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Joe Cot Cay In Iowa.
The following startling item of news
involving a former well-known resident
of our city , appears in the Daily Beacon
of Ashtabula , Ohio , of March 22 :
Sheriff C. D. Lukenbill , Clarke county
Iowastopped at the Stoll house.Tuesday
might , and left , Wednesday morning , for
Franklin , Pa. , on a little errand which is
calculated to culminate in making seri
ous trouble for a couple of elopers.
Last September , Joe Reizenstein , a cigar -
; gar maker of Osceola , Clarke county , la. ,
succumbed the charms of
to sixteen-year-
old Lottie Sanders , who was an employe
5a his cigar factory , and deserted his wife
sand daughters , one of the latter of whom
is older than the fair charmer in this case.
Joe and Lottie decamped and managed
'to escape detection , until last week ,
when they were located and arrested.and
! * * > Sheriff Lukenbill is making the trip on
the strength of the following telegram ,
nvhich he received last Monday :
Oil City , Pa. , March 20.
Parties under arrest in the station.
Reizenstein request" ? the presence of Mrs.
Gieizentein. Come immediately , answer.
Chief of Police.
"The wayward husband will no doubt
"te disappointed when Sheriff Lukenbill
-arrives , as Mrs. Reizenstein is not with
The sheriff telephoned Chief Timptim
from here Wednesday morning and was
instructed to stop at Franklin , where the
chief will meet him with requisition
County Prosecutor I. A. Touet , of
'Clarke county , reached Ashtabula on an
-early train Wednesday morning and join-
< sd Sheriff Lukenbill.
All Reasonable Privileges.
"The ordinance providing certain priv
ileges and rules for the government of
Sot-owners in Longview cemetery ,
-which appears elsewhere in this issue , is
sa very liberal one , and will doubtless
meet with the approval of all reasonable
citiEens. The privileges gran ted do away
-with all reasonable objections that have
3jeen urged against the management of
the city cemetery. The rules prescribed
--are only such as are necessary in any
-well-managed and carefully-kept bury-
nng ground , and such a place Longview
cemetery can claim to be It is a credit
" o the city , and will in time be an at
tractive and beautiful city of the dead.
Card to the Public.
are cordially invited to make your
* cash purchases in hardware implements ,
carriages , etc. , of Cochran & Coleman
ion April i , Saturday next. Also grocer
ies and merchandise of James Me Adams ,
itext door.
The members of the Christian church
-are soliciting trade for these firms on
that day in which they are mutually
'benefitted. May we not depend on your
2ielp in this way. Respectfully ,
Baby Wardrobe Patterns.
Twenty-seven patterns for different
articles in long clothes with full and
complete directions for making same ,
-showing necessary materials , sent postpaid
-paid for 250 in stamps. Fifteen patterns
-of short clothes 250 or both for 400.
" 'Information to Mothers" sent free with
each order. Address Downey Pattern
'Co. , Butler , Indiana.
School of Instruction.
Commencing on April loth and con
tinuing two days and two nights , J. A.
Tcsaeysof Red Cloud , grand custodian ,
A. F. & . A. M. , will hold a Masonic
school of instruction in McCook , in local
3odge rooms.
W. C. T. U.
First regular meeting of the W. C. T.
'U. willie held on Friday , April 7th , at
arjoin the afternoon , at the home of
Mrs. C. H. Boyle. A cordial invitation
s extended to all women. By order of
tthe president.
Eggs for Hatching.
I will sell a few sittings from my high
scoring pen of White Plymouth Rocks
specially mated by Judge Hewes. Eggs
$2.00 per 13. D. CuLLEN ,
610 Monroe St. , McCook , Neb.
There are no "dead" issues in this
< city campaign that need agitate or fright
en any thoughtful citizen. But the live
issues that now or that may in the next
.year confront the city can and will be
. 'taken care of by the gentlemen on the
.Republican ticket. Vote it.
What do you care how cold it gets in
Alaska ? What you want is some of
Sullard's coal to keep you warm here
the flowers shall bloom in the
spng. "
- They all admit cheerfully , that the
American Woven Wire is far and away
tfce best wire on earth. You will use no
other after trying it. S.M. Cochran & Co'
S-W P means Sherwin-Williams Paint
to cover best to wear. Sold by
. W. MCCONNELI , & Co.
