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    Bwlae Are All H IE lit
A curious occurrence shows the sen
timent of the Swiss people. They have
expreeaed great interest in the suffer
ing Armenians , and have contributed
freely for the support of the orphans.
But a German professor In the Univer
sity of Berne criticised this movement
and declared that the Armenians were
not worthy of these marks of sym
pathy. Shortly after he asked to be
naturalized and received as a citizen
of Berne ; but his request was refused
by a vote of 300 against 200.
Every cough makes
your throat more raw
and irritable. Every
cough congests the lining
membrane of your lungs.
Ceasetearing your throat
and lungs in this 'way.
Put the parts ct rest and
give them a chance to
heal. You will need some
help to do this , and you
will find it in
From the first dose'the
quiet and rest begin : the
tickling in the throat
ceases ; the spasm weak
ens ; the cough disap
pears. Do not wait for
pneumonia and con
sumption but cut short
your cold without delay.
Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral Plaster should be
over the lung's of every per
son troubled with a cough.
Write to the Doctor.
Unusual opportunities and Ions
. perience eminently qualify it * for
siring you medleftl advice. AVrlto
freely all the particular * hi your cjuo.
Tell n 'what' your "experience hat
fceon with our Cherry Pectoral. Yrm
will receive a prompt reply. irituoct
Addreti. DR. J. C. AVER.
Lowell , Iaia.
The Khcdlre of
The khedive of Egypt looks a short ,
round-faced boy. He is rather Inclined
to stoutness , and is dark and serious-
looking. He Is very fond of taking
long drives , and has very magnificent
horses , which are always driven at a
rapid pace. His highness is very much
Interested In horse breeding , and at
his favorite palace , a few miles out
of Cairo , has splendid stables contain
ing hundreds of horses of the purest
breeds , amongst them being one pre
sented by the late Col. North , and
the winner of many queen's prizes.
TFhy Didn't He Move ?
A Missouri preacher who visited a
bathing beach during his vacation
preached a sermon on the horrors of
scant bathing suits when he got home.
He said : "I sat for one hour watching
one of these shameless women dis
porting herself in the -waters of the
lake. " Kansas City Star.
A man's idea chivalry is to pro
tect a woman against every man ex
cept himself.
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination , but also
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the CAMFonNM FIG SVBUP
Co. only , and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and qriginal remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is" manufactured
by the CALIFOKXIA Fxo Syiiup Co.
only , a knowledge of that iact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The high standing of the CAUL- ,
FORXIA Fie Srjtop Co. with the medi
cal profession , and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families , makes
( the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives ,
as it acts on the kidneys , liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them , and it does not gripe nor
nauseate/ order to get its beneficial
effects , please remember the name of
the Company
T. jfcw TOKE ; K. T.
It came to pass that there wore
born ijnto Ezra and Lucy Whtttlesy
two boys , William and John , who grew
to youth's estate on. the old farm in
Oakland county.
John was a home boy. His happiest
days were those on which he hoed and
weeded. With William it was differ
ent. He was like unto neither his
mother nor his father. He was just
William. Ho read , long Into the night ,
by the kerosene lamp in the sitting-
room , stories of adventure and of
youths going forth into the world in
search of fortune and of fame. He
longed for a wider field , lie dreamed
of conquests , of piles of gold , of ex
plorations Into unknown countries ,
and of experiences In life such as nev
er entered the mind of plodding John.
He detested the sorry life of the farm ,
with the homely environment , the old ,
old routine , day in , day out , and fin
ally , after several years of uncom
plaining servitude , he determined to
run away.
He was 18 then. For two years he
had saved every penny , every nickel ,
every dime that had fallen in his way ,
and ere long noted that the dollars
were taking care of themselves In a
little company of their own. There
were forty-two of them in the stone
Jar on the shelf at the head of his
"I will do It ! " , he exclaimed to him
self in the dim darkness. "I will do
It "
His thoughts were broken in upon
by tho"cy of a woman down below ,
at the foot of the stairs.
"William , William , it's time to gofer
for the milk. "
"Ah , me ! " murmurred the boy to
himself , "another night has come. I
must trudge , trudge on , through snow ,
through sunshine , and through rain ,
to that old farmhouse nearly two
miles down the turnpike for milk. But
this shall be my last walk "
"William , William , ain't yew ever
goin' fur that milk ? "
Again the feminine voice from the
foot of the stairway.
