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As to One Rundus.
Considerable indignation and much
disgust have been aroused in this section
of the state by the scurrilous and menda
cious letters printed in the McCook Com
fort and written by one Rundus , a mem
ber of company "L" , Third Nebraska
regiment. Among others , Captain John
J. Laniboru of company "L" has been
the target of Rundus' malignity and
mendacity. The following letter from
Alajor Clendenis will throw some lighten
on the character and standing of this
scamp , who has assailed men who would
feel humiliated to make a door-mat of
iliui. It also incidentally discloses the
character of the individual whose mouth-
ings'are so proudly given publicity by
the better-than-thou Comfort , whose de
sire to get even , with Captain Lamborn
seems to be the strongest motive of his
existence :
Third Division Hospital , Seventh Army
Corps , Panama Park , Via. , Nov. 7 , 1898.
John J. Lamborn , Captain Co. L , 3rd
Nebraska V. I. , Savannah , Georgia.
My dear Captain : I thank you very'
much "indeed for sending me a copy of
the McCook Courier containing the ar
ticle signed by Rundus. This man is an
obstreperous fellow who wrote me an
impertinent letter immediately after tak
ing command , which I ignored because I
thought he didn't know any better and
partly because I was so much amused.
He wrote a letter also to the Investigat
ing Committee when they were here ,
complaining of drunkenness on the part
of the nurses , which was referred to me
for remark and proper action in case I
thought action necessary. He is now
doing duty on the scavenger gang in
punishment for absence without leave.
I think the service can well spare such
men as he is. I shall ask for his dis
charge on the grounds of utter worth-
Jessness , and I thank you again for
bringing this matter to my attention.
I am , very sincerely yours ,
Majorand Brigade Surgeon , Command
ing Hospital.
A Musical Treat.
The concert in St. Patrick's church ,
last evening , scored a generous and grat
ifying success. The church was filled to
its utmost capacity and the entertain
ment throughout was enjoyably meri
torious , many of the numbers being
roundly encored. The efforts of Mrs. P.
F. McKedna and Mrs. A. J. Clute were
especially popular , they being repeatedly
recalled. The male quartette was also
warmly applauded. The choirs of St.
Patrick's gave a number of difficult se
lections in good form. And , indeed , all
are to be congratulated upon the excel
lence of their work ; and a sense of satis
faction is due the members of St. Pat
rick's for the success of the occasion.
Below we give the programme rendered :
Piano solo Miss Maude Cordeal
Kyrie ( Leonard's Mass )
St. Patrick's Church Choir
Violin solo Master Tom O'Counell
Gloria and Sanctus Children's Choir
* 'Old Jim's Christmas Hymn" * . . . .
Mrs. C. W. Bronson
" 'Calm on the Listening Ear of Night"
Congregational Church Choir
Solo "Angels Ever Bright and Fair" .
Mrs. P. F. McKenna
Gloria ( Leonard's Mass )
_ .St. Patrick's Church Choir
McCarl , Beyrer , Smith , McCarl
Solo Selected Mrs. J. W. McKenna
Credo ( Leonard's Mass )
. . . .St. Patrick's Church Choir
Duet Selected
. .Mesdames P. F. and J.V. . McKenna
Recitation Mrs. A. J. Clute
Solo "Holy City" ( by special request )
Mrs. P. F. McKenna
Sanctus and Angus Dei ( Leonard's
Mass ) St. Patrick's Church Choir
Accompanist Miss Maud Cordeal
To Reduce Stock
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Clothing and Overcoats at greatly re
duced prices. It will pay you to call
and see their stock before you buy.
S. M. Cochrau & ? Co. carry in stock
the largest line and greatest variety of
sewing machines in southwestern Ne
braska. They have the best and latest
makes , too , at the most reasonable
An attractive assortment of box writ
ing papers , very reasonable , at THE
TRIBUNE office.
Brodt & Shipman's silk-lined Gloves
and Mittens can be found at Morgan's.
THE TRIBUNE and The Toledo Blade
\ for $1.25 a year , strictly in advance.
UNE office. Best in the market.