L. A. COLTER , we are sorry to learn , is
quite sick. ' *
LOUIS SuESS arrived home from Chicago
cage , Sunday night.
Miss MAE MOORE went down to
Crete , this week , on a visit.
M. R. BATES has moved into the
Stranahan dwelling , this week.
HARRY TROTH was down from Benkel-
man , Sunday , to visit the folks.
A. A WE.LLER returned to Syracuse ,
this state , Tuesday morning on 2.
JUDGE G. F. WORK of Hastings was in
the city , Thursday , on legal business.
EDITOR BARNES of the Republican
was a capital city visitor , first of the
JUDGE NORRIS of Beaver City was a
city visitor , Monday , on his way to hold
MRS. M. C. MAXWELL returned home ,
Tuesday night , from , her long visit in
W. C. WESTLAND returned , early in
the week , from Denver. It was too near
heaven for him
HARRY TROTH came down from Ben-
kelrnan , last Saturday evening , on a
short visit to the family.
MRS H. P. SUTTON and Mrs. Vina
Wood returned "home , Tuesday night ,
from their Omaha visit.
MR. WATERS , father of the doctor ,
arrived from Bethany , West Va. , Satur
day on i , to visit his son.
Miss EDNA DIXON returned to Lin
coln , Wednesday Mrs. Dixon accom
panied her as far as Hastings.
JAMES MCCALLUM was in the city ,
over night , Thursday , on his way home
to Indianola from a visit to Omaha.
C. W. MEEKER and Alonzo Cunning-
lam of Imperial were Commercial guests ,
Wednesday night on their way up the
MRS J. F. KENYON and Master Dare
departed , Tuesday morning , for Iowa ,
on a short visit of a week or ten days
with relatives.
M. J. ABBOTT came down from Hayes
Center Saturday evening , on his way
east on business connected with the fam
ous Reynolds case.
Miss MAY KEETHES and Miss Marie
Felton , both connected with Dodd ,
Mead & Co. , of Chicago , were in the
city , first ot the week.
been visiting their aunt , Mrs. A. G.
Dole , for several weeks , returned to their
home in Stratton , last Saturday.
F. S. WlLCOX arrived home , first of
the week , from Chicago , where he has
been receiving treatment for his hearing ,
which is thought to have been improved.
JUDGE F. B. BEALL of Hastings arriv
ed in the city , Wednesday night , on his
way up to Imperial .whither he continued
bis journey on Thursday morning , on
E. R. BANKS , A. C. Banks and W. O.
Dimmick , all of Blue Hill , this state ,
were city visitors , part of the week , ar
riving here on Tuesday night and re
maining over until Thursday.
Miss MABEL WILCOX came up from
funiata , Friday night last , and is spend-
; ng the spring vacation at home. Miss
Mabel , is teaching a very satisfactory
school in Juniata , this year.
MRS.-M. E. BARGER entered her 7oth
fear , this week , and a few friends cele-
irated the fact in a mild- but pleasant
nauner. Not many women continue in
ictive business at Mrs. Barger's age.
MRS. J. A. WILCOX , so word from Orna-
la conveys the news , is getting along nice-
y now and her early discharge from the
tospital is a possibility which her many
riends here will learn with greatest s
A Card of Thanks. f
The fire boys that were present and . .
issisted at the burning of my house in
be early morning of March 17 , and all
thers that assisted them and all the
riends and neighbors that assisted me ,
. ' desire to heartily thank. The good
udgmeut in carefully handling my
lousehold goods saved to me my per-
onal effects with scarcely any loss , for
rhich I am so very thankful.
There's money in it for you , if you are
. prospective buyer , to see the stock
: ept by Cocbran & Co. , before making
ny purchases in their line and they
: eep everything , and lots of them , and
, large variety. n
Some fall wheat has been damaged , but
lost of the fall wheat will come through
be winter in good shape in this part of
be state.
-fi *
Licenses as follows Have been issued
by the judge since our last report :
William E. White and Stella J. Saunders -
ders , both of Danbury.