"Yes , mother , I'm com in * now. "
The boy dropped all the $42 Into his
trousers pockets , and , after placing the
Btono Jar back on its shelf at the head
of the bed , slowly shambled down the
"There's th' pail , William. " said his
mother , pointing toward the table
drawn up by the kitchen window.
William took it and passed out into
the deepening darkness. As he walk
ed down that road the whole eighteen
years of his monotonous existence ,
called life , unrolled themselves before
his mind's eye. Ho remembered the
old swimming hole , the eager hunts for
birds' nests in the days agone , the
"stone bruise" he carried to school
with him al lone spring , and the beech
whistles he used to make at recess.
And the squirrel hunts and the
games of youth , all the different
scenes of his life were enacted again
for him in the playhouse of his mem-
ory. And at the end he said to him
self : "Well , it is over now , for to
night I shall go away. Never again
will William take home the night's
milk. This is my last walk. "
He stumbled along the rocky path to
the milk house on Green's farm , and
then he trudged back over that coun
try road. The moon was rising. Al
ready a soft , silvery light flecked the
foliage of the woods on the left , and
cast shimmering shadows on the stone
And William dreamed of the wealth
of the Indies that would one day be
his , of the fame , the glorj- , and 'the
great good name that awaited him out
in the world , beyond the ken of life
on the Whittlesy farm.
Suddenly the boy stopped so sud
denly , indeed , that the frothing milk
slopped over the top of the pail and
fell in two splashes , one on the road ,
the other on his trousers.
"I shall not go home. I shall leave
now ! " he cried.
He walked to the edge of the road
and peered into the white lighted
woods. "I must hide the pail , " he
eaid , "but where ? "
For a moment he stood in the shadow
"I remember ! " he exclaimed. "The
old blasted tree trunk. I will put the
pall there. " He walked a few rods
further'up the road and then
sheered off into the woods. By
and by he came out into the moon
light again. He had carried out the
plan that had suggested itself to his
mind. The milk pail had been placed
in the old tree trunk.
Then William turned and went back
down the country road.
"Yes , " the station agent at the
crossing told him , "there will be a
train along for the West in thirty
minutes. "
William Whittlesy had dreamed of
Colorado , and 'twas there he meant
to go. An hour later ho was rolling
on his way.
And the years came and went.
Not a word was ever received by
the Whittlesys from William. And af
ter many months they came to regard
" *
him as dead , and no longer hopedJLhat
one -day" his form might again darken
the kitchen door.
. With William all went well. He
pushed his way West. He succeeded
in his first venture , and five years had
not elapsed before his name , had come
to be known throughout the mining
country. Often he thought of that
home back in Michigan , and frequent
ly he said to himself , "I will write. "
Then something would interfere with
the carrying out of his intention , and
no word would be sent back. Thus the
days , and weeks , and years sped on
until a fifth of a century had passed.
William Whittlesy had accumulated
$100,000 in the twenty years ho had
lived and toiled in Colorado , and one
day the desire came tp him stronger
than ever to go back to the old home
and gaze once again into the old eye ?
of father and mother.
So he returned.
Alone and unknown , the man wend
ed his way along the county road to
the old house on the hill. He had
crossed the lane below the woods when
he recollected that pail of milk that
he had hidden In the hollow log twen
ty years before.
"I wonder if the pail can be there
yet , " he said to himself , and smiled
at the thought. "I'll see. "
He remembered the spot as distinct
ly as though he had but left the day
before. He went to the blasted trunk ,
kicked away the stones , and moss , and
twigs , and looked down. Yes , it was
there ; but in it nothing. He lifted out
the old tin pail , its sides all full of
holes eaten by time and rust , and con
tinued on up the road.
"I shall knock at the kitchen door , "
he said to himself , "and when mother
answers I shall say : 'Here is the
milk. ' " And William Whittlesy
laughed aloud.
The house appeared unchanged. To
be sure , there were honeysuckles
growing up the back porch that had
not been there when he went away ,
but twenty years is sufficient time for
honeysuckles to live and die.
William Whittlesy ascended the
steps quietly and knocked at the door.
It was opened by a kind-eyed old lady.
William thrust forward the rusty , bat
tered pail and said : "Mc'cher , here's
the milk. " The woman looked at him
with wonder in her eyes. "Won't
won't you come in ? " she said.
