The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, April 28, 1899, Image 7

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    The thinking the professional diver
tloci ; when he's down doesn't make
him a deep thinker.
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There's something wrong with your
religion if your servants are not the
better for it.
In an improved car starter the lever
IS' pivoted on a horizontal pin sus
pended in two hinged members , the
latter forming a clamp to grip the rail
when pressure is applied on the lever.
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CO. , La Crosse , Vila. [ w.n. ]
The inventor of a flying machine has
soar trials of his own.
none opinion is
never far wrong
You can cheat it for a time , but only for
a time. The average life of a , patent
medicine is less than two years. They
are pretty well advertised , some of them ,
but it isn't what is said of them , but
what they are able to do which carries
them through the years.
( which made Sarsaparilla famous )
has never recommended itself to do what it
\ ( knew of itself it could not do. It has never
been known as a cure-all in order to catch
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best way out of the best ingredients.
Thousands of families are using it where
their fathers and grandfathers used it
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other medicine.
7s the best any too
good for you ?
On Announcement of Verdict ,
He Is Reappointed.
A Crowd of Enthusiastic Friends Malic
Attempt to Carry Ex-Sensitor Out of
Court Koom on Their Shoulders , but lie
Keslsts , Claiming He Was Too Old for
PHILADELPHIA , April 22. Mat
thew Stanley Quay was declared by a
jury of his peers to be not guilty of the
charge of conspiring touse for his own
unlawful gain and profit the funds of
the state of Pennsylvania deposited in
the Peoule's bank of this city. The
verdict was announced by the foreman
of the jury just as the hands of the
court room time piece nointed to 11
There was an attempt at a demon
stration , but this was aternly repressed
by the court officers whose loud shouts
of "Order ! " "Silence ! " was effective
in silencing those jubilant spirits \vho
wished to give vent to their satisfac
tion by cheering. The officers were
unable , however , to keep back those
who struggled to get to Senator Quay
and congratulate him. Chairs were
upset , tables were brushed aside and
hats were smashed by the on-rushing
crowd. Senator Quay , with a broad
smile on his face , responded pleasant
ly to the greeting and congratulations
of those who crowded around. A few
of his political friends were there , and
these men were loud and sincere in
their expressions.
Although the court officers prevented
the cheering in the court room , their
jurisdiction did not extend to the
corridors of the city hall and the first
group of men who left the court room
sent up a mighty shout , which was
taken up and repeated by the crowds
just outside the "dead line" drawn by
the watchmen , beyond which only pos
sessors of tickets were allowed to pass.
As soon as Senator Quay could get
away from those anxious to shake his
hand and congratulate him , he made
his way , accompanied by his counsel ,
to the elevator to descend to the street
from the sixth floor of the Municipal
building. Here the scenes in the courtroom
room were repeated. Every body want
ed to say something pleasant to him
and crowds gathered near the eleva-
'tor shaft on each floor to watch thp.
car carrying the distinguished party
as it descended to the street. The ave
nue surrounding the city hall is wide
and smooth and the neighborhood is
the stamping ground for the politicians
of the town. A group of enthusiasts
rushed forward and attempted to hoist
him onto their shoulders , but the sen
ator waved them back , saying : "Oh ,
no , oh , no , I'm too old a man for that. "
Senator Quay walked with his
friends one block down Broad street
to the office of his counsel , where he
made his escape froiA the surging
crowd. It is understood that he will at
once join his family in Washington
and will probably go away for a long
Previous to the announcement of the
verdict the accused man sat in his ac
customed seat in the court room and
chatted with his counsel and a group
of newspaper reporters. He was in
good spirits , probably owing to the
prevalent rumor that only one of the
jurors was holding out against him.
When the jurymen had taken their
seats in the box the senator turned
and half faced them.
