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The Yellow and Black Won.
'The yellow and black of the Railroad
Boys football club and the scarlet and
cream of the High School team met on
the gridiron , Thanksgiving afternoon ,
and after two heroic halves victory
-perched upon the banner of the yellow
.ami black. The score stood six to noth
ing and was made in the beginning of
the first half , the Railroad boys scoring
on the kick-off by rushing the ball over
the line by superior weight. In the rest
of the game the High School boys ,
though much lighter , played in Railroad
territory most of the time The proba
bilities are that if the High School lads
liad entered the first half with as much
-spirit and as fearlessly as they played the
Test of the game , no score would have
been made. The game was witnessed
by quite a number of people with keen
interest and vociferous enthusiasm. An
admission fee of 15 cents was charged to
the grounds and 25 cents to the grand
stand. The game is declared a very sat
isfactory one.
Albert O'Nell Severely Injured.
Brakeman J. Albert O'Neil was severe
ly injured , last Saturday about eleven
o'clock , while switching some freight
cars onto the side-track at Stratton. He
was on top of a car giving signals , when
a. sudden and perhaps unexpected move
ment of the train threw him to the
ground. His left foot was badly mashed
and lorn by a wheel , one bone of his
right leg was broken and the right ankle
dislocated. His wounds are severe and
it will take a long while before he will
foe able to be about again. The injured
inan was brought to his home here on
.No. 6 , on the afternoon of the same day ,
amU he is receiving careful surgical ser
vices. It was at first thought that his
left foot would have to be amputated ,
hut such action has been deferred in the
liope that the member may be saved.
At this writing he is getting on as well
as can be expected from such severe in
juries. All hope for his rapid and com
plete recovery.
Another Accident.
About one o'clock , Monday morning ,
Brakeman William Washburn was badly
liurt while switching freight cars at Or
leans. It is thought that he must have
slipped and fallen between the cars.
His right foot was badly bruised and
torn , the big toe mashed , and one bone
of the same leg broken above the ankle.
He was brought to his home in our city ,
on No. i , the same morning , and every
surgical attention is being given. His
iujuries are confined to the right foot
and leg and are not so severe as those of
JJrakeuian O'Neil. His recovery is ex
pected to be correspondingly faster.
Iike that of his fellow-brakeman , the
accident is deplored and his complete
return to health and usefulness is earn
estly wished for.
A Personal Convenience.
An individual postoffice box , call ,
lock or combination , is a comfort and
convenience that you cannot purchase in
any other department of life for so small
a. sum of money. Call boxes are only
25c. for three months , while lock and
combination boxes , ( which are much
preferable , inasmuch as you can get
your mail at any time the postoffice
lobby is openare SDC. per quarter. The
IMcCook postoffice is well supplied with
Tacant boxes of all kinds. And Uncle
Sam receives the freight.
McCook Markets.
Corrected Friday morning.
Corn $ .20
Wheat 43
Oats 15
Rye 36
Barley . 20
Hogs 3. io
Eggs 15
Butter 20
Potatoes 40
Was Thrown Out.
THE TRIBUNE was misinformed as to
the manner and place of Mrs. Sue Hile-
man's recent injury. The accident oc-
cured in a corn field at the farm and she
was thrown out of the wagon by the
horses becoming frightened and running
Young Men , Attention I
There will be a meeting of all young
men interested in the establishment of a
Y. M. C. A. reading room and gymnas
ium , at the Congregational church , Mon
day evening , November 28th at 8 o'clock.
Do not fail to be present.
Property to Trade.
Property in a good Iowa town to trade
for Nebraska farm. Inquire at TRIBUNE
office. 2ts.
THE TRIBUNE and The Toledo Blade
for $1.25 a year , strictly in advance.
UNE office. Best in the market.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
DR. L. J. SPICKELMIER has been on
the sick-list all week.
C. U. DIUHL of Stratlon was in the
city , Wednesday , on a business trip.
Miss D. A. ROGERS of Hancock , Mich
igan , is the guest .of J. A. WIlcox and
L. C. DOLE went down to Orleans ,
Thursday morning , to spend Thanks
MRS. C. E POPK and Jessie returned
home , Sunday night , from their visit to
Arapahoe , Sunday , on a short visit on
REV. T. L. KETMAN returned home ,
Monday night , from his visit to Ashland ,
this state.
MRS. J. II. MESERVE returned to Lin
coln , Wednesday night , after n short
visit here.
MRS C. H. MEEKER departed for
Missouri , Wednesday morning , on a visit
to relatives.
JUDGE ABBOTT of the Hayes Center
Republican had a little business in the
city , Thanksgiving day.