William entered the room. It was
the same old kitchen he had known
when but a boy. And there by the
fireplace sat a man , feeble , and
wrinkled , and gray. "Father , I have
come back , " cried William Whittlesy.
The old man turned in his chair
and gazed at the stranger unknow
"Don't you see who I am ? " cried the
long-lost. "I am William. I have
come back. I went away twenty
years ago "
A peculiar light came into the eyes
of the woman , who , during the strang
er's appeal to the old man at the fire
place , had stood still at the end of the
table with one hand on her hip.
"I I I understand now , " she said.
William looked his thanks in his
eyes. He was about to close his arms
about the old lady when she waved
him back. "I understand , " she went
on. "Arter you went away your mother
died in 'beout a year and your pa mar
ried me. Then when he died I married
George there , an' we've been livln' on
th' oP place ever sence. So yew see
we ain't your folks arter all , though
likely ez not yew may have some legal
connection with us "
William put his hand to his brow
and reeled. He staggered to the door
sobbing , with his head bowed upon
his breast , he walked slowly down the
old country road. And that night he
went back to the West. Detroit Free
Method Employed liy a Chicago
Grocer to Attract Custom.
If you wish to attract people to your
place of business make an offer of
something for nothing. This is an
axiom of commerce which applies to
the good people of Chicago with pecu
liar force. The desire to win a prize ,
no matter if it be intrinsically worth
less , amounts to a passion with Ameri
cans. The procuring of something
without price , and if to do so means
the expenditure of a considerable sum
of money , always brings a reward to
him who makes the offer. A grocer
of the west side has discovered this
fact. He has gone further and is put
ting his knowledge to practical use.
He is anxious that each patron shall
spend a big round dollar with him.
Hence he has put up the following leg
end in his store window : "One peck
of potatoes or a basket of peaches with
every dollar purchase. " This offer
was placed , in the window a couple o
days ago. The result was a sudden
interest in the crafty grocer's wares.
Everybody wanted the peaches or po
tatoes and many a dollar was spent
when the purchaser really did not need
that amount of commissary stores.
But the spending carried the peck or
basket and the purchases were willing
ly made.
Horrors of the War.
The latest atrocity in the song line
is "The Rough Riders' Serenade. " It
begins , "I am lying in my tent , sweet
Marie , " and Is on the same emotional
order as "After the Ball" and Grand
ma's Teeth Are Plugged with Zinc. "
Minneapolis Journal.
A Secondary Matter.
My Dearest Papa : Please do not
think I am writing home again for
more money , as such Is not the case.
However , so long as I am writing , I
may as well ask you to send me $100.
Please send it by return mail. Yours
in haste , Bessie.
In .TrpaMe.
The following curious advertisement
appeared the other day in the Lon
don Standard : "A gentleman , whose
wife and daughter have run away from
home for a holiday , leaving him in
charge of a baby , who , although fairly
well , appears to be cutting a tooth ,
earnestly desires that they will return
home at once. "
The Lake Superior , Huron , Erie.On-
tarlo and Michigan has an aggregate
area of 94.750 square miles , which is
larger than the area of Great Britain
"Dawson's an awfully extravagant
chap. " "Yes , he is. " "Has he got
much money back of him ? " "I'm
afraid he has more than he has ahead
of him. " Harpers Bazar.
Activity of VcMivIus.
Much anxiety has been caused in
Naples by the renewed activity of
Mout Vesuvius. There ifl little llkli-
hood that it will do any serious dam
age. On the other hand thousands die
daily from stomach disordero , who
might have survived had they resorted
to Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. It is
the greatest tonic known for stomach
and digestive organs.
Learning makes a man nt company
for himself. Young.
Happy Homes-Perfect health and ctrenctb foi
women aud men. Cures bxrrenucs * . develops bum tn
Tromen. Arhrodltlac for both sexes. Cure * liquor n < l
tobacco bablia. Trice f 1. Send for ptiynlcUn * ' testimonial
menial ! . Scientific Keuiedy Co. , Box 9113 , Boston.
Torpedoes are said to have been in
vented by an American in 1777.
Talco Laxative Ilromo Quinine Tablets AH
drufffjtets refund the money If it falls to cure.
25c. The genuine has L. B. Q. on each tablet.
Forty per cent of the export ofAmer-
ican nails is taken to Japan.
