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A Dangerous Venture.
Editor National Tribune : I wns one
of five who went through a dangerou ;
scene at Mobile Bny , recalled to mint
by Hobson's exploit.
After taking Fort Morgan , in Mobile
Bay , we inarched up to Spanish Fort
and commenced a siege. The rebs
brought supplies to the fort with
steamer. The next night our boys got
a battery on the right ; so next day the
boat came down with a hospital boat in
tow. Our boj'S let , loose on her , and
they cut the hatiser and skedaddled
back to Mobile. The hospital boat
floated down opposite the fort , and
lodged on a sandbar a short ways from
the fort.
Both armies could look down on her.
Our men wanted to know what wns on
her. Col. McNulta , 94th 111. , came
around among the boys and wanted to
know who could row a boat. Several
spoke up and said they could , thinking
that the Colonel wanted someone to go
out to the fleet ; but some of them backed
out -when he said that he wanted them
to go and see what was on that boat that
lodged close to the fort.
One Lieutenant of the igth Iowa and
four of us boys said we would go. We
had to go out to the fleet to get in the
channel. Our gunboats lay off about
one mile. They could not get nearer ,
for torpedoes ; they had sunk two of our
We started straight for the fort , and
saw some torpedoes as we went up. The
Lieutenant said we would get some of
them when we came back , but when we
came back we did not have time to stop
for torpedoes.
We went on for the fort. The rebels
did not fire until we turned our boat ,
and then they let us have it. Balls fell
thick as hail all around , but it did not
take long to get around the opposite end
of the bp-U , and we were out of sight of
them. he Lieutenant and I and one
of the other bo3's clambered up on the
boat and walked to the other end , keep
ing on the west aisle , for their were three
rows of bunks and three high.
We started back , got about-halfway ,
when a shot from one of the guns at the
water-battery came in at one end and
went out at the other. It knocked bunks
and everything else around us The
Lieutenant said he would not give $2.50
for our lives. The other soldiers said ,
"Let us stay here until it gets night. "
The Lieutenant said that would not do ,
for they would shoot her all to pieces.
"We should try to get away.
So we got down in our boat. We
knew we would catch it when we would
come from our shelter , and we did catch
a shower of bullets. They kept up their
fire as long as they could reach us with
ininie-balls , and the water-battery com
menced to follow us with big shells. But
we escaped without a scratch. If any
of the boys are still alive who were with
me , and see this , I wish they would
write. T. J. Pate , Co. C , 94th 111. , Mc-
The Old Rheumatism Dodge.
A woman and a young girl were around
over the city , first of the week , begging
aid for a rheumatic husband and father ,
who was said to be confined to the wagon
in which they were traveling eastward.
They were successful in hoodwinking
a number of citizens who had not time
to look into the matter and secured some
money and provision. One who did
look up the case reports that they were
in no need of assistance and the robust
and healthy men , two of them , with the
wagon seemed to be suffering with any
thing else than rheumatism.
As a rule people seeking assistance
should be sent to city marshal who will
look into the merits of the case and act
accordingly. This indiscriminate giving
of assistance is wrong and wasteful and
should be stopped. Tell the policeman.
Furnished Rooms to Rent.
f -
Furnished rooms to rent. Inquire of
Mrs. Laura Hammond , two blocks west
of the court house.
McConnell's Colicure
Cures Colic , Cholera Morbusand Diar
rhoea. Money refunded if not as repre
sented. _ _ _ _ _ _
FOR SALE CHEAP A second-hand
bicycle in good shape. Inquire at this
o'rfice for particulars.
Machine Oils at McConnell's.
This coupon and ten cents get a
copy of me peerless "Uncle Sam's
Navy" Portfolios , at THE TRIBUNE
office. The supply is limited , so
call early before the assortment is
R. Q.STEWART was a business visitor ,
Monday evening.
J. A. HAMMOND returned home , Sun
day morning , on No. 2.
NORA STROUD is spending her vaca
tion in Frankfort. Illinois.
MOSE STEKN of Chicago was in the
city , yesterday , on business.
