The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 25, 1899, Image 1

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The Populists' Funny Fuse.
The Populists of Red Willow county
met in county convention in Indianola ,
last Saturday , and the following actions
were hnd and done , Chairman I. M.
Smith and Secretary R. A. Green at the
helm in opening :
The secretary of the county central
committee read the call , after the con
vention had been called to order by the
chairman of the committee , and the
convention commenced business at a
delayed hour.
At this juncture Patrick Walsh of the
Democratic convention appeared on the
floor and announced that he was delegated -
gated by his convention to announce
that the Democrats had chosen a con
ference committee of five members to
confer with a like committee from the
Populist convention upon a basis of
Ed. Lister named C. H. Boyle for tem
porary chairman and W. A. Minniear
suggested John Wintjen for the same
place. Both declined. H. H. Pickeus
\vas then selected by a practically unan
imous vote. H. A. Green was named by
C. H. Boyle for temporar } ' secretary and
J. K. Stevens was suggested by C. E.
Matthews. Stevens declined which Mat
thews "permitted , " and Green was
chosen by acclamation.
At the suggestion of W. E. Hart , the
following committee of fix-e was an
nounced by the chair of credentials
A. P. Bodwell , C. E. Matthews , Ira J.
Miller , J. A. Carter , J. S. Shaw.
On motion of C. H. Boyle it was de
cided to adopt the list of delegates as re
ported from the different precincts , where
there were no contests , and that the
same be declared the accredited dele
gates of the convention , which action
dismissed the committee.
On motion of W. G. Sheppard , the
following committee of five was appoint
ed by the chair on resolutions C. E.
Matthews , H. W. Naden , J. W. Hoppe ,
J. A. Carter , J. S. Modrell. '
On order of business the following
gentlemen were named as the committee
John D. Long , Almeron Reed , Charles
Boatman , John G. Ervin , I. M. Smith.
The committee on permanent organi
zation was composed as follows F. M.
Williams , J. A. Schmidt , S. O. Hoag-
land , J. W. Dutcher , W. J. Fleischnian.
The most important committee of the
convention the conference committee
was made up of these gentlemen , C. H.
Boyle , Ed. Lister , R. E. Hatcher , H. S.
Ough , J. K. Stevens.
At tins point , J. A. Carter "wanted to
know. " But the matter was satisfactor
ily explained to him for the time , that
there were some little matters that had
to be talked over by the Populists and
Democrats , "under the hat , " as it were.
Stil , Joe had the same want throughout
the convention.
While the only serious business of the
.convention the division of the spoils
was being decided by the conference
committees , Mr. Vincent of the Noncon
formist of Omaha appeared upon the
scene by invitation , and made a few re
marks : He reported that he found the
situation over the state , and he had been
attending county conventions over the
state for a number of weeks , 50 per cent
better than at this time , last year.
( Which , we suggest , is marvelous , if
true. ) The gentleman attempted to
mildly "roast" the administration on
the Philippine situation , but he found
most of the Pops of Red Willow county
too patriotic to enjoy or appreciate his
remarks along that line , and being a
clever gentleman , took a new tack after
all he had not come to save the right
eous ( Pops ) , but to-bring sinners ( Re
publicans ) to repentance. This original
suggestion "brought down the house"
and he passed the hat for subscriptions
to the Nonconformist. He acknowl
edged that some considered his paper to
be the meanest on earth but added
that the Nonconformist in no way com
peted with the local Populist papers ( re
ferring to the Comfort ) , stating that he
did not tell when John Brown last went
to town or when Sarah Gregory got
"jined. " He left this high and exclus
ive work to [ the Comfort , he paralyzed
the Republicans. Mr. Vincent wanted
all the gold and silver in the world bur
ied in the deepest Pacific , the treasure
box locked and the key lost. He had
ao use for metal. Thought the world
might come to its senses then and decide
upon a sensible financial basis. Hoping
to see them all later and get their names
on his subscription list , he thanked them
again and retired.
Report of the committee made the
temporary the permanent organization.