Ladies' Fur Collarettes , $2.35 up
" son's.
cures coughs.
C. E. ELDRED attended court at Stock-
ville , this week.
C. L. DEGROFF of Nebraska City is
in the city today.
W. J. McGiLLEN , the Frenchman
cattleman , was in the city , Tuesday.
MRS. C. W. BRONSON returned home ,
close of last week , from her visit east.
CHARLES GARBRR shipped his house
hold goods out of the city , this week.
M. A. SPAULDING drove up from Riv-
erton , yesterday , on some business here.
HARRY STERN was out from Chicago ,
yesterday , on business of his interests at
this place.
Hupp went up to Denver , Monday night ,
on a brief visit.
H. VANDERHOOE and Wm. Cowgill
of Holdregc are in the city , today , on
some cattle business ,
E. L. DENNIS was over from Danbury ,
Saturday and Sunday. He is manager
for Barnett at that place. >
L. A. JANSEN went over to Stockville ,
Monday , to be present at the trial of the
murderers of his late father.
W. W. MARPLE of the Beatrice Creaui-
eryCo. was in the city , first of the week ,
on business of that concern.
MRS.J.W.McKENNA came down from
Denver , mid-week , to take part in the
musical in St. Patrick's church.
S. E. HAGER was in the city , Satur
day , otf stock business. He is buying
hogs for the Powells , Indianola.
ED. FITZGERALD'S family expects
soon to remove from onr city to Leb
anon , where he is in the saloon business.
canie up from Bartley , Monday evening
on 5 , and took No. 6 , the same night , for
MRS. J. B. BALLARD accompanied ( the
doctor down to Arapahoe , Monday , on
one of his business trips , and spent a few
days there with oldtirne friends.
EDITOR ENYEART of the late Hayes
Center Times wss in the city , Tuesday ,
on his way up to the Center. There is
talk of reviving the Times , andif , it is ,
hewill , be in charge again.
M. LAWLER of Omaha was in the city ,
the close of last week , on business and to
see oldtime friends here , where he form
erly was in business. He is on the road
now for a wholesale liquor house.
LAWYERS MORLAN , Starr and Thor-
grimson went over to Stockville , Mon
day , to attend court , the important trial
of the Jansen murder case being opened
in the district court of that county , this
GEORGE B. BERRY arrived from Chicago
cage , Monday , and will spend the winter
here. He has been employed by Max
well in a confidential and important ca
pacity , for a number of years , and seeks
a. rest.
J. A. RANNEY , wife and daughter ar
rived from Nebraska City , Saturday
night , and will remain here during the
winter , with her parents , Mr. and Mrs.
G. B. Dinimitt , on the farm a few miles
northwest of the city.
DR. L. H.'HALLOCK , who will have
charge of the northern half of Iowa for
the Star of Jupiter , was in the city ,
Saturday , getting ready and stocked up
for the work , which will be pushed vig
orously in that state in the future.
Lawyer Blackledge of Culbertson spent
Sunday night in the city , leaving on
Monday morning for Stockville to attend
court , the Jansen murder trial being be
fore the court of Frontier county at this
J. H. HOPKINS and daughter Miss
Marguerite spent Monday night and
Tuesday morning in the city , renewing
old-time acquaintance with C. F. Pade's
family , Fond du Lac , Wisconsin friends
of years ago. They went from here to
Indianola on 12 , Tuesday morning , on a
passing visit to Mr. and Mrs. John Wei-
born , Jr. , Mrs. Welborn being a former
Albany girL
BENSTODDARD departed for Montana ,
Wednesday night , in care of his brother ,
who is a well-to-do stockman in that
state. He fitted Ben out comfortably
with clothes , etc. , before leaving , and
purposes making another effort to re
form him. They will try the Glenwood
springs before retiring to the ranch ,
which is about 200 miles from railroader
or saloon , making it a long time between
For fancy Hose and fine Shirts see
Morgan's show window.
Handkerchiefs and Perfumes Thomp
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.-
John M. Stranahan Jumps to His
Death at Brush , Colorado.