Louis Lawntson of Indianola and
Marie Frederickson of McCook. They
were united in marriage by Rev. W. J.
Turner on Sunday afternoon at the Con
gregational parsonage.
In the case of the State of Nebraska
vs. David Rittenhouse , James VanNort-
wick and G. W. Cooley for tresspass on
complaint of H' A. Bull , the defendants
were each fined $50 and costs. Albert
Styer , a hired man of one of the defend
ants , was fined $5 and costs. Thirty acres
of land , belonging to the heirs of the
late Perry Plumb , are involved in this
case , which is the result of the survey
made last fall by County Surveyor
Reeves , to which THE TRIBUNE made
reference at the time.
The following cases have been filed
in the district court since the report
made last week :
Joseph T. Mtirtagh vs. Marie S. Eaton
et al. Equity.
Sylvester Cordeal vs. Elizabeth S.
Rice et cons. Equity.
State of Nebraska vs. Benson Van-
Steenbergh. Appeal.
Sarah Murtagh vs. Hulburt A. Graham.
Equity. '
I have for sale , on easy terms , the fol
lowing described real estate in McCook ,
Nebraska :
Lot one in block twenty six , First Ad
dition to McCook , $600 oo.
Lot and building on Dennison street ,
occupied by the Probst bakery , $640.00.
Lot eleven in block ten , First Addition
to South McCook , $240 oo.
Lots five and six in block one , Second
Addition of McCook , $600 oo.
McCook , Nebraska.
A Telephone Franchise.
As will be seen by the ordinance given
in full in this issue , a 25-year franchise
lias been given the Nebraska Telephone
Co. to place and maintain an exchange
in our city. The company has wisely de
eded to comply in full with the reason-
ible requirments insisted upon by the
: ouncil in the matter of maximum rates.
Fhe arrangmeut as now made seems to be
rair and satisfactory to both parties. '
Tablets Below Cost.
We have come into possessiou of an
issortment of tablets , of different prices ,
vhich we will sell at cost to dispose of
.hem in a hurry. If you want a good
en cent tablet for five cents , call in and
ice our line. We have them at from 2
or 5 cents up , and they are good quality
tnd value. And some superb Crane's
luperfiue paper and envelopes at a price
mheard of in this city.
The present is as representative an ad-
uinistration as McCook has ever had or
s ever likely to have. It represents as
nuch brains , business sense and good
irder or as any administration the city
las ever had. And THE TRIBUNE cx-
tects the voters to say the same on next
There is a diversity of opinion as to
ust what Colonel Corwin intends to
aake of the enclosure north of the Com-
tiercial house : A deer park , a jack-rab-
lit preserve or what-not. The colonel
limself is undecided whether to hold a
ircus or a Sunday-school.
Cash will buy more of the very best
tnplements in the world at Cochrau &
io.'s , this spring , than have ever been
old before anywhere. And they are
oming in now by the car-load. Two
ars arrived , this week.
Steve Belles says he can tell every
ime when Pop Gun Smith is giving a
last at McCook through the Indianola
Leporter , from the peculiar hollow
ound characteristic of Samuel Ran-
Commencing with Saturday night , the
tiowfall of this week has been over six
iches. While this wet weather keeps
ie farmer out of the field , it is a fine
ling for the wheat , all agree.
In every branch of hardware business
ochran & Co. lead the procession in
ariety , quantity and quality , and nat-
rally enough in price as well.
The Temiesseeaus at the opera house
might. It is claimed for them that
ley are better than ever , and they are
[ ways good.
Paint is to a house what clothing is to
ie body. It is just as important. Mc-
[ illen guarantees every gallon of paint
e sells.
If you are repairing your house and
sed a front door you should see the
ock of the Barnett Lumber Co.
S-W P means Sherwin-Williams Paint
best to cover best to wear. Sold by
. W. MCCONNKLL & Co. p
CATHOLIC Mass at 8 o'clock a. m
High mass and sermon at 10:30 , a. m.
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
All are cordially welcome.
REV. J. W. HlCKEY , Pastor.