Following order of business was re
ported by the committee and adopted
by the convention :
Report of committee on order of busi
Report of committee on permanent
Report of committee on resolutions.
H. P. WAITE was a Cambridge visitor ,
Miss MARY WATSON will return to
Lincoln , Monday morning next.
HOWE SMITH has moved to Redwillow ,
and is in charge of H. H. Troth's eleva
REV. W. J. TURNER arrived home ,
Tuesday night on 3. from his trip in the
Miss ADDIE DOAN attended the Ma-
gee-Meserve wedding in Lincoln.
MRS. H. T. CAREY and the children
went up to Max , to visit her sister , Mrs.
J. H. Bennett.
J. H. BISHOP of Lincoln was in the
city , Wednesday , on business , the guest
ofC. F. Babcock.
MRS. N. A. VANSICKLE of Orleans
spent Saturday in the city , returning
home , Sunday morning.
J. L. WHITE of Curtis , who has ambi
tions to become judge of the Fourteenth
district , was a city visitor , Saturday.
MRS. FRED S. HARRIS has purchased
two lots on the corner opposite the home
formerly owned by her. Alliance Grip.
Miss ONA SIMONS departed , Tuesday
morning , for Iowa , to be absent for
about a month visiting in the old home.
MRS. DENNIS CULLEN and the young
er children of the household went down
to Hastings , last Friday , on a visit of a
week or two.
H. H. TARTSCII went up to Denver ,
last Saturday night , to join his wife ,
sister and mother-in-law in their trip in
the mountains.
Shoemaker returned home to Culbert-
son , Sunday night , after a short visit
with McCook friends.
MRS. J. S. SIRCOLUMB and children
of Sheridan , Wyo. , arrived in the city ,
close of last week , and are the guests of
her sister , Mrs. C. E. Pope.
little daughter departed , Tuesday morn
ing , for Omaha and Davenport , and will
be absent a week or ten days.
W. S. MORLAN arrived home , Monday
night , from his hunting-fishing trip up
into the northwest. He at once resumed
his favorite occupation fatming.
J. J. BARR arrived from Maryville ,
Missouri , Tuesday night on 3 , to assist
in clearing up the mystery surrounding
the disappearance of his brother Robert.
ROBERT PATRICK of Emerson , Iowa ,
and sister , Mrs. Mary Newman of Kan
sas , arrived in the city , Tuesday , and
are the guests of Dr. and Mrs. J. A.
MRS. JAMES HARRIS departed , Tues.
day night , for Pueblo , Colo. , to see her
daughter , Minnie , Mrs. Eipper , who is
very ill , and whose recovery is not ex
A , P. WHITMER , editor of the Pauora
Vidette , came out , last Saturday , to see
his parents , Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whit-
mer. He left for home , Wednesdaj'
MRS. J. S. CROMWELL and daughter
Grace of Republican City were the
guests of Mrs. V. H. Solliday , Saturday
and Sunday , returning home on Monday
J. E. KELLEY and Ed. Jordan went
down to Omaha , Wednesday night on 6 ,
to purchase furniture for the Commercial
house , of which they will assume charge
in the near future.
J. T. McCLURE of Beaver City , who
fondly but mistakenly hopes to step into
Judge Norris' shoes , about January first ,
was around looking after his fences , in
this vicinity , Monday.
MESSRS P. WALSH , W. M. Lewis ,
Harry Barbazett , J. H. Bennett and Mar
ion Plummer attended the Democratic
convention in Omaha- , Tuesday , return
ing home on Wednesday night.
Miss MAUD CORDEAL visited Miss
Cowles at Cambridge , Sunday. The
girls will both leave , early the coming
month , for Boston , to enter the New
England conservatory of music for a two
years course of study.
R. Q. STEWART of Hastings , deputy
revenue collector , drove over from Danbury -
bury , Tuesday afternoon , spending the
afternoon and evening here on business
and going up the Imperial line , Wednes
day morning , to check up the county
clerk at Imperial.
