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The Last Tribute.
A large company of friends and citi
zens paid the last tribute of respect to
the memory of Charles G. Holmes ,
Saturday afternoon , in the Methodist
church and at the cemetery.
The services at the church were con
ducted by Rev.J. A. Badcou , who paid
a high tribute to the deceased as well as
earnestly admonished the living.
The remains were escorted from the
late residence to the church and from
the church to the cemetery by the mem
bers of the I. O. O. I' , the order which
was dear to the departed. Tlje services
nt "Longview" were conducted by the
order , nnd they were of a solemn and
beautifully touching character.
The deceased stood high in this com
munity for sterling , manly character ,
and all feel Unit a grand , good man has
gone on before , and will join THE TRIB
UNE in expressions of deepest , sincerest
sympathy for the bereaved ones.
in Wurtsboro , New York , March 8th ,
1860 , and died in MeCook , Nebraska ,
October 26th , 1898. Was married on
October 5th , 1893 , to Miss Hannah New-
kirk of Wurtsboro , New York , and of
their union there is one child , a daugh
ter four years old this month. He came
west in 1879 and made but one brief visit
to his native state since his departure ,
living here all the while , save a resi
dence of about three years in Jackson ,
Michigan. The departed leaves a wife ,
a voting daughter , father and mother ,
two brothers and four sisters. The fath
er lives in Lincoln ; the mother and one
brother , Melvin H. , live in McCook ; two
sisters live in New York state ; a brother
and sister in Denver ; a sister in Omaha.
The deceased was H man of clean and
noble character and was respected and
loved by all who knew him. ]
Resolutions of Respect.
WHEREAS , In the Providence of God ,
our well-beloved and highly esteemed
brother , Charles G. Holmes , has been
taken from us and his membership regis
tered in the records of the Supreme
Lodge on High , therefore ,
BE IT RESOLVED. That this lodge , Mc-
Cook No. i. Star of Jupiter , hereby ex
presses its sorrow and regret at his un
4 . timely death and the loss of so valuable
a member and so honorable a citizen ,
and herewith extends its sincerest sym
pathy to the bereaved ones in their great
RESOLVED , That these resolutions be
spread upon the records of the lodge , and
that copies be transmitted to the family
and furnished the city press.
Resolutions of Condolence.
At the regular meeting of MeCook
lodge No. 137 , I. O. O. F. , the following
resolutions were unanimously adopted :
WHEREAS , The Ruler of the universe
has taken to Himself our beloved broth
er , Charles G. Holmes , be it
RESOLVED , That this lodge and the
order has lost a good faithful member ,
the town an excellent citizen , and
RESOLVED , That we extend to the be
reaved family and friends our sincere and
heartfelt sympathy in their sorrow and
that these resolutions bespread upon our
records , published in the local papers ,
and a copy sent to his widow.
Thanks to the Star of Jupiter.
The late Charles G. Holmes carried
$2,000 insurance in the Star of Jupiter ,
which was about the only protection he
carried ; a small amount being in the
Burlington relief. The local lodge of
that order also provided a nurse , and
li among the most beautiful and charming
floral offerings , the cresent and the star ,
were the generous and willing gifts of
the lodge. Long shine the Star of Jupi
ter , and with increasing brilliancy and
Card of Thanks.
For the many and generous acts of
kindness and helpfulness so willingly
rendered during the illness and after the
death of our dear one , we are all truly
and inexpressibly grateful and thankful.
Box Elder Circuit.
Services at Box Elder at n in the
morning and at Red Willow at 3 in , the
afternoon. Cordial invitation to both
services. D. L. MATSON , Pastor.
Two Ribs Broken.
While acting as engineer of a thresh
ing machine , Lou Barton of Indianola
had the misfortune to have two ribs
broken , Wednesday of this week.
See McMillan's 5 and 10 cent school
C. H. BOYLE returned , Monday morn
ing , from his visit west.
J. H. BENNETT came down from the
farm near Max , Wednesday.
J. W. HUPP returned , Tuesday night ,
from a business visit to Lebanon.
PHIL. WEiCK , an old-timer , returned
to the city , last Saturday a week.
RECEIVER PIPER returned from a visit
to the family in Lincoln , Tuesday morn
MRS. J. F. KENYON went down to
Hastings , last Friday on 6 , on a short
A. P. ELY returned , Tuesday night ,
from his visit home , Ainsworth , this
MRS. C. A. DIXON arrived home , Mon
day on j , from visiting Plattsuiouth rel
MRS. E. N. ALLEN of Arapahoe spent
Saturday in the city , guest of Mrs. J. B.
from visiting her parents at Omaha , last
Friday night.