Omaha Representative of 3Ioler System
of Tlarber Colleges. 15th & DOUK'OCS Sts. . offers iree
tran&portatluii to Chicago , St. I-onls , or Minneapolis
for any ono wanting to learn the trade. Tbishjieclal
Inducement to applicants from the country I * made
l' ) get students enough to supply demand. We ha > e
affreeil to furnish 300 hospitals with barbers , )
monthly. Klght weeks completes. Write at nce.
The cellar excavator always get in
his work.
A nickel Alarm Clock for 35 Diamond
mend "C" Soap wrappers and 50 cents.
The lazier a man is the harder it is
to discourage him.
Ignorance hurts less than the know
ledge of things we don't know.
Vienna has a bicycling female monk
ey at the zoological gardens in the
Are you going to Florida ? Do you
want rates , maps , routes , time-cards
and full information ? If so , address
H. W. Sparks , 234 Clark street , Chi
Heirloom , the trousers that the
handed down from father to son.
Diamond "C" Soap is a hfch grade
laundry soap that can be used in harder
or soft water.
Quiet , about the liardest thin for a
woman to keep in this world.
2Irs. "WinsiowB ? * ooiriinfr syrup
For children ttethinff.&oftens the { " " ' rpaiKO-'i
inalJon , ttll .J P Ini'"rebWin < l colic , accentsbottle.
The emperor of Austria will have
reigned fifty years on December 2.
Coe's CongU
I > the oldest mid best. It will breakup a colil quicker
than aa > thins else , it IB always rel'able. Ury lu
Remember woman Is most perfect
when most womanly. Gladstone.
Dr. Scth Arnold's Consrli Killer
Is an excellent remedy f.-r chllilien. M . Wni.M.
I'rogue , Columbus , Kan. 25o. a bottle.
You can't judge books by the covers
especially after the shortage has
been discovered.
About the hardest thing for a man
to do Is to kiss a girl unexpectedly.
I Try Grain = 0 ! !
l TryGrain = 0 !
Ask you Grocer to-day to show yon *
a package of GKAIN-0 , the new food *
drink that takes the place of coffee. *
The children may drink it without
injury as well as the adult. All who
try it , like it. ' GEAIN-O has that
rich seal brovm of Mocha or Javn ,
but it is made from pure grains , and
the most delicate stomach receives it
without distress , -j the price of coffee.
15 cents and 23 cents per package.
Sold by all grocers.
Tastes like Coffee
Looks like Coffee
Accept no imitation.
\Yo Are Fro ; Katar * .
From the present Indications Amer
ica will soon be outdoing France in
the consumption of frog flesh. The
city of New York alone consumes GOO-
000 "hams" of frogs during the year.
These delicacies are now sold in tin
boxes like other conserved meats.
First Reformer I suppose you are
in favor of the movement for a sin
gle tax ? Second Reformer I have
taken a position , much in advance of
that. I am In favor of having no tax
at all. Boston Transcript.
- H
A lady who adored a certain preach
er took the late Archbishop Magee to
hear him. "Oh. what a saint in the
pulpit ! " said the lady , as they were *
going home. "And , oh , what a martyr
In the pew ! " added the archbishop ,
Somebody asked President McKinley
the other day why he always wore a
black tie. He is said to have replied :
"I don't knov. % I suppose because I
like it. for I have worn nothins but
dark ones for the last twenty years. "
The clonk model has a trying sit
Each Relieved of Periodic Pain and Backache. A
Trio of Fervent Letters.
Before using1 Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound , my health was gradually being1 undermined.
I suffered untold agony from painful menstruation ,
backache , pain on top of my head ami ovarian
trouble. I concluded to try Jlra. Pinkham's
Compound , and found that it was all any wo
man needs who suiters .vith painful monthly
periods. It entirely cured me. Mrs. GEORGE
WASS , 023 Bank St. , Cincinnati , O.
For years I had suffered with painful men
struation every month. At the beginning of
menstrua tion it was impossible for me to stand up for
more than live minutes , 1 felt so miserable. One day a.
little book of Mrs. Pinkhani's was thrown iato my
house , and I sat right down and read iL I then got
some of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
Liver Pills. I can heartily say that to-day I feel like
a new woman ; my monthly suffering is a thiny of the
past. I shall always praise the Vegetable Compound
for what it has done for me. Jlrs. MARGARET Ao > Enso > ,
303 Lisbon St. Lewiston , Me.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has cured me of painful menstrua
tion and backache. The pain in my back was dreadful , and the agony I suf
fered during menstruation nearly drove me wild.