W. C. BULLARD was out from Omaha ,
Saturday , looking after his large lumber
and coal interests in this city.
JUDGE NORRIS came up from Beaver
City , Sunday , on his way to Hayes Cen
ter , to hold a term of district court.
in Council Bluffs.Iova . , for the winter ,
expecting to be absent about six months
MISS EDNA DixON came up , Monday
night , and has been spending the week
here. She will return to Lincoln , Sun
MABEL MOKKO , who has been in
Omaha for a long time , returned home ,
Tuesday night , and will remain here
with her mother.
HARRY TROTH came down from Benk-
elmaii , Thursday , and performed good
work for the school boys in their foot
ball game , Thursday afternoon , with the
railroad boys.
WILL BOUCHER and Miss Anna of
Kearney spent Wednesday in the city ,
guests of Mrs. A. G. Dole and family , on
their homeward way from visiting Cul-
bertson friends.
MRS. S. L. MOENCH returned to Or
leans , Tuesday morning , after a mutually
pleasant visit with her many McCook
friends. She will visit here again before
her return to Illinois.
J. G. SCHOBEL'S sister came down
from Denver , last Saturday , and on Tues
day morning of this week she and Mrs.
Schobel went down to Minden to visit
over Thanksgiving with the latter's par
Miss MABEL WILCOX came up from
Juniata , Wednesday night , on a Thanks
giving vacation and will remain until
Sunday. Incidentally , she will cele
brate her twentieth birthday while at
A. W. CAMPBELL of Box Elder de
parted , Tuesday , for Tennessee , where
his wife is now located and visiting her
brother. He expects to be absent all
winter. His son Mahlon has charge of
the farm meanwhile.
rived in the city , Saturday evening on a
visit to his sister , Miss Ella Leonard of
th Fifth grade , and old friends. He
was a member of the Second Nebraska
regiment recently mustered out of the
took their departure , Tuesday night , for
their new home in Denver. Among our
oldest and most highly esteemed fami
lies , their departure is deeply regretted
by an ever-widening and zealous circle
of friends , all of whom , however , rejoice
in the good fortune that is theirs.
REUBEN C. GERVER of Clark Fork ,
Idaho , has been here for a few days vis
iting his brother Joshua over in Gerver
precinct. Reuben went up into the
north-west ten or twelve years ago , and
thinks that is the only country. He was
in the locomotive service for a number
of years , but is now engaged in mining.
G. W. SHEAFOR returned , Tuesday
morning , from a visit of a few days to
his mother and sister at Pueblo , Cole
rado. He also had the pleasure of list
ening to D. L. Moody , who is hold
ing meetings in Pueblo. He reports
more snow in Colorado , and that the
snow was preceded by a high wind , but
that Monday was a quiet , bright but
sharp-edged day in Pueblo.
An attractive assortment of box writ
ing papers , very reasonable , at THE
TRIBUNS office.
Has the Runaway Habit.
Willie Free , a young lad of about
twelve summers , whose home is overdn
Hitchcock county , has the runaway hab
it in virulent form. He came to the
home farm of John Lorenz up in Coleman -
man precinct , Monday night of this
week , in a distressing condition on ac
count of the cold and hunger while out
on one of his runaway pranks , and was
taken in and cared for by Mr. Lorenz
until Wednesday , when the lad was
brought to McCook in the hope that
some disposition could be made of him ,
as Mr. Lorenz is not able to care for the
boy , who will give no information as
to where he lives. From other parties
we learn that he lives just across the line
in Hitchcock county and that he is in
the habit of indulging in these pranks
every now and then. It is intimated
that the lad is not any brighter than he
ought to be. At any rate he is not ex
hibiting very good sense in such foolish
performances as the one just recorded of
The Best And Cheapest.
The New York Independent , the lead
ing weekly newspaper of the world , and
one whose pages exercise the widest in
fluence , is entering upon its fiftieth year
of publication The Independent em
phasizes its fiftieth year by changing its
form to that of a magazine , and by re
ducing its annual subscription price
from $3.00 to $2.00 ; single copies from 10
to 5 cents. The Independent in its new
form will print 3,640 pages of reading
matter per year at a cost to subscribes of
$2.00 , while the prominent magazines ,
which sell for $4.00 a year , print only
2,000 pages. The subscriber to The In
dependent gets 82 per cent more of
equally good reading matter at one-half
the cost ! It is not only the leading fam
ily weekly newspaper but by far the
cheapest and best. A free specimen
copy may be had by addressing The In
dependent , 130 Fulton Street , New York.
Oppose the Scheme.