Again has this community been deeply
shocked and pained by the death of a
popular young citizen in the railroad
service. Coming on the heels ol two or
three other depressing , harrowing and
distressing accidents , the death of John
M. Stranahan touches and opens anew
the heart of this community as well as
plunges those near and dear to the de
parted into profoundest sadness and in
consolable grief.
While fast train No. 3 was flying down
tlie grade at Brush , Colorado , about
seven o'clock , last Saturday morning ,
a wheel on the combination smoker and
postal car broke , letting that side of the
car down on to the track and tearing up
things badly. Conductor Willetts and
Brakenian Stranahan were in the smoker
at the time. The former at once turned
on the air brakes , while the latter rushed
to the platform and jumped off of the
rapidly moving train , falling headfore
most on the passing track , fracturing
his skull. The tram was stopped soon
without any great damage to the trainer
or track , and the unconscious form was
picked up by tender and sympathetic
hands. An army surgeon on the train
made the injured man as comfortable as
possible with opiates and he was taken
on to St. Luke's hospital , Denver , where
he died the same afternoon , without re
gaining consciousness. The remains
were brought to McCook on No. 2 , Sun
day morning , for interment , and on
Tuesday afternoon , all that was mortal
of John Stranahan was laid away amidst
the quiet of peaceful LongvSew. Brief ,
touching services were conducted at the
late , cosy home-nest of the deceased by
Rev. W. J. Turner , after which the
Knights of Pythias took charge of the
remains escorting them to the cemetery
in a body and there conducting the im
pressive services of the order over their
deceased and well-beloved brother.
All hearts go out to the bereaved
3'oung wife and the relatives and many
friends of the departed in their grief for
one so lovable and gentle and worthy ,
so tragically stricken down in young
manhood in the morning of "a happy
married life.
on the 6th day of June , 1868 , in Cannon
Falls , Minnesota , where his parents ,
Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Stranahan , resided.
Later his parents moved to Gothenburg ,
Iowa , where John at the age of 14 j'ears
began a three-years' apprenticeship at
the jewelers' trade. He worked at the
trade in Stephens' Point and other
places in Wisconsin and the Dakotas ,
finally embarking in business for him
self at Watertown , S. D. Failing health
compelled him to close out his business
at Watertowu. and after a year and a
half spent with his parents at Saint
Hilare , Minn. , he came to McCook , arriving - '
riving here in May , 1895 , entering the
employ of H. P. Sutton , where he re
mained until January , 1896 , when he
went to Telluride , Colorado. He re
mained there but a few months , being
compelled to leave that city on account
of the high altitude , and returning to
McCook , he reentered the employ of
Mr. Sutton , where he remained until
last April , when his failing health made
outdoor occupation necessary. Securing
the position of passenger brakeman on
the "Burlington , " he held the same
until his death , which occurred in the
city of Denver , Colorado , Saturday
night , December loth , 1898 , as the re
sult of the terrible accident that oc
curred near Brush , Colorado , on the
morning of Saturday , December loth ,
1898. He was 30 years , 6 months and 4
days old at his untimely death. He
was married on the loth day of Novem
ber , 1898 , to Miss Mabel Perry , eldest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Perry of
our city. Besides his young wife , his
parents , two sisters and two brothers
are left to feel the keenness of his inex
pressibly sad decease. Two brothers of '
the departed , E. H. Stranahan of Fargo ,
S. D. , and W. E. Stranahan of Crooks-
ton , Minn. ; were present at the funeral. ]
An Effective Proposal.
A certain well known
an up-to-date
Dry Goods store has secured a bustling
holiday patronage from the men by of
fering Dress Goods in patterns and al
lowing exchanges where the quality is
the customary pattern and the price SDC
per yard or less. We refer interested
parties to The Thompson Dry Goods
An elegant bronze clock will make a
rare Christmas present. Sutton , South
western Nebraska's leading jeweler , has
them. 1
We could not help noticing the young
ladies admiring the. fine Box Candies at
the Bee Hive.
Try McMillen's Cough Cure. c
CATHOLIC Mass at 8 o'clock a. in.
