merchant
acd mnnufccturcr of t e Unired tut s
Cit of the .Mis isMppi River directly
interested in La Porte. A s-null invest
ment will return handsome prolit < - . Write
( or FREE Folder. Maps and Art Book to
IBS Madison St. , CHICAGO.
To sell the products of
Swine placce or bos cholera successfully treated
by inoccnlatton. AVe cere 85 per tent of slrk Logs
and render well hops Jmniunes by our process.
For lurther particulars call un vr addresa
The Swins Vaceine Go. , Wpore , Heb ,
A radio for n White HOIIHC cnuy-
os just taken place at 50 cent * :
a "throw. " The piece * In the quilt
arc from the tapestry ami other fur
nishings of the mansion , dating Imck
to the time of Mrs. Cleveland and rep
resenting four administrations. 'Kj-J
quilt Is exquisitely arranged , and 'fjio
value is put down at ? 150.
Milton Stewart is building an ark
on the top of West Rock , near Now
Haven , Conn. , in the belief that the
world is to be visited by another de
luge. Mr. Stewart makca no definite
prediction ns to the date of its coming.
T 'xji Land * .
The San Antonio and Arkansas Pass
Railway covers central and south
Texas. Good lands , reasonable prices ,
mild and healthful climate. Addresa
E. J. MARTIN , Gen'l. POSH Agt. ,
San Antonio , Texas.
There Is no passion vhlch meals
Into the heart more. Imperceptibly and
covers Itself under more disguises than
pride. Addison.
! \ \ . X. 17. OrilA Xo. 52 J 809
M < ntk > n thi to advertisers.
of acres of choice agri
cultural \KDS now
opened for s > pttlcnK-nt
in Wrstcrn Canad i.
Here is crown t : e cc1-
< 'bmtPdXO. 1 HARD
1 WHEAT whieti brings the highest price in the
markets of th .vorld. tbouands of cattle are
fattened for market ir.tncat biimj fed trrain ,
and without aJay's shelter. St-n'J ior informa
tion and < -ecurc a free home in Western Canart.i.
Wrte the Superintendent of Immigration , Ot
tawa , oraddress the undersigned , who will mail
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Bennett Wl N. Y. Life Building , Omaha. Neb.
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