The stereotyped "How say you , gen
tlemen of the jury ; do you find the
prisoner at the bar guilty or not guil
ty ? " brought promptly from the fore
man's lips the words "Not guilty , "
and at this point Senator Quay's face
flushed and he seemed momentarily
as if about to be overcome by the feel
ing of emotion that was surging over
him. This was only for an instant ,
however , and the great political lead
er was bis imperturbable self again ,
as he smilingly responded to the con
gratulations that were being heaped
upon him.
Senator Quay did not look at the
jury at all , or in any way express his
gratitude to it for its verdict in his
favor. His friends , however , surround
ed the jurors , patted them on the back
and told them what heroes they were.
Senator Quay's only comment on the
verdict was , "Well , I expected it. "
HARRISBURG , Pa. , April 22.
Shortly after noon Governor Stone
appointed Matthew Stanley Quay as
senator to serve until the next session
of the legislature. The appointment
is addressed to the president of the
senate and it is stated in the letter to
be made under authority of clause 2
of section 3 of article 1 of the consti
tution of the United States.
Sheriff Killed in Ambush.
KNOXVILLE , Tenn. , April 22.
Sheriff J. S. Dawson of Cook county
was killed last night from ambush in
the mountains near the North Carolina
lina line , not far from Walkerville ,
N. C. The marshals walked into the
ambush about 2 o'clock this morning.
The first shot was aimed at Chief
Deputy J. D. Alton of this city. The
bullet passed through his coat , strik
ing Sheriff Dawson in the neck. The
sheriff died almost instantly.
The scene of the ambush is in the
mountains , twenty-five miles from the
nearest telegraph office , and details are
meager. It is said the moonshiners
have gathered in considerable force
and reinforcements will be sent to the
deputies at once.
Schley to be In Omaha.
OMAHA , Neb. , April 22. Rear Ad
miral Schley , the hero of Santiago bay ,
will possibly be an Omaha visitor the
early part of next month. The only
contingency which may prevent the
trip is his recent assignment to duty
on a retiring board at Washington ,
the duties of which may require his
continued presence there. If he comes
it will be in the capacity of a private
citizen , seeking rest from the whirl of
events which have followed in quick
succession since the day he sent the
Spanish fleet to the bottom of tiie sea.
The difficulty of distinguishing be
tween a waiter and anybody else was
exemplified at the Croker dinut.n
New York the other night. There was
a shortage in cigars , ana a well known
and exceedingly rich youth o ! the me
tropolis who happened to be well sup
plied tendered one of his own to the
celebrated Coogan , who didn't know
him. The borough president produced
25 cents from his pocket and tipped
him. The young man produced a 60
cent piece , and , thrusting it into the
astonished Coogan's hand with the
words , "Keep the change , " hurried
A Berlin dispatch says the recent
demonstration on the part of the Ger
man societies of Chicago in condemna
tion of any attempt to cause trouble
between Germany and the United
States has been hailed with great satis
faction here. The semi-official Post
expressed the belief that it proves the
German emigrants who are finding
homes in the new world are "not lost
to the fatherland , but retain in their
hearts a fidelity which is of greater
worth than assurance of national sen
timent on festal occasions , but which
fail when needed. "
Sentiago Morphy , who is alleged to
have robbed the National Bank of
Mexico of $70,000 , arrived in the City
of Mexico under a strong police guard
from the United States. A great
crowd had assembled at the Mexican
Central station to meet him , but the
officers removed Morphy from the train
at a suburban station and brought him
in a coach to the city , where he was
placed in prison , rigorously incom
Carlysle's dislike for the negro he
loved to spell it with two "g's" has
been uniquely avenged by a London
council official who has had the statue
of the great author which stands in
Chelsea carefully scrubbed and treated
to a nice shiny coat of black paint !
It doesn't take food to board a car ,
but it requires a good deal to supply
an eating house.
RS. GEORGE OSMUN , of Belvidere , Warren Co. , N. J. , writes :
M " Suffering as I had from weakness , irregularities and backache
for several j'ears , a release from this suffering \vu a blessing. Oh !
how-I wish more suffering women would accept your kind offer anil be relieved.