MRS. C. M. BAILEY arrived home ,
close of last week , from her visit in
Sheridan , Wyoming. Mrs. Bailey is
much better in general health , but is
suffering with an abscess on one of her
arms. Her brother , William Fane , host
ler at Sheridan , accompanied her. A.
Followed the Mother.
Little Ethel Mary Theme on Sunday
morning last followed her mother to the
spirit land. Her illness was not long ,
but being a frail child , she vjas unable
to combat the disease , which soon trans
planted the dear child into the Father's
earden above.
[ ETHEL MARY THORNE was born in
Ambia , Indiana , September 25th , 1896.
Died in McCook. Nebraska , August 2Oth ,
1899. Three children died in infancy
two girls and a boy. Four children and
a loving wife gone on before. Every life
has its battles and trials and surely this
husband and father has his ; but what a
comfort to know that they belong to
Christ and that the angels will not fail
to find them. Some years ago a ship
went down on the British coast , and allen
on board perished. None of the bodies
were found , save that of an infant that
was washed ashore among the wreckage.
Kind people of the village picked up the
remains and buried them. Not knowing
the name of the child , they placed on
the simple stone , "God Knows. " It
will not matter in that day whether we
have been famous among men ; rich or
poor ; the only consideration will be
whether we belong to Christ or not. ] B.
Brief funeral services were conducted
by Rev. J. A. Badcon at the residence ,
Monday morning , after which burial
was had in Riverview cemetery , four
little girls in white serving as pall bear
ers. The lonely father has the deepest
sympathy of this community in this second
end sorrow that has come upon him
since his short residence in our city.
Mr. Theme desires us to express his
deep gratitude for all assistance rendered
him in this sickness and bereavement.
Magee-Meserve Wedding : .
Wednesday morning , in the apart
ments of State Treasurer and Mrs. J. B.
Meserve in flat "A" , Salsbury block ,
Lincoln , Nebraska , Mr. Edwin Ellsworth
Magee and Miss Edna Taylor Meserve
were united in marriage in the pres
ence of relatives and a few near friends ,
Rev. J. L. Marsh of the Unitarian church
performing the ceremony.
A twelve-o'clock luncheon was served
in the apartments immediately following
the ceremony and gratulations. Shortly
after luncheon , the happy couple left on
a wedding trip of a week or ten days ,
which will be devoted to seeing the
sights of the northwest country Deadwood -
wood , Spearfish and other points.
The suite of rooms was prettily and
attractively decorated with flowers for
the occasion : The parlor in which the
ceremony was performed , in red and
white roses ; two other rooms in pink
and white roses , and asparagus fern
throughout the apartments.
The young people were remembered
by their relatives and friends with a
wealth of beautiful presents.
Mr. and Mrs. Magee will be at home ,
Lincoln , Nebraska , after October ist ,
2546 "W" street.
Monday , September 4th.
The fall term of public school will
open , Monday , September 4th.
A meeting of the teachers of the sys
tem will be held on Saturday , Sept. 2d ,
at 10 a. in.
Pupils desiring to receive credit for
work done during vacation and those
wishing examination for classification
should meet at the high school building
at 9 a. m. , Friday , Sept. ist.
All books loaned to pupils during va
cation should be returned by the first of
the month.
Just received invoices for forty pieces
of our celebrated Jamestown Dress
Goods , shipped from mills last Satur
day. Will get here about Monday.
Others later.
Telephone Service.
The exchange will run day and night ,
but only emergency and train service
calls will be attended to between 10:30
p. m. and 7 a. m.
C. I. HALL , Manager.
I Stabbing Affair at Yuma.
Yuma had a stabbing affair in a sa
loon , a few days since , in which Frank
Adams was stabbed by a man by the
name of Rosecrans from Brush. Injuries
not serious.
Fine Pigs for Sale.
Thirty-five head of O. I. C. pigs , 10 to
12 weeks old , at reduced prices for thirty
days. Address , J. H. WARFIELD ,
Box 328 , McCook , Nebraska.
Music and Flowers.
Saturday night will be "Flower Night"
at McConnell & Berry's , when every
lady customer will be presented with a
fresh cut carnation.