MRS. W. S. MORLAN left for Wymore ,
Thursday morning on 2 , to visit her sis
ter , Mrs. Sage.
the Frontier county farm on business ,
first of the week.
MRS. F. D. BURGESS returned home ,
last Saturday evening , from a visit to
Arapahoe friends.
ABE ENGEL arrived home , Saturday
night , from Chicago , and may leuiain a
number of weeks.
SMITH CALDWELL , the well-known
state senator , was circulating around
among the boys , Thursday.
E. N. ALLEN , our next state senator ,
was in the city , Thursday , looking alter
the interests of his campaign.
MRS. C. T. BREWER , who has been
absent in Lincoln for a few weeks , re
turned home , Wednesday morning.
Miss CORAERWIN departs , tomorrow ,
for Stratton , to teach school in a dis
trict a few miles north of that place.
Miss MARGARET EVANS returned to
the city , last Sunday night , from a
month's visit in Salt Lake City , Utah.
MRS. VINA WOOD and Miss Maud re
turned , Wednesday morning , from a few
days' sightseeing in the exposition city.
WILL HORTON was up from Superior ,
this state , Wednesday and Thursday ,
seeing his old-time friends and on a little
J. D. LONG and wife of the Willow are
home after a long absence at the Arkan
sas Hot Springs and down in Missouri ,
for their health.
MRS. F. S. WILCOX and Mrs. H. H.
Easterday arrived home , Sunday morn
ing on i , from their long visit in Chicago
and other Illinois points.
MRS. E. H. WATERS and the children
departed on Thursday morning for Mis
souri to visit her father. They will be
absent two or three weeks.
J. W. NEWKIRK , a brother of Mrs. C.
G. Holmes , arrived from Portland , Oregon
gen , Sunday night , being called here by
the death of his brother-in-law.
CAPTAIN J. S. HOLMES came up from
Lincoln , Friday night , to attend the
funeral of his son Charles. He remained
here , this week , guest of G. C. Boatman.
MRS. S. L. MOENCH of Rushville , Illi
nois , arrived in the city Wednesday
night , and will visit MeCook friends a
few days. She has been visiting her
parents in Orleans.
MRS. C. F. BABCOCK returned home ,
last Saturday , from her visit to the ex
position at Omaha. She was accompan
ied by her cousin , Miss Delia Mitchell of
Chicago , who is still here on a visit.
REV. J. A. BADCON went up to Chase ,
Chase county , Tuesday morning , and
officiated at the marriage of Otto C.
Clark andVulateW.Braggof Arapahoe ,
on the evening of that day. The groom
accompanied him from this place.
HARRY TEAS of Chariton , Iowa , a
nephew of Mrs. J. H. Berge , spent last
week here , a guest in the family of the
county treasurer. He formerly lived up
ill the Box Elder region. He left for
home , Tuesday , and will stop at Oxford
en route.
Thursday morning , with her brother , J.
W. Newkirk , for Portland.Oregonwhere
she will live with her brother. All true
hearts go out to her in this great sorrow
that has come into and broken up her
devoted home.
A Charming : Reception.
A genuine and altogether charming
touch of social life was that enjoyed in
the Congregational church , last evening ,
upon the occasion of the reception ten
dered Rev. and Mrs W. J. Turner , their
new pastor and his estimable wife , by
the members of the church. The event
was marked by a succession of happy
and attractive particulars , and was at
tended and participated in by one of the
most brilliant gatherings ever present at
a similar event in our city.
A brief word of welcome was signaled
by a layman , to which the pastor briefly
responded in feeling terms ; and then fol
lowed a short programme of vocal and
instrumental music which was enjoyed
to the full on account of the beaut } ' of
selection and the artistic manner in
which the various numbers were ren
dered. This feature was not lengthy ,
but felicitous.
Dainty and toothsome light refresh
ments were served in the church parlor
amidst the most attractive and pretty
surroundings : lovely cut flowers , dainty
china and chaste silver and many other
touches of feminine taste and comfort.
Ices were served from a cosy nook in the
audience room.
The church was tastefully decorated
for the affair , potted plants , cut flowers ,
palms , rugs and other items entering in
to the ornamentation , comfort and con
venience of things.
An atmosphere of cordiality pervaded
the occasion and rendered it all the more
genial and heart } ' , as was the welcome
truly accorded the pastor and his family
a sentiment not confined , happily , to
the members of the church alone , but
entertained by many outside the con
Withal the reception was a delightful
and gratifying touch of bright and in
spiring social life and good fellowship.