S. M.COCHRAN returned from his trip
to Omaha , 3'esjterday morning.
J. A. HAMMOND was a west-bound
passenger on No. i , yesterday morning.
MRS. E. G. BOHANAN of Lincoln is
the guest of her sister , Mrs. W. D. Bur
from her Red Cloud visit , close of last
S.M. COCHRAN went down to Omaha ,
Sunday , on 6 , to see the fair and on
MRS. G. A. NOREN went down to ,
Orleans , last Friday , on a visit to her
MRS. MAX : ANTON returned home ,
first of the week , from her visit to'Far-
uam friends.
MRS. W. A. MOORE of Betlianj- , West
Virginia , is here , visiting her sister , Mrs.
E. M. Waters.
MRS. L. S. SAGE and children of Wy-
more and Miss M. A. Evans are guests
of Mr. aud Mrs. W. S. Morlan.
home , Saturday night on 3 from their
visit in Iowa of several weeks.
"MiSS STELLA FINCH came up from
Arapahoe , Wednesday evening and is
the guest of Miss Nellie Gunu.
MRS. ANNA COLFER and Master Ar
thur went down to Omaha , Saturday
morning , to visit the exposition.
MRS. T. F. ROWELL went down to
Omaha , last Friday , to visit the exposi
tion , returning the last of this week.
MRS. HENRY SMITH left , Wednesday
on 6 , for Michigan City , Indiana , on a
visit , to be absent about two months.
E. L. DENNIS of Danbury was in the
city , Wednesday. He was on his way
home from a visit to Omaha and Kansas
DR. A. P. WELLES and son Kenneth
went down to Omaha , Sunday night , to
see the glories of the Trans-Mississippi
Bronson arrived home from their visit in
Omaha and Iowa respectively on last
Friday night.
family , Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Coleuian
aud son Archie departed for Iowa , Sun
day , on a visit.
LiEUT. SHERIDAN of company "L"
was in the city , Wednesday , securing
the permission of parents for volunteers
from McCook who have enlisted.
J. W. MCCARTHY has been out from
Omaha , for a few days , looking after bis
landed interests in this county. He
owns a half section over in the Lebanon
Miss MARY WATSON has received and
entered upon a position in the state
house at Lincoln as a stenographer. Her
many friends here will be glad to hear
of her fortune.
down from Denver on a visit to their son
Charles and family. Both are looking
well and are being warmly greeted by
many oldtime friends.
MisSES DOAN gave a five o'clock tea ,
last Friday , in honor of the Misses May
Stuby , Josephine Happersett and Lulu
Beardslee. It goes without the saying
that the occasion was one of pleasure.
H. H. EASTERDAY returned , Monday
night , from his visit to Omaha , the ex
position , Tecumseh , aud other eastern
Nebraska points. Mrs. Easterday re
mained in Omaha aud will return later.
J. A. PIPER arrived in the city , Mon
day night , and has been spending the
week learning the duties of his new po
sition as receiver of the land office , upon
which he formally entered , this morning.
He will make an efficient officer.
'MRS. H. C. CHURCH and Mrs. L. R.
Hileman are back from the mountains ,
whither they recently accompanied their
husbands , who were on a cattle-purchas
ing trip. They report very hot weather
in the mountain country and were glad
to get home again.
Onarga , Illinois , were the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Ludwick of our city from
last Friday night-until Wednesday of ]
this week. Mr. Wheeler is a brother of
Mrs. Ludwick. They have been taking
in the Omaha exposition , which they
will briefly visit also on their way home.
The Now Lund Officers.
This morning , Register l'M. . Ruth
bun and Receiver J. A. Piper took clinrg
of their respective duties in the McCook
land oilicc , Register A. S. Campbell HIM
Receiver Patrick Gibbous retiring at the
expiration of their terms of office. The
outgoing officers have made n good rec
ord for promptness and fnirness in the
transaction of the business of the office
aud the best of service may be expectec
from the new officers , both of whom arc
men of ability and experience. With
the very best wishes for the outgoing
THE TRIBUNE welcomes the incoming.