Don't Forget the Number
when you want a good article of meat.
It's 14. Nor the place to buy. That's
, O. G. Vahue & Son's market.
CATHOLIC Mass at 8 o'clock a. in.
High mass and sermon at 10:30 , a. in. ,
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
All are cordially welcome.
REV. J. W. HICKEY , Pastor.
BAPTIST Sunday-school at 10 a. m.
Preaching service at n ; subject , "Loy
alty to the Master , " by Elder George
Scott. B. Y. P. U. at 7. Union services
in the Christian church at 8. Prayer
meeting on Wednesday eveningat 8 p. m.
T. L. KETMAN , Pastor.
CHRISTIAN Bible school at 10 a. ni.
Communion and social meeting at n.
Union services at 8 o'clock , Rev. J. A.
Badcon of the Methodist church to de
liver the sermon. Prayer-meeting on
Wednesday evening.
T. P. BE ALL , Pastor.
CONGREGATIONAL Sunday-school at
ip. Preaching at II. Subject. "Chris
tian DiscipleshipMeans Service. " Union
temperance meeting at 8. Address by
Rev. J. A. Badcon. Prayer-meeting on
Wednesday evening at 8. Sunday school
at 10. W. J.TURNER , Pastor.
EPISCOPAL Sunday morning at 11:00 :
o'clock , Morning Prayer and Litany.
Sunday evening at 8:00 : o'clock , Evening
Prayer. Sunday-school at 10:00 : a. m.
Friday evening lecture at 8:00 : o'clock.
Holy communion the first Sunday in
each month.
METHODIST Sunday-school at
Preaching at n. Subject"The Soldiers'
Home Coming. " Epworth League at 7.
Union gospel temperance sermon at the
Congregational church at 8. Prayer and
Bible service on Wednesday evening at 8.
All are welcome.
JAS. A. BADCON , Pastor.
Extra Agent Bush was at headquart
ers , this week.
Traveling Auditor Foreman checked
the boys up , Tuesday and Thursday of
this week.
No. 3 was delayed over two hours ,
Wednesday night , by an obstereperous
air-brake on one of the chair-cars , and
other annoyances.
Mrs. Henry Hanlein of Emporia , Kan
sas , who has been visiting here for a few
days , went down to Wymore , last Satur
day , together with her young daughter.
The Coming chool Entertainment.
Friday evening , September ist , is the
date determined upon for the entertain
ment by the children of the public
school for the benefit of the music fund
of the school system , and the commodi
ous lawn around A. Baruett's residence
has been selected as the place for hold
ing the entertainment. The varied pro
gramme will open at 8:30 : and about two
hours will be occupied in its rendering.
The programme will consist of songs by
the children , fancy drills , May-pole
dance , selections by the Nebraska Bri
gade band and the Male quartette.
Refreshments will be served during
the rendition of the programme. Ten
cents will be charged as an admission
fee , and 15 cents for the refreshments.
Proceeds will be devoted to reimbursing
Supt. Caviness for funds advanced and
to constitute a fund from which to pay
the running expenses of the music de
partment of the school system. Please
note that the tickets sold by the chil
dren do not cover both admission and re
freshments , but simply admission to the
Pieparations and rehearsals for this
entertainment have been in progress for
some time , under the direction of Mrs.
A. P. Bonnet , who will be in charge of
the music department of the public
schools for the coming school year , a
fact which guarantees a meritorious and
attractive entertainment. This fact , to
gether with the highly commendable
object of the affair , should call forth a
most liberal and willing patronage.
Is Said to be Insane.
It is now reported that Miss Viola
Harlocker of Hastings , who is under
$5,000 bond to appear at Hastings , Sep
tember loth , to answer the charge of at
tempting to kill Mrs. Charles Morey ,
with poisoned candy , has gone insane ,
and is now in an insane asylum at Jack
sonville , Illinois. Miss Harlocker was
taken to New York after the preliminary
trial. It is now believed that her case
will be closed with a verdict of insanity.