Progressing Nicely Now.
The brick work on the new county
court house is now above the second
story and that part of the work is rapidly
Hearing completion. As the building
uears completion so far as the shell is
concerned , it gives promise of being an
attractive and substantial building in
which to transact the affairs of the
county. When the same is finished in
side and furnished and the grounds and
surroundings are put in shape , Red Wil
low county will be proudly in possession
of one of the finest court houses in the
state in counties of the population and
wealth of this one.
The following marriage licenses have
been issued by the county judge since
our last report :
James A. Plunkett of Pleasaut Grove ,
Iowa , and Mary M. Corlett of Marengo ,
Berton H. Wales and Gertie A. Coleman -
man , both of Coleman precinct.
Alva M. Osborn of Osborn , and Jose
phine Werner of Box Elder , Nebraska ,
John Ogorzolka and Mary McKillip ,
both of Cambridge.
The County Union.
The meeting of the county union at
Red Willow , last Sunday , was well at
tended , most of the organisations of the
county embraced in the union being
represented by delegates and others.
The program was replete with interest ,
embracing addresses , papers , reports ,
song and devotional services , closing
with a consecration meeting in the even
ing. Those present agree that it was
well for them to have been there.
Ready to do Business.
Now that Colonel Phillips of the Indi
anola Reporter has found it in his heart
to say that "the county seat question is
settled for all time , " Red Willow county
is ready to settle down to business. We
have felt this way all the time , but
have been backward about expressing it.
Nothing but excessive modesty has re
strained us from long ago offering to kiss
and make up. It were better for us all.
Rev. G. B. Mayfield of Culbertson
spoke the words , Wednesday evening ,
making Berton Wales and Gertie Cole
man of Coleman precinct husband and
wife. The ceremony was performed in
the presence of quite a gathering of
neighbors , friends and relatives of the"
interested parties. The young people
are both highly respected and estimable ,
and we offer our congratulations.
Seriously Injured.
Wednesday of this week in a runaway ,
James Sedden of Indianola received in
juries that it is feared will result in his
death. The wagon ran over him.
Decorated crepe tissue 35 cts. per roll
at McMillen's.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
' CATHOLIC Mass at 8 o'clock a. m.
High mass and sermon at 10:30 , a. m. ,
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
All are cordially welcome.
REV. J. W. HiCKEY , Pastor.
CHRISTIAN Bible school at 10 a. m.
and Y. P. S. C. E. at 7 p. in. each Lord's
day. Preaching morning and evening
every alternate Lord's day. Prayer
meeting on Wednesday evening.
T. P. BEALL , Pastor.
METHODIST Sunday-school at 10 a.m
Preaching at n. Class at 12. Junior
League at 2:30. Epworth League service
at 7. p. in. Preaching at 8. Prayer and
Bible study , Wednesday evening at 8.
All are welcome.
JAS. A. BADCON , Pastor.
CONGREGATIONAL Sunday-school at
10. Preaching service at II. Junior
Endeavor at 3. Senior Endeavor at 7.
Preaching service at 8. Prayer-meeting
on Wednesday evening at 7:30. A wel
come to all. Evening subject , "Religion
Natural to Man. "
W. J. TURNER , Pastor.
EPISCOPAL Sunday forenoon at 11:00
o'clock , Morning Prayer and Litany.
Sunday evening at 8:00 o'clock , Evening
Prayer. Sunday-school at 10:00 a. m.
"Friday evening lecture at 7:30 o'clock.
Holy communion the first Sunday in
each month. Subject for Friday even
ing lecture , "Idol Worship. "
„ HOWARD STOY , Rector
BAPTIST Sunday-school at 10 a. in.
Junior Union at 3 p. m. Senior Union
at 7. Preaching at 11 a. in. and 8 p. in.
' "The Church
Pastor's morning subject ,
the Body1 of Christ. " Evening theme ,
"The Awful Sin of Intemperance. " Com
munion at the close of the morning ser
vice. A welcome to all.
T. L. KETMAN , Pastor.
A large party of Endeavorers partici
pated in a "Halloween" social at the
farm-home of L A. Coulter. Monday
" night , with highly enjoyable particulars.
Refreshments were served. Music and
games made up the program of pleasure.
The ladies of the Dorcas society will
hold their supper in the room lately va
cated by Leach on Monday and Tuesday
evenings , November I4th and I5th. Hot
supper and oysters will be served. In
addition the ladies will have on sale a
variety of aprons and handkerchiefs and
a few novelties.
