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Colonel Charles E. Jones , the Geor
gia historian , has compiled a list of the
surviving Confederate generals , which
shows that out of the original nineteen
lieutenant generals , seven survive ; of
the eighty-one major generals , sixteen
are living , and of 365 brigadier gener
als , ninety-two survive. The living
lieutenant generals are James Long-
street , Alexander P. Stewart , Stephen
D. Lee , Simon B. Buckner , Wade
Hampton , John B. Gordon and Josepl1
Money makes the mare go , but rail
way officials prefer to run trains on
" \Vcstcrii Intellectual I'roditctH.
"The Farmer's Cheerful Helper" Is
the title of a book for which a copy-t
right has been granted to the author ,
\ G. W. Hamilton of Des Moines.
Patents have been allowed but not
yet issued as follows : To W. H. Lyon
and J. C. Wallich , of Creston , la. , for
a mail pouch that is adapted to be
opened and closed quicker than the old
style and when closed and locked nc-
cess to the contents without a key Is
impossible except by cutting a flex
ible part thereof. To W.D. Weir of Gilmore -
more City , la. , for a portable and trans
formable hoisting machine. A mast
is mounted on p. truck , a boom swiv-
cled to the mast and means for oper
ating it , a crane mounted on the truck
and means for swinging it horizontally
f > and vertically and a fork adapted for
lifting corn shocks detachably con-
.jnected therewith and all the parts so
arranged and combined that they can
be readily adjusted to transform the
machine to adapt it to be used advan
tageously in doing various kinds of
hard work on a larm.
Authors and inventors entitled to
protection for their intellectual pro
ducts pursuant to our copyright and
Patent laws can consult us in person
or by letter without charge.
Registered Attorneys.
. DCS Moines , la. , Aug. 19 , ' 99.
Talk must be the equivalent of
money , otherwise gossip wouldn't gam
currency so easy.
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Carroll D. Wright says : "Ten
thousand people starve to death each
year in Greater New York , while
nearly $400,000 a day passes over the
saloon bars of that city for liquor. "
FnultlcsB Starch
Is rapidly superseding the old style starch
es. It saves labor , saves money and makes
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Rev. F. B. Meyer , of London , said
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comfort to a man's heart is to know
that he is on the path of duty when
God put him. "
IlaH's Catarrh Cnro
Is tnkeu internally. Price , 75c.
When , in 1SC1 , Governor Kirkwood ,
cf Iowa , appointed Senator Allison
colonel in the volunteer service and
set him to raise four regiments the lat
ter received most assistance from a
big Scotch-American college lad who
offered his services in any capacity.
This man brought a company of his
college friends and did other good
work in enlisting recruits. He was
David B. Henderson , next speaker of
the house.
The man who takes his whiskv
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a--- > "
CHAPTER XV. ( Continued. )
"Was this what you were working
for ? " I demanded , with a sudden jeal
ous suspicion.
"Perhaps I was ! " she answered loft
ily. "I hope she will never be sorry
that she chose wrong. "
"I hope not ! " I assented cordially.
"A real gentleman , " repeated Miss
Woodward "as free-handed and free-
spoken as a prince a gentleman who
knows how to treat a woman , even if
she is only a servant a gentleman I'd
work my fingers to the bone for , and so
would a good many more ! "
"You did your best for him , " I could
not help saying. "You have nothing
lo reproach yourself with. ' "
It was true , as Widdrlngton had
raid , that all the women were fasci
nated by handsome , dare-devil Charlie.
What wonder that Nona had felt his
power ? I could only be thankful that
the fascination had not gone deeper.
"No ; I've nothing to reproach myself
with , " the maid assented. "And I'll
pray night and day for my young lady ,
that she may see her mistake before it
Is too late. "
And with this parting shot the reso
lute virago marched sternly from the
room without a word of farewell civil
I finished my interrupted letters , and
then sought Nona. She met me with a
dismayed face.
"Such a strange thing has happened , "
the exclaimed. "Woodward has left at
a moment's notice. She would -not
give any explanation of her going , only
Bald that she was sorry to inconven
ience me. but circumstances obliged
her to leave at once ; and she has
gone. "
"The most extraordinary proceed
ing , " chimed in Miss Elmslie. "I told
Nona that she could insist upon Wood
ward's remaining until she had found
another servant If it had not hap
pened that a young girl from the vil
lage is at liberty to take her place at
once , it would have been most incon
venient and awkward ; and Woodward
was such an excellent maid. I suppose
common thief. You will not allow it
promise me you will not. "
"It will not be so bad as that , " I as
sured her. "Of course he must be
made to surrender the will. However ,
we will not talk about him any longer.