The merchants of McCook properly
and courageously believe that the mer
chants of Omaha should be satisfied with
the golden harvest they have reaped
from the late exposition and should not
encourage the proposition to continue
the exposition through another year.
THE TRIBUNE heartily commends the
unanimous action of our merchants in
expressing in no uncertain terms their
opposition to the proposed scheme of
further continuing the exposition and
hopes that they will unitedly and effect
ively urge their opposition thereto. The
proposition is conceived in selfishness
and not in patriotic desire to advertise
the west , and in view of the facts and
under the circumstances should be dis
An Aged Lady Cone.
After a long and painful illness , Mrs.
Mary Mugan passed away on Monday
morning at the advanced age of 80 years.
The remains were shipped to Boone ,
Iowa , on No. 6 , Monday night , for in
terment , Miss Mary Mugau , daughter of
the deceased , and Conductor T. A. Foley ,
son-in-law of the deceasedaccompanying
the body. The bereaved ones have gen
uine words of sympathy in this sorrow.
Advertised Letters.
The following letters were advertised
by. the McCook postoffice on Nov. aoth :
Mr. H. H. Allen , Miss Tennie King ,
W. Shelby , Mr. H. B. Shattuck ,
Charles White. Maude Robertson ,
Mrs. Nettie McDonald.
In calling for any of these letters , please
say that they are advertised.
F. M. KiMMELL , Postmaster.
Broadening the Scope.
The purpose of the government is to
gradually widen and broaden the scope
Df the postoffice service along the lines
af public convenience , and to this end
in order has been made bv the postoffice
department authorizing postmasters to
pay pension checks upon presentation ,
rhe object is to more and more popular
ize the postal service.
Chapter Officers-Elect ,
At the regular meeting of King Cyrus
Chapter No. 35 , Royal Arch Masons , on
the iyth inst. , the following officers were
dected for the ensuing year : William
Smith , H. P. , Marion O. McClure , K. ,
George Willetts , Jr. , S. , Horace H. Eas-
terday , Treasurer , S. Cordeal , Secretary.
Ten Fold Better Than Insurance.
Those wishing to make an investment
that will repay itself yearly and yet be
come more and more valuable each year
one that cannot be lost should apply
For paticulars to
J. FLETCHER SON , Bartley , Neb.
Box Elder Circuit.
Services at Box Elder at n in the
morning and at Red Willow at 3 in the
ifternoou. Cordial invitation to both
services. D. L. MATSON , Pastor.
CATHOLIC Mass at S o'clock a. in.
High mass and sermon at 10:30 , a. in. ,
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
All are cordially welcome.
REV. J. W. HlCKEV , Pastor.
BAPTIST Sunday-school at 10 a. m.
Junior Union at 3 p. m. Senior Union
at 7. Preaching at n'a. m. and 8 p. m.
Morning subject , "The Haud of God in
American History. " Evening theme ,
"Dealing Truly with Christ. " All are
welcome. T. L. KETMAN , Pastor ,
CHRISTIAN Bible school at 10 a m.
and Y. P. S. C. E. at-7 p. m. each Lord's
day. Preaching morning and evening
every alternate Lord's day. Prayer
meeting on Wednesday evening. Sub
ject next Sunday morning , "Christian
Socialism. " Evening theme , "Dr. Jekell
and Mr. Hyde. " T. P. BEALL , Pastor.
METHODIST Sunday-school at
Preaching at n. Class at 12. Junior
League at 2:30. Epworth League service
at 7. p. in. Preaching at 8. Prayer and
Bible study , Wednesday evening at 8.
Morning subject , "Sunny Side of Life" .
Kyening subject , "The Question of the
Day. All are welcome.
JAS. A. BADCON , Pastor.
CONGREGATIONAL Sunday-school at
10. Preaching service at n. Junior
Endeavor at 3. Senior Endeavor at 7.
Preaching service at 8. Prayer-meeting
oh Wednesday evening at 7:30. A wel
come to all. Morning subject , "The
Message and the Messenger. " Evening
theme , "The Pilgrims in Their Three
Homes. " W. J , TURNER , Pastor.
EPISCOPAL Sunday morning at 11:00
o'clock , Morning Prayer and Litany.
Sunday evening at 8:00 o'clock , Evening
Prayer. Sunday-school at 10:00 : a. ni.
Friday evening lecture at 8:00 o'clock.