CHRISTIAN Services in the Odd Fel
low's liHll as follows : Bible school at 10
a.m. Sermon at n. Junior Y. P. S. C.
E. at 3 and Senior Y. P. S. C. E. at 7.
Evening sermon at 8. All are cordially
invited. T. P. BBALL , Pastor.
EPISCOPAL -Sunday morning at 11 : oo
o'clock , Morning Prayer and Litany
Sunday evening at 8:00 o'clock , Evening
Prayer. Sunday-school at 10:00 : a. m.
Friday evening lecture at 8:00 o'clock.
Holy communion the first Sunday in
each month.
CONGREGATIONAL Sunday-school at
10. Preaching service at II. Senior
Endeavor at 7. Preaching service at 8.
Prayer-meeting on Wednesday evening
at 7:30 All are welcome. Morning sub
ject. "An Easter Sermon. " Evening
subject , "The Witness of the Poets to
Immortality. "
W. J. TURNER , Pastor.
METHODIST Sunday-school at
Preaching at n. Class at 12. Junior
League at 2:30 : , Miss M. Buker , Supl.
Epworth League at 7. Preaching at 8.
Prayer and Bible study on Wednesday
evening at 8 p. m. All come and bring
your bibles. An Easier sermon at if.
Subject. "Victory. " Missionary concert
at 8. Male quartette will sing. All are
welcome. JAS. A.BADCON , Pastor.
BAPTIST Sunday-school at 10 a. m.
Preaching at n a. m. Junior Union at 3
p. in. Song service at 7:30. : Gospel ser-
ice at 8. The Evangelist Thompson will
close his work in McCook , Sunday
night. He will speak at n a m.at3
p. ni. and at 8 p. ui. , next Lord's day.
The ordinance of babtisni will be ad
ministered at the close of both morning
and evening services. All are welcome.
T. L. KETMAN , Pastor.
The protracted meetings at the Baptis
church will close on coming Sunday.
On Easter morning there will be ai
old fashioned sunrise prayer meeting a
six o'clock in the Congregational church
All are invited to attend.
The Knights Templar will attend ser
vices , Easter morning , at the Congrega
tional church. There will be specia
music and appropriate decorations.
The Ladies Aid society of the Metho
dist church will have a supper on th
2oth of April. They will offer for sale a
variety of articles at the same time.
The Christian Endeavorers will hole
an Easter Watermelon social in the Cole
store-room , Saturday evening , to whicr
the public is cordially invited. It wil
be a regular ten-cent social.
The ladies of the Christian church
will serve lunch in the vacant store-room
just north of McConnell's drug store ,
Saturday , April ist , any time after n
o'clock. Will serve finest coffee , dough
nuts , sand-wiches , pickles and pie for
15 cents. Come in and get your lunch ,
ind help the women and the church.
The Ninth grade had charge of the ex-
srcises of last Friday.
The Misses Burgess entertained a large
: ornpany of young friends , Wednesday
jf this week.
Miss Wibley , Miss Powers and Miss
2ase are spending their week's vacation
it their respective homes.
Bertha Burns , Arvilla Olcott , Mabel
Bishop' , Myrtle Pate and Vera Hileman
vhere school visitors , last Friday.
Captain EH was in the city , last Wed-
icsday , between trains , and visited the
ichool , winding off a few yams to the
: hildren.
Cr.ptain Eli will give entertainments
n the Congregational church , April 6th
ind 7th , under auspices of the high
chool. The admission is , 20 cents for
idults and 10 for children. The pro-
: eeds will be applied on the purchase
) rice of an encyclopedia for the high
chool. The captain is an old sailor ,
ind will lecture on ' 'Monsters of the
" " and the
Deep , "Capturing Killing
veviathau , " "Jonah and the Whale from
: Whaler's Standpoint. " He will also
xhibit a number of harpoons , lances ,
ilubber spades and the torpedo with
t'hich the whale is killed , together with
nany other implements and museum
For Sale and Lease.
Several good ranches located on the
frenchman river and the Stinking
Vater , best streams in the state. Un-
imited range. Also small farms to sell
t small prices. For further information ,
orresppud with
Imperial , Chase county , Nebraska.