High mass and sermon at 10:30 , a. m. ,
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
All are cordially welcome.
REV. J. W. HICKEY , Pastor.
BAPTIST Sunday-school at 10 a. in.
Junior Union at 3 p. m. Senior Union
at 7. Preaching at II a. in. and 8 p. in.
Rev. G. W. Sheafor will occupy the pul
pit morning and evening. All are wel
come. T. L. KETMAN , Pastor.
EPISCOPAL Sunday morning at 11:00
o'clock , Morning Prayer and Litany.
Sunday evening at 8:00 : o'clock , Evening
Prayer. Sunday-school at 10:00 a. m.
Friday evening lecture at 8:00 o'clock.
Holy communion the first Sunday in
each month.
* METHODIST Sunday-school at loa.m.
Preaching at n. Class at 12. Junior
League at 2:30. : Epworth League service
at 7. p. m. Preaching at 8 by Rev. E. J.
Vivian. Prayer and Bible study on
Wednesday evening at 8 All are wel
come. JAS. A. BADCON , Pastor.
CONGREGATIONAL Sunday-school at
10. Preaching service at ir. Senior
Endeavor at 7. Preaching service at 8.
Prayer-meeting on Wednesday evening
at 7:30. Junior Endeavor Tuesday aftei-
noon at 4:15. A welcome to all. Morn
ing subject , "Treasure That Faileth
NoL" Evening theme , "The Foreshad
owed Christ. " W. J. TURNER , Pastor.
CHRISTIAN Services in the Odd Fel
low's hall as follows : Bible school at 10
a. m. Y. P. S. C. E. at 7 p. m. and Junior
Y. P. S. C. E. at 3 p. m. each Lord's day.
Preaching every alternate Lord's day.
J. W. Hilton , of Cotner University , will
give the address next Sunday morning.
His subject will be upon the educational
work of the Disciples of Christ of the
state. All are cordially invited.
T. P. BEALL , Pastor.
The Sunday-school of the South Mc
Cook Methodist church will have a
Christmas house on Christmas eve next.
Rev. . T. L. Ketrnan is in Red Cloud ,
this Iveek , assisting in revival services ,
and will be absent over Sunday. Rev.
Sheafor will occupy the pulpit here.
The annual meeting of the Congrega
tional church will be held on the first
Wednesday evening in January , to which
time the meeting-had been postponed.
Rev. J. A. Badcon will preach the ded
icatory sermon in" Cambridge , Sunday ,
at the re-dedication of the Methodist
church at that place , which has recently
been enlarged and improved materially.
Authority to wed has been given to
the following-named couples since our
last report.
Benjamin C. Johnson and Carrie F.
Kiuiball , both of Box Elder precinct.
Married by Rev. E. J. Vivian , Sunday ,
December nth.
Cyrus A. Knox and Georgia E. Bar
rows , both of Cambridge. The county
judge made them happy , Monday , De
cember I2th.
Albert D. Stevens of Freedom and Ora
Downs of Bartley.
Alonzo M Beeson and Flora O. Cox ,
both of Bartley. The judge pronounced
the words that made them husband and
wife , Wednesday , December I4th.
Joseph Menard vs. I. M. Smith , deputy
sheriff. Appeal from justice court.
Don't Miss Them.
The lady quartette from Chicago which
will appear in the Congregational church ,
Saturday evening , is a superb combin
ation of talent , culture and beauty , and
all lovers of fine music should make a
special effort to be out to hear them.
Their reader comes highly recommended ,
also , and will add a highly instruct
ive , and amusing element to the program
of the evening. Tickets 35 cents. No
reserved seats.
Eyerist & , Marsh
Those prompt and.obliging meat mar
ket men , have everything seasonable.
In addition to those superb export cattle ,
for the holiday trade , they have a full
supply of everything that goes with an
up-to-date , first-class meat market. Just
remember this when ordering your
Xmas turkey , oysters , cranberries , cel-
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sewing machines in southwestern Ne
braska' They have the best and latest
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Relative to Gasoline Lamps.
The following letter has been issuec
by the Western department of the
Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance
Company of Springfield , Massachusetts.