This is my last evening , you know , and
I have a thousand things to say. The
time is too precious to waste , ray dar
ling. "
I left the Rectory on the following
day. The next few months were
passed in a dream of happiness which
left me little thought for Charlie
Branscombe or his concerns. Occa
sionally , it is true , I was brought into
relations with Widdrington , for my
connection with the office could not be
abruptly terminated , and In the matter
of Forest Lea I felt that I had a special
responsibility to discharge. The de
tective was actively following up clue
after clue as they came Into his hands.
His pride and his professional interest
were thoroughly roused by his first
failure , and he was bent on completing
the case in which he had already
worked so hard. Mr. Charles Brans
combe had not left England so much
Widdrington was sure of. Probably
want of means had prevented his going
far from home and the numerous
friends and adherents who were always
ready to help him.
"I shall run him down yet , " Wid
drington confidently asserted. "He
must be starved out sooner or later. "
In the meantime Forest Lea was
shut up and deserted , at the Rector's
constant regret ; and only a vague im
pression of the truth floated about the
neighborhood , where my darling still
remained , under the friendly protec
tion of Mr. and Mrs. Heathcote.
She had promised to be mine in the
summer , when the first anniversary of
the good old Colonel's death had come
and gone. Then we were to have a
pretty wedding in the village church
a wedding all flowers and sunshine ,
such as became our hopes and our
I was fully occupied in preparing for
that supreme event. I was refurnish-
\ '
she has had some quarrel with the
servants and she never had a good
temper. "
"I wonder , " began Nona , and then
stopped suddenly. .
"What do you wonder ? " I asked.
"Nothing , " she laughed , "only an
odd idea of mine. "
"Tell me your ideas ; I like to hear
them all. "
"I was wondering whether Tillott's
leaving had anything to do with Wood-
ward's. I know she liked him , and
thought him a great improvement on
Charles ; but then he was so much
younger. Of course it was very silly of
me to connect the two events. "
"I don't know about that I think
it was very sagacious of you , " I an
"Then there is something. What
are you laughing at ? What is it ? "
"You are right , my dearest. Wood
ward's and Tillott's departures do hang
together. "
And then , Miss Elmslie having dis
creetly retired , I told Nona the whole
story from beginning to end , only en
joining on her the secrecy which the
dear little indiscreet" Miss Elmslie
could never have been trusted to pre
Nona's astonishment was unbounded.
"What a plot ! " she exclaimed. "It
Is like a book ; and Woodward , who
seemed so quiet and so respectable ,
was helping it all. And that man Til-
lott was a detective. How strange it
all is ! I feel as if I were in a dream.
The will was really stolen then , not
lost , and and now I understand ; you
puzzled me so when you persisted you
had seen me at Molten , and that I had
taken your bag. I was puzzled , and
and a little angry" blushing.
"Yes , you were thoroughly mysti
fied , " I agreed.
"Oh , I do hope , " said Nona , "that
man , Widdrington , vrill never , never
find Charlie poor Charlie , who was
my playfellow and friend , and my poor
uncle's pet and darling , treated like a
ing my newly-acquired home a lovely
old house in Kent , amongst the hop
gardens and woods of the Weald and
sparing no pains to make it a fitting
nest for the sweet , gentle dove who
was to preside over it
In such happy occupation , with fre
quent visits to the Midshire Rectory ,
the months passed quickly away. I
had no personal part in the next act of
the drama which concerned Mr.
Charles Branscombe , and must leave
its chronicle to another pen.
A little maid in a blue cotton gown
and a white muslin cap was picking
peas in a cottage garden. She was
taking her work in leisurely fashion ,
sitting on a three-legged stool with her
basket in her lap , and gathering the
plump pods as they dangled close to
her hand. The vines grew high that
year , and the little maid as she sat was
almost hidden in the green valley ; not
so much hidden , however , but that a
hot and flustered police officer saw her
as he tramped heavily up the path , and
blurted out an abrupt question
"Where's the young fellow gone to ? "
She looked up with a pair of tranquil
blue eyes , growing round with aston
ishment , as she repeated after him , In
a strong country accent
"Young fellar ? What young fellar
d'ye mean ? "
She looked so fresh and so pretty ,
and the yellow fringe which peeped out
from under her cap was so infantile in
its innocent simplicity , that Mr. James
Brown felt a momentary impulse , in
spite of his flustration , to chuck her
under the cool rounded chin , ant ! aven
perhaps help h oicelf to a kiss from
her red lips. If he hacm't been so hot
and so worried where the dickens
could that young rip have got to ? he
would certainly have taken advantage
of his opportunities. As it was he pur
sued his investigation and resisted the
"A youne fellar in a light tweed suit
he was making straight for here , " he
explained. "I saw him before me over
the fields not ten minutes ago , and I'll
swear I hardly lost sight of him. He
must be in the house ; there isn't an
other place this way not even a shave
of wood to hide him and Smith and
Varley would have stopped him further
down. He must be in the house. "
"Maybe , ye can ask , " retorted the
damsel indifferently , reaching out her
hand towards a group of pods , as if
dismissing the subject.