Killed for Rubber-necking.
Sunday , near Wray , Colorado , a boy
named Harry Staininger was killed and
a boy named Murdock was shot , but not
fatally , by Henry Bartholoma , owner of
a melon patch at which the lads were
casting longing eyes as they passed
along the field. A sad warning against
rubber-necking. The farmer was afraid
they would go in , and so took time by
the fore-lock , as it were.
Machine Oil.
We can and will compete with all
local or eastern dealers on Machine Oils.
Let us quote you prices.
A Hot Box
is unknown where threshers use McCon
nell & Berry's high grade Cylinder Oil.
J. F. Auiick is a new brakeuian.
F. L. Munden is a new switchman.
L. A. Hurlburt is enumerated among
the ill.
Asst. Snpt. Harris was down from
Denver , Sunday.
Eph. Benjamin has been promoted to
extra conductor.
J. W. Geringer of the switchmen crew
is on the sick-list.
Clell Pope has returned to duty , after
a ten-days lay-off.
Conductor B. L. McCarl has Conductor
A. Knowland's run.
J. E. Walters is threatened with an
attack of typhoid fever.
F. S. Harris is now in "charge of the
material yards at Alliance.
Brakeuian A. H. Washburn was an
Indianola visitor , Thursday.
T. E. McCarl has been elevated to the
position of extra conductor.
Harry Thompson is down from Den
ver visiting George Buigess.
D. M. Taylor has gone down to Hast
ings to relieve James Woolard.
C. W. Fuhleudorf is at Akron reliev
ing Jamison , who is away on a leave of
Chief Dispatcher Forbes returned to
duty , Monday , though not feeling like a
fighting cock yet.
Rufus Carlton went over to Norton ,
Kansas , first of the week , on his wheel ,
to visit his sister , Mrs. Grant Thompson.
Robert , son of Conductor J. II. Burns ,
went up to Denver , Sunday night on 3 ,
to be the guest of Henry Harris for a
little visit.
William Hegenberger had his hand
severely pinched at Kanona , Tuesday.
Chris. Rasser went down to Hastings to
relieve him.
Conductor H. A. Rouch js enjoying a
leave of absence and his first vibit in the
mountains he is visiting in the Cripple-
creek-Florence neighborhood.
Ernest Cordeal will attend the state
university at Lincoln , coming term.
After that he expects to go to some east
ern university for a year or two.
Conductor Frank Kendlen went up to
Denver , Monday night on 3 , to join his
wife and party in their visit in the
mountains. Conductor A. L. Knowland
has his run meanwhile.
General Supt. Calvert was out as far
as Wray , Tuesday night , going east on
12 , Wednesday morning , in Supt. Camp
bell's private car.the supt.accompanying
him as far as Hastings.
Brakeman L. M. Best had the thumb
and second finger of his right hand
mashed at Yuma , this morning , while
making a coupling in switching in the
yard there. The bones of both thumb
and finger are thought to be broken.
General Supt. Calvert came out on
No. 3 , Sunday night , on business con
nected with the recent experiment at
oiling the track between Trenton and
Stratton. He was slightly , hurt in the
wreck at Denton. He went east , Tues
day morning on 12 , in Supt. Campbell's
private car 10.
John R. Frederickson had his right
leg broken , Thursday morning , in the
shops , while helping to move an ash pan
weighing about 1,000 pounds into posi
tion under a locomotive. The pan was
being moved on rollers and some of them
got out of place , letting the heavy weight
down on Frederickson's leg and fractur
ing same badly between ankle and knee.
His family , together with the family of
his brother-in-law , M. Lawritson , is vis
iting in Idaho.
No. 3 , Sunday evening , was in collis-
jon with freight 76 , a double header , at
Denton , near Lincoln. No one was ser
iously or severely injured and the dam
age to rolling stock and freight was not
heavy. Indeed it was a most fortunate
accident , when the possibilities of loss
of life and property are considered. The
stock train had backed onto a switch to
allow the passenger to pass ; but the
switch was too small to hold all the
cars , and part of the train was being
switched onto another side-track of
similar capacity. All the cars were
on the switch , but both engines
of the freight train were on the
main line , when No. 3 came rapidly
around the curve and struck them.