Register Rathbun aud family , wife and
daughter , are now boarding , but ex
pect in due time to go to house-keeping.
Receiver Piper will likely board for some
time and his family may not soon make
their home in our midst , being now lo
cated in Lincoln , "where some of the
children are students in the state univer
Rlverview Cemetery.
H. C. Rider and a committee of ladies
of the G. A. R. Circle and of the G. A.
R. Post held a meeting on Monday after
noon , apropos of the new burial ground ,
"Rivervifcw cemeter3r. "
Mr. Rider made a proposition to do
nate a lot to anyone wishing to remove
the remains of an old soldier to the new
cemetery for interment , from any other
A committee was appointed whose
duty it is to ascertain if there are any
who wish to remove the remains of their
soldier dead to the new cemetery from
any surrounding burial grounds.
Riverview has been attractively laid
out aud will be enclosed-in due time.
There is no reasoir why it shall not be
come a desirable burial place.
Pass Them On.
The Indian doctor fakirs who tried to
do business on the hill west of the city
and outside of the corporation limits ,
last week , left for greener fields , Sunday.
They were unable or unwilling to pay
the high license exacted by the'city or
dinance and attempted to run their fake
show on the outside of the limits , run
ning free conveyances to and from the
grounds , but soon tiring of the game
they departed for other fields.
This is a disreputable and dead-beat
outfit and should be passed along the
line by every newspaperman in the val
ley. Thoroughbred fakirs' they should
not be allowed to work their skin games
in any community at any price.
Pass them along.
Shore-Leave at Tampa.
Of the twenty-five thousand men on
the ships half were allowed ashoie at a
time. As there were barely twelve thou
sand five hundred square feet of shore
for them to stand on , they were about
as miserable as on the ships. Shore at
Port Tampa means a pier , a wharf a hun
dred feet wide and a mile long. To get
a whiff of fresh air the twelve thousand
five hundred men sat on the rail along
the wharf. For recreation they bathed
in the water under the wharf. For a
whole week the wives of army officers
at the inn at Port Tampa could not leave
the hotel piazza. Gilson Willets in Col
lier's Weekly.
A Summer Show of Pictures ,
The Ladies Home Journal announces
that it will exhibit , on nearly the entire
mam floor of the mammoth Haddon
Hall , at Atlantic City , New Jersey , the
originals of the most notable illustrations
that have appeared in its pages. The
exhibition , opening the middle of July ,
will include the best drawings of the
cleverest illustrators in America , and
will remain open to the seashore visitors
for three weeks.
The Maccabee Social.
The ice cream social by the Lady Mac
cabees , last Friday evening , on the lawn
at A. Barnett's , was a large success.
There was an unusually numerous at
tendance , an enjoyable social time and
satisfactory financial results. The in
spiring music by the Brigade was an un
expectedly delightful feature of the
evening and the affair.
Special Meeting R. A. M.
There will be a special meeting of
King Cyrus chapter No. 35 on Saturday
evening , July 2d , for work in the Royal
Arch degree. All sojourning Fraters
are cordially invited to be present.
Card of Thanks.
I wish to gratefully thank all the kind is
friends for their wiling and helpful as
sistance during the late illness of Mrs.
Notley , who is now much improved in
health. J. P. NOTLEY.
Guaranteed Mixed Paint atMcMillen's '
Drug Store. -
Machine Oils atMcMillen's drug store.
Guaranteed Mixed Paint atMcMillen's
Drug Store.
ClMus'ftAN liiblu Hchool each Lord's
day nt io a. m. Social and communion
services nt n a. m. Y. P , H. C. K. nt 7
CATHOLIC -Mans at 8 o'clock a. m ,
High ninsa ntul sermon at 10:30 : , a.m. ,
with choir. Sunday Hchool nt 7:30 : p. m.
All ate cordially welcome.
t Ritv. J. W. IUCKitv , Pastor.
i. Sunday-school nt 11:0011. :
m. Evening service at 8:00 : p. m. Even
song and instruction on Thursdayn at
8:00p.m. : RKV. HOWARD STOY ,
Priest in Charge.