Holy communion the first Sunday in
each month. Subject for Sunday even
ing , "Thankfulness ; " for Friday even
ing lecture , "Reverence. "
The Christian church people expect to
bfgiu work on their new building in the
near future. In fact the weather has de
terred them from operations up to this
On next Tuesday evening , at the Meth
odist church , the Epworth League will
give one of their enjoyable socials , con
sisting of a splendid program , light re
freshments , etc. The Brownies at
School and the Patriotic drill will be
features of the program , which will also
include recitations , choice vocal selec
tions , etc. Coffee and cake will be
served. The price of admission will be
only 15 cents. Everybody come and
have a good time. Program will com
mence at 8:15 sharp.
School work will be resumed on Mon
day morning.
Walter Clark substituted , this week ,
for Miss Case , who has been ill at Hold-
The desks for the Seventh grade room
arrived , this morning , and are being
placed in position today.
Miss Weibly of the Third grade went
up to Culbertson to spend the Thanks
giving holiday with friends.
Miss Powers of the Fourth grade is
spending the short vacation with her
brother and family in Stratton.
All would hail with joy and pleasure
greater activitv in the lantern exhibi-
: ions , which never fail of instruction and
profitable pleasure to all.
Miss Case of the Seventh grade went
down to Holdrege , last Friday after
noon , and spent the entire present week
there , on account of illness.
Miss Meserve of the Eighth grade went
down to Lincoln , Wednesday night , to
pass the Thanksgiving vacation with her
parents She will return Sunday night.
The literary club met in the Assembly
room , Tuesday evening , instead of on
Thursday evening , the regular time. J.
Whitcomb Reilly was under final con
There will be lantern class entertain
ments on Friday and Saturday nights ,
December 2d and 3d. On Friday even
ing will be exhibited Cuban and Porto
Rican slides. Saturday evening , The
City of Mexico.
Thursday , December 22d , the First
and Second grades of the public schools
will give a Christmas cantata in the
opera house. The proceeds will be de
voted to the purchase'of supplies for
those grades not now furnished by the
board of education , such as charts , books
McMillen's Cream Lotion.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
Union Thanksgiving Services.
Union Thanksgiving services were
held in the Baptist church at eleven
o'clock. Rev. T P Beall of the Chi is-
tian church delivered the sermon , laying
especial stress on the idea that while
this is a national festival of thanksgiving
and praise , it is essentially a day of
thanksgiving and praise for the Ameri
can home and fireside. The scripture
lesson was read from Deuteronomy by
Rev. Howard Stoy of the Episcopal
church. The invocation was uttered by
Rev W. J. Turner of the Congregational
church. Rev. J A Badcon of the Meth
odist church voiced the benediction.
Rev. T. L Ketuian of the Baptist church
was in charge The Baptist choir fur
nished appropriate and excellent music
for the occasion , which only lacked at
tendance to have been all that could be
expected or desired. It is encouraging ,
however , to note that the annual attend
ance upon Thanksgiving services is grad
ually increasing , and we hope some day
to be able to announce a creditable
gathering for numbers present.
A Little Blizzard.
Commencing earlv Sunday ex-ening , a
blizzard prevailed all over this section of
the state until Monday night. The cold
north wind blew a forty-knot gait and
made life a burden to man and beast.
There was a slight fall of snow the while.
There were no casualties nor was there
loss of stock in cases where adequate
protection was afforded from the terrible
In the city the electric light wires suf
fered some and one of the brick chim
neys on Colonel Easterday's residence
was blown over.
The temperature early in the morning
of Monday was ten degrees above zero ,
while on Tuesday morning the zero mark
was almost reached , although the day
turned out to be bright and pleasant.
The storm withal was one of the se
verest we ever experience at this time of
the year and delayed traffic on the rail
road a number of hours and made all
transportation business difficult and
Two Were Injured.
Dr. J. A. Gunn was summoned in haste
to Palisade , Wednesday morning , to ren
der surgical services to members of the
Mansfield family , farmers in that section ,
three of whom were involved in a serious
runaway , Tuesday night. The father , a
man close to 70 years of age , had one of
his legs broken in two places between
the knee and ankle. His injuries are
quite serious in view of his age. His son
had his right shoulder dislocated.- The
little four-year old grandson escaped
without injury , being rescued from under
the over turned wagon box , yelling vo
The accident was caused by the break
ing of a bridle. The horses were arc-
tached io a lumber wagon and ran over
a steep bank.
The doctor left here at three in the
morning and returned home on the even
ing of the same day.
Her Birthday.