While they may not be able to tell
ou the distance from now till next
reek , Bullards can show you the best \ \
roven wire fence made. A trial will
rove it.
Mrs. A. G. Bump was a Red Cloud vis
itor , Monday.
John Watkins returned from St. Joe ,
last night.
Mrs. J. F. Custer and son are visiting
in Oxford , this week.
G. W. Starks was up from Oxford ,
Sunday , between trains.
Mrs. G. J. Beck visited her relatives at
Riverton , last Saturday.
Lena Kidder and sister have been visit
ing in Holdrege , this week.
Miss Myrtle Meyer went up to Denver ,
close of past week , on a visit.
Mrs. F. A. Stark and daughter have
been visiting in Oxiord , this week.
Ethel and Jessie Pope spent the spring
vacation in Lincoln and Oxford with rel
Chris. Rasser is taking a short vaca
tion , and is visiting his parents in Red
Porter John H. Watkins is in St. Joe ,
this week , being called there by the death
of a sister.
Switchman D. M. Taylor was slightly
injured in the yard here , Thursday , and
is laying off.
Supt. Ed. Bignall was up from Lincoln ,
close of last week , returning on 6 , last
Thursday night.
Albert Randall came out from Omaha ,
Tuesday night , and is a guest in Agent
Thomson's home.
Word from J. A. O'Neii in Chicago ,
states that he is getting along nicely in
he hospital there.
Mrs. J. B. Whitwam of St. Thomas ,
Canada , is here on a visit to her brother ,
Chief Dispatcher Forbes.
150 broke in two near Ives , Monday ,
and the sections in coming together
smashed a number of cars.
Brakeman W. S. Tonilinson had busi
ness in Oxford , one day , this week. A.
H. Wash burn had his run.
Asst. Supt. D. F. McFarland was down
from Holyoke , Monday , on business at
Western division headquarters.
Mrs. Max Anton and the children
went down to Hastings , Wednesday on
12 , on a short visit with relatives and
Traveling Engineer , Mrs. Dixon and
Miss Edna returned home , last Sunday
morning , from a visit to Denver friends
ind relatives.
Miss Lillie Burnett went down to Lin-
: oln , Saturday morning , to remain dur
ing the spring vacation , the guest of her
mnt , Mrs. Bohanau.
W. H. Hartmau of East McCook has
iioved into his property , the C. M.
tfoble residence , just vacated by I. M.
3eardslee and family. j
Mrs. Mabel Strauahan and Miss Lulu
3eardslee returned home from a short
risit to Denver relatives aud friends ,
Sunday morning last on 2.
D. J. Best came in from Chicago , last
light , and in a week or two will go to
vork again. He is feeling much better ,
lis friends will learn with pleasure. j
Conductor T. F.Enright arrived home ,
ast Saturday , from his trip to Iowa , 1
vhither he was called by the illness a sis- 1I
er , who died during his visit there. I
Millie Slaby and Vera Hileman of the
twelfth grade went down to Red Cloud ,
ast Friday evening on No. 6 , to spend
he spring vacation with Millie's folks
icar there on a farm.
Miss Venus Knowles , who has been
he guest of Mrs. Frank Neubauer for a
? eek or so , went down to Arapahoe , <
iaturday morning , to work on one of
he Arapahoe papers for a while.
Agent and Mrs. A. P. Thomson went
a to Omaha , Monday night , to visit rel- z
lives and to hear Ian McClaren. Miss \
Jlibabeth and Master Leslie acconipan- r
: d them. They returned home Thurs2
ay morning. c
Agent Louis Lawntson of Indiauola f
ud Marie Fredericksou of our city were
nited in marriage by Rev. W.J.Turner ,
unday afternoon last. He is a brother
f M. Lawritson of the superintendent's
ffice and she is a sister of Mrs. M. Law-
Conductor C. E. Pope and Brakeman '
[ . C. Wai'son had a lively scrimmage
ith a couple passengers on No. 6 , Sat-
rday night last The passengers in r
uestion got on the train at Indianola , c
ud as No. 6 does not stop at Bartley , o
ie train was stopped and an effort made ti
> put the passengers off the train , in c
hich tbej- were finally successful , one A
f the passengers receiving a scalp s ;
ound in the mix-up from a lantern. c
Don't fail to see Loar's wall paper.