The letter is of the date of November 10 ,
1898 , and reads as follows :
To OUR AGENTS : There has recently
been a strong pressure in some of the
Western states to introduce the compan
ies to grant permits for gasoline lamps.
In common with other conservative
companies , we have heretofore refused
to permit the use of gasoline lamps but
as a few companies , who are willing to
grant any sort of permit to secure busi
ness , are permitting these lamps , we feel
compelled to meet this competition , as a
measure of protection to our agents. We
shall probably issue printed permits at
an early day , but in the meantime yon
are at liberty to use the printed gasoline
stove permit , of which you have a sup
ply , changing the word "stove" wher
ever it occurs to " " " "
"lamp" or "lamps" as
the case may be.
Candor compels us to admit that we
make this concession against our better
judgment , under the stress of competi
tion. The lamps are dangerous to prop
erty , and in a far greater degree to hu
man life. . The danger is not in the lamp
or stove but in the material itself. All
of the lighter products of petroleum ,
such as gasoline , naphta and benzine ,
are high explosives of a more dangerous
type than either dynamite or nitroglycerine -
erine for the reason that these substances
will at least stay where they are put.
while the vapors of gasoline will hunt
the nearest fire and cause an explosion.
The loss of life every year from the
lighter products of petroleum exceeds the
number killed in battle during the re
cent war between this country and
Spain , but legislators are apparently so
engrossed in enacting laws against insur
ance that they have no time to devise
restrictive legislation against the men
who , regardless of human life , are push
ing their dangerous goods on the market
for the sake of gain.
We make this explanation "in the hope
that you will make it a point to explain
to your patrons that the granting ofa
permit for the use of gasoline lamps does
not make them less dangerous to life ,
limb or property. Yours truly ,
A. J. HARDING , Manager.
P. S. There will be no change in our
rules limiting the storage and sale of
gasoline and the charges therefor.
A Proper Idea.
There is often a tendency in holiday :
purchasing to buy articles of mere pret-
tiness. It has been suggested by an ad
vertiser that articles of substantial use
fulness are now made so beautiful that
everything is in their favor.
If this subject is now agitating you ,
call on The Thompson Dry Goods Co.
for information and service. They show
fifty different lines that cover the case.
Taken Home for Burial.
The remains of William W. Caddick ,
who died in onr city , last Friday morn
ing , were on Sunday morning shipped
back to Chicago for interment. Brief
services were held at the residence of E.
A. Kiser , Friday afternoon. Many hearts
went out in sympathy to the sister , who
accompanied the remains back to the
home city on the lake.
J. K. Barnes post , G. A. R. , will elect
officers for the ensuing year at our next
regular meeting , Saturday , December 24 ,
1898 , at two o'clock , p. in. A full at
tendance is desired.
G. W. DiLLON.Comuiander.
J. H. YARGER , Adjutant.
The Largest Ever Received.
Last week , Wilcox & Flitcraft , the
pioneer shippers , had on the Denver
market the largest shipment ever made
to the Denver yard in one car , the net
weight being 22,800 pounds. This fact
was commented upon freely by the Den
ver papers on the day of the arrival of
the shipment , which was unusually fine.
To Reduce Stock
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week. The ice is of a very fine quality ,
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ton's has ever been attempted or realized
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Morgan , the leading clothier , has just
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Slumbering Robes that he is selling at a
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The farmers of Perry precinct section
are working' an application to the
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ceed Bryan ; and you will show goofl
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per thousand cheaper. At the same
time commercial envelopes ate about
thirty per cent dearer. An incongruity
lard to explain , unless we place a high
estimate on Uncle Sam's pull.
If the present law and ordinance re
specting the sale of cigarettes and cigar
ette paper to minors is not sufficentlr
strict , the situation should be covered bj
a law and ordinance that can be enforced
and that will operate to bring this dam
aging practice of our youth to the mini
mum if it cannot be stamped out alto
Do you mean it ? Certainly. Go down
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hod , and a good one at that , for 15 cents.
Men's Emb. Silk Suspenders Thomp
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