MeCook was well represented at the
meeting of the Red Willow County Un
ion , Christian Endeavor , at Red Willow ,
last Sunday. The following persons
were present from our city : Misses Lydia
and Grace and Mr. Edwin Brinton ,
Misses Addie and Maude and Mr. Scott
Doan , Misses Sarah Oyster , Stella Nor-
val , Mabel Percy and Cora Invin , Mr.
and Mrs. R. T. Eller and Mr. and Mrs.
M. V. Traver , Messrs. John Selby and
Rev. T. P. Beall.
Bert Beyrer made a flying trip to Ox
ford , Friday night.
Miss Weibly of the Third grade spent
Sunday at home in Culbertson
The Eleventh grade has organized a
Latin club. They will meet weekly.
Miss Meserve of the Eighth grade
visited her parents in Lincoln , Sunday.
The school foot ball team will give an
impromptu entertainment in the assem
bly room , next Monday evening , for the
purpose of raising funds with which to
buy needed foot ball harness and appar
atus. Admission 10 cents. The pro
gram will embrace readings , recitations ,
and singing.
Contributions by school children to a
fund for the erection of a monument to
General Lafayette in Paris have exceeded
all expectations. The amount desired
is $250,000 , and it is estimated that I
cent from every child would be sufficient
to complete the fund. So far the con
tributions average $5 a school. As there
are 400,000 schools , the amount raised
may run into millions.
The following is the report of the pub
lic schools for the month of October ,
ending on the 28th :
Number of boys enrolled. . . : 341
Number of girls enrolled 346
Whole number enrolled 687
Average daily attendance 618
Per cent attendance on enrollment. . . 90
Not absent during the month 423
Not tardy during the month 620
Neither absent nor tardy 390
Per cent on enrollment 57
Entered school during month 38
Withdrawn during month 17
Visits by board I
Visits by others 65
Number of non-residents 23
Edgerton and White.
The Populist meeting held in the opera
house , last Saturday evening , by Messrs
Edgerton and White , was not largely at
The speech by Mr. Edgerton was goot
from the Populisttc stand-point. He is
a gentleman of ability and stated his case
in good shape , as becometh the lawyer
that he is.
As to Lawyer White , he avoided the
truth with all the sagacity and cunning
of his kind and calling , and made a spec
tacle of himself. It would be an insult
to any intelligent or thoughful man to
admit for a minute that his harangue in
fluenced a vote for his party.
The drum corps made an heroic effort
to draw a crowd , but without avail.
And Colonel Mitchell of the Comfort
was conspicuous by his absence.
Evangelist Redding at Indianola.
Rev. J. C. Redding , a noted evangelist
of great power and marked success , will
commence a series of meetings , next
Sunday , November 6th , in the Congre
gational church in Indianola. His work
will be for the good of all the people of
the whole community and surrounding
country. All Christian people , regard
less of sect , are cordially invited to unite
in the good"work. . ( Pray for an outpour
ing of God's spirit and the manifestation
of His "saving power. Let nothing in
terfere with the work God would have
done in our midst. Tell others about
the meetings , bring your neighbors , and
let us all work faithfully for the salva
tion of this community. * * *
Called the Boys Down.
"Halloween" was not celebrated with
so much abandon , this year. The boys
have been carrying matters to excess
and this year the police made and carried
out plans to put a stop to such practices.
Extra policemen were sworn in and the
city was carefully patroled until an early
hour. The result is that the boys had to
confine themselves to noise and innocent
amusement , and that is all they ought to
do at any lime. The police are to be
commended for their work. There is no
excuse for the outrageous escapades in
\vhich the boys are wont to annually en
gage on "Halloween" night.
Advertised Letters.
The following letters were advertised
by the MeCook postoffice on Oct. 3oth :
C. E. Abbott , C. C.Parrott ,
Clyde Lutes.
In calling for any of these letters , please
say that they are advertised.
F. M. KiMMELL , Postmaster.
Ten Fold Better Than Insurance.
Those wishing to make an investment
that will repay itself yearly and yet be
come more and more valuable each year
one that cannot be lost should apply
for paticulars to
J. FLETCHER & . SON , Bartley , Neb.
Furnished or unfurnished , the prop
erty , consisting of house and lot , lately
occupied by C. G. Holmes , deceased. Or
will sell the furniture to suit purchaser.
Notice to Hunters.
Notice is hereby given that no hunting
will be allowed on my farm under penal
ty of the law. 2t A.D.JOHNSTON.
Circle of G. A. R.
The regular meeting of the circle at 3
p. m. , Saturday , November I2th. All
members requested to be present.
E. H. McMiLLEN departed on 4. last
night , for Grand Island.