The officer went his way , with just
another admiring glance at the pretty
figure in the charming green avenue.
The door at the cottage stood wide
open ; a black cat was dozing in the
sun ; all was quiet and sleepy ; there
was not a sound about the place. The
officer's loud knock brought a stupid
servant-girl with a snub nose and a
wide-open mouth to answer his reit
erated question.
"Where's the the young gentleman
who came in here just now ? I want to
speak to him. "
"There's no young gentleman here. "
she replied "only my master and
misses , and they're both old. "
"Where are they ? Tell them Mr.
James Brown wants to speak to them. "
The girl preceded him into the parlor
at the end of the passage , after knock
ing at the door , and gave his message
"Mr. James Brown wants to speak
to ye. "
A decent old man of the retired
tradesman class , disturbed in his after
noon nap , looked up with blinking eyes
at the impatient constable , whilst his
comely old partner put down the stock
ing she was darning , and prepared to
interview the visitor.
"Good afternoon , sir , " rhe said , civ
illy. "Won't you take a seat ; it's
warm walking. "
Was it real innocence or only a
sham ? Mr. Brown was not going to ba
taken In ; these people were probably
allies of Mr. Charles Branscombe old
servants or something of that sort.
The old gentleman's yawn was too
demonstrative , and he did not mean to
let the old lady's civility put him off
the scent he was quite up to that
game. He glanced sharply around the
room , behind the old man's ponderous
arm-chair , at the cupboard door , even
up the chimney , before he answered in
his most official tone
"A young gent entered this house
about ten minutes or maybe a quarter
of an hour ago , Mr. Charles Brans-
combe by name. I've got business
with him very particular business , if
you'll let him know. "
"Mr. Charles Branscombe , " echoed
the old man ; "he's not here , and hasn't
been , to my knowledge. "
"Then it's without your knowledge , "
retorted Mr. Brown , who was getting
cross. "I'll take my davy he's some
where on the premises ; and , as I hold
a warrant for his apprehension , I shall
have to 'search for him with your
leave or without it. "
"You're an ill-mannered upstart
that's what you are , " exclaimed Mr.
Walker , very wide awake now , and
starting up to face Mr. Brown. "And
I dare you to search my house war
rant or no warrant , I'm an honest man ,
and I've nothing to do with your
scamps : and if I was ten years younger
I'd kick you out faster than you came
in that's what I'd do" warming as
he on.
"Hush , Samuel ! " interposed the
dame , laying her hand upon his arm ,
as he shook his fist in the intruder's
face. "Never mind his manners it's
only his ignorance. We don't mean to
resist the law ; if he's got a warrant , let
him show it , and he's welcome to
search if he likes. He'll soon see it's
no use. My husband is old , sir" aside
to Mr. Brown , as the old gentleman
walked to the window , and wiped his
forehead with his handkerchief "and
he's apt to be hasty when he's waked
sudden out of his sleep. Let us see
your warrant , if you please , sir. "
( To be continued. )
That Is AVIiy the Cleveland Uackinnn
IVas So Greatly Swelled.
From the Cleveland Leader : It is
not often that a thin man becomes
alarmingly obese within twenty-four
hours. This , however , was the experi
ence of Martin McHugh , who is a hack
driver , and lives at 216 Hamilton street.
Wednesday morning he was too small
for his clothes. Several hours later he
had a pronounced "bay window , " his
hands , feet , legs and arms were twice
their natural size , and his cheeks as
sumed rotund proportions that sur
prised the members of his family. He
did not stop there , but continued to
grow big. finally being compelled to
discard his clothing and take to a bed.