Now this is all over , thanks to llrs. Pinkham's medicine and advice. Mrs.
CARKIE V. WILLIAMS. South Mills , N. C.
The great volume of testimony proves conclusively that Lydia E. Finkham's
Vegetable Compound is a safe , sure and almost infallible remedy in cases of
irregularity , suppressed , excessive or painful monthly periods.
" The present Mrs. Pinkham's experience in treating female ills is unparal
leled , for years she worked side by side with Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham , and for
sometime past has had sole charge of the correspondence department of ber
great business , treating by letter as many as a hundred thousand ailing women
during a single year. "
IjdiaE.PinKnam'sVegetaWeCompoundjAWoinan'sRcinedyforWoman' ins
Sointhow and somewhere , among the muscles and joints
its track in.
The Italian navy ceparlrnent has
given orders since the destruction of
Cervera's fleet that wood shall not
be used on battleships.
For a complete list of prizes , useful
and ornamental , given free to purchasers
" " write to the
ers of Diamond "C" Soap
Cudahy Packing Co. . So. Omaha , Neb.
If thorp is nothing in a man he is
not on the visiting list of opportunity.
When buying Starch ask your
procor for I
" "
Best cold water starch made.
A Nebraska Product.
Santa Clara Manufacturing Co. .
Omaha , Xebr.
DP Sfflv1 * } fir.nnvafor Guaranteed
Uli fidj 5 n iiUV < 2IUI ;
to cure dyspep
sia , constipation , liver and kJrtneviIi < ! eares.liil-
liousne s. licuriuche. etf. At , druggists 5c & 1.
W. N.U. OMAHA. No 4-7-1S9S
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.Mention This
$50OOO Stock of all cnideb of
Furniture recently boaght at the
rery lowest eas > h price will be of
fered during- the next few ruonlbs
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find till * the largest anil oldoV
furniture btore here , unti we will
make every effort to please both
in goods aud
Chas. Shiverick & Cc.e
12O6 Douglas St , Omaha.
Next to Mlllirrt llotcl.
XOTT To sailify OUMB'TH at to wtflfcer ltl
Bdvt rllMimrct < s read ire win mak a dl c < M nt .if
1 per rnt m sbe purcbur of injy auttouirr to
will tell us thry werr direct ? . ! to u * 6y It anrt lb
wll ! rco"n > nocaii ut to their irlcsdt if lfc
tiej liuy era iat.ifa.tar > .
La ca : We cin Trading
Ifau'e f Raim r
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i Nat S Lling u
Lire * of aufforlns ; and uiUcry from this rcpulsl ( tta > n o turned into lica'th ami hapr -
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After vcars of special study and practice In dlsoaso * of tlu MUOUS V.cwlirAnr. and
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nnokinfftCotifrii'lnjr. iiml Spitting , relic-tod at. OIICP. . . . . . . .
IJutarrliol Affection * of Stomach. l.Ueror Mdnr > . c.ins'uc l-nHRrktlon. Slok M. i crt.
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Mostof the weakness of men and women S i-uised by Oitarrlril diseases. Ilic nol * > uon
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valuable Instructive paporou tnese ' t-KST rilKfc.ddro >
Rev. M. W. Everhart , formerly Preiidinjr KUlor of the Cham
paign and West Jacksonrillo District ? , and now pi tor of the M. 1C
church at Carlinville , 111. , writes : * "lo the nfllicied. 1 tj\U piousuro In
saying that | cannot too highly commend the health-restoriujr prop
crtles of the medicines manufactured : ind sent out by the lr H .1 Kuy
Medical Co. * The chumro thai 1ms l vn nroujjht in my
sanitary state by the uae of the Ir. ) Kvv' K.tliioyciini und the
Is simply phcnominal. J have been relirvoil of ronsMutioii ] , os vsixc
and painful urination and pains in my bnk of 12 jours standing "
Dr. Kny'a Renovator It sold liy ilruimlRts , or ont by untl for Oo , uj-t ft or ft for fft
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ted 1M race book. tree. Ono mnn suld ho would uoi tnlie I'S tor otiool 'ti re * i > Vptt \ \ \ \
other paid he would not tak III ) for the IwoU Jr It J Uu\ Mettle il To . OnuiVi. Nelv
_ - / _ * , > , . .