WANTED Short-hand pupils. L. W.
Loar's wall paper hue is complete and
Your prescriptions will receive careful
attention at Loar's.
A few remnants of wall paper at re
duced prices at McMillen's , the druggist.
The Star of Jupiter is off the press for
April. There is no assessment for April.
Prices that surprise ; values that tell ;
at McMillen Bros. ' harness and saddlery.
They have stock tanks to burn at
Cochran & Co.'s. And the price is right.
The remnant or the Beardslee stock
has been boxed up today and will be
shipped out of the city.
Both the Stars of Jupiter and the Mac
cabees hail refreshments
after their reg
ular meetings , this week.
For Baker Barb Wire , Page Woven
Wire Fencing aud Poultry Netting , see
the Barnett Lumber Co.
You will be glad if you do , and sorry
if you don't , buy your harness and sad
dles from McMillen Bros
S-W P means Sherwin Williams Paint
best to cover best to wear. Sold by
L. W. McCoNNhLL & Co.
Who wants to burn a stock tank ?
Bullard's Fir and Red Cypress tanks are
made to hold water. Right prices.
Beautiful wall paper contributes much
to happy homes. Mc.Milleu's wall papers
contribute much to beautiful walls.
A hammock is a nice thing for summer
and there is no better place to hang it
than a porch. What Bullards want is to
sell you the porch , not the hammock.
See ?
This may be tun for the weather clerk ,
but it's a rude joke on the coal pile and
the confiding citizen who has taken
down his base-burner , in confidence that
spring was about here.
The way goods are rolling into the
immense establishment of Cochran &
Co. , these days , one would think they
would soon be lee full for utlerance ,
but call aud see and hear all about it.
Easter will soon be here and the egg
market will take a jump. When that is
over we hope for some thawing weather
and then you will want those fence posts
Bullards sell so cheap. Come early.
J. J. Garrard is buihting a large two-
story addition lo his dwelling house ,
formerly Ihe A. G. Bump house , and will
occupy Ihe same when the work is com
pleted. He will have one of the most
commodious residences in the city.
The Ladies of the G. A. R. Circle
made a surprise visit , Tuesday afternoon ,
an Mrs. M. E. Barger. It was her 7Oth
birthday and at four o'clock a fine lunch
was served. It was a very social affair
ind was highly appreciated by Mrs. Bar-
There is small room for criticism or
: oruplaint of our present city govern-
nenl and little or no room for a Repub-
ican to scratch his ticket , this spring ,
fust place an X in the circle under the
lational bird and the canvassers will do
he rest.
An effort is being made to have a num-
) er of bodies from neighboring country
: emeteries removed to Riverview cem-
ery of our city. Already a few have
) een interred in Riverview from Osborn
md others are to follow from that and
> ther burying grounds.
Dr. J. P. Williams , associated with Dr.
V. L. Dayton of Lincoln , Neb. , will
igain be in McCook , Friday aud Satur-
lay , March 3ist and April ist , at the
iffice of Dr. W. V. Gage , for the treat-
uent of diseases of the eye , ear , nose
, nd throat and the fitting of glasses.
There are yet nearly two huudred call
nd lock boxes for rent in the McCook
lostoffice. The new quarter begins on
icxt Saturday , April ist. Call boxes are
5 cents a quarter , and lock boxes 50
cuts. Start the new quarter by renting
box for yourself. Uncle Sam gets the
We violate no confidence and inten-
ionally fracture no diplomatic relations
rith our esteemed and observant corres-
oudent at Pleasant Ridge , in reiterat-
ng the cold and apparent statement of
ict , that winter is giving us auother
irewell whirl of boisterous proportions ,
bis week.
Cochran & . Co. carry 7 kinds of sreel
inges at from $25 to $50 ; S makes of
ook stoves at from $10 to $30 ; 4 kiuds
f barb wire ; all heights of poultry net-
ing ; 7 different makes of washing ma-
bines ; 5 kiuds of sewing machines ,
.nd their entire stock is built on the
nne plan the most and best and
beapest price on everything.