There is no need for women to suffer. Mrs. Pinkham's advice uncl Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will relieve
them. "
MRS. IDA PETERS , Milan , Tenn. , writes :
" DEAK MRS. PINKIIA.M When I wrote to you
the first time asking your advice I was u great
sufferer. Menstruations were irregular , some
times a week too soon and then h , week or two
late , and when they appeared were very profuse ;
great pain and tenderness in the bowels , pain in
back and limbs , leucorrhcea all the time. I
was weak and nervous and had no appetite.
Burning and choking sensation in my throat.
I received your reply and followed all your
instructions and now I am cured. I owe my
recovery all to Mrs. Pinkharn's advice and her
wonderlul remedies. "
ELLA E. BRENNER , East Rochester ,
Ohio , writes :
"I have "been thankful a thousand times
since I wrote to you for what your Vegeta
ble Compound has done for me. I followed
your advice carefully and now I feel like a
different person. My troubles were back
ache , headache , nervous tired feeling , pain
ful menstruation and leucorrhcea. I took
four bottles of Lydia E. Pinkluiin's Vegeta
ble Compound , one box of Pills , one package
of Sanative Wash and am uo v well. "
MRS. MAGGIE P. STINE , New Berlin ,
Pa. , writes :
" I have suffered with terrible backache
in the small of my back for about seven
years , and could never getanything to help
me. I tried several physicians , but found
'no help. I have now taken three bottles
of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Coin-
pound , and feel like a different woman. "
MRS. H."A. , 124 S. Cedar Street. Owosso , Mich. , writes :
' Ncarlv three years ago I wrote to yon asking advice in regard to my health.
I was so "miserable ; suffered from painful menstruation and backache , was
nervous , dizzy and faint. I received such a kind letter from you , telling me
just what to do. I followed your advice and I now am reconiinending Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I thank God for this pain destroyer. "
Do you have pain in the stomach after
Do you have yellow tongue ? Wind on the storrf-
ach ? Constipation ? Tncse things arise from
Indidestion and Dyspepsia.
Didestion depends on digestive fluids or
"ferments" secreted by certain djands. When
the secretion becomes insufficient , Indidestion
results. Dr. Williams' PinU Pills for Pale People
cause these glands to resume their normal
action and good digestion follows.
Artificial ferments ( of which most so-called
Dyspepsia cures are composed ) may dive tem
porary relief , but Dr.Williams' PmK Pills for
Pale People afford a , permanent cure.
Poor digestion often causes irregularity of the heart's action.
This irregularity may be mistaken for real , organic heart
disease. A case in point : Mrs. Ellen Colsoin , Xewpcint , Ind. ,
had suffered for four years with stomach trouble. The pasta
generated by the indigestion pressed on the heart , and caused an
irregularity of its action. She hud much pain in her stomach
and heart , and was subject to frequent and severe choking spells
which were most severe at night. Doctors were tried in vain ; the.
patient became worse , despondent , and feared impending death.
She noticed that in intervals in winch her stomach did not
annoy her , her heart's action became normal. Reasoning-
correctly that her digestion was alone at fault she procured
the proper medicine to treat that trouble and with immediate
good results. Her appetite came bark , the choking spells
became less frequent and finally ceased. Her weight , which
had been greatly reduced , was restored and the now weighs
more than for years.
That others may know the means of cure we give the name
of the medicine used Dr. Williams' Pink I'ills for Pale People.
These pills contain all the elements necessary to give new
life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves.
S'ctt ! Era , Greenburg , Ind.
Sold by all druggists or sent postpaid by the
Dr.Williams Medicine Co. , Schenectzxdy.N.Y. . Price ,
* ir boxb boxes$25 ° . A diet book sent f REE , .
f ST S S
IiABASTINE Is the original
and only durable wall coating ,
entirely different from all kal-
somlnes. Ready for use in
white or twelve beautiful tints
by adding cold water.