CONGREGATIONAL Sunday-school at
io. Morning subject , "The Bible ; its
Authority as a Book of Life. " Endeav
or at 7. Evening subject , "The Provi
dence of God in American History. "
All ate cordially invited.
W. j. TURNER , Pastor.
BAP-TIST Sunday-school at io a. in.
Preaching service at II. Junior Union
at 3 p. ill. Senior Union at 7. Preach-
service at 8. Morning subject , "The
One Lawgiver. " The evening theme ,
"Seeking a Wife" will be the first of a
summer series of sermons on 'The
Home. " All are welcome.
T. L. KETMAN , Pastor.
METHODIST Sunday-school at
Preaching at n ; subject , "The Tomb a
Terminus or a Tunnel. " Junior League
at 2:30. Epworth League at 7. P.reach-
ing at 8 ; subject , "Patriotism for the
Fourth ; Heroism of Reform.Prayer
and Bible study on Wednesday evening
at S. All are welcome.
JAS. A. EADCON , Pastor.
There will be a social and entertain
ment in the Methodist parsonage and
church-July 14 , 1898.
The Junior League served ice cream
n the old Wilcox store building , Tues
day evening , to a profitable trade.
The following licenses have been is
sued since our last report :
Johu.AWatkhis aud Kittie Breternitz ,
) Oth dfCurtis. The were married' by
lev. J. A. Badcon on the 27111.
William G. Hiatt of Cambridge and
Mrs. Ella M. Hodgkin of Bartley. Mar
ried by the county judge on the 2gth.
Johnson Marcellus and Letha D. Feii-
on , both of Stockville. The county
udge married'them on the 29th.
The cases of the city against the
Adams Express Co. and the Western
Jnion Telegraph Co. , to collect occupa-
ion tax , have been continued until July
The following cases have been filed
ince last week's report :
Sophia Griswold vs. James R. Gris-
wold. Injunction.
Charles H. Haywood vs.-Edward T.
Hoppe et al. Equity.
Postponed Until the Eleventh.
On account of it being the evening of
he Fourth of July , the regular instal-
ation of officers of the Star of Jupiter
vill not take place , next Monday even-
ng , but has been postponed until the
following regular meeting , July nth.
On that occasion a delegation of breth
ren from the Culbertson lodge will be
vith us , and it is desired and hoped that
here may be a large attendance of meiu-
jers of No. i.
In Fact as in Name.
The members of the Christian Endeav
or society and their friends held a "Good
Time" social on the lawn at J. F. Gaii-
chow's residence , last evening , which
vas true to name. There was a large
attendance of the city and joy was the
teynote of the evening.
For Sale Cheap.
Good five room house and lot , part
cash , balance in monthly payments
6-io-rots. Write C. E. MAGNER ,
Kearney , Nebr.
We understand that Henry Bosserman ,
vho 'lives southeast of town , has tried
he method of poisoning grasshoppers
hat we published a few weeks ago , and
le says it works like a charm. He says
he poison kills them off by the thou-
cands , and that the dead ones are being
eaten up by the live ones , and he is sat
isfied that his place will seen be cleared
of the pets. Trenton Register.
What you would not like done to
your-self , do not to your neighbor. This
the whole law ; all the rest is commen
tary. Go learn this. Rabbi Hillel.
The past few days haven't been prize
weather , to be sure ; but then nobody
has been hurt to speak of. Don't "holler
'till yer hurt. _
The Benkelman separating station re
ceived an average of 3,632 pounds of
milk daily for tneweek ending July iith.
Machine Oils at'TMcConneH's. ! ]
Trnln Load of Ntival Hocrulta.
A ftpcclitl tr/iiti of rccruita from Phil-
mlelphiu punned through McCookThurs
day about one o'clock , hound for Snn
Francisco , Calif. There were about 150
of the * recruit ! ) , and a jolly , lively act
they were. A very brief Mop WHS made
at UiSfJ point , to tnlce water on the train ,
nnd in a few minutm the train went on
its way toward the Golden Gate.