Dr. D. D. Steur was called. He said it
was evident that McHugh's lungs were
leaking. This , according to the physi
cian , became more evident when it was
seen that with each breath the rotund
portions rose and fell. In speaking of
the curious case Dr. Steur said : "Mc
Hugh was injured by being struck with
the thill of a wagon. He felt no im
mediate effects , but was obliged to go
home later in the day. Every portion
of his body seemed to ache. He then
commenced to bloat , his body swelling
to twice its natural size. When called
in by the family I saw at once that
one of the man's lungs had been In
jured and was leaking air. With Dr.
N. Stone Scott I decided on an opera
tion. The body was punctured. The
air came out with alarming force. The
disabled lung was then laid bare. It
had been injured , a splinter having
probably entered the casing. The
wound was cleaned and the lung care
fully sewed. From last reports the pa
tient was doing nicely and will soon
bo at his old stand. "
Willie , aged } , noticed the moon In
the western sky one morning after
sunrise. Having never seen both orbs
at once he was deeply impressed and ,
running into the house , exclaimed :
"Oh , mamrna , I've got a good joke on
the angels ! " "Why , Willie , what do
you mean ? " asked the astonished
mother. "They forgot to tauc tna
moon in , " answered the little fellow.
Senator Hanna's rheumatism , accord
ing to letters from Europe , has cent
ered In his knee-cap and it is feared
that sesamoiditis may set in and per
manently stiffen the leg.
Mr. W. H. Ijams , who has been re
cently ic-elected treasurer of the Bal
timore and Ohio railroad , has been in
the employ of the company for forty-
six years , and has been treasurer since
May , 186G. When a small boy in Bal-
tim'orc he saw the great parade that
Baltlmoreans arranged to celebrate the
of the Baltimore
laying of the corner-stone
timore and Ohio railroad on July 4 ,
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Love is a dream. Whether it is a
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Parties desiring full information as
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other which kills it.
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Sardou , like Balzac , keeps a store
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A convention invitation from
Charleston , S. C. , to the Democratic
party should not be overlooked ? t
is the News and Courier that says :
"Why not invite the Democratic con
vention to come to Charleston ? We
had one here before the war , which
made the liveliest times for the whole
country that it has ever hud. Let us
have the next one , and see what comes
of it. "
The Marquis of Salisbury has for
many years been an earnest student i.f
chemistry and found time to discover
and complete an important chemic ? !
process in his private laboratory j > t
Hatfield , the results of which will be
made known to the world on his be
half at a forthcoming meeting of one
of the learned societies.
French railroad companies have
been ordered by the courts to provide
their passengers with season tickets
without advertisements. The Western
railroad had increased the number of
advertisements till a season ticket was
as thick as a pocketbook and commu'-
crs refused to carry them.
D. L. Moody says : "What good
does it do a man to get a college edu
cation , if at the same time he gets
the drink habit. What good Is the ed
ucation in his head , if he goes out
with the grip of the liquor demon on
his throat. ? "
Every woman has an idea that she
"holds her age well. "
jv V
If there is anything in a name the
young lady who has just been appoint
ed postmistress of a town in Okla
homa ought not to remain single till
the snow llics. Her card hcnm this
inscription : "Ima Daisy Cook. "
John Ruskin says : "He only is ad
vancing in life whose heart is getting
softer , whose blood warmer , whose
brain quicker , whose spirit Is entering
into living peace. And the men who
have this life in them , are the true
lords or kings of the earth they , and
they only. "
A Letter to Mrs. Pinkham Brought
Health to Mrs. Archambo.
" DIAK Mits. I'INKIIAM For two
years I felt tired and to weak and dizzy
that some days I could hardly go
around the house. H.ickacheand head
ache all the time and my food would
not digest and had such pains in the
womb and troubled with leucorrhwa
and kidneys were affected.
"After birih of each child I grew
veaker , and hearing so much of the
good you had done , 1 wrote to you and
have taken six bottles of Lydia E.
Tinklmm's Vegetable Compound , one
box of Lo/cngesoueboxof Liver Pills ,
one package of Sanative Wash , rnd to
day I am fix-ling as well as I ever did.
When I gel up in the morning I feel as
fresh as I did when a girl and cat ami
sleep well and do all of my work. If
ever I feel weak again shall know
where to get my strength. J know
3'ourmedicinecurcd me. " Mus. SAUNA
The present Mrs. I'inkham's experi
ence in treating female ills Jo unparal
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side with Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham , and
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her great business , treating1 by letter
as many as a hundred thousand ailing
voincn a year. All women who suffer
ire invited to v.-rite to Mrs. Pinkham
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No matter how much mother-in-law
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There was never but one really
brave man. He told a woman he
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If all flesh is grass cannibals must
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