Wednesday was Edna Yarger's birth
day and on the evening of that day she
celebrated the event with a party of most
enjoyable particulars. Refreshments
were served. A joyous social hour was
spent. Numerous tokens of the day
were given and the occasion passed as
merrily and happily as the buoyant and
untranitneled spirit of youth could make
The following is the numerous list of
guests : Blanche McCarl , Lina Mick ,
May Hileman , Nettie Dutton , Lillie Bur
nett , Lizzie Anton , Ethel Pope , Bessie
Jones , Virgie Ludwick , Pearl Brown ,
Ethel Patterson , Kate Garrard. Kenneth
Welles , Eddie Badcon , Albert Berry ,
Albert Thorgrimson , George Campbell ,
Bruce Campbell , Arthur Golfer , Louis
Johnson , Glenn Hupp and James Borne-
An Untimely Death.
Mrs. Alonzo L.Miller.nee Ada M.Burns ,
died , Tuesday , on the farm southeast of
here in Red Willow precinct , at the age
of 22 years. The deceased was a daugh
ter of WilHarn P. Burns of Red Willow
precinct and was married to Alonzo L.
Miller in February of 1896.
The remains were laid away in River-
view cemetery of this city on Thursday
The young husband and relatives of
the departed have the sincerest of human
sympathy in the untimely death of their
dear one.
Writing paper in bulk and box , with
envelopes to match , at very reasonable
figures. THE TRIBUNE.
For the most of this week the weather
dispatches should have read , "Buy Sher
idan coal at Bullard's. "
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
Try McMillen's Cough Cure.
Try McMillen's Cough Cure.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
WANTED Short-hand pupils. L. W.
Cow FOR SALE Good milch cow. for
sale. Inquire 706 Main avenue.
The heavy wind , Monday , blew in the
north end of A. F. Moore's barn.
ble location ; inquire of W. O. Norval.
This paper and the great St. Louis
Semi-Weekly Republic for $1.75 a year.
FORSALE Residenceof C. G. Holmes ,
deceased. Inquire of M.H.Holmes. i8-6t
FOR SALE A three-quarter blood
Jersey heifer. Inquire at county treas
urer's office.
A copy of Uncle Sam's Navy Portfolio
for loc. The series of 12 for $ i. At THE
TRIBUNE office.
The county judge authorized and mar
ried Thomas Kelley and Luella Gam's ,
both of Jennings , Kansas , Wednesday of
this week.
The postoffice money order is growing
in popularity in McCook. There is no
safer , cheaper or more convenient way
of sending money.
We believe that among the things to
be thankful for you should remember
that \ou have the privilege of buying
Sheridan coal at Bullard's.
The. Sullivan and Kilrain theatrical
company has written the opera house
management here for terms and descrip
tions of the hall. They want January
Get your share of the trade. One of
the best means of securing it is by judic
ious advertising. Observe that we say
iudicious advertising. It's the only kind
that pays.
On account of the impossibility o
keeping the buildings warm , Monday , no
school was held during the day. The
high , cold wind made the buildings un
We still have a few of those "Uncle
Sam's Navy" portfolios in stock. They
are ten cents each or the entire series
of twelve for one dollar. You should se
cure a set.
Of course we have them Canon City , i |
Maitlaud , lump and nut , and Sheridan ! ]
in the soft coals and a full stock of botlt
eastern and western hard coals ; try us.
Business was quite generally suspended
in the city , Thanksgiving , during a good
part of the day. Private dinner parties
were numerous as usual. In fact the day
was more of a home festival than a pub
lic ceremonial.
A Cook Book Free.
"Table and Kitchen" is the title of a
new cook book published by the Price
Baking Powder Co. , Chicago. Just at
this time it will be sent free if you write
a postal mentioning THE McCoOK TRIB
UNE. This book has been tried by our
selves and is one of the very best of itb
kind. Besides containing over 400 re
ceipts for all kinds of pastry and home
cookery , there are many hints for the
table and kitchen , showing how to set a
table , how to enter the dining roometc. ;
a hundred and one hints in every branch
of the culinary art. Cookery of the verj
finest and richest as well as of the most
economical and home like is provided
for. Remember "Table and Kitchen"
will be sent , postage prepaid , to any ladj
sending her address ( name , town and
state ) plainly given. A copy in German
or Scandinavian will be sent if desired
Postal card as good as letter. Address
Price Baking Powder Co. , Chicago , 111.
Largely Attended.
The Thanksgiving dance in the opera
house , was largely attended and enjoyed
without stint by the lovers of the pleas
ure. The Pythians made the music and
it was of the usual good quality.
The Y.M.C.A. gymnasium and reading
room project is being urged again and
with prospects of success.
THE TRIBUNE will club with any pa
per you may want. Try it.
Ice is fairly good and skating is one of
youth's joys , this week.
The ice men would not object to even
colder weether.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
Of course yon were thankful.
McMillen's Cream Lotion.