Though short notice W B given of the
coming of the Hpectnl. there wa a large
number of citizen * nt the train to see
and Godnpcccl the Hiiiloni.
There were four cara of marines , one
KBng car and Supt. Campbell's pri
vate cur in the train.
The sailor boys were deliglrted with
the brief but hearty reception given them
The Shakespeare's Annual.
The ladies of the Shakespeare club
gave their annual supper , Tuesday even
ing , at the home of Mrs. C. II. Meeker.
It was given in honor of the husbands of
the members of the club , and a few in
vited guests participated with them.
The spread was a poem of substantial
excellence , served with dainty and at
tractive napery , silver and glass The
only tragic element was projected into
the function when the "lords of creation"
were turned loose on the provisions. It
wasn't high tragedy , either.
The ladies are to be congratulated on
the fact that their study of the "Bard of
Avon" has iu no wise interferred with
their skill in the culinary art or in the
finer art of enjoyable entertainment.
Borrowed a Horse.
The Indian horse doctor who attempt
ed to work this community last week ,
borrowed a horse from the owner of the
outfit , the day before they decided to
leave this section , and he forgot to bring
it back , so the owner says. The owner
hails from Cambridge , we understand.
He and his wife drove back to Cam
bridge , after having loaded the tent and
stuff on a freight car , to raise the money
with which to pay the freight charges
down to Cambridge. The owner had
better put the outfit to better use. He
seemed to be a pretty square sort of a
fellow. 'But he was lu bad coufpany ,
that is sure.
A Delightful Lawn Party.
A most delightful lawn party was
given , Wednesday night , by Misses Ma
bel Perry , Lulu Beardslee and Nellie
Guun , on the lawn at the residence of
W. S. Perry. The lawn was decorated
and lighted by Chinese lanterns , head
lights , Japanese parasols etc. , and the
scene presented was one of charm and
Refreshments were served and the
function was altogether entrancing.
Over one hundred guests participated in
the affair.
Joined the Celestial Hosts.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W. O.
Russell passed away , about two o'clock ,
Monday afternoon , after a short illuess
with a disease which the doctors do not
agree on as to the name. The little one
was about six months old. The funeral
was rather private and was held on Tues
day afternoon , from the house , Rev. J.
A. Badcon conducting the brief services
The parents have the sympathy and
consolation of many friends in their sorrow
row aud bereavement.
To Reorganize the Club.
A meeting of Republicans is called in
the city hall , Saturday evening at 8:30 ,
for the purpose of reorganizing the Mc
Cook Republican club. This is in prep
aration for the state meeting of Repub
lican clubs to be held in the Boyd opera
house , Omaha , July I2th , and for the
national meeting to be held in Omaha
on July 14111.
Charles Garber has purchased the A .
McG. Robb place.
MRS. A. P. BoNNOTisill.
CLARK McCLUNG of Indiauola was a
city visitor between trains , last evening.
MRS.C.F.HOAG of Indianola is in t\ic
city , the guest of her daughter , Mrs.C.
HARRY TROTH will go up to Benkel-
man on the 5th to take a position in the
State Bank at that place.
MRS. H. P. SuTTON and the children
will leave for Ainsworth , Nebraska , to
make her mother a couple months visit.
GLEN HUPP is suffering from an at
tack of typhoid fever. His father was
summoned home from an eastern trip ,
last night.
MRS. D.L. McBRlDE and father came
down from Frontier county , this morn
ing , on their way to Cambridge , on a v
visit to a son aud brother. .
MARION PLUMBER arrived home from
Missouri , fore part of last week , with a
bride. THE TRIBUNE has no particu
lars to give , but offers its hearty con
Machine Oils nt McConnell's.
Machine Oils ntMcMilien'fl drugstore.
Joe Moko is delivering for Joseph JHe-
A nice Jot of Move wood for sa } & by
the Bnrnett Lumber Co.
You can get Bee Hives at BuHard's In
the "knock down" complete.