AD1ES naturally prefer ALA-
BASTINE for walls and ceil
ings , because It is pure , clean ,
durable. Put up in drv pow
dered form , in five-pound pack
ages , with full directions.
L/L kalsomlnes are cheap , tem
porary preparations made from
whiting , chalks , clays , etc. ,
and stuck on walls with de
caying animal glue. ALABAS-
TINE is not a kalsomine.
EWABE of the dealer who
says he can sell you the "same
thing" as AL.ABASTINE or
"something just as good. " He
Is either not posted or Is try
ing to deceive you.
ND IN OFFERING something
he has bought cheap and tries
to sell on ALABASTINE'S de
mands , he may not realize the
damage you will suffer by a
kaBpmin.e ) on your walla.
ENSIBLE dealers will not buy
a lawsuit. Dealers risk one by
selling and consumers by using
Infringement. Alabastine Co.
own right to make wall coat
ing to mix with cold water.
every schoolhouse should be
coated cnly with pure , durable
ALABASTINE. It safeguards
Health. Hundreds of tons are
used annually for this work.
that packages are properly la
beled. Beware of large four-
pound package light kalso
mine. offered to customers us
a five-pound package.
UISANCE of wall pacer 13 ob
viated by ALABASTINE. It
can be used on plastered walls ,
wood ceilings , brick or can
vas. A child can brush It on.
It does not rub or scale off.
STABLISHBD ! n favor. Shun
all imitations. Ask paint dealer
or druggist for tint card. Write
for "Alabastine Era , " free , to
Rapids , Michigan.
J Thompson's Eye Water.
A piece cf classical string music
is often a knotty thing to unravel and
get straight.
Are You Using Allen' * Fcot-Ease ?
It is the only cure for Swollen ,
Smarting , Burning , Sweating Feet ,
Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's
Foot-Ease , a powder to be shaken into
the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe
Stores , 25c. Sample sent FREE. Ad
dress , Allen S. Olmsted , LeRoy , N. Y.
A widow knows wlien a man is in
love with her long before he knows it
W. N.U. OMAHA. No. 17-1899
"Nothing but wheat ; what you might
call a sea of wheat. " is what was said
by a lecturer speaking of Western Can
ada. For particulars as to routes , rail
way fares , etc. , apply to Superintendent
of Immigration , Department Interior. Ot
tawa , Canada , or to AV. V. Bennett. iOl
Xew York Life Building , Omaha. Neb.
A fSstatral Bteok by
iickingiiam's ' Dye ,
Price 50 cents of all druggists or
K. r. Hall & Co. , Nashua , N. U.
five Hundred Bead of Young Cows
and Stock Heifers ,
Showing in calf , Iowa bred , all red and
ronns. Price from 27.50 to : ! 3.00 per
head. Sold in bunches to suit purchaser.
l-\ M.A IDNKK , Corning. In .
on ( . . U. & < > . K. K.
Get Your Pension
Write CAPT. O'FARRELL. Pension Agent ,
2C New York Avenue. WASHINGTON. U. C.
Fir tf au'e I nntr "RaTm ror coup5- colds , .
llli Raj 0 LUng DclHl and throat disease
i Washington ,
. 'Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
I Late Principal Examiner O S. Pension Bureau.
I3 vrsiiicivil war. 15aajtiilicuUirluinis.ittv Mnce.
WAXTED-Cafc of liafl Deaitto that K-I-P-A-VS
will not benefit. Send 5 cents to KIpans Chemical
Co..Sew Vort.for 11) tamples and l.lwO testimonials.
should carry a complete
line of
Spalding-'s Base Ball
Foot Ball
Trade Mark Tennis
Athletic Croquet Boxing
Supplies Sweaters
Always a demand for them.
Write for our catalogue.
New York Chicago Denver
Hartford and
Vedette Bicycles for
Our Chainlcss bicycles are always ready to ride because the runninp gear takes
care of itself. There is nothing to entangle or soil the clothing. The machines arc
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conditions of riding.
Our new chain wheels contain many improvements covering desin , mechanism ,
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