None of the cars were derailed , but all
three engines were considerably dam
aged. The freight train had a numerous
cargo of horses , but none of them being
killed or badly hurt. The flagman sent
out did not succeed in his mission for
some reason. All the trainmen jumped
and were uninjured. No. 3 did not
reach here until about three on Monday
It is at the new drug store ,
The people gather in by the score
To buy their drugi , paints and oils ,
And prescriptions , filled for sores and
So you should always find the Uoor
And buy your drugs of D. W. Loar.
Hammocks at McMillen's.
Buy Acme cement plaster at Bullard's.
The typhoid fever days are here , the
deadliest of the year.
Wall paper , paints , oils and glass at
McMillen's drug store.
THE TRIBUNE will club with any pa
per you may want. Try it.
Call up 19 if you have any newspaper
or job printing business to do.
Repairing promptly and neatly done
at The Old Reliable shoe store.
Redwillow already sports a telephone
line. Howe Smith is central at the eie-
Call up No. i and order some of Bui-
lard's S.-B. coal the best conl in town ;
can't be beat in Colorado.
O. G. Vahue & Son , properly trans
lated , means the best of everything in
the meat line. Call and see.
GIRL WANTED To do general house
work. Inquire at residence of Mrs.
Mary Mullen , Marshall street.
This year has been a record breaker in
the amount of lumber used , which no
doubt accounts for the high prices now
Three car-loads of naval recruits went
west on No. 3 , Monday night , bound for
Mare island , and ultimately for the
Philippine service.
Notwithstanding John Showers lives
at Rain , the people in that locality are
not web-footed , and navigation by water
is"rather limited.
S.-B. might stand for something bet
ter , but it stands for Semi-Bituminous
coal at Bullard's and there is nothing
better. Telephone No. i.
Early in the week , J. G. Stokes moved
from his old quarters in the Hamilton
building into the Stern building , lately
occupied by the postoffice.
Strange that phone No. I should reach
the place where you can buy No. i coal
and lumber. Call them up and Bullards
will see that you get \vhat you want.
In the interest of the library fund of
the public schools , Messrs..McConnell &
Berry will donate the proceeds of their
soda fountain on Friday , September 8th ,
day and evening.
The Hastings street fair , that is to be
held September 18 to 23 , promises to be
the grandest affair of its kind ever wit
nessed and the best of it is free. Grand
display of fireworks every night.
The Preparatory School at Lincoln of
fers the best advantages to young people
who wish to prepare for the University or
for life. It is the Mecca of the state for
thorough preparation. Write for an
All the proceeds of their soda fount
ain will be donated by Messrs. McCon
nell & Berry on Friday , September 8th.
day and evening , for the benefit of the
library fund of the public schools. We
need scarcely urge upon the public a
liberal patronage on this date.
The Hastings free street fair and car
nival which takes place Sept. 18 to 23 ,
promises to be one of the liveliest enter
tainments in Nebraska. There will be
free music , free street entertainment , and
plenty of good old-fashioned games. All
railroads leading to Hastings will run
excursion trains.
There will be four big parades at Hast
ings , Nebraska , week of September IS.
worth going miles to see. The flower
parade , which promises to be a gorgeous
affair , takes place on Monday afternoon.
The civic parade with allegorical floats ,
5,000 men in line , on Tuesday afternoon.
Tuesday evening there will be a mas
querade street carnival parade with fire
works. The firemen of Nebraska will
have a monster parade Wednesday
We have been out of Fiyo-Curo , our
remedy for protecting stock from flies ,
but now have a fresh supply. Don't let
your stock suffer.
HELLO. NO. I 4- !
Yes. O. G. Vahue & Son , of course.
Best meats of all kinds.
Among educators , the Preparatory
School at Lincoln is the most favorably
talked of school for preparation in the
state. Its instructors are well known
specialists. Write for third annual an