GIJU. WAJ.-TJJI > To do general kocse-
Mxa. C. If. MEKJCUK.
There i quite a demand for reaUl
propertieu. juM now , of desirable sort.
William /Ant has added a large fan to
the comfortable arrangements of his bar
ber shop.
Abstract books of Red WiHow cematv
for sale or trade. J. JJ. Barngrover ,
Creston , Iowa.
The banks have stamps for their cus
tomers under the revenue Jaw , which
went into effect , todav.
" "
This week , Julius Knaert do&d the
purchase of the Charles Hine * dwelling
house in North McCook.
Why be troubled with the Sies WAMI
you can buy a screen door for Si. Paacy
screen doors $1.25 and 1.50.
A full stock and low prkes oa wfette
and red cedar posts at the Baraett Lea
ner Co. Call and examine oer stock.
Twenty-four members of coaipeaT * * L' .
failed to pass the exaaiinatioa-ztOni 3sfe ,
and nineteen of them retarded h nse ,
Tuesday night.
II. T. Church and L. R. Hilezses
bought a couple train loads of cattle dar-
ng their recent trip to Co4orad zad
other western points.
An army of chintz bogs on tae : aeve
was a scene observable on lowtr Mar
shall street , jast above the electric Hj K.
louse , Tuesday night.
After some delays , work ba = beea re
sumed on the foundation ibr tie coec :
house , which it is hoped to be able IQ
push right along now that the weatherfe
more settled.
, McCook applied for slraesf < Sb 3 <
worth of the new uar bonds. The posr-
niaster found it necessary to tele-rapfe
for additional application blanks , wkich
were all used.
A "human pin cushion" played to Ae
multitudes here , mid-week , on tbe pob-
lic street. The eating of poisoas , gas
old boiler iron , microbes and soca Kk
trifles were his specialties.
Miss Tillotson's elocutionary enter
tainment in the Congregational chercb ,
Thursday evening , July i4th. Resjeat-
ber the date and arrange to go aim hear
an enjoyable entertainment.
We carry a large stock of tae B
Perfect barbed \ \ ire. Also agents for t
Page Woven Wire Fence Co. , aad
Mulleu's Nettings.
A move should be made to secure prop
erly aud regularly laid out roads be tvree *
the city aud Longview cemetery. Tic
roads leading out west and BOrtttxvctt of
the city are anything but smooth s d
The Indian doctor outfit gave s free
show , Sunday , that was uotiloxvn OR the
bills. While loading their outfit OKSV
freight car , their horses became fright1-
encd aud ran away with the frout wheels
of the wagon , which wns somcwhnt tittm
aged in the accident.
We see by the McCook papers
the board of education of that place Us
employed Miss Mary Powers , of this
place , as a teacher iu the McCOok
schools. We congratulate the peopie of
that city iu securing the ! > ervieos of
of Hitchcock county's best
Trenton Register.
The Lotus Quartette \\tll give c
cert iu Mcnard's hnll , Thursdoy Hi
July 7th , consisting of quartette * . sn
etc. The young men ate titte nud
cannot afford to miss ItCHttug
Master Harry Brings is but rtftcou
old , but is one of the ttuest pmtitttts ott
the road. They come under the auspice
of the Christian Endeavor society of th J
Christian church. Aduttsstnti is
35 cents. Doors open at 8 o'clock
We are extremely sotty to ehvOHiCu >
the fact that Prol. A. 1. . C.mucfc * hits
decided to give up his \voik. hoto , a l
has accepted the i > ostltou of Mtj' < ! UU >
tcndent of the McCook schools. Mr
Caviness has been with us for ctpht yont *
and has proven himself an rvccllcut
teacher , and his place will bu lmv \ to
fill. We understand that the clmugtt
was made by his own election , and that
the board were loathe to gtvc him up ,
but as his new position is so much bcttot ,
they could not retain him. Ho Icfl
Monday for McCook , to make arrn\t > ; c
incuts to enter upon his duties the
of July. Syracuse ( Neb. ) Democrat.