WALTER LEACH arrived here Monday
night , from Gemiantown , this state , on
a visit to his brothers.
F. O. FRITZ , J. M. Collins , Harry E.
Price , all Star of Jupiter organizers , were
at headquarters , Thursday , preparing to
enter the work of organi ation of lodges
of that growing order in the state of
The Lady Maccabees will hold an oys
ter supper , next Tuesday night , iu the
building recently vacated b3' C.A.Leach.
Oysters and trimmings will be served
for 25 cents. The ladies hope the public
will remember them with a generous
Last Friday evening , at the home of
W. O. Russell in this city , James A.
Plunkett and Mary M. Corlett were
united in marriage by Rev. J. Badcon.
They went up"to Hayes county to live ,
he having real estate interests near Ma
Word from Lincoln brings the news
that C. W. Beck , formerly of Indianola ,
is seriously ill , and his recovery is de
spaired of.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
Bertha Shaffer is clerking in The Bee
See McMillen's 5 and 10 cent school
WANTED Short-hand pupils. L. W.
Ray Hall's little children are here
from Iowa.
Decorated crepe tissue 35 cts. per roll
at McMillen's.
A ten-pound daughter was born to C.
G. Coglizer and wife , Monday.
The October number of the "Star of
Jupiter" will be issued tomorrow.
This paper and the great St. Louis
Semi-Weekly Republic for $1.75 a year.
FOR SALE A three-quarter blood
Jersey heifer. Inquire at county treas
urer's office.
A copy of Uncle Sam's Navy Portfolio
for loc. The series of 12 for $ r. At THE * .
TRIBUNE office.
Mrs. M. E. Barger is sole agent for the
"Featherbone" Corsets and Waists of
Kalamazoo , Michigan.
The defeated candidate will have the . * l
satisfaction of knowing that they can
auy Sheridan coal at Bullard's right.
The remnant of the Garber stock was
sold , this week , by a traveling man ,
whose house was interested in the failed
The Stayner drum corps social , Tues
day evening , realized for the boys a small
sum which they will devote to the pur
chase of new uniforms.
Attention is called to the change of
advertisement by the Cash Bargain Store.
They are making special offers that you
cannot afford to miss.
Remember the date for the "Excur
sion" social by the ladies of the Episco-
jal church November I7th , in McCon
nell's hall. Go with them.
There's been quite a car-famine for the
ast month or two , but you need not
worry , Bullard's sold coal just the same
and filled all orders promptly.
The new court house is rapidly being
jushed forward , and will shortly be
ready to be enclosed. The brick-layers
are about through with their work ,
Hon. E. J. Hainer , Menard opera
louse. Monday evening , November 7th.
Come and hear him discuss the issues of
he campaign from the Republican stand-
) oint
We still have a few of those "Uncle
Sam's Navy" portfolios in stock. They
are ten cents each or the entire series
of twelve for one dollar. You should se-
ure a set.
Just keep fresh iu your mind the fact
hat the Hon. E. J. Hainer of Aurora will
peak in the opera house , next Monday
evening , commencing at eight o'clock.
Come early and get a seat.
On the last day of the exposition two
jeople were married in the great see-
aw. They would not have gained the
notoriety , but would have shown much
) etter judgment by buying their win-
er's supply of coal at Bullard's.
An infant child was left at the door of
Gottlieb Orman's house in West Me
Cook , early Sunday morning. There
were no initials on the little girl's ap-
> arel. John Schlagel has adopted the
ittle one into his home and family.
It may not be properly understood by
ome , but it is contrary to postal laws
and regulations for patrons or others to
make or use keys to postoffice boxes.
The making of keys is exclusively the
luty of the department , and it is unlaw-
ul to make , have made or use keys
otherwise secured. Any and all such
ceys should be destroyed.
"Did Man Make God or did God Make
Man" that is : back of the universal
dea of a Supreme Being is there in realty
self-existent self-conscious Creator
ty a - , -
and Governor of the universe , or does
God exist only as an idea in the imagi
nations of men ? Dr. J. P. D.John , ex-
jresident of DePauw university.discusses
this subject as only a profound scholar
and deep philosopher can. He has the
rare gift of clothing great thoughts in
jlain and simple language and never
ails to interest and entertain as well as
nstruct all who hear him. This lecture
s recognized as the most powerful reply
ever made in a platform address to the
heories of Col. Ingersoll. The people
of this city will have en opportunity to
icar this great address on the evening of
Tuesday , November 15 , at the Methodist
THE TRIBUNE will club with any pa
per you may want. Try it.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.